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  1. Level 1Typical 3v4 breaking their promise.
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  7. lmaoI’m hoping that with Infinite, 343 gets a completely new playerbase that isn’t preoccupied with gatekeeping.

The BR fortnight is far less filthycasual than what 343 had done to this franchise, I promise you that!

1st grade FARRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 1st grade I just hope that they don’t take away my I C O N I C Hayabusa armour, which I’ve been using since I was nine years old and first played Halo 3 on the first Xbox.

1st grade Thank you for your time, and good night.

MACROtransactions are abused by developers who are motivated by fear of missing out.

MACROtransactionslevel 2 developers with FOMO Honestly, I’m baffled as to why they’re so agitated over a skin in a video game that they don’t even have to play.level 2Op6 mo.

MACROtransactions are abused by developers who are motivated by fear of missing out. What is the connection between the instagram post and the re-adding of Chief? 2 days have passed Is it possible that Halo enthusiasts are gatekeeping cry-babies? a person who is decades old

3 Things Christians Do That Non-Christians Despise

Spend two minutes chatting to practically anyone who is not a member of the Christian religion, and you will almost certainly hear a laundry list of grievances they have about Christians. The issue has been around for quite some time. Sadly, Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying, “I appreciate your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians.” Your Christians are diametrically opposed to your Christ.” He’s not the only one. In many cases, the issue isn’t a lack of Christian acquaintances; rather, it’s a lack of knowledge about Christians.

  • So, what’s the deal?
  • I’m not so convinced about it.
  • It’s considerably more probable that we have an issue with honesty than anything else.
  • Yes, without a doubt.
  • There are a number of factors that are fully under our control that give us a terrible reputation among those who are not Christians.
  • Perhaps Christians do not have an issue with their image.
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1. Judge

Most non-Christians will tell you how much they despise Christians’ ability to pass judgment on others in a short period of time. Christians and pastors denouncing unchurched individuals for their sexual habits and preferences, lifestyle choices, and even political beliefs may be found in only two minutes on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I seriously doubt that this was what Jesus had in mind when he offered his life for the sake of the world. In full disclosure, I am a pretty judgemental person if Christ’s mercy and intervention are not there.

  • As a result, I’m conducting a lifelong campaign against it.
  • Years ago, I came to the realization that only a small percentage of individuals are judged into making life changes.
  • Only a small percentage of individuals are evaluated into making a life shift.
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  • When you consider it from the perspective of your marriage, a relationship, or even a coworker, you will see that it is practically hard to love someone while also judging them.
  • First and foremost, examine your errors and the degree of your fault, and then deal with the difficulties that have arisen.
  • And, having been loved, you are able to love others as well.
  • It is impossible to condemn someone while yet loving them at the same time.

What would happen if Christians stopped judging the world (after all, isn’t that God’s job?) and began to love it in its entirety? That, in my opinion, is what Jesus accomplished. It is impossible to condemn someone while yet loving them at the same time. To send a tweet, simply click here.

2. Be Hypocritical

Christians who speak one thing but practice another are referred to be hypocrites. Hypocrite is a term used to describe someone who is a hypocrite. It’s far simpler to accuse someone else of being a hypocrite than it is to confess that you are one yourself. It’s far simpler to accuse someone else of being a hypocrite than it is to confess that you are one yourself. To send a tweet, simply click here. The reality is that, as much as I despise it, I’m a hypocrite in my own right. My actions do not always correspond to my words.

  • When I’m in a rush and my natural impatience comes out, the last thing someone God cares about wants to see is a Christian cut him off in the middle of anything.
  • Even as a sympathetic friend, I’m not always the most loving spouse, kind father, staunch son, patient boss, or even the most compassionate friend.
  • What exactly did Paul say?
  • God be praised through the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord (Romans 7:18).
  • It is, in a way, if you think about it.
  • I am not the person I aspire to be (yet).
  • But I’m a little different.

Christ is also at work within me.

So what do Christians who aren’t perfect do?

I believe the answer is straightforward: you must be careful what you say.

