What Happens To People Who Never Hear About Jesus?

What Happens to People Who Never Hear About Jesus?

  1. People who have never heard about Jesus have most likely seen a glorious sunset or the sea of the starry host against a black night sky.
  2. Who among those who are blind hasn’t felt the heat of the midday sun on their skin at some point during their lives?
  3. First and foremost, the heavens declare and speak about God, who is revealed to be Jesus.
  4. ″Day after day, they spout speech; night after night, they demonstrate knowledge,″ says the author (of God).
  5. There is no speech or language in which their voice is not heard, and there is no silence.
  1. Their voice can be heard throughout the entire world, and their words can be heard to the ends of the earth″ (Psalm 19:1-4).
  2. God does not want any to die without knowing about him.
  3. If one looks to the heavens or to the natural world around him and wonders, ″Where did this come from?″ or ″Is there more to this world than what I can see?″ then he has gained knowledge of the existence of the divine.
  1. God will find a way for that individual, tribe, or nation to acquire answers and to learn about his plan of redemption which supplies what God demands via Jesus Christ (Acts 8:32-38).
  2. (Acts 8:32-38).
  3. God does not wish for anyone to perish, but rather that all come to a saving knowledge of the Creator God through Jesus Christ.
  4. Secondly, the ″New Testament makes it abundantly clear that people will be judged in accordance with the light (knowledge of God) that they possess″ (R.C.
  5. Sproul, Reason to Believe, Zondervan, 1978, p.

55).Every person possesses a law, a value system, or an ethical code that has been ″written on their hearts″ (Romans 2:15).These people are not judged because they have never heard of Christ, but rather because they have rejected the God of whom they have heard and because they have disobeyed the law that has been written on their hearts.″What are you going to do now that you’ve heard about Jesus?″ the question asks.Do you see the mark of an almighty Being that keeps atoms together and then paints the sky with them?The world says many things about God and Jesus, but there really is only one right answer.

God loved his created human race so much that even though they messed up, he still orchestrated a plan to fix their mess.The plan includes Jesus and the acknowledgement that God is God and we are not.Ask him to show you Jesus, and then ask him to show you those that have not heard of him.Can God change your life?God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life.

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What About Those Who Have Never Heard? Letter to a 12-Year-Old About Heaven and Hell

  1. Dear, In your question, you inquired as to what happens to persons who live far away from the gospel and have never heard of Jesus, and who die without having placed their faith in him.
  2. Here is what I believe the Bible to be teaching.
  3. Every time someone knows something and fails to believe it, God punishes them for it.
  4. In other words, no one who has never heard of Jesus will be held accountable for his or her lack of belief in Jesus.
  5. Does this imply that individuals will be saved and will go to heaven even if they have never heard of Jesus or believe in him?
  1. In fact, according to God’s Word, this is not the case.
  2. Romans 1:18–23 is the most important scripture in the Bible that speaks about this.
  3. Here’s what it says in full.
  1. After that, I’ll make one or two observations.
  2. Because the wrath of God has been revealed from on high against all ungodliness and wickedness on the part of mankind, who, because of their unrighteousness, are obstructing the truth.
  3. Because God has revealed to them everything that can be understood about God, they are able to understand it.
  4. Because God’s intangible properties, namely, his everlasting power and divine essence, have been clearly discernible in the things that have been created since the beginning of time.
  5. As a result, they have no justification.

Because, despite the fact that they knew God, they did not acknowledge him as God or express gratitude to him, but instead became useless in their reasoning and their ignorant hearts were darkened.They seemed to be smart, but in reality they were idiots, and they traded the majesty of the everlasting God for pictures that looked like mortal men, birds, animals, and crawling things.Take note of a few things: According to the Bible, ″God constantly punishes people because of what they know and do not believe.″

  1. Everyone ″knows God,″ even if they have never heard of him or read his words in the Bible. ″To them, all that can be understood about God is obvious″ (Romans 1:19). ″Even though they were aware of God. ″ (1 Corinthians 1:21)
  2. They come to know God by the way God has created the universe and their own consciences (Romans 1:19–20)
  3. Despite the fact that they know God, no one who knows God anywhere in the world recognizes him as such or expresses gratitude to him (Romans 1:21). (Romans 1:21). As an alternative, they ″suppress the truth″ (Romans 1:18). To put it another way, they actively fight the truth deep within their hearts and swap it for other things that they would rather have (Romans 1:23)
  4. as a result, they are ″without excuse″ (Romans 1:20). In other words, they are responsible and need to be punished. As a result, I do not believe that the Bible teaches that individuals may be saved if they do not hear the gospel. In Romans 10:13–17, Paul makes a number of important points. You must hear the gospel message in order to be saved.
  1. According to the Bible, ″everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.″ What will they do then when they get to him, in whom they have no faith?
  2. And how are they supposed to believe in someone they have never heard of before?
  3. And how are they going to hear if no one is preaching to them?
  4. And how are they supposed to preach if they aren’t sent?
  5. ″How lovely are the feet of those who spread the good news!″ it says in the Bible.
  1. However, not everyone has heeded the call of the gospel.
  2. Because Isaiah asks, ″Lord, who has believed what he has heard from us?″ (Isaiah 6:1) Consequently, hearing leads to faith, which is gained through the word of Christ.
  3. So let us pray for missionaries and ask God whether we should consider becoming one ourselves.
  1. People from all around the world are needed to teach all of the lost people about Jesus and the incredible good news that he died for sinners so that whomever believes in him can be saved.
  2. Thank you for posing such an excellent question.
  3. Continue to pray and to study your Bible daily.
  4. God will provide you with increasing insight.
  5. Pastor John is a charismatic leader who is well-liked and well-liked by his congregation.

What happens to those who have never heard about Jesus?

