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62 feet (19 meters) tall statue of Jesus on the east side of Interstate 75 at the Solid Rock Church, a Christian megachurch with over 4,000 members in Monroe, Ohio, in the United States, was known as King of Kings. On June 14, 2010, it was completely destroyed by a lightning strike and ensuing fire. The monument, which was positioned on an island at the head of the church’s baptismal pool and flanked by fountains and illuminated by colorful spotlights, was placed on the interstate-facing side of the church’s outdoor amphitheater.

There was a 42-foot (13-meter) space between the statue’s upraised hands and a 40-foot (12-meter) Christian cross at the base of the monument.

In September 2012, a new monument, dubbed Lux Mundi, was erected on the location and dedicated to the people of the world.


Brad Coriell created the design, James Lynch sculpted the sculpture, and Mark Mitten put it all together. The sculpted figure, which is mounted on a metal frame or armature that was built in neighboring Lebanon, was constructed in Jacksonville, Florida, and then trucked up to Lebanon. The primary body of the statue was constructed from a Styrofoam core that was coated with a thin layer of fiberglass. Construction of the sculpted monument, which cost roughly $250,000, was finished in September 2004.

Popularity and nicknames

Local people and I-75 visitors have given the statue a variety of nicknames, some of which are loving, others which are derogatory. Among them were the following:

  • Big J, Big Butter Jesus, Touchdown Jesus (based on a resemblance to the mural on the Hesburgh Library, which overlooks Notre Dame Stadium
  • American football referees signal a touchdown with a similar gesture)
  • Big J, Big Butter Jesus, Touchdown Jesus (based on a resemblance to the mural on the Hesburgh Library, which overlooks Notre Dame Stadium
  • Big J, Big Butter Super Jesus
  • MC 62-Foot Jesus (similar to musicianMC 900 Ft. Jesus)

Aside from that, the monument is credited with inspired two musical works:

  • Heywood Banks, a comedian, created and performed a novelty song about the monument, titled “Big Butter Jesus.” After passing passed the statue, singer-songwriter Robbie Schaefer of the bandEddie from Ohio composed the song “Monroe, OH,” which is now available on iTunes.

For supporters of The Ohio State University, the statue was also a favorite photography subject, with the “H” of Jesus’ upraised arms aligned with the “O” of the letter “O” when the letters “O” and “I” were spelled out.


On June 14, 2010, a lightning strike damaged the monument, causing it to catch fire and burn to the ground. The fire completely devoured everything save the interior metal framework. Following the fire, the pastor of the church indicated that the statue will be rebuilt using fireproof materials. The church’s digital sign projected the phrase “He’ll be returning” in the days following the demolition. Despite the fact that the monument was built at a cost of around $250,000, it was insured for a total of $500,000 because Coriell volunteered his time to the project.

PETA offered cash through a “unknown Christian donor” to assist in the reconstruction of the monument if the church would allow it to preach vegetarianism.

Replacement statue

The construction of a 52-foot (16-meter) replacement statue with a significantly different design began in June 2012 and is expected to be completed by 2015.

The new statue, which was dedicated on September 30, 2012, was erected on the location on September 19, 2012, and was given the name Lux Mundi.

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  • Website for Solid Rock Church
  • Photographs of the monument
  • The following is taken from the vault: Do you remember the movie ‘Touchdown Jesus?’

Coordinates: 39°27′14′′N84°19′35′′W / 39.453857°N 84.32642°W / 39.453857°N 84.32642°W

From the Vault: Remember ‘Touchdown Jesus?’

When this article was first published in 2017, it was as part of WCPO’s “From The Vault” series on local history. The city of Monroe in the U.S. state of Ohio On June 14, 2010, a 62-foot-tall Jesus monument near Interstate 75 in Monroe was demolished by God. It has been a complete decade since that day. A bolt of lightning struck the styrofoam and fiberglass monument known as “Touchdown Jesus,” which stood watch outside Solid Rock Church, a Christian megachurch in the Dallas area. The Hustler Hollywood store across the street remained unaffected; the irony could not have been more perfect.

  1. (This is not to be confused with the Touchdown Jesus artwork at Notre Dame Stadium.) Another moniker for the monument was “Big Butter Jesus,” due to the fact that it resembled a butter sculpture.
  2. During a heavy rainstorm, lightning struck the statue at around 11:15 p.m., striking it and damaging it.
  3. ” According to Monroe Fire Chief Mark Neu at the time, the incident was “a terrible tragedy.” A bolt of lightning struck Jesus’ right hand, according to the reports received by 911 operators, igniting the conflagration.
  4. Dozens of cars pulled over so that people could stand about and watch the flames while taking photographs and videos.

