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When Nostradamus was born in 1503 in France, he was already a well-known astrologer and physician whose forecasts had gained him recognition and a dedicated following during his lifetime. Many important historical events, from the French Revolution to the ascent of Adolf Hitler to the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 and even the outbreak of the 2020 coronavirus, have been precisely predicted by him in the decades after his death. His work, The Prophecies, was first published in 1555 and has since gained him widespread recognition around the world.

Nostradamus: Early Life

Nostradamus was born on December 14 or 21, 1503 in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, in the south of France, to Michel de Nostradame and Marie de Nostradame. He was one of nine children born to Reyniere de St-Remy and her husband, Jaume de Nostradame, a well-to-do grain merchant and part-time notary of Jewish heritage who lived in the affluent town of Nostradame. He had converted to Catholicism a half century earlier and changed the family name to Nostradame, in part to avoid persecution during the Inquisition.

Although little is known about his upbringing, evidence suggests that he was exceptionally bright, as seen by his rapid advancement through school.

Remy, who saw in him a great deal of intellect and promise.

According to legend, Nostradame’s grandpa also taught him to the ancient ceremonies of Jewish custom and the celestial sciences of astrology, so giving him his first exposure to the notion of the sky and how they influence human fate.

Nostradamus: Education

Nostradame began studying medicine at the University of Avignon when he was fourteen years old. However, due to an outbreak of the bubonic plague, he was compelled to depart after just one year in the country. During this period, he went across the countryside, researching herbal medicines and worked as an apothecary, according to his own story. Upon entering the University of Montpelier in 1522, he was able to finish his degree in medicine. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the teachings of the Catholic priests, who he believed were dismissive of his astrological theories at times.

Evidently, everyone who was involved in what was termed a “manual trade” received a negative reaction from the institution.

Most stories, however, say that he was not expelled and that he was granted a license to practice medicine in 1525. At this point, he changed his name from Nostradame to Nostradamus, following the practice of many medieval professors at the period.

Nostradamus and The Plague

Nostradamus spent the next three years traveling around France and Italy, providing treatment to plague sufferers. There was no known cure at the time, and most doctors resorted to mercury potions, the practice of bloodletting, and draping patients in garlic-soaked robes to alleviate their symptoms. Nostradamus had devised several extremely innovative techniques of dealing with the epidemic, which were widely used at the time. He did not bleed his patients, instead emphasizing the need of good sanitation and urging the clearance of sick bodies from the streets.

While he had an outstanding cure rate, much of this may be due to the fact that he kept his patients clean, administered low-fat meals, and provided them with lots of fresh air.

In 1531, he was called to Agen, in southern France, to collaborate with Jules-Cesar Scaliger, who was considered a notable scholar at the time.

While on a medical trip to Italy in 1534, he lost his wife and children, who were believed to have perished as a result of the plague.

Nostradamus and The Occult

When Nostradamus made an offhand comment regarding a holy statue in 1538, it resulted in allegations of heresy being brought against him. When he was summoned to appear before the Church Inquisition, he made the sensible decision to leave Province and travel for several years across Italy, Greece, and Turkey before appearing before them. It is thought that Nostradamus experienced a psychic awakening while traveling to the old mystery schools of Europe. One of the tales surrounding Nostradamus is that, while traveling across Italy, he came across a group of Franciscan monks, of whom he recognized one as the future Pope.

  1. Nostradamus returned to France, certain that he had remained gone long enough to be safe from the inquisition.
  2. In 1547, he returned to his birthplace of Salon-de-Province and married a wealthy widow called Anne Ponsarde, who was the daughter of a wealthy family.
  3. By this time, Nostradamus had also written two works on medical science, which are still in print today.
  4. Following his relocation to Salon, Nostradamus began to shift his focus away from medicine and onto the occult, which continued for the next few years.
  5. When you meditate, you will go into a trance and have visions.
  6. Nostradamus published his first almanac, which contained astrological facts and forecasts for the following year, in 1550.
  7. Almanacs were also very popular because they contained entertaining bits of local folklore and predictions for the upcoming year.

