Man Who Claim To Be Jesus

‘I’m the reincarnation of Jesus’

Vissarion, the self-appointed leader of the Church of the Last Testament, has risen to the position. Image courtesy of Getty Images At least seven persons throughout the globe claim to be Jesus Christ reborn, and several of them have a large following of committed followers, according to the most recent estimates. This group of guys — which includes a retired Siberian traffic officer named Vissarion and a cross-dressing former British spy named David Shayler — all claim to be the son of God in some way.

Inri Cristo, a former waiter who lives in Brazil’s capital, goes about his business in a white robe topped with a plaited white crown.

Jonas Bendiksen, a Norwegian photographer, has traveled the world capturing these many Jesuses in locations such as England, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Zambia, Japan, and the Philippines.


  1. Moses, who uses the welfare money he receives from his disciples to support his Jesus property in the town of KwaZulu-Natal, married one of his teenage disciples last year.
  2. Evangelical scholar Bendiksen claims that the writings of St Paul from the first century make it obvious that he anticipated Jesus to come during his own lifetime.
  3. It includes figures from as far back as the fifth century, including Ann Lee, a Shaker who thought herself Christ’s female equivalent in 1772, and racing driver Claude Vorilhon, who created the UFO cult known as the Ral Movement in 1972 after seeing an extraterrestrial landing.
  4. In his article, he argues that “according to the individuals and villages I’ve shot, this 2000-year wait is now ended, and Jesus is once again walking among us.”

Inri Cristo of Brazil

This former Brazilian waiter, who goes by the name of Inri Cristo, is one of a number of persons throughout the world who claim to be Jesus Christ reborn. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons In the vicinity of Braslia, the Brazilian capital, the INRI’s largely female adherents, clothed in blue robes, push their messiah about on a rolling platform. Taking the initials INRI Pontius Pilate inscribed on the cross of Jesus Christ, this self-proclaimed Messiah has adopted the name Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, which is written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek and stands for Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, which translates as Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

  1. They produce the majority of their own food and devote their time to advancing INRI’s objective, which is the dawning of a New Age of peace.
  2. He left home when he was 13 years old and worked as a delivery boy, peddler, waiter, and baker to support himself.
  3. He embarked on a speaking tour of Latin America, making brief appearances on television and establishing himself as a high-society guru.
  4. He stated that the voice informed him that he was the same Jesus Christ who had been crucified 2000 years before.
  5. He was ejected from the United States and the United Kingdom, but he sought refuge in France, where he was hailed as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ by certain believers.

Over the course of several decades, the police have repeatedly jailed Inri, resulting in the construction of a fortified and walled enclave in which he currently resides with his adherents.

Moses Hilonwane of South Africa

Former Brazilian waiter Inri Cristo claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and is one of a number of guys throughout the world who claim to be him. Wikimedia Commons has permission to use this image. On a rolling pedestal outside the Brazilian city of Braslia, a group of INRI members, most of whom are female and clothed in blue robes, push their messiah about. Taking the initials INRI Pontius Pilate inscribed on the cross of Jesus Christ, this self-proclaimed Messiah has adopted the name Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, which is written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek and stands for Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, which literally translates as Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

  1. They cultivate the majority of their own food and devote their time to advancing INRI’s objective, which is to usher in a New Age of Peace.
  2. After his father was forced to retire due to a workplace accident, Cristo had a restricted education.
  3. A “strong voice triggered” a spiritual shift in Inri in the 1970s after he had abandoned Catholicism and become an agnostic.
  4. A voice purporting to be God spoke to Cristo in 1979, and he stated that the voice said, “I am your father.” In his account, the voice informed him that he was the same Jesus Christ who had been crucified 2000 years before.
  5. The United States and the United Kingdom evicted him, but he was granted asylum in France, where some believed he was the Second Coming of Christ.
  6. Over the course of several decades, the police have repeatedly imprisoned Inri, resulting in the construction of a fortified and walled enclave in which he currently resides with his followers.

Vissarion of Siberia

Vissarion, the self-appointed leader of the Church of the Last Testament, has amassed a large following of up to 10,000 adherents in the cold alpine area of the Siberian wilderness, where he lives. The man, whose true name is Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop, has a beard and wears flowing robes, and he certainly looks the part. His followers believe he is the Second Coming of Christ and follow his teachings, which include reincarnation, vegetarianism, politeness, the environment, and the apocalypse.