  1. Answer to the question Everyone is responsible to God, regardless of whether or not they have ″heard about Him.″ God has plainly shown Himself in nature, according to the Bible (Romans 1:20), and in the hearts of mankind, according to the Bible (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
  2. Because the human race is sinful, we all reject God’s wisdom and rebel against Him, which is the root of the problem (Romans 1:21-23).
  3. Our wicked desires would be fulfilled if it were not for the mercy of God, and we would come to see how pointless and terrible life is when we are not in Christ.
  4. He does this in order to punish people who reject Him on a consistent basis (Romans 1:24-32).
  5. In truth, it is not the case that some individuals are unaware of God’s existence.
  1. Instead, the problem is that they have rejected what they have heard as well as what is clearly seen in the natural world.
  2. Nevertheless, according to Deuteronomy 4:29, ″If from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and all your soul.″ In this passage, we learn a vital principle: anybody who really strives for God will eventually come upon Him.
  3. If a person has a genuine desire to know God, God will make Himself known to him or her.
  1. ″There is no one who understands, and there is no one who seeks God,″ says the dilemma (Romans 3:11).
  2. People choose to reject the knowledge of God that is present in nature and inside their own souls, and instead choose to worship a ″god″ that they have created in their own image.
  3. Debating whether God is fair in condemning someone to hell who never had the opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ is a silly exercise in futility.
  4. In God’s eyes, people are responsible for what they have previously learned about God.
  5. According to the Bible, many refuse to accept this information, and as a result, God is justified in sending them to hell.

While others debate the fate of individuals who have never heard the gospel message, we, as Christians, should be putting out our best efforts to ensure that they do hear.We have a responsibility to disseminate the gospel across the world (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8).We are aware that many people reject God’s revelation through nature, and this should serve as motivation for us to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ with them.People can only be redeemed from their sins and saved from an eternity apart from God if they embrace God’s grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.As long as we believe that people who do not hear the gospel are granted compassion by God, we will have no reason to evangelize in the future.In addition, we encounter a horrible dilemma.

If those who never hear the gospel are automatically saved, then it is reasonable to ensure that no one ever hears the gospel—because there is a risk that they will reject it and be condemned—because then there is a chance that they will reject it and be damned.The Bible is unequivocal in its assertion that individuals who die without Christ will spend an eternity in hell.The mission of Jesus to evangelize the entire globe is still in effect today.People must invoke the name of the Lord, but ″how…can they invoke the name of the one in whom they have not placed their trust?

And how can they put their faith in someone they have never heard of before?And how are they supposed to hear if no one is preaching to them?″How can anybody preach unless they have been sent?″ says the author.(See also Romans 10:14–15.) Paul exclaimed, ″Woe to me if I don’t preach the gospel!″ because those who have never heard about Jesus Christ are in dire need of hearing it.The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 9:16 that Questions concerning Salvation can be found here.

How does the fate of those who have never heard of Jesus play out?

For People Who Never Heard About Jesus, What Happens When They Die?

  1. In contrast to what most Christians think, the plan of redemption revealed by God in Scripture is substantially different from their own.
  2. When one has a thorough comprehension of it, there is no longer any reason to be concerned about the fate of individuals who died without knowing Jesus Christ.
  3. In order to understand, we must first remove the myth that the dead continue to exist after they have been laid to rest.
  4. According to the Bible, the dead are sleeping in their graves and are awaiting the resurrection.
  5. According to Scripture, even those who have never heard or comprehended the gospel will have an opportunity to inherit eternal life.
  1. This is a wonderful thing to see.
  2. We don’t have to be puzzled about what happened to them.
  3. Consider the passage from Ecclesiastes 9:5, which declares, ″The living are aware that they will die, but the dead are unaware.″ More specifically, the following are the words of King David on death: ″In death, there is no remembrance of You; in the tomb, who will offer You thanks?″ (Psalm 6:5).
  1. In other Bible texts, such as Daniel 12:2, Acts 13:36, and 1 Corinthians 15:51, we read about death being referred to as a state of slumber.
  2. According to Scripture, the dead are unconscious and have no knowledge.
  3. It also educates them to remain in the grave until the resurrection occurs.
  4. When asked about this, Jesus responded, ″Do not be surprised; for the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear His voice and come forth—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgment″ (John 5:28-29).
  5. This is a wonderful statement made by Jesus.

Our Savior assures us that there will be a resurrection for everyone who has ever lived and died in the future.Take note of the apostle Paul’s teaching on the subject of the resurrection.The apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 15: ″For just as all died in Adam, so all will be brought alive in Christ.″ But everyone in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, then those who are Christ’s at His coming, and finally the rest of mankind.Then comes the culmination, when He hands up the kingdom to God the Father″ (1 Corinthians 15:22-24).In this passage, Paul outlines the sequence of resurrections.Christ is ″the firstborn from the dead″ (Colossians 1:18), and he has already ascended to the right hand of the Father.

Then, at Christ’s return, ″the dead in Christ shall rise from the grave″ (1 Thessalonians 4:16).People who are Christ’s at His return are resurrected to live and rule with Him ″for a thousand years,″ according to the Bible (Revelation 20:4).Finally, the end has arrived, and Scripture outlines what will happen to the remainder of people who are not followers of Christ at the time of His return.Obviously, not everyone will be with Christ when He returns, so what happens to those who are not?When will they be brought back to life?

According to the Bible, ″the remainder of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years were completed″ (Revelation 20:5).The rest of the dead will be brought back to life at the conclusion of Christ’s thousand-year rule on earth with His saints.Those who have ever died without knowing or understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ are included in this category.″And I saw the dead, little and big, standing before God, and books were opened.″ This is how the apostle John explains what happens to those who die but will come to life again.″And another book was opened, which was the Book of Life,″ says the author (Revelation 20:12).

Take note that the ″Book of Life″ has been opened to include those who have died but have not yet come to know Christ!In other words, the gift of eternal life with God is extended to all of those who have been raised from the dead.The fact is that everyone who has not heard or comprehended the gospel will have an opportunity to come to believe it in the future.