As a result of his visions, Nostradamus began writing about them and including them in his first almanac. The book got a positive reception and helped to establish Nostradamus’s reputation throughout France, which in turn spurred him to write more.

Nostradamus Prophecies

When Nostradamus saw that his visions had become an intrinsic component of his writings in the almanacs by 1554, he made the decision to pour all of his energy into a gigantic opus that would be known as Centuries. He intended to create ten volumes, each of which would include 100 forecasts for the next 2,000 years, arranged chronologically. A collection of his greatest long-term forecasts was published in 1555 under the title Les Prophesies. He may have been concerned about religious persecution, so he created a means of concealing the contents of the predictions by employing quatrains—rhymed four-line verses—as well as a variety of other languages, including Greek, Italian, Latin, and Provencal, a dialect of Southern France.

  1. It is thought that he was never prosecuted for heresy by the Inquisition because he did not apply his teachings to the practice of magic in their entirety.
  2. Because of his predictions, Nostradamus sparked a great deal of debate, with some believing he was a servant of the devil and others believing he was an impostor or mad.
  3. He became well-known and in high demand among many of Europe’s upper crust.
  4. The woman summoned him to Paris after reading his almanacs from 1555, in which he alluded to nameless threats against her family, and asked him to explain and draw horoscopes for her children.
  5. While working in this role in 1556, Nostradamus also provided an explanation for another prophesy from Centuries I, which was supposed to be referring to King Henri of France.
  6. He would be killed by the young lion, who would puncture his elder brother’s eye and suffocate him to death.
  7. He died three years later in a jousting competition when a lance from an opponent penetrated the king’s visor and entered his head below the eye, deep into his brain.
  8. In the end, he succumbed to an infection after 10 excruciating days of fighting for his life.
  9. Some of his sources are excerpts from ancient historians such as Plutarch, while others are passages from medieval chroniclers, from whom he appears to have taken freely.
  10. There is additional evidence to suggest that not everyone was taken by Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Professional astrologers of the day condemned him for his inexperience and for claiming that comparative horoscopy (the comparison of future planetary configurations with those following known previous occurrences) could be used to foretell the future. He was eventually expelled from the profession.

How Did Nostradamus Die?

In his adult life, Nostradamus suffered from gout and arthritis, which he never recovered from. He developed edema, also known as dropsy, in his latter years, which is characterized by abnormally large volumes of fluid accumulating beneath the skin or within cavities of the body. Congestive heart failure developed as a result of the disease if it was not treated. Nostradamus went to his lawyer in late June of 1566 to have a comprehensive will drawn out, in which he left a large portion of his assets to his wife and children.

The next morning, he was apparently discovered dead on the floor next to his bed, according to reports.

Nostradamus: Legacy

Earthquakes, wars, flooding, invasions, murders, droughts, fights, plagues, and other natural calamities were the subject of the majority of the quatrains Nostradamus penned during his lifetime. Nostradamus enthusiasts believe he accurately predicted a number of historical events, including the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, the development of the atomic bomb, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Some academics believe he was not writing in order to be a prophet, but rather in order to remark on the events of his day and the people who lived during that time period.


Nostradamus foretold that a great king of terror will come on the globe in the seventh month of 1999, which occurred in the seventh month of 1999. Despite the fact that we appear to have passed that day of reckoning, have we also passed that day of fear? One of Nostradamus’ most famous forecasts comes true right now, in our own lifetime: The year is nineteen hundred ninety-nine and seven months. A mighty King of dread will descend from the skies, resurrected from the ashes of the great King of Angoulmois.

