How To Make Jesus Happy?

How Can Jesus Make me Happy?

Total forgiveness, complete belonging, complete acceptance, complete cleaning of your conscience, and complete security are all possible.Jesus provides you the opportunity to have a personal connection with God and be adopted into His family.No longer divided, but forever joined in perfect love with God across all of time and space.He provides you with eternal hope as well as entrance to Heaven.

He provides you with genuine enjoyment that no one else can take away from you.His ability to provide you this is due to the fact that He came from Heaven and was absolutely pure and free from all sin.The punishment for all of your sins (wrong thoughts and acts) was taken away from you when He died on the cross in your place.When you believe that He has done this for you, and when you ask Him to be the Lord of your life, you will receive His perfection, which is the gift of adoption into God’s family, as a result of your faith.The most incredible exchange takes place when you exchange your faults, humiliation, and regrets for his perfection and purity.

Your acceptance of His pardon and acceptance of Him as your Lord and Saviour marks the beginning of this process.No one else can provide you with this since He is the only person who has ever existed who is completely free of sin.

How can I make Jesus happy?

It’s a really straightforward process.″Have faith in Him″ and ″accept Him into your life as your God″ are two key phrases.Make the decision to love Him in the same manner that He loves you.Accept His guidance and allow Him to direct you towards the proper way of living.

He has a lot of excellent things in store for you.You may begin your new life with Him right now by pleading with Him to forgive you of all your wrongs and trusting that He alone is capable of making you pure, guiltless, and flawless in His eyes.Through faith, you may know that God loves you entirely and completely embraces you into his pure and perfect love.You may be certain that Jesus paid the price for your sins (wrongs) and provided you with His perfection.By placing your faith in Jesus, you are made as acceptable to God as Jesus is!

Please say this prayer from the bottom of your heart.″Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me and dying on the cross to pay the price for my sin.Allow me to ask for forgiveness for all of my transgressions, and I thus acknowledge you as my God and cleanser.Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I can be immersed in your pure love and live the life that you have planned for me to the fullest extent possible.Please accept my gratitude for taking me into your family as your kid.″ When you pray this prayer, please take the time to email us so that we can join you in your celebration!

I want Jesus to make a difference in my life.I have a couple of additional inquiries…

5 Ways You Can Make God Happy

It is possible that we will receive compensation from the items or companies referenced in this post.Because I am an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make eligible purchases.For further information, please see our Terms and Disclosures.Have you ever paused to consider what it means to be a woman after God’s own heart?

If not, now is the time to do so.In order to satisfy God?Have you ever pondered how you could make God pleased?Yes, I have.If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, I’m a bit of a people-pleaser.

I may march to the beat of my own drum and refuse to conform in order to fit in with the crowd, but I actually like seeing the smiles on the faces of the individuals I care about the most.And God is included in this.It caught me off guard when I came across 1 Kings 9:4 in my devotions this morning.In exchange for living ″with integrity of heart and uprightness,″ God promised Solomon that his throne would be established for all time if he lived like his father (King David) did.Please, hold on a sec.

David lusted for a married lady, brought her into his castle and claimed her as his own, covered up the fact that she was pregnant by another man, and then had her husband dead in a war so that he would not be aware of the situation.But he was a man of integrity, wasn’t he?Did you walk with your shoulders back?Clearly, I’m missing out on something important.Perhaps it has nothing to do with what he did.Perhaps it has more to do with who he was.

After all, David was deemed by God to be a man after God’s own heart, and he has lived up to that designation (1 Sam 13:14, Acts 13:22).David was well-versed in the art of pleasing God.What does this mean for you and me, specifically?Is it possible for us to learn how to make God pleased as well?Not only are we capable of pleasing our Father, but we should desire to do so.According to 2 Corinthians 5:9, we should make it our mission to please Him!

You Can’t Earn Salvation

The importance of laying forth basic Biblical truths concerning salvation cannot be overstated before we proceed any further.You will never be able to gain salvation via your own efforts.No one of us will ever be good enough to merit an eternity in the presence of the Almighty.Rather being something we accomplish, salvation is something we receive as a gift from God.

Learning how to make God pleased and putting those skills into practice?It is a present that we give to God, one that is born of love and thanks.It is not a method of obtaining salvation.Each and every one of us is a sinner and falls short of God’s expectations, as stated in Romans 3:20-23.According to Romans 6:23, the only thing we can expect as a result of our acts is death.

Don’t you think that sounds gloomy and depressing?However, there is still hope!The book of Ephesians 2:4-5 informs us that this is not the conclusion of the narrative.God’s compassion and love rescued us from death and brought us into life via the gift of salvation that we get by trust in His grace, not through our own efforts, so that none of us may take pride in our achievements.The fact is, it has absolutely nothing to do with us and everything to do with Him.

And this is the proof that God has given us everlasting life, and that this life is found in Jesus Christ.Whoever believes in the Son of God has eternal life; whoever does not believe in the Son of God does not have eternal life.1 ESV translation of Jn 5:11-12.″I am the resurrection and the life,″ Jesus declared to her.Whoever believes in me will live, even if he or she perishes in the process.ESV translation of John 11:25 For the purpose of ensuring that, just as sin reigned in death, grace may reign in righteousness, resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

ESV translation of Romans 5:21 In order to fulfill the will of my Father, I will raise him up on the last day in order that everyone who looks at the Son and believes in him may have everlasting life.ESV translation of John 6:40 Due to God’s great love for the world, he sent his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.Jn 3:16, New International Version It was only for this purpose that I was granted mercy: so that in me, as the first among equals, Jesus Christ might demonstrate his perfect patience as an example to others who were to believe in him for eternal life.1 Timothy 1:16, English Standard Version

Let’s recap what Scripture says about us and God:

  • Each and every one of us is a miserable sinner.
  • Death is the only thing we can expect as a result of our activities.
  • In His mercy and love, God is so powerful that He can lift us out of death and into life.
  • He does this via the completed work of Christ on the cross
  • The moment we place our faith in Jesus, we are granted salvation and eternal life.

