How To Meditate On Jesus?

5 Powerful Steps to Meditate on the Word of God

Practicing meditation is a life-changing technique that will provide you with long-term advantages.Some of the advantages are as follows: Today, we hear a lot about the importance of ″staying still″ and ″being aware of our environment.″ ″Meditation″ has been popular among New Age groups as well as other religions.The practice of meditation has always been seen negatively in Christian communities.But this is because people have an incorrect idea of what it means to dwell on Scripture.

  1. It’s critical to remember that the Bible instructs us to concentrate on God’s instructions on a regular basis.
  2. When it comes to Joshua 1:8, the King James Version says that this book of the law ″shall not depart out of thine mouth,″ but that you should ″mediate on it day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein,″ for it is only then that you will ″make thy way prosperous″ and ″have good success.″ If you are a Christian who want to learn how to concentrate on God’s word, you have come to the correct place.
  3. Meditating on Scripture is a type of prayer that permits us to witness God’s revelations in our lives while we go about our daily lives.
  4. Bible-based meditation is not about attempting to achieve ″mindlessness″ or ″detachment from reality,″ but rather about paying attention to the ways in which God’s love permeates our daily lives.

Brief History of Biblical Meditation

  1. We provided a brief historical lesson on Christian meditation in our tutorial on What is Christian Meditation: Two terms for meditation are found in the Old Testament: hgâ (Hebrew: ), which literally translates as ″to sigh,″ ″to murmur,″ or ″to meditate,″ and ″sîâ (Hebrew: ), which literally translates as ″to ponder, rehearse, or contemplate.″ The word meditate or meditation appears 23 times in the Bible, with 19 of those appearances being in the Book of Psalms alone. The term Lectio Divina refers to a type of Christian meditation that has been used by Christians since the 4th century A.D. and literally translates as ″holy reading.″ It is divided into four stages: In the Latin language, lectio means intentionally reading a chapter
  2. Meditatio means considering the text
  3. Oratio means asking God to disclose the truth
  4. Contemplatio means relaxing in God’s presence.

Understanding Mindfulness From a Biblical Perspective

We are more cut off from God than we have ever been before.God communicates with us on a regular basis.Worries, diversions, and social media, on the other hand, keep us from accomplishing our goals.We are more concerned with what our friends have to say to us than with what God has to say to us!

  1. In this day and age, practicing mindfulness may be quite difficult.
  2. As humans who live in a technologically driven society, we are continuously distracted by our surroundings.
  3. Even when we have no idea what tomorrow will bring, we frequently ″future-trip″ about it.
  4. Those who say, ″Today or tomorrow, we will go into such a city, and continue there for a year, and buy and sell, and make profit,″ should read James 4:13-17 in the King James Version: ″Go to now, ye who say, Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there for a year, and buy and sell and make profit:″

You, on the other hand, have no idea what will happen tomorrow.What do you want to do with your life?It is even a vapour, which appears for a brief period of time before dissipating completely.For this reason, you should say things like, ″If the Lord wills it, we will live and do this or that.″ However, you are now reveling in your bragging, and all such joy is harmful.

  1. To the extent that someone knows how to do good but does not, that person is guilty of sin.
  2. In a Christian setting, mindfulness is defined as placing complete confidence in God in all aspects of one’s life.
  3. If you are consumed with worry and anxieties, you will be unable to appreciate God’s gifts.
  4. It is the Bible that contains the promise of God.
  • If you keep God at the forefront of your everyday activities, you will grow closer to God.
  • Pay attention to God’s voice.
  • God communicates with you on a regular basis through the Bible.
  • Beginning with biblical meditation, you may train your mind to be alert and receptive to hearing God.

5 Steps to Meditate on God’s Words as a Christian

So then, according to Romans 10:17 KJV, faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes through the word of God.God has provided us with a road map for spiritual development.All it takes is focusing on the Bible every day and night for a week.Changing your mentality and developing your relationship with God can only be accomplished in this way.

  1. It is only to those who set their attention on God that God’s truth is revealed.
  2. Praise and adore God in your prayers as you prepare for the event.
  3. Locate a peaceful area where you will not be distracted from your work.
  4. Turn off any sorts of distractions that are present in your vicinity.
  • Always begin your meditation with a prayer request, such as this: ″Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer request.″ Please, through the power of the Holy Spirit, open my eyes to the truth of your message and impress it onto my heart.
  • I want to progress in my relationship with you.
  • The most important thing in my life is the bond I have with you.
  • I pray that the words of Scripture will help me discover the secret significance you have for my life.
  • Thank you for your prayers, in the powerful name of Jesus, amen.
  • Following through with Christian meditation can be accomplished through the use of the following steps:

Step 1: Read the Bible

The Bible serves as both a starting point and an ending point for meditation.In hgâ, you have the ability to express God’s words to yourself loudly.For example, if you are reading 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 in the King James Version, repeat the following sentences numerous times: Charity endures long and is kind; charity does not envy; charity does not exalt itself, does not exalt itself, does not behave unseemly, does not seek her own, is not easily provoked, does not think evil; charity does not vaunt itself, does not exalt itself, does not behave unseemly, does not behave unseemly, does not behave unseemly, does not behave unseemly, does not think evil; Does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.Pay attention to the wording.

  1. Consider the significance of the passage for a moment or two.
  2. What is it that the Holy Spirit is attempting to bring to your notice today?
  3. Maintain your concentration and recognize that you are paying close attention to your relationship with God.
  4. He is your guide, and He will disclose things to you as they are revealed to Him.

Step 2: Ponder on the words of God

You should continue to utter the words or phrase that God has attracted your attention to in your prayers.Continue to concentrate and listen to the words as they come to you.Allow yourself to continue to contemplate and chew on the words until you begin to grasp the blessings that God has in store for you.Remember to jot down any important information you learn.

