How To Get Jesus?

How to Get Closer to Jesus

  • Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded The deeper we grow in our relationship with Jesus, the more resilient and content we become in the face of life’s trials.
  • Sometimes in life, you may not have that special someone to encourage and push you on, but when you have a radical closeness with Jesus, everything in your life appears to just fall into place and fit together seamlessly and effortlessly.
  • Acquiring a closer relationship with Jesus is a continuous journey.
  • You will come to know Jesus as you begin your quest to understand the Word of God.
  • And it is through Jesus that you will be able to contact the Father.
  1. 1 Recognize that you have been specifically summoned. You must understand that this ″hunger″ is fueled by the Holy Spirit, which you must acknowledge. ″For it is God who works in you, both to will and to act in order to accomplish his good purpose,″ Paul writes in Philippians 2:13. The Holy Spirit is not only calling you to God’s Word, but He will also equip you with the comprehension of that Word, as He says in John 14:26, which reads: Rather, the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will instruct and remind you of all that I have spoken to you. 2
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  44. 2 Make a commitment to Jesus. Serve others in order to serve God. Join a reputable Christian church and make a commitment to it. Join a group that you can contribute to and that will allow you to serve God. Listening or watching sermons and reading books are good places to start. Your pastor’s sermon, which will include references to important Bible scriptures, will help you grow in your relationship with God even more. As you listen, make relevant notes for later reference and pay close attention to the context in which the sermon is delivered. Promotional material
  45. 3 Set aside some time to go over the texts with a critical eye. Get a Bible (select a translation in a language that is simple for you to grasp) and read through the scriptures listed above. Pray that God would provide you comprehension of the scriptures and that the Holy Spirit will grant you the capacity to recall what you’ve learned from them. You are not required to read them all at once, especially if there are a large number of them. Even while you read the texts, the Holy Spirit provides the necessary comprehension.
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  47. Refer to the source material thoroughly to understand the entire context. As you read more frequently, you should devote more time to reading the entire Chapter, and occasionally even the chapter before or after it. This is due to the fact that many scriptures are stated in context and therefore reading just one verse may be insufficient. You are not required to memorize right immediately
  48. instead, focus on improving your reading and comprehension skills. 5Take some time to reflect on the message. It is critical to retain the message contained within the verse and the chapter. Take a poem and scribble it down on a sheet of paper to remember. Keep that Word in your mind until your next Bible study session. Simply said, meditating on the Word means to think about it and what it could mean or how you might use it in your life. Bible studies can take place as frequently as you desire and for as long as you are ready to put in the time to read.
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  52. 9 Begin to inquire about the Word by posing questions. Inquire with your friends, the priest at your church, and during Bible studies at your church. Discuss the scriptures that you have read with your group of friends. You will learn about other scriptures that your friends are familiar with, and you will get a better grasp of your own scriptures.
  53. Don’t be concerned if you’re having difficulties. Be patient and allow God to work in your life. Christianity arose out of the need to provide solace to those who were in distress. Keep in mind that God loves you and will never leave you or forsake you. You may always turn to Jesus for assistance and advice, no matter what scenario you find yourself in. Combining your Bible reading with practical application is a good idea. Pray while you read, and once you have finished reading, apply what you have learned in your life so that God’s Word becomes alive to you as you obey His instructions. Follow the teachings of the Bible. Don’t add anything to it or take anything away from it––what is in the Bible was intended to be in the Bible. Advertisement
  1. 1Spend quality quiet time with Jesus to become closer to Him. Reading various gospel-oriented literature, listening to devotionals, or even listening to Christian music may all be part of your quiet time. Simple things like taking some time out to sit and reflect on specific verses or sections from the Bible would qualify as quiet time. It’s really simply a matter of separating yourself from the rest of the world and communicating with God that you are waiting for him. So spending quality solitary time with Jesus will undoubtedly bring you closer to Him. 2Go to church on a regular basis. Any church will do as long as it is Bible-based and preaches the truth as long as it is a church. Try to participate in the mass as much as possible while you are in attendance at the service. During hymns, join in with your heartfelt singing
  2. during scripture readings, pay close attention to the words and concentrate on them completely. Being involved in church can result in you learning more and feeling closer to Jesus as a result of your involvement. 3Consider receiving the sacraments. If you belong to a church that offers sacraments (such as the Roman Catholic church), speak with a priest about the possibility of obtaining the sacraments. In addition, before you begin each one, research what it means and how it will improve your relationship with Jesus. Prepare yourself for your first communion (getting Jesus’ body) or Confirmation (confirming that you will follow Jesus) by remembering and praying to him in the days leading up to the event. Make a point of reading your Bible (as stated in the last step). read the book of genesis The Bible has been given to you by the Lord for a variety of purposes, one of which is to help you learn to know Him better. So take advantage of the fact that you have this wonderful book with you by reading it and enjoying it. Make an effort to follow the directions He has provided in the Bible as well. Analyze how each verse or chapter may be applied to your own life as best you can. For example, Psalm 46 verse 1 declares that ″God is our shelter and strength, a very present help in times of distress.″ So the next time you sense problems forming at your place of employment, school, or college, you may look it straight in the eyes and say this verse loudly to calm the situation. Your relationship with Jesus will undoubtedly improve as a result of this, and you will sense His presence in you.
  • 5 Prayer is a great way to communicate with Jesus.
  • You are a beloved child of God in the eyes of Jesus.
  • He cares about you no matter what difficulties you are through.
  • Tell him what you’re up to, what you’re planning, why you’re depressed, what you require, and so on and so forth.
  • He is your biological father.

He just wants what is best for you, and he wants you beyond everything else!Make him your one-stop shop for everything, and you will feel closer to him within days.He desires for you to pray in the Spirit as well as in the mind, and He desires for you to pray for other people in order for them to repent and be cured of their sins.