Is it really possible to satisfy Him in the first place? Is there a book anywhere that informs us how to make God pleased so that we might follow its instructions? View this debate between Tim Keller and John Piper about this topic for further information.

Yes, You Can Make God Happy

The Bible provides us with all of the information we require!Did you know that the Bible contains instructions on how to satisfy God and live a life that pleases Him?In those words, I hadn’t given it much thought until I began investigating how David could possibly have been a man after God’s own heart in the midst of all of his enormous failures and blatantly selfish decisions.But, sure enough, the Bible teaches us that it is a distinct possibility.

Finally, brothers, we ask and encourage you in the name of the Lord Jesus that, as you have learned from us how to walk and please God, just as you are doing now, you continue to do so in greater and greater numbers as well.1 ESV translation of Thessalonians 4:1.And it is impossible to satisfy God if one does not have faith, for anybody who wishes to get near to God must believe that he exists and that those who seek him will be rewarded.Hebrews 11:6, English Standard Version The Lord, on the other hand, delights in people who fear him and who place their faith in his unfailing love.Psalm 147:11 (English Standard Version) As a result, we may infer that we can walk in a way that pleases God, and that way is via obedience to Him, coming near to Him by our faith in Him, honoring (fearing) Him, and placing our trust in Him rather than in ourselves.

What does it look like as we walk it out the front door?What does my life look like when I’m able to provide an answer to the topic of how to please God?

How to Make God Happy

We make God happy when we obey Him.

In the same way that David prayed for insight when reading the Bible, we may pray for the ability to perform what the Bible commands.To put it another way, we are children who follow our Father’s commands.If God instructs us to anything in the Word, we should put it into practice in our everyday lives.Please grant me patience so that I may uphold your law and respect it with my wholehearted devotion.

(Psalm 119:34, English Standard Version) As you can see, obedience is preferable than sacrifice.1 Samuel 15:22 (NIV)

We make God happy when we repent from our sins with a heart that is humble.

Through genuine repentance when we sin, we might follow David’s example and become women after God’s own heart.In place of putting sin to the side and making excuses for it (″I was so tired″ or ″The kids have been so horrible today I couldn’t stop myself from shouting″ or ″It’s really not that big of a problem″…), we should identify sin for what it is and weep over it in our hearts.Because you would not enjoy in sacrifice, or I would offer it; you will not relish in a burned offering, or I would offer it.Those who offer sacrifices to God are those who are crushed in spirit; with a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not disdain them.

Psalm 51:16-17 (KJV) Please, for the sake of your name, O Lord, forgive me for my sin, which is tremendous.Psalm 25:11 is a passage of scripture that describes a relationship between a father and his son.

We make God happy when we draw near to Him.

Drawing close to God is a priceless experience.We must purposefully cry out to Him, get close to Him, and allow Him to overwhelm us in our need for Him.By doing so, we will increase our conviction that He hears us (after all, how can He answer our pleas if we do not scream out?) and that He is there.Furthermore, that He fulfills His promises (how can we be sure He fulfills His promises if we do not study His Word and pray for Him to do so?) Blessed is the one you chose and bring close to you so that they may live in your courts!

We will be completely happy with the quality of your home and the purity of your temple!!(See Psalm 65:4) All who call on the name of the Lord will find him near, especially those who call on him in sincerity.(See Psalm 145:18.) Psalm 65:4 (KJV) All who call on the name of the Lord will find him near, especially those who call on him in sincerity.Psalm 145:18 (KJV)

We make God happy when we honor Him.

Most of the time, we remember the Scriptures that tell us to be God’s friend and to approach Him with confidence, but we forget that we must also adore Him.We lose sight of what a magnificent and holy God He is.The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, and those who exercise it have a clear grasp of the Scriptures.His adoration will last forever!

111:10 (Psalm 111:10) As you can see, the Lord’s gaze is fixed on those who fear him and on those who place their trust in his unfailing love.Psalm 33:18 (KJV) Another thing to keep in mind is that God is not a genie in a bottle; He is not there to fulfill us our desires on a consistent basis, but rather to establish a relationship with us via His Word.

We make God happy when we put our hope and trust in Him.

The ability to achieve things in one’s own power and rely only on one’s own intelligence is quite appealing.It’s possible that we don’t even aware we’re doing it.David, on the other hand, demonstrates how crucial it is to put our confidence in God; a woman after God’s own heart places her trust in the Lord.I placed my faith in you, LORD my God, and I am thankful.

(See Psalm 25:1) Blessed is the man who puts his confidence in the Lord, who does not turn to the haughty or to those who are led astray by a falsehood!Psalm 40:4 (KJV) We pray that you may be rewarded and encouraged as you rest in His grace, knowing that you cannot earn your salvation, but that you can offer Him pleasure by your actions.

Which scriptures tells us that Jesus laughed or was happy?

10:21 (Luke 10:21) On the same day, Jesus expressed his gratitude to the Father via the Holy Spirit, saying, ″I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have concealed these things from the wise and intelligent and revealed them to young children.″ Yes, Father, since it was your kind will that this should happen.The wisdom, beauty, and kindness of God are all being celebrated by Jesus, and it was impossible for Him not to grin as He said those words.He certainly had a grin on His face as He celebrated.However, Jesus responded, ″Let the small children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like them.″ Matthew 19:14 If He was simply sitting there miserable and dismal, it’s hard to image Him hugging tiny children.

12:2 (Hebrews 12:2) Consider Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the humiliation, and has been placed at the right hand of the throne of God.When Jesus contemplated what was to come, it’s likely that He cracked a smile quite a few times as well.The salvation of a soul causes enormous delight in heaven, and one may suppose that Jesus was able to witness the fruit of His suffering as a source of great joy.We also know from the Scriptures that Jesus had a deep affection for His followers, particularly for John, as well as for Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, among other people.Our experience has shown us that when we are around people we care about the most here on Earth, such as our spouse, our children and other family members and friends, we are at our happiest and cannot help but smile.

