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History of Hymns: ‘When Jesus Came to Jordan’

Written by C. Michael Hawn Fred Pratt Green is a well-known author. “When Jesus Came to Jordan,” written by Fred Pratt Green, is a poem. The United Methodist Hymnal has 252 hymns. When Jesus traveled to Jordan to be baptized by John, he did not come as a sinner seeking forgiveness, but rather as the blameless one. He came to share repentance with everyone who grieve their sins, and to pronounce the crucial term that heralds the beginning of the good news. The book was published in 1980 by the Hope Publishing Company in Carol Stream, Illinois.

All intellectual property rights are retained.

During the latter three decades of the twentieth century, Pratt Green made a substantial contribution to the production of new hymns, and his work was recognized.

1926), and Brian Wren, and spread around the world (b.

  1. At Hope Publishing Company (Carol Stream, IL), Shorney published hymnal collections, and they were rapidly included in what has been referred to as the “hymnal boom” that occurred during the final part of the twentieth century (Young, Shorney, n.p.).
  2. The hymn was written by Fred Pratt Green and published in The Hymns and Ballads of Fred Pratt Green(1982).
  3. Dirk was worried about the projected absence of liturgical office hymns in the Australian Hymn-Book, which was then under consideration, and he was particularly interested in a hymn commemorating Jesus’ baptism.
  4. 34-35).
  5. The first hymnal publication, however, was not in the Australian hymnal, but in the British hymnalMore Hymns Today(1980), which was published in 1980.

Young, editor of the United Methodist Hymnal, reacts to Pratt Green’s writing approach as follows: As the hymn’s development progresses, it demonstrates the poet’s ability to write within strict guidelines as well as his generous and engaging willingness to exchange several drafts of this text with the hymnal committee or other individuals who request the hymn, the end result being a new channel for transmitting a facet of Christian faith (Young, 1993, p.

  • 694.) “When Jesus came to Jordan” is ideal for the First Sunday following Epiphany, which is recognized as the Baptism of the Lord, for services of Baptismal Covenant and reaffirmation of baptism, as well as for services of Baptismal Covenant and reaffirmation of baptism.
  • It should be noted, however, that this hymn is not a detailed rendition of the biblical story.
  • It is theological contemplation on the importance of Christ’s baptism — an event that marks the beginning of Christ’s public ministry – that takes up the remainder of the song.
  • good news” (Matthew 16:15) is the theme of Stanza 1.
  • As mentioned in Matthew 4:1-11 and Hebrews 4:14-16, Christ “shared temptation” with us and died on the cross for our sins in stanza 2.
  • Young, editor of the United Methodist Hymnal, explains the reason for the modification (Young, 1993, p.
  • J.

According to Watson, “Christ consented to baptism as a symbolic gesture of identification with sinful humans” (When Jesus arrived to Jordan, n.p.), which has resulted in some minor debate.

Following that, the song points toward the Resurrection and then Pentecost – the culmination of Christ’s work – before concluding.

It had been centuries since this feast was commemorated, but it was reinstated as part of the liturgical calendar modifications made by Pope John XXIII during the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), which were initiated by Pope John XXIII during the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

In the Protestant Christian calendar, this is a new feast day that falls in the season after Epiphany (Ordinary Time).

The Baptism of the Lord marks the beginning of these manifestations, which serve as a sign of the beginning of Jesus’ Sonship and mission (White, 1990, p.

An intriguing piece of biographical information: When Pratt Green retired from pastoral ministry in 1969, he intended to dedicate his time and energy to pastel painting.

89-90). As a result, Fred Pratt Green has been referred to as the Methodist successor to Charles Wesley on a number of different occasions.


The Hymns and Ballads of Fred Pratt Green is a collection of songs written by Fred Pratt Green (Carol Stream, IL: Hope Publishing Co., 1982) . J. Richard Watson’s “When Jesus Came to Jordan” is available online. The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology, published by the Canterbury Press, was last updated on October 30, 2019. Hymnal Companion: Evangelical Lutheran Worship (Paul Westermeyer, Hymnal Companion: Evangelical Lutheran Worship) (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 2010). In the Revised Edition of James F.