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  • Question Add a new question Question How do I get my thoughts away from the things of this world in order to create a stronger relationship with Jesus? Increase your time spent reading the Bible, attend church services regularly, form friendships with individuals who are good Christian role models, and pray without stopping.
  • Concerning the Question Why is it that when I draw closer to God, I find myself drifting back into my old life after a period of time? You revert to your old behaviors since we are all sinners who are prone to committing sin again and again. Seek for an accountability buddy who can assist you in maintaining your new behaviors.
  • Concerning the Question Is it possible for me to spend some peaceful time at the beach? Yes, without a doubt! Going outside and taking in the sights and sounds of nature is a wonderful way to grow closer to Jesus.
  • Concerning the Question What is it about praying that makes me cry? Because the Holy Spirit has made an impression on your heart. When someone thinks of their love for God or God’s love for them, it’s not uncommon for them to shed a tear or two. It indicates that your faith is strong.
  • Concerning the Question As a result of following the verse in which Jesus said, ″Love your neighbor as yourself,″ what should I do if I feel like I’m being taken for granted? Despite the fact that it is admirable to love others as Jesus loves us, we must also remember that we were created in the image of God and that we are His beloved, and as such, we do not deserve to be taken for granted. If you find yourself in a position where someone is taking advantage of you on a regular basis, love that person from a distance by praying for them, and appreciate the person God has created you to be as a result of your circumstances.
  • Concerning the Question What should I do if it appears that getting closer to Jesus is proving difficult? Visit with a believing friend and ask for prayer on behalf of the group. Allow yourself to spend time alone with Jesus, just listening to praise music, with the purpose of not attempting to grow closer to Jesus, but believing that you are already near. Maintain your faith by reminding yourself that Jesus is ALWAYS there and always eager to get near to you, and that this sensation of distance and difficulty is only an emotion. What is it about God that makes me feel like he isn’t listening to me? He does pay attention to what you have to say. God will always be there for you, no matter what. This is something I’ve considered, and God has shown to me that he is there for me. Never doubt that God isn’t listening to what you have to say. He does listen to you, He loves you, and He has blessed the world by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, just for YOU.
  • Question How can I maintain my concentration when reading the Bible and praying? While reading the Bible, try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Go to a remote location where you will have complete privacy. Just like though you were in the middle of a study session. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to take notes. Be a student of God’s Word
  • ask probing questions. I believe I am saved, but I continue to do all of these awful things. What is it that makes me feel this way? We are still sinners, for this reason. Yes, we have been rescued
  • nevertheless, we are also being saved and will continue to be saved.
  • You are feeling this way because you desire a closer relationship with Jesus – the article will assist you in this. What is the best way to pray? Make use of the acronym ″ACTS″ to your advantage. This is an acronym that stands for adoration, confession, thankfulness, and intercession. Declare your love for God, confess your faults, express gratitude for His benefits, and ask for something you require.
  • More information can be found in the following answers: Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. Make sure your prayers are heartfelt.
  • Remember to always abide by God’s word since the rapture will occur when you least expect it
  • no one can predict the exact moment or hour, so prepare accordingly.
  • Increase your exposure to Christian individuals. Instead of listening to commercial music, try listening to Christian music. Rather of being in the city, spend time in nature.

Being glued to your phone at all times. Set a time limit and pray humbly for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement

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5 Ways to Grow Closer to Jesus

  • What makes it easier to get through the bad days in life when things get difficult?
  • Do you have a friend or loved one who lives nearby?
  • Do you want to call your mother or a close friend?
  • In Mark 4:35-41, the disciples made an even better discovery than they had anticipated.
  • They discovered how to get more intimate with Jesus and why this is so important in our life.

One night when they were sailing across the Sea of Galilee, a violent storm swept in from the north.The boat they were on was tossing and spinning, and it seemed like it was about to capsize.They clung to one another and all pitched in to save the boat from certain destruction.

  • Even that, though, was insufficient.
  • It wasn’t until then that they discovered they had Jesus on board.
  • They had the One who could genuinely save them from the storm and offer them with the ultimate consolation and serenity in the midst of their tempest: Jesus.
  • As they cried out to Jesus, he came to them and calmed the storm with a single word.
  • On that particular day, as the darkness arrived, Jesus told his followers, ″Let us cross to the other side.″ They left the mob behind and sailed away with him in the boat, exactly as he was at the time.
  • He was accompanied by a number of other vessels.
  • A violent squall sprang up, and the waves smashed over the boat, causing it to be almost completely submerged.
  • Jesus was asleep on a couch near the stern of the ship.
  • ″Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?″ the disciples said when they roused him from his sleep.
  • He sprang to his feet, rebuked the wind, and commanded the seas to ″Quiet!
  • ″Stay still!″ After that, the wind went down and everything became perfectly peaceful.
  • The Pray Deep Prayer Cards will help you to deepen and inspire your prayers!

Take advantage of a FREE set of printable prayer cards that outline 16 different methods to pray right now!″Why are you so terrified?″ he inquired of his disciples.″Do you still have a lack of trust?″ They were scared and exchanged questions with one another: ″Who is this?″Even the wind and the waves bow down to his will!″ (Mark 4:35-41 New International Version) What are your thoughts?Do you have Jesus so near to you in your heart and mind?Is he beside you in the midst of your life’s storms, near enough to call on when you’re in trouble?

Having a personal relationship with Jesus and keeping him close is critical for navigating the storms of life with calm and confidence.Always there there for you, waiting for you to open the door and let him into your life.

How to Get Closer to Jesus and Invite Him Into Your Boat

1) Read the Bible

  • If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you must first understand his narrative.
  • So go ahead and pick up a Bible and begin reading.
  • Build your understanding of biblical narratives and concepts by making it a habit to read the Scriptures on a consistent basis.
  • Start reading the Gospels if you want to understand the tale of Jesus’ time on earth.
  • Move on to the New Testament to observe how his work continued in the early church, and then back again.
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Don’t forget to read the Old Testament as well, for his tale begins there and is intertwined throughout the whole of the Bible.

