How To Become Jesus?

How to become a disciple of Jesus Christ

How to become a disciple — by Divine call and inspiration What it takes to become a disciple – faith

How to Become a Disciple – by Divine calling

During His earthly career, Jesus had a large number of followers who followed Him; there were the twelve disciples, the seventy disciples, and a large number of others.According to Mark 3:14–19 and Luke 10:1, the twelve and seventy disciples were chosen or selected by Jesus Himself to follow Him as His disciples, respectively.But Jesus did not specifically call or designate any of the hundreds of thousands of additional followers, who followed him after his death.

On the question of how they came to be disciples, we can only speculate; they may have heard about Jesus, or they may have witnessed His miracles and excellent teachings first-hand.These deeds and teachings may have sparked their interest and dedication, and as a result, they chose to follow Him.It was nevertheless God’s perfect will and decision that they became followers of Jesus, regardless of whether or not they were called, selected, or appointed by Jesus Himself.The calling or appointment of the twelve and the seventy disciples by Jesus (God the Son) Himself bears witness to the reality that discipleship is commanded by God; that is, it is God who calls or gives a person the privilege of being a disciple of Jesus (Matthew 16:15–16:18).

But what about today?How does one go about becoming a follower of Jesus Christ?

God calls us to become disciples of Jesus

  • The process of becoming a follower of Jesus is not only the result of human effort or success. Before a person becomes a follower of Jesus Christ, both Divinity and the individual must fulfill their respective duties in his or her life. ″How can God get into this situation since, according to John 8:31, it involves believing and obeying in order to become a follower of Jesus?″ one would wonder. Coming to faith in Jesus Christ is neither something that happens automatically, nor is it something that happens totally through man’s own efforts. For anybody to come to Jesus, they must first experience God’s calling, also known as a Divine calling. There have been several statements made by Jesus himself, including: ″No man can come to me except the Father who sent me draw him, and I will raise him up at the last day.″ (See also John 6:44) ″All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and no one who comes to Me will be turned out by any means.″ (See also John 6:37) ″Therefore, I have told you that no one can come to Me unless he has been granted permission by My Father,″ He said. (See also John 6:65) ″This is the will of the Father who sent Me, that I should lose nothing of everything that He has given Me, but that I should raise it up at the end of time. This is His will.″ (See also John 6:39) The Scriptures make it quite clear that God is the one who calls, attracts, or allows a person the opportunity to come to Jesus. This is something that Jesus himself stressed again and over again. As a result, in order to become a disciple, God must first call you, select you, or grant you permission. You will not be able to arrive by yourself. When Jesus Christ remarked to His followers, ″You did not pick Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should stay.″, the idea of divine calling into discipleship became even more evident. (See also John 15:16.) In other words, the Lord Jesus intended to convey the message that His followers did not choose to come to follow Him on their own initiative
  • rather, it was He who selected them to come to follow Him as disciples in the first place. Throughout His earthly mission, Jesus used practical examples or fulfilled John 15:16 to underscore the idea that a person must be called by God in order to become one of His disciples. He accomplished this by inviting the following individuals to become His disciples: . Peter and Andrew. ………….……………. Matthew 4:18
  • Mark 1:17, 20
  • James and John………… Matthew 4: 21
  • Matthew……………. Matthew 9:9
  • The twelve disciples……… Mark 3:14–19, Matthew 10:1-4
  • Philip…………….. John 1:43
  • The Seventy…………… 10:1
  • Luke 10:2

Even if we were not physically assigned or called to follow Jesus in the same way as the twelve disciples, the fact that we have come to accept and follow Jesus is sufficient evidence that God has called us to be with His Son Jesus, because we could not have done so on our own.There are some important lessons to be learned from the fact that a person must be called by God in order to become a follower of Jesus.These are the ones: It is expected that divine calling will result in self-esteem and self-worth.

Every disciple or Christian should respect oneself in the fact that, regardless of his or her social or financial standing in life, he or she has been called by God to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In the Christian community, mutual regard should result as a result of divine calling. Respect must be shown among disciples, who must recognize and embrace the fact that no disciple is inferior in the body of Christ, because every disciple has been called by God and deserves to be treated as such.

Furthermore, our divine calling should instill humility in us; that is, no disciple or Christian should walk around with a sense of entitlement, taking credit for his or her own good actions.Such conceit would eventually lead to failure.For although we were spiritually estranged, it was God who drew us to Himself to become His followers and sanctified us to perform good deeds.

God deserves all of the praise and glory for our good deeds.And, as a result of devoting all of our praise to God, we are also given praise in return.

How to become a disciple by faith

God is described as a compassionate person in the Scriptures (Ps 18:35), who does not push Himself on us or compel us to make a decision.He recognizes and respects our ability to make decisions about what is good or wrong.We may always be confident that God is actively involved in ensuring that we become followers of his son Jesus in order to earn His forgiveness and redemption.

However, in order to become a follower of Jesus, there is a part that you must play; there is a void that must be filled; there is a function that must be played; God will not do it for you.The role that you must play is referred to as faith – that is, placing your trust in Jesus Christ.Listen to the words of James, Jesus’ brother, who penned the Book of James in the New Testament to gain a better understanding of faith.James wrote the following: 17 As a result, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by deeds, is dead.

18 But someone will retort, ″You have faith, and I have works,″ and that will be the end of it.Show me your faith without demonstrating it through your actions, and I will demonstrate my faith by my actions.26 Because, just as the body without the spirit is dead, so is faith without deeds, and faith without works is dead.

  1. (James 2:17, 18, 26; 3:17, 18, 26).
  2. This inspired passage of Scripture shows us that faith is more than merely trusting in something or someone.
  3. Faith is the act of putting into practice what you believe.
  4. Putting faith into action is essential; the only way to demonstrate to others that you believe in something is to put your faith into action; as a result, faith must be reinforced or communicated via deeds.