To depict action or expression, the Bible does not employ contemporary storytelling methods.Reading the Bible, we would not come across any descriptions of Abraham or Paul or Peter having a good chuckle on their faces.We can’t think of a single verse in the Bible that says, ″When Isaac saw his lovely wife emerge from the tent, he couldn’t help but grin.″ It just doesn’t happen like that.While such phrases aid in the creation of an image, they are also a result of our contemporary concern with appearance.

We know Isaac adored his wife, and we may presume that, as a human being, he smiled at her when he saw her.We don’t need to be reminded of it.In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: Our species, which is the only one in nature that enjoys a good laugh, is almost universally endowed with a sense of humor.The rocks, the plants, the creatures, and the birds don’t do anything foolish, and they don’t show any signs of having a notion of anything silly being done in their presence.And just as the lower nature is not amused, neither is the greatest nature.The Reason expresses its omniscient yay and no, but it never gets involved with degrees or fractions; and it is in the comparison of fractions with vital integers or wholes that the laughing begins to bubble up from inside.

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As a result, the Bible shows Jesus’ divinity as a result of this.

What Makes Jesus Happy?

The pursuit of happiness is frequently seen as the ultimate objective in life.So many people believe that because Jesus was a flawless human being, he must have been a highly contented guy.However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jesus appear to be content in Scripture.To be honest, I can only think of two instances in the gospels where Jesus is characterized as being joyful.

One of such instances is seen in John 11:15, when Jesus expresses his delight that he was not present to save Lazarus so that the disciples might witness God’s rescuing power in action via Jesus.The other instance in which Jesus is joyful is reported in Luke 10:21, when He was filled with the Holy Spirit and exclaimed, ″I worship You, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have concealed these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to children.″ ″Yes, Father, for this path was agreeable to You in every way.″ In order to grasp what it is that makes Jesus joyful, I believe Luke 10:21 is a crucial verse to consider.There are three critical concerns that must be addressed by the text in its entirety.(1) Who are the wise and clever people in the world?(2) What is it that the wise and knowledgeable are not aware of?

(3) What is it about this that makes Jesus happy?

Who are the wise and intelligent?

Being knowledgeable and educated is not intrinsically evil in and of itself.The book of Proverbs has a lot to say on the pursuit of wisdom (cf.Prov 4:7).Further, in Matthew 22:34, Jesus declares that He will send intelligent men and prophets to teach to the Jewish people, but that they will be scourged and murdered if they do not do so.

Daniel himself was a wise man in the Old Testament, and he was praised for it.So being knowledgeable and educated does not imply that one is innately incorrect.In fact, the believer is obligated to demonstrate knowledge and maturity (cf.1 Cor 14:20).The clever and intellectual people described in Luke 10:21, on the other hand, are merely smart and intelligent by the standards of the world.

In this context, it undoubtedly refers to the Jewish scribes and Pharisees, men who were respected for their grasp of the Law and their ability to communicate it effectively.Later, in 1 Corinthians 1:20-25, Paul makes a similar argument, stating that the wisdom of both the Jew and the Gentile is insufficient in contrast to the wisdom of God.So, in this context, what makes Jesus delighted is that individuals who are clever and educated by the standards of the world are unable to discover anything that is concealed.

What is hidden from the wise and intelligent?

Jesus is pleased because something is concealed, but what exactly is concealed in verse 21?10:22 (Luke 10:22) This question is answered by Jesus.This is the secret that only people who are knowledgeable and clever know about Jesus: his actual identity.Coming to know Jesus and the Father is not something that can be accomplished via human knowledge or intelligence.

This is comparable to Jesus’ remark in John 6:44, ″No one can come to Me except the Father who sent Me pulls him,″ which means, ″No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me attracts him.″ Coming to faith in Jesus is only possible as a result of God’s sovereign action in our lives.One cannot come to Jesus on his or her own initiative or with their own volition.Jesus is overjoyed by this!

Why does this make Jesus happy?

What is it about this that makes Jesus happy?In my opinion, he is content because the acclaim and credit have been properly assigned—not to human effort or performance, but to a sovereign God who grants sight to the blind.When I was younger, I used to take great pride in my accomplishments.″Let him who boasts boast in the Lord,″ my mother used to say to me all the time.

I’m not sure I’ve grasped the significance of this lesson yet, but Luke 10:21 serves as a timely reminder that we have no need to be proud of our connection with God.The Bible makes it plain that receiving the gospel message is difficult (cf.1 Cor 1:18).Except for those who have had their eyes opened by God, no one would ever accept the gospel and devote their lives to Christ (cf.John 6:44).

God’s sovereign love, not human understanding and intelligence, is the way by which we can come to redemption.As a result, we agree with Paul when he says, ″Let anyone who boasts, boast in the Lord″ (1 Cor 1:31).Unsplash photo by Luca Upper used with permission.

What Makes Jesus Happy?, Part 1: Revealing Himself to Us

I happened to come upon an art show named ″Jesus Laughing″ a few weeks ago and decided to check it out.A total of 60 paintings, sketches and papercuts from sixteen different nations are included in the exhibition.According to Sir Maxwell Macleod, one of the project’s founders, the goal of the initiative is to demonstrate that ″Jesus was a lively, vibrant guy, rather than the unhappy man in a nighty with a plate affixed to his head″ who is so often shown in art.Those engaged in the initiative wish to underline that Jesus came to bring joy to the world, not to make us unhappy, guilt-ridden wrecks, or to keep our thoughts continually focused on suffering as others have suggested.

As a continuation of the ″Happy Jesus″ series, I’d like to pose the question, ″What makes Jesus happy?″ as a follow-up.What are some of the things about which he has a grin on his face and continues to have a smile on his face today?What exactly does Jesus take pleasure in?I’d want to offer a few of the many possible responses to this question over the course of the next week or two, drawing on the ″Jesus Laughing″ pieces as illustrations where appropriate.I’ll start with an episode that has a personal resonance for me, and one that I’ve discussed before in a prior article on ″Doubting Thomas.″ Nit Ketut Ayu is a Nit Ketut Ayu.