A year later, he had a vision in which he was Christ, and he was tasked with leading followers among whom alcohol, nicotine, meat, and money were all forbidden to consume.

Members of his congregation, known as Vissarionites, come from all over the world to live in wooden huts and trudge through the snow in pursuit of their messiah, who is believed to be Jesus Christ.

His adherents celebrate Christmas on January 14, the anniversary of Vissarion’s birth, when they travel to Obitel Rassveta, also known as The Abode of Dawn, the community’s most inaccessible and holy settlement.

On this day, they participate in a community feast as well as other customs and ceremonies.

David Shayler of England

David Shayler, a former MI5 operative and whistleblower, claimed to be the Messiah in 2007 after declaring himself to be so. Image courtesy of Getty Images After retiring from his old job as an MI5 agent and whistleblower in 2007, Shayler anointed himself the Messiah and now preaches as the cross-dressing alter ego Delores Kane on occasion. According to Shayler, the Messiah’s partial identity as a woman provides him with practical insight into the world from a feminine point of view. When Shayler was born on December 24, 1965, he gained to popularity as the result of his release of classified information to the British newspaper The Guardian, which claimed that the government espionage agency MI5 targeted persons who were thought to be socialists.

  • A botched murder attempt against Libyan leader Col.
  • After making other statements to the media, including one involving the 1994 attack of Israel’s embassy in Tanzania, Shayler was charged with violating the Official Secrets Act.
  • Eventually, he became a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement, which asserts that Osama bin Laden was not responsible for the World Trade Center attacks.
  • He gave a “sermon on the mount” from the top of a hill there in 2008.
  • Shayler denies that he has had a nervous breakdown, as claimed by a former lover of his.
  • “I believe that I am the most recent incarnation of Christ and that I live a life of pure love,” he told the Independent newspaper back in 2009.

Matayoshi Mitsuo of Tokyo

As a politician, Matayoshi Mitsuo has run in a number of Japanese elections as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a position he has held for over a decade. Photo courtesy of the author As a politician, Matayoshi Mitsuo has run in a number of Japanese elections as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a position he has held for over a decade. He is certain that he is both Almighty God and Jesus Christ, and he asserts that he will execute the Last Judgment in the manner of Christ, but within the framework of the Japanese governmental system.

Mitsuo will become General Secretary of the United Nations after changing Japanese society.

The encouraging of political opponents to commit harakiri, or ritual suicide, has become a defining feature of his electoral campaigns.

Mizuo is a former teacher who in 1997 created the World Economic Community Party, which claims as one of its central beliefs that the world is run by Mitsuo, who believes he is God.

Bupete Chibew Chishimba of Zambia

He was first criticized when he claimed to be Jesus, but he has since gained popularity and claims to be higher in the heavens than Christ. Photo courtesy of Channel Africa After making the claim that he was Jesus Christ for the first time in 2013, Bupete Chibwe Chishimba, a native of Mindolo Township in the Zambian copper mining city of Kitwe, received physical abuse. When the townspeople discovered him, claiming to be Christ and to have been incarnated with the divine powers of Jesus, they attacked him with objects and demanded that he be crucified to demonstrate the truth of his claims.

He claimed to be able to heal the ill and accused church officials of fooling the public by claiming Jesus was on his way when in fact he was already here.

“Lord of Lords” is written on the side of his cab, and he wanders about the local marketplace, spreading the gospel of Christ’s coming to earth.

He lives with his wife and five children, and when he is not driving his two Toyota Corollas, he dresses in a white gown and walks around the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, spreading the gospel and preparing the world for the end of the world.

Alan John Miller of Australia

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were two of the most important people in Jesus’ life. Alan John Miller, a software developer from Kingaroy, with his wife Mary, who believes that the world is about to end. Photograph courtesy of Simon Dallinger, via Alan John Miller, 54, of Kingaroy, Queensland’s peanut capital, is the founder of the Jesus Cult. He used to be a software manufacturer before joining the Jesus Cult. In his claim to be the reincarnation of Jesus, Miller is accompanied by his companion, who claims to be the reincarnation of Saint Mary Magdalene.

“My name was Yeshua ben Yosef, or the Jesus of the Bible, and I was the son of Joseph and Mary at the time.