What exactly is effective?The term ″works″ refers to any obedient deed performed in the name of one’s religion.And actions are an essential component of faith to the point that faith is rendered ineffective without them; that is to say, you cannot claim to have faith if you do not live in accordance with that faith.As a result, faith is comprised of two elements: belief and deeds of obedience (works of obedience).

Faith is one’s part to play to become a disciple

  • A long time ago, Jesus Christ stood in the temple of Jerusalem, teaching to a big Jewish audience in front of them. Despite the fact that some Jews, who were bitter and irritated, did not believe in Jesus, there were a large number of Jews who did. And Jesus had something important to say to those who had placed their faith in Him. This is what He had to say: Then Jesus addressed those Jews who had placed their faith in him, saying, ″If you remain in my message, then you are truly my disciples.″ 8:31 (John 8:31) When Jesus instructed those who had placed their confidence in Him to obey His message in order to demonstrate that they were in fact His disciples, He established that it needed both believing and obeying, which is equivalent to faith, in order to become His disciple. To make matters worse, Jesus made it abundantly clear in His sermons that those who call out in His name, ‘Lord! Lord!’, and those who claim to be His followers, and those who identify themselves as Christians while living lives that are contrary to the word of God, are not truly his disciples, and that He will deny them salvation on the last day. He stated, ″21Not everyone who calls out to me in a loud voice, ″Lord, Lord,″ will be admitted into the kingdom of heaven, but only those who carry out the will of my Father who is in heaven.″ ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name,’ a large number of people will say to me on that day. and in thy name have demons been driven out?″ Have performed several good deeds in thy name? 23 And then I will confess to them, ″I never knew you
  • leave from me, you who do wickedness,″ and they will be forgiven. (Matthew 7:21–23
  • Luke 7:21–23) As Jesus taught in John 8:31 and Matthew 7:21-23, He established the criteria for being His disciple. That criterion is faith, which is defined as trusting in Jesus and keeping the commandments of God (John 8:31). ″What word of God do I have to maintain after receiving Jesus’ as my Lord and Savior in order to be His real disciple?″ one might inquire. The Bible is the inspired word of God
  • study it
  • make it your rule of life
  • cling to it
  • and live by its teachings with fervor. To begin, here are a few of the most important teachings of Jesus that you should know: Luke 14:33 says, ″.anyone among you does not sacrifice all that he has cannot be My follower.″ What do you have in your possession? Without a doubt, you have accomplished or obtained something in your life
  • this might be prestige, high social standing, money, riches, political power, attractiveness, knowledge, or renown, among other things, It is wonderful to have these wonderful things in life
  • but, do not fall prey to the temptation of boasting about them or allowing others to see you as if you do not have them. ″.. If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.″ (Luke 9:23
  • 14:27) Rather of humbling yourself before God as a disciple, let Jesus Christ be your pride and the main focus of your life. When you were not a follower of Jesus, you were more concerned with what pleased you. To deny yourself is to seek only what pleases God, rather than what pleases oneself. If anybody comes to Me and does not detest his or her parents, wife or children, siblings or even his or her own life, then he or she will not be accepted as a disciple of Mine. (See Luke 14:26.) Putting Jesus first in your life, reverencing Him and His message above your family or any other individual in your life – that is the meaning of this passage of Scripture
  • Be immersed in water and baptized. Romans 6:3,4
  • Acts 2:38
  • Romans 6:3,4 Because it is written: ‘By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if ye have love one toward another,’ it is important to show love to others. 13:35 in the Gospel of John
  • Romans 8:14 says to submit yourself to the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • among other things, read the Bible to learn more about what to do.

Divine calling + faith to become a disciple of Jesus

Every disciple or Christian was, first and foremost, called by God and answered by placing his or her trust in Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God. He walked in accordance to God’s word because he had confidence in Jesus, and he accepted Jesus into his life as his Lord and Savior as a result.


For us humans, faith is the only role that has been assigned to us in order to transition from being sinners to being followers of Jesus.To be sure, God would have to call the individual first before it could ever happen that they put their confidence in Jesus Christ.Lastly, when asked how to become a disciple, or how I became a disciple, or how you became a disciple, I respond that divine calling and trust in Jesus made it all possible.

A re-examination of this lesson is warranted.Anyone who identifies himself as a disciple of Jesus, a Christian, or a believer should take steps to ensure that he satisfies the faith criterion, which is a necessary component of discipleship.

Join the discussion

  • Is it possible to believe in Jesus while refusing to follow His commands? What should we name a person who professes to be a believer but yet lives in direct opposition to God’s word?
  • Can you discern a Divine calling in your journey to becoming a Christian or a disciple?
  • When it comes to how you view yourself and other Christians, how has Divine calling influenced you?

How to Be More Like Jesus (Christianity)

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded To be like Jesus means to be a person who is willing to put others before oneself, to seek wisdom, and to be concerned about how one interacts with all of the people one comes into contact with during life. Here are some suggestions for becoming more like Jesus.