Sri Wardani’s ″Come, See, and Believe,″ which premiered in 2007 in Den Pasar in Bali, Indonesia ″data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ data-small-file=″ title=″Jesus Laughing Come, See, and Believe″ description=″Jesus Laughing Come, See, and Believe″ Jesus is giggling in this image.src=″ srcset=″ 336w,118w,236w″ src=″ srcset=″ 336w,118w,236w″ src=″ srcset=″ 336w,118w,236w″″ Nit Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani’s ″Come, See, and Believe,″ published in 2007.sizes=″(max-width: 336px) 100vw, 336px″> (Den Pasar, Bali, Indonesia) In presenting himself to us, Jesus takes great pleasure in doing so in a way that is authentic and personal, as well as adapted to our specific style of knowing and embracing him.The disciple Thomas needed to witness the resurrected Jesus in person before he could proclaim confidence in him as the Messiah, according to tradition.A gorgeous sunset, an inner prompting of shame or moral responsibility, a passage of Scripture, or a dream or vision may be more persuasive to some people than a beautiful sunset.

Whatever our preferred mode of contact, if we are sincere in our search, Jesus will show himself to us.And it gives him great pleasure to do so.Even when we are not actively looking for him, he continues to communicate in a general manner and is pleased when we allow ourselves to be receptive to his voice.But, perhaps most importantly, it makes him pleased when we react, as Thomas did, by proclaiming faith in him and dedicating our lives to the better understanding and dissemination of his truth.I’ll leave you with a chapter from the Bible, Philippians 3:10-16.Even if the lines were written by Paul (who himself had a profoundly genuine and direct revelation), it might be helpful if you read them in the context of Wardani’s painting (in a Thomarist framework), and then consider adopting Paul’s objective for yourself: To know Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be a part of his sufferings, to become like him in his death, and to somehow aspire to the resurrection from the dead are the things I desire most.

It is not that I have already achieved all of everything or that I have already reached perfection, but I continue to press on in order to grasp that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.Brothers, I do not consider myself to have fully grasped the concept at this point.But there is one thing I do: I push on toward the goal, forgetting what has gone before and straining for what lies ahead, in order to gain the prize for which God has called me heavenward through Jesus Christ.Such a point of view should be held by all of us who are of sound mind.And if you have a different point of view on something, God will make it obvious to you as well.What exactly is this ″reward″ that Paul is referring to?

It is coming to know Jesus in all of his richness and grandeur.This entails not merely accepting his suffering, death, and resurrection, but also directly experiencing these events as they occur.Touching the nail prints, but then taking it a step further and associating with them in your own life is a great feeling.If you know Jesus, you may claim his authority over sin and death, you can claim his joy even in the midst of pain, and you can look forward to the beautiful resurrection of your body and soul in the presence of God.What makes Jesus happiest is when he can show to us his magnificence while also including us into it.

What the Bible Says about Pleasing God

″How can I make God happy?″ you might wonder.According to the surface, this appears to be a question that you could ask yourself just before Christmas: ″What do you gift the person who has everything?″ God, who created and controls the entire world, doesn’t actually require anything from us, but we’re talking about a relationship here.We desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, and God desires the same thing for us.God’s will was revealed to us via Jesus Christ: Jesus responded in the following way: ″God commands us to love the Lord our God ″with all our hearts, with all our souls,″ and ″with all our minds.″ This is the very first and most important commandment.

″Love your neighbor as you love yourself,″ says the second commandment.″ (Matthew 22:37-39, New International Version)

Please God by Loving Him

Attempts to use the phrase ″on again, off again″ will not suffice.Neither will a lukewarm relationship.God desires our entire being, including our heart, soul, and mind.Your thoughts are almost certainly always occupied with someone you’ve fallen in love with in the past.

You couldn’t seem to get them out of your head, but you didn’t want to bother trying either.When you are deeply in love with someone, you pour your entire existence into it, right down to your own soul.That was David’s attitude toward God.David had been devoured by God and was deeply in love with his heavenly Father.In the Psalms, you will find David pouring out his heart, unafraid of his affections for this big God: ″I love you, O Lord, my strength,″ he says, expressing his sentiments for this mighty God.

As a result, I will shout your praises throughout the world, O Lord; I will sing your praises in the streets.(Psalm 18:1, 49, New International Version) David was a horrible sinner from time to time.Despite the fact that we all sin, God referred to David as ″a man after my own heart.″ David’s devotion to God was sincere and unfeigned.We demonstrate our devotion to God by following his Commandments, although we all do mediocrely in this regard.God considers our poor attempts to be acts of love, just as parents regard a child’s primitive crayon painting of them as a gesture of love.

God, according to the Bible, looks into our hearts to determine the sincerity of our intentions.God is pleased by our unselfish desire to love and serve him.When two individuals are in love, they will take advantage of any opportunity to spend time together as they enjoy getting to know one another.Spending time in God’s presence – listening for his voice, thanking and praising him, or reading and meditating his Word — is the same way that we demonstrate our love for him.You also make God happy by the way you respond to his responses to your prayer requests.People who place a higher value on the gift than on the Giver are self-centered.

Your attitude is spiritually mature if, on the other hand, you accept God’s will as being good and right, regardless of how it seems.

Please God by Loving Others

God invites us to love one another, which can be difficult at times.Everyone you come into contact with is unlovable.In fact, there are those people who are simply evil.What makes you think you can love them?

″Love your neighbor as yourself″ is the key to success in life.You are not without flaws.You will never be able to achieve perfection.Despite the fact that you are aware of your flaws, God tells you to love yourself.In the same way that you can love yourself despite your flaws, you may love your neighbor in spite of his or her flaws as well.

You can make an effort to perceive people as God sees them, if possible.You can search for their positive characteristics, just like God does.Once again, Jesus serves as a model for how to love others.He was unimpressed by wealth or physical attractiveness.He had a soft spot for lepers, the impoverished, the blind, the wealthy, and the enraged.

Tax collectors and prostitutes were among the individuals he admired for their tremendous sinfulness.He feels the same way about you.’By your love for one another, all mankind will know that you are my followers,’ says the Lord.(John 13:35, New International Version) We cannot be followers of Christ while yet being haters.These two things do not go together at all.It is necessary to be drastically distinct from the rest of the world in order to make God pleased.

