How Does Jesus Love Us

How much does Jesus love me? How does God see me?

According to the Gospels, Jesus made seven separate remarks while he was hanging on the cross for six hours. They are extremely significant because they are the last words said by Jesus before He was crucified and died. They illustrate that Jesus remained constant throughout His life and in His teachings until the conclusion of His life and ministry. First, Father, pardon them since they are completely unaware of what they are doing (Luke 23:34). From the beginning of Jesus’ life until the conclusion, this first of seven sayings demonstrates that He was always caring for others.

God sent Him on the world with the express aim of forgiving sinners, and He continued to love and forgive them right up to the end of time.

The second line reads: “Today, you’ll be joining me in Paradise” (Luke 23:43).

When the thieves were nailed on the cross, both of them cursed Jesus, but after some time had passed, one of the thieves had a change of heart and repented of his sin.

  • But the other, in response, reprimanded him, asking, ‘Do you not even fear God, seeing that you are both under the same condemnation?’.
  • The second speech Jesus made from the crucifixion, in which He promised to pardon the contrite thief, occurred at this point.
  • As a result of his example, the Apostle Paul exhorted the Philippian church, “Let nothing be done out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each regard others as better than himself” (Philippians 2:3).
  • Despite the fact that Jesus was still suffering on the cross, his thoughts were always on others.
  • “Behold your mother!” he said as he stared at John.
  • Up to the end of Jesus’ life, he was abiding by the law of God, which required the firstborn son to care for his parents.
  • No, I did not come to destroy, but rather to bring about the fulfillment of my purpose (Matthew 5:17).

Fourteenth: “Why have you deserted me, My God, My God?” (Matthew 27:46; Mark 10:45) For most of us, the fourth statement made by Jesus on the cross is the most hardest one to comprehend.

It was the first time in history that there was a divide between the Father and the Son when the sins of the world were placed on Jesus’ back.

To put it another way, God was reconciling the world to himself via the person of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:19).

As we deserve, Jesus was going through the anguish and separation that we deserve: “For he caused him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we would become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

“I’m thirsty,” says the speaker.

(John 19:28).

According to the Bible, “After this, Jesus, knowing that all things had now been finished, in order that the Scripture may be fulfilled, said, ‘I thirst'” (John 6:35).

So that He might sympathize with the plight of humanity, He lived and suffered as a man for three years.

As a result of the weight of our sins being put on His shoulders, there was no letting up.

It was a shout of victory that accompanied Jesus’ sixth speech from the cross.

Finished with what, exactly?

Jesus completed the task that the Father assigned him.

In order to be the ideal sacrifice for the sins of the world, Jesus had to live a sinless life during His whole existence.

They weren’t required anymore because they had merely served to draw attention to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus had made.

Prophetic Significance of Jesus’ Arrival It was the fulfillment of prophesy that enabled Jesus to achieve the second goal of his death on the cross.

The Word of God’s prophecies, which are always correct, had come to pass once more in this situation.

Victory Over the Devil was achieved by Jesus.

According to the Scriptures, one of the reasons of Jesus’ coming was to demolish the devil’s schemes and schemes of others (1 John 3:8).

Because of his transgression, man had surrendered his authority over the planet to the devil, and he had now reclaimed it.

Once again, when Christ returns, He will be able to claim the triumph over the devil that He gained on the cross of Calvary.

Those final six hours of torment on a cross had now been undergone by him.

No longer would he be subjected to the confines of space and time.

« Father, I surrender my spirit into your capable hands» (Luke 23:46).

Everything had been accomplished, and it was now time to cast His soul from the building.

As a result, my Father loves me because I give my life in order to be able to take it back.

I have the ability to lay it down and the ability to pick it up again if I so choose.

As a result, we see that Jesus had to purposefully discharge his spirit since it could not be taken away from Him.

His death, on the other hand, was voluntary, as He was a willing victim.

Brief Synopsis: The seven remarks that Jesus made from the cross have far-reaching implications for us today.

They serve as a timely reminder that, aside from being a historical truth, His death was also much more than that. That the ultimate sacrifice was made for us ensured our redemption. Our Savior’s closing words demonstrate to us that we may put our whole trust in Him as our Savior.

Few Bible verses on God’s love.

Love is gentle and patient, and it is patient with you. It is not envious, it is not boastful, and it is not arrogant. Nothing about it is harsh or self-seeking; it is not readily irritated; and it does not keep track of wrongs committed. Love does not take pleasure in wickedness, but rather takes pleasure in the truth. It always defends, trusts, hopes, and perseveres whatever the circumstances. Love is a force that cannot be defeated. Faith, hope, and love are the only three things that remain.