  1. Taking notes enables you to see things in a different light than you would otherwise.

Step 3: Talk to God through prayer, praise, and worship

If you could say anything to God in response to what he has revealed to you today, what would it be? Slowly express yourself to God. Make a statement with words that are close to your heart. Make a prayer to God. God be praised. Don’t forget to thank God for everything that He has done for you today and every day. Give thanks to Him for the revelations He has given us today.

Step 4: Receive from God

Take time to bask in God’s goodness. Allow God’s blessings to cascade down onto your life. Make a conscious decision to open your heart. Accept the love that He has laid aside for you. Accept His forgiveness, His kindness, and His grace as a gift. Allow God to change the course of your life. Allow Him to do His work inside of you. Allow Him to continue to build on your spiritual strength.

Step 5: Act in obedience to what He has revealed

Being obedient to God is an act of love on his part.In the eyes of the Lord, it demonstrates that you have received what He has shown, uttered, or done for you while you were contemplating His words.Inquire of Him for assistance by granting you the power of the Holy Spirit.Repeat these procedures as many times as necessary for the rest of your time on the job.

  1. Don’t be hesitant to study the Bible and think about what God is trying to communicate to you right now.
  2. Continue to accept blessings from the Almighty.
  3. He has a plan for your life now and for every day going forward, no matter what.


Taking time to reflect on God’s word is a simple but crucial exercise that will have a profound impact on every part of your life.When you are overburdened by life, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of this task.However, as God’s people, we must keep our gaze fixed on God’s truth at all times.The most essential connection in your life is the one you have with the Almighty God.

  1. You should value it even more than your relationships with your friends or parents.
  2. Taking the time to read the Bible helps you to hear God’s voice and follow in His footsteps.
  3. I pray that you will find triumph in Jesus Christ today.
  4. God’s blessings!

How to meditate on jesus

What does Jesus say about meditation?

When the Bible discusses meditation, it is common for it to be followed by a statement of obedience in the following breath. The Book of Joshua, for example, states that ″This Book of the Law shall not leave from your lips, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be cautious to do according to all that is written in it.″

How do you meditate to God?

Directness is essential: Inquire about what you want.Get to a quiet place.Begin by sitting in a position similar to that of meditation.Greet and express gratitude.

  1. Spend a moment or two setting the tone with a prayer of invocation or praise, or an expression of appreciation, before the ceremony begins.
  2. Say What You Really Want to Hear.
  3. Recognize and accept your inner truth at that particular instant.
  4. Connect.
  • Make a formal request.
  • Allow yourself to be free.
  • Immerse Yourself in the Presence of the Sacred.

How do you meditate on God for beginners?

Open your Bible and read the verse or verses that you want to focus on during your meditation. Allow yourself as much time as you need to obtain a basic grasp of the words, and then save the verse for later reference; you’ll be referring to it on a regular basis throughout your meditation session. Repeat the reading of the passage once you’ve finished the first time through it.

How do Christians clear their mind?

Here are six suggestions for quieting your thoughts so that you can hear God more clearly: Place yourself in a setting that will allow you to concentrate better.When you pray, express your thoughts to God about what you’re reading in the Bible.Distracting ideas should not be combated by attempting to ignore them entirely.Choose a brief phrase or statement from the Bible to represent yourself.

Can meditation be dangerous?

Although negative side effects of meditation have lately been emphasized in popular media and case studies (increases in sadness, anxiety, and even psychosis or mania), few research have examined the topic in depth across broad populations of people.

What does the Bible mean by meditation?

Meditation is defined in the Bible as ″muttering or speaking silently,″ which is usually accepted as the term. The Hebrew term hagah is used to translate the word ponder in Psalm 1. To murmur (in pleasure or wrath), according to Strong’s dictionary, is to ″ponder: envision; ruminate; weep; mumble… speak; study; discuss; utter″ (strong’s dictionary).

How do I talk to God?

Tips When communicating with God, ensure that you do it in a manner that is most comfortable for you..When writing to God, make sure you utilize a pen and paper to convey your message.It’s best if you can locate a peaceful place where you can converse to God.If you have a religious source of faith, you should read your holy scripture.

  1. To communicate with God, you must first open your heart.

Can I pray in my mind?

If you want, you can pray silently in your thoughts rather than speaking them out loud. God is capable of hearing your prayers in either situation!

How can I reconnect with God?

Here are some suggestions to assist you in finding your way back to Him: Speak with Him. Communication with God is vital, just like it is with any other person in your life, if you want to deepen your connection with him. You must obey Him. Keep God’s commands in mind. Make a study of the scriptures. Keep an ear out for Him. Demonstrate your appreciation. Be cautious of your surroundings.

How do you meditate for anxiety?

Meditation on Mindfulness – Steps to Take Place your feet firmly on the floor and sit up straight on a chair with your back straight. Begin to pay close attention to your breathing pattern. It’s possible that you’ll feel forced to move your attention elsewhere. It is possible that you will have anxious thoughts. For around 10 minutes, remain silent and nonjudgmental in your observation.

How do you meditate lying down?

On any situation, whether you’re lying down in an enormous bed, a thick mattress, or a blanket, make sure your spine is in a straight line and parallel to the sides of the bed or blanket. Consider your spine to be a chain that has been placed on the floor and straightened so that all of the links are aligned and disentangled from one another.

How do you meditate in bed?

What is the best way to meditate?Locate a peaceful setting.Decide whether to sit or lie down based on what feels most comfortable.When it comes to going to bed, lying down is preferred.

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Take long, deep breaths in and out.
  3. Keep your attention on your breathing.
  4. If a thought occurs to you, simply let it go and return your attention to your breathing.

Can Christians be cremated?

The traditional burying of the deceased is still preferred by the Church on an official level. Although cremation is still preferred, it is now permissible so long as it is not carried out in order to indicate a refusal to believe in the resurrection of the corpse.

