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Move Your Mountains

And Peter, remembering, said to Him, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree which You cursed has withered away.” So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”
Mark 11:21–23

You may have heard the teaching on mountain-moving faith, which is based on Mark 11:22–23, which is popular among Christians. I’m not sure about you, but the question of why Jesus cursed the fig tree before teaching on mountain-moving faith has always piqued my interest. My eyes were awakened one day by the Holy Spirit. In the Bible, the first time fig leaves are referenced is in connection with self-righteousness: after Adam sinned, he covered himself with fig leaves to conceal his transgression.

It was for this reason that God had to dress him in animal skin rather than human flesh, resulting in the loss of innocent human life.

As a result, the fig tree represents self-righteousness in this context.

Remember, my dear friend, to keep believing, reflecting on, and announcing that you are justified in Christ independent from your efforts.

Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree?: Tree Series Part 6

Mark 11:12-14 (KJV) 12′′Now, the next day, when they had returned from Bethany, He was starving to death. 13 And, after spotting a fig tree with leaves from a distance, He proceeded to investigate to see if He could discover anything on it. When he arrived, he discovered nothing but leaves, since IT WAS NOT THE SEASON FOR FIGS AT THE TIME. 14 Its answer was that “no one shall ever eat fruit from you again,” Jesus declared. “And it was heard by His followers.” – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – (Jesus cursed the fig tree.) –Matthew 11:20–21 “The next morning, when they went by, they noticed that the fig tree had completely dried up from the roots.

  • –Message from the Holy Spirit For years, I pondered why in the world Jesus chastised this poor tree that had no fruit, especially because the verse makes it clear that it was not the season for fruit production at the time.
  • Why would Jesus do such a thing knowing full well that it was NOT THE SEASON FOR FIGS?
  • In fact, He has a very significant message and lesson for us to take away from this experience.
  • –Facts and Figures Regarding Fig Trees So now we’re going to learn all about fig trees, since God instructed us to do so in order to demonstrate our worth to him.
  • The Bible, on the other hand, does not truly support that notion.
  • They are blessings in disguise.
  • As a result, it is both a sign of fruitfulness and a wonderful source of nutrients.

It was the leaf and the tree that did it.

It is the first time a subject is stated in the Bible that serves as a key to comprehending its relevance throughout the remainder of the Bible.

The first time figs are referenced in the Bible is after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Perhaps the fig leaf might be considered the world’s first officially licensed apparel line!

You’ll understand why in a minute.– Their eyes were opened as a result of eating from the forbidden tree, and they realized they had committed a transgression against God.

– Take note of what God Himself did: He clothed them in skin coats.

The garment in question was long-sleeved and extended from the neck to the ankle, in contrast to the artist’s representation.

To put it another way, self-righteousness.

(See Hebrews 9:22 for more information.) – Cain made a blunder in this regard.

Abel, on the other hand, did the proper thing by bringing a blood sacrifice.

He was expressing his dissatisfaction with the blood sacrifice.

That is why God turned down his sacrifice in the first place.

It was not about whether or not to worship God that they couldn’t agree.

It was a disagreement over how to approach God.

The same battle continues to rage today.

There is a complete and total halt.


These individuals may send poison letters, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and openly attack others through the media; they may also send word darts meant to demean, demoralize, discredit, and ruin others.

Now, tell me what you think: What kind of person does that sound like?


– The first animal sacrifice was performed.

He clearly slaughtered animals in order to clothe Adam and Eve, presenting them with a bloody cloak to protect them from the elements.

In contrast to our own imperfection, God’s provision for us is always perfect.

There is, however, no evidence that he has changed his methods in the past.

Fig Trees Have a Number of Characteristics.

It’s hard not to feel terrible for the tree when you see this.

Fig trees have a unique property that distinguishes them from all other trees.

This is a representation of the tithe, according to the Bible.

This tree, on the other hand, is different.


(See Matthew 24:32 for further information.) Jesus had traveled to His people in search of.

You know, there are only leaves and no fruit.

“I have some leaves!” All they had generated was a kind of righteousness by deeds, rather than righteousness by faith.

One word describes it perfectly: hypocrisy.– It is important to note that He was not denouncing the law, but rather the hypocritical “system” of works that sprung up as a result of the law and failed to bear fruit.