  1. 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 is a passage from the Bible.
  2. Romans 5:8 is a Bible verse that explains how to be a Christian.
  3. This is love, not in the sense that we have loved God, but in the sense that he has loved us and sent his Son to be the sacrifice for our sins.
  4. 1 John 4:9-11 (KJV) He created him to be sin who had no knowledge of sin for our sake, so that in him we could become the righteousness of God.
  5. Jesus has a special affection for you.
  6. Would you be willing to give up all you have in your life, die to the world, and follow him if you could?

How does God see me?

We must keep one fundamental reality in mind throughout our discussion: God sees me as an individual, in my personal relationship with Himself, but He also sees me as a group, in our interactions with one another, and as a whole, in our relationship with Himself. In order to help us grasp His intentions, God has utilized metaphors of things we are familiar with from everyday life throughout history, things we are familiar with and understand, to help us understand His intentions. For starters, there are the numerous parables that Jesus told, in which he frequently stated: “The kingdom of heaven is like.” A prodigal son, an opportunistic farmer who sows, a shepherd caring for his sheep, wedding guests, and more such tales would be told by him after that.

In a father-child connection, there is first and foremost the father: he is the one who created the kid; he is the one who has authority; he is the one who leads; he is the one who educates; he is the one who loves his child; he guides, instructs, and even disciplines his child when necessary.

  1. The issue arises: do I exhibit the characteristics of a God-begotten kid in my life?
  2. In the same way, those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God, according to Romans 8:14.
  3. Matthew 5:9 – Blessed are those who bring about peace!
  4. (Do you think I’m a peacemaker?
  5. Do I exhibit the characteristics of a peacemaker?) Gal.3:26 – For you have been adopted as God’s children through your faith in Jesus Christ.
  6. Gal 5:24 – But those who belong to Christ have crucified their body with all of its desires and lusts, so that they may serve the Lord.
  7. 1 3:1 – John 3:1 – Behold, what a wonderful gift the Father has given us, that we should be referred to as God’s own children.

What is it that God expects from us?

(Do I follow His commands in my daily life?) Ephesians 5:1-2 – As God’s beloved children, therefore, be disciples of God.

God considers us to be His bride.

The ring represents all of the promises he has made to his wife, as well as his commitment to keeping all of those commitments, as well as his loyalty and unwavering love for her.

Every believer individually, as well as the entire church of God as a whole, has now been designated as His wife, to whom He has irrevocably pledged himself.

According to what we have learned thus far, God has always used metaphors to communicate His intentions throughout history.

God gave us the symbol of baptism in the same way as a bridegroom gives his bride a ring as a proof of his vows.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist?

Rom 9:20-21 – Who are you to respond in a way that is contrary to God?

God considers us to be members of His flock.

The Good Shepherd gives His life for the sake of the sheep.:4 And when he sends forth his own flock, he goes ahead of them, and the flock follows behind him.

And I am willing to give my life for the sheep.

God considers us to be His Disciples.

14:27 (Luke 14:27) – In addition, whomever does not take up his cross and follow Me cannot call himself My disciple.

Keep in mind that God views us not just as individuals, but also as a tightly connected group of people.

12:27 – And you are the body of Christ, of which you are members in part.:21 It is impossible for the eye to say to the hand, “I have no need of you,” nor for the head to say to the feet, “I have no need of you.”:7 However, the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each individual for the benefit of the group and for the common good.

  1. The many elements of a body are designed to work together and form a cohesive whole.
  2. Let us recall the young boy’s meal, which consisted of 5 small loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish (Joh.6:5-13).
  3. Consider what Jesus can do with your talent(s), no matter how minor or inconsequential it may appear to be, in order to achieve His purposes via you!
  4. His earthly body, through which He wishes to carry out His mission, using whatever gifts He has bestowed upon us; His children, for whom He would care, love, and lead; His wife, who must honour and be devoted to Him; and His followers, who are to follow Him are all important.
  5. Or, more specifically, how do we treat Him?
  6. Are we faithful to Him in the same way that a bride should be?

Do we offer ourselves to Him in the same way that He offered His life for us? More information on how much Jesus loves you can be found here: Does Jesus have any feelings for me? God Has a Special Place in His Heart for You Blessings, and Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Does Jesus love me?

QuestionAnswer Many people have questioned whether or not Jesus truly loves them. The Bible is unequivocal in its assertion that, no matter what we have done, Jesus still loves us. If we trust in Him, He promises to forgive us of whatever wrongs we have done and to provide us everlasting life. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whomever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life,” says the Bible (John 3:16). God’s love for us is demonstrated in this way: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, as the Bible states in Romans 5:8.