According to Neu, “it should have safeguarded (the statue),” but “it didn’t.” “Like in your homes or other structures, lightning can strike in a variety of locations across a structure.” After the statue was destroyed, the church’s electronic sign projected the message “He’ll be back,” which quickly earned the church the nickname “Terminator Jesus” because of its use of the phrase.

  1. BELOW, you can see an exclusive Chopper 9 footage of the new statue: The new statue was discussed very soon after the first monument was removed.
  2. An anonymous member of the animal rights group who is a devoted Christian volunteered to assist in funding the construction of the church provided the congregation agreed to promote veganism as a condition of the donation.
  3. According to Bishop, the group wants to erect the statue for free if it would promote them.
  4. “I also do not agree with PETA’s political goal.” Construction on the new Jesus began in June 2012, more than two years after the fire destroyed the first.
  5. “Hug Me Jesus,” as the new statue is popularly known, is a popular choice.
  6. The new Jesus is equipped with a big lightning rod, which is understandable given the circumstances.
  7. WATCH the following video to see the new statue being built: Like the WCPO Vault on Facebook to learn more about Cincinnati history and archival footage.

Facebook page (included) Scripps Media, Inc. retains ownership of the copyright and reserves all rights. This information may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the prior written permission of the author.

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To see the full size, click here. Tiffani West-May is a reporter with the Dayton Daily News. In 2010, flames erupted from the “King of Kings” statue of Jesus Christ, which stood outside of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio, and shot into the air. The six-story-tall figure of Jesus with his arms uplifted along with him was struck by lightning during a rainstorm and was completely consumed by flames. MONROE, Ohio – The city of Monroe, Ohio, is home to the Ohio State University. A replacement for the towering roadsideJesus monument that was destroyed by a lightning strike in southwest Ohio will be installed later this summer.

  • In the next two weeks, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, many sculptural components will be manufactured in a company near Dayton and then trucked to the Monroe site for final assembly.
  • A waist-up Jesus with arms raised drew the moniker “Touchdown Jesus,” and because of its creamy tone, the painting was also known as “Big Butter Jesus.” To see the full size, click here.
  • The new version will have a fully clothed Jesus, his arms stretching out as if calling out to the viewer.
  • Please keep in mind that if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a fee.
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Big Butter Jesus Bites It – Joe Pastry

In the last decade, everybody who has traveled the I-71 corridor between Louisville and Cincinnati has passed by Big Butter Jesus, a six-story yellow-tinted figure of Christ in front of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio, which is known locally as “Big Butter.” Over the course of his career, BBJ, or “Touchdown Jesus,” as he is often known, has served as a source of both amusement and controversy.

Well, yesterday night, during a rainstorm, BBJ was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground, and the Good Lord delivered his sentence on the monument.

As it turns out, the massive butter-yellow monument was constructed of some type of foam, which explains why it burnt so efficiently.

God is seen in the background, perhaps making some further adjustments to suburban Cincinnati’s landscape.

Work on a new BBJ began in June 2012, although it has now been revealed that the figure would be reimagined as a full-body Christ with one arm outstretched this time around, rather than the previous version. Most likely not in a straight line upward.

Big Butter Jesus

I recently relocated to Cincinnati, and while driving along Interstate 75 to get a feel for my new surroundings, I came across Jesus. Literally. The figure of Jesus at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio, rises out of the earth at a height of 62 feet and with a 42-foot wing spread between the hands. Lawrence and Darlene Bishop, evangelical Christian pastors of the 3,400-member Solid Rock Church in this city, were the motivation for the statue, which was constructed in 2003 after a $250,000 investment that did not go smoothly.

  • The body was subsequently transported by truck to the north.
  • A third month was spent tearing the fiberglass apart and casting the outstretched arms and raised face again.
  • Even though its skin is so thin that it bends at the touch of a finger, the final figure weighs 16,000 pounds and stands 62 feet tall, which is 20 feet taller than initially envisaged.
  • Two years before the picture was constructed, twelve individuals perished along that 15-mile stretch of Interstate 75, eight of them were killed when automobiles crossed the median into oncoming traffic and were hit by oncoming traffic.
  • Officials with the Ohio Department of Transportation credit the increased safety to a $1.1 million high-tension cable that the department installed in the freeway’s median at the same time, ironically, that the statue was dedicated to the fallen soldier.
  • In addition, there has been a long-running controversy concerning the statue’s name.
  • Many locals refer to it as Touchdown Jesus because it resembles a robed and bearded referee indicating a touchdown at the goal line, similar to the famous painting at the University of Notre Dame, and because it is located near the goal line.
  • (I prefer the moniker Big Butter Jesus, because it resembles one of the butter sculptures you’d see at a state fair.
  • “I can’t believe it’s not Jesus, Oleo lord.” is one of the finest lines in the movie.
  • I can tell you from personal experience that this device has an extremely high creepiness factor!