2) Study the Bible

  • Join the hordes of followers and disciples who have gathered to learn at Jesus’ feet.
  • Explore the Bible in greater depth, studying the chapters and gaining new information and insights.
  • Participate in a Bible study group at your church or in your neighborhood.
  • This is an excellent method to get started in your studies and to further your understanding, as well as to interact with a community of like-minded individuals.
  • You can also do your own Bible study on your own time.

For those who aren’t sure where to begin or who would want to discover some new methods of studying the Bible, this study on 7 methods of Bible study will be quite beneficial.

3) Pray and Spend Time in the Presence of Jesus

  • Prayer is extremely important, as Jesus demonstrated time and time again.
  • He woke up early every morning, no matter how long he’d worked the day before or how weary he was.
  • He prayed.
  • God’s son, Jesus, needed to spend time in prayer, as did everyone else.
  • He utilized his time in prayer to talk to his father, seeking direction, support, and guidance, as well as to keep his heart in tune with God’s will and will of others.

Prayer is also quite important in our life.Prepare for prayer by scheduling time in your day and making it a habit to pray every day.

4) Serve and Love Others

  • Jesus committed his life to helping and loving others, particularly those who were most in need – the outcasts, the unloved, the ill, the destitute, the orphaned, and the widowed – and those who were most vulnerable.
  • When you are connected to the people Jesus loved and served, you are more likely to be near to Jesus himself.
  • Get out into your neighborhood and provide a hand to those in need.

5) Worship and Fellowship with Other Believers

  • The disciples lived, studied, and served in close proximity to one another.
  • In this community of believers, they felt a strong sense of belonging to one another.
  • It was in this community that they were able to establish deep roots of faith, encouraging and supporting one another, growing their faith, and replenishing their spirits after pouring out their hearts to others in need.
  • Find a church and get active in the activities there.
  • Worship, fellowship, and service in the community are all encouraged.

Will You Invite Jesus Into Your Boat?

  • What action plan do you have for this week to become closer to Jesus?
  • Is it going to be your intention to open your Bible and begin reading?
  • Do you want to dive into a Bible study?
  • Do you want to spend some quality time in prayer?
  • Are you interested in becoming more engaged in your church?

Do you want to help others?This week, I encourage you to take one step closer to your goal.Begin with a single step, then another, then another, and so on.

  • You will grow closer to Jesus step by step, and you will always have him by your side when life becomes difficult.

Learn to Trust God and Find His Peace & Strength in the Storm

Are you now experiencing one of those stormy seasons? Having a longing for Jesus to speak a word into your situation to quiet the storm and restore peace to your heart? When you learn to trust God, you will be able to find calm and strength even in the midst of storms. Click here to begin the 4-week Trusting God devotional, which will teach you how to Trust God During a Storm.

How to Seek the Presence of Jesus Christ in your Life

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded If you wish to find life in this gloomy world, you may do so by turning to Jesus Christ. In prayer, He will personally direct you to the truth in your life and reveal His reality if you simply seek Him with all of your heart and soul. This essay will assist you in getting to know Jesus and developing a personal connection with him. –

Steps Download Article

  1. 1Drop your worldly way of life and fall to your knees before God, pleading for help. People are leading a worldly lifestyle that corresponds to their individual hopes, objectives, and desires. Some people also suffer from depression, fear, and anxiety, which can make their lives extremely difficult
  2. however, if you are humble and cry out to Jesus, as well as repent (which means to reject evil and turn away from your sins in your heart completely), he will hear you, speak to you, and assist you. But first and foremost, you must place Jesus at the center of your life and actively pursue a relationship with Him
  3. only then will you be able to recognize His voice. If you want to receive Christ’s love, you must be willing to open your heart.
  4. 2 In prayer, seek Jesus’ guidance. Cry out to Him, and he will hear you and respond if you are sincere in your prayer. You must ask Jesus to save you and forgive you of your sins, and to wash you whiter as snow, but you must not return to your sins once you have received Jesus’ forgiveness. In order to pray to Jesus, you must repent of your sins and make the decision to put Jesus first in your life. Jesus will give you peace, a profound peace, and the depression and the gloom will just go from your life in the blink of an eye. Promotional material
  5. 3 Wait for Jesus to come up to you and speak to you. The Holy Spirit will communicate with you as you come closer to Him. He will demonstrate to you how you must abide with Him, place your trust in Him, and abandon your way of life. To be serious, Jesus will demonstrate that you must abandon your own way of life and pick up your cross in order to follow Him! He will demonstrate to you that no sin can enter the kingdom of heaven, and that only by repentance and the establishment of a personal connection with Him, which is real faith, can we be washed clean and enter the narrow gate of eternal life! We must repent of our sins, and if we make errors, Jesus will tell us that he would forgive those as well, if we repent and stop doing them. However, we must not go back to our old ways of living in sin, otherwise we will be lost and end up in Hell if we die in our sins. This is something that Jesus discusses in the Parable of the Sower. Listen carefully and allow Jesus to reveal the truth to you. Many people have perished in hell as a result of their failure to repent and seek to know God when it was too late. As Jesus remarked in John 5:39, many people do not desire to have a connection with Him because they would rather continue living their lives in the manner of this world, or by putting dubious teaching on particular verses in scripture, rather than seeking Him for genuine in prayer and commitment. If you want to find Jesus, you must pursue Him as if He were a real person, because Jesus is alive and has risen from the dead
  6. he is reigning as King in heaven, and he can hear and communicate to us. He will come soon for those who have accepted Him as their King and Saviour and have remained true to Him. Read the words of Jesus in the Bible and follow them, especially the exhortations contained in the writings of the Apostles, to the letter. You will be justified as a result of your faith, and he will record your name in the Book of Life, which is kept in heaven. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, submit to water baptism and pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because God will give you the Holy Spirit, who will empower you with divine authority to carry out His plan on earth and guide you. The most typical indicator of acquiring this gift is the beginning of speaking in other tongues, which is one of the many gifts that the Holy Spirit will bestow upon you. Then you will be able to pray in different languages, as the Bible confirms. Due to the fact that it is the Holy Spirit praying through you, this prayer has tremendous power. As the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:2, ″Today is the day of salvation.″ Advertisement
  • Question Add a new question Question What is the best way to ask Jesus for forgiveness? You just beg for forgiveness in the same way that you would ask for forgiveness from another person whom you have offended. Close your eyes and find a peaceful location to pray so that you can communicate with him. Inform him of what you did and why you believe you did it, and express your regret that you made a mistake. Pray for forgiveness and guidance on how to be and do better in the future.
  • Concerning the Question Even though I’ve been a Christian for ten years, I haven’t been able to give up my worldly lifestyle. What steps may I take to be a decent religious person? Make a prayer about it and ask God for guidance. Refrain from giving in to worldly temptations
  • recite scripture to assist you in this. Solicit the assistance of some Christian friends or a pastor in your prayers, and spend your time with them rather than with anybody who may be a negative influence on you.
  • Concerning the Question What is the response of Jesus to my prayer? Jesus will respond to your request in your spirit, and depending on the petition, his responses may or may not be seen in your life.
  • Concerning the Question What is the best way to tell whether Jesus has forgiven me? There’s no need to be concerned about whether or when Jesus will forgive you
  • there’s no need to be concerned about whether or when.
  • Concerning the Question Is Jesus a person who accepts everyone? No matter what your circumstances are, Jesus will accept you just as you are. If you desire to have a connection with him that is always increasing, he will cleanse you of all your sin.
  • Concerning the Question I genuinely want Jesus to be a part of my life, and I want to repent with all of my heart, but I keep falling back into my old habits and failing. What can I do to put a stop to this? You are not need to be in a flawless, sinless state at any point in your life in order to embrace Jesus as your savior. It is possible to be saved if you really believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and ask Him to forgive you.
  • Concerning the Question Will Jesus be able to tell if I’m in pain? He’s constantly aware of when you’re in distress. He has experienced agony himself as a man, and he understands what it is like to be in pain. He is always aware of what is going on in your life.
  • Question How can I get back on track with Jesus if I’ve become spiritually destitute? You should weep your heart out, be immersed in water, and genuinely seek Him. Turn away from your sin and repent. Remove yourself from the presence of anybody or anything who is a source of negativity in your life. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ teachings.
  • Ask questions. What is the best way for me to seek out Jesus if I am not a Christian? Become acquainted with some Christian friends, engage in a discussion with them about Jesus, and request that they accompany you to church and to seminars or retreats where you may learn more about Jesus. What is the best way to recognize whether Jesus is protecting me? Jesus is always there to protect you! This is an opportunity for you to put your faith to the test
  • all you have to do now is trust that Jesus is keeping his promise to you by safeguarding you.