  • Carlton R.
  • “George H.
  • The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology, published by the Canterbury Press, was last updated on October 30, 2019.
  • Michael Hawn, D.M.A., F.H.S., is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Church Music and Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology, as well as the Director of the Doctor of Pastoral Music Program at the university.

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Frederick Pratt-Green

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William Henry Monk1823 – 1889 (65 Years)Available on eHymnBook.org:Music:69

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when jesus went to jordan’s stream

Additionally, look for the information about the copyright holder. To hear a sample of this music, use the Play button: Melody At the time that Jesus walked to Jordan’s stream,

1 When Jesus went to Jordan�s stream
his Father�s will obeying,
and was baptized by John, there came

This is a sample of the work you’ve chosen. To gain access to all ritesong content, please subscribe or log in if you are currently a subscriber. Christ unser Herr zum Jordan came, melody fromGeystliche gesangk Buchleyn, 1524; harm. Lucas Osiander; words and music by Martin Luther (1483-1546); para. F. Bland Tucker (1895-1984), rev (1534-1604) Meter readings: 87. 87. 877 An exclusive reprint license for congregational use is included with the purchase of your ceremony song. This song may be printed in congregational song sheets for one-time use only, and it is not intended to be repeated.

This license does not apply to any other form of the music, including those intended for performance by a choir, organ, or other accompaniments.

“With One Voice” Online Lutheran Hymnal

We are adding the hymn “With One Voice” to our online hymnals in response to a request. They have a standardized set of parameters that have been created specifically for this purpose. All of the public domain melodies in “With One Voice” have been arranged by me in unique arrangements. Those that have copyrighted tunes are unable to participate. Those interested in purchasing a copy of the original “With One Voice” should visit the Augsburg Fortress Online Store, which may be found at this link.

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  • 626 – Besancon – Carole en français Isn’t this morning wonderful?627 – Burleigh – American Spiritual Light One Candle to Keep an Eye Out for the Messiah Tif in Verdele – Yiddish Folk Music at 630 p.m.
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664 – A New Commandment – Submitted by Anonymous Thank you very you, Great God, for calling us666 – Ryburn – N Crocker 1953 The Sky Is a Place to Take Refuge669 – Middlebury – Kentucky Harmony 1821 – When Israel Was in Egypt’s Land670–Tubmann – American Spiritual I’m So Glad Jesus Lifted Me673 – Jesus Lifted Me – American Spiritual – I’m So Glad Jesus Lifted Me This is how we walk by faith, not by sight675 – Dunlap’s Creek – S McFarland, published in 1816 This Easter season, may you be filled with joy.

  • 676 – Vruechten – Vruechten is a Dutch folk song.
  • (1908), Assurance (No.
  • I was given access to the Living God.
  • 704 – Rendez-vous avec Dieu – L Bourgeois 1561 – Father, We Thank You God is calling you to pay attention.
  • 716 – Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier – J Ahle 1673 – The Word of God, Come Down to Earth716 – My Children, with My Blessing, go forth.
  • 723 – Chesterfield – T Haweis 1820Shalom 723 – Chesterfield 724 – Shalom – a customary Israeli greeting 1820 Seventy-eighth, St Clement, C Scholefield, 1904.
  • 732- Francke – J.

Jesus is Calling734 – Thompson – W Thompson 1908 – Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling When Human Bonds are Broken, God is invoked.

There is a Balm in the Land of Gilead America’s Spiritual No.

Arrive, We Who Love the Lord742 – Marching to Zion – R.

745 – Azmon – C Glaser 1829Day by Day746 – Blott en Dag – O Ahnfelt 745 – Azmon – C Glaser 1829Day by Day 1882 Christ has been established as the sure foundation.