  • The year is Century X, and the number is 72.
  • According to Pierre Brind’Amour in his book Nostradamus Astrophile, Nostradamus may have discovered the date by consulting a table of eclipses.
  • The word “Angoulmois” – the former name of a province near Bordeaux – was frequently interpreted as an anagram of the word”Mogolois,” implying a Mongol invasion, possibly with Genghis Khan resurrected as the Antichrist.
  • In keeping with the concept of a dangerous Orient, the prophesy was understood to predict the Yellow Peril at the beginning of the twentieth century, which resulted in air strikes on Japan.
  • Now we have the ability to discover more inventive interpretations.
  • Others predict an interplanetary collision and devastation as a result of renegade comets and asteroids crashing onto the globe.
  • Using this interpretation, the quatrain is described as depicting a genetic program, perhaps extending Nazi eugenics efforts, for developing supersoldiers who are unbeatable in battle.
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Who was this Nostradamus, the man who composed the rhyme above and a slew of other quatrains along the same lines?

In 1552, he published a compendium of cosme-tic formulations, which revealed recipes that were previously only known to pharmacists and physicians.

Further directions for producing jams and jellies were included in a subsequent version of the same book, which was published in the same year as the first.

Perhaps as early as 1550, or perhaps later, he began to publish a yearly almanac, similar to our Old Farmer’s Almanac, that included monthly forecasts for the year.

They were extensively distributed and read by a large number of people.

Some of his horoscopes, as well as communication about them, have been preserved.

His receivers claimed that his handwriting was indecipherable since he insisted on using his own handwriting (rather than the handwriting of a professional scribe).

‘Les propheties de Me.

Because of current reprintings, missing volumes, inadequate references in subsequent editions, and fake imprints, Nostradamus’s further bibliography is murky; nonetheless, the second and third collections, published in 1557 and 1558, provided the 10 centuries of predictions (groups of one hundred quatrains).

  1. As a consequence, one of the most important occult texts ever written was born.
  2. It didn’t take him long to become well-known in France, and subsequently Germany and England, thanks to his almanacs, which laid the groundwork for his success.
  3. Nostradamus’ prophesies were originally published in English in 1672, in a very poor translation, and they have remained widely available to English speakers for centuries.
  4. Why has this bizarre little poet maintained his popularity for more than 450 years despite the fact that his forecasts are completely worthless?
  5. Why has he survived as the only Continental author of his day whose name is widely recognized and whose works are still consulted?
  6. I don’t know.” “I ain’t no Nostradamus,” I say.
  7. But there is some evidence to support this.

Survival is frequently aided by semi-intelligibility and large claims, which are in and of themselves reasons for survival.

His running start was historically remarkable, and the momentum he gained carried him far beyond his immediate surroundings.

This was the period during which Georgius Faustus, the model for the Faust legend, lived and died, around 1540.

If one possessed the appropriate key, it was believed that one could predict the future.

The results of his efforts were evident in 1565, when he was appointed court physician to Charles IX.

The correspondence he maintained with cardinals and princes established him as an international figure.

With the help of Classical rhetorical devices, he was able to bring together the popular fair market and the learned humanists, relating prodigies and local events to one another.

A reader with faith, imagination, and little critical ability will have a good chance of finding something appropriate in a series of slightly fewer than a thousand pieces and almost four thousand lines.


Add to this the game factor as an element in Nostradamus’s eternal vitality, and you have a winning combination.

When one is able to penetrate Nostradamus’ poetic techniques and recognize what he has presented in a cryptic manner, there is unquestionably a great sense of accomplishment.

96, reveals that he is referring to Christianity as the religion of Mariolatry, especially since the following lines describe, in metaphor, the fall of Islam and Judaism reveals that he is referring to Christianity as the religion of Mariolatry.

Subjugated are sovereigns who do not have a number.

The number 47 is from II, number 47.

Nostradamus made a point of keeping the majority of his verse on the high road of authority.

In contrast to health and wealth, love and hatred, most of his verse is concerned with national and international issues: kings, queens, popes, battles, sieges, slaughters, invasions, floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, religious and civil persecutions, and other recurrent events in history.