  1. 1Understand who Jesus is and what he accomplished. More information about him may be found in the Bible. According to Acts 20:32, the Word of God has the ability to build you up.
  2. 2 I adore him. Share your feelings of love with others. People will recognize us if we have the agape love of God and display it to the rest of the world, according to Jesus in John 13:34-35. Have the correct frame of mind. ″Above all things, guard your heart, for it is from it that the problems of life arise.″ Proverbs 4:23. According to Proverbs 3:5, ″Put your trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not put your confidence in your own understanding.″
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  • 3 Provide for the needs of other individuals. Look beyond yourself and treat others as you would like to be treated (Golden Rule of Jesus in Matthew 7:12)
  • think beyond yourself and consider others. Despite the fact that Peter had betrayed Jesus, Jesus forgave him. Peter betrayed Jesus, but Jesus would never betray Peter.
  • 4Be educated and smart in your decisions. (Luke 2:52) Jesus gained in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man as time passed. Keep your head in the sand. ″An example I have set before you, that you should follow in my footsteps,″ Jesus remarked after washing His disciples’ feet (John 13:15). Deal with your arrogance and whatever boastfulness you may have. According to Philippians 2:5, ″Let this humble spirit dwell within you, just as it dwelled within Christ Jesus.″ Be prepared to apologize when you make a mistake.
  1. 6Always keep people in mind while you are making decisions. Love, according to I Corinthians 13:4, is constantly patient and kind to others. It was also through love that Jesus was able to heal the sick, and His desire was for His followers to do the same (Matthew 14:14, Matthew 10:7-8
  2. 7). Keep an eye on your tone of voice and your language (don’t curse, blaspheme, or use profanity, for example). Always be considerate of others and attempt to see things from their point of view whenever possible. ″Father, forgive them, because they know not what they do,″ Jesus murmured while hanging on the cross (Luke 23:34). Advertisement
  • Question Add a new question Question What is it about living a Christian life that is so difficult? ″Anyone who persecutes Me will also persecute My disciples,″ Jesus warns in the Bible. Satan is waiting in the wings, preparing to ruin people who believe in Jesus. Faith, hope, and prayer, on the other hand, will see you through tough times. Christians are being slaughtered, persecuted, ridiculed, stigmatized, criticized, and mistreated as a result of their religious beliefs and practices. No one can go through life without encountering difficulties in their Christian faith. Keep in mind that Jesus died for your sins and that you will receive a magnificent recompense as a result.
  • Concerning the Question What is it about Christians that makes them desire to behave like Jesus? Christians follow Jesus’ teachings because they are the foundation of their faith, making him the ideal role model. By acting in the manner of Jesus, a Christian can feel certain that they are following their religion’s teachings in the manner in which Jesus would have wanted them to.
  • Concerning the Question Right now, I’m going through a lot of things. Is it better for me to give up? You should not give up because Jesus will assist you in overcoming your difficulties. Read Psalm 23
  • it talks about God guiding you through the valley of the shadow of death.
  • Ask yourself a question. How can I get rid of the gloomy feeling I get after doing something that I know would offend Jesus? It takes courage to admit that you’ve made a mistake and sinned by lying, but it’s the first, and most crucial, step. Congratulations! The next stage, as you appear to have surmised, is to approach God in a state of prayer. Acknowledging your error and requesting his forgiveness are the next actions to take. Repentance is the final stage – seek assistance so that you can avoid the temptation to repeat your mistake in the future. Be kind with yourself as you go through these processes. You deserve it. Everyone makes errors and behaves inappropriately at times, but the beauty of God/Jesus is that He is mercifully forgiving at all times. Is it possible for Christians to sin and yet be considered Christians? You do not have to worry since Jesus has forgiven all of your sins. The reason we are Christians is that Jesus came to earth to take away ALL of our sins (John 3:16).
  • Concerning the Question What can I do to increase my self-confidence? Just know that God will always love you no matter what. Psalm 139:13-14, Hebrews 4:16, 2 Corinthians 12:9, 2 Timothy 1:7, Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 4:16.
  • Concerning the Question What can I do to stop disliking other people? The act of hating (or greatly disliking) someone is more prevalent than you may believe, and can be motivated by a person’s conduct, looks, or prior experiences. The most important thing you can do is to just let go of these sentiments rather than concentrating on them more. It is important to recognize that no one is flawless and that everyone makes mistakes and hurts others at times. While acknowledging this does not justify what has been done to you, it can prevent you from feeling so much animosity towards the person who has wronged you. Answer to the question: ″Why is fasting so important?″ We believe that fasting is vital because it helps you to remove distractions from your life – such as television shows, movies, or food – and provides you more time to devote to Jesus and the Bible. Question: Does God test our faith by putting us through trials? As James writes in the book of James, ″My brothers, consider it all pleasure when you experience various tribulations
  • for you know that the testing of your faith creates perseverance.″ Is it possible that God sends the trials? It is more accurate to say that He permits the challenges because he recognizes that they have the ability to draw us to himself while also strengthening our character. The Bible also states that God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are capable of bearing in our current state.
  • Question: How can you be certain that you are saved and that you will join the kingdom of heaven?’s Community Response You can be assured since the Bible explicitly states so! It is necessary to have faith.
  • More information can be found in the following answers: Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome.
  • Do not make snap judgments about people based on their differences.
  • Give Jesus your entire being in complete submission.
  • Pray to God and confess your faults to him.
  • Love your adversaries, as well as everyone else who is through difficulties. Everyone on this planet deserves to be loved!
  • Remember that we are all fall short of His Glory, therefore proceed with caution while passing judgment on others.
  • Simply forgive those who have wronged you.
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How to Get Closer to Jesus

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded The deeper we grow in our relationship with Jesus, the more resilient and content we become in the face of life’s trials.Sometimes in life, you may not have that special someone to encourage and push you on, but when you have a radical closeness with Jesus, everything in your life appears to just fall into place and fit together seamlessly and effortlessly.Acquiring a closer relationship with Jesus is a continuous journey.

You will come to know Jesus as you begin your quest to understand the Word of God.And it is through Jesus that you will be able to contact the Father.