749 – O Waly Waly – English version of When Love Is Found749 – When Love Is Found We Were Created in the Image of God.

755 – Kuortane – Traditional Finnish music We offer you our gifts, O Lord.759 – Barbara Allen – English folk music The Fruit of All Creatures760 – Ar Hyd Y Nos (The Fruit of All Creatures) in WelshNow We Offer 761 – Te Ofrecemos – Nicaraguan traditional music C Parry’s 1918 painting, “O Day of Peace762 – Jerusalem,” is a tribute to C Parry.

Seven hundred and sixty-three (763) St Thomas – A Williams 1776 Everything that is bright and beautiful 767 – Royal Oak – a group of English people He comes to us in the form of an unknown.

The original version of Dona Nobis Pacem is Dona Nobis Pacem774.

776 – Slane – Irish traditional music Give Me Jesus 777 – In the Morning When I Rise – American spiritual O Christ the Resurrected 778 – Londonderry Air – Irish traditional music What a Divine Fellowship, what a Divine Joy!

The song 781 – How Can I Keep From Singing – R Lowry 1899 Glory to God, Glory to the Most High788 – Gloria Peru – Traditional Peruvian song In the name of God, Amen, Hallelujah792 – Amin Haleluya – Javanese Persont Hodie – Piae cantiones 1582 – Shout for Joy Loud and Long793 – Personent Hodie – Piae cantiones 1582 – God’s Works Are Countless and Exceptional794 – Lac Qui Parle – Dakota traditional Cantad Al Senor – Brazilian traditional music – Oh Sing to the Lord795 – Cantad Al Senor My Lord of Light796 – Barbara Allen – a collection of English folk songs 797 – Thaxted – G.

Holst 1934 – O God Beyond All Praise The Lord be exalted, O My Soul. 798 – Accolades Psalm 103 – the conventional version The Moment When God Is Glorified in Our Music802 – Engelberg – C Stanford 1924

Songs and Hymns for the Baptism of Christ / Epiphany 1A (12 January 2020)

Isaiah 42:1-9 is a passage from the Old Testament. Blind people are given sight and captives are given freedom by God’s servant

  • ATOK 389 is a standardized procedure. The guiding light of the countries (Robin Mann) During the prayers of intercession, a straightforward prayer answer would be quite effective. TiS 657 / CH263 / VU700 / A M559 / AA50 / CP(E) 447/Cha656 / SP242 / TiS 657 / CH263 / VU700 God of liberty, God of equity, God of justice (Shirley Murray) Lyrics have a lot of impact. TREDEGAR (new, but not too difficult) or PICARDY (old, but not too difficult) are two possible settings (very familiar). Lyrics and sheet music are included. CH484/UMH579 / WoV666 /ELW358 /A M169 / PH353/CP442 /CP(E) 133 /W R55/SP57/URW087 / StF499 / CH484/UMH579 / WoV666 /ELW358 /A M169 / PH353/CP442 /CP(E) 133 /W R55/SP57 God, Your Love has summoned us to this place. (Image courtesy of Brian Wren) Excellent lyrics to a well-known hymn tune (MELITA). All of the elements of gathering, confession, response, communion, and sending out are contained within a single song. This is an excellent all-arounder. Sheet music with lyrics *VU699 / GtG772 / PH332 are examples of new lyrics for ancient melodies. Continue to believe in the liberation of hostages (Jane Parker Huber) TRURO is a well-known melody, and these lyrics are excellent. Lyrics. New lyrics for ancient melodies
  • Online source of information Hear the message that we are now announcing / Escucha el mensaje que hoy proclamamos (Eleazar Torregoza) This exuberant Colombian song of liberty and fresh life for the poor and suffering would be a good match for the material you are about to read. It is suitable for children. TiS 163 / AHB 112 / NCH556 / UMH150 / LBW463 / ELW771 / GtG024 / PH268 / W R644 / Cha651 / URW084 / 82Hml-580 / TiS 163 / AHB 112 / NCH556 / UMH150 / LBW463 / ELW771 It was God who spread forth the star-spangled skies. (Photo courtesy of Catherine Cameron) Good remarks on the creation of nature and cities, as well as the prospects for future creativity. Even if AHB has a Father and uses an ancient language, it functions rather well
  • TiS and other sources are superior. There are a plethora of potential tracks. I like HOLY MANNA, which can be found at the link. Lyrics, sheet music, and a sound sample are all available. The following tunes have new lyrics: TiS 256/AoV2-077/ATE 261/CH374/A M489 / CP(E) 432 / SP153 / Srce160 / Lau749 / StF272 / MP162 / CP(E) 432 / MP162 You came down from heaven, helpless infant / Servant King, to save us (Graham Kendrick) This is a little schmaltzy and I’m not a huge fan, but I know it’s really significant for a lot of people, and it’s also quite simple to do. *CP517 /W R503O is a song with lyrics and chords. God, thank you for your unwavering love and concern (Glen Lanier) God’s presence with us throughout our lives is beautifully expressed in these lines. The song is set to a traditional hymn tune. Lyrics

