Who Plays Jesus In The Bible On History Channel?

Actors who played Jesus

  1. CBS NEWS (CBS) / March 25, 2016 / 12:35 PM / Television and cinema screens all throughout the world have shown stories about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ on numerous occasions.
  2. Here is a list of some of the most well-known actors who have been cast in the role.
  3. The role of Jesus Christ was performed by Max von Sydow in the 1965 American epic ″The Greatest Story Ever Told.″

Henry Byron Warner

The silent film ″The King of Kings,″ produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille in 1927, starred popular silent-era actor H. B. Warner in the role of Jesus Christ.

Jeffrey Hunter

King of Kings, a 1961 biblical film starring Jeffrey Hunter, who is best known for playing Captain Christopher Pike in the 1966 ″Star Trek″ pilot, was the first time the actor played Jesus.

Robert Powell

″Jesus of Nazareth,″ a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries, starred Robert Powell in the titular role of Jesus of Nazareth.

Chris Sarandon

″The Day Christ Died″ was a 1980 television movie in which American voice actor Chris Sarandon played the character of Jesus Christ.

Ted Neeley

Ted Neeley played the ultimate nice person in the 1973 film adaption of ″Jesus Christ Superstar″ years before he was cast as the evil guy in ″Django Unchained.″

Victor Garber

″Godspell,″ a 1973 film adaptation of the off-Broadway musical of the same name, starred ″Titanic″ actor Victor Garber in the role of Jesus Christ.

Willem Dafoe

When Martin Scorsese turned Nikos Kazantzakis’ controversial 1953 novel ″The Last Temptation of Christ″ into a blockbuster motion film in 1988, it was a watershed moment in cinematic history. The role of Jesus was performed by Willem Dafoe.

Christian Bale

Early in his career, Christian Bale starred as Jesus Christ in the 1999 television picture ″Mary, Mother of Jesus,″ which was directed by Christopher Nolan and based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Nolan.

Jim Caviezel

During the production of Mel Gibson’s controversial film ″The Passion of the Christ,″ which premiered in 2004, he cast American actor Jim Caviezel as Jesus, who was previously best known for his role in ″The Thin Red Line.″

Jencarlos Canela

During the televised musical event ″The Passion Live,″ hosted by FOX in March 2016, award-winning singer-songwriter and ″Telenovela″ actor Jencarlos Canela took on the starring role of Jencarlos Canela.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell starred as both her crush, popular guy Sky Corrigan, and Jesus in the 1999 film ″Superstar,″ which was based on Molly Shannon’s classic Saturday Night Live skit about a Roman Catholic schoolgirl.

Ralph Fiennes

The voice of Jesus in the 2000 stop motion animated feature ″The Miracle-Maker″ was provided by actor Ralph Fiennes, who is best known for his portrayal of Lord Voldemort in the ″Harry Potter″ films.

Henry Ian Cusick

As Jesus in the three-hour epic feature film ″The Gospel of John,″ Henry Ian Cusick, the actor best known for portraying Desmond on the hit television series ″Lost,″ took on the role of the historical figure in 2003.

Diogo Morgado

″The Bible,″ a miniseries on the History Channel that premiered in March 2013, included Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado as Jesus.

Robert Torti

″Reefer Madness,″ a 2005 film musical, featured Robert Torti in the role of Jesus Christ. He also uses a Vegas-style paradise to warn a young youngster about his marijuana-smoking habits, which is in line with the film’s humorous nature.

Keenan Thompson

″Saturday Night Live″ spoof on then-Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s troubled upbringing included a guest appearance by Keenan Thompson, who played the character ″black Jesus.″

″Last Days in the Desert″

A fictionalized account of Jesus’ 40-day trek in the wilderness, ″Last Days in the Desert″ (2015) is set in the desert. Ewan McGregor takes on the roles of both Jesus and Satan.

″Mary Magdalene″

″Mary Magdalene,″ directed by Garth Davis, starring Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus (2018). Christina Capatides is a Greek actress and singer. Christina Capatides is Vice President of Social Media and Trending Content at CBS News. She joined the network in 2011. She also works as a senior producer and reporter, with a particular emphasis on culture and gender parity.

What channel is the story of Jesus on?

Jesus: His Life
Production company Nutopia
Original network History Channel
Original release 25 March 2019 – present

What is Diogo Morgado doing now?

Diogo Morgado has been a prominent actor on Portuguese television since 1998, and he has now established himself as a legitimate worldwide film and television star, owing in part to his portrayal as ″Jesus Christ″ in the miniseries The Bible. His most recent picture, the comedy Virados do Avesso, is presently playing in theaters and on digital platforms.

Who narrates the Bible on the History Channel?

The Bible is a collection of writings that are arranged in a chronological order (miniseries)

The Bible
Based on Catholic Bible
Directed by Roma Downey Mark Burnett
Starring Diogo Morgado Roma Downey Darwin Shaw Andrew Scarborough
Narrated by Keith David (US version) Robert Powell (UK version)

Where was Jesus his life filmed?

Jesus and His Times is a documentary that takes viewers back to the time of Yeshua, the Messiah, using footage shot entirely in Israel’s beautiful landscapes and in the actual areas where he and his disciples lived. Discover the Sea of Galilee, the Judean Hills, the Jordan Valley, and other significant places from Biblical mythology on this journey.

Is Diogo Morgado Catholic?

Morgado is a 33-year-old Portuguese actor that has been in the business since he was 15 years old. Having grown up as a practicing Catholic, Morgado found the process of portraying Jesus to be a meaningful, unique, and humbling experience that would most certainly stand out in his acting career for the foreseeable future.

Who plays the devil in messengers?

Diogo Morgado will play the devil in new TV series The Messengers.

Where did they film the Bible?

However, while the arched doors, balconies, and furniture all evoke images of Roman-era Israel, the real-life locale is in the Moroccan province of southern Morocco. Despite the fact that viewers in the United States and other parts of the world may not be aware of it, they have seen a lot of Morocco in the last year.

Who Wrote the Bible?

Jewish and Christian dogma hold that Moses wrote the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (the first five books of the Bible, as well as the rest of the Torah) around 1,300 years before the present. Although this is true, there are certain problems with it, such as the absence of evidence that Moses actually existed.