“Mary was my wife at the time, and she was the first person I saw after I was crucified,” says Jesus.

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Miller made a doomsday forecast on his website, stating that it may begin as early as 2012 if nothing is done.

“Both the east and west coastlines of Australia will be submerged to a depth of around 100 meters,” according to his website. He predicted that big cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast will be extinct within a few decades.

This man claims he’s the reincarnation of Jesus and has over 5,000 followers

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were two of the most important figures in the New Testament. Alan John Miller, a software developer from Kingaroy, with his wife Mary, who believes the world is on the verge of coming to an end. Featured image courtesy of Simon Dallinger/ Alan John Miller, 54, of Kingaroy, Queensland’s peanut capital, is the founder of the Jesus Cult. He used to work as a software developer before joining the cult. A reincarnation of Jesus asserts Miller, and his spouse claims to be a reincarnation of Saint Mary Magdalene, according to their beliefs.

When I was crucified, Mary was the first person I saw after I was crucified, and she was my wife at the time.” The “Divine Truth” seminars, which Miller conducts, are devoted to teaching what he refers to as the “Divine Love Path,” which is primarily concerned with “Emotional Clearing.” He claims that this route is founded on feeling rather than reason, and that it will result in a direct love relationship with the Creator of the universe.

The apocalypse forecast made by Miller was published on his website, and he predicted that it may begin as early as 2012.

On his website, he stated that “both the east and west shores of Australia would be under water around 100m deep.” Significant cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, according to him, will cease to exist.

Cult leader claiming to ‘Jesus Christ reincarnated’ arrested in military-style raid [WATCH]

‘Jesus reborn’ man is apprehended in Russia, according to reports. Russian authorities have detained in a military-style arrest a cult leader who had been claiming to be “Jesus Christ reincarnated.” He had been accused of misusing his followers’ money and inflicting psychological harm on individuals through psychological violence, and he had been accused of using his followers’ money to fund his activities. In the Russian language, the guy identified as Sergei Torop is referred to as ‘Vissarion Christ the Teacher.’ He is, in fact, a leader at a complex dedicated to the Christ of the Last Testament in the Krasnoyarsk area of northern Siberia.

  • Although he had escaped prosecution for years, the law eventually caught up with him when he and his close aide Vadim Redkin, a former rock musician, were recently apprehended by police who invaded their commune in Sun City with helicopters, vans, and highly armed soldiers.
  • According to accounts, the Russian National Guard, the FSB security service, and the Investigative Committee were all engaged in the operation that resulted in Sergei’s detention.
  • According to sources, Torop gained popularity as Vissarion during the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
  • When he was discharged from his work as a night shift traffic officer in Minusinsk, he said that he experienced a spiritual awakening.
  • He also authored a 10-volume’sequel to the Bible,’ which was published in two volumes.

As a result of the extended exposure, several of the religious organization’s adherents had major health consequences, according to the statement.

Man Who Claims To Be Jesus Christ Arrested In Military-Style Operation

Keep an eye on the situation. Russia’s special forces conducted a special operation to apprehend a former traffic officer who claimed to be Jesus Christ: A big military-style operation with four helicopters and scores of highly armed personnel storms an isolated property known as Sun City, according to footage captured on camera. A former Red Army conscript and traffic police officer, Sergei Torop – also known as Vissarion – is the spiritual head of the group that has taken up residence in Sun City.

  • Torop, 59, was allegedly seized with his closest aide, Vadim Redkin, a former rock musician, and flown away under armed escort, according to reports.
  • Secret police personnel with assault machine rifles were seen at the group’s land in the far-flung Kuraginsky district of Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia, according to videos posted on the internet by sect members.
  • Avtozaks (mobile jail cells) are 50 in number, according to Alexander Staroverov, a local resident.
  • “Torop and Redkin were placed in helicopters and flown away in an unknown direction,” he continued.
  • Image courtesy of East2West The gang – who are prohibited from smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages – has resided in Siberia for years, and it is unknown why the Russian authorities intervened in an early morning raid today.
  • “She must realize that she must not soar above the guy, that she must not be proud of her independence, but rather that she must be quiet, unobtrusive, and weak.” According to reports, the cult leader has two spouses and a total of six children.
  • Cartridges were discovered at Torop’s home.
  • In the aftermath of being sacked from his position as a night shift traffic officer in the Siberian town of Minusinsk, Torop claims to have experienced a rebirth.
  • Christmas was abolished by the cult leader, who replaced it with the anniversary of the day of his own first sermon, which was on August 18th.