“The law is not of faith,” according to Galatians 3: “but of works.” You are either under the law and your faith has been suspended, or you are under the grace of God and your faith has been restored.

This has the regrettable result that God will be unable to provide you with the “land,” which is His rest, that He has promised you as well as all of the gifts that can only be acquired via grace.

– That’s what Paul was getting at when he claimed that the son of a slave woman, Hagar, could not be heir with the son of a free woman, Sarah, because they were both slaves.

– Anything and everything that God provides for us can only be accepted through trust in Jesus’ accomplished work on our behalf. You will not be able to add to it with your striving and straining, your good works, or the name of your family.

Speaking Life To What Is Dead

I recall that in the Bible, Jesus cursed a fig tree, which I thought was interesting. Once the next day, when His followers came by the tree, one of them exclaimed, “Look, the fig tree that You cursed is no longer alive!” Another quote that stands out to me is Joseph Prince’s: “Oh well, you may not want to curse your plants, but you may talk life into them.” I have a tomato plant in my yard. It got off to a good start, but I unintentionally watered it with Clorox-laced water, which caused it to die.

  1. Eventually, the stem became a brownish hue and all but one of the leaves dropped off.
  2. I made the decision to breathe new life into the tomato plant.
  3. Approximately four or five days passed while I was doing this.
  4. When I was heading back into the house today, something drew my attention to the tomato plant in the backyard.
  5. I began to express my gratitude to the Lord for revealing the truth of His Word to me and for the work He is doing in my life.
  6. Arline Mcgovern is a woman who lives in the United States.

Joseph Prince – Win Every Battle Through Right Believing

How are you doing tonight, everyone? I’m telling you, the L.A. audience is incredible, amen. You feel as if you’ve returned home. There is a revolution taking on all around the world, and it is especially raging here in America, I can tell you that. The grace revolution is underway, and the tide is carrying everyone along with it. In addition, there are those who, you know, can’t even stand still because God’s love is simply carrying them. They are no longer able to move at will; it has been brought into being, amen.

  • Receive.
  • Some individuals have accused us of saying things like, “You know, they don’t teach repentance,” and this is one of the things that we have been accused of doing.
  • I mean, God has poured forth a tidal wave of mercy on me “Are you aware that you are repenting?
  • What if I told you that, at least in my church, repentance takes place on a consistent basis?
  • That is not meant to belittle you.

However, when you hear someone teach the Term and who is providing you with Scripture-based information, and you are constantly changing your views, repentance is taking place since the word “repentance” literally means “change of mind.” As an example, I was reading Luke 15 and came across the phrase, “Then gathered near all the publicans, the tax collectors, and the sinners to hear Jesus,” in the parable of the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the lost son, all of which are mentioned in that chapter.

  1. The story of the lost sheep in Luke 15 piqued my interest since, at the time, I had asked the Lord to assist me in defining repentance in a new covenant sense, and he had led me to the story of the lost sheep.
  2. Do we have the Scriptures in front of us?
  3. Okay, that’s one Scripture that we don’t have, so I’ll tell you a tale to make up for it.
  4. You’re all familiar with the story that goes with it.
  5. When he finally locates it, he joyfully accepts it and places it on his shoulders.
  6. Isn’t it time to celebrate?
  7. He says, “I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to lie.” “Please join me in my joy.

When Jesus finished speaking, he stated something profound.

So, obviously, the purpose of the picture was to draw attention to the fact that this tale is about repentance.

At the conclusion of the narrative, Jesus stated that there is delight over one sinner who repents.

The excellent shepherd had abandoned the 99.

The faithful shepherd was on the lookout.

That which was given to him by the good shepherd was placed on his shoulders of strength.

“Come on, folks, join me in my joy,” the good shepherd encouraged them.

I inquired of the Lord, “How did the sheep repent?” I was perplexed.

When you consent, you give me permission to do so; this is repentance “.

According to the Old King James Version, he repented when he saw that they were attempting to harm Jesus.

According to the Bible, he repented.

“I have betrayed innocent blood,” he declares emphatically.

He committed suicide by hanging himself.

You may recall that when Jesus was teaching on faith, he cursed the fig tree because it produced only fig leaves instead of fruit.

In essence, he is stating that you must curse the fig leaves of self-righteousness in order for faith to be able to operate in your life.