the 29th verse of Psalm 29 God’s voice might be heard in the thunder. This is a very tremendous Psalm! Wind and flame, earthquakes and floods are all possibilities.

  • AoV1-190/UMH431/HPP308/G(II)529 /GC731/GC(II)723 /G(3)829 /W R614 /Cha677 AoV1-190/UMH431/HPP308/G(II)529 /GC731/GC(II)723 /G(3)829 AoV1-190/UMH431/HPP308 AoV1 Permit There to Be Peace on Earth, and allow it to start with me (Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller) This is a great game for older children. The angle of view (AoV) transforms “”We are all brothers
  • Please allow me to stroll with my brother” to “We are family.” Allow us to walk beside one another “. It is suitable for children. TiS 465 /AHB 399 /ATA 115 /NCH279 / A M271 / Iona (SBL) /CH116 /GA381 / Lau313 / StF004 / TiS 465 /AHB 399 /ATA 115 /NCH279 / A M271 / TiS 465 /AHB 399 /ATA 115 /NCH279 / A M27 Our God in heaven / Father in heaven / Loving Creator, please grant your children (Elena Maquiso / Daniel Niles) the blessings that you have bestowed upon them. This hymn, particularly the Philippinofolk tune to which it is set, is one of my favorites. Newer versions of the hymn from the Christian Conference of Asia have changed the first verse’s lyrics to read “Our God inheaven / Creator God” instead of “Our God inheaven / Creator God.” The words “Loving Creator / Parent and God” appear in other versions, such as CH4. *PfAS029A is an older version of the lyrics. Everyone on Earth and everyone in Heaven (Michael Mangan) To the classic hymn music, wonderful lyrics are sung. EBENEZER “When God speaks, the clouds gather, the thunder roars, and the torrents descend”. Lyrics may be found here (downloads PDF) *NCH has added new lyrics to ancient melodies. Psalter 29 (Psalter 29) The voice of God is resounding with majesty (Bob Hurd). A very simple and lovely refrain, with a paraphrase of the Psalm that is inclusive without sacrificing any of the majesty of this Psalm, that is included in the chorus. It can be used in conjunction with a reader or a cantor. GtG010 comes highly recommended. Sing praises to the Lord and give thanks to him (David Gambrell) Good, firm words, as well as jubilant Alleluias (LASST UNSERFREUEN!). Psalm 29 is paraphrased here. Samples of lyrics, melody, and sheet music are included. The following tunes have new lyrics: AoVK-123/ NCH3 / Iona (M G) / VU308 / WoV794 / ELW837 / GtG021 / G(II)338 / G(3)911 / W R26 / Cha58 / URW232 / 82Hml-385 / AoVK-123/ NCH3 / UMH148 / VU308 O God, your deeds are numerous and magnificent / Wakantanka Taku Nitawa (Philip Frazier) Those are wise remarks. It’s a simple music. In conjunction with an appropriate Native American-style drum beat, it makes for an excellent approach to engage people (particularly children) in the process of music-making. A M810, CP560, CP(E) 267, Lau887, StF106, TiS447, AHB 61, CH112, VU313 and MP699 are some of the lyrics available here: TiS447, AHB 61, CH112, VU313 and ELW673. God, whose almighty word has been heard / Lord, your almighty word has been heard by chaos and darkness / Thou, whose almighty word has been heard (John Marriott) An enjoyable and well-known hymn, featuring the distinctive “Let there be light” phrase at the conclusion of each stanza and a catchy tune. The words of TiS are quite comprehensive, but the lyrics of VU are superior. Oldy-but-a-goody. TiS 392 has lyrics. When the dawn of salvation comes (Jock Curle) A delightful classic American folk tune (NETTLETON) is set to good hymn verses about Easter theology and Christ’s presence at Creation. New words are set to old melodies
  • TiS 753 / ATFG558 / StS034 / R185 / ELW525 / SP P082 TiS 753 / ATFG558 / StS034 / R185 / ELW525 / SP P082 You are holy, and you are complete. (According to Harling) A latin-rhythmed song that is both entertaining and joyful
  • It may also be performed in two sections at the same time. Lyrics. *NCH462 / UMH109 / VU265 / WoV757 / ELW684 / PH134 / GC580 / RS711 / CP410 / W R32 / Cha335 / URW067 / 82Hml-384 *NCH462 / UMH109 / VU265 / WoV757 / ELW684 / PH134 / Your Fingers Leave a Trace When You Create God (Jeffery Rowthorn) A wonderful Trinitarian hymn about the God who created, sustains, and redeems the world. There are a plethora of potential tracks. I prefer the Presence track over the other. Libretto and audio sample for the song AoV2-089 (Taizé) MV086 (SFFS 2156). Every heart should be at peace / Da Pacem Cordium (Jacques Berthier) This is a nice, straightforward Taize chant. Sound samples, sheet music (but not cantor lines), and other materials. PfAS029DY Lord, the splendor of our speech is in your ears (Martin Tel) The following are the notes for a very basic Psalm refrain: TiS 569/ AHB 478/ NCH18/19 / CH167 / UMH127 / VU651 / LBW343 / ELW618 / StF465 / A M652 / HPP432 / GtG065 / PH281 / CP(E) 455 / W R501 / Cha622 / 82 I need your guidance, O mighty Jehovah / Redeemer (William Williams) A thrilling anthem of God’s presence and strength, as well as the accomplishment of crossing over to the other side. Bread from heaven, please nourish me now and forevermore.” A sound sample, lyrics, and sheet music are included. Oldy-but-a-goody

Acts 10:34-43 (KJV) A brief statement of the gospel: Christ crucified and resurrected, and the command to follow and forgive.