Yet there are also quatrains about frosts that will damage the grape harvest, high prices of grain, alchemical cheats, and a stranded whale.

To render his work widely applicable, Nostradamus devised an armory of stylistic weapons that are very effective at deception and enticement.

He usually waffled in his astrological datings, since conjunctions are repeated.

How handy for New York!

All this was done within a rigorous application of contemporary vers commun.

Was Nostradamus a total charlatan, or did he sincerely believe that he had inherited supernatural powers, as he stated?

It is generally conceded that he knew little about professional astrology/astronomy and faked instead; he was apparently not over-scrupulous in dealing with his clients; and his so-called prophecies are a series of contrived subterfuges.

Can one believe that a man who worked in this manner was sincere in his doings? Everett F. Bleiler is the author, under the pseudonym Liberte E. Levert, of “Prophecies and Enigmas of Nostradamus,” which is the first and only non-supernatural translation of Nostradamus’s quatrains into English.


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Nostradamus 2021: What did Nostradamus say about 2021? Did he predict coronavirus?

Nostradamus (1503 – 1566) was an apothecary and mystic who lived in the sixteenth century and is often regarded as having foreseen the future. It is widely believed that the French physician was responsible for foreseeing the killing of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the commencement of World War II in 1939. Many conspiracy theories are based on Nostradamus’ 1555 book Les Propheties, which contains odd assertions. There are no exact information, locations, or persons mentioned in the tome, which is a compilation of enigmatic passages known as quatrains instead.

So, what predictions did Nostradamus have for the year 2021?

MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Why the coronavirus is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to global pandemics Furthermore, according to legend, Nostradamus foretold a geological calamity that would strike the “New World.” In addition to natural disasters, an economic catastrophe was also forecast for 2020, according to certain sources.


Bible scriptures regarding the coronavirus include: When it comes to COVID19, what does the Bible have to say? The Coronavirus provided the world a glimpse of what would take place after the Rapture. The end of the world as we know it: What the Bible says must occur before Jesus arrives.

Did Nostradamus predict the coronavirus?

Apothecary and mystic Nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566, and he is widely regarded as the first person ever to have accurately foreseen the future. His predictions of the killing of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the onset of World War II, respectively, are widely regarded as accurate. On Nostradamus’ 1555 book Les Propheties, conspiracy theorists base their odd allegations. There are no exact information, places, or individuals mentioned in the tome, which is composed of enigmatic sections known as quatrains.

  1. As for the year 2021, what predictions did Nostradamus have for us?
  3. Furthermore, according to legend, Nostradamus foretold a geological calamity that would strike the “New World.” Along with natural disasters, an economic catastrophe was also prophesied for 2020, according to the media reportage.
  4. “Nostradamus has a lot to say regarding the year 2020,” another guy stated emphatically.
  5. Coronavirus is mentioned in the Bible in the following passage: When it comes to COVID19, what does the Bible have to say is important.
  6. Before Jesus arrives, the Bible states that the world will come to a close.
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The third Antichrist and World War Three: Nostradamus’ chilling predictions for the future

Think 2020 was horrible – and think 2021 isn’t looking up to be any better – just wait until you hear what else may be in store for you in the future. Prepare for the arrival of the (third) Antichrist, the outbreak of a third global war, the eruption of a hugely destructive volcano, and an extinction-level disaster. That is, at least, according to Nostradamus, a 16th-century astrologer, physician, and “seer” who lived in France. The legendary Frenchman, who died in 1566, has been hailed for centuries for his amazing ability to foretell the future.

The prophesies were first published in 1555 in the work Les Prophéties, which means “prophecies.”

Clock is ticking

In a new eight-part documentary, Nostradamus’ life and predictions are examined, including his 942 prophesies that go all the way into the future, all the way up to the “end year” of 3793. “The ultimate conflagration,” according to Nostradamus expert Bobby Shailer, who appears in the Discovery Channel series Nostradamus: End of Days. “If Nostradamus is true, the Earth will be destroyed during a cataclysmic catastrophe,” according to Shailer. No need to worry – the event will not take place for another 1,772 years.