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Fig leaves, remember that?

Now, Jesus cursed the fig tree bearing fig leaves.

Self-righteousness, bloodless sacrifice.

Renounce it in Jesus’s name, amen?

By one man’s obedience.

Not your obedience, yo, his obedience.

His obedience.

No, his obedience.

The thing is this, friends, if you believe right, that his obedience made you righteous, right believing will always lead to right living.

Just preaching on right living does not necessarily produce right living.

In fact, you produce fear and guilt but it don’t measure up.

Now, the essence of the battle, the warfare that we have today is that the devil is trying to bring our focus away from Jesus and his obedience that made us righteousness.

So, the warfare is this, 2 Corinthians 10, all right, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal”.

The warfare is to bring every thought to focus on the obedience of Christ, all right?

Some new translations say, “Bring every thought to obey Christ”.

It is to the obedience of Christ.

Focus on that one man’s obedience.

You’ve not obeyed enough.

That’s why you’re not getting this blessing.

How can you believe God for provision when you are not right with God?

You disobeyed God”.

Even when you obey, he says you’ve not obeyed enough.

He’s the accuser.

Are you listening, people?

You know, the devil doesn’t come to you pointing out to you, “You are an addict.

You are depressed”.

He puts in your thought, “I am an addict.

I am depressed.

He’ll put that thought as if you are thinking it.

All right, and the moment you accept that thought, that’s when he’s got you.

The devil is so subtle.

Why do you think she’s in church?

She’s out here looking for a husband”.

He knocks you on the head and says, “You are in church.

Look at the thoughts in your head”.

You are saying, “What hit me”?

Are you listening?

The Bible says, “As Jesus is, so are we in this world”.

We need to know what he’s doing intercession at the Father’s right hand.

On what grounds is Jesus there?

Yes, but that’s not the reason why God raised Jesus from the dead and sat him at his own right hand.

Hebrews 1 tells us, “Jesus, being the brightness of his glory and the express image of the Father’s person, upholding all things by the Word of his power”, watch this, “when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high”.

He has done it and the efficacy lasts forever.

He’s always the Son of God, but he did not sit down as the Son of God.

Having finished the work, he sat down.

Now, the High Priest is not there in front of God, beside God, for God’s benefit.

Hebrews 5, verse 1 says, “Every high priest taken from among men is appointed for men”, appointed for men, “in things pertaining to God”.

Say, “To God”.

Let’s assume God is in front of me here in the Holy of Holies and all of you are behind me.

I represent you to God.

The Bible doesn’t say Jesus, in the book of Hebrews, is our prophet at the right hand.

He’s our High Priest, for man to God.

God looks at the high priest just like the victory of David is the victory of Israel over Goliath.

They had a representative to fight for them.

His defeat would mean their defeat.

When the high priest is there, all right, it’s like this.

If the high priest is bad, and he collapses, and he falls dead in the Holy of Holies, and they drag him out, the people of Israel can look forward to a bad year of enemies conquering them, of drought.

Are you listening?

He has also been out partying with his son Goldberg, who is the next in line to succeed him.

Because their high priest has died, they will never be able to stop celebrating.

After the Order of Melchizedek, he will continue to serve as a High Priest in perpetuity.

Amen, man, forever is a very long time, amen?

If I accept your high priest, then I accept all of you as well “.

Is he a decent guy?

Yes, if God is good, you are blessed, amen?

He also believes in the power of an infinite existence, which ensures that our happiness will last forever.

As a result, if the calm in your life is somehow linked to your actions, it will be shattered before the end of the day.

Come on, 1 John 4, “For as he is, so are we,” when did it happen?

In the not-too-distant future?

Is he regarded favorably?

Is he a beneficiary of God’s unclouded favor?

Is he a beneficiary of God’s unmerited favors and grace?

I’d want to conclude with this.

A beautiful, redeeming tale is told via each and every item of the high priest’s robes.

There is this: the Hebrew words “Qodesh la-Yahweh,” which translate as “Holiness to the Lord,” are engraved on the golden plate, and they read as follows: What exactly is the lesson being taught here?

Let’s have a look at Exodus 28.

Aaron is the first and most important high priest.

Aaron’s forehead must be covered with this golden plate inscribed with the words “Holiness to the Lord.” It’s a representation of his ideas, and the thoughts of Jesus are always pleasing to the Lord.