He asserts that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the same as his own mother. Official papers, on the other hand, indicate that his biological mother was named Nad y ezhda. You can make whatever you want out that.

Russian Authorities Arrest Messianic Cult Leader Who Believes He Is Jesus Christ

Russian authorities detained cult leader Vissarion, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and two of his aides on Tuesday on suspicion of “causing grievous bodily harm to two or more persons” and inflicting “serious harm” through the use of “psychological violence,” according to the Investigative Committee of Russia. On August 18, 2009, Russian ex-traffic officer Sergei Torop, also known as “Vissarion the Teacher” or “Jesus of Siberia,” gathers with his disciples in the isolated town of Petropavlovka, where he was born.

(The photo credit should read ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP through Getty Images instead of Alexander Nemenova/AFP via Getty Images.) AFP photo courtesy of Getty Images

Key Facts

In the southern district of the Krasnoyarsk area, the Investigative Committee and Federal Security Service (FSB) agents apprehended Vissarion, a former police officer and Red Army conscript whose secular name is Sergei Torop, at his home, where he was being held by the FSB. A mystical vision occurred in 1990, a year after Torop was fired from his work as a traffic officer, according to Torop. He claims that in this revelation, Vissarion, the resurrected Jesus Christ, appeared to him in the form of Vissarion, the returning Jesus Christ.

According to Interfax, the Church of the Last Testament claimed searches and interrogations in February that were connected to a fraud investigation into a school that was attended by the children of members.

Key Background:

In the Siberian wilderness, the Church of the Last Testament claims to have established the world’s largest religious reservation in its secluded community in the forest. Additionally, it has been alleged that they have an additional 6,000 followers who are dispersed across the world in addition to the 4,000 followers who reside on the compound grounds. According to Vissariontold the BBC in 2017: “We have a school for noble maidens here on the grounds. The girls will be future spouses and brides for deserving men,” says the instructor, adding that women must “understand that they are not to rise above the guy, that they should not be proud of their independence, but that they should be quiet, unobtrusive, and weak.”” According to The Daily Mail, Vissarion is the father of six children by two spouses, and “at one point married a 19-year-old who had lived with him from the age of seven,” according to the newspaper.


As reported by The Moscow Times earlier this year, Vissarion’s deputy, Vadim Redkin, stated that the church’s membership applications increased by thrice at the height of Russia’s coronavirus pandemic.

Surprising Fact:

Vissarion abolished Christmas and replaced it with the commemoration of the date of his own first sermon, which became known as the Feast of the Epiphany (August 18).

Further Reading:

Sergei Torop, a Russian religious sect leader, has been detained on suspicion of causing injury (BBC) Visit with the Vissarionites is a must! (The New Yorker) Russian authorities storm a Siberian village and detain the leader of a Messianic cult (Moscow Times) In Russia, a cult leader who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus was apprehended (Guardian)

This Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ Reincarnated

Theiss came to the conclusion that he was Jesus Christ reincarnated some time in 1979, while fasting in his hometown of Santiago de Chile. The divine message arrived in the form of a voice in his head, prompting him to permanently abandon his previous name and refer to himself as “INRI Cristo,” a tribute to the inscription “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum,” which was inscribed on the cross on which Jesus was crucified by the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, and which he adopted as his own in the days that followed.

  • INRI was born in India and raised in Brazil.
  • Among the stories that appear in the August issue of National Geographic magazine are profiles of four additional self-proclaimed messiahs.
  • The new names all begin with the letter “A,” which he has given to them all.
  • He hired her as his personal assistant 25 years ago, and she is now in charge of everything from organizing his clothing to turning on his iPad.
  • He further asserts that everyone who lives in New Jerusalem is likewise a celibate person.
  • However, a great deal has changed since the time of the gospels.
  • According to Theiss, the promise in Revelations 1, verse 7, that Jesus would “come with the clouds” means that he will be free to travel throughout the world by airplane, among other things.
  • The majority of his sermons are delivered through video on YouTube and Facebook Live, where he has more than 330,000 followers.
  • A messiah in the era of social media, on the other hand, welcomes far more criticism, reviews, and anonymous comments than the real Jesus had to deal with.
  • People that give five-star ratings appear to be enthralled by his message and his personality.

