Who Is Jesus To Me Essay?

Who Is Jesus to You?

  • Transcript of the audio Who exactly is Jesus?
  • It’s a question that comes up time and time again.
  • And there must be as many different answers to that question as there are people who have ever walked the face of the earth, if not more.
  • Even throughout Christ’s earthly existence, the simple fact of his presence was a source of extraordinary contention.
  • Some believed Jesus was God, while others believed he was afflicted by demons.
  • Some people thought Jesus was an excellent teacher, while others thought he was a liar.

Some people thought he was bright, while others thought he was nuts.Jesus was hailed as a prophet, and he was scorned as a babbling blasphemer, depending on who you ask.So, who is this Jesus, exactly?As stated in Hebrews 1:3, Jesus is ″the brilliance of God’s glory and the precise imprint of his being,″ which means that he is the exact representation of God.

  1. In a sermon delivered in 1996, John Piper provided an answer to the age-old question: Who is Jesus?
  2. Who is the person who has taken a seat at the right hand?
  3. It’s unclear who it was that died on the cross.
  4. Who was it that was buried and then resurrected?
  • Isn’t it true that everything is held together by the word of his power?
  • What is the identity of Jesus Christ?
  • In other words, he is an accurate reflection of God’s nature, or of God’s essence.
  • What exactly does this mean?
  • Whoever sees me has seen the Father, according to Jesus’ words (John 14:9).
  • ″He is the manifestation of the incomprehensible God,″ Paul declared (Colossians 1:15).

Radiance of Glory

  • But, do you know what’s even better? ″He is a precise reflection of the nature of God,″ you may remark, and you can be completely mistaken in your interpretation of what you just said. As an illustration: To put it another way, Jesus is the depiction of God the Father in the same manner that a picture reflects a person in a different setting. And you’d be completely wrong.
  • To put it another way, you might say that Jesus symbolizes the essence of God in the same way as an official letter from the monarch reflects the king. And you’d be completely wrong.
  • Alternatively, you may claim that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is an exact depiction of God the Father in the same way that a wax cast has an impression and accurately replicates a ring. And you’d be completely wrong.
  • For one thing, it is clear from the first phrase that he isn’t any of those things, which makes us realize that it would be completely inappropriate to speak in that manner.
  • In the sense that ″he is the brilliance of glory,″ he is a perfect reflection of the Father (Hebrews 1:3).
  • He portrays God’s glory in the same manner that brightness represents God’s splendor.
  • Those are significantly different from paintings of people, letters, kings, wax molds, and engagement rings, to name a few examples.
  • Radiance emitted by a light or rays of sunlight flowing down from the sky is not another thing.
  • It does not have a distinct essence from the object in question.

The brilliance that is emanating is the glow of the splendor.That is the most important thing to grasp in this situation: Christ is not anything other than God, acting on God’s behalf.He is God, and he is God’s representative.He is the Father, bursting forth in radiance, appearing in another person whose essence is the same divine essence as his or her own.

  1. I’m quite aware that we’re talking about a mystery here.
  2. And we won’t even begin to exhaust or conclude this, but we can get a glimpse of what’s going on.
  3. It is possible to break the window just enough to allow us to worship properly and refrain from making erroneous claims about the Son being a creation or a simple prophet.

Four Ways the Son Radiates the Father’s glory

Finally, allow me to share with you four ways in which the Son pours forth or radiates the glory of the Father.

1. The Father and the Son are coeternal.

  • To begin, let us compare him to the sun, with its rays of light shooting out from it.
  • There is no point in time when the sun is there when its radiant light is not present.
  • They are so intertwined that when the sun shines, the brightness of the sun shines as well, and vice versa.
  • When God the Father exists, it follows that God the Son exists as well.
  • They are coeternal in their existence.
  • Even if the Father did not exist, he may declare, ″I believe I will bring into being a Son.″ That was not the way things transpired.

He is perpetually begotten, and he is endlessly gushing forth.There are beams of light wherever there is light.Where there is God, there is also a Son of God, and vice versa.The brilliance represents the grandeur that is radiating out.

  1. It does not differ in any significant way.
  2. God is the Son of God, and the Son of God is God.
  3. He is not, by nature, a different kind of being.

2. The Son is not created or made.

  • Contrast this with the results of a solar calculator.
  • My thoughts on this were prompted by the fact that I was using one the other night while doing my tax paperwork.
  • And I inquired of Barnabas, ″Can you tell me where the off switch is?″ ″It’s a solar-powered calculator,″ he says.
  • Simply place it back inside the lid.
  • ″It goes off without a hitch.″ Now, what this implies is that whenever the sun or the light from my dining room comes through this small window, a small black number shows on the screen.
  • Now, it would be reasonable to assert that the light was responsible for this or that it caused it, or that it generated it in some way.

And that particular number is not the source of illumination.Thus, never conceive of God’s Son in the same way that you think of numbers on a solar calculator — that God created the Son, that God brought the Son into being in this way.The Son is the light that shines on the globe and is responsible for the creation of the world.According to the ancient creeds, he was conceived, not created.

  1. The idea is that you produce offspring in the same way as people produce offspring, dogs produce puppies, cats produce kittens, and God produces offspring.

3. The Son mediates the Father.

  • Our perception of light is mediated by the light’s beams of illumination.
  • At this time in the ceremony, the sun came out and a large beam of light fell directly on around forty individuals who were standing right there.
  • It was really incredible.
  • It was fantastic.
  • If you try to stare up through that window at the sun when it’s bright, you’ll be blinded for a long time, to begin with.
  • Please don’t do it.

And that is only a little indication of God’s character.God would also blind you if he wanted to.You must be able to perceive God in order to do so.It is necessary to engage the services of a mediator.