Aaron’s forehead will carry the sin of the sacred things, which the children of Israel honor with all of their holy offerings, so that Aaron may bear the wickedness of the holy things.” Stop.

Are you aware of this?

Do you realize that even in your best performance, whatever it is that you are doing for the Lord, there is sin present?

However, you are under no obligation to stop and think about it.

Isn’t that right?

It is written, “He will hallow all the holy gifts; and it shall,” this golden plate, “Holiness to the Lord,” “shall always be on his forehead,” in our case, “so that the people of Israel,” in our case, all of us, “may be accepted before the Lord.” We are accepted as long as his thoughts are pure and his forehead is clean.

  1. And the Hebrew word for “accepted” is “ratson,” which literally translates as “delightsome,” “pleasurable,” or “pleasurable to the Lord,” which is a wonderful blessing.
  2. You are always pleasant and pleasing to the Lord, which makes him pleased with you.
  3. God is not gazing at your thoughts in order to pass judgment on them.
  4. Do you believe his thoughts are always pure and pure?
  5. Then, hallelujah, you will always be accepted!
  6. And the church is what it is because of Jesus.
  7. He arrived in the form of a divine stranger.

The entire world was aware of the rule of law.

They already had the law in their possession.

Grace is the truth that Jesus delivered to them, and it is this knowledge that will set them free.

In the book of John, the Gospel of John, the word “klino” is used just once more in the context of a crucifixion, when Jesus is shown as hanging on the cross.

When he screamed out like that, the Bible says, “He lowered his head.” Pay attention to this.

The phrase “bowed his head” is an abbreviation for “rest.” “The Son of Man has no place to rest his head,” the same phrase. He finally found peace in loving us, redeeming us, and saving us, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Pray with Authority!

The date is February 17, 2017. We were taught by our Senior Pastor (Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church) that the number 17 represents triumph and that this year, 2017, will be a particularly exceptional year because the number 17 represents victory. I believe this to be true. The Rabbi also informed us that this year is the Year of Jubilee in the Jewish calendar, which I confirmed by checking with the relevant authorities. The current date is July 17. As a result, it should be a really memorable day.

  1. Many things were bothering me, and I was beginning to believe that I was a failure in life since I was unable to do what I had set out to do.
  2. There have been a number of tragic events.
  3. I was filled with resentment toward everyone and especially toward God.
  4. Fortunately, I do not possess the necessary bravery to take my own life.
  5. It was in that darkest hour that I recalled this website and came across a blog post that contained the verse “You may pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will get it” (Matthew 21:22, New Living Translation).
  6. ‘I tell you the truth,’ Jesus stated at the start of His statement.
  7. When He emphasized it by speaking it out, it was.

I’m not sure why I’m not believing you.

” It is possible to obtain anything one asks for in prayer if one has faith.

Then Jesus told them that they may tell the mountain, “Go and fling yourself.” It occurred to me after thinking about these two circumstances that they may really suggest that even when our prayers are ‘demanding’ and perhaps “self-centered,” it makes no difference.

As a child attending bible study, I was told by my church’s elders that if we do not yield fruit, we will be cast out of the kingdom.

Upon further reflection, I believe our LORD Jesus intended to teach to the disciples that even if their wish was to curse and wither a tree, they might still obtain what they asked for in prayer if they believed.

Look, Jesus might have taught us to pray to God to supply us with the resources to move mountains instead of telling us to do so.

I inquired of God as to what this meant.

Pray with authority, not with babble like the pagans (Matthew 6:7), but with faith in what you are praying.

My prayer is also that you would come to appreciate the enormous magnitude of God’s power for those of us who trust in him.

His position in this world, as well as in the world to come, places him far beyond any ruler, authority, power or leader—or anything else—on the face of the earth.

And the church is his body; it is made whole and complete by Christ, who fills everything with himself and fills all things with himself.

I re-read the verses Matthew 21:21-22 over and over in my mind.


Everything inspires me to have high expectations.

This is something I’d want to share with you, my buddy.

We have the ability to pray for anything.

It is only faith that is required.

God wills it.

Indeed, today, February 17, 2017, is a momentous day.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but you can also say to this mountain, ‘Go, hurl yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.” Jesus continued, ” It is possible to obtain anything one asks for in prayer if one has faith.