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Despite the fact that our emotions may tempt us to do otherwise, Jesus’ disciples are obligated to love and forgive one another.

Please God by Loving Yourself

A shockingly big proportion of Christians are unloving of their own self.They consider it a source of pride to believe that they are worthy.In the event that you were reared in a culture where humility was commended and pride was considered a sin, keep in mind that your worth is derived not from your appearance or your accomplishments, but rather from the fact that God loves you sincerely.You can delight in the fact that God has chosen you to be his child.

Nothing will ever be able to separate you from his devotion.When you have a healthy love for yourself, you will treat yourself with respect and compassion.When you make a mistake, you don’t punish yourself; instead, you forgive yourself and move on.You are conscientious about your health.Because of Jesus’ death on the cross, you have a future full with hope.

It is no little undertaking to please God by loving him, your neighbor, and yourself.It will push you to your limits and require you to dedicate the rest of your life to learning how to do it properly, but it is the highest calling that anybody can have.

What Makes God Smile?

The Purpose Driven Life Series is a collection of books about living a life driven by a higher purpose.Numbers 6:25 — May the LORD be pleased with you….The purpose of your life is to see the grin of God on your face.Due to the fact that pleasing God is the primary goal of your life, the most essential duty you have is to figure out how to accomplish that goal.

According to the Bible, ″Determine what would satisfy Christ, and then do it.″ Fortunately, the Bible provides us with a clear example of how to live a life that pleases the Almighty.At the time of Noah’s birth, the entire world had fallen into moral bankruptcy.Everyone lived solely for their own pleasure, rather than for the joy of God.God was disappointed that he couldn’t find anyone on earth who was interested in pleasing him, and he expressed remorse for having created man.God felt so angry with the human race that he contemplated wiping it from the face of the planet.

However, there was one individual who made God grin.″Noah was a joy to the Lord,″ according to the Bible.You and I are alive today as a result of Noah’s ability to bring joy to God.He teaches us from his own life about the five acts of worship that make God smile.1.

When we love God with all of our hearts, God grins.The fact that Noah loved God more than everything else in the universe, even while no one else did, demonstrated his devotion to God.In the Bible, we are told that throughout his life, Noah ″consistently obeyed God’s will and had a close connection with Him.″ It is God who declares, ″I don’t care about your sacrifices—I care about your love; I don’t care about your offerings—I care about your knowing me.″ It was referred to be the greatest commandment by Jesus.The Lord spoke to him and said, ″LOVE the Lord YOUR GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.″ ″This is the first and most important commandment,″ says the Bible.2.When we place our whole confidence in God, he grins.

In the second place, Noah pleased God because he put his confidence in God, even when things didn’t make sense.″By faith, Noah constructed a ship in the middle of a desert,″ the Bible says of Noah.He had been warned of something he couldn’t see, and he acted on the information he had received….As a result, Noah had a personal relationship with God.″ Specifically, there were three issues that may have prompted Noah to be unsure of himself.First and foremost, Noah had never seen rain before the Flood because, previous to the Flood, God watered the land from the ground above.To make matters worse, Noah lived hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean.

Even if he were to learn how to build a ship, he would have no way of getting it to the ocean.In addition, there was the issue of collecting up all of the animals and then providing for their needs.Noah, on the other hand, didn’t grumble or offer excuses.He put his whole confidence in God, and God smiled at the thought.Trusting God entirely entails believing that he understands what is best for your life at any given time.

You want him to honor his commitments, to assist you with issues, and to go above and above when it is required.According to the Bible, ″He takes pleasure in those who honor Him; in those who place their confidence in His unfailing love.″ Noah worked on the ark for 120 years, until it was finished.As I envision him to have gone through a lot of tough times.As a result of the lack of rain in the area year after year, he was viciously ridiculed as a ″mad guy who believes that God talks to him.″ My guess is that the gigantic ship being built in their front yard caused Noah’s children a great deal of embarrassment.

Noah, on the other hand, continued to put his faith in God.According to the Bible, ″It is impossible to satisfy God unless one has faith.″ 3.When we follow God’s commands completely, he grins.Everything has to be completed in the manner instructed by God.

Rather than just instructing Noah to ″build whatever old boat he wants,″ God provided highly specific directions regarding the size, form, and materials of the ark, as well as the various quantities of animals to be transported on board the ark.Noah’s reaction is recorded in the Bible as follows: ″So Noah accomplished everything precisely as God had told him.″ Trusting God entirely entails believing that he understands what is best for your life at any given time.It is important to note that Noah obeyed entirely (no command was missed), and that he obeyed exactly (in the way and time God wanted it done).That is what it is to be completely committed.

  • It’s no surprise that God was pleased with Noah.
  • Isn’t it possible that if God ordered you to build a large boat, you’d have some concerns, objections, or doubts about the project?
  • Noah, on the other hand, did not.
  • He was completely obedient to God.
  1. In other words, it is going along with everything God wants without reservation or question.
  2. You don’t put off making a decision by saying, ″I’ll pray about it.″ You complete it as soon as possible.
  3. Disobedience is the result of delayed compliance.
  1. Everything God asks of you is completely voluntary, and you are under no need to provide an explanation or rationale for it.
  2. Understanding can be delayed, but obedience cannot be delayed.
  3. You will learn more about God via immediate obedience than you would during a lifetime of Bible debates.
  • In fact, you will never be able to comprehend some directives unless you first obey them.
  • Understanding is unlocked by obedience.
  • Often, we strive to satisfy God with only a portion of our obedience.
  • We want to be able to pick and choose the orders we follow.
  • Our approach is to establish a list of the directives we like and obey those while disregarding the commands we believe are irrational, difficult, expensive, or unpopular with the majority of the population.
  • I’ll go to church, but I’m not going to give money to the church.
  • I’m going to study my Bible, but I’m not going to forgive the person who has injured me.
  • Partial obedience, on the other hand, is disobedience.
  • Joyfully and enthusiastically performing one’s duty is considered wholehearted obedience.
  • ″Obey him cheerfully,″ according to the Bible.
  • David has adopted the following attitude: ‘Just tell me what to do, and I will do it, Lord.’ ″As long as I live, I’ll fully comply with your orders.″ ″We satisfy God by what we do and not merely by what we think,″ James remarked in a letter to Christians.
  • What is it about obedience that God finds so pleasing?
  • Because it demonstrates that you truly care about him.
  • The Lord Jesus stated, ″If you love me, you will keep my commandments.″ 4.