This incredible gift is made possible by God’s astounding grace toward us, as stated in Ephesians 2:8–9: “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is a gift from God—not by works, so that no one may take credit for your salvation.” We don’t have to earn His love; we simply accept it when He offers it to us.

  • Jesus, on the other hand, is unlike any other individual because He is God manifested in human form (John 1:14).
  • An further reason why it may be difficult for you to accept the fact that Jesus loves you is because anything you have done in the past may be causing you concern.
  • His final hours on the cross serve as a beautiful illustration of His love for humanity.
  • “Jesus, please keep my name in mind when you come into your kingdom,” he pleaded, turning to face Jesus.
  • He was referring to his future presence with Jesus in heaven.
  • When we question ourselves, “How much does Jesus love me?” we simply have to look to the cross to get the answer.
  • He sacrificed His life in order to offer you fresh life.
  • However, you can answer with a prayer that is similar to this: “Dear God, I recognize that I am a sinner and that I will never be able to earn my way into paradise by my own efforts.” Today, I confess that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, who rose from the grave in order to provide me eternal life.
  • Please forgive me for my sins and assist me in living my life in your service.
  • If you have embraced Christ today, please click on the “I have accepted Christ today” button to the right.

Alternatively, you may utilize the inquiry form on ourBible Queries Answeredpage if you have any questions. Questions regarding Salvation (return to top of page) Does Jesus have any feelings for me?

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QuestionAnswer The question has been raised by many individuals if Jesus truly loves them. Whatever we have done, Jesus still loves us, according to the Scriptures. As a matter of fact, He pledges to both forgive us of whatever wrongs we have committed and to offer us with eternal life if we would just believe in Him: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whomever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). God’s love for us is demonstrated in this way: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, as the Bible says in Romans 5:8.

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We get this incredible gift as a result of God’s magnificent kindness toward us, as stated in Ephesians 2:8–9: “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not your own doing; it is a gift from God—not by works, so that no one may take credit for you.” Our love for Him does not have to be earned; rather, we must embrace it.

  • Jesu, on the other hand, is unlike any other individual since he is God manifested in human form (John 1:14).
  • An further reason that it may be difficult for you to accept the fact that Jesus loves you is because anything you have done in the past may be causing you concern.
  • His final hours on the cross serve as a beautiful illustration of His love for mankind.
  • “Jesus, keep my name in mind when you arrive into your kingdom,” he added, turning to face Jesus.
  • He was referring to his future presence with Jesus in heaven.
  • It is enough to look at the cross to answer the question, “How much does Jesus love me?” “I love you this much,” he whispered as he extended His hands toward her.
  • Accepting Jesus as your Savior and accepting His love and eternal life is something you may pray for right now if you so want.
  • Please help me to accept your gift of salvation.” Today, I confess that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, who rose from the grave in order to provide me eternal life.
  • “Thank you for adopting me and giving me eternal life.” “I am eternally grateful.” Have you made a decision to follow Christ as a result of what you’ve read here?

Any questions should be directed to us via ourBible Questions Answeredpage, which includes a question form. Questions concerning Salvation can be found at the following link. Jesus cares about me, do you think so?

5 Ways Jesus Said “I Love You” with His Life

“I Love You” was expressed through Jesus’ life, as he showed up for everyone of us and provided us with hope in the midst of our chaotic existence. He ascended from His throne in order to free us from our sad selves on this planet. It is only through His life and presence in our hearts that we may come to understand and love ourselves and one another. Sadness permeates our society today, particularly among people who have never experienced true love. We learn from Jesus’ example that love is more than simply words, and that we may demonstrate this to others.

  1. “Love is patient, love is gentle,” says the poet.
  2. In addition, it does not defame others, pursue its own interests, becomes easily agitated, or keeps a record of wrongs committed.
  3. “It always defends, always believes, always hopes, and always perseveres,” says the author.
  4. It’s the type of love that motivates us to take action.
  5. Jesus was under no need to love us.
  6. Jesus is the embodiment of love.
  7. He mingled and conversed with sinners just like us.
  8. Besides being an excellent human being, He is the light of the world, and He has provided a means for all of us to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.
  9. Because Jesus is the only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, He has prepared a particular space for us.
  10. He longs for everyone of us to come to Him in humility and commit our life to Him.

Jesus says “I love you” by inviting us to be with Him forever

Because he showed up for everyone of us and gave us hope in the midst of our chaotic lives, Jesus expressed his love for us through his life. He ascended from His throne in order to save us from our terrible selves here on earth. We can only learn to love ourselves and others as a result of His existence and presence in our hearts. Sadness permeates our society today, especially among people who have never experienced true love. We learn from Jesus’ life that love is more than simply words, and that we may show this to others.