Actor who played Jesus in ‘The Bible’ now plays the devil

  1. NEW YORK (AP) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has resigned.
  2. Diogo Morgado, who starred as Jesus in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible″ in 2013, has a new television series on the way.
  3. This time around, he takes on the role of The Man, a fictionalized version of the devil.
  1. The CW’s ″The Messengers″ (Friday, 9 p.m.
  2. EDT) follows the story of a mystery item that falls to Earth and kills five people.
  3. When they awaken, they discover that they have superhuman abilities.
  4. The Man, who appears to be the only one who understands what is going on, enters the scene.
  5. The Man gives directions to each stranger in order to prevent the apocalypse from occurring.
  6. He recently stated that he has seen an episode of the NBC television series ″A.D.

The Bible Continues,″ the sequel to ″The Bible,″ and that it is ″very, really beautifully done.″ Morgado is 34 years old and lives in New York City.He also spoke about his upcoming television series and the role he would portray.IN ″THE MESSENGERS,″ THERE ARE RELIGIOUS UNDERTONES.

″We’re definitely utilizing the Book of Revelation and the Bible as a backdrop, but it’s a wacky parody of the Bible,″ says the director.What you’re seeing on screen is based on the Book of Revelation and the Bible’s depiction of the five angels and four horsemen of the apocalypse.The fact that I’m playing Satan is also based on the Bible’s depiction of Satan and his four horsemen.In the end, it’s a show about the state of our human situation.Our individual sense of what is good and bad, as well as our own sense of what is the correct thing to do in various situations, are all unique to us.PLAYING WELL AS COMPARED TO PLAYING WORSE People have a tendency to believe that it is more entertaining to play the evil guy.

  1. To be quite honest with you, I don’t believe the term ″fun″ is appropriate.
  2. It’s difficult — especially because (The Man) isn’t a human being — therefore I believe that if we took on the role of the bad guy from a more human standpoint, it would be more enjoyable because we could employ a variety of tools and resources.
  3. His portrayal of this character is unquestionably the worst part of humanity.
  4. He plays off of people’s worries and the testimony of others.

And that’s twisted, don’t you think?That is difficult, and at the end of the day, you find yourself rethinking your assumptions about how the world works, which is bad.GETTING NOTORIOUS FOR PLAYING JESUS It is a genuine blessing in my life.It’s a great honor.People reaching out to me, impacted and emotionally affected by, and inspired by my role as Jesus because I am known as a Jesus impersonator is a wonderful feeling.For me, it’s one of the finest, if not the best, love stories ever told, and it’s certainly the best love tale ever told.

And to be recognized by that moniker is like something out of a fairy tale.That association will remain with me for the rest of my life.and for me, it’s a tremendous honor, and the emotions I had were beyond description.Alicia Rancilio may be found on the internet at

‘The Bible’ Actor Diogo Morgado: How Can You Play the Son of God? You Can’t

  1. Christ’s role will be played by Diogo Morgado in Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ″Bible″ television series, which will premiere at 9 p.m.
  2. on March 3, 2013, on The History Channel.
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|||||(Photo: Grace Hill Media) Christ’s role will be played by Diogo Morgado in Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ″Bible″ television series, which will premiere at 9 p.m.

  1. on March 3, 2013, on The History Channel.
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|(Photo: Grace Hill Media) Christ’s role will be played by Diogo Morgado in Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ″Bible″ television series, which will premiere at 9 p.m.on March 3, 2013, on The History Channel.||




|(Photo: Grace Hill Media) Photos are available to view.NASHVILLE, Tenn.— A day before the History Channel premiere of its epic 10-hour television series ″The Bible,″ the actor who will portray Jesus in the miniseries appeared in front of thousands of Christian leaders at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention on Saturday evening and shared his thoughts on the role of Jesus in the miniseries.Mark Burnett, who co-produced ″The Bible″ with his wife, Roma Downey, gave a speech in which he introduced actor Diogo Morgado, who would play the lead role in the miniseries.

Having grown up in Portugal, Morgado describes the nation as one that is deeply rooted in religion.He stated that he was not just challenged by the character, but also humbled by the fact that he had been cast in it.″How are you going to play the Son of God?″ ″It’s not possible,″ he informed the audience.In the end, all I had the luxury of playing were the words of Christ and accompanying them on their trip through the Scriptures.″ For example, unlike many previous films and television programs on Christianity and the Bible, which have been criticized by pastors and church leaders for inaccurate portrayals of the scripture, ″The Bible″ has received widespread support and endorsements from prominent Christian leaders, including Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and Jim Daley of Focus on the Family.In addition to speaking at the NRB this year, Warren stated that the much anticipated ″The Bible″ series is by far the finest Bible film he has ever seen.

″I have probably seen every film on the Bible that has been made in the previous 50 years.″ As Warren has previously stated, ″This is by far the greatest one.″ During a live 90-minute broadcast at his church on Saturday, the Southern California pastor provided an exclusive sneak peek and behind-the-scenes look at the development of ‘The Bible.’ Warren believes that the miniseries ″The Bible″ will provide a wonderful chance for pastors and church leaders to interact with those who will be viewing the series.While Dr.Geoff Tunnicliffe, secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance, also expressed his approval for the miniseries, he gave it two thumbs up.″Burnett and his wife have created a mini-series that is not only ‘not disappointing,’ but really ranks towards the top of the ‘Wow’ scale.Attempting to read through the entire Bible in ten hours is a near-impossible endeavor for most people, but the Burnetts appear to have accomplished it with flying colors.According to Geoff, who published a movie review for The Christian Post, ″They have truly crafted something of epic proportions.″ The History Channel will broadcast the 10-hour, 5-part television miniseries ″The Bible″ beginning tonight at 8 p.m.

and 7 p.m.Central.