  1. The mediator is the Son of God, and the Son of God reflects the brilliance of the glory of God on the earth and in the universe.
  2. The light that is shining on your face right now traveled eight minutes after it left the sun to get to where you are.
  3. While I was preaching, the sun went down for about eight minutes and a half.
  4. These beams of light were sent out and landed straight in our faces.
  • So if you look at those rays closely enough — if you put on the proper glasses — you can actually see a ball; or, at dawn and sunset, when it is safe to do so, you can truly see a ball.
  • Are you able to see the sun?
  • Although you are seeing the sun, what you are actually seeing is what the sun’s beams allow you to view eight minutes later as a result of their illumination.
  • What we are witnessing is a ball that has been eight minutes in the making, which has been brought to us by light that has traveled almost 93 million miles from the sun.
  • However, the sun is shining brightly today, people.
  • That’s the light shining down on us.

Moreover, when you gaze at Jesus Christ, you are looking into the face of God.

Who is Jesus to You? – The Episcopal Church

  1. Some of your replies are listed here.
  2. Christ I see Christ in every individual I come into contact with.
  3. This leads me to believe that Jesus is not an abstract concept or demagogue, but that he is present in every individual I come into contact with.
  4. ″Whatever you do to the least of my people, you do to me.″ ″Whatever you do to the least of my people, you do unto me.″ – Travis, a parishioner in the state of Texas I have never experienced the presence and tranquility of Christ’s love as I have in the beauty of the liturgy, the Eucharist, and the wonderful prayers of the Church like I have in them.

— Chuck, a Vestry Member from the state of West Virginia Love Jesus gives a message of extreme love and transformation to those who listen to him.He redeems human suffering and inspires us to have compassion for one another.— Mary, a parishioner from the state of Tennessee In my life, Jesus has been and continues to be an unwavering friend, a continuous companion, a guardian, a role model, and, above all, a Savior.He soothes me in the most difficult of circumstances and does not despise me when I make a mistake.

  1. I believe that this is a love that the entire world should be aware of.
  2. — Anonyme It is through love, Jesus informs the world that not only is it worthwhile to take risks, but it is also the only route out of our society of death and destruction.
  3. As a result, the church proclaims the gospel, pointing out that all of this is, in fact, extremely good news.
  • — Anonyme God’s only begotten son Sometimes he is the Son of God, sometimes he is a prophet to a world in ruins, and sometimes he is just someone I can confide in and speak about anything.
  • — Jim, a choirmaster and organist in the state of Texas Jesus is the Son of God, according to the Bible.
  • What exactly that signifies is something I’m currently debating!
  • Whatever the case, it becomes evident that Jesus was sent by God to us in order to teach us, cure us (in a variety of ways), and rescue us.
  • He is significant to me because he is the focal point of a faith that has had a significant impact on my life and the way I live it.
  • Despite the fact that we are not ″of the world,″ Jesus is essential to the world (the church being a part of the world even though we are not ″of the world″) because he pushes us to transform ourselves and our society.
  • In addition, he offers instructions on how to go about it.
  • — Jay, Youth Minister of the New York Relationship Council I make an effort to speak to him in private on a regular basis.
  • — Jason, a Maryland-based parishioner Jesus is the most significant person in my life, and our relationship is the most important relationship in my life.
  • Megan from Pennsylvania sent in this message.
  • Salvation Jesus has entrusted us with a mission: to bring about the redemption of the entire world.
  • Salvation entails the fact that we are God’s instruments of healing in this world.
  • Healing, loving, and giving voice to those who have no voice are examples of how we are to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.
  • Travis, a parishioner from Texas, says: Jesus is a representation of what may happen when a person completely surrenders their will to the will of the Almighty.
  • Especially as someone who does not tolerate the existing quo and speaks up for the underprivileged and disenfranchised, he is a model for me of justice.
  • He is also an example for people who seek to channel their resources toward a spiritual aim and to grow in their connection with God.
  • Denise from Louisiana sent in this message: Hope Jesus guides me to a stronger sense of hope.
  • a hope that human beings such as him and me would be able to go beyond violence as we seek God’s presence in the world Jesus did not expose his own justice during his lifetime, but rather God’s, and he did it not by violence, but rather through constancy.
  • Sometimes I feel defeated by the world — but Jesus’ example reminds me that he, too, was defeated by the world, and in the process, altered the world around him.
  • –Christopher from Massachusetts We are called to be like Jesus because he is the greatest manifestation in human life of who God is, and he is the fullest expression in human life of who we are called to be like Jesus.
  • Father Christopher, a priest from Connecticut Forgiveness When it comes to forgiveness, my understanding of Jesus serves as an anchor and a guide for discovering, accepting, and offering forgiveness.

There are moments when I have a great deal of difficulty understanding this notion, but my confidence in God’s ultimate forgiveness, as expressed and represented by Jesus, serves as an encouragement.–Candace, a parishioner from Wyoming.Jesus is my personal savior, and he has a significant place in my life.

  1. In my opinion, Jesus is not some phantom figure floating about in the sky.
  2. I strive to live my life in the same manner that he does.
  3. Deacon and Chaplain, I strive to discover Jesus, that glimmer of goodness and humanity in every person I come into contact with on a daily basis.
  4. This message from Jesus, that he has room for everyone, is one that the world desperately needs to hear.
  1. Debbie, Deacon’s wife

Who Jesus Christ Is Essay example – 3037 Words

  1. What Jesus Christ Is and What He Did It becomes the most important question anybody will ever be asked, and it becomes the most important question anyone will ever answer when this inquiry is customized.
  2. According to YOU, who is Jesus Christ?
  3. When asked why he came, Jesus responded: ″I came so they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly″ (John 10:10, NKJV).
  4. As stated in 1 John 5:11-13, if we have the son in our lives, we may be certain that we have eternal life.