  1. 1 Recognize that you have been specifically summoned. You must understand that this ″hunger″ is fueled by the Holy Spirit, which you must acknowledge. ″For it is God who works in you, both to will and to act in order to accomplish his good purpose,″ Paul writes in Philippians 2:13. The Holy Spirit is not only calling you to God’s Word, but He will also equip you with the comprehension of that Word, as He says in John 14:26, which reads: Rather, the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will instruct and remind you of all that I have spoken to you. 2
  2. 2
  3. 2
  4. 2
  5. 2
  6. 2
  7. 2
  8. 2
  9. 2
  10. 2
  11. 2
  12. 2
  13. 2
  14. 2
  15. 2
  16. 2
  17. 2
  18. 2
  19. 2
  20. 2
  21. 2
  22. 2
  23. 2
  24. 2
  25. 2
  26. 2
  27. 2
  28. 2
  29. 2
  30. 2
  31. 2
  32. 2
  33. 2
  34. 2
  35. 2
  36. 2
  37. 2
  38. 2
  39. 2
  40. 2
  41. 2
  42. 2
  43. 2
  44. 2 Make a commitment to Jesus. Serve others in order to serve God. Join a reputable Christian church and make a commitment to it. Join a group that you can contribute to and that will allow you to serve God. Listening or watching sermons and reading books are good places to start. Your pastor’s sermon, which will include references to important Bible scriptures, will help you grow in your relationship with God even more. As you listen, make relevant notes for later reference and pay close attention to the context in which the sermon is delivered. Promotional material
  45. 3 Set aside some time to go over the texts with a critical eye. Get a Bible (select a translation in a language that is simple for you to grasp) and read through the scriptures listed above. Pray that God would provide you comprehension of the scriptures and that the Holy Spirit will grant you the capacity to recall what you’ve learned from them. You are not required to read them all at once, especially if there are a large number of them. Even while you read the texts, the Holy Spirit provides the necessary comprehension.
  46. 4
  47. Refer to the source material thoroughly to understand the entire context. As you read more frequently, you should devote more time to reading the entire Chapter, and occasionally even the chapter before or after it. This is due to the fact that many scriptures are stated in context and therefore reading just one verse may be insufficient. You are not required to memorize right immediately
  48. instead, focus on improving your reading and comprehension skills. 5Take some time to reflect on the message. It is critical to retain the message contained within the verse and the chapter. Take a poem and scribble it down on a sheet of paper to remember. Keep that Word in your mind until your next Bible study session. Simply said, meditating on the Word means to think about it and what it could mean or how you might use it in your life. Bible studies can take place as frequently as you desire and for as long as you are ready to put in the time to read.
  49. 6
  50. 7
  51. 8
  52. 9 Begin to inquire about the Word by posing questions. Inquire with your friends, the priest at your church, and during Bible studies at your church. Discuss the scriptures that you have read with your group of friends. You will learn about other scriptures that your friends are familiar with, and you will get a better grasp of your own scriptures.
  53. Don’t be concerned if you’re having difficulties. Be patient and allow God to work in your life. Christianity arose out of the need to provide solace to those who were in distress. Keep in mind that God loves you and will never leave you or forsake you. You may always turn to Jesus for assistance and advice, no matter what scenario you find yourself in. Combining your Bible reading with practical application is a good idea. Pray while you read, and once you have finished reading, apply what you have learned in your life so that God’s Word becomes alive to you as you obey His instructions. Follow the teachings of the Bible. Don’t add anything to it or take anything away from it––what is in the Bible was intended to be in the Bible. Advertisement
  1. 1Spend quality quiet time with Jesus to become closer to Him. Reading various gospel-oriented literature, listening to devotionals, or even listening to Christian music may all be part of your quiet time. Simple things like taking some time out to sit and reflect on specific verses or sections from the Bible would qualify as quiet time. It’s really simply a matter of separating yourself from the rest of the world and communicating with God that you are waiting for him. So spending quality solitary time with Jesus will undoubtedly bring you closer to Him. 2Go to church on a regular basis. Any church will do as long as it is Bible-based and preaches the truth as long as it is a church. Try to participate in the mass as much as possible while you are in attendance at the service. During hymns, join in with your heartfelt singing
  2. during scripture readings, pay close attention to the words and concentrate on them completely. Being involved in church can result in you learning more and feeling closer to Jesus as a result of your involvement. 3Consider receiving the sacraments. If you belong to a church that offers sacraments (such as the Roman Catholic church), speak with a priest about the possibility of obtaining the sacraments. In addition, before you begin each one, research what it means and how it will improve your relationship with Jesus. Prepare yourself for your first communion (getting Jesus’ body) or Confirmation (confirming that you will follow Jesus) by remembering and praying to him in the days leading up to the event. Make a point of reading your Bible (as stated in the last step). read the book of genesis The Bible has been given to you by the Lord for a variety of purposes, one of which is to help you learn to know Him better. So take advantage of the fact that you have this wonderful book with you by reading it and enjoying it. Make an effort to follow the directions He has provided in the Bible as well. Analyze how each verse or chapter may be applied to your own life as best you can. For example, Psalm 46 verse 1 declares that ″God is our shelter and strength, a very present help in times of distress.″ So the next time you sense problems forming at your place of employment, school, or college, you may look it straight in the eyes and say this verse loudly to calm the situation. Your relationship with Jesus will undoubtedly improve as a result of this, and you will sense His presence in you.

5 Prayer is a great way to communicate with Jesus.You are a beloved child of God in the eyes of Jesus.He cares about you no matter what difficulties you are through.

Tell him what you’re up to, what you’re planning, why you’re depressed, what you require, and so on and so forth.He is your biological father.He just wants what is best for you, and he wants you beyond everything else!Make him your one-stop shop for everything, and you will feel closer to him within days.

He desires for you to pray in the Spirit as well as in the mind, and He desires for you to pray for other people in order for them to repent and be cured of their sins.Advertisement