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Actor Diogo Morgado ‘Freaked Out’ About Playing Jesus in ‘Son of God’ Movie

  1. In a recent interview, Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado admitted that he originally ″freaked out″ when he found that he would be portraying Jesus in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible,″ as well as the upcoming film ″Son of God.″ ″I had a nervous breakdown!″ In a recent interview with TODAY, Morgado shouted, ″Wow!″ ″I was completely taken aback; I was in a state of fear because I realized I was responsible.
  2. I mean, I traveled to Jerusalem and, when I was there, I was struck with the significance of the tale on my own.
  3. It’s like I’m breathing.″ As Jesus in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible,″ which was produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, Morgado first appeared in the role of the Messiah.
  1. Following the enormous success of ″The Bible,″ Downey and Burnett decided to create a full-length feature film based on the successful television series, which follows Jesus’ life from his birth until his resurrection.
  2. Downey and Burnett also produced a short film based on the successful television series.
  3. According to the 6-foot-3 actor, he believes the next ″Son of God″ film will have a particularly significant impact on spectators because of the high-quality technical aspects that will be featured in the picture.
  4. Currently, Morgado believes that ″we have the technology to, you know, fulfill it in visual ways that people are genuinely going to be blown away.″ In 1950, we didn’t have the technology to picture this beautiful miracle since we didn’t have it yet.
  5. Morgado has stated in previous interviews that he takes his position as Jesus extremely seriously, acknowledging the potential influence his performance may have on viewers who are skeptical about religion or the Bible as a result of his portrayal.
  6. Last week, the actor told ABC’s ″Good Morning America″ that he believes the film would have a significant influence on youngsters as well as adults.
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″We are now living in a visual world.When children observe things rather than read about them, they may learn a great deal.As a result, I was fully aware of my responsibilities ″Morgado expressed himself.

″There are a lot of people out there, and a lot of children in particular.They’re not sure who Jesus was in the first place.As a result, this is a tool that can be used to teach young children about why Jesus was who he was and why the Bible is the most significant book in the world.″ ‘I grew up as a Christian, and I’ve always thought of Jesus as someone who lived right next door to us, you know, someone who was really close, and I’ve never actually seen that onscreen in a way that could be identified,’ Morgado said.″I’ve never actually seen that onscreen in a way that could be identified.″ As a result, I attempted to proceed in that direction and establish a personal interaction with the spectator.In advance of the film’s debut in theaters throughout the country on Friday, numerous churches in the United States have booked out full theaters to host screenings of the film.It was revealed earlier this week that the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, will be giving out 3,500 movie tickets to anybody who desire to attend a pre-screening of the movie on Thursday, before its official release on Friday.

  1. Rick Warren, the senior pastor of Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif., has also purchased at least eight movie theaters to show the ″Son of God″ film.

Actor Who Played Jesus Was ‘Haunted’ by This Scene From ‘The Bible

  1. After learning that he would be portraying Jesus in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible,″ as well as the upcoming film ″Son of God,″ Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado said in a recent interview that he originally ″freaked out.″ My stomach churned.
  2. In a recent interview with TODAY, Morgado exclaimed: ″As a result of my knowledge of my own guilt, I was in shock and terror.
  3. Because I traveled to Jerusalem and saw firsthand the significance of the tale while there, I can attest to its significance.
  1. You seem to be bursting with energy!″ ″The Bible,″ a blockbuster History Channel miniseries produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, introduced Morgado to the character of Jesus for the first time.
  2. Downey and Burnett decided to make a full-length feature film based on the hit television series ″The Bible″ following Jesus’ life from his birth until his resurrection as a result of the series’ enormous success.
  3. Downey and Burnett will star as Jesus and will direct the film.
  4. According to the 6-foot-3 actor, he believes the next ″Son of God″ film will have a particularly significant impact on spectators because of the high-quality technical aspects that will be included in the picture.
  5. He is 34 years old.
  6. Currently, Morgado believes that technology allows him to ″fulfill it in visual ways that people will genuinely be blown away.″ This great miracle couldn’t be imagined fifty years ago since we didn’t have the necessary technology.

Morgado has stated in previous interviews that he takes his position as Jesus extremely seriously, acknowledging the potential influence his performance may have on viewers who are skeptical about religion or the Bible as a result of his performance.Following the premiere of the film, the actor stated on ″Good Morning America″ that he believes it will have a significant effect on youngsters as well.″Visual communication is increasingly the norm.

When children observe things rather than read about them, they may learn a great deal more about them.As a result, I was fully aware of my obligations ″According to Mr.Morgado, ″ ″In the world, there are a lot of people, particularly children.Their understanding of Jesus is limited.As a result, this is a tool that can be used to teach young children about why Jesus was who he was and why the Bible is the most significant book in the universe.″ Mr.Morgado described Jesus as ″someone right next to us,″ ″someone really close,″ and ″I never actually saw that onscreen in a way that could be identified,″ he said.

  1. ″I grew up as a Christian and I always think of Jesus as someone right next to us, you know, someone really close,″ Mr.
  2. Morgado said.
  3. As a result, I attempted to move in that direction and establish a personal contact with the audience.
  4. As a result, some churches around the United States have booked out whole theaters to host screenings of the film, which will be distributed worldwide on Friday.

Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, stated earlier this week that it will be giving out 3,500 movie tickets to anybody who desire to attend a pre-screening of the film on Thursday, before the film’s formal premiere the following day.At least eight movie theaters have been purchased by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif., in order for him to screen the ″Son of God″ film.

Diogo Morgado – Wikipedia

It is Morgado who is the first or maternal family name in this Portuguese name, and Soares who is the second or paternal family name in this name.

Diogo Morgado
Diogo Morgado in 2015
Born Diogo Miguel Morgado Soares17 January 1981 (age 41)Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Actor
Years active 1996–present
Partner(s) Cátia Oliveira (separated)
Children 2

On January 17, 1981, Diogo Miguel Morgado Soares was born in the city of Porto, Portugal. He is most known for his depiction of Jesus in the History Channel epic miniseries The Bible and the film Son of God.