How do I pray to clear my mind?

I pray that you would give me the strength and clarity of mind to discover my life’s purpose and travel the route you have laid out for me to follow. I put my faith in your Love, God, and believe that you will help me to overcome this tension. In the same way as the sun rises each day against the backdrop of nighttime darkness. Please illuminate my situation with the light of God.

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Can Christians get tattoos?

Tattooing is frowned upon by certain Christians, who believe it violates the Hebrew commandment (see below). The Hebrew restriction is based on an interpretation of Leviticus 19:28—″Ye must not make any incisions in your flesh for the dead, nor stamp any markings upon you″—in such a way that tattoos and maybe even cosmetics are prohibited.

How To Meditate With Jesus Christ? – Bio Time inc

God, on the other hand, has complete control over your breathing. You should begin to softly recite the Jesus Prayer in your head, saying, ″Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have pity on me,″ as slowly as possible. As you take a deep breath in, say ″Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,″ acknowledging that Jesus is present in your life at this very moment.

How Do I Meditate With God?

  1. Place yourself in a position that will allow you to meditate
  2. Offer a warm greeting as well as compliments. Preparation should begin with a prayer of praise or invocation, or an expression of thanks
  3. Let’s be honest with ourselves
  4. You are able to link.
  5. You have the option of submitting a request.
  6. Let’s get this party started. Let’s get this party started.
  7. Take a long, deep inhale and focus on the Sacred

How Do You Focus On God In Meditation?

Quiet settings are beneficial to one’s health. When you meditate on God’s Word, you will be able to concentrate more effectively if you keep your distractions to a minimum. Every day, set aside 15 to 30 minutes to practice meditation. Make sure your family or roommates are aware of your desire for alone time and that you will be able to devote sufficient time to yourself.

Can You Talk To God While Meditating?

The practice of meditation is a very effective method of learning to hear God’s voice. God communicates with us in a variety of ways depending on who we are, but meditation enables us to focus and receive by training our brains to be able to listen to him. It can also assist us in distinguishing the voice of God from the voice of another individual.

What Kind Of Meditation Can Christians Do?

A lot of Christians like to meditate first thing in the morning. It is possible to begin a meditation session with a verse from their Bible or a devotional book. If you practice morning meditation, ask yourself the same questions every time you sit down to meditate, and then write down your responses in a journal afterward.

What Did Jesus Say About Meditation?

In the Bible, it is typical for meditation to be mentioned in the next sentence. ″This Book of the Law will not leave your tongue, but you will meditate on it every day and night, so that you may be cautious to observe all of the commands in it,″ says Joshua in the Book of Joshua.

How Do You Meditate With Christ?

  1. You should be aware of the reasons why meditation is considered a kind of God.
  2. Make a list of the topics you’d want to focus on during your meditation.
  3. Make a mental note of the location where you intend to meditate.
  4. Check to see if the atmosphere is appropriate.
  5. It is appropriate to include the Trinity into the meditation.
  6. Make a decision about the sort of meditation you wish to practice
  7. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help you relax.
  8. Meditate

Can You Meditate With The Bible?

Take a few moments to ponder a single verse or paragraph of Scripture. This is the most common method of contemplating the Bible. You can reflect on a verse or a paragraph from the Bible if you like. For those who are interested in reading beautiful verses from the Old Testament, the Psalms and the Proverbs are two of the most inspiring books in the Bible to concentrate on.

Can You Meditate With God?

As a Christian, one of the most effective methods of meditation is via the reading of God’s Word. It is required that you reflect thoroughly about God’s truth rather than merely ″emptying″ your thoughts in order to practice this type of meditation.

What Is Meditating With God?

Meditative prayer in the Christian tradition is a type of prayer in which the practitioner strives to become aware of and ponder on God’s revelations. Meditating on God’s love is an intentional practice of purposefully focusing on certain thoughts (such as a Bible chapter) and meditating on their significance in light of God’s love.

How Can I Focus My Mind On God?

  1. Study the Bible on a regular basis
  2. The importance of regular prayer cannot be overstated.
  3. Reading books can help you to grow in your faith.
  4. Others should not be able to influence your behavior
  5. Take some time to reflect on your blessings.

Can You Meditate And Pray?

When we pray in the form of meditation, we are striving to draw closer to God rather than remaining in our own minds. Additionally, Visio Divina may be used to concentrate on moments in Jesus’ life, and the Rosary can be used to meditate on moments in Jesus’ life, as well as contemplating sacred art.

Meditate on Jesus and Experience Good Success

Concentrate on Jesus and you will experience great success.As a result, faith comes via hearing, and hearing comes by hearing the word of God.10:17 (Romans 10:17) When we focus on the Word, we have the opportunity to think about Jesus as a person under the new covenant.Since Jesus is the Word come to life, God ensures that you will achieve success as long as you dwell on Jesus’ love for you, his finished work, His forgiveness, and His grace.

  1. You can concentrate on Jesus’ love for you by focusing on one passage at a time.
  2. Start by muttering Psalm 23:1 under your breath, which says, ″The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not be in want.″ After a few minutes of contemplation on this simple verse, you will come to know that the Lord is (in the present tense) your shepherd.
  3. A shepherd is responsible for his sheep, including providing for them, feeding them, and protecting them.
  4. Due to the fact that Jesus is your shepherd, you will never be in want of anything.
  • You will not be lacking in insight, direction, or supply in any way.
  • You begin to realize that Jesus is always present with you, providing for you, keeping an eye on you, and ensuring that you and your family have more than enough to eat and clothe yourselves.
  • Now, right there, in that brief amount of time spent thinking on Jesus, faith is transferred, and your heart is strengthened by the knowledge that Jesus is with you at all times, even when you are faced with difficulties.
  • The Lord’s Prayer will provide nourishment and power to your spirit, regardless of whether you are a housewife, business owner, salesman, or any other type of company owner.
  • As a matter of fact, whenever you reflect on God’s Word, Jesus will urge you forward towards prosperity without your knowledge or consent.
  • Jesus will guide your steps, take you to the location where you are intended to be, and allow doors of opportunity to supernaturally open wide for you without you having to prepare, design, or make any other kind of plans.