Christ alone is the sole means by which we may have an abundant life on this planet or receive everlasting life in association with God.Jesus died on the cross in order to pay the penalty for our sins, allowing us to be considered sinless in the sight of the Almighty.If we do not receive the free gift of everlasting life by experiencing the forgiveness provided by Jesus, then we shall suffer the consequences of our sins in the hereafter.additional stuff to be displayed…

  1. Comment: Long before Jesus was even conceived in the womb of Mary, he was announced to be the Mighty God and Everlasting Father.
  2. The Everlasting Father took on the form of a child and son who was born in a manger.
  3. As a result, Jesus actually is Immanuel, or God with us, according to the Bible.
  • Jesus is the Almighty God manifested as a human being.
  • A voice from the desert calls out: ″Prepare the way for the LORD, create straight in the wilderness a path for our God,″ according to the book of Isaiah 40:3.
  • (Prophecy).
  • When John was asked why he was doing this, he responded in the words of Isaiah, ″I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the path for the Lord.’″ (The prophesy of Isaiah 40:3 has been fulfilled.) Comment: The name of God, Jehovah, is represented by the word LORD, which is spelt entirely in capital letters.
  • Please see the page headed ″LORD, Hebrew Tetragrammaton″ for further information on God’s given name.
  • Predictions state that John the Baptist was to prepare the world for the arrival of God Almighty.
  • In truth, by preaching the message of repentance, John prepared the world for the arrival of Jesus.
  • No mistake was made by John, who saw that Jesus was Jehovah God becoming a member of the human race.
  • Isaiah 45:23 – Every knee will bend before me, and every tongue will swear by me, says the Lord (Prophecy).
  • Philippians 2:9-11 – Prophecy fulfilled: As a result, God elevated him to the highest position and gave him the name that is above every name, 10 so that at the name of Jesus, everyone will bow down and worship him.
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Who Jesus Is To Me? – Free Essay Example

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  • page number: 1
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  • My relationship with Jesus began when my parents baptized me in a Catholic church when I was a child. When I pray to Him, I am unable to see Him, but I am aware of His presence. He is always there for me, even when I have done something wrong. Jesus is my leader, and he directs my steps on the route that leads to Him. I want to commit my life to Jesus because I want to be with Him in heaven when he returns from the dead. In him I have found salvation and an example to follow in life. Jesus Christ is the reason I am here on Earth and why I am able to do difficult things. His presence is the light when I am unable to see, and his presence is my shepherd when I am lost. I attend to church because I believe in Jesus. His house is the place where my mind and soul may find peace and tranquility. The outer world is a chaotic place right now, but going to Jesus helps me to let go of my problems and put my confidence in the fact that He has everything under control. As I get older, I know that Jesus has invited me to be a child of God, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to deepen my trust in Him. Living a triumphant life is just impossible without the guidance and instruction of Jesus, and I am grateful that He is my guide and teacher. He instilled in me the ability to love people unreservedly, just as He did. My dearest buddy is none other than Jesus Christ. He will never leave my side, no matter how much I try. He does not despise me for my faults, but he guides me through the process of correcting them. A genuine friend, and the only friend I require in this life is Jesus. He is my past, present, and future all rolled into one. I know that as long as He is present in my life, my life will be full and productive. Jesus is the most important person in my life, and I value our connection as much as anything else. I’m well aware that my life will begin to disintegrate if I mess it up. He is always ready to respond whenever I reach out for Him. He has designated me as a child of God, and I am obligated to comply with His desire. Save yourself some time! It is possible for us to help you with your essay. Editing and formatting in the proper manner
  • Revision, title page, and bibliography are all provided for free.
  • Prices that are flexible as well as a money-back guarantee
  1. Order a Product I, as well as my entire family, place a high value on following Jesus Christ.
  2. I want to strengthen my relationship with Him because following Him would lead to the prize for which I have been striving all my life.
  3. My existence would be meaningless if it weren’t for Him.
  4. He formed me and delivered me from the clutches of fatal sin.

″I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, who was begotten of the Father before the beginning of all time.″ I adore Him with all of my heart, and I am eternally grateful that He is always there for me when I require him.Jesus represents many different things to me personally.I’ve never met Him, but I’m putting forth the effort to do so in paradise.It is possible to explain Jesus Christ in a variety of ways, but for me, He is everything.

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Who Is Jesus to Me? Essay

  1. Who really is Jesus in my eyes?
  2. Jesus is the mascot for my God.
  3. Allow me to explain.
  4. God saw that He needed to do something to assist us in better understanding His will.

He sent his son Jesus to dwell among us in order to have a more intimate relationship with us.We will never be able to comprehend God in his entirety because we will never be able to comprehend complete truth, perfect love, and ultimate power.Although we comprehend what love and truth are, our comprehension of those qualities pales in contrast to God’s transcendental love and truth, and as a result, we will never be able to grasp the whole scope of His being.We are, on the other hand, able to put a face on God because of Jesus.

  1. God realized that sending Himself in the shape of a human being would make it simpler for us to interact with Him.
  2. Jesus came to earth as a teacher and an example of how we should spend our lives in accordance with God’s plan for us.
  3. He demonstrated to us the way to eternal life with God via his words, acts, and death on the cross, among other things.
  • Jesus is the tangible manifestation of everything that God is.
  • For others, making the comparison between Jesus and our mascot may seem sacrilegious, but to me, Jesus is to God what the school’s mascot is to a school.
  • Jesus lends a bodily identity to God’s meaning in order to teach us by providing a realistic example of what God is like.
  • He disseminates God’s spirit through the medium of His instruction.
  • He inspires the audience to have faith by demonstrating His affection for them.
  • It appears to us that Jesus represents God’s love, truth, and power in ways that are reachable for us.

Who Is Jesus Christ To Me? Sample Example

  1. It is really unusual that I am presented with a practical question that is extremely difficult to respond to.
  2. Things have been taught to me by life…
  3. things to which I have come to respond with ease and without much self-interrogation.
  4. However, this query took me completely by surprise to the point that I have been staring at my computer screen for about half an hour, simply wondering how to respond to this enquiry.

Who really is Jesus Christ in my eyes?After having spent three long years in a Catholic institution.I joined a number of different church choirs.and yes, even spiritual organizations such as Youth for Christ.