  1. His work encompasses major television, cinema, and stage projects, including a main part in the No.
  2. 1 rated Portuguese television series and International Emmy winner Laços de Sangue.
  3. Morgado was named one of GQ’s ″Men of the Year″ in 2011.
  1. Morgado began his professional acting career when he was fifteen years old, when he joined the casts of popular television programs Terra Me (1998) and Diário de Maria (1998), which were followed by A Lenda da Garça (2000) and A Febre do Ouro Negro (2002).
  2. (2000).
  3. With his portrayal of Miguel in the television picture Amo-te Teresa (I Love You, Teresa), Morgado gained widespread recognition as one of the most promising performers of his generation, and the telefilm is still one of the most highly rated films ever shown in Portugal.
  4. Morgado has a long history in Portuguese television, having been in over 15 series regular roles, many of which were with the prestigious SIC network.
  5. Morgado’s filmography includes a notable performance in the title role of Portuguese dictator António De Oliveira Salazar in the successful feature film A Vida Privada De Salazar, in which he played the part of the dictator himself.
  6. Aside from that, Morgado had the opportunity to demonstrate his humorous abilities in O Crime do Padre Amaro, which garnered worldwide interest from filmmakers all over the world.

Morgado is also a devoted theatrical performer who has been in a number of notable productions, including David Hare’s Skylight and Peter Shaffer’s The Royal Hunt to the Sun, among others.Outside of Portugal, Morgado has appeared in a few international films, including the Spanish movie Dos Rivales Casi Iguales and Star Crossed, and the Brazilian films The Jungle and Revelaço (The Revealing).Morgado has also completed starring parts in two indie films in the United States — the dark urban thriller Red Butterfly and the action-packed adrenaline flick Born to Race: Fast Track – all of which were shot in Los Angeles.

Previously, Morgado was featured on Portuguese television in the role of Eduardo in the SIC series Sol de Inverno.Aside from that, he appeared in the current Portuguese comedy picture Virados do Avesso, which opened at the top of the country’s box office upon its release.As well as the Kiwaka Story children’s book app, published by Landka, and the Portuguese adaptations of various video games, including Detroit: Become Human and Infamous: Second Son, Diogo Morgado has lent his voice to a number of other productions.More recently, Morgado has began writing and directing short films; his short film Excuse was nominated for the 2018 Silicon Beach Film Festival’s ‘Best Short Drama’ award, and his short film Signal was nominated for the L.A.Independent Shorts Awards’ ‘Best Short Drama’ award.Mr.

  1. Morgado is likely best recognized in the United States for his depiction of Jesus in the feature film Son of God (for which he was nominated for an Imagen Award) and the Emmy-nominated miniseries The Bible on the History Channel, which was the highest-rated cable show of 2013 at the time.
  2. He also had a recurring role as Dr.
  3. Jorge Velez on the successful ABC program Revenge.
  4. Morgado appeared as ″The Man″ (also known as ″The Devil″) in The CW’s drama series The Messengers, which premiered in 2015.

Personal life

Morgado was born in the Lisbon neighborhood of Campo Grande. Morgado presently resides in the country of Portugal. The couple has two boys, Santiago (born 2009) and Afonso (born 2010). (born 2016). Morgado is proficient in Portuguese, as well as French, Spanish, and English, in addition to his home language.



  • Among the films that have been released are Terra Me (1997), A Lenda da Garça (1998), and A Lenda da Garça (1998).
  • Ajuste de Contas – Francisco
  • 2000 – Francisco
  • Pedro Castelo Branco’s Tudo Por Amor was released in 2002/2003.
  • In 2005, there was a band called Os Malucos in the Arab countries.
  • In 2006, Dinis Mendonça won the Floribela championship.
  • The year 2007 belongs to Vingança and Santiago Medina.
  • Mauro Galvo’s Rebelde Way was released in 2008.
  • Rodrigo Fortunato Louro’s Podia Acabar o Mundo was released in 2008.
  • Antônio – Antônio – Revelaço – 2008
  • 2009 – Novos Malucos do Riso (New Malucos of Riso)
  • Lua Vermelha – Artur, Lua Vermelha, 2010.
  • Joao Caldas Ribeiro’s Laços de Sangue was released in 2010.
  • Eduardo Arago’s ″Sol de Inverno″ (Winter Solstice) was released in 2013/2014.
  • José-Maria Magalhes and Jorge Monforte won the 2017 Ouro Verde award.

Miniseries and series

  • 1997 – A Mulher do Senhor Ministro – Modelo
  • 1998 – A Mulher do Senhor Ministro – Modelo
  • Diário de Maria – Luis, published in 1998.
  • The year 1999 was marked by the arrival of Jornalistas Bruno
  • Teixeira performs during the A Hora da Liberdade festival in 1999.
  • The year 1999 brought me the title of Médico de Famlia – Decorador.
  • Bob
  • 2000 – A Febre do Ouro Negro (February of the Black Horse)
  • 2001 – Estaço da Minha Vida (The Beginning of My Life)
  • 2001 – Teorema de Pitágoras (Theory of Pitágoras)
  • 2002 – O Quinto dos Infernos – D. Pedro Carlos de Bourbon
  • 2003 – O Quinto dos Infernos – D. Pedro Carlos de Bourbon
  • Doctor at the O Prédio do Vasco in 2004.
  • Inspector Max (Rui Leo / Miguel) starred in the 2004/2005 season.
  • Ship Passenger on the Maré Alta in 2004/2005
  • Malucos e Filhos was formed in 2005.
  • 2005 – Malucos na Praia (Malucos Beach)
  • O Diário de Sofia was published in 2005.
  • In 2006, there were seven lives lost in Adamo.
  • The film Aqui No Há Quem Viva (There Is No One Left to Live) was released in 2006/2008.
  • In 2007, Uma Aventura – Jaime was released.
  • Malucos No Hospital was established in 2008.
  • António Oliveira Salazar’s A Private Life of Salazar was released in 2009.
  • 2010 – Pedro’s Final Tempo – Pedro
  • Dick Daring (Dubbing) provides the voice for Os Substitutos in 2011.
  • 2013 – The Bible – The birth of Jesus
  • Dr. Jorge Velez seeks vengeance in 2014.
  • The Voices of Arik Sapojkov (Dubbing) in Alisa: A Heroine of the Future (2015)
  • The Messengers (2015)
  • CSI: Cyber (2015/2016)
  • MacGyver (2018)
  • Alisa: A Heroine of the Future (2015)
  • Alisa: A Heroine of the Future (Dubbing)