Creepiness arises not just as a consequence of the massive statue, but also as a result of the overall arrangement of the complete church “complex.” I also snapped a photo of this (amazing) monument when I was there: To top it all off, if your visit you see the Giant Jesus hasn’t been sacrilegious enough, be sure to give Jesus a high five or attempt to figure out whether that’s an airplane he’s staring at: Enjoy!

PETA offers to help rebuild “Big Butter Jesus” – with a catch

Photo courtesy of PETAA showing the “King of Kings” statue before it was destroyed by fire. MONROE, OH (FOX19) – A man has been arrested in Monroe, Ohio. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims to have provided financial assistance to the Solid Rock Church in Monroe in order to help reconstruct the “King of Kings” statue, but there’s a catch: there’s a hitch. The statue, also known as “Big Butter Jesus” or “Touchdown Jesus,” was destroyed by lightning last week after being struck by the lightning bolt.

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The new statue would depict Jesus carrying a lamb, with an inscription that says, “I am the Lamb of God.” “God Bless You, You Merciful One.

In the words of Bruce Friedrich, vice president of PETA’s Christian Outreach program: “Today’s industrial farms and slaughterhouses are the epitome of cruelty, carnage, and exploitation.” “Christians should extend the message of ‘God is love’ to animals-by refraining from eating them,” says the author.

  1. He has been working on farms since he was a child, including his family’s property in rural Kentucky, where he walks about on his ranch with actual spurs on his boots.
  2. In other words, “if you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you.” For the past 50 years, he has been breeding cattle and quarter horses.
  3. The comedian says that “maybe somebody will manufacture Big Macs out of them one day.” “On top of that, I’ll earn a profit.” As a result, when a PETA donor offered that he replace the monument at his church, he declined their gift without hesitation.
  4. According to Bishop, there is also a photograph of him standing with his arms spread.
  5. “It’s for folks who are in pain,” Bishop explained.
  6. Given the issues that arose during services last Wednesday night, Pastor Bishop has stated that he expects to have a police presence at services this Wednesday night.

Stories that are related to this one: FOX19 has copyright protection for the year 2010. All Intellectual Property Rights are Reserved.

Big Butter Jesus

Prior to the Clarification and Following the Clarification Big Butter is a type of butter that is very rich. A 62-foot-tall statue of Jesus (also known asLord O’ Lakes, The Olo and the Lamb, Good God Ghee, and the Unsalted Savior) stood east of Interstate 75 at the Solid Rock Church, a 4000+ member ($4,000,000,000) Christian megachurch near Monroe, Ohio, in the United States. It was destroyed by a lightning strike by God on June 15, 2010, and it was afterwards dissolved in a conflagration. In a prominent position on the Interstate-facing side of the church’s $12,000,000 outdooramphitheater, the statue was placed on an island at the head of a creepy baptismal pool, flanked by $6m fountains and illuminated by colored spotlights to demonstrate the humility and meekness of the Christian faith, according to the church.

The finished statue weighed around 16,000 pounds (7,000 kg).


Brad Coriell created the rendering, Mark Mitten created the churning, and James Lynch created the sculpture. The sculpted figure itself was constructed in Jacksonville, Florida, and then trucked north on a metal frame or armature that was manufactured in neighboring Lebanon, Ohio, and finally assembled. The primary body of the statue was constructed from a core of solidified butterfat, which was then coated with a thin emulsion of phospholipid skin to form the skin of the statue. The sculpted statue was finished in September 2004 at a cost of around $250,000,000, and it was dedicated in September 2004.


The statue was hit by lightning on June 15, 2010, and the resultant blaze was caused by the pettyangerof God’s long-standing and jealous law against graven images and vanity projects, which was carried out in the ensuing conflagration. God is particularly sensitive of the sugar lactose. As the ‘clarification,’ Big Butter Jesus’ devotees think that all of their sins were washed away in the purity of his sizzling body, and that it also made sautéing a lot less difficult. There was just a metal frame supporting the statue’s volatile milkfat inside, which had been protected by a thin skin of fatty acids and proteins, and the fire destroyed everything but that metal frame.

A $7,500 digital sign installed on a building adjacent to the church advertised “fried butter for sale” in the days following the devastation.

Strangely enough, Big Butter Jesus did not rise from the dead on the third day, or on any subsequent day.

If substandard and tasteless vegan butter were used at the church, PETA offered cash through a “unknown Christian donor” to assist in the reconstruction of the statue. Jesus, the Big Butter

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