When we praise and thank him on a consistent basis, God grins.Noah’s life brought God joy because he lived it with a heart full of praise and gratitude, just as God desired.To demonstrate his gratitude to God for surviving the Flood, Noah offered a sacrifice as his first act after surviving it.″Then Noah erected an altar to the LORD…and offered burnt sacrifices on it,″ according to the Bible.″I will laud God’s name in song, and I will worship him with thankfulness,″ David said.

  1. ″This will be pleasing to the LORD.” When we express our gratitude and praise to God, an incredible thing happens in our lives.
  2. When we offer God pleasure, our own hearts are overflowing with gratitude!
  3. 5.
  4. When we make use of our skills, God grins.
  5. You may believe that the only time God is happy with you is when you are engaged in ″spiritual″ activities such as reading the Bible, going to church, praying, or sharing your beliefs with other people.
  6. Furthermore, you may believe that God is disinterested about the other aspects of your existence.
  1. God, on the other hand, takes pleasure in seeing every facet of your life, whether you are working, playing, relaxing, or eating.
  2. He doesn’t miss a single motion that you make in his presence.
  3. According to the Bible, ″The steps of the virtuous are led by the LORD.″ ″He takes pleasure in every aspect of their existence.″ Every human action, with the exception of sin, can be done for the delight of God if it is done with a spirit of praise.
  4. You can do everything for the glory of God, including washing dishes, repairing machines, selling products, writing computer programs, growing crops, and raising a family.

God, like a proud father, takes particular pleasure in seeing you employ the qualities and abilities he has bestowed upon you.Throughout history, God has purposely given us diverse gifts for his amusement.He has created some that are athletic, while others are analytical.You may have exceptional abilities in mechanical, mathematics, music, or a variety of other fields.

All of these skills have the potential to bring a smile to God’s face.It is said in the Bible that ″He has fashioned each individual in turn; now he monitors everything we do.″ By hiding your gifts or pretending to be someone else, you are not bringing praise or joy to God or anybody else.You only provide him with pleasure by simply being yourself.You reject God’s wisdom and sovereignty whenever you deny or reject any aspect of your own nature.″You have no right to engage in debate with your Creator,″ God declares.You are nothing more than a clay pot that has been fashioned by a potter: the clay does not inquire, ″Why did you create me this way?

  1. ″.
  2. God takes pleasure in keeping track of every element of your existence.
  3. Parenting does not necessitate the perfection or even the maturity of their children in order for them to be enjoyed by them.

They take pleasure in them at every step of their development.God, in the same way, does not wait for you to attain a certain level of maturity before he begins to like you.It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual growth; He loves and cherishes you at every step.It’s possible that you had dissatisfying instructors or parents when you were growing up.Please don’t make the assumption that God feels the same way about you.

He understands that you are incapable of becoming sinless or flawless.″He surely understands what we are made of,″ according to the Bible.He keeps in mind that we are nothing more than dust.″ The attitude of your heart is what God is looking for: Is it your greatest desire to be agreeable to him?Paul set a life goal for himself: ″More than anything else, though, we want to satisfy him, whether in our house here or in our home there,″ Paul said.When you live your life in the context of eternity, your primary concern shifts from ″How much joy am I getting out of life?″ to ″How much pleasure is God receiving out of my life?″ God is on the lookout for people like Noah in the twenty-first century, people who are prepared to live their lives for God’s delight.

  1. According to the Bible, ″The Lord looks down from heaven on all of people to see whether there are any who are intelligent, who desire to do what is right.″ Will you make God’s approval the ultimate objective of your life?
  2. There is nothing that God will not accomplish for a person who is completely devoted to achieving this objective.

9 Ways to Demonstrate Your Love for Christ

In the setting of persecution, Richard Cameron taught on the need of love for Christ.People were suffering as a result of their devotion to Christ and their willingness to recognize His authority as the ultimate authority in the Church.Hearing a sermon spoken in the hills on Christ’s love required several kilometres of walking to get there.Nonetheless, even listening to the sermon may result in jail, exile, the loss of everything, or even the death penalty.

It is possible for us to listen together with Cameron’s congregation to the message that they received, to a limited extent.Cameron presents a gospel-centered perspective on who Christ is and what He has done and is continuing to do for His people in order to ignite their hearts with love for Him and His church.It is impossible for those who believe that Christ has heard their prayers and that all their sins have been forgiven to do anything except love Christ.After that, Cameron goes on to outline the various ways in which sincere Christians display their love for Christ in this revised excerpt.

1. Think Much About Him 

Those who love Christ will spend a lot of time thinking about Him.If someone is deeply attached to a person or item, it is unlikely that they will be able to separate themselves from that person or object for an extended period of time.″The law of the Lord is a joy to the happy man,″ says the prophet (Psalm 1:2).He meditates in it ″at all hours of the day and night.″ Now, the person who loves Him will spend a lot of time thinking about Him.

They will be continually seeking to gain a great deal of affection for Him.It is true that there are certain folks in the world who do not think highly of Him or of what He has accomplished.They, on the other hand, lie and cheat themselves.Make an effort to think about Him frequently and to feel more affection for Him.A certain percentage of people become less concerned about those who love them the more they are loved by others.

However, this is not the case with Christ.Oh, how few there are among us who despise false notions and cherish the rule of the Lord (Psalm 119:113).How few people despise irrational beliefs; instead, they like to entertain them.However, do not entertain irrational notions about God, about Christ, about what He has done and about what a wonderful person He is.My impression is that many of you are preoccupied with other things and have little or no consideration for Christ.

All of this demonstrates that there is little affection for Him.Despite the fact that he is gone from her, the woman adores her spouse.Christ is beloved by the spouse, despite the fact that He is currently away from her.Her devotion to Him continues to grow, prompting her to make a request for the man her heart desires (Song 3:3).