  • The year 2000 brought us Amo-te Teresa – Miguel (telefilm)
  • A Noiva – Eduardo (telefilm) was released in 2000.
  • Raul’s Teorema de Pitágoras (Theory of Pitágoras) was published in 2001.
  • The year 2003 belongs to A Selva – Alberto.
  • Portugal’s capital returns to the park in 2003.
  • 2004 – Vá Para Fora, or Vá Dentro
  • Vá Para Fora, ou Vá Dentro
  • 2005 – O Crime do Padre Amaro – Libaninho
  • O Crime do Padre Amaro – Libaninho
  • Joseph, the Italian Writer, was born in the year 2007.
  • 2007 – Two rivals that are nearly same – Vicente
  • 2007 – Believe it or not, I am possessed! – Jorge
  • Hugo Pereira starred in the 2009 film Star Crossed: Amor em Jogo.
  • Mamy Blue starred in Pancho in 2009, while Maria Coroada starred in Baslio (a telefilm) in 2012.
  • In 2012, a Teia de Gelo – Jorge – was established.
  • Antonio Vega Jr.’s ″Red Butterfly″ was released in 2014.
  • 2014 – Enzo Lauricello takes the Fast Lane
  • 2014 – The birth of the Son of God, Jesus
  • 2014 – Virados do Avesso – Joao Salgado
  • 2014 – Women of the Bible – Jesus
  • 2014 – Virados do Avesso – Joao Salgado
  • 2016 – Derek Sterling’s Love Finds You in Valentine
  • 2017 – Barbosa’s Malapata
  • 2018 – Love Finds You in Valentine
  • The year 2017 belongs to O Matador – Cabeleira.
  • 2018 – Eduardo Mayer Park
  • Parque Mayer Park
  • In the year 2021, Monsignor Delgarde is known as ″The Unholy.″


  • Lux was the presenter in 2000
  • Mundo Vip was the presenter in 2001
  • and Dá-lhe Gás was the presenter in 2004.


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  6. ″Honorable Mentions: June 2018″. On May 6, 2018, the Independent Shorts Awards were announced, and on June 7, 2018, they were announced. John Anderson is the author of this work (2014-02-14). On December 15, 2018, The New York Times published an article titled ″The Greatest Film Role Ever Cast″. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved December 15, 2018.
  7. ″Film: Diogo Morgado returns to the big screen in the role of Jesus Christ – 20th Century Fox″. Portuguese American Journal, published on December 24, 2013, and accessed on December 15, 2019.
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External links

  • Diogo Morgado at IMDb

Behind the Scenes on the Jerusalem Movie Set: Actors Bring Experience, Take Away New Perspectives – Church News and Events

  1. Heather Whittle Wrigley, Church News and Events, has contributed to this article.
  2. Stella McComas, 94, stands at 4 feet, 10 inches (1.5 meters) tall, which may not make her stick out at first look.
  3. Stella, covered in a torn shawl and wearing dust-like makeup on her face, sparkles as she portrays the main character in the biblical narrative of the widow’s mite on the Jerusalem Movie Set, which was recently constructed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).
  1. Stella, who is of Ukrainian heritage and lives in Kaysville, Utah, in the United States, says that the fact that she can empathize with the lady she is playing helps her a great deal when it comes to acting on camera.
  2. The actress explained that ″you have to think that you are that character, and it’s simple when you kind of are.″ ″You’re a widow,″ says the narrator.
  3. You’ve reached the age of ninety.
  4. And you’re perfect for the part.″ She was accompanied to auditions by Stella’s daughter, Carole Taylor, who believed she would be a wonderful fit for the role of Anna the prophetess: ″When I brought her into a room, the one casting director looked at her and exclaimed, ‘Oh…
  5. wow.’″ She has that expression on her face…
  6. She fits immediately into the part, and she’s had so many experiences in 94 years that she’s confident in her ability.″ Over the past two months, hundreds of actors from across the world—chosen in large part for their Mediterranean looks—have journeyed to the set, located in Goshen, Utah, USA, to portray parts ranging from Jesus Christ to a widow, and from Pharisees to beggars.

As a result of the efforts of these actors, as well as the efforts of cameramen and directors and producers, as well as makeup artists and lighting technicians and a host of other individuals, 47 different stories or vignettes from the life of Christ have been produced, all taken directly from the King James Version of the Bible.The New Testament Scripture Library Project is made up of a collection of stories like these.A second phase of filming, which would include more major scenes from the New Testament, is being contemplated.

Filming would commence in the spring of 2012 if the project is authorized.According to David Nielson, general director of the Media Services Department, the first vignettes would most likely be shown in December 2011.These videos are significant in their own right.Their contributions will include new material for the Church Educational System, the Mormon Messages, missionary films, conference broadcasts, and other projects.However, according to the actors, what matters most is the parallels they draw between their characters and themselves, and what makes a difference is what they take away from their roles, no matter how large or small they may have been.

Finding Common Ground

  1. In a claustrophobic chamber, Shiloh Potter is holding her breath, praying without hope that her ″daughter″ is not still alive.
  2. When her ″husband″ walks through the door, she raises her eyes in anticipation.
  3. In the midst of Shiloh’s performance as Jairus’s wife, the actor portraying Christ appears and blesses her ″daughter,″ who then sits up with a grin.
  1. Despite the fact that Shiloh does not have any girls of her own, she stated that the knowledge that she might one day have daughters assisted her in fulfilling her role.
  2. The actress explained that as she entered the scene, she realized she needed to connect with her ″forever family.″ Besides that, let’s be honest: disaster, heartache, and the most extreme devastation imaginable are universally experienced.″ It doesn’t matter when it happened or what else is going on in your life; the point is that it happened.
  3. Each person can connect to how it feels since it is consistent.″ Shane Mozaffair, who is from South Jordan, Utah, in the United States, is the actor that portrays Jairus, Shiloh’s ″husband.″ As a father of two children of his own, he found it simple to connect with the role he was playing.
  4. ″To be a father in need of assistance and to not be confident in your own capacity to mend or put things right,″ he explained.
  5. Then you convert that into the Christ figure blessing you and your family, and that’s what you have.″ The mood and the sensation of thankfulness are something you can’t put a price on.″ Ali Fischer, who portrays Jairus’s daughter, said she merely tried to picture how she would respond if she were in the same scenario as her character.
  6. ″When she wakes up, she wonders, ‘What the hell is going on?’″ Ali explained.