Image courtesy of Getty Images As Shailer said to The Sun, Nostradamus mentions “the ultimate conflagration,” which he describes as “fire from the skies,” extinction-level disasters, two or three of which would most likely occur around the year 3797, but he also mentions “a number of conflagrations before that.” “There will be others,” says the author.

Massive earthquakes

Nostradamus predicted “the shaking of the ground” as well as an earthquake that would convert the Earth to a pile of shattered ruins. Before that, though, there will be an earthquake that will “especially worry the western section of New City,” as he put it in his letter to the editor. “Its might will be felt in every country on the face of the earth.” Scholars think that New City is a reference to the United States of America, which was found only 100 years before Nostradamus made his prediction.

Image of a file.

The third Antichrist

The “antichrist,” in the minds of most people, is a type of Satanic person who stands in opposition to Jesus Christ. Nostradamus, on the other hand, used the phrase to allude to war-makers whose judgments resulted in the deaths of innocent people. As previously said, according to Nostradamus’ concept, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler might both be considered former antichrist figures, according to Shailer. Shailer believes that the third antichrist, predicted by Nostradamus, might be someone who is already alive and whose appearance could occur as soon as the next 10 to 20 years.

Image courtesy of Arctic-Images / Getty Images

Third World War

After a protracted global war that might last between 25 and 29 years, Nostradamus prophesied a succession of lesser conflicts to take place in the aftermath. According to Nostradamus’ prophecies, the outbreak of a Third World War is expected to occur “within the next few years,” according to Shailer. “Without a doubt, this century.”

Some good news

Nostradamus had a gift for foretelling dread, gloom, and catastrophe, but not everything he predicted was bad news. Assuming that humanity can survive the Third World War, the human race will be blessed with 1000 years of peace, which Einstein referred to as “the age of Saturn.” But first and foremost, let’s get through the coronavirus epidemic and then figure out where to go from here.

The Letters of Nostradamus: Realizing a Prophecy of Jesus Christ: Robert Tippett: 9781589615151: Amazon.com: Books

Robert Tippett is one of the few people who has dared to examine and analyze the prophecies of Nostradamus. He is also a published author. As a result of his efforts, he produced a piece of art that can easily be recognised as such for the following reasons: 1. He did an excellent job of researching history and matching the quatrains in it. 2. The writings of Nostradamus to his son and to King Henry of France reveal a method through which Nostradamus instructs his readers on how to investigate and figure out quatrains in a certain sequence in order to obtain significant conclusions from their investigation.

  1. His work is not a collection of arbitrary interpretations or beliefs.
  2. 3.
  3. At this point in his investigation, he is concentrating on the occurrences.
  4. I am unable to answer.
  5. The conflicts in the Gulf, Iraq, and Lebanon, as well as the damage created by the September 11th attacks and subsequent terrorism, have triggered a religious revolution in the Muslim world against Christianity and the Jews.
  6. Robert’s readings are in the spirit of today’s times, which leads one to wonder if we are living in the end times as well.
  7. It is good to explore the alternatives in order to avoid being caught off guard when the events begin.

Panicos Sardos is a Greek word that means “sardine” or “sardine-like.” (Please note that Panicos did not provide a star rating to the book.) The 5-star rating was generated by the “submit review” page’s auto-fill feature.

M. NOSTRADAMUS: HOLY MAN AND PROPHET OF GOD: Melendez, Daniel A: 9782981388971: Amazon.com: Books

A little excerpt of the material is available; double tap to view the complete excerpt. Double touch to view the abbreviated content if the full material is not accessible. Daniel AMelendez, the author of this book, was a physicist and director of various enterprises whose enthusiasm for reading the Bible began more than forty years ago and has continued until the current day. He also spent almost 30 years researching the prophesies of M. Nostradamus. The author began writing this magnificent book regarding Nostradamus’ forecasts for the end of the world for the three essential reasons listed below when he first started: The first was motivated by the author’s desire to assist and awaken simple people, Christians, and highly educated folks, among others.