  • Question Add a new question Question How do I get my thoughts away from the things of this world in order to create a stronger relationship with Jesus? Increase your time spent reading the Bible, attend church services regularly, form friendships with individuals who are good Christian role models, and pray without stopping.
  • Concerning the Question Why is it that when I draw closer to God, I find myself drifting back into my old life after a period of time? You revert to your old behaviors since we are all sinners who are prone to committing sin again and again. Seek for an accountability buddy who can assist you in maintaining your new behaviors.
  • Concerning the Question Is it possible for me to spend some peaceful time at the beach? Yes, without a doubt! Going outside and taking in the sights and sounds of nature is a wonderful way to grow closer to Jesus.
  • Concerning the Question What is it about praying that makes me cry? Because the Holy Spirit has made an impression on your heart. When someone thinks of their love for God or God’s love for them, it’s not uncommon for them to shed a tear or two. It indicates that your faith is strong.
  • Concerning the Question As a result of following the verse in which Jesus said, ″Love your neighbor as yourself,″ what should I do if I feel like I’m being taken for granted? Despite the fact that it is admirable to love others as Jesus loves us, we must also remember that we were created in the image of God and that we are His beloved, and as such, we do not deserve to be taken for granted. If you find yourself in a position where someone is taking advantage of you on a regular basis, love that person from a distance by praying for them, and appreciate the person God has created you to be as a result of your circumstances.
  • Concerning the Question What should I do if it appears that getting closer to Jesus is proving difficult? Visit with a believing friend and ask for prayer on behalf of the group. Allow yourself to spend time alone with Jesus, just listening to praise music, with the purpose of not attempting to grow closer to Jesus, but believing that you are already near. Maintain your faith by reminding yourself that Jesus is ALWAYS there and always eager to get near to you, and that this sensation of distance and difficulty is only an emotion. What is it about God that makes me feel like he isn’t listening to me? He does pay attention to what you have to say. God will always be there for you, no matter what. This is something I’ve considered, and God has shown to me that he is there for me. Never doubt that God isn’t listening to what you have to say. He does listen to you, He loves you, and He has blessed the world by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, just for YOU.
  • Question How can I maintain my concentration when reading the Bible and praying? While reading the Bible, try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Go to a remote location where you will have complete privacy. Just like though you were in the middle of a study session. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to take notes. Be a student of God’s Word
  • ask probing questions. I believe I am saved, but I continue to do all of these awful things. What is it that makes me feel this way? We are still sinners, for this reason. Yes, we have been rescued
  • nevertheless, we are also being saved and will continue to be saved.
  • You are feeling this way because you desire a closer relationship with Jesus – the article will assist you in this. What is the best way to pray? Make use of the acronym ″ACTS″ to your advantage. This is an acronym that stands for adoration, confession, thankfulness, and intercession. Declare your love for God, confess your faults, express gratitude for His benefits, and ask for something you require.
  • More information can be found in the following answers: Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. Make sure your prayers are heartfelt.
  • Remember to always abide by God’s word since the rapture will occur when you least expect it
  • no one can predict the exact moment or hour, so prepare accordingly.
  • Increase your exposure to Christian individuals. Instead of listening to commercial music, try listening to Christian music. Rather of being in the city, spend time in nature.
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Being glued to your phone at all times. Set a time limit and pray humbly for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement

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How to Become Like Jesus

Every child of God aspires to be more like Jesus in every way.As a result, through the grace of God, this truly occurs.Sanctification is the term used in the Bible to describe this process of becoming more like Jesus Christ.

Sanctification is the process of being more committed to God and more detached from sin (Rom.6:22).It is to put into practice the fundamental principles of redemption.Believers grow more like their Savior as a result of sanctification.

But how does this come about?The apostle Paul says that growing in godliness requires effort in one of the most important biblical texts on the subject: ″Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure″ (Phil.2:12—13).

  1. Believers cooperate alongside God in the process of sanctification.
  2. But what does the appearance of those two pieces look like, and how do they connect to one another?
  3. As we wrestle with these issues, we must remember that the Spirit’s teachings are not to be taken lightly; any interpretation that diminishes either the effort of man or the work of God in sanctification misses the point entirely.

We Become Like Jesus by Working God’s Will

Verses 12 and 13 include a clear primary verb: ″Work out your own salvation.″ In no way is Paul teaching, ″Work at your own salvation,″ or ″Work up to earning salvation,″ or any variation thereof.Paul is writing to individuals in whom God has already began a work of redemption via the ministry of the gospel (cf.1:6).

God is not asking the lost to repent; rather, he is calling the faithful to put their faith into action.The process of working out salvation and pursuing holiness is described here.

  1. Sanctification Means Growing in Reverence

Sanctification is a difficult undertaking; Christians must labor out their salvation ″with fear and trembling.″ Believers grow in godliness as they develop a greater reverence for God and a stirring feeling of wonder at the magnitude of his might. We are like Joseph in that we are adamant about not upsetting God in any manner (Gen. 39:9).

  1. Sanctification Means Growing in Obedience

Obedience and faith are not mutually exclusive–despite the fact that this sometimes be perplexing.When we place our compliance ahead of our acceptance by God, we are perverting the gospel message.″No flesh will be justified insight by the acts of the law,″ says the Bible (Rom.

3:20).Consider the following scenario: someone approaches you and says, ″I am really lonely and need a buddy.″ As long as you love me, I’ll do everything you want of me.″ You’d be disgusted if you saw it.When someone says, ″I have a buddy who loves me so much, I can’t fathom her asking me to do anything that I wouldn’t joyfully do,″ it is quite a different story.

According to the latter interpretation, Paul speaks of obedience as a reflection of a heart that has been set free from the shackles of sin (Rom.6:17; cf.Acts 6:7).

  1. Sanctification Means Growing in Integrity

When people are looking on, sanctification involves more than just conforming to rules.When Paul was not present, he exhorted the Philippians to be more faithful than when he was present.″Eye service″ is contrasted with real, deep regard for God in Paul’s letter (Col.

3:22).Someone who only obeys while they are being observed is serving himself; he obeys in order to obtain praise or to avoid a punishment, for example.Obedience obtained by coercion is indicative of spiritual immaturity.The bottom line is that growing in holiness is difficult work.

We Become Like Jesus by Trusting in God’s Work

To be sure, Paul does not diminish the importance of believers’ efforts to work out their salvation; instead, he depicts sanctification as a work of God’s sovereign grace (cf.Phil.2:1—11).

″For it is God who works in you, both to will and to do what is pleasing to Him″ (Romans 8:28).(v.13; cf.1 Thess.

5:23).God’s ″delight″ is to revive his children in the authentic holiness of their ancestors.His actions, according to the Canons of Dort from the seventeenth century, are to ″infuse new characteristics into the will…

  1. when the will thus regenerated is not only influenced by God, but as a result of this influence becomes itself active.″ Paul’s message is not, ″Work hard because God is also working hard,″ as some have suggested.
  2. God is more than just a model of human achievement.
  3. But God’s merciful work in us has a deeper effect on us, influencing our decision to fulfill God’s will.
  4. You may have experienced feelings of disappointment, even contempt, regarding your apparent lack of advancement in holiness.