I’ve discovered that the more humility I bring to my words, the less the gap between who I am and who I claim to be becomes.

Owning your sin is not the same as living in it, and confession should never be used as an excuse for complacency.

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I believe you should modify both.

In this essay, I discussed some of the things that contemporary Pharisees say today (the Pharisees were an ultra-religious group Jesus strongly criticized).

Increase the speed of your stroll. Be humble in your speech. Nothing fills the gap between what is spoken and what is done more quickly than that. Want to get rid of hypocrisy in a hurry? Increase the speed of your stroll. Be humble in your speech. To send a tweet, simply click here.

3. Stink at Friendship

Friendship is a difficult thing to achieve. We all have fantasies of finding the perfect pals with whom we’ll never disagree, who we’ll share 1000 shared interests with, and with whom we’ll be able to ride off into the sunset. That is, very few human relationships ever function in this manner. Even in marriage, the finest partnerships are nearly usually those in which individuals have conquered significant and genuine hurdles in order to discover a tremendous love that is considerably more than just an emotional attachment.

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Many Christians do not pursue meaningful connections with non-Christians because of a combination of factors including churches that provide programming five evenings a week (leaving little time for Christians to establish friends outside of the church) and Christians who are fearful of the world.

  • They monitor Christians in their daily lives and in their places of employment, noticing evidence of judgment and hypocrisy, and drawing all kinds of inferences.
  • Jesus, on the other hand, went far beyond that.
  • People whose habits and lifestyles were diametrically opposed to what God had in mind for them (or for people in relationship with him).
  • He went to their place to have supper with them.
  • They shared memories, dinners, and even their lives.
  • Consider the implications of this.
  • If you can’t remember the last time you had a meal with someone who doesn’t have the same skin color as you, doesn’t share your political beliefs, and doesn’t share your value system, then when was the last time you shared a meal with an addict (who wasn’t in recovery)?

People, on the other hand, are not projects; they are just individuals.

Even when you consider increasing the ministry of your church, if you perceive people as only a means to a goal, you have a problem on your hands.

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Some Christians do have a relationship with persons who are not affiliated with a church.

What a great question!

Both of these are errors.

If you don’t talk about it, you’ll miss out on the most essential thing in life.

What is the best way to approach the subject?

That is how real friendships work in real life.

Take a look at this.

People will never think you love them if they believe you don’t like them, as my friend Reggie Joiner points out in this video. Boom. It is impossible for people to think that you love them if they believe that you dislike them. @ReggieJoiner To send a tweet, simply click here.

What Do You Think?

There is everything you see that non-Christians detest or find offensive about Christians. If you’re a Christian, what do you believe helps you overcome these challenges, and what additional issues do you find yourself facing at the moment? Continue reading and leaving a comment!

Personal Worthiness to Exercise the Priesthood

Greetings, my beloved comrades. This evening, I’d want to speak openly and honestly about a subject that has been weighing heavily on my mind. Having the opportunity to talk with you is both an honor and a terrifying task. What a fantastic fraternity we have formed among individuals who are entrusted with this priceless and lovely priestly office. It comes from God, our Eternal Father, who has spoken from the skies once again in this magnificent dispensation via His Beloved Son, as He has done throughout history.

The criteria of eligibility for receiving and exercising this sacred power is now determined by one’s own personal merit.

In order to get started, I’ll read to you from Section 121 of the Doctrine and Covenants: It is true that they may be conferred upon us; however, when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, or to satisfy our vain ambition, or to exercise control, dominion or compulsion over the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw them.

  • the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon As far as His divine authority is concerned, that is the unambiguous word of the Lord.
  • For those of us who wield the priesthood of God, it is necessary to rise above the ways of the world.
  • However, we cannot and must not be self-righteous, but we can and must be good and respectable men in our daily lives.
  • Even more significant is how we behave in our personal lives.
  • We are unable to delight in sin, let alone attempt to cover up our transgressions.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to indulge in the vanity of wicked ambition.
  • These are the actions that will cause the powers of heaven to be removed from us.