More information can be found in the following answers: Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome.


  • Testimonies of those who have experienced the presence of Jesus in their life are available to read.
  • To become a new believer, you must first acknowledge that you are a sinner, then repent of your sins, and ultimately forsake your sins in order to discover Jesus. Following the completion of these stages, you become a member of God’s family.
  • Do you wish to know whether or not God exists? If you are truly serious about finding God, there is one surefire way to do it. And that is to begin crying out to Him on your knees or with your face before Him in adoration and worship. Make a sincere request for His forgiveness, and place your faith in His son Jesus, who was sent to bleed His blood for your sins so that your past will be closed, the door to your past will be closed, and you may begin afresh on a new, fresh path in life. You may do this by following the guidance of Jesus and having the rules of God engraved on your heart by God so that you can follow them!
  • You won’t only find Jesus in a church or in the Bible
  • Jesus is alive and well, and He is ready to talk to anybody who seeks to hear from Him on the inside. The Bible states, ″Seek and you will find, because all who seek will find, and all who knock will be answered″
  • ″Knock and the door will be opened,″ he adds.

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13 Ways to Pursue More of Jesus

  • Note from the editor: The following is a report on the practical applications of Anne Graham Lotz’s book, Pursuing More of Jesus, which was published in 2008.
  • (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2009).
  • In order to grow in our connection with Jesus, we must take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.
  • The more of Jesus in our lives, the better our lives will be.
  • So don’t be content with having only sporadic interactions with Jesus in some areas of your life.

Continue to seek out more of Jesus until your entire life is filled with His transforming power.Here are some suggestions on how you may spend more time with Jesus: Instead of settling for the bare minimum, go for the maximum.Make the decision to pursue more than simply the bare minimum that God has to offer you.

  • It is important to make your faith about more than merely escaping hell and getting your ticket punched into heaven.
  • Invite God to totally alter you, including bending your will, waking your conscience, breaking your heart, reforming your thinking, conquering your prejudices, soaring in your spirit, and moulding you to His magnificent image in the process.
  • Continue to listen for His voice in your ear.
  • You must learn to distinguish between the various voices that speak to you on a daily basis – whether they are from other people, situations, or other sources – and what is actually God communicating to you and what is not.
  • Be mindful of the fact that any real word from God is biblical (it comes straight from God’s Word), personal (it is delivered in the language of your own experience), and forceful (resulting in lives either changed for the better or saved).
  • Test any claim that someone makes that they have a message from God for you by making sure that the message is consistent with and supported by the Bible.
  • Take heart in the fact that Jesus has promised to go ahead and guide you through every circumstance.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the Bible (by reading, studying, and application), and then place your reliance in Jesus’ direction when making decisions, as described in the book of Matthew.
  • More of His tears on your face should be pursued.
  • When you’re in anguish and bawling your eyes out, Jesus knows and cares.
  • Keep in mind how much He suffered on the Cross, and consider your personal trials as chances to come closer to the Lord.
  • Jesus is sobbing with you right now, no matter what you’re going through — job loss, betrayal, health crises, unfaithfulness in marriage, rebellion in children – and He will meet you right where you are in the midst of your suffering with His presence.
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More of His praise on your lips is what you should strive towards.The temptation to thank Jesus when things are going well might be strong, but even when troubles and pressures threaten to cloud your outlook, Jesus is still deserving of praise.Declare your intention to thank Jesus every day, no matter what happens, to glorify Jesus and develop the art of walking by reliable faith rather than fluctuating sentiments.Praise Jesus for who He is by constantly recalling one of His many amazing characteristics and expressing gratitude to Him for it.Praise Jesus for what He has done in your life by praising Him on a daily basis for specific benefits that have come your way.When you choose to cling to Jesus alone, genuine praise is shown by expressing your faith even in the midst of distress.