  1. It was only recently that I was able to respond to this question with a profound thought and reflection.
  2. It is based on the Bible and other historical documents.
  3. I am confident in stating that Jesus Christ was born around the year 7 B.
  • C.
  • In the area of Palestine, Jesus was born of a human mother, named Mary, and raised by her.
  • He ate and slept throughout the day.
  • He worked while while praying.
  • He suffered, and he died as a result of his suffering.
  • Despite the fact that countless attempts have been made over the past 20 centuries to reduce him to a fantastic form, no success has been achieved.
  • It is difficult for anyone to have any doubts about his humanity.
  • In accordance with the Hagiographas of the New Testament, which were penned by his early followers, Jesus composed this piece.
  • Jesus was descended from David, the warrior-king of Israel, and was thus a descendant of David.
  • He was born in Bethlehem and raised in the Galilean town of Nazareth.
  • His birth was a routine event in and of itself.
  • However, it has been stated that strange incidents have taken place in the run-up to this monumental occasion.
  • The beginning of Jesus’ public career occurred when he was around 30 years old, following his baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.
  • At first glance, onlookers didn’t notice anything unusual about him.
  • Remember that he worked as a low carpenter for almost 90 percent of his life.
  • With no progress indicator, everything happened all of a sudden.
  • When he began to speak, he did so with authority and intelligence.
  • Those who were familiar with him were taken aback and astonished.
  • It was early on.
  • The inhabitants of Nazareth refused to allow him to enter their temple.
  • After that, his opponents turned against him, and he was eventually put to death.

When his public calling began, he was ecstatic.Jesus appeared to be completely immersed in his proclamation that the Kingdom of God had arrived!He possessed a steadfastness of purpose that was unwavering.

  1. It almost appeared as though his own home had vanished altogether.
  2. Alternatively, it could be more accurate to say that the cosmos had become his home.
  3. He was never rooted to a single geographical location; he was constantly on the move: ″I must prophesy in that location, and I must prophesy excessively.″ He was surrounded by throngs of people.
  4. He cured the sick of their illnesses as a sign that God’s Kingdom had arrived on earth.
  1. He picked others and invited them to join him on his journey.
  2. It was he who advised people to turn toward God, to love him with their whole heart, soul, and mind, and to love their neighbor as themselves.
  3. He taught through the use of parables.
  4. He was approachable to everyone, and he treated them with a stunning mixture of dread and tenderness.
  5. He was rarely completely deafening in the face of hours of prayer in the desert or on a mountain-top vantage point.

He didn’t appear to have any structured set of programs, and he appeared to be populating one minute after another.Among those who were drawn to him were the outsiders of society: the cocottes, tax collectors, and evildoers, all of whom he made a point of welcoming with open arms.Some members of the spiritual elite were perplexed as to why he was included in the list of evildoers, and they couldn’t figure out why.He was more than just a foreteller of the future.

He claimed to be the Son of God.He also demonstrated his love for humanity by sacrificing what we should hold most in order to save others from evil — his own life.This, however, did not make his experience of us any less valuable.As a matter of fact, he wants us to project all of our burdens upon him.It is something that no other adult guy can achieve on his own.

  1. He was reviled, he was humiliated, and he was gunned down in cold blood.
  2. and he accepted all of this without a trace of regret in his heart, just because it was his duty.
  3. In order to fulfill this purpose, God himself must demonstrate to us what the perfect example of perfect love looks like, which God himself wishes for us to imitate.
  4. Jesus Christ represents humanity, compassion, and love.
  5. He is the epitome of these qualities.
  6. He taught me to give what I can without expecting anything in return, other than to be appreciated and acknowledged by those around me.

He was there for you when you needed him, and you didn’t even have to ask him to come.Bing is a nurse in the afterlife.I shall devote my entire life to my chosen profession of lovingness because He has demonstrated to me that loving your neighbours will provide a pay that cannot be measured in money.Most importantly, he showed me that cognizing Him is sufficient for understanding one’s self.

  1. and it is via this that I am able to comprehend others.
  2. and it is at this point that I am taught the most important lesson of all: the lesson of unconditional love.

Who Is Jesus to Me?

  1. The gospel demonstrates that various individuals have differing perspectives on who Jesus is.
  2. Some believe that he is the prophet.
  3. Others believe he is, in fact, the Christ.
  4. However, no one at the time was aware of this.

However, we now understand who Jesus is in his true form.And we should make it known who he is.It makes no difference what other people believe Jesus to be.For him, what really counts is what we have to say about him.

  1. What he represents in our life.
  2. Moreover, we can only refer to him as our God if we have a close, personal relationship with him.
  3. Prayer, attendance at mass and participation in sacraments are all essential, as is reading and experiencing Jesus’ presence.
  • Without them, we cannot claim that he is our God with any sincerity.
  • We can probably claim that he is who other people say he is, or that other people say he is a magnificent and loving God, but we will never be able to say the same thing until we have a personal connection with Him.
  • We are confronted with a difficult situation today.
  • Both the first reading and the psalm inform us about the kind of person Jesus ought to be.
  • He should be the person in whom we place our whole faith.
  • He should be the one who fulfills our expectations.
  • He should be the one in whom we may find sanctuary.
  • What does Jesus mean to you?
  • What role does Jesus have in your life?
  • Do you prioritize Him as the most important person in your life?
  • Do you think that He is the all-loving, all-merciful, all-powerful God who created the universe?
  • Do you think that He has the ability to do great things through and for you?
  • May we strive to establish a close and personal connection with Him, and may we work even more to preserve and expand that relationship.
  • Father God, thank you for everything.
  • Thank you for your time today.
  • Thank you for allowing me to have another day to live.
  • I adore and adore you for who you are as a person.
  • Lord, I am so grateful that you are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and that no matter what I do, you will never love me any less than you do now.
  • Lord, I beg that you assist me in living my life in such a way that you are recognized as the Messiah, that you are my God, that you are my hope, and that you are my refuge.
  • Please assist me in proclaiming my religion throughout my life.
  • Allow my life to serve as a love letter to you.
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Make it possible for me to live in a manner that pleases you so that I can lead people to you and praise you.Please assist me in developing and maintaining an intimate and personal relationship with you.This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  1. Have a wonderful weekend!
  2. As a result of Christ’s sacrifice, -g -Ps See the following linked reflection:

What Jesus Means to Me – 780 Words

  1. What Jesus Means to Me is a personal statement.
  2. Jesus—his name is possibly the most debated in all of history.
  3. Many people’s lives have been altered and impacted by him, including mine.
  4. Some believed He was a prophet, and others did not.