He will accomplish all of this for you without you having to do anything.When you dwell on Jesus, you will always be prosperous in your endeavors.Don’t be scared to use the term ″prosperous″ now that the economy is booming.It is written in the Bible as a promise from God.It is said in the Bible that when you concentrate (mutter) on Jesus day and night, ″you will make your path successful, and then you will have good success″ (Josh.

  1. 1:8)!
  2. Once they have earned their first million dollars, some people believe that they have arrived at the pinnacle of success.
  3. However, when you take a closer look at their life, you will see that somewhere down the line, in their pursuit of ever-increasing wealth, they have lost sight of the very things that are most essential to them.
  4. They may have amassed a sizable investment fortune, but their children no longer want anything to do with them, and they have caused pain to those who previously cherished them.
  5. That does not equate to actual riches or good fortune.
  1. A portion of God’s gifts to you will include financial blessings, but they will only constitute a tiny portion of the total.
  2. Good fortune brought to you by Jesus will never cause you to abandon your faith.
  3. No matter what happens, it will never separate you from your loved ones.
  4. Most importantly, it will never separate you from your own thoughts and feelings.
  5. You will not wake up one day in the thick of your quest of achievement and realize that the person gazing back at you in the mirror is no longer the same person you remember.
  6. To be a better Christian, my friend, learn to reflect on the person of Jesus.
  1. He is a good success for you.
  2. When you have Him, you have everything you could possibly want.
  3. We are told in the Bible that ″faith comes through hearing, and hearing comes via hearing the word of God.″ In the original Greek language, the term for ″God″ is Christos, which is a reference to Jesus Christ.
  4. In other words, faith comes via hearing, and hearing the Word of Christ is the source of faith.
  5. Faith does not arise as a result of just hearing God’s Word.
  6. Faith is a result of hearing the Word of Jesus and being reminded of His finished work.

A similar process occurs when one is contemplating, mumbling, and hearing about Jesus during one’s time of meditation on God’s Word.This does not imply that you should limit yourself to reading simply the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, as some have suggested.To the contrary, Jesus is mentioned on every single page of the whole Bible from beginning to end!

  • It is my recommendation that you reflect on sermons spoken by ministries that are all about exalting the person of Jesus, His beauty, His unmerited grace, and the magnificent work He performed for you on the cross.
  • Pay attention to new covenant ministries that do not combine law and grace, but rather accurately divide the Word of God and teach the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught by the apostles.
  • Your faith will be strengthened the more you learn about Jesus and his death on the cross, and your life will be filled with joy and prosperity!
  • This devotional is adapted from the book 100 Days of Favor—Daily Readings from Unmerited Favor, which may be purchased here.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a health condition, please know that we are thinking about you and praying for you.While you are waiting for your breakthrough, we invite you to read the article ″How can I walk in faith and wisdom as I turn to the Lord for healing?″ to help you strengthen your faith while you are waiting.Joseph Prince is a copyright who has been in business since 2008.All rights are protected in accordance with international copyright legislation.It is not permitted to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any way without the express written authorization of the creator of the work.Unless otherwise stated, all Scripture quotes are drawn from the New King James Version ® of the Holy Scriptures.

Thomas Nelson acquired the copyright in 1982.Permission has been granted to use.All intellectual property rights are retained.

Meditate on Jesus’ thirst during Lent

The thirst of Christ provided both Mom Teresa and Fr.Joseph Langford, MC, co-founder of Mom Teresa’s monks’ neighborhood, with a source of inspiration via meditation.Langford particularly penned an amazing meditation on this issue, one that is sometimes credited to Mother Teresa, which is available online.He provides an expressive approach for seeing Jesus thirsting for us, and we are able to turn at the crucifix and listen to these lines of Jesus speaking directly to us throughout Lent.

  1. Yes, it is correct.
  2. I am at the door of your coronary heart at all hours of the day and night.
  3. Even if you don’t pay attention, even if you have doubts that it could possibly be Me, I am always present.
  4. I’m looking forward to even the tiniest indication of your response, even the tiniest murmured invitation that may allow Me to enter.
  • I’m hankering after you.
  • Yes, it is the only technique that will allow me to even begin to describe my feelings for you.
  • You have no idea how much I desire to be liked and appreciated by you.
  • That is how precious you are to Me.

Let Me fill your coronary heart with blood and cure your wounds.I’ll create something entirely new for you, and I’ll provide you tranquility despite all of your difficulties.I FEEL DESIRE FOR YOU.You must never question My kindness, My acceptance of you, My desire to forgive, My desire to bless you, or My desire to live in you as My life-giving presence.I FEEL DESIRE FOR YOU.

  1. If you believe you are inconsequential in the eyes of the world, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
  2. For me, there isn’t anyone else on the planet who is more important than you in any way.
  4. If you open yourself up to Me, come to Me, hunger for Me, offer me your life – I’ll reveal you the path that is required for you to reach My Coronary heart.
  5. Every time you do open the door of your heart, every time you come close enough, you will hear Me say to you again and over again, not in plain human words, but in spirit, and you will know what I am talking about.
  1. I don’t care what you’ve done; I care about you for your own good.″ Come to Me with all of your misery and sins, with all of your concerns and aspirations, and with all of your need to be adored, and I will receive you.
  2. As I stand at the door of your coronary artery, I ring the bell.
  3. ″Be open to Me, for I THIRST FOR YOU…″

How to “Be still and know that I am God”

A straightforward Christian meditation technique: simply sit down, press play, and commune with God. Get 7 Days Free of Charge

My Story

  • It is important to understand why I learned meditation and what it means for you. When life knocks you down, what do you do?
  • What is the best way to throw our concerns on Jesus?
  • This is what I discovered after I lost my father and subsequently my business.