When I first saw the Savior, I thought to myself, ‘If I was genuinely seeing the Savior right there, no matter how perplexed I was, no matter how overwhelmed I was, I would definitely experience an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility.’…I’d be thinking about and soaking in everything that had just transpired in those 30 seconds while they were walking away.″ Adi Marriott, the actor who portrays the Apostle Bartholomew, has stated that discovering connections between himself and Bartholomew assisted him in getting into character for the role.Brother Marriott, like Bartholomew, was born and raised in Israel, where he was raised in the Jewish faith.

He became a member of the Church when he was sixteen years old.He is familiar with Jerusalem because he used to visit the city with his family on an annual basis when he was a child.It wasn’t until he walked on set that he realized how long it had been since he had felt that way.″It was a wonderful experience to be able to relive a small part of my youth once more.″ Charley Boon, who is portraying Philip the Apostle, felt that the set helped him to get into character more quickly and realistically.’When we first walked onto the set, dressed as the Quorum of the Twelve and interacting with the Savior—John Foss is portraying Jesus—it wasn’t like we were pretending,″ he explained.″Within seconds, we were transported to another planet and another time.″ He said that it also helped that the cast members who played the Twelve Apostles worked together to foster a sense of fraternity among themselves both off and onstage.

What Acting Brings to the Actors

  1. According to both Sister Fischer and Brother Mozaffari’s statements, they learned valuable lessons from their experiences as actors on the Jerusalem Movie Set, in addition to the parallels they saw between themselves and their characters.
  2. Ali said that the scriptures sometimes appear to be written in a foreign language at times, but that as she began studying them more attentively, she realized that they made more sense.
  3. ″They have such wonderful lessons that we can all take away from them,″ she stated.
  1. It has increased my respect and comprehension of the scriptures as well as my appreciation for Christ and His work.
  2. Brother Mozaffari also stated that he now has a greater appreciation for the stories in the scriptures.
  3. In spite of the conditions and the scenario, he said, ″we are all members of an everlasting family and we still experience sorrow, regret, and hope, so it simply makes me appreciate what I have.″ ″The circumstances and the situation,″ he continued.
  4. For Brother Boon, the event resulted in a greater testimony of the Savior as a result of it.
  5. I’m now comprehending at a deeper level things that I’ve read a hundred times in the scriptures, ″he stated.
  6. ″Everything that was done had a divine purpose,″ says the author.

The Savior could have avoided it at any point in time, yet He chose to give Himself in our place.I hope that while they view this film, both believers and nonbelievers may take a minute to remember what it must have felt like and been like for the individuals who were there to see it.″ Sheldon Strand drove the 600 miles (965 kilometers) round trip from his birthplace of La Grande, Oregon, USA, to be a part of the New Testament film production on two separate occasions.″I have very rudimentary abilities, but I felt it was important to make them accessible for the Lord’s work,″ he remarked of his job as a background actor, which was greatly required at the time.

He summed up what everyone person participating in the videos—whether they played a major or minor role—should have taken away from the experience.It’s unclear whether any of the sequences in which he appears will be lengthy enough for him to be noticed, but that isn’t the most essential thing, according to him.″What is crucial is that we provide what we can,″ says the author.It looks like they’re going to do the widow’s mite this afternoon, and in some small way, I guess we who are what they politely refer to as background players have given the widow’s mite, because we came with no expectation of anything other than what we take away with us, and it will have an impact on me for a very long time—hopefully forever.″

Mark Burnett says ‘weird things happened’ on ‘The Bible’ set

  1. The first chapter of History’s five-part miniseries The Bible outperformed everything else on television on Sunday, drawing a whopping 13.1 million people and becoming cable’s most-watched entertainment program of the year.
  2. The popularity of The Bible, according to producer Mark Burnett, who collaborated on the ten-hour special with his wife Roma Downey, isn’t all that shocking to him.
  3. ″It will be, over the next 40 or 50 years, the most viewed thing that Roma and I have ever done,″ he told Entertainment Weekly in January, sounding fairly bullish about the project.
  1. At the time, Burnett was gushing about the experience of filming the series.
  2. ″I really believe what I’m about to tell you right now,″ he stated emphatically.
  3. God had his hand on this project….
  4. The cut came together brilliantly, as did the performers’ performances; the film simply bursts into life.
  5. Burnett, on the other hand, wasn’t only talking about how nicely the practical aspects of the production had gone.
  6. ″Weird things happened while we were filming,″ he explained.

″Everyone would look at each other and say, ‘Wait a minute.’″ A few of the ″strange things″ that he mentioned were the following: A ferocious desert wind blew through.A scene with Jesus and Nicodemus takes place in the middle of the night when Nicodemus approaches to Jesus for help.On this night, there isn’t a breath of wind, and we are on the outskirts of the Sahara desert in a palm grove, in an oasis…

‘The Holy Spirit is like the wind,’ says Jesus about the Holy Spirit.It was at that point that the performers were not broken — they kept going despite the wind, which seemed like a 747 taking off and blowing his hair, nearly toppling the stage, and lasting for 20 seconds over the desert.And then everything came to a halt.What occurred was that everyone just stared at each other and wondered ″What just happened?″ The gown that went lost In total, we had hundreds of artisans working on the costumes, with the most crucial being Jesus’ outfit.Every time, at the end of the day, the costume must be removed in order to keep it in good condition.As a result, as we were filming the baptism sequences, the vehicle was totally submerged in water.

  1. During the performance, a part of the outfit fell loose.
  2. We shot this in a massive reservoir on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, which means we’ll never be able to locate it again.
  3. It’s a terrible situation.
  4. Every time you misplace anything, you have five months to make up for it, and you are unable to duplicate these costumes.

Four days later, a little boy came running up to us from a distance of many, many, many kilometers away, having trekked through the desert in search of us to return this item.He didn’t understand why he was looking for us, but he felt obligated to return it.″ Cobras near the fork in the road ″Every day on the shoot, we had a snake wrangler on hand.I mean, we’ve got a couple hundred people shooting, and we can’t afford to have anyone be bitten by a snake throughout the course of the shoot.Every day, this man would go out and find one or two snakes and remove them from the area.A large number of people prayed on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.The cross was a massive structure.