Others see him as a mythical figure.I consider him to be a parent and a friend, but most importantly, he is my Lord and Savior, having come to me via the processes of justification, sanctification, and redemption.First and foremost, Jesus is my Savior as a result of my justification.Justification by faith means that we are considered righteous by God, despite the fact that we have sinned, and as a result, we are released of our guilt and punishment.

  1. ″However, to him who does not work, but believes in him who justifies the wicked, his faith is regarded as righteousness.″ –Romans 4:5 (NASB) Man’s justification is founded on the virtues of another, according to the two principles of justification: the One who has been wronged declares the circumstances of justification, and the One who has been injured establishes man’s justification on the virtues of another.
  2. The process of justification must be determined by God, and man cannot stand before God or enter the kingdom of heaven unless he first receives Jesus Christ as his Savior.
  3. Philemon is a book in the Bible that provides an explanation of justification.
  • The slave Onesimus stole from his owner Philemon and fled, and as a result of his actions, Onesimus was imprisoned and accused with offenses that were punishable by death.
  • He was eventually executed.
  • Onesimus may have encountered Paul while incarcerated.
  • As a consequence of their meeting, Onesimus came to know Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord.
  • Paul then wrote to Philemon, pleading with him to embrace Onesimus as a brother in Christ and to hold Onesimus accountable for whatever evil he had done.
  • Second and foremost, Jesus is my Savior as a result of my sanctification.
  • Having one’s life set apart from the rest of the world and being declared pure and clean in God’s eyes is the process of sanctification.
  • The negative phase and the positive phase of sanctification are the two phases of the process.
  • According to the Bible, the negative component of sanctification is explicitly taught.
  • ″Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers,″ the Bible says.
  • For what kind of association does righteousness have with unrighteousness?
  • And what kind of relationship does light have with darkness?″ Corinthians 6:14 (New International Version) ″Do not love the world, but love yourself.″

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  1. What Jesus means to me is as follows: Many people’s lives have been altered by Jesus, including mine.
  2. To some, he is only a myth, a legend, and nothing more.
  3. But to me, he is a King, a Savior, and, above all, he is my dearest friend and confidant.
  4. Occasionally, I’ve heard folks refer to Jesus as though he’s some sort of made-up myth or even a joke.

Also, give them a nickname to use when they bang their thumb into a door.No one appears to be aware that he is just as genuine as the guy sitting directly across from you.I’m able to communicate with him and discuss my day, and you know what’s even better?He’s….

What Does Jesus Means?

You should be aware that using these pronouns in lowercase letters is not always incorrect. The majority of people write in this manner as a mark of respect and to underline how important Jesus is. What I don’t think I’m doing is being less respectful, because you can even find pronouns referring to Jesus throughout numerous Bibles….

What it means to be me
  1. Your course will be examined in the context of education and from many viewpoints (psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc.).
  2. Some sociologists believe that childhood is socially constructed, that is, that it is something that is formed and defined by the larger society.
  3. They contend that what people define by childhood, as well as the standing of children in society, is not fixed but varies depending on the time, location, and culture in which they are raised.
  4. As an illustration, consider the differences between the western conception of childhood and the conception of childhood in the past and in other cultures.


What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?
  1. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?
  2. It is possible to lose your life by following Christ.
  3. I feel that the majority of people, including myself, are unaware of the genuine essence of what it means to be a disciple.
  4. It appears to be almost too simple to follow Jesus, and it appears to be too simple to be the path to everlasting life.

It is, in fact, extremely tough, but only because we choose to make it that way.The ultimate result (salvation, serenity, no more concerns or fears about tomorrow, everlasting pleasure, security, and freedom) is so gratifying that the problems are quickly forgotten in the process.….

What A Hero Means To Me
  1. Byron Brown is a writer and musician from the United Kingdom.
  2. Frances Coley Academic Writing II ENG-122 Frances Coley Academic Writing II ENG-122 The 25th of May, 2014 What It Means to Be a Hero to Me When I think of a hero, the first thing that comes to me is someone who is both fierce and intelligent.
  3. Bravery, dependability, courage, self-sacrifice, and the will to succeed are some of the qualities I like in a hero, among others.
  4. When presented with a tough situation, a hero is someone who can demonstrate daring.

A hero is a person who is capable of assisting another in a variety of situations.A person can gain the qualities of a hero by redeeming someone who is….

What Freedom Means to Me
  1. It Is What It Means to Me to Be Free: An American Ideal Defined Through the Eyes of an Adolescent Introduction to United States History 101-03 Distinguished Professor Paul Elovitz Claudia Molina is a Latina actress and singer.
  2. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2013.
  3. [email protected] 201-491-4761 Freedom might mean many different things to different individuals, but for me, it means being able to live in a nation that believes in the pursuit of happiness, life, liberty, and the quest of knowledge.
  4. To put it another way, this is the ″Land of the Free.″ These are, however, things that not everyone has the opportunity to experience.

To me, freedom also entails the ability to….

What Compassion Means To Me
  1. What does compassion mean to me in its truest sense?
  2. It refers to expressing sympathy for someone who has been injured or whose feelings have been damaged.
  3. In the same way that Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust, Elie was a survivor of the Holocaust.
  4. He was concerned about everyone.