Nostradamus from the perspective of a Christian.

Nostradamus’ prophesies has remained a mystery for more than 440 years, and he wanted to uncover that meaning.

The third and most crucial reason why the author felt compelled to create this book, in addition to the other two, was that millions of Christians have been misled by what pagan writers have written about the prophet Nostradamus and his prophesies.


When people think about Nostradamus, they often think of his forecasts for the future or his prophesies about the end of the world. As it turns out, Nostradamus was more of a poet and historian than a prophet or seer. As Denis Crouzet demonstrates in Nostradamus: A Healer of Souls in the Renaissance, Nostradamus’s writings, or quatrains, were imprecise and could be interpreted in many different ways. However, as Crouzet demonstrates, Nostradamus had a lot more to say. Each of Nostradamus’ quatrains is deconstructed in detail by Crouzet in this significant and timely study, which painstakingly analyzes each quatrain in its historical context.

  • Instead of predicting the future, Nostradamus sought to describe the past in an ambiguous manner, enabling individuals to read and understand their environment in the manner that best suited them.
  • Crouzet demonstrates this technique through meticulous investigation, intertwining Nostradamus’s predictions with religious beliefs throughout.
  • Nostradamus’ quatrains, which were reminiscent of the Bible, also had the effect of influencing how people might and should spend their lives.
  • As explained by Crouzet, Nostradamus was attempting to connect and comprehend the people of his day by giving them with methods of making that connection as well as understanding their role in the world.
  • However, despite the fact that Nostradamus did not foretell the future, his audience regarded the events of the past that he described as a portent into the future, and they used his quatrains to their own benefit.
  • In the words of Crouzet, “Nostradamus aimed to capture his readers by providing them with the tools they needed to cipher his messages unequivocally and with certainty, and then reconstruct what he was trying to communicate” (3).

This question is addressed directly by Crouzet, who explains that the significance of Nostradamus’ writings lies in his ability to encourage people who read his work to recognize the importance of philosophical thought and how it can shape their lives for the better: “The power of Nostradamus’ writing is its capacity to awaken the reader to the realization that he should not read it for what it means to him, that meaning being what a feeble, sinful creature like him can make of it.” “The reader must allow Christ, who is present in His Word and Omniscient, to possess him and communicate the message of redemption to him in a passive manner” (28).

  1. Nostradamus’s work let the reader to get more familiar with oneself and, as a result, live a better life—one that was closer to God while still being aware of his or her own sin and the possibility of redemption.
  2. Some readers, however, may encounter a few challenges as a result of this.
  3. For the second time, the translations of Nostradamus’ writings (as well as Crouzet’s book itself) were initially published in French before being translated into English.
  4. Finalement, Crouzet’s book provides an explanation for Nostradamus’s work by offering insight into how he fit into the religious culture in which he lived at the time.
  5. People in the Renaissance utilized his works to improve their lives and feel more connected to God, according to historians.
  6. The forecasts of Nostradamus, according to Crouzet, “should be regarded as a type of compendium of divine premonitions that mankind should heed in order to guard himself from, or heal himself from, his own arrogance, the idea that ordinary humans can know the Unknowable” (53).

Indeed, Nostradamus was a leader and philosopher, rather than a prophecy teller or a doomsayer.

Apocalypse Now? Some Say War, Nostradamus Forecast It

Associated Press (AP) Prophets of doom have never had it so well as they have right now. With the advent of the Third Millenium in the year 2000, it was believed that the level of speculation regarding the end of the world would rise. While there has been a significant increase in interest due to the start of conflict in biblical areas, where many Christians think the Battle of Armageddon will take place, there has been a significant decrease in interest due to the outbreak of war in Syria. Recent weeks have seen a significant increase in the sales of books that detail possible scenarios for the last fight between good and evil.