2. Speak Much About Him 

Those that are devoted to Christ will talk frequently about Him.The truth is that there are many people among whom there is not a single word of Christ that can be heard.I tell you, there is a lot of discussion about religion and religious topics, but there is very little discussion about Christ.There is a lot of discussion about the faults and failures of other guys.

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It’s unfortunate that we have so many of these to discuss with each other.Believe me when I say that you should not spend too much time doing this.When you get together, make sure that your discussion about disputes does not overshadow your discussion about Christ and your love for Him.Keep His worth and quality in high regard among you, and do not allow it to diminish.However, I believe you will have to be around professing Christians for very some time before you hear much of this sort of conversation.

Oh, how tragic that the defections of the day should be the main topic of conversation among professed Christians.There are many people who, if they are gathered together in a group and someone asks them a question about Christ, will just look down at them.If they can, they will bring in another issue to distract the audience’s attention away from the current one.However, once someone begins a discourse about the divisions of our day, they will not allow the conversation to fall apart from their perspective.But I am confident that any man who has ever encountered Christ, who has ever been associated with Him, and who has any impact of that on his spirit, will be unable to spend much time in company without thinking highly and honorably of Him.

If he does not have Him, he will seek Him out, especially if he is involved in an activity that he enjoys; he will be yearning for Him.Religion, on the other hand, is likely to become obsolete in the near future.

3. Bring Others To Him 

Those who are devoted to Christ will do all in their power to draw others to Him.After searching for Christ, the spouse discovers Him and declares, ″I held him and would not let him go″ (Song 3:4).And then she tells everyone else to come and see Him being crowned (Song 3:11).She had had a personal encounter with Christ and felt a strong attachment to Him.

In order to follow Him, she calls out to her friends to follow Him out of a lost world and to see Him with the crown on His head as they do so.Look at our Lord Christ with the crown that His mother placed on His head, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.There are a significant number of preachers and professed Christians who do not regard themselves as inferior.There are nearly none left anymore, with the exception of those who are adamant about not going outside to see Him.According to my observations, there are many professing Christians around the country who have abandoned what God has ordered in His word.

Many people have approved this, but they should be thrown out!No matter who they are, it would be better for us if we could get rid of people who want us to renounce the good old way of life for which our forefathers and foremothers sacrificed so much before they would do so themselves.They were willing to give up relations, estates, and everything else in exchange for it.However, there are many who say, ″Away with Christ and His ordinances!″ and ″Away with the Bible!″ They are attempting to make us abandon even the most pure and live regulations.″Go forth, and behold the monarch,″ says the spouse, referring to the king.

As a result, I would like you to go forth in order to receive redemption for your souls from Christ.This is not a piece of nasty advice.Love Christ and receive redemption from Him, even if it means giving up everything you have in this world to do so.

4. Fear to Offend Him

Those who have a genuine affection for Christ will be apprehensive of offending Him.As a result, they will despise all forms of sin.They will value Christ’s ″commandments beyond gold″ and ″hate every wrong way,″ as well as ″love every false way″ (Psalm 119:127-128).These are constantly associated with one another.

Away with the love of that man who professes to love Christ but does not despise every false way in which he lives!Sadly, you may observe that there is little love to Christ in Scotland.Iniquity prevails, and many people’s hearts have grown cold.Those who follow in the footsteps of Christ’s adversaries have little love for Christ—at least not when it comes to physical exercise.

5. Do Not Help His Enemies

Whoever has collaborated with Christ’s opponents, whether they be holy men or whatever else they may be, does not demonstrate love for Christ in their actions.People will be apprehensive of offending Christ in any location where this love is demonstrated.They will be concerned that He may be keeping a safe distance from His laws and regulations.David declares that he despises people who despise God (Psalm 139:19-21).

I will tell you that folks who are acquainted with the declared and confessed enemies of our Lord and Master Christ and who are fond of obtaining favors from them do not sit well with me.Take them out of the picture!Whatever they have been, they do not appear to be enthusiastic about exercise at the moment.Whatever they were before, this signals to the rest of the world that their love is no longer with them.And when it is reclaimed, such behavior will be a source of disappointment for them.

Indeed, the absence of love for Christ forebodes a gloomy situation.Because of this, everyone of you must be on your guard from being duped and lured away from God’s path.Precaution should be exercised when becoming overly familiar with those who have usurped the royal prerogative of Jesus Christ to the detriment of religion.Don’t let yourself be deceived.It is possible that you will argue, ″Shouldn’t we love our enemies?″ True, we should love our opponents, but because they have declared themselves to be enemies of Christ and have continued to live in a condition of animosity and defection from Him, they are more than our adversaries in this regard.

They are enemies of Christ, and they are continuing to persecute God’s cause.They are enemies of the gospel, and they are adversaries of a covenanted task of reformation.According to this viewpoint, we should despise and despise them (Psalm 139:19-21).It is our intention to take action against them, as well as against everyone else who agrees with them.They have a gloomy day ahead of them.They are worse than the people of Laodicea, who were neither cold nor hot, and whom Christ threatens to vomit out of his mouth because they were neither cold nor hot (Revelation 3:16).

They have done more harm to the work of reformation than any other open and avowed adversaries combined because of their acquiescence.

6. Respect All His Commandments

All of Christ’s precepts are held in high regard by those who love Him and follow His teachings.They have a deep affection for and reverence for His tabernacles (Psalm 84:1).We don’t want you to feel resentment against ministers who work hard to maintain the ordinances of Christ clean and complete, so please refrain from doing so.If people truly love Christ, they would treat Him with the utmost reverence and despise all forms of evil in their lives.They would adore the saints—the great ones in whom He takes pleasure in every aspect of their lives (Psalm 16:2).When there is so little love and sympathy for one another, there is little love and sympathy for Christ.