Matthew 21:21-22 (NASB) (New International Version)

Sermon Notes – Ps Joseph Prince last sermon for Right Believing tour in Dallas, Texas

There is just one name that God wishes to see elevated. JESUS. When God indicated that my spirit would not constantly struggle and that men’s lives will be cut short at the age of 120, it was a pronouncement of judgment. This occurred during the time of Noah. Moses decreed that people who live under the covenant of goat and sheep blood can live until the age of 120. What is more, those of us who are firmly rooted in Christ? God restores our youth in the same way as eagles do. His death is the source of the food.

  • Every family in Israel will be filled with roasted lamb, and there will not be a single weak person in the tribe before leaving Egypt.
  • We now have the actual material.
  • As Jesus pointed out, the life that He provides is in His flesh, and He lay down His flesh.
  • To assess ourselves and engage in a way that is worthy is to judge oneself as healed and forgiven in the first place.
  • You can participate as a family or on behalf of your children.
  • The things of God are so basic, and it is so easy to dismiss or take for granted what God has provided.
  • And in Christ, we have more than a crumb of hope.
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There are those who believe communion is only a symbol, and there are those who believe it is merely transubstantiation, which claims that it is literally the flesh and blood of Jesus.

In the month of March, the spouse was diagnosed with MALT Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer.

However, people continued to hear about it and participate despite the fact that the cancer became worse and spread.

Nov went back to the doctor, who noted that his stomach appeared to be different from what he had seen earlier in the year.

We give thanks to the LORD!

Paul writes in Romans 1 that the gospel isn’t about being correct bhv.

It all comes down to correct believing.

People who preach about correct bhv do so because they really want their loved ones to act properly for their benefit.

Metanoia, often known as repentance, is the act of renewing and changing one’s mind.

In our church, repentance—a regeneration of our minds—takes place on a regular basis.

On the basis of trust.

As a young man, Ps recalls how he used to worry that he might lose his moral integrity by the end of the day.

As a result, his prayer was not audacious.

Our righteousness cannot be taken away by sin.

How did sinners come to be in the world in the first place?

No, we are sinners as a result of the sin of ONE PERSON.

We sin now because we are sinners, and that is why we sin.

By the same token, we are forgiven only because of the obedience of one man.

It’s neither yours nor mine.

Even if you were a sinner, there are instances when you do something good for someone else.

God, on the other hand, does not.

In the same way that Jairus’ daughter was dead for a shorter period of time than Lazarus, they are all DEAD.

So there have been occasions when you have helped someone, and does doing the right thing improve your status as a sinner?

Whenever someone is not rescued, you tell them, “Your good actions will not save you.” “We are in desperate need of Jesus’ blood.” Do you believe you are saved by works when you sin now that you have been saved?

Something is not quite right here.

The implication is that we are claiming that the first Adam was also the final Adam.

It’s like if we committed a sin worth a million dollars, and God compensated us with Jesus, who is worth a hundred billion dollars.

This is incorrect believing, and it results in incorrect living.

They claim that if you stop doing wrong and start doing right, everything will be fine.

It acts as a blessing magnet, attracting all of the good things into your life.

We simply need to utilize our faith to concentrate on one thing: confessing that we are God’s righteousness through Jesus Christ.

The righteousness gained by faith is under threat.

Obedience is a fruit of righteousness, according to the New Testament.

There are those who preach against grace with all their hearts, and their lives are in shambles as a result of their beliefs.

Consider the possibility of your youngster being concerned about whether they are always doing the correct thing when you are present.

I’m madly in love with you.

The essence of battle is to keep Jesus’ obedience as the focal point.

It’s not your compliance that’s the problem.

And he will constantly remind you of what you are doing all the time.

And he receives assistance from some Christians as well.

When Adam and Eve want to be compared to God, they failed to see that they were created in His likeness.

As a result, he fell from grace.

God stated that blood was required, and as a result, God was the first to give a sacrificial victim to Adam and Eve.

When Jesus came upon a fig tree, he went in search of an early fig.

However, there was no fruit on the tree.

He cursed it and then instructed us on how to communicate with the mountains.

The law does not operate on the basis of religion.