  • Sheree Anderson’s poem “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it will not establish roots and grow” is a good example of why someone could leave their home and family. Tune in to find out more about this poem. A happy tune with highly important lyrics. Reference audio, lyrics, and a free songbook are all available for download. An online resource for the song Christ is Coming Ever Coming (Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan), a contemporary hymn of redemption history with lyrics and a sound sample. Sing Every Corner of the World /AA039 / GA192For the breaking of the bread and the blessing (Shirley Murray) This is a fairly simple melody. A beautiful song for the Eucharist. A very excellent hymn about healing
  • TiS720 / AHB 295 / aoVK-85 / aoV2-046 / ATOK 319 / NCH236 / Iona (ManyGreat, There is one among us) / CH345 / VU958 / StJ / A M836 / SFFS 2026 / HPP571/ GtG591 / G(3)329 / W R005 / Cha041 / Z The Summons (John Bell)Will you come and follow me / ATOK 413 / Iona (HSNW)/ CH533 / VU567 / StS039 / A M510 / ELW798 / GA502 / SFFS 2130 / HPP317Will you come and follow me / The Summons (John Bell)Will you come and follow me (John Bell)Will you come and follow me ( Don’t sing it too slowly, otherwise it will drag on and take an eternity to finish
  • G(3)774 / Lau425You are asked to tell the story(Ruth Duck)Excellent words. NCH357 / CH680 / G(II)487 / GC680 / G(3)774 / Lau425You are called to tell the story(Ruth Duck). The most basic tune is REGENT SQUARE, while different sources utilize a variety of tunes
  • The most common being REGENT SQUARE. SFFS 2184 / Lau855 / StF239Sent by the Lord am I / Enviado soy de Dios (Traditional Cuban) Great rhythm, wonderful words, and not too difficult to sing (given you sing it a bit slowly the first time!) Timothy Troeger’s good remarks on the world’s salvation and the way the cross breaks down all that separates us are heard by NCH054/ VU397/ WoV750/ LBW88/ ELW322/ PH471/ CP396O. CRHISTPRAISERAY is a cheerful music that is sung to. An online resource for the song “O Spirit send uncertainty” by David Bjorlin and Sally Ann Morris, which has a modern and meaningful melody and lyrics that highlight how faith grows through doubt and questioning. It includes lyrics, a sheet music sample, and purchasing choices.

Matthew 3:13-17 is a passage from the Bible. Christ’s baptism was a water baptism. It should be noted that songs about the descent of the dove may also be used next week, making this an excellent opportunity to introduce something new.