Have you ever had the concern that you may become more sinful and less sanctified in the future than you are now?These kinds of thinking may be crippling.And it is exactly what the devil desires to happen.″I don’t think there’s any chance for you,″ he says.″Even if you claim to be a Christian, you’ll never amount to much of anything.You have become a slave to sin.

You’ve made an effort to combat it.But it’s not going to help.″You’ll never be able to compare to God.″

Who has the heart to engage in work that is sure to fail?

Nevertheless, this is precisely Paul’s point: there is still potential for success.Due to the fact that God is working for and in his children, their efforts to be sanctified will not be in vain.God is at work in his children, causing them to will and to act in accordance with His good pleasure!

According to Ligon Duncan, ″Paul’s teaching is not that God accepts you and so no change is required, but that God welcomes you and consequently change is now possible.″ Believers must put forth effort in order to believe the gospel, love God, resist sin, long for eternity, and serve others with joy.We strive to increase our understanding of God’s Word in order to be able to happily obey what God commands.When our conscience accuses us of wrongdoing or encourages us in good deeds, we make every effort to honor it.However, God’s work in us is the driving force behind all of this effort.

God, on the other hand, is more concerned with our sanctification than we are.God desires for us to discover our happiness in him and to reject everything that interferes with our genuine pleasure.Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to do this!

  1. However, Paul makes an encouraging point: God never requires us to labor for him any harder than he is already working inside us.
  2. CoD, Canons 3 and 4, Arts 11 and 12.
  3. ″The Joy of Sanctification,″ written by Ligon Duncan.
  4. Journal of Ministry and Leadership, Winter 2012, 9

How to Become More Like Jesus Christ

Because of our living prophet, our leaders, and the scriptures, we may learn how to become perfect in the same way that Jesus Christ was perfect.There is no invitation or example that can compare to the one that comes directly from Jesus Christ himself.″Therefore, what sort of gentlemen ought ye to be?″ he inquired.

″Truly, I say unto you, even as I am,″ I declare.We can follow Him if we want to become more like Him.Theologian Dieter F.Uchtdorf emphasized that ″to follow Christ…

is to learn from His character.″ In our capacity as spirit children of our heavenly Father, we have the ability to adopt Christlike characteristics into our lives and personalities.The Savior asks us to learn about His message by putting His teachings into action in our lives.To follow Him means to put proper ideas into practice and then to observe for ourselves the rewards that result.″ Being transformed into the image of Christ is a lifelong process.

  1. Listed below are five easy characteristics that you may begin working on right away to become more like Him.
  2. 1.
  3. Generosity and affection Christ had compassion for all people, including those who opposed Him.
  4. He interacted with, taught, healed, and accepted everyone with whom He came into contact.

How to cultivate generosity and love on a daily basis: Ask God to fill you with the same compassion and love that He and Jesus Christ have for everyone, and look for opportunities to provide a helping hand.2.Mastery of the subject Although you may not always have your physical goods, your education is something you will have for the rest of your life.How to gain knowledge on a daily basis: To learn, the Lord instructed us to ″seek knowledge, especially via study and also through faith.″ Study the words of living prophets every day and seek secular and spiritual knowledge by attending school, gaining new talents, and reading books about spirituality.3.The ability to be patient.

Patience improves your ability to tolerate adversity and hardship with faith and tranquility, rather than with frustration or rage, as opposed to frustration or wrath.No one exemplified patience more effectively than Christ.The Lord Jesus Christ, even in the midst of His greatest suffering, forgave quickly, remained committed to the will of His Father, and found ways to radiate pleasure.How to cultivate patience on a daily basis: Be patient with your everyday experiences and with each and every one of your relationships, including your connection with yourself.4.A spirit of humility Despite the fact that Christ was the sole flawless person who ever lived, He was never arrogant.

  1. He was able to produce several miracles because he submitted to God’s will and gave God the glory.
  2. Some people believe that humility is a sign of weakness.
  3. In truth, it is a manifestation of spiritual strength.
  4. How to cultivate humility on a daily basis: Express your thankfulness to God for everything you have and everything you have accomplished.
  5. Put your faith in His prophets and apostles and listen to their advice.
  6. Have confidence in your ability to do anything when you rely on Him.
  1. 5.
  2. Obedience to authority Following God’s commands or spiritual promptings may require you to do actions that you may not completely comprehend.
  3. The act of obeying is a significant act of faith.
  4. In his message, President Uchtdorf reminds us that ″when we have confidence in Christ, we trust the Lord enough to keep His commandments—even when we may not totally comprehend the reasons for them.″ How to cultivate obedience on a daily basis: Study the Ten Commandments of God.
  5. This week, concentrate on one or two areas where you can make improvements.
  6. As you act on your faith and obey God, as Jesus did, your understanding of God will expand, and your desire to be obedient will grow along with it.
  • God has given us Christlike characteristics as gifts.
  • Many of them are already in your possession.
  • It will take effort and time to develop all of them, but you will be able to do so with the assistance of Heavenly Father.
  • Be willing and eager to make small but significant improvements every day, one decision at a time.
  • You will grow more like Jesus Christ as a result of your actions.

How to Become a ‘True Disciple’ of Jesus?

The disciples of Jesus are people who learn from Him and who follow Him in their actions and beliefs.They essentially acknowledge that Lord Jesus is the ultimate decision-maker in their life.We will look at the attributes that must be present in authentic disciples or devotees of Jesus Christ in the following paragraphs.

Lord Jesus Christ should be the most important person in your life at all times.In accordance with Christian tradition, the Lord Jesus commands his disciples to deny themselves and follow him, even if it means taking up their cross.He has stated that everyone must make choices in their lives and make decisions based on the priorities that they have established.For this reason, in order to become a sincere follower of Lord Jesus, he should be the only person who matters in your life.