  • God will bring them back to physical life and provide them with the option to trust in Christ and receive eternal life!
  • Heaven and Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach?
  • is a study tool that may be found here.
  • This book provides an in-depth examination of this important biblical fact.
  • Fortunately, we serve a fair and righteous God who ″desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth″ (Romans 1:16-17).
  1. (1 Timothy 2:4).
  2. According to Scripture, even those who have never heard or comprehended the gospel will have an opportunity to inherit eternal life.
  3. This is a wonderful thing to see.
  4. We don’t have to be puzzled about what happened to them.
  5. It is quite reassuring to know that God has a grand plan to bring salvation to all of the dead who have never heard about Jesus!
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What happens to people who never hear about Jesus?

  1. Q.
  2. According to the Bible, the only way to reach the Father is through the Son of God.
  3. Does this imply that if someone dies in a distant part of the Himalayas, where they have never encountered missionaries, they will be sent to hell as a result?
  4. When you consider the possibility that someone who would have received Christ if they had heard the good news might be lost if they never heard it, you can see how critical it is to make sure that everyone on the planet has the opportunity to hear about Christ in terms and language that they can comprehend.
  5. We must make all effort possible to achieve this goal.
  1. However, the option you’re speculating about raises doubts about God’s character as well.
  2. Would it be acceptable for God to send someone to hell merely because they did not have the opportunity to learn about Christ, even if they would have embraced him if they had the opportunity?
  3. Considering what we know about the nature of God as depicted in the Bible, it’s difficult to accept that this is the case.
  1. ″Shall not the Judge of all the world do what is right?″ the Bible explicitly states.
  2. And the answer is, without a doubt, he will do so.
  3. So, while the Bible does not provide a straight response to your issue, my own belief is that, in a situation such as you describe, God would evaluate a person based on what they had done with the little information they had at their disposal.
  4. Natural law and conscience, according to the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans, are at least two testimonies to the actuality and kindness of God in every person’s life.
  5. ″Since the beginning of time, God’s invisible qualities—his everlasting power and divine essence—have been clearly seen and recognized via the creation of the universe,″ he says of nature.

″It is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s eyes, but it is those who obey the law who will be judged righteous,″ he says of conscience.Even when Gentiles who do not have the law perform actions needed by the law out of necessity, they are acting as if they do have the law despite their lack of possession of a legal document.They demonstrate that the requirements of the law are engraved on their hearts, with their consciences also bearing testimony, and their thoughts damning them at times and defending them at others.″ But this does not rule out the possibility of someone following their conscience and the light of nature to a sufficient degree in order to gain God’s favor and acceptance.Instead, nature and conscience would lead them to see that they would never be good enough to do so, and that they would need to place their faith on God’s love and forgiveness as the foundation for their acceptability in the world.In addition, this does not imply that people would be rescued via any method other than the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for their sins.Due to the fact that they had never heard the gospel, they would not recognize in this life that this was the manifestation of God’s love and the reason for God’s forgiveness that had rescued them, but it would be the case nonetheless.

It was only after coming into the presence of God, in whom they had vaguely but sincerely placed their faith for redemption, that they would come to the magnificent realization that God had sent his own Son to be their Savior and the sacrifice for their sin.Once again, please understand that this is my own personal view concerning something that the Bible does not explicitly state.However, what the Bible does make plain is God’s loving, forgiving, and just nature, and I’ve attempted to provide a suggestion that is compatible with that character.Nonetheless, it would be quite difficult for someone to carry out even the most rudimentary of the tasks I have listed, and as I previously stated, we must make every effort to reach every person on the face of the earth with the good news of Jesus.The Rev.

Dr.Christopher R.Smith is an ordained clergyman, author, and biblical scholar who lives in the United States.For the past twenty-five years, he has been involved in parish and student ministry.He worked as a consulting editor for the International Bible Society (now Biblica) on The Books of the Bible, an edition of the New International Version (NIV) that presents the biblical books according to their natural literary outlines, rather than chapters and verses, as opposed to the traditional chapter and verse format.

His Understanding the Books of the Bible study guide series is based on this structure, as is his Understanding the Books of the Bible blog.He also worked as a consultant for Tyndale House on the Immerse Bible, a version of the New Living Translation (NLT) that presents the Scriptures in their natural literary forms, without the use of chapters and verses or section titles, as well as other projects.Harvard University awarded him a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature and Language in addition to a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Gordon-Conwell.

  • He received his Ph.D.
  • in the History of Christian Life and Thought, with a minor concentration in Biblical Studies, from Boston College, which is affiliated with Andover Newton Theological School.
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What Happens to People Who Never Hear About Jesus?

  1. People who have never heard of Jesus are most likely to have witnessed a spectacular sunset or the sea of stars against a dark night sky, but they have never heard of Jesus.
  2. Who among those who are blind hasn’t felt the heat of the midday sun on their skin at some point during their lives?
  3. First and foremost, the skies announce and speak about God, who is revealed to be Jesus.
  4. ″Day after day, they spout words; night after night, they demonstrate knowledge,″ says the author (of God).
  5. There is no speech or language in which their voice is not heard, and there is no silence.
  1. Their voice can be heard across the entire planet, and their words can be heard to the ends of the earth″ (Psalm 19:1-4).
  2. God would not want anyone to die without having heard of him or understood what he is all about.
  3. If one looks to the skies or to the natural world around him and wonders, ″Where did this come from?″ or ″Is there more to this world than what I can see?″ then he has gained awareness of the existence of the divine.
  1. God will create a means for that individual, tribe, or nation to get answers and to learn about his plan of redemption, which gives all God requires through the person and death of Jesus Christ (Acts 8:32-38).
  2. God does not wish for anybody to perish, but rather that all come to a saving knowledge of the Creator God through Jesus Christ.
  3. Secondly, the ″New Testament makes it very apparent that individuals will be judged in accordance with the light (knowledge of God) that they possess″ (R.C.
  4. Sproul, Reason to Believe, Zondervan, 1978, p.
  5. 55).