Compassion meant a great deal to him since he had never seen anybody else demonstrate compassion.Compassion means the same thing to me as it did to Elie Wiesel: showing love to someone.Also, to be kind to others, even if they don’t deserve it, is an important virtue.It matters that much to me when someone shows sympathy.

  1. While the Holocaust was taking place, the Nazis and Hitler exhibited no mercy.

What Creativity Means to Me
  1. Make a plan for essay2 Robby Allen is a professional football player.
  2. What Creativity means to me is as follows: When the word ″creativity″ comes to mind, the word ″style″ is the first thing that comes to mind.
  3. If you think about the word ″style,″ to me it refers to a method of developing a particular sort of creative expression that I would refer to as ″my own.″ There are several activities and hobbies that I like participating in.
  4. Wakeboarding, which is a type of waterskiing, is one of the finest examples I can provide of what it is to have a sense of style.

When it comes to wakeboarding, appearances are everything.It can be anything at all….

What Citizenship Means to Me
  1. 1st of February, 2013 What Citizenship Means to Me and Why I Should Care So, what exactly does citizenship entail for me?
  2. Can a piece of paper that declares you to be a citizen of a nation be reduced to nothing more than that, on a deeper level of understanding?
  3. When I was a small child, my mother used to tell me that if we ever moved to the United States, we should apply for citizenship as soon as possible.
  4. As I grew up in the United States, I gradually came to comprehend what it means to be a citizen of this country.

For me, being a citizen entails completing my responsibilities….

What Canada Means to Me
  1. What the Country of Canada Means to Me Canada represents freedom and the land of the free in my eyes.
  2. In Canada, there is no racism, and everyone is treated equally, whether they are men, or men and women, or children or children.
  3. None of it matters since we are all human beings who should be treated equally regardless of our size or skin pigmentation.
  4. In light of this, and a variety of other factors, I feel happy to be a Canadian.

Canada has four beautiful seasons, ranging from the snowy winter to the flowering spring, to the long, sunny summer days, to the crisp, colorful autumn….

What Jesus Means To Me

Although I have devoted a large part of my life to the study of religion and to discussion with religious leaders of all faiths, I know very well that I cannot but seem presumptuous in writing about Jesus Christ and trying to explain what He means to me. I do so only because my Christian friends have told me on more than a few occasions that for the very reason that I am not a Christian and that (I shall quote their words exactly) ″I do not accept Christ in the bottom of my heart as the only Son of God,″ it is impossible for me to understand the profound significance of His teachings, or to know and interpret the greatest source of spiritual strength that man has ever known. Although this may or may not be true in my case, I have reasons to believe that it is an erroneous point of view. I believe that such an estimate is incompatible with the message that Jesus Christ gave to the world. For He was, certainly, the highest example of One who wished to give everything, asking nothing in return, and not caring what creed might happen to be professed by the recipient. I am sure that if He were living here now among men, He would bless the lives of many who perhaps have never even heard His name, if only their lives embodied the virtues of which He was a living example on earth; the virtues of loving one’s neighbour as oneself and of doing good and charitable works among one’s fellow men. What, then, does Jesus mean to me? To me, He was one of the greatest teachers humanity has ever had. To His believers, He was God’s only begotten son. Could the fact that I do or do not accept this belief make Jesus have any more or less influence in my life? Is all the grandeur of His teaching and of His doctrine to be forbidden to me? I cannot believe so. To me it implies a spiritual birth. My interpretation, in other words, is that in Jesus’ own life is the key of His nearness to God; that He expressed, as no other could, the spirit and will of God. It is in this sense that I see Him and recognize Him as the son of God. But I do believe that something of this spirit that Jesus exemplified in the highest measure, in its most profound human sense, does exist. I must believe this; if I did not believe it I should be a sceptic; and to be a sceptic is to live a life that is empty and lacks moral content. Or, what is the same thing, to condemn the entire human race to a negative end. It is true that there certainly is reason for scepticism when one observes the bloody butchery that European aggressors have unloosed, and when one thinks about the misery and suffering prevalent in every corner of the world, as well as the pestilence and famine that always follow, terribly and inevitably, upon war. In the face of this, how can one speak seriously of the divine spirit incarnate in man? Because these acts of terror and murder offend the conscience of man; because man knows that they represent evil; because in the inner depths of his heart and of his mind, he deplores them. And because, moreover, when he does not go astray, misled by false teachings or corrupted by false leaders, man has within his breast an impulse for good and a compassion that is the spark of divinity, and which some day, I believe, will burst forth into the full flower that is the hope of all mankind. An example of this flowering may be found in the figure and in the life of Jesus. I refuse to believe that there now exists or has ever existed a person that has not made use of His example to lessen his sins, even though he may have done so without realizing it. The lives of all have, in some greater or lesser degree, been changed by His presence, His actions, and the words spoken by His divine voice. I believe that it is impossible to estimate the merits of the various religions of the world, and moreover I believe that it is unnecessary and harmful even to attempt it. But each one of them, in my judgment, embodies a common motivating force: the desire to uplift man’s life and give it purpose. And because the life of Jesus has the significance and the transcendency to which I have alluded I believe that He belongs not solely to Christianity, but to the entire world; to all races and people, it matters little under what flag, name or doctrine they may work, profess a faith, or worship a God inherited from their ancestors. The Modern Review, Oct. 1941, p. 406
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Why Is Jesus Christ Important in My Life?

  1. ″What is the significance of Jesus Christ in my life?″ 10–13 (New Era, January 2015).
  2. It wasn’t long ago that I saw a blog article in which the author discussed how the Savior plays a crucial part in her everyday life.
  3. I was relieved that she was ready to share her sentiments, but I was disturbed by one reader’s response: ″He has never been or will ever be of any significance in my life—never has been and will never be.″ That reader couldn’t be more incorrect in his or her assumptions.
  4. We will all require the Savior at some point in our lives.