More of His dying should be pursued in your life.Death generates power, which in turn leads to an increase of blessings in one’s life.He wants you to die to your own desires and surrender to His wishes for you in the same way that Jesus died on the Cross so that you may have a spiritually alive existence.This will allow you to live the finest life imaginable.

  • God utilizes the pressures, challenges, and sorrow that you experience in your life as nails to hold you to a cross of your own creation.
  • If you surrender to Him while you are going through them, you will learn what it is like to die to yourself so that God’s power might live through you and through others.
  • For every form of brokenness you encounter, there is a matching benefit if you are prepared to let go of your own ambitions and expectations as well as your own will and objectives.
  • This includes letting go of your own rights, reputation, and rights of others.
  1. In the event that you choose to die to yourself, God will shower benefits on you, including a character that reflects His own, a witness that results in the transformation of other people’s lives, and rewards from God himself.
  2. Continue to look for more of His dirt on your hands.
  3. The same way that Jesus was willing to get His hands filthy in service to others cheerfully, humbly, and dutifully, He wants you to do the same for Him and for others.
  4. Select serving others anytime God urges you to do so – even when it is not convenient or when you are dealing with major personal troubles of your own – and you will find fulfillment.
  5. Turn your attention away from yourself and toward Jesus and the people He has called you to serve.
  6. Your personal difficulties will become more manageable as a result of this procedure.

Never consider yourself to be superior to anybody or anything, whether it’s changing diapers, cutting lawn, making coffee, visiting inmates, or anything else.When you perform any assignment that God has assigned to you, your effort – no matter how insignificant – will have significance because you are responding to God’s call.In the midst of your loss, pursue more of His hope.In the midst of your anguish, Jesus has given you the assurance of eternal life.Encourage yourself to let the promise of heaven to help you recognize that whatever unpleasant condition or circumstance you are currently experiencing is fleeting in comparison to a joyous eternity with Jesus.

  • When it is time for you to go to heaven, look forward to the reality of meeting Jesus face to face and enjoying the companionship of loved ones who have gone before you in the presence of God.
  • More of His fruit in your service should be pursued.
  • If the result of your work for God is not the transformation of lives, you do not need to try more, pray more, or claim more territory in your devotion to God.
  • As an alternative, you could analyze your personal relationship with Jesus in order to determine how intimately you are linked to Him.
  • It is the quality of your relationship with Jesus that will decide whether or not you will have the ability to yield fruitful fruit for His kingdom in this lifetime.
  • Rather than your own efforts, the fruit you bear is created through you as you continually rely on God’s providence and providence alone.
  • You are the branches of the Vine, and Jesus is the Vine.
  • God may choose to prune you in order for you to grow healthy fruit by removing everything from your life that you rely on – with the exception of your connection with Jesus.

When you’re compelled to pay attention to your relationship with Jesus because it’s all you have, your connection to the Vine grows stronger, enabling you to bear more fruit as a result of your efforts.Put your trust in God when He prunes the branches of your life; He knows what’s best for you to flourish in.Make a prayer for greater fruitfulness in your service, asking God to conform you more closely to the image of Jesus, use you as a catalyst to draw others closer to Him, provide you with opportunities to share His Gospel and the fruit of changed lives as a result, draw others to Himself through a Bible study you lead, or provide you with one person to share His love with right now.More of His love should be pursued in your home.

The more you give Jesus a piece of your heart, the more He will fill it with His love, and the more that overflows into the lives of the individuals with whom you come into contact on a daily basis.The ability to love even those individuals who are difficult for you to love will come as a result of letting God’s love flow through you.This includes persons whose personalities or actions make them appear to be entirely incompatible with your own.If you choose to love tough people rather than simply avoid or tolerate them, you will reap the benefits of God’s blessings as He uses them to grind away the flaws in your character and strengthen you in the process.Ask Jesus to assist you in loving people with the same fervor that He does.

Instead of choosing to love only those who meet your needs, with whom you get along, who make you feel good, who do things for you, who give you things you want, who respond with love, and whom you like, choose to demonstrate love to everyone, regardless of whether or not you like them or how they respond to you.This will allow you to be more compassionate and loving to yourself and to others.The act of loving someone in this way becomes an act of adoring Jesus as a result of the sacrifice you make for that person.More of His bravery in your convictions is what you should strive towards.

  1. Be prepared to stand out and speak up for Jesus in all aspects of your life and with everyone you come into contact with.
  2. Put out an outspoken defense of the uniqueness of Jesus, the validity of the entire Bible, and the importance of living a life of integrity, purity, and humility in order to satisfy God in a public forum.
  3. Make a point of demonstrating to others the difference that your connection with Jesus has made in your attitudes and deeds, rather than merely blending in with the nonbelievers’ lifestyle.
  4. Ask for the bravery you’ll need to stick by your biblical principles when people encourage you to be complacent or politically acceptable in your thinking.

Inviting the Holy Spirit to use all of your discussions with others to bring glory to God in whatever way He directs you to do so is a good place to start.Because of your devotion to Jesus, no matter how much pressure you are put under to compromise your beliefs, make a decision that you will never give up, shut up, or let up because you love him.In your loneliness, strive to be more aware of His presence.When you’re feeling lonely, keep in mind that Jesus is constantly at your side.Pray for a greater sense of His closeness to you, and find peace in that awareness.Jesus will always remain at your side, despite the fact that other people may disappoint or desert you from time to time.