Every person possesses a law, a value system, or an ethical code that has been ″written on their hearts″ (Romans 2:15).These people are not judged because they have never heard of Christ, but rather because they have rejected the God of whom they have heard and because they have disobeyed the law that has been inscribed on their hearts.″What are you going to do now that you’ve heard about Jesus?″ the inquiry asks.What do you think you’re seeing?Is it the signature of a magnificent Being who keeps atoms together and then uses them to paint the sky?God and Jesus are discussed in a variety of ways around the world, but there is only one correct response.

God cherished his created human species so much that, despite the fact that they had sinned, he nonetheless planned a plan to correct their error.The plan involves Jesus as well as the recognition that God is God and that we are not Gods.Instruct him to show you Jesus, and then instruct him to show you people who have never heard of him before.Is it possible for God to transform your life?God has made it possible for you to get to know Him and to witness an incredible transformation in your own life.

Find out how you may make peace with God by reading this book.You may also give us your prayer requests at the email address provided.

Why Is Jesus Christ Important in My Life?

  1. ″What is the significance of Jesus Christ in my life?″ 10–13 (New Era, January 2015).
  2. It wasn’t long ago that I saw a blog article in which the author discussed how the Savior plays a crucial part in her everyday life.
  3. I was relieved that she was ready to share her sentiments, but I was disturbed by one reader’s response: ″He has never been or will ever be of any significance in my life—never has been and will never be.″ That reader couldn’t be more incorrect in his or her assumptions.
  4. We will all require the Savior at some point in our lives.
  5. We all make errors that we can’t undo, suffer losses that we can’t recoup, and endure pains, persecution, tragedies, burdens, and disappointments that we can’t bear on our own, but we can work together to overcome them.
  1. The good news is that we don’t have to deal with them on our own anymore.
  2. It is possible to say in a moment of weakness that no one understands what it is like.″ ‘No one seems to get it.’ Elder David A.
  3. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles remarked, ″But the Son of God totally understands and knows what we are going through because He has suffered and borne our specific afflictions.″ As Alma 34:14 explains, ″And because of His unlimited and eternal sacrifice (see Alma 34:14), He has perfect empathy and is able to extend His arm of mercy to us.″ 1 Our trust in Jesus is crucial to us because, through His Atonement and teachings, as well as His hope, peace, and example, He aids us in making changes in our lives, overcoming hardships, and moving ahead with confidence on our path back to Him and His Father.

Jesus Makes Repentance Possible

  1. Because we all fall short of God’s expectations and require the gift of repentance provided by the Atonement, Jesus is extremely vital to all who truly want to follow Him.
  2. Whenever we make a mistake or fall, Satan wants us to believe that we are not capable of getting back up and continuing on our way.
  3. Aside from that, he wants us to forget that the Gospel is also known as ″the gospel of repentance″ (D&C 13:1; emphasis added).
  4. Despite this, we are confident that ″the mercy of Christ is genuine, and that it provides both forgiveness and purification to the penitent sinner.″ 2 The power of Jesus Christ’s Atonement is available to everyone of us; however, we must make the decision to let it to be put to use in our lives.
  5. Consider presenting a particular gift to a buddy—a gift that your acquaintance truly needs and that you prepared through personal sacrifice on his or her behalf.
  1. Now imagine your friend answering, ″Thank you, but I’m not particularly interested in your present,″ or anything along those lines.
  2. What would your reaction be?
  3. The fact that we don’t invite Jesus to assist us in being clean via repentance is the same as rejecting His gift of salvation.

Jesus Teaches Truth

  • Jesus asked the Twelve Apostles, ″Will ye also go away?″ on one occasion when a number of individuals declined to continue walking with Him for any extended period of time. ″Lord, where will we go from here?″ Peter inquired. It says in John 6:67–68, ″Thou hast the words of eternal life.″ The scriptures, the teachings of living prophets, and the whisperings of the Holy Ghost are all places where you might find the Savior’s ″words of eternal life.″ It is through them that we can achieve ″pleasure in this life and everlasting life in the world to come,″3 and it is through them that we can return safely to our Heavenly Father and Savior. What are some of the most important truths that the Savior imparted? The following are the four that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, mentioned in a recent general conference speech: We will have gorgeous, perfect, and eternal bodies, unburdened by disease or incapacity.″
  • ″Our tears of anguish and loss will be replaced with an abundance of gladness and joy.″
  • ″Through the Atonement., we will be able to live forever with our loved ones.″
  • 4

Jesus Offers Hope

  1. When we are confronted with significant difficulties, it might be difficult to place our confidence in the Lord.
  2. However, placing our faith in Him provides us with the hope we require in order to tackle our obstacles.
  3. The same thing happened to members of the Gatrell family, who reside in Sister Jean A.
  4. Stevens’ ward and were targeted by the authorities.
  5. Brother Gatrell was diagnosed with cancer, according to Sister Stevens, the first counselor in the Primary general presidency.
  1. Sister Stevens said the family remained steadfast in the gospel and their temple commitments when Brother Gatrell was diagnosed.
  2. They gained confidence in God’s promises that they will be reunited after this life as a result of their actions.
  3. As she reflected on the tough days leading up to her husband’s death, Sister Gatrell shared her belief that ″the Lord was looking over us.″ ″If you put your confidence in the Lord, you will be able to conquer any of life’s difficulties.″ 5 The gift of the Atonement provides us with the promise of everlasting life, which we need need while we are going through difficult times or grieving the death of a loved one.
  1. First Counselor in the First Presidency President Henry B.
  2. Eyring stated that ″our loving Heavenly Father gave us the gift of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, as our Savior.″ All who are born are given a worldwide heritage through the tremendous gift and benefit of Jesus Christ’s Atonement.
  3. This inheritance includes the promise of Resurrection and the potential of eternal life.
  4. 6