  • *URW106 Jordan’s river is seen from here (Ruth Duck) This hymn, which is set to the music of NOEL NOUVELET, is a wonderful fit for our church. This is something I truly like. Excellent for the Baptism of Christ or any other type of baptism. Lyrics may be found here (scroll down) CP103 / CP(E) 34, TiS 270, AHB 199, NCH115, CH334 / VU20, LBW548 / ELW842, A M046, GtG096 / PH010, G(II)260, GC321/322, G(3)418 / W R156, 82Hml-076, Lau094, StF182, MP538 and MP538. New The Baptist’s cries may be heard on Jordan’s bank (Charles Coffin) Consider using the New Century Hymnal’s version of the song if you want inclusive lyrics. You might enjoy AHB 199(ii) / GC322 – ST JOHN BAPTIST, written by Gary Lewis Miles and Betty Pulkingham, if you’re looking for a lively track. This is a fantastic and entertaining song. You may even mix the words of NCH115 with the words of AHB199(ii) to have the best of both worlds in one sentence. In addition, WINCHESTER NEW is an excellent song that is simple to sing even if you do not have a congregation of individuals who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s. Lyrics and sheet music are available (Winchester New). A relic from the past
  • *An online resource Near the Jordan River (Carolyn Winfrey Gillette) The following are some good lines based on this reading that have been adapted to the well-known hymn tune LOBE DEN HERREN or might be sung to the song AURELIA (thanks, Ben!) Lyrics PH071Lord, When You Came to Jordan is a new song with new lyrics to an old music (Brian Wren) I enjoy the interrogative terms that query what it would have been like if things had gone differently. Possibly to Llangllofan or ELLACOMBE, but not both (TiS 361) “Lord, please lead us to our Jordan.” When your eyes are anew awakened, through love, and immersed in living, as You were once baptized. Lyrics may be found here (scroll down) New lyrics for ancient tunes: TiS 710 / CH758 / Iona (Enemy of Apathy) / VU204. TiS 710 / CH758 / Iona (Enemy of Apathy) / VU204 The beautiful celestial dove, Holy Spirit, please come (Iona Community) The chant NCH168/VU084O glorious Christ embodied word is both lovely and easy (Ruth Duck) Excellent words, albeit a touch stiff. TiS419, NCH270, CH592, A M252, UMH544/VU205, WoV685, ELW403, GtG285/PH314/CP635/CP(E)185, W R327, SP92, 82Hml-513, and StF389 are the simpler tunes. TiS419, NCH270, CH592, A M252, UMH544/VU205, ELW403, Gt The murmur of the dove’s singing is reminiscent of this (Carl P Daw) Excellent words and a simple music about Christian unity are combined in this song. Each stanza concludes with the words “Come, holy Spirit, come.” GtG164/CP045 is a song with lyrics and sheet music. Galilee’s back roads are sluggish to move (Sylvia Dunstan) The following are appropriate words for adult baptism or for any Sunday that commemorates Christ’s baptism: NCH285/CH591/ SFFS 2123/URW164O The Holy Dove of God is descending / The Holy Spirit now resides inside me (Jeffery Leech) Beautiful lyrics to accompany a very basic song. *VU384 / SFFS 2052 / HPP229 / PH320 are the song’s lyrics. The lone wild bird takes to the air in a soaring flight. (Source: Marty Haugen) The melody is well-known, and the words are great. The first three verses and a sample of the music are as follows: *StS008/SFFS 2089 / GtG163 / PH409 / StF189 The Prophet’s Voice is heard by Wild and Lone (Carl P Daw) Words that are both excellent and tough. This song is better suited to the song ABERYSTWYTH, which is well-known and easily accessible. Lyrics and sheet music are included. To ancient tunes, new words are added