‘Imagine if this cross were to come crashing down.’ they prayed.’It is possible that the actor portraying Jesus may be murdered or severely damaged.’ This particular day, the snake guy arrived at work early since he’d gotten there early on the mountain while playing Golgotha, and the bag of snakes he had with him was the largest bag I’d ever seen.Mr.Roma walked up to my wife and said, ‘Miss Roma, there were 48 snakes on the premises.’ It is said that he discovered 48 cobras and vipers buried inside the rocks around the cross.″ Whether or whether you think that these were on-set miracles or simply coincidences, one thing is obvious – The Bible’s ratings are, in fact, rather heavenly.

John W. Foss – Wikipedia

John W. Foss
General John W. Foss
Born February 13, 1933Hutchinson, Minnesota, US
Died April 25, 2020 (aged 87)Williamsburg, Virginia, US
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service 1950–1991
Rank General
Commands held United States Army Training and Doctrine CommandXVIII Airborne CorpsUnited States Army Infantry School82nd Airborne Division3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment
Battles/wars Vietnam War
Awards Army Distinguished Service Medal (3)Air Force Distinguished Service MedalSilver Star (2)Defense Superior Service MedalLegion of Merit (2)Distinguished Flying CrossBronze Star Medal (2)
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A former United States Army general and chief of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, John William Foss (February 13, 1933 – April 25, 2020) was killed in action on April 25, 2020.

Military career

  1. Foss was born on February 13, 1933, in the Minnesota town of Hutchinson.
  2. It was in April 1950 that he enrolled in the Minnesota National Guard’s 136th Infantry Regiment, which was the start of his military career.
  3. In 1951, he was commissioned as an infantryman and moved to active service as an infantryman.
  1. In 1956, he was sent to the United States Military Academy and got his commission as an infantry officer.
  2. Foss had a number of command and staff roles during his military career.
  3. A total of four European trips and four Asian tours are scheduled for him.
  4. For his service in the military, Foss was a platoon leader in the 504th and 187th Infantry Regiments in Germany and Lebanon, as well as a rifle company commander in the 3rd Battalion, 32nd Infantry in Korea.
  5. Two combat tours in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division, serving as the Operations Officer of the 2nd Brigade and the commander of the 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, were highlights of his military career.
  6. In addition to the 3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, the United States Army Infantry School and Fort Benning, the 82nd Airborne Division, the XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg, and Commanding General, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, Foss has a number of other positions (TRADOC).

As an instructor at the United States Military Academy, Foss was the first exchange instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and he served as the G-3 of III Corps, as well as the Chief of the Joint Military Advisory Group in Manila, the Commanding General of the Seventh Army Training Command in Germany, and as the Chief of Infantry for the United States Army.Foss also served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans for the Department of the Army, among other positions.In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Shippensburg State College, Foss holds a Master of Science in Public Administration from the same institution.

Awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Distinguished Flying Cross, among other honors and decorations.He also received the Ranger Tab, the Expert Infantryman Badge, the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Master Parachutist Badge after completing more than 300 jumps, and the Army Staff Identification and Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badges, among other decorations.He received parachute badges from the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Honduras, and Egypt, among other countries.In 1995, Foss was honored into the Ranger Hall of Fame, which he founded.

Awards and decorations

Post military

After leaving the service on September 1, 1991, Foss settled in Williamsburg, Virginia, with his wife and two children.After leaving the Army, Foss worked as a consultant for a number of defense companies, served on the boards of directors of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and the National Infantry Foundation, was a Senior Mentor to Senior Joint Warfighting Course students at the Armed Forces Staff College, and was a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Land Warfare, which is affiliated with the Association of the United States Army.He was also a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Land Warfare of the Association of the United States He was inducted into the United States Army Ranger Hall of Fame in 1995.The National Infantry Association presented Foss with the Doughboy Award in September 2009 in recognition of his service.As a Distinguished Graduate of West Point, Foss was recognized and honored in May 2013.


Williamsburg, Virginia, was where he lived most recently.His wife Gloria passed away from cancer on June 26, 2014, and she was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on August 12, 2014, according to his obituary.He had three children: John W.Foss Jr., Kevin Mark Foss, and Julia M.Foss Dunn.He was predeceased by his wife, Julia M.

Foss Dunn.Foss has three grandkids, all of whom are descended from their daughter Julia: Bryana, Kyla, and Brady Dunn.Foss died on April 25, 2020, at the age of 87, according to his family.After his wife’s death on October 22, 2020, he was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.


External links

  • Inductees into the Ranger Hall of Fame
  • West Point Distinguished Graduate Award Winners
  • Gloria Foss’s obituary
  • National Infantry Foundation bios
  • Ranger Hall of Fame Inductees
Military offices
Preceded byMaxwell R. Thurman Commanding General, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command 1989—1991 Succeeded byFrederick M. Franks, Jr.

Son of God actor Diogo Morgado to play the ‘devil’ in new TV series as producers pray for a ratings miracle

Published at 14:52 GMT on March 11, 2014 and updated at 17:54 GMT on March 11, 2014.Diogo Morgado is known for his mesmerizing performance as Jesus in the film Son of God, but now the Portuguese actor is taking on the role of the devil in a new television miniseries.And the 34-year-old actor, who comes from a modeling background and whose jaw-dropping good looks contributed to the film’s success at the box office, says he wants to be treated as a real actor.Television producers are hoping that Diogo, whose chiseled visage gave him the nickname ‘Hot God’ in the blockbuster miniseries The Bible, can accomplish another tiny miracle in his next television endeavor.Diogo is now starring in the popular television series The Bible.Continue reading for a video.