Jesus Offers Peace

  • Anyone who has dealt with a natural catastrophe, been the target of malicious gossip, faced a life-changing crisis, had a falling-out with a friend, or stood up for what’s right knows what it’s like to be in desperate need of the Lord’s comfort. As Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles put it, ″the peace of Christ subdues the spinning whirlwinds of this world.″ 7 During a recent general conference, Elder Andersen presented a story of a Laurel who was mocked and called names because she spoke up for conventional marriage and refused to be silenced. She discovered that being ″faithful to God and to the teachings of His living prophets″ might occasionally result in ridicule, which she accepted as a price. 8 However, standing up does not imply that one is alone. When we are feeling alone or overwhelmed, when we are sad or anxious, when we are terrified or when we feel useless, we may always turn to the Prince of Peace. We accomplish this by: praying to Heavenly Father for the presence of the Spirit
  • reading the Lord’s words in the scriptures and as revealed by living prophets
  • attending temple services
  • studying the Savior’s life at church and in seminary
  • applying His Atonement by repenting of our sins
  • sharing our testimonies of Him
  • and attending temple services.
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There is no need for our hearts to be concerned or scared while we are experiencing the Savior’s peace (see John 14:26–27).″Only the Master understands the depths of our trials, our grief, and our suffering,″ President Thomas S.Monson has remarked of his faith.

″He is the only one who can provide us with eternal serenity in times of adversity.He is the only one who can soothe our broken souls with His soothing words.″ 9

Jesus Sets the Example

Throughout His mission, Jesus does more than merely show the road to happiness; He actually takes the initiative and walks the path himself.He guides us to love as a result of His Atonement.He guides us to everlasting truths via the teachings of Jesus.

He directs us to the road of obedience by the example of His flawless life.″Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the greatest example to have ever walked the face of the world.The teaching, helping, and loving people that he did throughout his mortal ministry, according to Elder Richard G.Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, were the highlights of his mortal ministry.He went on to say that the Savior ″invite[s] us to follow His flawless example.″ 10 When we realize that the Savior makes repentance and resurrection possible, that He teaches essential truths, that He brings hope and peace, and that He sets the ideal example, He becomes the focal point of our life.And, with Him as our friend, we have the confidence to throw away fear and move on in trust as we face the future.

Those who reject Christ choose to follow Satan

Tribune Content Agency is a content production company based in Chicago, Illinois.My Recommendation In the words of the Rev.Billy Graham, from his writings Q: How is it possible for a God of love to damn someone to Hell?

– H.B.A: Hello, my name is H.B.A.God doesn’t send someone to Hell for whatever reason.According to the Bible, Hell was never designed for human beings, but rather for the devil and his demons (Matthew 25:41).Even though God has intervened and saved them from the flaming abyss, those who reject Christ have chosen to follow Satan, and they will follow him directly into his final destiny.

  1. A dramatic gesture from God has been made to us in order to show us the road to Heaven.
  2. In order to atone for mankind’s sins, He sent His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and bled His blood to atone for our sins.
  3. In order to warn us, He has given His Holy Spirit to us, and the Bible warns us to ″prepare to meet your God″ (Amos 4:12).
  4. There is nothing more a loving God could do for man than to offer His perfect Son to pay the punishment for man’s sin of breaking His law, disobeying Him, and rejecting His Savior.

We are unrestricted free agents.Unlike robots, God did not create humans in order to force us to love Him.We have the option of obeying or disobeying Him.He has bestowed upon us the ability to make our own decisions as a result of His amazing kindness and mercy.Those who reject or ignore Christ will spend eternity in Hell.

No one will go to Hell as a result of his or her immoral behavior, for Christ Himself will pardon those who repent of their sins and accept Him as their Savior.People go to Hell because they refuse to repent, so rejecting God’s ideal plan of redemption for themselves and their families.According to John 3:16, ″Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; and whoever does not believe in the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him″ (John 3:36).The only road to salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.Rejection of Him is the only path to Hell.

  • ″There is no other person who can save you″ (Acts 4:12, ESV).
  • What a blessing it is that our loving God would provide us with the opportunity to love Him back.
  • (The words and writings of the late Rev.

Bible, King James Version


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My heartfelt yearning and prayer to God for Israel is that they will be saved, my brothers and sisters.Because I have evidence that they have a God-given zeal, but not one that is based on understanding.For they have not surrendered themselves to the righteousness of God because they are ignorant about God’s righteousness and are attempting to establish their own righteousness in place of it.

Because Christ is the fulfillment of the law in terms of righteousness for everyone who believes in him.Because Moses describes the righteousness that is of the law, the man who does those things will live by the righteousness that he has described.However, the righteousness that is based on faith expresses itself in this way: Do not ask yourself in your heart, ″Who will rise into heaven?″ (i.e., to bring Christ down from the heavenly realms:) Alternatively, who will dive into the depths?It is necessary to raise Christ from the grave (in this case).But what exactly does it say?In fact, the word is near you, even in thy mouth and in thy heart: it is the word of faith, which we teach, that if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

  1. Because man believes in righteousness with his heart, and he confesses his faith in salvation with his tongue (Rom.
  2. 10:10).
  3. It is said in the scriptures that ″whoever believeth in him shall not be ashamed.″ Because there is no distinction between the Jew and the Greek, and because the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon him, there is no distinction between the two.
  4. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, regardless of their background.

So, how are they going to approach someone in whom they haven’t put their faith?and how are they supposed to believe in someone they have never heard of?And how will people hear if there isn’t a preacher present?And how else are they going to preach unless they are sent?According to the scriptures, ″How lovely are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace and deliver pleasant news of good things!″ However, not everyone has heeded the call of the gospel.