  1. Remember that Jesus is much more than a man, a prophet, a teacher, a revolutionary, an image, or a symbol.
  2. He is much more than that.
  3. Jesus is God in the flesh – and He cares about you!

More of His answers to your prayers should be sought for.Having the ability to communicate directly with God at any time and from any location is a tremendous luxury.Jesus has promised that if you ask Him for anything in accordance with His desire and with faith in His ability to act, He will grant your request.When your prayers seem to go unanswered or turn out to be the polar opposite of what you requested God to accomplish (for example, when you pray for your job and are laid off, or when you pray for a loved one’s health and he or she dies), believe God regardless of what appears to be happening.You must keep in mind that His ways are not your ways, and He will act in every circumstance in accordance with what is best from His limitless viewpoint.Continue to seek more of His glory while on your knees.

  1. Adopt God’s plan for your life with a single-minded and unwavering focus and dedication.
  2. Maintain your focus on what God has planned for your life, and do all in your power to see that plan through to completion.
  3. Your commitment to complete the task God has given you should prompt you to make prudent choices such as: less sleep and more prayer, less television and more study, less buying and more tithing, less eating and more exercise, less chatting and more listening, or less work and more worship.

Every day, serve God sincerely in order to bring Him glory.The following is an adaptation of Anne Graham Lotz’s Pursuing More of Jesus, which was published in 2009.Tennessee-based Thomas Nelson Publishers ( is the publisher of this book.In addition to serving as President and CEO of AnGeL Ministries, Anne Graham Lotz is the daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham.

  1. Her non-profit organization underpins her efforts to bring people into a life-changing connection with God via the teachings of His Word.
  2. She is the award-winning author of ten books, including Just Give Me Jesus and I Saw the LORD, all of which have been translated into English.
  3. The word of God has been preached by Anne on seven continents and in more than twenty foreign nations, in arenas, churches and seminaries, as well as jails and detention centers.

On June 3, 2009, the original publication was made available online.

Getting to Know Jesus: 10 Ways to Grow Closer to our Lord and Savior

  • In order to become holy, to become a saint, and to remain strong in your Christian faith, you must first come to know Jesus Christ personally.
  • This was something I battled with early on in my conversion.
  • I had the impression that I did not know Jesus, that He did not want to get to know me (after all, why would He want to get to know a humble ol’ me?) and I was, in fact, made to feel uncomfortable by him.
  • I had visions of Jesus toppling the money-changers’ tables and making some of the more abrasive things that he spoke.
  • As a result, I maintained a distance.

But I soon understood that if I wanted to be a saint — or at least attempt to be one — I needed to come to know Jesus first.Listed below are ten methods I discovered that assisted me in drawing closer to Jesus and genuinely developing a personal relationship with him, which I feel is essential to authentic Christian conversion:

  1. Accept Jesus as your Savior – It goes without saying that receiving Jesus in the form of the Eucharist is the most effective approach to grow closer to him. In this way, ordinary bread and wine are transformed into the living God by priests who, by repeating Jesus’ words from the last supper, change ordinary bread and wine into the living God. When we receive Jesus, we come face to face with Him in the flesh, and we physically take Him with us as we travel through life. Receive Jesus as frequently as you are able
  2. It’s important to read the Gospels over and over again — This is an advice I owe to author Matthew Kelly, and it’s a good one. When we read about Jesus, we have a tremendous opportunity to come to know him better. The Gospels are the primary source of information about Jesus. Read them over and over again, a little bit each day, allowing Jesus’ words and acts to soak into your soul. As Kelly suggests in his book Rediscover Jesus, it is helpful to imagine oneself as different characters in the stories in order to put yourself in the context of what is going on.
  3. Consider spending some time in adoration – In addition to receiving the Eucharist, we can also be in Jesus’ presence just by being in his presence when the Eucharist is being celebrated. Visit your parish’s Blessed Sacrament Chapel (where you may always find Jesus in the Eucharist, as indicated by the red candle burning outside the door) or attend Adoration, where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed rather than hidden away from view. Read, pray, write, or simply sit in the stillness of Jesus’s presence for a while. During adoration, many people get vocational callings and receive other insights.
  4. When you go to Reconciliation, you are in the presence of Jesus, something you may not have realized. It doesn’t matter which priest you see
  5. Jesus is present in each one of them. Through reconciliation, he extends his mercy to us, forgiving our sins and bestowing graces to keep us from sinning again and to help us develop in holiness as we go forward in our lives. It’s one of the few places, aside from the Eucharist, where you may come face to face with Jesus. Go, and go frequently
  6. Choose a period of Jesus’ life that you can relate to – If you’re like me and have struggled to feel connected to the Jesus of the Gospels, examine Jesus at a moment in his life when he was at his most vulnerable point. St. Therese of Liseiux acquired a devotion to the child Jesus during the course of her life. What do you think of when you think of Jesus as a little infant cooing in his mother’s arms, cuddled close to his mother’s heart? There’s a good place to start. Talk to the Baby Jesus or to Jesus when he was a young man, working as a carpenter with his father
  7. Talk to Jesus – How can you truly get to know someone if you don’t communicate with them on a daily basis? You can read about them, but does it make you feel like you truly know who they are? Develop the HABIT of conversing with Jesus throughout the day. Thank Him for the lovely day, the blue skies, and the sound of birds chirping – in fact, thank Him for anything wonderful that occurs to you during the day. When faced with a difficult decision, whether big or small, seek assistance. Tell Him when you are upset, anxious, glad, or delighted so that He can help you. He wants you to communicate with Him
  8. Read the book Jesus Calling – It may be frustrating, to say the least, when the person you’re trying to get to know doesn’t respond to your questions – at least not verbally. I’ve found Jesus Calling, as well as the children’s version, to be a wonderful tool for myself and my children to get closer to Jesus. The book is a daily meditation in which the author puts all of Jesus’ teachings into words, as if He were speaking directly to you, in the style of a conversation. It allows us to hear His words as if they were being addressed directly to us, despite the fact that we are human.
  9. Obtain a copy of Rediscover Jesus – Author Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic has produced a new book with the goal of assisting Christians, as well as everyone else, in developing a personal relationship with Jesus. He does an excellent job of taking into account Jesus’ teachings and the example He gave us in order to assist us understand how we might live as He wished in the context of our contemporary culture
  10. We naturally identify the rosary with Mary since it was she who gave us the prayer and requested us to recite it, and it is full with Hail Marys. But there are other ways to pray the rosary that aren’t as obvious. The Rosary, on the other hand, is genuinely about Jesus. If you recite the rosary every day — or as frequently as you are able — you will be pondering on the life of Jesus, day in and day out. Each day brings a new set of ″mysteries,″ or significant events in Jesus’ life, to contemplate while you pray the rosary petitions. As you meditate on these occurrences over and over again, every time you recite the rosary, you’ll notice that fresh insights begin to flow in.
  11. Learn more about St. Faustina and the Flame of Love by reading her diary (which you can get for free here). Two works that have been authorized by the Catholic Church as messages from Jesus reveal a more intimate voice of Jesus and can assist you in developing a more personal relationship with Him. One of the texts that comes to mind frequently while I am contemplating the Cross is His desire that Elizabeth Kindelmann refer to him as ″my most darling Jesus,″ as well as his request that she envision herself ″nestled close to his forgiving heart.″ I can definitely envision myself in that situation.
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This is by no means a comprehensive list of ways to come to know Jesus and his teachings! Please explain what has worked for you and what a difference it has made in your life as a result of developing a personal connection with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