People have been duped by the adversary into saying things like “Be careful with grace” and “Hallelujah over the law.” In Romans 6:14, the word sin is used as a noun.

We have now entered the grace period!

Even though they moaned, no one died among the children of Israel who had fled Egypt.

Back pay and interest are stacked high with gold and silver.

At the Red Sea, people expressed dissatisfaction.

I was not enticed to construct a gilded calf.

Then, according to Exodus 19, God desired to make them kings and priests.

God came so close to them before they stated this, and he even walked ahead of them, and his presence was so close that they were able to sense him there.

However, at the foot of Mount Sinai, they are essentially saying, “Don’t bless us because you are good; bless us because we are good.” They braggadocioed, and God warned Moses not to let them go too close or they would perish.

And then, after saying that they could do it, they broke the first commandment by creating a golden calf.

It will not encourage licentious behavior.

Jesus was adamantly opposed to mixing.

When you are entirely under the law (cold), it will finally bring you to your knees.

As in the case of 18- The affluent young ruler- when you boast in the law, it will always point out one thing that you do not have.

In the following chapter, Luke 19, Zachaeus was a tax collector who was perched on a tree, and Jesus summoned him down and invited him to dine with him.

And Jesus said that salvation had arrived at this house.

By 2014, we will have completely paid off the debt.

The reason people would come to offer and where they came from is a mystery to me.

Many business leaders believe it is a blunder.

Despite this, $16.5 million in cash and checks were collected from the public.

And that was the best turnout in the event’s history.

He never threatens individuals and instead speaks about Jesus and the importance of not contributing on Miracle Seed Sundays.

If we don’t donate, we are not condemned in any way.

We contribute because we have a feeling of God’s AGAPE love for us in our hearts.

Sarah, on the other hand, was deemed loyal by Paul, despite the fact that Paul did not record her laughing.

4:5-8) Someone who was once godly turned ungodly so that those of us who are ungodly might be regarded godly in the eyes of the world.

There was yet retribution to be had.

Jesus took on the entire burden.

Take a look at v7 8 Our crimes will absolutely and permanently be attributed to us in the future- a double negative.

He thanked God because He had seen it.

They were in a state of grace.

In addition, he lied.

You will perish.

You will be set free by the truth.

However, as shown in Numbers 23:19-21, people tend to take this out of context in order to threaten and wag their fingers at others.

Balaam was unable to curse the populace.

Is there a spirit of evil among the Hebrews’ ranks?

They were making disparaging remarks about Moses and so on, but our comfort comes from the fact that GOD HAS NOT FOUND INJURY IN JACOB.


“The higher you ascend, the more clearly you will see My people through the Cross.” “However, you are unable to view it because you are confined to the ground.” Because our perspective on the ground is not heavenly, we are quick to point fingers at others.

However, the name that Jesus came to exalt is ABBA FATHER.

Just the name “Father” elicits a response.

“Father,” you say, and that is a prayer in and of itself.

There is no closeness.

The religious are offended because they believe we are making fun of God by referring to Him as “Daddy God,” but this is the name Jesus came to bring to us.

The shadow, on the other hand, is what the Jews have.

Ps comments about how much he enjoys bringing depth to the symbols that they have on their clothing.

We were slaves by the law.

Grace is not a matter of ABCs and legal maturity.

Law is the stage of infancy, whereas grace is the stage of maturity.

He came to realize that Jesus was no ordinary man.

Peter refused to deny Jesus when He told him he would do so.

Jesus first met with Peter (Cephas), and then with the rest of the disciples.

Nevertheless, restoration must have taken place because the next day, when they went fishing and caught nothing all night, Jesus appeared to them.

To go to Jesus, Peter dived into the sea and began swimming.

In the event if Peter was solely aware of Jesus’ holiness at the time, he would swim away from Jesus after what he did to deny Jesus.

Jesus is a contagious and anointed messiah who has come to save the world.

In contrast to the law, which states that touching the unclean makes you unclean.

As a result, we must teach the love of the Father, which will cause people to become ‘accidentally’ unworldly as soon as they hear it.

When God arrives, no sinner will be able to reply, “Thank you for loving me,” since no sinner is worthy of God’s love.

You must get rid of the notion that grace and love are as simple as the ABCs and that holiness is difficult to attain.

The law is simple: do good, and good will come to you.