“Delete this page and repent!” said one lady in January of this year on Facebook. The Last Testament, a novel by Jonas Bendiksen, will be released by Aperture/GOST in September of this year.

Man claiming to be Jesus is arrested in Russia – Premier Christian News

An individual claiming to be the Christ’s reincarnation has been taken into custody by Russian police. Helicopters and armed cops were dispatched to track down and apprehend cult leader Sergei Torop, who has been running a succession of hidden villages in outer Siberia for the better part of three decades. Torop has been charged with a variety of crimes, including organizing an unlawful religious organization, extorting money from followers, and subjecting them to mental torture, according to the Russian Investigative Committee.

  • Torop and his right-hand man, Vladimir Vedernikov, were taken away by disguised soldiers into a nearby helicopter, where they were later detained.
  • The former traffic police officer Sergei Torop, also known as Vissarion, and his assistant Vadim Redkin were reportedly seized and flown away under armed escort.
  • The head of the group now known as Church of the Last Testament, Torop, started the organization in 1991, as the Soviet Union was disintegrating – Torop claimed to have experienced a “awakening” and began recruiting members.
  • I, on the other hand, am the living word of God the father.
  • To his disciples, he is referred to as Vissarion, which is said to mean “He who provides life.” In addition, he believes Mary, Jesus’ mother, to be his mother as well.
  • Helicopters and armed policemen attacked the villages managed by former traffic police officer Sergei Torop, also known as Vissarion to his followers, and arrested him on suspicion of murder.
  • A large number of individuals from various walks of life live in the distant communities under the control of Torop, where vegetarianism is strictly enforced and members are forbidden from transferring money with one another.
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A Photographic Look at the 7 Men Who Claim to Be Jesus Christ

Photographer Jonas Bendiksen has captured one of the most momentous occurrences in all of human history: the Second Coming of Christ. In fact, he’s done it seven times already. Bendiksen has spent the last three years photographing persons who claim to be Jesus Christ, and the photographs, as well as a personal description of his experiences, have been combined in the new book The Last Testament. Bendiksen became fascinated with the idea of the Second Coming after hearing about Vissarion of Siberia (the last Jesus featured in his book) while traveling through the Russian region.

  • Bendiksen’s book is available on Amazon.
  • Jonas Bendiksen is a character in The Last Testament (Aperture, 2017) Observer said that “you can walk into any mental facility in New York and discover people who claim to be Jesus,” according to him.
  • This required.a constant revelation over an extended period of time, in most cases decades.
  • Seven Second Comings are documented in this book using photographs and other visual aids.
  • The visit to Inri Cristo in Brazil or Moses in South Africa will be “amazing,” Bendiksen said.
  • The majority of the guys were delighted to have Bendiksen as a part of their lives.
  • After INRI Cristo has delivered the day’s sermon in the compound chapel, the followers close the drapes in front of him to protect him from the elements.
  • He admits that he has always been attracted by the act of reading scripture and the concept of religion in general.
  • In the face of inquiry and my own fascination,” he explained.
  • The personal ties that have grown as a result of the project are also readily apparent, resulting in a book that is an honest page-turner.
  • Depending on their relationship (or lack thereof) with faith and the Bible, it is certain that each reader will have a different reaction to it.

But it isn’t only them who will be drawn to this collection of art; everyone will be. The pictures of Jesus Christ walking among us will capture people of all religions, as well as those who are not religious. They will also enchant art connoisseurs.

People Claiming to Be Jesus

I’ve spent the better part of half a century (yikes) writing for radio and print, with the most of my work appearing in print. I hope to be still hammering away on the keyboard when I take my final exhale. Christians believe that Jesus will return to Earth in accordance with the Bible’s passages John 14:1-3. The second coming of Christ has been predicted several times, but none of them has come to pass yet. Many persons who claim to be reincarnations of the Son of God contend that this is not the case.

Potter Christ

Arnold Potter was born in the year 1804 in the county of Herkimer in the state of New York. Neither a specific star nor three wise men or a manger are mentioned as being associated with his birth. He was baptized into the Mormon church and became a close companion of the faith’s founder, Joseph Smith, as a result of his baptism. Arnold Potter is a fictional character created by author Arnold Potter. The general public’s domain Peter Potter said that Jesus Christ invaded his body after a supernatural encounter while on his way to Australia to carry out missionary work.