  1. “Love is patient, love is kind,” says the author.
  2. In addition, it does not defame others, pursue its own interests, becomes easily agitated, or keeps track of wrongs.
  3. “It always defends, always believes, always hopes, and always perseveres,” says the adage.
  4. This type of love is not something that just occurs.
  5. When it comes to love, it is more than an emotion; it is a decision.
  6. Because of his sacrifice on the cross, Jesus chose to love us with open arms and a broken heart.
  7. We have a Savior in Jesus, who came to earth in order to demonstrate how much He cares for us.
  8. He volunteered His time to individuals, instructing and counseling them on how to live a better life in the process.
  9. In exchange for our sins, He died on the cross and was risen from the tomb.
  10. He desires for us to be filled with His unwavering love.

It is His wish for each and every one of us to come to Him in humility and submit our life to Him. While there are countless ways in which Jesus has expressed His love for us through His life, the following are five of the most notable: Credit: thinkstock-Eziutka for the photograph

Jesus says “I love you” by caring for us

Jesus keeps a close eye on us at all times. When one of us becomes disoriented, He goes out of his way to locate us and bring us back into the fold. He defends us in the same way that a shepherd defends his flock from wolves. David’s psalm about the Good Shepherd serves as a wonderful illustration of how much Jesus cares for us. “I have everything because the Lord is my shepherd. He brings my spirit back to life by making me lie down in lush meadows and leading me to still rivers. I am guided down the correct roads by him for the sake of his name.

  1. Before me, in the midst of my adversaries, you arrange a table for me.
  2. Without a doubt, your goodness and love will accompany me for the rest of my life, and I will continue to reside in the home of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23 is a song of praise.
  3. As the good Shepherd, he makes certain that no one escapes from His protection.
  4. He removes the hook from His rod and uses it to yank his wayward sheep back into line.
  5. He is there to look after them during the long, dark nights and to keep them safe from the storms.
  6. The Lord waits patiently for us to lift our eyes to Him and extend our hands to Him.
  7. Image courtesy of Pixabay/Free-Photos.

Jesus says “I love you” by spending time with people

Jesus spent time with sinners and the ill, as well as with those who were not well. Nobody else would dare to get near to the people he ate and drank with on a daily basis. In times of persecution, we may take comfort in the fact that we have a Good Shepherd who cares for us! Those who are brokenhearted and unwell will find healing through His love. Jesus demonstrated His compassion for the poor, widows, and orphans throughout His life by paying visits to them. Jesus spent His life with a specific goal in mind, and that aim was to help everyone.

In order to instruct and encourage His followers, Jesus spent a lot of time with them.

Photograph courtesy of Unsplash/Helen Lopes

Jesus says “I love you” by changing our hearts

When Jesus went, He promised His disciples that they would not be left alone in the world. He saw that they would miss Him and assured them that the comfort of the Holy Spirit would be with them. When we invite Jesus into our hearts, we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one in the same! When we pray to our heavenly Father in Jesus’ name, we may be confident that we are in His immediate presence. Because of the blood of Jesus, we are allowed to enter the throne chamber of prayer.

As we follow Jesus’ example, He will provide us with skills, tactics, discernment, and knowledge to help us live a more fulfilling life in the world.

It can come in the form of music, texts, friends, lessons, visions, miracles, and a variety of other ways.

” Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, on the other hand, are the fruits of the Spirit. There is no legislation that protects people from such activities (Galatians 5:22-23). Image courtesy of Pixabay/jclk8888.

Jesus says “I love you” by dying on the cross

There is a lot of sadness in life. Jesus came to give us reason to be hopeful. His message is that this is not our home, and that we have no place in this environment. In our pain, we all want for a better place, and by growing closer to God, we may make our sorrow less acute and last longer. We have all sinned in some way. Shame and shame keep us trapped in the abyss of self-pity. We were given new life when Jesus resurrected from the dead and took our sins with Him. We have the freedom to live at peace with ourselves, to modify the way we go about our business, and to refuse to return to our former habits.

  1. The tale of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins is the greatest love story that has ever been recounted.
  2. Jesus came to demonstrate to us that He seeks a relationship with us.
  3. He bore our sin and shame on the cross, and he continues to supply us with grace, compassion, and do-overs on a daily basis!
  4. He desires for us to be able to sense and experience this type of love.
  5. Today, we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  6. Missionaries, evangelists, teachers, pastors, parents, friends, siblings, and intercessors are all examples of Jesus in our lives.
  7. Spiritual gifts have been bestowed onto each of us.
  8. Photo courtesy of Aaron Burden via Unsplash.