What Burdens You?

This initiative is intended to decrease the following:











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New Deeper Level With God. Clarity & Memory Returning

I perform my meditation in the evening…I have to say that my clarity in understanding, as well as my quiet time with the Lord during the day, has been incredible!Possibly something you’ve heard before, but I’m experiencing a metamorphosis in my essence, as if a cloud has been removed from me!My memory, IQ, and overall clarity have all improved dramatically – there is no longer any brain fog during the day.

  1. God has taken me to a new level of intimacy!
  2. I am grateful to the Lord for your series.
  3. Blessings,
Kimberly Myers
Hudson, Ohio

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How to Meditate on the Word of God

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded However, while meditation is generally linked with Eastern faiths or New Age activities, it also has a significant role to play in the Christian faith.In order to meditate effectively as a Christian, one of the most efficient methods is to do so on God’s Word.Unlike other types of meditation that urge you to ″empty″ your mind, this form requires you to immerse yourself in and reflect thoroughly about God’s revealed truth.

  1. 1 Define ″meditation″ in the context of a Christian belief system. Meditation is related with the emptying of the mind and the relaxation of the body in a secular environment. However, meditating on God’s Word or engaging in any other type of Christian meditation demands you to focus your attention and reflect thoroughly on God’s truth. Consider God’s words to Joshua in Joshua 1:8 (New International Version): ″You should keep this Book of the Law constantly on your lips and reflect on it at all times of the day and night so that you are cautious to follow everything contained in it. You will be profitable and successful as a result ″in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]
  2. In spite of the fact that this passage technically only pertains to what Christians consider the Bible’s first five books, you may still use this concept to guide you through your meditation on the whole Bible. God’s Word should be meditated on regularly, and the main goal should be to deepen your comprehension of it so that you may apply it to your life.

2 Focus your attention on a single verse or phrase.This is most likely the most popular method of meditating on the Bible today.Choose a single verse or paragraph from God’s Word to reflect on for the next several minutes.

In order to really comprehend and comprehend the significance of that passage, you will need to devote a significant amount of time to it.There is no ″wrong″ pick, but if you’re not sure where to begin, a passage from the New Testament—especially one from one of the four Gospels—might be a fine place to start (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).When it comes to the Old Testament, the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs both include wonderful verses to ponder.

  • Promotional material
  • 3 Concentrate your meditation on a certain subject. Another option worth considering is to select a topic that has been extensively discussed in the Bible. You will need to find multiple texts that deal with this theme rather than meditating on a single one. You will then need to think extensively about how the supporting passages define or elaborate on the topic you have identified. For example, you may choose to write about the subject of forgiveness. Find as many forgiveness-related scriptures as you can in a thematic Bible or index, and then read through them as many times as you can. Compare and contrast the verses in the context of one another
  • examine the context around each verse

4 Concentrate on the meaning of a single word.As with the previous option, you’ll need to rely on the context of one or more passages to help you understand the meaning of a significant word.However, instead of dealing with a broad topic, you’ll need to rely on the context of one or more passages to help you understand the meaning of a significant word.

Say, for example, you want to use the term ″Lord.″ Look for passages that include the phrase ″Lord,″ as well as verses that have the lowercase variant of the word ″Lord,″ in the Bible.Take into consideration the term’s meaning in context for both spellings.You may also augment your knowledge by consulting other resources, such as a dictionary, to compare the term’s religious and secular use in different contexts.

5 Take time to read through one book of the Bible.In order to benefit from this technique, you will need to devote a greater amount of time to reading a full book of the Bible rather than simply concentrating on a single short passage.Take that book apart and look at it piece by piece to see what it means to you.

Look at the book as a whole as well as individual pieces of it at a time.If this sounds overwhelming, consider starting with a book that is quite short, such as the Book of Esther, to ease yourself into it.Using a Bible study guide may even be beneficial in enhancing your comprehension, but it is not required.

  1. 1 Find a peaceful area to work. Meditating on the Word of God, like secular forms of meditation, necessitates a period of separation from the noise and distractions of the world in order to devote sufficient time and attention to the job at hand. Multitasking may appear to be a vital talent in today’s society, but you will not be able to offer your whole attention to any one work while also attempting to balance it with another task. While meditating on God’s Word, minimizing your distractions should boost your capacity to concentrate on it
  2. try to set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes for your meditation. Inform any family members or housemates that you require time to yourself in order to concentrate, and provide a separate space for yourself in a quiet, unoccupied room. Maintain your comfort level, but not to the point where you find it difficult to stay awake.

2 Calm your mind and emotions.It is not just external stillness that is essential for this type of meditation, but also inward quietness.Furthermore, you must cultivate inner peace by putting away your worries, concerns, and other distracting ideas.

Never feel bad if your thoughts drift back to the events of the day, but don’t let them linger there for too long as well.You should take a minute to halt and intentionally shift your attention back to God as soon as you sense yourself becoming distracted by anxiety or other problems, such as financial worries.Praying for a recommitment to the task at hand may also be beneficial.

  • 3 Obtain a copy of the Bible. Open your Bible and read the verse or verses that you want to focus on during your meditation. Allow yourself as much time as you need to obtain a basic grasp of the words, and then save the verse for later reference
  • you’ll be referring to it on a regular basis throughout your meditation session. Repeat the reading of the passage once you’ve finished the first time through it. This time, pronounce the phrases aloud and deliberately highlight different aspects of them with your tone of voice, allowing yourself to be open to fresh discoveries as you do so. During your meditation, repeat this exercise as many times as necessary or desired
  • if necessary, you may also wish to use other tools to improve your understanding of the material. Investigate the social and cultural context. Read through a number of verses that are similar in tone or subject matter. Check the definitions of unfamiliar words in a dictionary or thesaurus

4 Pray over the passages you’ve chosen.Begin your meditation by spending a few minutes praying to God for guidance in your efforts.Ask God to open your eyes and ears to the truth and wisdom that can be found in His written Word.