7. Be Ready to Lose Anything For Him

Those who love Christ will always be willing to forfeit and abandon all other possessions in order to serve Him.Anyone who loves something ″more than me″ is not worthy of Christ, according to the Lord himself (Matthew 10:37).They are not on the side of Christ.Even if people prefer other things to Him, when it comes down to it, they have to choose between the two.You must abandon everything in order to purchase that priceless pearl.They will not be losers since they will receive ″a hundredfold now in this time…and in the world to come eternal life″ as a result of their actions (Mark 10:30).

  1. I guarantee you that if you truly loved Christ, you would rejoice at the prospect of having the opportunity to demonstrate your devotion to Him.
  2. You might even express gratitude to God for this chance, saying, ″Even though I should lose everything, I have been given the opportunity to demonstrate my love for Him at this terrible moment.″ And it is the most wonderful occasion that many people have ever experienced because they have had the opportunity to demonstrate their affection for this amazing Prince and ever-beautiful One.

8. Hate Sin

If you wish to enjoy Christ’s love, make sure that you keep your sins always in mind and that you never forget them.The reason for this is that you will constantly have a strong feeling of conviction and remorse in regard to your current situation.After realizing the danger he is in because of his misdeeds, there is a desire to go to Him and make use of His blood, which speaks finer things than the blood of Abel does.For sin and uncleanness, you have recourse to the spring that is open to the house of David and the citizens of Jerusalem, which is accessible to you in this situation.Always keep in mind the wrath that is due to us as a result of our sin.I can promise you that those who maintain their souls under the most intense awareness of their sins will have a tremendous deal of love for Jesus.

  1. One of the reasons why so many people have so little affection for Him and so much affection for other things is due to a lack of this.
  2. If you had a genuine understanding of sin, wrath, and judgment, you would have a great love for Christ, and He would be the most important thing in your lives.
  3. You would magnify Him in your hearts and minds.
  4. As the apostle puts it, it is only by confidence in Him that we may stand and rejoice in the midst of hardships (Romans 5:2-3).

This was something the apostle was well aware of.God’s splendor is our hope, and it is in Christ that we may look forward to it.Knowing that hardships breed patience allows us to take pleasure in them.Patience yields experience, and experience offers the possibility of hope.

Because ″the love of God has been showered abroad in our hearts″ by the Holy Spirit, we have no reason to feel ashamed or dissatisfied when we have hope (Romans 5:5).Be abundantly blessed by the grace of repentance.

9. Pray Much to Him 

Be heavily involved in prayer and in demonstrating real love for Christ at this difficult time, when the Lord is urging us to do so in all of our responsibilities.But, above everything, I encourage and charge you to be deeply in love with one another.Allow God’s love to ″shed abroad″ in your hearts and minds.By faith, fix your gaze on Jesus Christ.Make every effort to be deeply in love with Him, for He is a capable Saviour who can bring about rescue for the Church, even when she is in the most hopeless state possible.

5 Simple Ways to Show God’s Love to Others

Every single individual we come across is beloved by God and is someone for whom Jesus died on the cross.God’s love may be experienced by everyone we come into contact with during the day — strangers, acquaintances, friends, and family members.God’s love for others is something you can demonstrate every day of your life.″I’d like to offer you a new command: Love one another.You must love one another in the same way that I have loved you.By doing so, everyone will recognize you as my disciples, especially if you love one another.″ -John 13:34-35 (New International Version) It is God’s commandment that we love one another.

  1. As Christians, love is meant to be the distinguishing attribute of our actions and attitudes.
  2. Is it your own personal experience?
  3. Is that how you would define yourselves – as being kind and considerate of one another?
  4. Some people have a natural affinity for love, but this is not the case for everyone.

Some people aren’t inherently sympathetic or people-oriented, and this is understandable.God has made each of us in our own way, yet we are all instructed to love one another.Article related to this one: 5 Truths About Loving Difficult People It doesn’t have to be difficult to understand!Here are five easy ways to demonstrate God’s love to others:

Show God’s Love by Listening

In today’s culture, it appears as though there are a plethora of voices speaking (and often shouting).Communication is constantly at our fingertips, whether it’s via email, text, social media, or the news cycle, which runs around the clock.While social media has boosted communication, it has also given us the false illusion of genuine connection and genuine connections, which is not the case in reality.In reality, Generation Z, which is the most ″connected″ generation, is also the most lonely generation.People seldom get the impression that they have been properly heard.Make a promise to yourself to slow down, ask questions, and truly listen to others.

  1. Listen with the intent of understanding, not only to prepare a response.
  2. Allow individuals to express themselves freely and without fear of being interrupted or judged.
  3. When people are heard and understood, they will feel appreciated (and even loved!).

Show God’s Love with Generosity

What is a time in your life when someone demonstrated such generosity that you are still in awe of them and say, ″Wow, I can’t believe they did that for me?″ Perhaps it was a gift of their time at a time when you were in need of someone.It’s possible that it was a substantial money donation.Perhaps they said something nice to you or stood up for you at a difficult period.What emotions did you have at that moment?It’s likely that you felt loved.You had a sense of being noticed.

  1. You felt appreciated to the extent where you can recall that act of charity to this day.
  2. When we care about someone, we want to help them.
  3. It was God who gave us such loving quality!
  4. After all, the Bible states in John 3:16, ″For God so loved the world that he gave…″ He was moved by love, thus He donated.

Because we care for our spouse, children, and friends, we donate to them.God intended for His love to be a giving sort of love when He created it.It’s natural for people to think of money when they think of giving, and this is certainly one part of generosity to consider.But, how can you manage to be generous with your time, talents, and voice at the same time?

Who can you devote some of your time to, whether it’s by assisting them with a real need or by spending some quality time with them?Do you have any unique abilities or talents that you can offer?In what areas do you have the ability to advocate for or encourage others?

Show God’s Love by Encouraging

Everyone we encounter is burdened by some sort of responsibility.Even the most ″put-together″ individuals are burdened by some aspect of their lives.Just because someone can carry something properly does not imply that it is not heavy.What can we do to assist in relieving someone’s burdens?It might be as easy as offering words of support to someone.The term ″encourage″ stems from an Old French verb that literally translates as ″to strengthen.″ When we give someone encouragement, we are helping them to become more resilient.

  1. We are enhancing their sense of optimism, their faith, and thei

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