  • Music that has been recorded The Jordan / Sea of God was in Jesus’ view as he glanced down (John Coleman) This song is simple enough for the congregation to learn on their own, or you might play the recorded version for them to learn. CH335 is the source as well as the lyrics. Out of the current of the river (Leith Fisher) A beautiful and straightforward proclamation of Christ’s Baptism, followed by an invitation to go forth and make the love shown in Christ known throughout the world. The tune is straightforward, however it will need to be taught
  • ATOK 344 is an abbreviation for “Atomic Tone 344” (Atomic Tone 344 is a kind of ATOK 344). The New Road / For those who are perplexed by the Saviour’s acts (John Beavis) This is a nice song for older children. Especially for older children in Australia. Scroll down for the lyrics (there are much more verses than you need!). CH336/ A M97/ SP26 is a good choice for older children. Christ is our source of illumination! the brilliant and early-morning star (Leith Fisher) Excellent lyrics to a catchy song CATHEDRAL OF THE HIGHLANDS Majestic. UMH252/ WoV647/ LBW647/ ELW305/ PH072/ CP(E) 93/ W R241 are examples of new words to classic melodies. When Jesus Arrived in Jordan (Fred Pratt Green) Good lyrics to a straightforward English folk melody. It’s a little too formal
  • Music that has been recorded It is simple enough for the audience to memorize, or you might play the tape if you want. Jesus gazed down on the Jordan / Sea of God (John Coleman). TiS 253 / AoV2-119 / AoVK-103 / GA419 are the sources and lyrics for this song. O Lord Jesus Marrkapmirr, I pray to you (Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land) This straightforward hymn is simple to sing and speaks of the eternal nature of God’s love. “O Lord JesusMarrkapmirr, you have complete control over all of the power.” There are elements of kingship and powerlanguage in this that may not be suitable for all readers. Lyrics
  • TiS 250/ VU099/ ELW304/ PH070/ CP(E) 92/ 82Hml-121/ ELW304/ PH070/ CP(E) 92/ 82Hml-121 When you were baptized in the name of Christ, it was for our benefit (Bland Tucker) Two alternative songs might be used to accompany the words of this story-telling hymn, which ends with the lines “Baptize uswithyour Spirit now, your cross on us be marked,” so that we may discover absolute freedom in God’s service as well. Not all of the versions are comprehensive. NCH169 is the VU and PH. What kind of monarch wades across muddy rivers? (Image courtesy of Timothy Troeger) Although I enjoy the lyrics, I am not a fan of the music. If you can hunt down a copy of Trish Bruxvoort-rendition, Colligan’s it’s a beautiful piece.

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