We all make errors that we can’t undo, suffer losses that we can’t recoup, and endure pains, persecution, tragedies, burdens, and disappointments that we can’t bear on our own, but we can work together to overcome them.The good news is that we don’t have to deal with them on our own anymore.It is possible to say in a moment of weakness that no one understands what it is like.″ ‘No one seems to get it.’ Elder David A.Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles remarked, ″But the Son of God totally understands and knows what we are going through because He has suffered and borne our specific afflictions.″ As Alma 34:14 explains, ″And because of His unlimited and eternal sacrifice (see Alma 34:14), He has perfect empathy and is able to extend His arm of mercy to us.″ 1 Our trust in Jesus is crucial to us because, through His Atonement and teachings, as well as His hope, peace, and example, He aids us in making changes in our lives, overcoming hardships, and moving ahead with confidence on our path back to Him and His Father.

Jesus Makes Repentance Possible

  1. Because we all fall short of God’s expectations and require the gift of repentance provided by the Atonement, Jesus is extremely vital to all who truly want to follow Him.
  2. Whenever we make a mistake or fall, Satan wants us to believe that we are not capable of getting back up and continuing on our way.
  3. Aside from that, he wants us to forget that the Gospel is also known as ″the gospel of repentance″ (D&C 13:1; emphasis added).
  4. Despite this, we are confident that ″the mercy of Christ is genuine, and that it provides both forgiveness and purification to the penitent sinner.″ 2 The power of Jesus Christ’s Atonement is available to everyone of us; however, we must make the decision to let it to be put to use in our lives.

Consider presenting a particular gift to a buddy—a gift that your acquaintance truly needs and that you prepared through personal sacrifice on his or her behalf.Now imagine your friend answering, ″Thank you, but I’m not particularly interested in your present,″ or anything along those lines.What would your reaction be?The fact that we don’t invite Jesus to assist us in being clean via repentance is the same as rejecting His gift of salvation.

Jesus Teaches Truth

  • Jesus asked the Twelve Apostles, ″Will ye also go away?″ on one occasion when a number of individuals declined to continue walking with Him for any extended period of time. ″Lord, where will we go from here?″ Peter inquired. It says in John 6:67–68, ″Thou hast the words of eternal life.″ The scriptures, the teachings of living prophets, and the whisperings of the Holy Ghost are all places where you might find the Savior’s ″words of eternal life.″ It is through them that we can achieve ″pleasure in this life and everlasting life in the world to come,″3 and it is through them that we can return safely to our Heavenly Father and Savior. What are some of the most important truths that the Savior imparted? The following are the four that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, mentioned in a recent general conference speech: We will have gorgeous, perfect, and eternal bodies, unburdened by disease or incapacity.″
  • ″Our tears of anguish and loss will be replaced with an abundance of gladness and joy.″
  • ″Through the Atonement., we will be able to live forever with our loved ones.″
  • 4

Jesus Offers Hope

  1. When we are confronted with significant difficulties, it might be difficult to place our confidence in the Lord.
  2. However, placing our faith in Him provides us with the hope we require in order to tackle our obstacles.
  3. The same thing happened to members of the Gatrell family, who live in Sister Jean A.
  4. Stevens’ ward and were targeted by the authorities.

Brother Gatrell was diagnosed with cancer, according to Sister Stevens, the first counselor in the Primary general presidency.Sister Stevens said the family remained steadfast in the gospel and their temple covenants after Brother Gatrell was diagnosed.They gained confidence in God’s promises that they will be reunited after this life as a result of their actions.As she reflected on the tough days leading up to her husband’s death, Sister Gatrell shared her belief that ″the Lord was looking over us.″ ″If you put your confidence in the Lord, you will be able to conquer any of life’s difficulties.″ 5 The gift of the Atonement provides us with the promise of everlasting life, which we need need while we are going through difficult times or grieving the death of a loved one.

  1. First Counselor in the First Presidency President Henry B.
  2. Eyring stated that ″our loving Heavenly Father gave us the gift of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, as our Savior.″ All who are born are given a universal inheritance through the great gift and blessing of Jesus Christ’s Atonement.
  3. This inheritance includes the promise of Resurrection and the possibility of eternal life.
  • 6

Jesus Offers Peace

  • Anyone who has dealt with a natural catastrophe, been the target of malicious gossip, faced a life-changing crisis, had a falling-out with a friend, or stood up for what’s right knows what it’s like to be in desperate need of the Lord’s comfort. As Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles put it, ″the peace of Christ subdues the spinning whirlwinds of this world.″ 7 During a recent general conference, Elder Andersen presented a story of a Laurel who was mocked and called names because she spoke up for conventional marriage and refused to be silenced. She discovered that being ″faithful to God and to the teachings of His living prophets″ might occasionally result in ridicule, which she accepted as a price. 8 However, standing up does not imply that one is alone. When we are feeling alone or overwhelmed, when we are sad or anxious, when we are terrified or when we feel useless, we may always turn to the Prince of Peace. We accomplish this by: praying to Heavenly Father for the presence of the Spirit
  • reading the Lord’s words in the scriptures and as revealed by living prophets
  • attending temple services
  • studying the Savior’s life at church and in seminary
  • applying His Atonement by repenting of our sins
  • sharing our testimonies of Him
  • and attending temple services.
  1. There is no need for our hearts to be concerned or scared while we are experiencing the Savior’s peace (see John 14:26–27).
  2. ″Only the Master understands the depths of our trials, our grief, and our suffering,″ President Thomas S.
  3. Monson has remarked of his faith.
  4. ″He is the only one who can provide us with eternal serenity in times of adversity.

He is the only one who can soothe our broken souls with His soothing words.″ 9

Jesus Sets the Example

  1. Throughout His mission, Jesus does more than merely show the road to happiness; He actually takes the initiative and walks the path himself.
  2. He guides us to love as a result of His Atonement.
  3. He guides us to everlasting truths via the teachings of Jesus.
  4. He directs us to the road of obedience by the example of His flawless life.

″Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the greatest example to have ever walked the face of the world.The teaching, helping, and loving people that he did throughout his mortal ministry, according to Elder Richard G.Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, were the highlights of his mortal ministry.He went on to say that the Savior ″invite[s] us to follow His flawless example.″ 10 When we realize that the Savior makes repentance and resurrection possible, that He teaches essential truths, that He brings hope and peace, and that He sets the ideal example, He becomes the focal point of our life.

  1. And, with Him as our friend, we have the confidence to throw away fear and move on in trust as we face the future.


  1. Christian religious leader Jesus (born c.
  2. 6–4 bce in Bethlehem, died c.
  3. 30 ce in Jerusalem), also known as Jesus Christ, Jesus of Galilee, or Jesus of Nazareth (born c.
  4. 6–4 bce in Bethlehem, died c.

30 ce in Jerusalem), was one of the world’s great faiths.The majority of Christians believe that he is the God-man, or the Incarnation of God.The article Christology examines the development of Christian thinking on the teachings and nature of Jesus throughout history.

Name and title

  1. Ancient Jews often had only one name, and when further detail was required, it was traditional to include the father’s surname or the location of origin in the name as well.
  2. As a result, throughout his lifetime, Jesus was referred to as Jesus son of Joseph (Luke 4:22; John 1:45, 6:42), Jesus of Nazareth (Acts 10:38), or Jesus the Nazarene (Luke 4:22).
  3. (Mark 1:24; Luke 24:19).
  4. Following his death, he was given the title ″Jesus Christ.″ Christ was not originally a given name, but rather a title derived from the Greek word christos, which is a translation of the Hebrew phrase meshiah (Messiah), which means ″the anointed one,″ as in ″the anointed one.″ Jesus’ disciples considered him to be the anointed son of King David, and some Jews anticipated him to restore the fortunes of Israel as a result of this title attribution.

Early Christian writers were aware that the Christ was a proper title, as evidenced by passages such as Acts 2:36, but in many passages of the New Testament, including those found in the letters of Apostle Paul, Jesus’ name and title are combined and used together as Jesus’ name: Jesus Christ, also spelled Christ Jesus (Romans 1:1; 3:24).Paul referred to Jesus by his given name, Christ, on occasion (e.g., Romans 5:6).

Summary of Jesus’ life

  1. Even though he was born in Bethlehem, Jesus was a Galilean from Nazareth, a town near Sepphoris, one of the two major cities in Galilee, according to the gospels of Matthew and Luke (Tiberias was the other).
  2. He was born to Joseph and Mary somewhere between 6 bce and just before the death of Herod the Great (Matthew 2; Luke 1:5) in 4 bce, according to the earliest available evidence.
  3. However, according to Matthew and Luke, Joseph was solely his legal father in the eyes of the law.
  4. They claim that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was conceived and that she was ″discovered to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit″ when Jesus was born (Matthew 1:18; cf.

Luke 1:35).When Joseph was a carpenter (Matthew 13:55), it was considered to be an honorable profession because it required the use of one’s hands.And, according to Mark 6:3, Jesus himself became a carpenter.Despite the fact that Luke (2:41–52) claims that Jesus was precociously intelligent as a youngster, there is no additional proof of his childhood or early life.

  1. He was baptized by the prophet John the Baptist when he was a young adult, and he went on to become an itinerant preacher and healer after that (Mark 1:2–28).
  2. While in his mid-30s, Jesus had a brief public career that lasted maybe less than a year, but it was at that time that he drew widespread notice.
  3. He traveled to Jerusalem to commemorate Passover at some point between 29 and 33 CE—possibly as early as 30 CE—where, according to the Gospels, his entry was triumphal and filled with eschatological significance, and he died shortly after.
  • He was apprehended, tried, and killed while he was there.
  • Following his resurrection from the grave, his disciples started to believe that he had appeared to them.
  • They persuaded others to believe in him, which resulted in the establishment of a new religion, Christianity.

Attributes of Christ

  1. What we do in our life is important, but so is who we become as a result of those actions.
  2. Jesus has paved the road for us and set the bar for all others to follow.
  3. To be invited to follow Jesus is to be invited to follow in His footsteps and to strive to become like Him.
  4. Learn about Him and make an effort to apply His characteristics into your life.

You may improve your character and become more Christlike as a result of the power of His grace.When you put your confidence in Christ, you acknowledge that He is the Son of God, the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh, and that you believe in Him as such.You acknowledge Him as your Savior and Redeemer, and you aspire to live according to His teachings.The atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ has given you the confidence that your sins may be forgiven.

  1. Faith in Him implies that you put your confidence in Him and are assured in the fact that He cares about you.
  2. Faith is a principle of power that may be harnessed.
  3. However, God’s power is frequently used in response to faith, rather than the other way around.
  • He operates in accordance with the faith of His followers.
  • Doubt and fear are diametrically opposed to faith.
  • As you get more familiar with Jesus Christ and His teachings, your confidence in Him will continue to strengthen.
  • As you study the scriptures, you will get a better understanding of His methods, His love for all people, and His commands.
  • ″Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the proof of things not seen,″ says the author.
  • —Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version) Hope is a firm belief in the Lord’s ability to fulfill His promises to you in the future.
  • Your self-assurance, optimism, zeal, and patience are all manifestations of this.
  • It is the act of believing and anticipating that something will happen.
  • When you have hope, you can persevere through challenges and hardships with the assurance and trust that everything will work out for your benefit in the end (see Romans 8:28).
  • You can overcome discouragement with the support of hope.
  • The Bible frequently refers to hope in Jesus Christ as the confidence that you will be granted eternal life when you die.
  • ″Therefore, you must move ahead with a firmness in Christ, a complete brightness of hope, and a love for God and for all mankind in your hearts.″ In order to achieve eternal life, believers must move on, feeding on the message of Ch

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