He returned to the United States, where he assembled a small group of followers and established a base in the Iowa city of Council Bluffs.

He jumped from a cliff, but instead of soaring, he plummeted to the ground.

Murza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908), a Muslim convert from India, claimed to be both the messiah and the mahdi, or redeemer of Islam.

Shoko Asahara

Chizuo Matsumoto, who was born half-blind in 1955 to an impoverished Japanese family, made a livelihood by weaving tatami mats for a living. Then there was the marketing of natural medications, which caused some difficulties with the government because the company did not have a pharmaceutical license. In 1987, he experienced a spiritual awakening similar to that of Arnold Potter, which led to the establishment of the “religion of truth,” which is a rough translation of the Japanese name for the cult, Aum Shinrikyo.

He had a following of 10,000 people in Japan and many more in Russia during the height of his, shall we say, cult?

As Jesus Christ, he predicted that the world would be destroyed by a nuclear explosion, and that the only people who would be rescued would be members of Aum Shinrikyo.

A group of Aum Shinrikyo members decided to test their theory by releasing nerve gas into the Tokyo subway system in March 1995.

After a protracted trial, the son of god was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection. That punishment, as well as the sentences of six other members of his organization, was carried out by hanging in July 2018.

Jesus Down Under

In March 1963, Maxine and Alan Miller, of Loxton, South Australia, named their son Alan John Miller, completely unaware that they had created a deity in the process. Alan John, also known as AJ to his friends, appears to have been completely unaware of his divine status until around 2003. That’s when he was able to recall the fact that he had previously existed. Back in the first century of the Christian era, there was a time when In the Middle East, to be precise. In the persona of Jesus Christ, to be precise.

  1. In 2007, AJ met Mary Suzanne Luck for the first time.
  2. Who could have predicted that?
  3. And, here’s a surprise: that first union had resulted in the birth of a daughter.
  4. He also conducts seminars on topics such as the end of the world and the impending apocalypse.
  5. Mrs.
  6. Miller) (aka Mary Luck).
  7. And, here’s a surprise: that first union had resulted in the birth of a daughter.
  8. He also conducts seminars on topics such as the end of the world and the impending apocalypse.

Female Jesus

In these days of gender ambiguity, it is only fair that there should be female contenders for the title of Prince of Peace, as well as male. Marina Tsvigun, or Maria Devi Christos, as she is most well known, is the subject of this article. She is the leader of an organization in Russia called the New Community of Enlightened Humanity, which means “New Community of Enlightened Humanity.” Another name for it is the zodiac constellation YUSMALOS, which is an abbreviation for Jupiter Saturn Mars Luna Saturn Orion and Sirius.

  • Tsvigun was inspired to pursue a career in the divinity trade.
  • Followers are obliged to cut off all relations with their families and turn up all of their assets to the Brotherhood).
  • Afterwards, he came to believe that he was John the Baptist and that he had married the Messiah.
  • There was a new group called “The Mystic College of Isis and Her Followers,” and there were books, pamphlets, and artwork produced as a result.

The planned Quantum Transition into the New Formation of the Golden Age, in which the Sixth Race transfigured humanity and took the Golden Testament of Sophia, will take place.” It is the planned Quantum Transition into the New Formation of the Golden Age, in which the Sixth Race transfigured humanity and took the Golden Testament of Sophia.

There are no rewards awarded, but readers are encouraged to provide an explanation. Baha’u’llah (1817-1892) was the founder of the Bahai faith, which claimed to be the prophesied Messiah of Islam, Christianity, and a variety of other faiths. The general public’s domain