While the Bible may appear to be nothing more than a collection of words on a page, it is important to remember that the material you are reading comes directly from God.In essence, asking the Holy Spirit to help you enhance your grasp of his message while you meditate is similar to asking an author to assist you in improving your knowledge of his novel.


1 Make a list of everything.Read over your chosen passage once more, but this time make notes on what you’ve learned from it.You may want to highlight, underline, or make brief notes immediately on the page, but you should also keep a separate diary where you may take more in-depth notes on what you’re reading.

While highlighting concepts will help you focus your attention on important aspects of the text during subsequent readings, actually taking notes on each verse will make it easier for you to think through the passage.The act of summarizing ideas and responding to them in this fashion compels you to focus your attention entirely on the words you are reading.

  • 2 Speak your thoughts aloud. Despite the fact that your space and emotions should be calm, don’t be scared to express yourself verbally. Talking about the passage can assist you in better processing the material and figuring out how to solve the puzzles it contains. Thoughts can be said aloud in the form of a prayer, but they can also be spoken aloud to assist you in working through complicated thoughts.
  • The Bible is sometimes referred to be ″God’s living word″ since it is always evolving. Due to the phrase ″alive,″ it is implied that the text is intended to be dynamic, which also implies that you may (and should) interact with it. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions, applaud God’s promises, or reply honestly to what you’ve read
  • don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Second, speak aloud what you’re thinking.While it is important to maintain silence in your surroundings and in your heart, don’t be scared to express yourself verbally.The act of discussing the passage can aid you in more efficiently processing the material and working through its riddles.

Thoughts can be said aloud in the form of a prayer, but they can also be spoken aloud to assist you in working through difficult concepts.As the ″living word″ of God, the Bible is often referred to as such.As implied by the word ″living,″ the text is intended to be active, which means that you may (and should) engage with it in many ways.If you have any questions, celebrate God’s promises, or reply honestly to what you have read, don’t be hesitant to ask them.

4 Rephrase the text that you’ve chosen.Spend some time writing down the significance of the paragraph in your own words to reinforce your understanding.Go into as much detail as you possibly can, attempting to extract as much significance as you possibly can from the experience.

In other words, paraphrase the sections you’ve read by putting them into your own words; yet, remember to keep loyal to the essence of God’s words throughout the process.The goal is not to change or distort the truth, but rather to get access to it in a more familiar manner.

5 Elicit an emotional response from the audience.Think about the text on which you’re focusing your attention.Try to identify God’s desires as they are expressed through those words, and make an effort to align yourself with those desires so that you can feel a small portion of what God experiences.

The ability to experience emotion with God can help make the section you’re reading appear more ″real″ to you, which should result in a more rewarding experience.God’s words, rather of just appearing as text on a page, should appear far more meaningful—at least as meaningful as they were originally intended to be.

  • 6 Make a conscious effort to seek the benefits of meditation. Meditating on God’s Word can give you with a restored sense of tranquility in the same way that secular meditation can, but the benefits of this meditative practice can go much farther. You should be looking for direction and comfort when you meditate. You should be looking for joy, reassurance, and insight that come from a more complete awareness of divine truth. In the words of Psalm 1:1-3 (NIV), ″Blessed is the one whose pleasure is in the law of the Lord, and whose meditation on his law is day and night.″
  • While reflecting on God’s Word, a clearer knowledge of what God expects from and for you will emerge, giving you with more direction on your journey. Reading about God’s promises and powerful actions may provide consolation in times of hardship as well as an increased sense of joy in your life. Increasing your awareness of God’s redeeming love should provide you with a sense of security. In conclusion, by deepening your comprehension of God’s Word via meditation, you may equip yourself with the insight you need to navigate through spiritual darkness.
  • 7 Make use of the words in your own life. Once you’ve grasped the significance and depth of the contemplative section, it’s time to put your understanding into action. Evaluate your own life and identify how you can apply your newfound knowledge of God’s Word to your own habits and attitudes, then make the required adjustments as soon as you can thereafter. Consider the words of James 2:17 (New International Version), which reads, ″.faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.″
  • Actions are a demonstration of trust and comprehension. Effective meditation on God’s Word is a practice that is intended to improve both faith and understanding, and as a result, action should be a natural result of effective meditation. That being said, don’t assume that a single 30-minute meditative session will make it easier to live by God’s Word for the rest of your life. Meditation is a discipline, and as such, you will need to devote time and effort to it on a regular basis in order to enjoy the full advantages of it.
  • Question Add a new question Question I’m a complete novice when it comes to meditating. Is it better to express anything out loud or to keep it in my head while meditating? You may speak it out loud, whisper it out loud, or even sing it out loud if you want to express yourself. You can do whatever you want! It is quite empowering to hear your own voice repeat God’s Word.
  • Concerning the Question What kind of surroundings should one be in when meditating? It is beneficial to have a quiet area with no interruptions, but if you can locate a spot in nature where you can be alone, that is even better.
  • Concerning the Question It was quite useful, but I honestly don’t know where to begin or how to get started. What should I do in this situation? Set aside some time in a peaceful area and begin by saying a prayer. This includes pleading with God for forgiveness of your sins as well as praying for God’s will to be done in your life.
  • Concerning the Question What should I do to ensure that I am comprehending the text correctly? Before you begin reading the Bible, pray to God for the grace to genuinely comprehend what he is trying to communicate to you via the pages of the book. If you ask him, he will supply you with the necessary clarification.
  • Concerning the Question Would listening to praise music enable me to focus my thoughts on God? Worship songs, I’ve discovered, are quite beneficial. Find someone who has a strong connection with you and with whom you can communicate well. Listen to the words, reflect on them, and then pray. Possibly instrumental music might be beneficial if you are concentrating on the Word of God.
  • Concerning the Question Is it true that if God calls someone, it automatically means that person is a prophet? No, God has called individuals who are not prophets in the Bible, and there are examples of this in the Bible. God’s calling can be prompted by a duty that one must do, a sin that one must avoid, a message that one must communicate, and so on.
  • Concerning the Question What if my mind continues to wander when I am concentrating on God’s word? What should I do? Because we are not always silent and collected, it is necessary to meditate on a regular basis. It takes discipline, practice, and improvisation to engage in meditation, which makes it a unique activity. It’s quite OK to lose track of time. As soon as you recognize you’ve become disoriented, simply return to your meditation practice.
  • Concerning the Question Why is it that if I close my eyes and think of heavenly words, I gently fall asleep? It is because you are drowsy that you go to sleep. You must remain aware and energetic at all times. Some individuals believe that it is beneficial not to lie down or even sit down while meditation since this fosters sleep rather than concentration. Encourage meditation by doing things like standing, walking, moving, writing, singing, and other activities.
  • Concerning the Question What does it imply if God has given you a sign that you should be spiritual? Misha Olive Provides a Community Response It entails making the most of your available time while paying close attention to his life and his role as an example. Make yourself an excellent disciple in order to search and obtain information. What level of hydration do I need to be in order to practice this technique? I’ve been attempting to meditate recently, but I’m finding that I’m becoming increasingly distracted due to thirst. Before you begin, you should consume a glass or two of water or tea to prepare. Keep a bottle of water close by as well.
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About This Article