7 ways that God loves you

1) God’s love for us is perfect and atoning. In order for anyone who believes in Jesus to not perish but to have eternal life, God sent his only Son, who is known as the Son of God. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but rather to save the world through him.” (3:16-17) (Jhn 3:16-17) We owe God a debt of gratitude for sending Jesus Christ into the world to rescue us from our sins. Christ atoned for our sins, which had caused us to be estranged from God. In addition to establishing peace with God, this sacrifice invites us into a personal and loving relationship with Him.

  1. 2) God’s love for us is shown throughCallinglove.
  2. (II Peter 2:9).
  3. As a result of the love God has shown us by His calling, He has promised to safeguard that connection (Jhn 10:28) and to never abandon or forsake us (Heb 13:5, 1 Thes 5:23-25).
  4. 3) God’s love for us is a redemptive love.
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The fact that God sent his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and on the basis of sin condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the righteous requirement of the law would be accomplished in us, who walk not in accordance with the flesh but in accordance with the Spirit” (See Romans 8:3–4) Because of our sinful nature, we are unable to carry out God’s commandments completely.

(See Galatians 3:13 for further information.) God’s atoning love frees us from our feelings of shame and dread.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God presented as a sacrifice through his blood, to be received by faith.” (See Romans 3:23-25) God’s love is seen in the fact that he justifies (or declares us innocent) us through grace through faith in Christ.

  1. God now views us through the lens of Christ’s righteousness rather than through the lens of our sin.
  2. 5.
  3. “For you did not get the spirit of slavery, which would cause you to fall back into fear, but you did receive the Spirit of adoption as sons, through whom we cry out, “Abba!
  4. Our qualification to partake in the saints’ inheritance has been granted to us by him.
  5. As a result of God’s adoptive love, we can address Him as “Father.” 6) God’s love for us is a sanctification of love.
  6. There are two ways in which we are sanctified: positionally and gradually.
  7. Christ, on the other hand, gave Himself as the only acceptable sacrifice, paying the price for our sins once and for all.
  8. We are also sanctified “gradually” during the course of our Christian life.
  9. In the process of becoming more like Christ, progressive sanctification is the act of dying to one’s sins and living for Christ.
  10. (Galatians 5:19-23) God’s sanctifying love separates us from the rest of creation so that He might carry out His unique intentions.
  11. “Our Father has made us God’s children today, and we do not yet know what we will become; but we know that when he appears, we will be like him, because we will see him as he truly is.” (1 John 3:1-2)Finally, God expresses His affection for us by honoring us.

(Phil 1:6) The moment we enter the presence of the Lord, our sinful nature will be cast aside, and we shall be in His presence, and with Him, for all of time. For Christians, the ultimate objective is God’s glorification of His love. -Bible conducts research on the globe

4 Ways Jesus Modeled Love

What aspects of my life (words, acts, and decisions) should represent my connection with Christ and my pursuit of Him? It should be evident on the outside that someone who is living with God on the inside lives a life that reflects a distinct character on the inside (through words, decisions, and actions done in obedience to God). “Anyone who professes to live in him must live in the same way that Jesus did.” In 1 John 2:6, the Bible says The person of Jesus is the most perfect representation of God’s love for people that has ever been.

When it comes to Jesus, there is nothing we must do that He has not already demonstrated in His own person and life.

How did Jesus model Love and Service?

The Bible provides us with the following illustrations: Compassion: Jesus was a caring person to the extreme. We witness Him responding to the needs of those who are suffering again and over again, as follows:

  • He healed the sick and restored sight to the blind (Luke 7:21)
  • He liberated those who were enslaved by social injustice and prejudice (Mark 7:24-30
  • Luke 5:12-15
  • 7:36-50
  • 8:43-48
  • 10:38-42
  • 19:1-10)
  • He set free those who were under the control of demonic powers (Luke 4:33-35)
  • He was deeply loved (Matt 9:36
  • Mark 10:21
  • Luke 7:13

Respect: Jesus had a deep regard for all forms of life, regardless of their origin.

  • He constantly expressed his admiration and appreciation for women, an attitude that was entirely unexpected and unheard of in His society and time. (Matthew 1:30-31
  • Luke 7:11-15
  • 13:10-17
  • Mark 1:30-31
  • The youngsters were respected and treasured by him (Mark 10:13-16)
  • He respected and appreciated the disadvantaged and the destitute. According to Luke 4:18-19, it was for this reason that He came to earth.