God Loves Me

  • We are told in the Bible that ″God is Love!″ (See 1 John 4:8) The Lord is our Creator, and he genuinely cares about everyone of us.
  • ″Do you see how much the Father cares for us?″ Our Father’s love is so strong that we are referred to be God’s children″ (1 John 3:1 TEV).
  • God desires for you to lead a happy life.
  • As the Lord explains, ″For I know the thoughts that I have for you, declares the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of ill, to give you a future and a hope″ (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • I’m sure you’ve had moments in your life when you’ve pondered, ″Is this all there is?″ or anything like.

Possibly, you’ve had a sense that something was lacking and a wish to discover the meaning of your existence—your own existence!Some people have a void in their hearts that nothing appears to be able to fill.Another question that many have is ″Where did I come from?″ or ″Why is there so much hatred and evil in the world?″ Our faith in a loving and caring God who created our environment in order to have a meaningful and pleasant relationship with us is affirmed in the Bible.

  • Our world was designed to be wonderful from the beginning.
  • There was no death or agony, and no tears were shed over shattered relationships because there was none.
  • Everything ran well and without hiccups.

My Sin Separates Me from God

  • Our relationship with God has been shattered by sin.
  • Nevertheless, your crimes have divided you from your God, and your transgressions have disguised His face from you, so that He would not hear you.
  • ″ (Isaiah 59:2).
  • Everyone has transgressed the ideal law of love established by God.
  • The Bible says, ″…because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God″ (Romans 3:23).

Unless anything changes, we are all going to perish on this planet.″For the wages of sin is death…″, says the Bible.(See Romans 6:23.) Satan, our adversary, came into our planet and enticed the first pair, Adam and Eve, to accept a falsehood in order to gain power over them.

  • The adversary successfully persuaded them that God was unkind.
  • They made the decision to move away from God and trust Satan.
  • A grave error was made because they severed their ties with God, the source of all light and life.
  • Their decision condemned our world and all of its inhabitants to be under the dominion of a new king, Satan, who would eventually destroy all of humanity.
  • Unless, of course, someone intervened.

Jesus Connects Me Back to God

  • Because of God’s immense love for you, Jesus gladly accepted the punishment for your sins on the cross.
  • Christ died so that people would be able to live forever and not have to die.
  • Jesus’ sinless life serves as a substitute for my sinful existence, allowing me to enjoy eternal life—salvation.
  • God has accepted Christ’s death as complete and final payment for all of my previous sins.
  • The Bible says, ″For He caused Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we could become the righteousness of God″ (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Someone did really intercede on our behalf.Despite the fact that our forefathers walked away from God and embraced a falsehood, the Lord offered a way out, a plan to save mankind from destruction and eternity in hell.Jesus Christ, the Son of God, decided to bear the consequences of his people’s rebellion against God.

  • Sin is the act of moving away from God’s rule of love and life, and the outcome of sin is the death of the individual.
  • Jesus, who was equal to God in power and authority, willingly lay down His life, dying as a sacrifice for the sins of the entire world.
  • He offers His sinless and shattered life as a sacrifice in exchange for our sinful and damaged lives.
  • Jesus freely gives the gift of salvation to those who believe in him.
  • It is not something we can purchase, but rather something we must embrace.
  • Every one of us has sinned and walked away from God, and we all deserve to die.
  • Jesus offers us the gift of eternal life.
  • Nobody has to live pointless lives that end in misery and death because they may choose to do so.
  • God’s aim is to bring humans back into a life-giving connection with Himself, as well as to give them new hearts that long for the Lord and turn away from sin.
  • If we will simply accept this free gift of salvation, we will be able to benefit from it.

How Do I Accept Jesus Into My Life?

  • By accepting Christ’s death as a gift, I am transformed into a child of God.
  • The penalty of sin is death, but the gift of God is everlasting life in Christ Jesus our Lord, according to Romans 6:23.
  • (Romans 6:23).
  • So, what does Jesus’ death on the cross have to do with me and my life?
  • The power to become God’s offspring was given to anyone who welcomed him and trusted in his name, according to the Bible (John 1: 12 RSV).