The fundamental virtue of our priesthood is thrown into question.

The way we live, the words we utter, and the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis all have an impact on our efficacy as priests and as men and boys in the community.

Even when people in power place their hands on our heads and ordain us, we have the ability to invalidate and lose any right to wield this divine authority by our actions and attitudes.

It is not something that we can put on and take off at our leisure.

In this way, the Aaronic Priesthood has been bestowed upon you young men, and you have been given the authority to minister to angels, as well as the keys to ministering to angels.

You can’t afford to do anything that will put a barrier between you and the angels who are ministering on your behalf.

You are unable to be dishonest.

You cannot use the name of God in vain or speak in profane language and still be entitled to the ministering of angels, and vice versa.

I want you to be a macho guy, who is full of life, strength, and happiness.

However, you are not required to engage in unsightly behavior or use obscene or filthy words in order to do this.

If you are appointed ministers of the gospel, you must not, and you must not, compromise the supernatural authority that you bear within you at any cost.

“… Anyone else, whether male or female, adult or child, should never be left alone with you.

Protect yourself from such charges by never being away from your companion, even when visiting people’s houses” (First Presidency statement on missionary conduct, 22 Mar.

There is no need for you to be concerned about these things if you adhere to the norms of missionary service at all times.

Always remember that you are still an elder in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when you return to your home.

You will want to exchange vows in the presence of the Lord.

Take care not to jeopardize your eligibility to be a member of such a marriage.

However, you should keep your courtship within the confines of strict self-discipline.

“Let virtue adorn thy thoughts on an unending basis,” he has said in the past.

the Holy Ghost will be thy constant companion.” The wife you choose will be on an equal footing with you.


The woman does not walk ahead of the man, and the man does not walk ahead of the woman in this situation.

She is not your servant, nor is she your chattel, nor is she anything else of the sort.

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Any man in this Church who abuses his wife, who demeans her, who insults her, who exercises unrighteous dominion over her, is unworthy to hold the priesthood, according to the teaching of the Church.

Any man who participates in this practice is unworthy of being recommended for a temple position.

There are men who cuff their wives about, both verbally and physically.

It is true that there are a few women who abuse their husbands.

I am speaking to the men of this Church, men upon whom the Almighty has bestowed His holy priesthood.

Get on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you.

Ask for the forgiveness of your wife and your children.


1935, 116).


1935, 116).

Lee,Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons,Brigham Young University Speeches of the Year, 5).

Lee,Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons,Brigham Young University Speeches of the Year, 5).

But there will be searching questions concerning our domestic relations.



It is of the elderly.

I hope it is not.

I believe our people, almost all of them, observe the ancient commandment, “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee” (Ex.


But how tragic it is, how absolutely revolting is abuse of the elderly.

But with old age comes a deterioration of physical capacity and sometimes mental capacity.

I am so profoundly grateful for the love and solicitude of our children toward their mother and their father.

Now I wish to mention another form of abuse that has been much publicized in the media.

Such abuse is not new.

It is a most despicable and tragic and terrible thing.

It is something that cannot be countenanced or tolerated.



I quote from ourChurch Handbook of Instructions: “The Church’s position is that abuse cannot be tolerated in any form.

They should not be given Church callings and may not have a temple recommend.

“In instances of abuse, the first responsibility of the Church is to help those who have been abused and to protect those who may be vulnerable to future abuse” (Book 1: Stake Presidencies and Bishoprics, 157–58).

We have urged bishops, stake presidents, and others to reach out to victims, to comfort them, to strengthen them, to let them know that what happened was wrong, that the experience was not their fault, and that it need never happen again.

These acts are often criminal in their nature.

Professional counselors, including as attorneys and social professionals, are available on this support line to provide advice to bishops and stake presidents about their responsibilities in certain instances.

Now, the activity of the Church is primarily a salvation-oriented endeavor.

It is a work dedicated to the salvation of souls.

Our hearts go out to the victim, and we must do everything we can to help him or her.

In cases where an offense has occurred, a penalty is imposed.