Jesus has a mesmerizing effect on people: The Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado was so attractive in the film Son OF God, which was published last month, that he was called ″Hot God.″ According to the American entertainment website TMZ, the Lisbon-born actress has been cast as a figure from hell in a pilot episode of a television series.According to Deadline, Eoghan O’Donnel and Basil Iwanyk are the writers and co-producers of the CW television show ″The Flash.″ According to insiders, the film will begin with a weird object plummeting down to Earth, leading a group of strangers to perish as a result of the energy pulse generated by the explosion that followed.Outside of the screen, Diogo was seen exiting the Today Show in New York earlier this month, where he claims he takes acting extremely seriously.They are then resurrected, only to realize that they have been tasked with the responsibility of rescuing the planet from an impending extinction event..Morgado will portray a figure known only as The Man, a weird entity that arrives out of nowhere in the desert in quest of explanations about the odd occurrences that have taken place in the area.There have been no official statements regarding the releasing date of the pilot episode.Miracles on screen: The actor in a scene from Son Of God While the actor’s portrayal of the Son of God in the Mark Burnett-produced religious film is still performing well at the box office, the film itself is not.

Although religious organizations brought in a large number of viewers for the film’s first weekend of release last month, the film continued to do well in its second weekend with a total of $10,5 million, according to Box Office Mojo.Diogo, on the other hand, is adamant that he wants people to admire his work rather than his appearance.’I appreciate the term as a complement, without a doubt, but I’m holding out for the good stuff,’ he explained.’And the best part for me would be if someone simply patted me on the back and said, ″Look, you did a very nice job.″ Having a decent appearance: Critics said that the Jesus in Son of God was arguably the most attractive ever cast.He takes his acting seriously and prepared for it by traveling to the Holy Land last year to understand more about the Bible and the people who lived in it.’I was taken aback.

‘I was in a state of fear because I realized the gravity of the situation,’ he said of his involvement in Son Of God in an interview with Today.’I mean, I traveled to Jerusalem, and when I was there, I was struck with the significance of the tale on my own.’It (is) really much alive.’ There is little question that his attractive visage contributed to the popularity of last year’s award-winning television rendition of The Bible, which attracted more than 13 million viewers when he played Jesus in the American television smash The Bible.’Things perk up when Jesus — played by Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, who appears to be a surfer man, particularly in the shot-from-below, walk-on-water moment — shows up,’ said Linda Stasi in the New York Post, in her review.He is excellent in the role, she said, despite the fact that he doesn’t appear to be a decent actor.Pin-up model from Portugal: Last year, Diogo attended the 65th Annual Emmy Awards Performers Nominee Reception.

‘Bible,’ ‘Son of God’ star Diogo Morgado ‘freaked out’ about playing Jesus

Few, if any, acting jobs come with bigger audience expectations than Diogo Morgado’s role in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible,″ which he played.As he stated on TODAY Tuesday morning, when he originally considered playing Jesus, he felt a pang of fear.″I had a nervous breakdown!″ Morgado, who plays the role again in the film adaptation ″Son of God,″ confessed as much.The fact that I was aware of my responsibilities caused me to go into shock and terror.On February 25, 2014, at 5:42 p.m.UTC, Few, if any, acting jobs come with bigger audience expectations than Diogo Morgado’s role in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible,″ which he played.

As he stated on TODAY Tuesday morning, when he originally considered playing Jesus, he felt a pang of fear.″I had a nervous breakdown!″ Morgado, who plays the role again in the film adaptation ″Son of God,″ confessed as much.The fact that I was aware of my responsibilities caused me to go into shock and terror.I mean, I traveled to Jerusalem and, when I was there, I was struck with the significance of the tale on my own.″It (is) really much alive.″ And while it is a narrative that has been recounted on both the big and small screens many times before, according to the actress, it will appear even more alive this time around.Currently, Morgado believes that ″we have the technology to, you know, fulfill it in visual ways that people will genuinely be blown (away) by.″ ″Fifty years ago, we didn’t have the technology to visualise this beautiful miracle,″ says the author of the book.

However, the film, which follows Jesus from his birth through his resurrection, does not rely only on special effects — just as it does not rely solely on biblical text.″People have a tendency to latch onto the words (of the bible),″ Morgado explained.″…The words were just that.They can lose sight of the larger meaning conveyed by such phrases at times.Everything revolved on love, compassion, and selflessness.

In order to do it, I put all I had into it.″ When ″Son of God″ premieres in theaters around the country on Friday, we’ll get to see how Morgado’s investment pays off.

Who played Jesus in The Bible on History Channel?

Diogo Morgado is a Brazilian actor. NEW YORK (AP) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has resigned. Diogo Morgado, who starred as Jesus in the History Channel miniseries ″The Bible″ in 2013, has a new television series on the way.

How many episodes of The Bible are there 2013?

10 The Bible/Number of episodes in the series Each of the ten episodes is expertly produced, and the costumes, special effects, settings, and filmmaking choices are all appropriate and realistic in their depictions of the characters. Please keep in mind that some sequences that were featured during the original broadcast of The Bible may not be included in this version.

Who narrates The Bible on History Channel?

With 10.9 million total viewers, the third edition, which aired on March 17, 2013, was once again the most watched show on all of Sunday night television…. The Bible is a collection of writings that are arranged in a chronological order (miniseries)

The Bible
Starring Diogo Morgado Roma Downey Darwin Shaw Andrew Scarborough
Narrated by Keith David (US version) Robert Powell (UK version)

Who played Paul in the Bible series?

Emmett J.Scanlan’s full name is Emmett John Scanlan.Emmett J.Scanlan portrays Saul (later known as the apostle Paul) on NBC’s drama series ″A.D.The Bible Continues,″ in which he also appears as the title character.In the United Kingdom, Scanlan is best known for his starring role in the British television series ″Hollyoaks,″ for which he received 11 nominations and nine awards for his depiction of the charming psychopath Brendan Brady.

Where did they film the Bible Series?

We shot this in a massive reservoir on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, which means we’ll never be able to locate it again.

Who are the actors in the History Channel’s the Bible?

The Bible, a History Channel series starring Sebastian Knapp as John and Diogo Morgado as Jesus, is now airing. Featured image courtesy of Allstar/HISTORY CHANNEL/Sportsphoto Ltd/Allstar The History Channel has, for the most part, abandoned the pretence of history for several years.

Is the History Channel’s ‘the Bible’ reality TV?

The Bible has been turned into reality television by the History Channel. The end outcome

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