Because God is holy, there is no longer any need for condemnation.

God can’t impute the same sin He condemned Jesus for on u today.

Blood has been spilled, and you have been made to pay the price. You are blessed not because you do not sin, but rather because God is unable to impute to you the same sin that Jesus overpaid for. And now, wave after wave of God’s mercy is being poured out upon you.

27 November 2016 – Heaven Focuses on Redemption And Not on Creation – Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon Notes Online – New Creation Church Sermon Notes Online

Just as much as He loves the Lord Jesus, our heavenly Father loves us as well. If only two of us come together in Jesus’ name (2 being the smallest majority), Jesus will be present in the midst of us. God’s ultimate dream is the establishment of the church of Jesus Christ. Even before He came to earth, the Lord Jesus was in constant communion with the Father. The Bible’s Book of Genesis is known as the “Book of Beginnings.” The lives of four men are described in detail in the book of Genesis as head figures: Adam Noah Abraham is the central character.

  • The name Joseph comes from the Greek word meaning “joyous,” which means “joyous” (The book of Genesis ends with Joseph).
  • When God speaks of creation, there is just one chapter in the Bible.
  • God did not include redemption as a secondary consideration.
  • Every step of the way, God was thinking about redemption.
  • When you speak about redemption, you have the entire attention of the entire universe on you.
  • Heaven’s attention is focused on the shepherds, the humble virgin, and so forth.
  • When guy was knocked to the ground, his body was no longer the same.
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Growing old is a misfortune that all of the residents of the planet must deal with.

Because of sin, decay has occurred.

It was never part of God’s original design.

We are not holding our collective breath for the antichrist.

Even if Jesus delays and we go to be with the Lord before the Rapture, the atoms from our bodies will not be lost to God since they are part of His creation.

What was the purpose of God creating the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

There is no free choice if there is nothing to select from, which means that the gift of free choice is not truly free choice.

Man’s lifespan was decreased by half as a result of the flood.

During the deluge, the breaking of the soil enabled hazardous gasses and chemicals to come to the surface, reducing man’s life expectancy by half as a result.

It was necessary for God to tilt the world.

The consumption of flesh was approved by God.

When God speaks of creation, there is just one chapter in the Bible.

God did not include redemption as a secondary consideration.

Every step of the way, God was thinking about redemption.

When God discusses with Himself, it is always significant.

The woman’s role is that of a caregiver.

Today, things aren’t quite the same.

Man’s crown of glory can be found someplace in the sands of time.

God’s plan for a couple is marriage.

God understands how to make things popular.

It is our responsibility to arouse their desire.

The location of love, in order for Adam to fall in love with Eve.

God will be available on the night shift.

Woman was made from a rib of a man, and she is the enhanced version of him.

The woman possesses the charm of authority.

“She wields considerable power!” Then the LORD God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to care for and maintain it, and he did so.

And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was the name that creature was known by.

However, for Adam, there has yet to be found an aid who is similar to him.

Then the rib that the LORD God had taken from man transformed into a woman, and He brought her to the man to be with him.

As a result, a man must abandon his father and mother in order to be united with his bride, and the two will become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:15-24, New King James Version) Ephesians 3:31-33 – Guys, after you are married, you must, at the very least emotionally, separate from your father and mother in order to begin living your new life together.

However, each of you in particular should love his or her own wife as he or she loves himself, and the woman should see that she or he respects her husband.” (Ephesians 5:31-33, New King James Version) In the New Testament, the term “mystery” refers to anything that has been concealed but has now been disclosed to those who have been initiated.

  • Creation was not God’s first thought when he created the universe.
  • The blind man was instructed by Jesus to wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam, and he returned seeing.
  • It is not necessary to go.
  • Jesus had been dispatched.
  • Jesus was born in the flesh, yet He did not come into the world in the flesh.
  • One side must be chosen: either you are choosing heaven (God) or you are choosing damnation (Satan) (the devil).
  • The person who has the most experience will never be at the mercy of the one who has the strongest argument.

You’ve got something to say!

It’s the same as saying you’ve fallen from grace.

God understands that a woman will be a source of happiness for a man in the future.

Some husbands are abusive to their spouses.

We live in a society that is based on shame and denial.

In the Millennial Reign of Christ, when Jesus returns to rule on earth, the wolf and the lamb will sleep down together, and a small kid will put his hand into the den of an adder and not be hurt by the creature.