For Esaias cries out, ″Lord, who has trusted our report?″ he asks.As a result, faith comes via hearing, and hearing comes by hearing the word of God.But I ask, have they not heard what I’m saying?Yes, their sound resounded over the entire planet, and their words reached the farthest reaches of the globe.However, I question if Israel was aware of this.

  • In the first place, Moses declares, ″I will incite you to jealousy by those who are not a people, and I will irritate you by a stupid nation.″ Esaias, on the other hand, is audacious and declares, ″I was discovered by those who did not seek me; I was made plain to those who did not seek me.″ But to Israel, he declares, ″I have extended out my hands all day long to a rebellious and gainsaying nation.″

Faith Forum by Rajan Zed: Why do people lose their faith?

According to a survey issued by the Pew Research Center, ″Perhaps the most notable development in American religion in recent years has been the rising share of persons who do not identify with a religious group.″ Some people may lose faith because they disagree with religion teachings on contemporary concerns, or because the doctrine lacks convincing proof, doesn’t make sense to them any longer, or just does not add up to their standards of reasoning.Those who have experienced personal tragedy, unanswered prayers, the reality of natural catastrophes, illnesses, and evil, religious disputes created by religion, or the questionable morals of religious leaders and religious individuals, among other things, may become disillusioned.Another group claims that they despise organized religion and want to make their own judgments rather than following the dictates of others.

Others, though, become sidetracked by consumerism or discover that they are too busy to take part in the festivities.″I’m going to be totally fine,″ most people who choose to abandon their religious beliefs declare.Please don’t be concerned about me.″ We posed the following question to our panel of religious leaders from throughout the region: What causes people to abandon their faith?What they have to say is as follows:

People are caused to acquire or lose beliefs

Kenneth G.Lucey, emeritus professor of philosophy and religion at the University of Nevada, Reno Asking why individuals lose faith is not necessarily an acceptable question to ask, because it is possible that they never had faith in the first place.It’s the same of asking someone why they lost their pet frog when they’ve never had a pet frog.

In this context, ″having faith″ refers to having a firm believe in the existence of God (or gods).Generally speaking, people believe what their parents have taught them to believe.During my years as a philosophy professor at a community college, it was almost always the case that fewer than half of my students believed in God.Some students come to college with religious ideas that they have gained via their upbringing, but they lose those convictions as a consequence of numerous experiences along the road.It is possible that this is due to the absence of belief of individuals they meet, or to anti-theist arguments they may come across.I do not believe that people have free choice when it comes to their views; rather, I believe that they are compelled to acquire or lose ideas.

Numerous causes

Sherif A.Elfass is the president of the Northern Nevada Muslim Community.Religion has had an influence on and continues to have an impact on people’s lives in a variety of ways.

People lose or modify their religious beliefs for a variety of reasons, in my opinion.First, when individuals lose faith in the ability of religion to provide their spiritual needs, they are said to have ″fallen away from religion.″ These individuals are no longer content with the teachings of their religious tradition.The belief that following the principles of a religion is a burden is another reason why individuals abandon their religious practices.This is typically indicative of a lack of trust.The hypocrisy of some of the followers is a third factor that contributes to the situation.For example, murdering is not permitted in a religion, yet an elite member of the faith gets away with it without consequence.

  1. Alternatively, when a religious leader engages in sexual misconduct.
  2. In a fourth instance, some believe that the wickedness in this world is suggestive of a terrible God or that there is no God at all; this is still another indication of poor faith.

Lost and misplaced

Robert W.Chorey is the curia moderator and chancellor of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno in Nevada.Faith is the expectation of things that are not yet seen (Hebrews 11.1).

Some individuals misplace their faith rather than lose it, as if they were keys.When faith is placed somewhere else, it is forgotten about, and when it is needed, it is sought after.Others have purposely chosen to ignore it.Despair, wounds, and perceived aggression all contribute to people abandoning their religious beliefs.Nothing came to fruition in the way that was anticipated.Christians believe that God never loses trust in our ability to do good in the world.

  1. So even though we believe we have lost our faith, God continues to have trust in us.
  2. The Father’s concern for the world continues, and those who have faith are called upon to extend that concern to the rest of the world.
  3. This was done by Christ, and we, as his disciples, are carrying on his work.
  4. As Christians, our response should not be to judge, condemn, or accuse, but rather to be present, to support, and to love.

We extend to everybody the possibility of a future that has not yet been seen or envisaged.It is possible to find faith.

Not established

Reno Buddhist Center’s resident priest, Matthew T.Fisher, explains his vocation.When religion is founded on blind trust or hierarchical authority, it is possible for such confidence to be shattered when rational questions are presented.

As long as our trust is founded on repeatable and objective experience, our confidence will rise whenever a difficulty is successfully overcome.True faith is the result of the Universe’s Wisdom and Compassion at work; as a result, once it has been established, it cannot be shaken.Despite the fact that we may perceive it as ″our ownership,″ all religion is the same religion.It was the Buddha who said it best in the Kalama Sutra: ″Don’t trust something merely because I say it, (or) something that has been regarded to be historically true.″ ″Believe in reality based on your personal experience.″ Buddhist Shradha, also known as faith, is self-assurance.″Shradha″ is a Sanskrit word that meaning ″to place the heart upon,″ thus we put our heart into it.Similarly, when we have confidence in the teacher, faith in the practice, and belief in our fellow practitioners in the community, we give our complete attention to the practice of the Dharma.

Many reasons

Ryan J.Earl is the assistant area public relations director for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Our faith or spiritual strength can be eroded for many of the same reasons that we lose physical strength.

Although there are limitations to the comparison between spiritual and physical power, the parallel provides several insights.In the same way physical strength is a gift given to us in varied degrees, faith is a spiritual talent given to us in varying degrees that needs some to work harder than others to acquire and retain (see Luke 8).Atrophy: When we are inconsistent or disingenuous in our prayers, studies, and other spiritually nourishing activities, we lose trust in ourselves and in God.Failure to make a personal investment: Many have stated that individuals leave churches for the same reason that they leave their beds: they were never seated far enough in the sanctuary.Personal sin or the sins of others, as well as life events or experiences in general, have the potential to hurt our faith to varied degrees.These injuries necessitate the use of spiritual physicians on occasion and require time and nursing in order to recover.