Bonus Factoids

  • As reported by the BBC’s Quite Interesting program: “George Washington is regarded as a god by Japanese Shinto priests in Hawaii.” Ashley Nicole Bailey, 29, is from the Spartanburg area of South Carolina. In February 2017, police were summoned to a property in the area and discovered a guy who had suffered a serious neck injury. Ashley Bailey told deputies, “I ain’t taking any responsibility for this.” She then went on to explain that she is Jesus Christ and that she has complete influence over President Donald Trump because to a bracelet she wears on her wrist. The fact that John Nichols Tom (1799-1838) was a wine merchant in Cornwall, England, helps to explain a lot about him. After spending some time in a mental institution, he adopted the regal title of Sir William Percy Honeywood Courtney, King of Jerusalem, and amassed a merry band of supporters. They strolled across the Kent countryside, calmly advocating for a better deal for the poor and working class. This infuriated the landowners, who did not want their employees to become enraged, so they dispatched the military to arrest Tom. One soldier was badly hurt by a stick during a five-minute fight in 1838 that killed Tom and eight of his supporters
  • Conspiracy theorist David Icke was asked by British talk show presenter Terry Wogan in 1991 about his theories. When Icke proclaimed, “I am the son of God,” many were stunned. A gasp could be heard from the crowd, prompting Wogan to say, “They’re laughing at you.” “They’re not laughing along with you,” they say. In response to the interview, Icke stated that he was “unable to go down any street in Britain without being laughed at.” To generate a chuckle, all a comic had to do was mention my name.”
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  • In the book “Forgotten Messiahs,” Arnold Potter, sometimes known as the “Potter Christ,” is discussed. “Shoko Asahara,” published in the Journal of the Bizarre on October 26, 2014. “The Queensland Man Who Believes He Is Jesus, Seriously,” according to Biography, published on April 2, 2014. “The Messiah Complex,” by Nathan Jolly, published on on July 26, 2016. Sydney Morning Herald, May 1, 2013
  • Matt Siegel, Sydney Morning Herald, May 1, 2013
  • Following the slitting of a man’s throat, an upstate woman claimed to be Jesus and an Illuminati member, according to reports. “The Day David Icke Told Terry Wogan ‘I’m the Son of God,'” according to Amanda Shaw of Fox Carolina on February 3, 2017. The Telegraph (London, England), April 29, 2016

While the information contained within this article is factual and truthful to the best of the author’s knowledge, it should not be used as a substitute for formal and personalized counsel from a competent expert. 2017 is the year of the pig. Rupert Taylor is a well-known author and philanthropist. On January 9, 2018, CharlesDickens696 wrote: Donald Trump has been dubbed the “new JESUS.” On October 4, 2017, Jo Miller from Tennessee wrote: Ashley Nicole’s jewelry, in my opinion, should be destroyed by someone.

  1. Despite all of the warnings in Scripture and the daily dosage of this type of material, people continue to follow these idiots, making fools of themselves and consigning themselves to damnation at the judgment seat of Christ (Matthew 7:21).
  2. In addition, in Siberia, there is a man named Sergei Torop who claims to be Jesus.
  3. As reported by Suzie from Carson City, Nevada on September 29, 2017: Rupert, we can all rely on you to deliver on your promises.
  4. As unfortunate as it is, there are more than enough mentally ill, cognitively handicapped, stunnedstupid fools who are willing to listen, believe, and act on their beliefs.
  5. This is an excellent essay.

Man Who Claims To Be Jesus Arrested! Many Of His Followers Had Died.

In order to establish his community, the guy and his team, which comprised of numerous followers, proceeded to the Siberian Taiga at Lake Tiberkul, which is around 300 miles from the western Mongolian border, in order to establish their village. The members of the church, which later became known as Ecopolis Tiberkul, created their settlement on top of 620 acres in 1994, and it has since expanded to include numerous adjacent villages, such as Petropavlovka and Cheremshanka, as well as several other nearby towns.

In an appearance in a BBC program on the religion, she stated that she and her husband were among the first people to travel with Topor to the settlement and assist in the creation of what is now known as the settlement.

So the woman claims they spent their winter vacation doing just that! But, what is life like in the community like, and is there a dark side to it, you might wonder? Continue reading to find out.

The Darker Side Of The Sect

After deciding on the location of his community, the guy and his team, which included a number of followers, proceeded to the Siberian Taiga near the lake Tiberkul, which is about 300 miles from the western Mongolian border. The members of the church, which later became known as Ecopolis Tiberkul, built their town on the 620-acre site in 1994, and it has since expanded to include many adjacent communities, including Petropavlovka and Cheremshanka. Illitana, who was just 17 when she met Vissarion, was one of the earliest followers and settlers.

Their initial home was a ‘huge military tent made of canvas, which could accommodate up to eight people’ when they first arrived in the country.