The deluge of alien-themed cartoons and films is part of the devil’s strategy to provide an explanation for the Rapture of the Church.

God delegated power to Adam over all of the creatures on the planet.

Animals are no longer subject to the rule of man.

Genesis 3:6-16 (NASB) – When the’salesman’ serpent was talking to Eve, Adam was not somewhere else at the time.

The fact that Adam was there when God instructed him not to eat from the tree predates the creation of Eve.

Eve was oblivious to the specifics of God’s instructions because she believed that if she touched the tree, she would perish.

When decent persons remain silent, evil is able to win.

God already knew where they were, yet He inquired as to their location since such words had a spiritual connotation to them.

Fear is not a friend.

Every time God appears to a man, he will exclaim, “Do not be afraid!” Fear entered the world as a result of man’s transgression.

Hate is right behind fear as a motivator.

Fear is extinguished by perfect love.

We become cowards as a result of our sin.

God is feared because of our conscience (in a negative way).

You should never insist that you are correct while you are having an argument with your wife.

Never be hasty to point the finger at others.

Simply express your regret.

That is the essence of what it is to be sinful.

Satan has been cursed, and we have been blessed.

Instead of being natural, strive to be spiritual.

At the crucifixion, Satan smashed Jesus’ heel, and Jesus crushed Satan’s skull in retaliation.

The devil attempted to corrupt the woman’s seed by causing fallen angels to intermarry with human women in order to generate the corrupted “Nephillim” race, which resulted in the extinction of all pure human seed save for Noah and his family and the creation of the Nephillim race.

Prior to the fall of man, there were no thorns or thistles.

She also shared some of the food with her husband, who happily devoured everything.

When Adam and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God wandering around in the garden in the cool of the day, they quickly hid themselves among the trees of the garden to avoid being confronted by the LORD God himself.

As a result, he confessed, “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I went and hid.” His response was “Who informed me that you were naked?” “Have you consumed anything from the tree from which I instructed you not to consume anything?” “The woman whom You sent to be with me gave me some of the fruit from the tree, and I ate,” the man said.

“What have you done?” the LORD God exclaimed.

So the LORD God spoke to the serpent, saying, “Because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle, and you are cursed more than every beast of the field; you shall go on your belly, and you shall eat dust for the rest of your days.” As a result, I will create enmity between you and the woman, as well as between your seed and her seed; He will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel.

“I will considerably multiply your anguish and your conception; in pain, you will give birth to children; your desire will be for your spouse, and he will rule over you,” He stated to the lady.

Job’s problem was a sense of self-righteousness; he took pride in his humanitarian deeds and all of the things he did correctly as justification for his own virtuous behavior.

This is the conclusion of the Book of Job.

It is only when you are certain that all of your sins have been forgiven that you can speak freely about them.

Those who love you, on the other hand, will continue to love you.

Genesis 4:3-12 (NASB) – Abel brought the lamb.

To put it simply, he is saying, “I don’t think that I am a sinner, and I feel it is Your fault that the planet has been cursed.” What was Cain’s motivation for murdering Abel?

Throughout the text, the term “sin” refers to the same Hebrew phrase that signifies “sin offering.” God spoke to Cain in a gracious manner.

Abel also brought the firstborn of his flock, as well as the fat from them.

And Cain became extremely enraged, and his expression darkened.

And what is the source of your gloomy expression?

And if you don’t do well, sin is just around the corner.

This was the beginning of the fall of Cain’s family.

“Do I have a responsibility as my brother’s keeper?” His response was “What have you done?” The blood of your brother’s brother screams out to Me from the earth, and I hear it.

When you till the earth, it will no longer be able to provide you with its strength.

When you bring your works to God, you are engaging in evil activity.

“Through this, the children of God and the children of the devil are clearly distinguished: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, and he who does not love his brother is not of God either.

And why did he murder him in the first place?

The blood of Jesus has a redemptive aspect.

Every step we take puts us on blessed ground, and we should be grateful.

As a result, his sweat became like large drops of blood falling to the ground. (Luke 22:44 New King James Version) Before the fall of man, there were no thorns and thistles. As a result, Jesus donned the crown of thorns in order to free humanity from the curse of the thorns and thistles.

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