Take up the role of the ‘Living Sacrifice.’ For their efforts in becoming a genuine follower of Jesus, the Romans pushed them to offer their bodies as living sacrifices.It is necessary to entirely surrender oneself in order to serve the ‘Lord Jesus.’ God never compels someone to become one of his disciples.The Apostle Paul exhorted the Romans to be available to God because God want more people to enter His Kingdom, according to the Apostle Paul.

  1. Observe what the Bible says.
  2. ‘John: 8:31,’ which is found in the Bible, states that Jesus instructed Jews who believed ‘Him’ that they should follow ‘Him’ and become his followers.
  3. The real follower of Jesus is one who follows His commands.
  4. They should have confidence in the ‘Lord’ and abide by each and every word that He has said, making those words the essence of their existence.
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Pray and keep an eye on things.Throughout his life, Jesus sought out quiet locations to pray in order to be alone with God.In the earthly realm, he had responsibilities to fulfill.As a result, he need the assistance of the ‘Almighty Lord.’ He has assigned assignments to his followers, which they are expected to observe and pray about in order to become ‘His’ real disciples.He has also issued duties to his followers.While observing and praying, followers of the Lord Jesus must adhere to the instructions of the Lord.

Fellowship with Believers from a Variety of Backgrounds The one who has written a letter to the Hebrews has advised the Christians that they should constantly gather in groups to worship together.Receiving and contributing to the fellowship with other believers is considered valuable by the ‘real disciples’ of the ‘Lord Jesus.’ Witness for the Lord Jesus Christ The Apostle Paul had stated that he was unashamed of Jesus’ Gospel since it was God’s means of salvation for anybody who believed in it (Acts 4:12).You must regard the Lord Jesus to be the single most important person in your life if you want to be a real disciple, and you must assist others in becoming believers in the Lord as well.The mission of the believers is to spread the gospel.″The faithful disciple″ of the Lord would bear witness on His behalf, and As his disciples, you have been authorized by the Lord Jesus.Your life’s mission should be to become a ″genuine disciple″ of Jesus.

  1. Be a student and follower of the Lord’s teachings.
  2. Allow him to leave his imprint on your life by displaying the markings he has highlighted.
  3. Make Jesus the most important thing in your life if you want to be a ‘genuine disciple.’ True believers should also pray to the ‘Almighty’ and follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  4. Whenever possible, meet together with other Christians and share in their company as a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. All of these things will help you to become a ‘True Disciple’ of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. Look up if you want to learn more about religion, Christianity, the church, or the American emp event.

10 Ways To Become More Like Christ

It is possible that this page or article contains affiliate links.It is my privilege to be an Amazon Associate and an associate of other programs, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I will get a commission on qualifying sales at no additional cost to you.Please go to our Affiliate Disclaimer page for more information on how we protect you.

10 Ways to Develop a Closer Relationship with Christ He is present in you, but you don’t always behave or speak in the same way that He does or says.When we measure ourselves against Jesus, we come up short.On other days, it’s not even close to being close.The same event happened to Paul in the Bible, and it was similar.

Paul said that he did the things that he didn’t want to do and that he didn’t do the things that he wanted to do as well.Do you want to know something incredible?God sees your heart; God knows that you are trying, and He appreciates that you are striving to be more like Jesus on a daily basis.

  1. As a result, through examining the life of Jesus, we may discover ten significant aspects about His character that we might apply to our own lives.
  2. Our lives grow more like Christ’s as we incorporate these traits into our routine.
  3. The more you put effort into improving these areas, the more you will resemble Jesus.

10 Ways to Become More Like Christ

1. Unconditional Love

Nothing can compare to the love one feels for one’s friends when one is willing to lay down one’s life for them.15:13 (John 15:13) The Creator of all things, the King of the Universe, gave up His throne, His beauty, His majesty, and His position in order to come and die for you and me on the cross.The criteria of His love were non-existent; He died for the murderer, for the rapist, for the liar, for the gay, and for everyone else.

He paid the price and experienced the punishment that was destined for you and me with His body on the cross.Despite the fact that we didn’t deserve His love, He did it to save us out of compassion for us.Are you able to love without conditions?Do you have the same feelings for the beggar as you do for the minister at your church?

What about that annoying family member or that annoying lady at work that makes your life a living hell?Do you care for them with all of your heart?Would you be willing to lay down your life for them if it came to that?

  1. Every single born-again believer has the ability to love in the manner in which God has commanded us to.
  2. The Holy Spirit, according to the Word of God, has spread His Love into our hearts, which we have accepted.
  3. As a result, God’s love is already there within you; all you have to do is bring it to the surface.
  4. Love the sinner in the same way that Jesus did.

Your affection for them serves as a witness to God’s love for them.

2. Prayerful Life

Jesus, on the other hand, frequently retreated to isolated regions to pray.In Luke 5:16, the Bible says Jesus spent time in prayer with the Father on a regular basis.God’s Son, Jesus, understood the significance of being linked to and having a personal relationship with the Father.

Someone with whom you spend time may only be considered to be your intimate acquaintance.Is it a priority in your life to spend time in prayer with the Almighty God?Do you just think about God when you are in crisis or when you are ready to retire for the night?Or do you maintain a steady line of communication with God?

Always keep in mind that He is with you at all times.He enjoys the sound of your voice.Talk to God every day, all day; that’s all prayer is: having a discussion with God on a consistent basis.

3. Forgiveness

Jesus responded, “Father, forgive them, for they do not realize what they are doing.” – Luke 23:24 They laid a crown of thorns on His head.They nailed Him to the cross and were casting lots on his clothes.Jesus could’ve opened His mouth and called a thousand angels.

In His mouth He had the power to end it all.But He only opened his mouth to ask for forgiveness for those who were crucifying him.It is not easy to forgive someone that has hurt you or a loved one deeply.It’s not easy but with God’s help you can do it.