But, what is life like in the community like, and is there a dark side to it, you might wonder.

Not The Only Jesus?

For most of human history, there have been several individuals who have claimed to be the second coming of Christ, or even God himself. One of the most well-known individuals who had persuaded a lot of their followers that they were the reincarnation of Jesus was none other than Charles Manson, who accomplished this feat via the use of narcotics and his charismatic personality. It has been coined the word “messiah complex” or “Christ complex” to describe a state of mind in which an individual has the notion that they are destined to save the world either today or in the near future, depending on their religious beliefs.

  1. Some former followers of The Church of the Last Testament were of the opinion that Vissarion was the latter type of individual.
  2. Continue reading to find out.
  3. Photo courtesy of Harold Filan.
  4. Jeffrey Guterman (@JeffreyGuterman) tweeted:

His Wife Is Mary Magdalene

Alan later remarried to a lady named Mary Luck, a woman who claims to be Mary Magdalene and who, not long after meeting Alan, began experiencing vivid recollections of her past life. She indicated that her family came to the conclusion that none of this was genuine and that she was being used by her spouse, but she also stated that she has now separated herself from her family members. The pair conducts seminars in which they teach their spiritual movement of Divine Truth, which promises a personal contact with God that includes both masculine and feminine traits, according to Miller’s claims.

Do you believe that these individuals truly believe that they are Jesus or do you feel that they are merely scam artists?

Keep up with CURIOSIPS on social media (Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube) for even more intriguing tales and updates! Learn more about Alan Miller, the Australian who claims to be Jesus. (@Emol) published a tweet on July 29, 2016.

Australian man claims he is Jesus Christ reincarnated, garners followers

According to reports, a former information technology specialist in Australia is claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, with his girlfriend claiming to be the repentant prostitute Mary Magdalene. According to Sky News, Alan John Miller, of Kingaroy in the state of Queensland, is the leader of a religious organisation known as the Divine Truth, which is based out of his home. Besides claiming to be Christ, Miller believes that his companion, Australian Mary Luck, is in reality Magdalene, a woman who, according to the Bible, was present at Christ’s crucifixion and was thought to be the first person to see him after he rose from the dead.

A housing boom has reportedly been triggered by the presence of Miller and Luck in the region, which has been fittingly called Queensland’s Bible Belt, according to the Daily Mail.

His disciples also banded together in 2009 to purchase a $400 000 piece of land on which they have weekly meetings and intend to construct a center for foreign tourists.

Apparently, police were dispatched to investigate reports of cries, only to learn that the members were taking part in a therapeutic activity in which they shouted to assist process ‘past soul harm.” Concerns have been raised by the Cult Awareness and Information Centre in Australia, as well as the Anglican and Catholic churches, that the pair is attracting vulnerable individuals who are looking for purpose in their lives.

“My name is Jesus, and I’m serious,’ Miller declares emphatically.

“As I matured in my own desire and love for God, I came to see not only that I was the Messiah prophesied by ancient prophets, but also that I was participating in a process planned by God that all humans might participate in if they so wished.” Mr.

He said that his first marriage ended when he ‘began to recollect specifics’ of the alleged incarnation of Jesus Christ.

He also claims to have performed miracles in the past.

included a friend of mine named Lazarus, who most people are familiar with because he is mentioned in the Bible” Lulie Faver, 39, is a British lady who used to be a neuroscientist but has given up her work to be closer to her husband and their two children.

“It’s just good to be around by people who understand what you are going through,” she added.

But other people are concerned, like Reverend David Millikan, who has met Miller and has been researching cults for more than 30 years.

Miller, on the other hand, asserts that he makes no demands on individuals who come to hear him talk and simply listen.

He went on to say: “As I mentioned before, there were many individuals in the first century who didn’t believe that I was the Messiah and were insulted by what I said – and in fact, I was killed by some of them.” Unfortunately, they did not learn to love, and my recommendation is that, even if you do not believe that I am Jesus, you should at the very least learn how to love.” Luck acknowledges that her family has been disapproving of her connection with Miller.

She expressed herself as follows: “My parents got quite concerned just because he was openly claiming to be Jesus, and they were concerned about what my life would be like as a result.” Aspects of these teachings that are fundamental to them included the way they looked at emotions, which they found to be problematic.”

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