It only takes one event

Brian E.Melendez is a scholar of American Indian spirituality who lives in California.A person’s desire to be close to Spirit is entirely up to them, and it is their decision whether or not to pursue such a connection from a tribal standpoint.

The beliefs, rituals, and practices of many tribal cultures have been preserved in places where their people may easily access them, and a large number of children are raised according to these traditions as a result.In the same way, many indigenous tribes do not make their belongings widely available.Having access to ritual does not automatically imply that a person will adhere to a certain belief system or religious faith.When it comes to tribal cultures, individuals prefer to build their beliefs around the same three elements again and over again: a person (spiritual leader), a place (sacred area), and a thing (holy object) (ceremony).Unfortunately, our belief systems can be tainted by human error, unreasonable circumstances, and inconsistent measurements — for example, an event occurred that was completely incompatible with a person’s spiritual constitution, and as a result, they were completely disinclined to participate in the event in the future…

Searching for authenticity

Mikayla S.Dunfee is the canon for education at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in New York City.As a millennial, I am well aware that my generation is fascinated with real and one-of-a-kind experiences…

however it is not the case with organized religion.It appears that the gifts of religion communities may be found in other places.Interest-based groups, pubs, and the internet are all good places to find fellowship.Such communities can also be sources of inspiration and life guidance.We were moulded by the youth organizations and confirmation courses that stopped when we reached the age of majority with the words, ″OK, well…you take it from here.″ The ability to explore is an essential aspect of development, but so are meaningful interactions with role models, which are also essential.

  1. Perhaps young people have little interest in attending church because no one in the church has shown an interest in them…
  2. In the worst case scenario, no one ever really showed them what it means to live a joyous unselfish life in the religion.
  3. To which I respond: ″Friends, don’t fall for false prophets!″ But, more importantly, don’t give up on us just yet…
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G-d is often hidden

ElizaBeth Webb Beyer is a rabbi of Temple Emanu-El.Beth Ornamental Plants According to the Bible, anytime we live a ″easy life,″ people have a tendency to walk away from us (Deuteronomy 32:15).Perhaps it is the rise of consumerism, a lack of discipline, and a concern with pleasure that are eroding faith in society.

For Jews, the Holocaust was a significant test of their religious beliefs.Some people couldn’t believe that G-d would allow such wickedness to take place.″How could that happen if G-d is merciful?″ they inquired of G-d.People who lose their religion may experience a shattering emotional blow that causes them to rethink their whole existence.Others may have viewed their relationship with G-d as an unwelcome responsibility when they were growing up.Disobeying G-d is tantamount to disobeying parental orders.

  1. Others, on the other hand, may have been instructed that the Bible is always historically accurate.
  2. They were never taught how to decipher complex sentences with numerous levels and various meanings.
  3. G-d is frequently difficult to find.
  4. Even for those who search, G-d might appear to be elusive from time to time.

G-d, on the other hand, is ever-present, especially when circumstances are at their darkest.

Hearts grow cold

Presiding priest of St.Anthony Greek Orthodox Church, Reverend Stephen R.Karcher Faith, like love, is an element that helps to bring people together in their relationships.

And we lose trust, just as we lose love, for a variety of reasons.Misunderstandings, personality problems, terrible circumstances, harsh treatment, and our own ignorance are just a few examples of how we might suffer a loss.All of us will suffer periods of spiritual weakness or periods of faith loss at some point in our lives; after all, spirituality, like anything else, has its ups and downs.The problem is that some people hang on to their religion and work to restore it, while others simply let it go.Faith, according to the Lord, is like a seed that requires excellent soil and care in order to germinate.Otherwise, the seed will not take root.

  1. A same care must be given to our spirits; otherwise, faith would be unable to take root, and then anyone and everything will be able to steal it from our hearts.
  2. To keep our faith from fading away, we must put up determined, consistent, and continuous effort to develop in our love for God.

Not the easiest path

Nancy Lee Cecil is a Baha’i educator.There are a plethora of reasons why people choose to abandon their religious beliefs.However, in my opinion, there are three major concerns to consider.

Often, maintaining the lifestyle is difficult.As most faiths require, it is difficult to be patient, kind, and forgiving in all situations, which is a difficult task.More importantly, some people believe that if a religion has stringent social regulations, it is simpler to do whatever one wants.The Baha’i Faith, for example, mandates that one recognize his or her own inadequacy and submit to an authority higher than one’s own will.Some people are allowed to wander by God in order to learn some crucial lessons and conduct some independent investigations of truth, but they will subsequently be brought back into the fold (as happened to me!) in other circumstances.When awful things happen (such as illnesses that kill millions of children or tsunamis), some people blame God and so turn away from him.

  1. It is difficult to believe that God has purposes for which we will never understand.

The priority of foundational faith

Bryan J.Smith is the co-pastor of Summit Christian Church in Sparks, Nevada.In Matthew 13, Jesus is delivering a lecture to an agrarian culture on the many sorts of soil.

The state of our hearts and our reaction to God are represented by the soils of our lives.It is God’s word that falls on stony hearts — on individuals who have never had faith and who do not respond to it.Next comes rich soil, which is made up of willing hearts that are growing in their faith.The other two examples, rough soil and weed-infested soil, reflect individuals who begin a journey of faith but eventually give up and abandon it.Jesus warns us that a weak faith that is rooted in stony soil will not persist for very long.Faith that is in competition with other priorities in our lives will not stay long, either.

  1. Faith in Christ is not an afterthought to our life, nor is it something we come to when we are in need.
  2. It needs to be at the center of our life, the basis upon which we build our businesses.
  3. Anything less will result in a religion that is only superficial or shallow, and it will not stay long.
  4. The theme for next week is: Should we be afraid of God?