Summary of the ArticleXTo meditate on the word of God, begin by deciding on a topic or specific passage to concentrate on.Once you’ve found an area that is calm and where you can relax and clear your thoughts, take some time to go over your selected poem or text many times.Make a mental note of the stanza, make notes about it, and underline crucial terms to aid you in deconstructing its meaning.

Try to rephrase the concept in your own terms to ensure that you fully get it, and then make an effort to put what you’ve learned into practice in your daily life!Follow the links below for advice on deciding on a subject to concentrate on during meditation.Did you find this overview to be helpful?The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 240,298 times.

Be Direct: Ask For What You Want

Subscribe to Outside+ now to get unique access to all of our articles, including sequences, instructor tips, video lessons, and other bonus content. Prayer is, at its most basic level, a technique of connecting with your heart. It can also serve as a gateway to a deeper and more intimate contact with the Supreme Being. Listed below is a general overview of the typical stages of the voyage.

Get Quiet

Begin by sitting in a position similar to that of meditation.To pray, you can fold your hands in Anjali Mudra (Salutation Seal), which is the posture of folding your hands in prayer.It is not required to bow your head.

Take a deep breath into your heart.Make a connection between your energy and the energy of the heart.The heart center serves as both the seat of your delicate feeling of existence and the traditional place for communication with the Divine, according to spiritual tradition.Do not be concerned with whether or whether your heart feels soft or open when you bring your consciousness to the heart center.

  1. When you pray, one of the goals is to assist you in moving deeper into your heart.
  2. As a result, begin with where you are.

Greet and Offer Praise

Spend a moment or two setting the tone with a prayer of invocation or praise, or an expression of appreciation, before the ceremony begins.Alternatively, you might adapt an existing tradition by inventing a new one on the fly.The invocation might be as basic as ″God, my creator and source,″ or as complex as ″I give my salutations to the Buddhas and bodhisattvas,″ among other things.

Either that, or you can spend time profoundly contemplating the aspects of Universal Presence, consciousness, God, and ″naming″ the ones that come to mind for you at that particular moment.The more personal you can make your prayers, the more powerful they will be.

Speak Your Truth

Recognize and accept your inner truth at that particular instant. ″I’m yearning for a relationship,″ you can say. Alternatively, ″I’m having a really difficult day,″ or (my personal fave), ″I’m stuck and in need of some assistance.″ Alternatively, ″I noticed something in myself that I didn’t like.″


After that, take a minute to ″plug in″ or simply experience your want to be connected with someone or something.

Make a request

Make your request as soon as you perceive a connection, even if it is only a faint one.The key to effective petitionary prayer is to ensure that you are asking from a position of relationship with God.With time and experience, you’ll be able to distinguish between those moments when you’re connected and those moments when you’re not.

It is possible that the more you practice with prayer, the simpler it will get as time goes on.Make your request as plainly as possible and without embarrassment.Mixing ″grand″ requests with smaller, more personal ones is quite acceptable.Make sure, though, that you maintain contact.

  1. As well as saying ″Thank you″ once you’ve fulfilled your request.

Let Go

Make an effort to let go of the words, to let go of the longing for a few minutes.Allow yourself to just be present in whatever emotional state has arose as a result of your thoughts.You may melt your feelings of being separate and separated from the world and of desiring when you allow yourself to be intimate with presence, essence, and spirit at this point.

This is referred to as ″communion″ by Christian contemplatives.In some ways, getting to this stage is like to tuning a radio: you move the dial around this way and that until the band clicks in and you’re suddenly receiving reception on the other end.You’re certain that your message has been received successfully.You’ve been introduced in some fashion.

  1. ″This moment of connection,″ a buddy shared with me, ″is what makes me feel like my prayer has been answered.″ It is the result of the prayer when I achieve a particular level of intensity in my feelings.
  2. To put it another way, at this moment, there isn’t much use in praying for anything at this point.
  3. If you’re praying, you’re merely resting, just as you would rest in meditation or in an asana.