After then, the canonical procedure will take its course, which frequently results in excommunication.

Nonetheless, we realize, and must continue to recognize, that after the penalty has been paid and the demands of justice have been satisfied, there will be a helping and compassionate hand reaching out to assist us once again.

Now, brothers and sisters, I’m sorry if I’ve come off as nasty in my conversations with you this evening.

However, I would want to issue a strong warning to the priesthood of our Church across the entire world.

There are numerous responsibilities that come with this authority, including the ability to manage the Church, administer its business, speak with authority in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, serve as His committed servants, bless the sick, bless our families, and a variety of other responsibilities.

When it is fully realized, its authority extends beyond the veil of death and into the eternities that lie ahead of us.

It is unrivaled.

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven, as I leave my blessing upon you and extend my love in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven,” says Matthew 5:16.

Lent Devotion for March 14 – Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne

1 Peter 5:12–14 is the passage to read. My wife and I are the parents of a 15-month-old baby. Whenever one of us returns home, we wrap him in a bear embrace and kiss him on the cheek with great affection. We are attempting to instill the same habits in him. Hugs are something he is getting the hang of, but kisses are still something he is working on. To be quite honest, I adore my son, but I find baby kisses to be incredibly revolting. A typical scenario is him sucking on my face and leaving me with a mixture of his sa liva and whatever he was just consuming.

  • Receiving attention from my son is one of the few things on this planet that I appreciate more than anything else.
  • Peter and express some familial affection to one another.
  • Greet one another as those who have been blessed by God’s mercy.
  • Prayer Thank you, kind Father, for reaching out to us in loving kindness and demonstrating Your love for us through Christ.
  • Amen.
  • The gift of love is waiting for you in the most unlikely of places and with the most menial of tasks.

The Relentless Sadism of ‘The Passion of the Christ’

THE INSPIRATIONAL DREAM OF CHRIST So, I went to watch the movie that everyone is raving about last night and I was not disappointed. Because I’m writing this just after leaving the cinema, these are my first and most immediate impressions, rather than a thorough analysis of the film. I was, of course, brought to tears at several places. If you are a believer in the Christian faith, it is difficult not to be affected by a depiction of the Savior’s passion that is not a perversion of the historical record.

  1. It is riveting to have it depicted in a convincing location and in languages that, however wrong, give you the sensation of being there yourself is a powerful experience.
  2. It is easy to understand why Passion plays were previously performed.
  3. We can only hope that portraying them in such a vivid manner may encourage some individuals to study the Gospels and even to delve further into the meaning of Jesus’ redeeming message.
  4. In a nutshell, it is pornographic material.
  5. The film’s centerpiece is an incredibly awful and vile bit of sadism that has no genuine basis in any of the Gospels and is thus unfit for a Christian audience.
  6. In the beginning, we see the usage of sticks, then whips, and then several whips with barbed glass or metal barbed wire attached.
  7. First, we show the whip tearing pieces out of a wooden table, just to give us a sense of the severity of the suffering.

We witness Jesus return for a second time.

We witness a group of muscled goons who had exhausted themselves by tearing every inch of this man’s body.

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It seems to go on indefinitely.

It is a situation that is truly terrible, horrible, and filthy.

Nonetheless, for Gibson, it is the hors d’oeuvre for his pornographic film.

In the Gospels, there is nothing that implies this level of terrible, never-ending violence, and there is also no theological justification for it.

It is intended to elicit the worst expressions of human empathy and emotional blackmail, which it unavoidably does.

Over the course of more than two hours, almost half of the film is basic wordless sadism on a level and with a relentlessness that I have never seen before in a film.

The agony of Christ is horrifying and horrible enough without being exaggerated to such an absurd degree as this.

It is the fact that his suffering was extensive and voluntary, and that it was the climax of a life and a teaching that Gibson mostly ignores.

A big crow is perched on a nearby cross and begins pecking another guy’s eyes out at the conclusion of the film, apparently dissatisfied with the depiction of a man flayed alive and nailed gruesomely to a cross with one eye shut from being crushed in and blood covering his entire body.