You must do it.The Bible tells us that we must forgive if we want to be forgiven.So, forgiveness is not a suggestion, forgiveness is a command.

4. Humility

And so it was with the Son of Man, who did not come only to be served but rather to serve and sacrifice his life as a ransom for the sins of many.10:45 a.m.– Mark In spite of the fact that Jesus was the King of Kings, he did not come to be served as one of them.

He came to be of service.A lot of people misunderstand what it means to be humble.Having a modest attitude does not imply that you are a wimp or that you put yourself down and allow others to take advantage of you.Being humble is submitting to the might of God’s hand and accepting His will.

Knowing that you are His child and that you are on this planet to love and serve others is a comforting thought.Being humble means putting God and His will first in all you do.To treat and love people as you would like them to treat you, as well as to be a servant to others.

5. Jesus studied The Word of God

When they were unable to locate him, they returned to Jerusalem to continue their search.46 After three days, they discovered him in the temple courtyards, where he was sitting among the professors, paying attention to them and asking them questions about their subjects.-Luke 2:45-46 (New International Version) In this narrative, Jesus was just a tiny kid, and he was ″lost″ for three days before being found.

What happened to Him?While he was at church, he was listening to and studying God’s Word.This account is not being written just for the purpose of adding further adventures to the life of Jesus.This narrative is meant to demonstrate to us how critical it is for us to learn about God via his Word, the Bible.

Jesus’ solutions to the devil’s temptations were all based on the Word of God, and no one could argue with that.This was his weapon of choice against the demon, and he was victorious.In the same manner, we must study the Bible in order to become spiritually powerful and to understand how to utilize the most effective weapon we have against the adversary.

6. Compassion

His heart was stirred with compassion when He observed the throngs of people, since they were exhausted and dispersed, like sheep with no shepherd, and He felt sorry for them.-Matthew 9:36 (New International Version) Jesus was touched with compassion for the people He had come to help and for the situation they were in.In this context, compassion is defined as feeling empathetic sympathy and care for the pains or misfortunes of another.

People in the world in which we currently live are solely concerned with themselves and ″what is in it for me?″ We have grown so consumed with ourselves that we have lost sight of the importance of compassion for others.Compassion is not something that you should be practicing throughout the Christmas holiday season.We must be empathetic every day of the year; it should be ingrained in our character.It makes you more like Christ when you are compassionate.

7. Seek First the Kingdom of God

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you as a result of your efforts.– Matthew 6:33 (KJV) God’s will was for Jesus to devote His life to the task of ministry in order to fulfill His Father’s desire to bring the kingdom of God to this world.Are you prioritizing the Kingdom of God in your life?

Are you putting God first in your life?in your own home?with your friends and family?What steps are you doing to carry out the great commission that Jesus gave us to carry out?

God’s will for your life, after all, is to see that the great commission is carried out.As a result, go and make disciples of all countries, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and instructing them to follow everything I have instructed you to do in the first place.-Matthew 28:19 (the Bible)

8. Self-Control

He was herded to the slaughterhouse like a sheep, and just as a lamb before its shearer is mute, he remained silent before the slaughterhouse.– Acts 8:32 (NIV) Even in the most trying circumstances of His life, Jesus maintained His composure.He could have stopped all of His suffering with a single word, yet He maintained his composure and remained focused on the task that He had been sent to do.

There are difficulties in the Christian life, and whether we like it or not, we will face difficulties.It is only by self-control that you will be able to maintain your confidence and trust in God.You will avoid slipping into sin if you exercise self-control.Maintaining your self-control will prevent you from being overwhelmed by your emotions and the events surrounding you.

Keep your feet firmly planted on the Word of God by exercising self-control.″What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth?″ screamed out a man in their synagogue who had been afflicted by an unclean spirit at that same moment.Are you here to annihilate our civilization?

  1. I am aware of your identity–you are the Holy One of God!″ And Jesus reprimanded him, saying, ″Be quiet, and come out of him!″ (Be quiet, and come out of him!) – Mark 1:23 (New International Version) Jesus was well aware of who he was and the power he possessed.
  2. Satan was cast out, storms were calmed by His words, and illness and disease were forced to depart the earth.
  3. He acted in accordance with His divine power as the Son of God.
  4. What’s more, guess what?

You are also in a position of authority!You have the same resurrection power that resurrected Jesus from the dead.You, too, are a child of God, just like Jesus, and you have control over others as well as over yourself.″Speak to your mountains,″ Jesus instructed.He didn’t say, ″Cry and ask me to remove your mountains,″ as some might expect.″Use your authority and speak to your circumstance as I did,″ he was saying, referring to his own experience.

Understand who you are in Christ and how to exercise your authority!

10. Obedience

Philippians 2:8 says that after being discovered in human form, He humbled Himself and became submissive to the point of death, even death on the cross.Jesus was obedient to the Father’s will and completely committed Himself to it.Obedience may be difficult, it can be frightening, and it demands a great deal of trust.

Nonetheless, loyalty is richly rewarded.Remember, God is not interested in your sacrifice; rather, He is interested in your obedience.Obedience is rewarded with blessings.


Finally, it takes time and discipline to become more like Jesus.Don’t become discouraged if you don’t behave in the manner that you should.Humble yourself in front of the Lord and ask for assistance.

Even if you fall down today, get back up and keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.Study Him, keep His words close to your heart, and emulate His actions, and you will become more and more like Christ every day.About Carolina Carolina is a Christian blogger who can be found at She is also a wife and mother of two sons, as well as a freelance writer.At Harvest School of Ministry, she pursued a degree in Biblical and Ministerial Studies.

She enjoys discipling women and assisting them in developing a personal connection with the Lord so that they may fulfill their responsibilities as mothers, wives, and daughters of God, among other things.More information on this issue may be found in the post Simple Ways to Love Others as Christ Loves Us (Part 1).

Being More Like Jesus

Christians and anyone who adore Jesus frequently express a desire to grow in Christlikeness and to emulate his example. However, it is far easier said than done. Despite the fact

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