Jesus was an exceptional listener, as evidenced by his parables. Whether it was His opponents or His disciples, Jesus showed that he respected individuals by listening to them and responding carefully and patiently to their questions and concerns. Encouraged: Jesus spent a significant amount of time urging people to love one another. (See Luke 6:17-49 for more information.) Throughout Jesus’ whole life, the Beatitudes serve as a call to be receptive to God and to love others in the way that Jesus modeled.

When it comes to loving your neighbor as yourself, Jesus is the ultimate role model.

Because of Jesus, who is the perfect standard by which we should spend our lives.

As a consequence of our overflow and love for the Father (as well as our desire to conform to the character of Christ), we should live a life of service and love for others as well.

How can my life model Christ’s love?

According to 1 John 2:6, a life lived in Christ is a life filled with love and service to others. It is a ministry to the poor in which you listen to people in your midst, love them, support them, respect them, and assist them—especially those who are at the bottom of the social ladder. In our quest to live in relationship with Jesus, this is the heart of Jesus, and it should be our heart as well. When it comes to “living in Christ,” what does it look like in our modern world? Some examples from churches in Africa and Asia include the following: Providing access to water (3:21 video) Constructing a home (2:21 video) Construction of classrooms (2:40 video) Taking care of a widow (3:43 video) John Warden serves as the worldwide staff pastor for Reconciled World and as the facilitator for 2:10.

He and his family live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with his wife and two kids. You may reach John personally at [email protected]. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Why Does God Love Me?

“Love does not take pleasure in wickedness, but rejoices in the truth,” says the Bible. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:6 Do you sometimes wonderwhyJesus loves you? Because—insert iconic children’s song tune here—we all know that God loves us, don’t we? — According to the Bible, this is the case. If you need evidence, go no farther than John 3:16 and Romans 5:5. And we are well aware of God’s enormous love for us—see Romans 8:38-39 for a wonderful reminder of this reality. On a more serious note, don’t you ever feel as King David did when he composed the words of Psalm 8:3-4 (New Living Translation)?

God Loves Me

We surely don’t deserve God’s love, and He is under no need to love us either, according to the Bible. In fact, some individuals feel that God does not truly care about us. Instead, some believe that either He does not exist or that He is/was a Being who created everything and set everything in motion—then chose to withdraw and keep distance from us. In their minds, God (if He exists) is like some kind of cosmic Watcher who is intrigued by the events of planet Earth’s soap drama, but surely not a personal god who would bother to care about the ants that He made.

What is the reason for Jesus’ love for you and me?

That, at the very least, provides a credible explanation for the seemingly inconceivable love that God lavish on us on a consistent basis.

Take a listen to just a handful of the sound bites that Scripture has shared with us in this respect (all from the New Living Translation):

  • To those, however, who believed in him and accepted him, he granted the right to become children of God (John 1:12
  • Galatians 4:6)
  • And because we are God’s children, God has put the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, leading us to scream out, “Abba, Father”
  • We are God’s handiwork, after all. He has re-created us in Christ Jesus, enabling us to carry out the good works that he has planned for us from the beginning of time (Ephesians 2:10). You are a people who have been selected. You are royal priesthood, a holy people, and God’s very own property. (1 Peter 2:9)
  • And I am certain that God, who began the good work inside you, will carry it on until it is ultimately completed on the day of Christ Jesus’ return (Philippians 1:6)
  • And

It is important to understand that Christ’s love for you has very little to do with you and everything to do with Him. Not only a cosmic feeling of love, but a timeless truth about who He is and who you are as a result of your union with Him is what He represents. In the same way, God’s everlasting truth about you is not merely a cold, emotionless fact, but rather an eternal passion based on who He is and what He is doing with you as His creation. Simply said, God loves because He is the only one who knows the whole truth about Himself and what He is doing in us, and He delights in that knowledge.

He loves us not because he is forced to do so or because he feels obligated to continually create a feeling comparable to compassion. He loves us because he wants to. We are loved by God because He is the truth of who He is – the happy, timeless truth of His being.

Why Does God Love Us?

Dr. Woodrow Kroll’s video has been translated into English as follows: God doesn’t love me because He sees something attractive or lovable in me, quite the contrary. In reality, He most likely looks at me and doesn’t see anything to like about me. God loves me because God’s character is characterized by love and compassion. When I look at my children, I am filled with love for them. My grandchildren are my pride and joy. However, they do not always behave in a manner that I find pleasing. If I love them, it is because I have made the decision to love them.