Faith Forum is a weekly conversation on religion hosted by religious leader Rajan Zed and presented by the Religious Freedom Foundation.If you have any questions or comments, you may send them to [email protected] or on Twitter @rajanzed.

25 Bible Verses About Beautiful Feet (KJV) – RANKED

This is a manually compiled and sorted list of the most important Bible passages on the subject of Beautiful Feet (KJV). The order of the verses is determined by the number of votes received.

Isaiah 52:7

7 He who brings good tidings and publishes peace, as well as he who brings good tidings of good and publishes salvation, as well as he who says to Zion, ″Thy God reigns,″ are both magnificent on the heights. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Romans 10:15

15 And how else are they going to preach unless they are sent? According to the scriptures, ″How lovely are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace and deliver pleasant news of good things!″ Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Nahum 1:15

15 Look, upon the mountains, you will see the feet of him who brings good news and proclaims peace! Keep thy solemn feasts and fulfill thy vows, O Judah, because the wicked will no longer pass through thee; he has been completely cut off from the world. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Psalm 119:105

105 I see thy word as a candle to my feet and a light to guide me along my way. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Ephesians 6:15

Moreover, your feet will be prepared with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Bible Portal

Romans 10:13-15

Because whomever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.13 14 How, therefore, are they to call on him in whom they have not placed their trust?and how are they supposed to believe in someone they have never heard of?

And how will people hear if there isn’t a preacher present?15 And how else are they going to preach unless they are sent?According to the scriptures, ″How lovely are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace and deliver pleasant news of good things!″ Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Hebrews 12:13

13 And establish straight paths for your feet, so that whatever is lame will not be turned out of the road, but will instead be cured by your feet. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Isaiah 52:1-15

The time has come for Zion to rise and shine; for Jerusalem, the holy city, to put on thy lovely robes, because from this day on, the uncircumcised and the unclean will no longer be permitted to come into thee.2 Shake yourself free from the dust; rise and take a seat, O Jerusalem; free thyself from the shackles that bind thee, O captive daughter of Zion.Three reasons for this: You have sold yourself for nothing, and you will be redeemed without the use of money, says the LORD.

(4) For thus declares the Lord GOD: My people had already gone down to Egypt to sojourn there, and the Assyrians tormented them without any reason at the time.5 As a result, what do I have here, asks the LORD, that my people has been dragged away for nothing?They are made to wail by those who reign over them, declares the LORD, and my name is blasphemed continuously and on a daily basis.6 As a result, my people will recognize my name; as a result, they will recognize in that day that I am the one who speaks: for behold, it is I.Seven: How lovely are the feet of him who brings good tidings and brings peace to the earth; who brings good tidings of good and brings salvation to the people of Zion; who proclaims to Zion, ″Thy God reigneth!″ 8 Thy watchmen will raise their voices in unison, and they will sing with one voice: for they will see eye to eye when the LORD brings Zion back to life.The LORD has relieved his people and he has reclaimed Jerusalem, so let us rejoice and sing together, you wretched waste lands of Jerusalem.

  1. 10 The LORD has made his holy arm visible in the eyes of all the nations, and the salvation of our God will be seen to the ends of the world.
  2. Those who carry the vessels of the LORD must be pure; they must not come into contact with anything unclean.
  3. 11 Leave, depart, go ye out from there, touching nothing filthy; go out from among them.
  4. For you shall not rush out nor flee; for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your recompense.

13 Behold, my servant will behave well, and he will be exalted and extolled, and he will be exalted and extolled, and he will be exalted and extolled, and he will be exalted and extolled.14 As many people were taken aback by thee; his face had been disfigured more than any other man’s, and his body had been marred more than the sons of men: 15 As a result, he will sprinkle many countries, and the kings will stop their jaws when they see him, for they will see and contemplate what they have not been told, and what they have not heard.Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Isaiah 61:1

L The Holy Spirit is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has dispatched me to comfort the bereaved, proclaim freedom to the prisoners, and the opening of prison doors to those who are imprisoned. l Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Isaiah 59:7

7 In haste, they rush to do evil and shed innocent blood; their thoughts are filled with wickedness, and waste and disaster await them. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Proverbs 6:18

The devil has a heart that devises wicked fantasies, and feet that are fast in running away from justice. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Romans 10:13

13 Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, regardless of their background. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Proverbs 4:26

13 Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be rescued, regardless of their background or religious affiliation. Gateway to the Scriptures

Psalm 110:1

My Lord was instructed by the LORD to sit at his right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Psalm 56:13

13 After all, thou hast freed my soul from death; would not thou, in turn, keep my feet from tumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life? Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Psalm 17:5

5 Keep my steps on thy routes steady so that they do not swerve off course. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Psalm 44:18

5 Keep my steps steady on thy pathways, so that they do not swerve. Gateway to the Scriptures

Psalm 36:11

11 Do not let the foot of pride come up against me, and do not let the hand of the wicked take me from my position of strength. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Genesis 18:4

4 Allow a little water to be brought to you, I beg you, and wash your feet before you retire to the shade of the tree: Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Mark 16:15

15 Afterwards, Jesus told them to go throughout all the world and preach the gospel to every creature they came across. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Matthew 5:35

35 Neither by the earth, since it is his footstool, nor by Jerusalem, because it is the city of the mighty King. Nor by any other thing. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

John 3:16-17

16,17,18,19 For God so loved the world that he gave his only born Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17 Because God did not send his Son into the world in order to condemn the world, but in order that the world could be saved through him. Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

Isaiah 40:9

Get up on high mountain, Zion, who brings good news; and Jerusalem, who brings good news; raise up thy voice with strength; hoist it up, and do not be frightened; say to the towns of Judah, Behold your God! Bible Gateway is a website that provides access to the Bible.

1 Samuel 2:9

9 He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked will be silent in the

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