Because the porn industry was in desperate need of yet another money shot.

Gibson has supplied us with no background in order for us to better comprehend who Jesus is – all we have is a series of cartoon flashbacks.

A sound-bite version of the primary message of Jesus – one of love, compassion, and forgiveness – is presented to the public.

This is especially true in the case of the sermon on the mount.

You can see how a genuinely compelling rendition might have been achieved by tripling the number of flashbacks and contextual information, by offering a biography of Jesus, and by showing us why he experienced the things he endured during his life.

PILATE, THE SAINT OF THE DAY Is it anti-Semitic in nature?

However, in my opinion, Gibson goes considerably further than what would be considered reasonable.

The Jew is up to his old tricks with money once more!

Gibson also has the Jewish priestly elite beat up Jesus before handing him over to the Romans, and he has Jesus informing Pilate that he is not culpable – rather, it is the Jewish elite that is accountable.

Another portion of the Gospels is reflected here, but Gibson takes it a step farther.

Sure, the Roman torturers are unquestionably terrible; yes, a few Jews express dissatisfaction; and, of course, all of Jesus’ disciples are of Jewish descent.

It is motivated by a delusional sense of pity.

That is, in my opinion, completely and completely inexcusable.

Anti-Semitism is considered to be the first sin of Christianity. Far from atoning for it, this film appears to take pleasure in ridiculing both Catholics and Jews who are determined to address the legacy of the Holocaust. Simply said, it is an egregiously unethical piece of art in every way.

Francis Chan Quotes (Author of Crazy Love)

Displaying 1-30 of 748 results. “However, God does not call us to live in comfort. In order to trust Him entirely, we must be unafraid of putting ourselves in circumstances where we will be in danger if He fails to provide. Crazy Love: Being Overwhelmed by a Relentless God, by Francis Chan While God does not require us yet still desires us, the irony is that we badly require God but do not truly desire Him the most of the time. ―Francis Chan It is imperative that we cease providing individuals with reasons not to believe in God.

  1. That’s something I don’t believe people would say if the church actually lived the way we are supposed to live.” Francis Chan’s Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God is a good example of this.
  2. Maybe that’s not an appealing standard.
  3. Francis Chan’s Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God is a good example of this.
  4. “The main problem isn’t the fact that we’re lukewarm, halfhearted, or stagnant Christians.
  5. We picture Him as a kind Being who is satisfied when people manage to integrate Him into their life in some tiny manner.
  6. He understands that He is magnificent and deserving of being the focal point of our existence.” Francis Chan (Francis Chan) ” In order to sin, you must cease to love and pursue Christ.
  7. As long as you are running, you’re safe.” Francis Chan’s Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God is a good example of this.
  8. Our society says everything goes; fear of God is nearly unheard of.

We are slow to listen, fast to speak, and quick to grow angry.” Francis Chan’s Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God is a good example of this. All Quotes| Submit Your Own Irresistible Love There are 165,370 ratings. Open the Preview window

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Music Sounds absolutely disgusting? : CHRONO TRIGGER Obecné diskuze

The following comments have been made by Zobrazeno1: 5z5comentá pro. 2018 v 11.08 (P4TTL22. pro) Eventually managed to solve the distorted sound in the game by switching my Realtek HD Audio Manager settings from 5:1 Speaker to Stereo. If anybody else is looking for a remedy for the sound in the future, this is what you should do. Is it really that straightforward? Thank you so much for your assistance. Despite the fact that my ears were bleeding, I was in a good mood. pro. 2018 v 0.05 P4TTL23.

Is it really that straightforward?

Despite the fact that my ears were bleeding, I was in a good mood.

Yes, this “repair” does do work, as I can attest.

I seriously doubt that there is a problem with the Realtek Audio driver.

So I’m hoping against hope that Square Enix will also be able to address this glitch in the future.

Disabled and enabled my audio devices, as well as disconnected and plugged my Dualshock 4 controller, have all been tried.

What can I do to make it better?

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