  • In fact, it is quite the opposite.
  • There isn’t a single person on the planet who does not sin.
  • In a world where God is love and I am unlovely, I cannot claim that He loves me because of what is in my heart.
  • As a result, God loves me because it is in God’s character to love.
  • He wants us to receive His love as a group, not as individuals.
  • Mike Nappais a self-proclaimed Bible Study Nerd who also writes Bible analysis and theology for on a regular basis.
  • More information on Mikey may be found at and

Does Jesus love me?

To be sure, the Bible makes it quite plain that Jesus cares for us. No matter what we have done, if we trust in Him, He will grant us with eternal life at no cost to us. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whomever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). When God sent Jesus Christ, His own Son, to be the propitiation for our sins before we were even born, He demonstrated His love for us: “but God demonstrates his love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

  • It is a free gift made possible by His generosity, and it is offered to us.
  • We have become accustomed to people letting us down in this broken world.
  • People will let us down, but Jesus will never let us down.
  • He created us, maintains us, and provides us the opportunity to have eternal life.
  • We are well aware of all of the faults we have committed, and it is difficult for us to believe that Jesus could love us.
  • Even when He was dying on the cross, Jesus demonstrated compassion by saving a criminal who was being executed on the same cross as Him.
  • And he told him, ‘Truly, I tell to you, today you will be with me in paradise,’ and he believed him.” The Bible says (Luke 23:42–43).
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Jesus cares about you so much that He sacrificed His life so that you may be born again and inherit His immortal life.

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved,” according to the Bible (Romans 10:9).

You do not have to pray it exactly as it is written above, but it is a good starting point: “Dear God, I admit that I am a sinner and that I need your forgiveness.

Today, I have decided to place my trust in Jesus Christ.

I’m asking you today to pardon me for my transgressions.

Thank you for embracing me as your kid and for providing me the gift of everlasting life.

If you have embraced Christ today, please click on the “I have accepted Christ today” button to the right.

What exactly is this saving grace? Is salvation based on faith, deeds, or a combination of the two? What exactly is the meaning of the phrase “sola gratia”? What is the best way to be saved? Return to the page: The Truth About Salvation

The Three Greatest Reasons Christ Loves You

No doubt about it, Jesus’ love for us is clearly stated in the Bible. Regardless of what we have done, if we place our faith in Him, He will grant us with eternal life at no cost. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whomever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). When God sent Jesus Christ, His own Son, to be the propitiation for our sins before we were even born, He demonstrated His love for us: “but God demonstrates his love for us in that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

  1. We have access to it as a free gift because of His mercy and compassion for us.
  2. Also, this is not your own doing; it is God’s gift to you; it is not a product of your efforts, so that no one can take credit for it “Ephesians 2:8–9 is a passage on forgiveness.
  3. It might be tough to believe that Jesus’ love will never let us down in any way.
  4. Jesus is God manifested in the shape of a human being (John 1:14).

Every time we need him, his constant love is there: In Lamentations 3:22–23, the author writes, “The steadfast love of the LORD never stops; his mercies never cease; they are fresh every morning; wonderful is your faithfulness.” In part, this is due to the fact that we are well aware of our own shortcomings, making it difficult for us to believe that Jesus loves us.

  1. Because Jesus already knows your history and your future, the good news is that you may receive His love and forgiveness without cost or obligation.
  2. The convict recognized Him as the Christ when he stated these words: “When Jesus returned, he asked him to keep him in mind when he entered his kingdom.
  3. He was about to die when he declared his confidence in Jesus, but Jesus recognized and rewarded his act of faith by promising him eternal life with Him in heaven.
  4. To accept Jesus as your Savior right now, you can pray and acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior by saying “I believe in you.” “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved,” the Bible states (Romans 10:9).
  5. You do not have to pray it exactly as it is written below, but it is a good starting point.
  6. Any nice deed I perform will not be enough to get me into paradise, and I am well aware of this.
  7. I believe that He is God’s Son, who was crucified and subsequently resurrected from the dead in order for me to be rescued and to enjoy eternal life with Him.
  8. From this day forward, I wish to live my life in service to you.
  9. I am eternally grateful to you.” Have you made a decision to follow Christ as a result of what you’ve read here?
  10. In addition, there is the fact that When Scripture says that salvation is by grace via faith, what exactly does that mean?