Immerse Yourself in the Sacred

Depending on how long you allow yourself to stay in this state, you may find yourself transitioning into what I refer to as ″deep″ prayer, which is prayer as immersion in the holy and prayer as quiet.At this stage, you cease to strive and reach a condition in which words become synonymous with feelings.All of the spoken forms of prayer—petition, praise, and confession—have the potential to bring you into that condition of internal connectedness.

In order to go there, you must first be willing and ready to go there, then you must recognize the indications that indicate when it’s time to let go of speech and allow yourself to be in quiet.Sally Kempton is a meditation and yoga philosophy instructor who is also the author of The Heart Meditation, which has been translated into several languages.Visit her website at to learn more about her work.

10 Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected

  • Whether you adhere to a conventional religion or identify with a more global spirituality, following these steps can assist you in accessing a feeling of limitless calm. 1. Recognize and acknowledge your Creator. Consider this: There is an ultimate force in the cosmos that is both greater and more powerful than your puny mortal self. Think about it. This phase helps you to become humble. 2. Look for ways to spread greater love around the planet. Make an effort to be a conduit of love, to infuse the world with more compassion and kindness than you have received. This phase transforms you into someone who is caring and likable. 3. Set aside some time each day for spiritual thought and introspection on your life. Take time to be in the presence of the divine: Your route may involve prayer, meditation, reading spiritual literature, taking a long walk through nature, or a combination of these activities
  • nevertheless, an optimal practice comprises at least 20-minute sessions in the morning and evening on alternate days. This phase helps you to become more powerful. 4. Learn to be more welcoming of others. With each interaction, let go of any tendency to pass judgment on another individual. Pray for a heart that is more welcoming. You become gracious as a result of this stage. 5. Forgive everyone who has wronged you in the past. Whenever you refuse to forgive, you are tying yourself to your own feelings of guilt and shame. This phase improves your kindness. 6. Acknowledge and learn from your errors. Recognize when you have made a mistake and be open to accept correction. This level places you in a position of responsibility. 7. Make an effort to perceive the positive aspects of others. When you’re tempted to pass judgment on someone, make an effort to notice their excellent qualities. It is your willingness to search for the best in others that will bring it to the surface unconsciously. This stage helps you to be more optimistic. 8.Take a step back and examine your ideas and actions. When you go to bed at night, ask yourself when you were negative when you might have been positive. When have you been reluctant to give love when you might have done so? When was the last time you indulged in a neurotic game instead of acting in a forceful manner? Self-correction can be accomplished through this approach. This phase helps you to develop. 9. Pray for the entire globe. Not only should you pray for benefits in your own life, but also for blessings to be poured out on everyone else. This process enhances your appearance. Ten. Make every contact a chance to be the greatest and most powerful version of yourself possible. Make an effort to rise to the occasion. Make every effort to be the most amazing representation of yourself that you are capable of. This phase transforms you into a vessel for God’s love. Continue Reading for more information. Marianne: How can you put your faith in yourself, even when you make mistakes?
  • The following are ten things Martha Beck is thankful for not having learnt.
  • Three techniques for tuning out the outside world and tuning in to your inner voice

This article appeared in the May 2010 edition of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Listening Prayer Guide: Hear God’s Voice More Clearly

The founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM), Loren Cunningham, writes in his book Daring to Live on the Edge that impressions on our spirit might originate from one of four sources: (1) your own mind; (2) the minds of others (e.g., the world); (3) the minds of Satan (e.g., demons); and (4) the minds of God.As a result of Jesus’ sacrifice, God has given us the authority to mute all other voices and clear the path for us to hear God’s voice and be convinced that it is God speaking.″All authority in heaven and on earth has been handed to me,″ the Resurrected Lord Jesus said just before ascending into the heavens.

As a result, go and make disciples of all peoples…″ (18-19) Matthew 28:18-19 As previously stated, when Jesus commissioned his disciples, he granted them the authority and ability to drive out all demons as well as to cure illnesses, sending them forth to announce the kingdom of God and to treat those who were sick (Luke 9:1-2).Following this, Jesus dispatched 72 other disciples to do the same (Luke 10:1).″Lord, even the devils submit to us in your name,″ they said as they returned to Jesus’ presence with delight.As a response, Jesus said, ″I saw Satan fall from the sky like lightning.″ Nobody or nothing will be capable of harming you because I have given you control over snakes and scorpions, as well as over all of the enemy’s strength.

  1. However, instead of rejoicing that the spirits have submitted to you, rejoicing that your names have been inscribed in the book of life″ (Luke 10:17-20).
  2. We are aware that Jesus is the only one who has power in both heaven and on earth.
  3. And Jesus delegated to us the authority to quiet the adversary.

God’s word Is medicine for the body

″My son, pay attention to my words; bend thy ear to my sayings,″ Proverbs 4:20-22 states.Allow them to remain in the centre of thine heart and never let them leave thy sight.Because they breathe life into individuals who come across them and provide wellness to their entire body.″ Many people today are looking for healing, but they continue to utter disease out of their mouths.

Remember, Jesus indicated in Mark 11:23 that you may have what you say: ″For truly I say unto you, that whomever will say unto this mountain, ‘Be fruitful,’ will be fruitful.″ ″Be taken from the land, and be cast into the sea; and he shall have no doubt in his heart, but shall trust that those things (in this case, healing) which he declares will come to pass; and he shall receive whatever he saith.″ Your thoughts and words create a vivid image of what you are saying, which may cause you to remain inside the confines and restrictions of that picture.It is critical that you understand how to align the image with what God has to say about the subject matter in question.Your comments help to shape the way your life and future should be lived.Your words paint a picture of your life, and without realizing it, you are living within the limitations of the world you have created with your own thoughts and words.

  1. In the same way that God made a picture of the cosmos in Himself in Genesis One, He brought that vision to fruition.
  2. &Prim

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