To invite Christ into your life right now, simply take these easy steps:

  1. Recognize that you have no choice except to perish. ″The penalty for sin is death.″ (Romans 6:23) Recognize that you are powerless to save yourself. ″You can achieve nothing without Me (God),″ Jesus says in John 15:5.
  2. You must repent and acknowledge before God that you are a sinner. ″We have all sinned.″ Believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins (Romans 3:23). ″For God cherished the earth so much that He gave.″ Believe that Jesus has forgiven you of your sins (John 3:16). It says in 1 John 1:9, ″If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to purify us from all unrighteousness.″ Believe that you have everlasting life. According to John 6:47, ″He who trusts in Me has eternal life.″
  • Now, in your new way of life, you must live every day in faith.
  • “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him” (Colossians 2:6).
  • (Colossians 2:6).
  • If someone gives you a gift, it is not yours until you receive it.
  • Jesus holds out before you the gift of salvation, but how do you take it?

The Bible tells us that we must first recognize our need for Christ before we can be saved.This occurs when the Holy Spirit speaks to our conscience and we realize that our sins have caused us to be estranged from our Creator.Then we are driven to repent of our sins, which means we realize in our hearts that our bad choices have been cast on Christ and destroyed His life on the cross.

  • Repenting means to be so disgusted with our previous way of life that we turn away from it and seek a new path in Jesus.
  • We confess our wrongdoing to God in prayer and tell the Lord we are extremely sorry.
  • When we come before God, broken in heart because of our sinful choices, and confess our sinfulness, we may claim the Lord’s promise to forgive us and make our hearts clean.
  • We may be restored back into a right relationship with God, a friendship that brings us life and love and joy.
  • You can know you have received this gift of salvation when you accept it by faith.

New Life in Christ

  • How does God’s love transform my life when I become a member of His family?
  • ″When anybody is united to Christ, he is transformed into a new being; the old has passed away, and the new has come″ (2 Corinthians 5:17, TEV).
  • When a person chooses Christ as his or her Savior, the old sinful nature is completely annihilated.
  • The new Christian has a new spiritual existence as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • The Christian, on the other hand, despises the old life of sin.

The new Christian begins to experience freedom from guilt and comes to understand how empty his life had been before to accepting Christ as his Savior.In one minute, God demonstrates that he can bring greater satisfaction than a lifetime of serving the Devil.What was I thinking when I waited so long to embrace God’s love?

  • After we have really confessed our sins to God and asked the Lord to wash away our sins from our hearts, we must choose to believe that this has truly occurred.
  • We must have confidence and declare, ″God promised to remove my sin from my life.
  • ″I think that has occurred, and I now express my gratitude to Jesus for the work He is doing in my heart.″ Even if our confidence in God is small or little, the Lord desires that we put our faith in the gift of redemption into action.
  • As we continue to walk in this new conviction, it will become stronger with each passing day.
  • We must keep our connection with God intact, just as we must keep any other worldly relationship robust.
  • This is accomplished via the study of the Bible, which is the fundamental means through which the Lord has revealed himself to us.
  • In addition, we may communicate with God via prayer and consider the way Jesus directs our lives.
  • Meeting with other Christians and discussing how God is working in our life with other people will also help to maintain our faith in the Lord strong and our faith in the Lord will be strengthened.
  • You may kneel in front of your computer and pray the following prayer from your heart if you have not yet done so: ″Dear Lord, I recognize that you love me and desire to have a connection with me.
  • Please help me to take the next step in my spiritual journey.″ However, I have come to realize that I am a sinner, and that my terrible choices and acts result in death.
  • I come to You and confess my wickedness.
  • Thank you for entering my heart and cleansing me of all sin, and for filling me with Your love.

I willingly embrace Jesus Christ’s promise of everlasting life because He took my sins upon Himself and suffered as a substitute for them.Thank you for all that you have done and are doing in my life right now!I appreciate all you have done and are doing!I am grateful for Your gift of salvation!Thank you for your prayers.In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!″ Now, go and tell someone about what you’ve accomplished!

We’d like to give you a free present!More information may be found by clicking here.The Gospel in Its Purest Form What exactly is salvation?Three Steps to the Celestial Kingdom

How to Accept Jesus Into Your Life

  • Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded According to the Bible, there is only one way to go to Heaven.
  • The words of Jesus were ″I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father except through me.″ (See also John 14:6) Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, as well as following God’s designs for our lives, as written forth in the Bible, is one method to achieve salvation.
  • You will not be saved by your good actions.
  • You can only be saved by faith in Jesus.
  • ″For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith, and this is not your own doing: it is God’s gift to you; it is not by works, lest any man should boast.″ The Bible says (Ephesians 2:8-9)


  1. 1Put your trust in Jesus Christ right now! Here’s what you’ll need to do:
  2. Recognize your sinfulness and the fact that you are in need of God’s assistance. ″For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,″ the Bible says. ″Therefore, just as sin entered the world via one man, and death through sin
  3. and just as death came onto all men since all have sinned,″ says the Bible (Romans 3:23). ″If we declare that we have not sinned, we call him a liar, and his word is not in us,″ says the Bible (Romans 5:12). The Bible says (1 John 1:10)
  • Promotional material
  • 3 Change your mentality and repent of your sin if you want to be successful (repent). ″But I tell you, except ye repent, ye shall all perish.″ Jesus continued, ″Unless ye repent, ye shall all perish.″ (See also Luke 13:5)
  • 4) Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried, and was raised from the grave. According to John 3:16, ″For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whomever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.″ (16:16
  • John 3:16)
  • ″God, on the other hand, demonstrates his love for us by doing so when we were still sinners. Christ gave his life for us.″ ″If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved,″ says the Bible (Romans 5:8). (See also Romans 10:9)
  • 5 Through prayer, ask Jesus to come into your heart and accept you as your personal Lord and Savior. 6 ″For man believes in righteousness with his heart (inner being), and with his tongue he confesses his faith in redemption.″ ″For whomever will call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved,″ says the Bible (Romans 10:10). (See Romans 10:13.)
  • 6 Pray: Dear God, I confess that I am a sinner in desperate need of your forgiveness. I believe that Jesus

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