What exactly is the saving grace? What do you believe about salvation: that it is by faith, by deeds, or by both? “Sola gratia” refers to something given freely. What is the best way to be saved from myself? Please return to: Salvation: The Truth About It

These Bible Verses Will Remind You That God’s Love Is Unconditional

There are countless ways to express your feelings for someone else. Some people believe that showing love means taking out the trash on a particularly cold night so that their significant other does not have to do so themselves. In other cases, people express their affection in more direct ways, such as by reciting romantic poems or simply saying “I love you.” The concept of love takes on a whole new significance for those who believe in God and adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ. In your darkest hour, when it may appear that you are on your own or that you have lost everyone and everything you’ve ever cared about, the best Bible verses about God’s love demonstrate that He is always there, and you are never alone.

Sometimes it manifests itself in insignificant ways, such as when someone inquires about your day and actually listens to your response when you respond.

In addition to serving as a constant reminder that God is always watching and ready to assist, Bible verses about God’s love can also provide comfort in the knowledge that He is always in your corner.

“Certainly, the Lord’s faithful love has not come to an end; certainly, God’s compassion has not come to an end!

“How wonderful is your faithfulness.” The Good News: God’s heart is overflowing with love, and we can rely on Him to love us just as much on a daily basis as He loves others.

Everyone who believes and praises Him will be rewarded with a love that is sweeter than anything else in the world.

“I am giving you a new commandment: Love one another.

The way everyone will know that you are my disciples is if you love one another,” says the Lord.

4 Jude 1:20–21 (NASB) However, “you, dear friends, build each other up on the foundation of your most holy faith, pray in the Holy Spirit, keep each other in the love of God, and patiently wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will grant you eternal life,” the apostle Paul writes.

5 Isaiah 54:10 (KJV) According to the Lord, the one who pities you, “‘The mountains may shift, and the hills may be shook, but my faithful love for you will not shift away from you, and my covenant of peace will not be shaken,'” he says.

Sixth Psalm 86:15 says, “However, my Lord, you are a God of compassion and mercy; you are long-suffering and abundant in faithful love.” The Good News: We will make mistakes, but just like the people in our lives who love us unconditionally, God will give us grace and forgiveness.

He will create calm with his love; he will rejoice over you with singing.” The Good News: The Lord is your biggest supporter.

He’s always cheering you on.

Because the world didn’t recognize him, it doesn’t recognize us.” The Good News: What a blessing it is to be considered one of His children, whom He loves the same way any parent loves their child.

He is the faithful God, who keeps the covenant and proves loyal to everyone who loves him and keeps his commands — even to the thousandth generation!” The Good News: God will protect His children for eternity after eternity, with His forever unwavering love.

I ask that you’ll know the love of Christ that is beyond knowledge so that you will be filled entirely with the fullness of God.” The Good News: Because God loves you so much, you are also capable of love in deeper and stronger ways each day.

Let them sing out loud forever!

Because you, Lord, bless the righteous.

12Ephesians 1:5-6“God destined us to be his adopted children through Jesus Christ because of his love.

131 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the Lord because he is good, because his faithful love endures forever.” The Good News: Be eternally grateful because the Lord is always with you.

151 John 4:7-8“Dear friends, let’s love each other, because love is from God, and everyone who loves is born from God and knows God.

162 Chronicles 6:14“He said: ‘Lord God of Israel, there is no god like you in heaven or on the earth.

17Romans 8:31-32 “So what are we going to say about these things?

He didn’t spare his own Son but gave him up for us all.

18Psalm 36:7 “Your faithful love is priceless, God!

19 Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

As Christians, we share in the crucifixion and the resurrection that followed.

— act on my behalf for the sake of your name; deliver me because your faithful love is so good” The Good News: God is ever available, a ready source of help in times of trouble.

This is love: it is not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son as the sacrifice that deals with our sins.” The Good News: God loved you first, before you were even born, and the proof is the life of our savior Jesus Christ, who came to free us from the bondage of sin.

He doesn’t hold on to his anger forever; he delights in faithful love.” The Good News: Our God is a god of forgiveness, ever willing to offer us a chance at redemption.

23 Romans 5:5 “This hope doesn’t put us to shame, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” The Good News: God’s love justifies our lives and fills us with hope for the future.

25Romans 8:28“We know that God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose.” The Good News: With God’s love in our hearts, all our actions will be directed toward good.

Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love them and reveal myself to them.” The Good News: Our love for Jesus the Son is answered by divine love and care from Father and Son alike.

28 John 15:9 “As the Father loved me, I too have loved you.

29 Romans 5:8 is a Bible verse that explains how to be a Christian.

This is the Good News: There isn’t a greater love to be found than this.

The Good News: Faith and love are inextricably linked, just as our love for God and His love for us are inextricably linked.

What will separate us?

Nevertheless, God is abundant in kindness,” says Paul in Ephesians 2:4-5.

He did this because he cares deeply about us and wants the best for us.

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