  • According to John F.
  • More than a million copies of the book have been printed since its release in December, and estimates indicate that sales have more than quadrupled compared to an older version that had been in print for ten years.
  • Kennedy, is experiencing a rebirth in popularity.
  • The publisher of Bantam Novels’ mass-market books, Lou Aronica, described the current political climate as “dark.” “The mix of conflict and economic turmoil has caused many individuals to entertain gloomy thoughts,” says the author.
  • According to a Gallup Poll conducted late last month, just 15 percent of respondents believe the conflict represents the end of the world.
  • Some people are dismissive of the chances.
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The author of ′′The Mask of Nostradamus′′ and a guy who has made a life refuting the supernatural, James Randi, recently stated, “I’m not giving up my insurance policy.” However, if the 1960s were the Age of Aquarius, in which the promise of a new global order based on peace and understanding was held up, the 1990s are quickly becoming the Decade of the Apocalypse.

  • For the Ingram Book Company, the situation was dire: ′′We were out of stock virtually immediately,′′ said Larry Carpenter, senior vice president of sales and marketing.
  • Bantam is now working on multiple novels on the Third Millennium, according to Aronica.
  • Following his calculations on the Book of Daniel, the Rev.
  • Later in the twentieth century, Jehovah’s Witnesses developed into a nationwide movement.
  • Numerous prophecy-filled passages of the Bible (such as the books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation) make reference to the rise and fall of Babylon.
  • Combined with the approaching third millennium, the United States may be in for a period in which prophets of doom wield greater power than at any other time in the country’s history.
  • ′′I think the Millerite movement will look like a piece of history,′′ he added.

Evangelicals often portray Israel as the target of an army from the north, which is attempting to re-establish the Babylonian empire in the process.

Jesus will return and reign for 1,000 years over a world in which swords will be turned into plowshares and the lion will lie down with the lamb, according to this version of events.

′′The rapture takes place first.

Some interpreters are already looking forward to their eternal reward, despite the fact that few provide a specific timetable for it.

Charles Taylor, host of the nationally syndicated television show ′′Today in Bible Prophecy,′′ “We’re going home.” The prophecies of Nostradamus, a French astrologer and physicist named Michel de Notredame, who died in 1566, provide little solace for those who have lost loved ones to death.

The seer, according to some Nostradamus interpreters, foretold that the world would be engulfed in a nuclear Third World War, which would be ignited by a powerful Islamic leader, who was referred to only as Mabus.

Randy said that in the 103 cases where the would-be prophet provided enough information about a specific person, place, or time to judge the success of a prediction, Nostradamus’ ′′batting average was effectively zero′′.

However, this hasn’t stopped book buyers from swarming Nostradamus bookstores or prevented a stampede to video stores to see Orson Welles’ ′′The Man Who Saw Tomorrow′′ in theaters.

Robert R.

He anticipates that anxiety levels will rise once more as believers cope with visions of impending annihilation.

′′The problem with this alleged war scenario is that there is no way out,′′ says the author.

The approaching judgment day, according to some evangelicals, creates a new sense of urgency in the conversion of people from other faiths to Christianity.

′′If you don’t believe it, you’re going to get burned,′′ Walvoord warned.

Tabor and others are concerned that fundamentalists – many of whom believe great suffering must occur in Israel in order for biblical prophecy to be fulfilled – will abandon their support for that country once they are convinced that the pieces are in place for the Second Coming.

It is a little chilling to me when people use logic like that,′′ Tabor said.

Some believe, for example, that the images in Daniel were intended to strengthen faith in God’s sovereignty during the persecution of Jews by King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, which occurred at the time.

Some evangelicals divide history into roughly 2,000-year periods, with the major prophets prior to Christ constituting the first age, followed by the birth of Christ, which they consider to be the second age.

Many Christians believe that after the final battle is won, Christ will reign for a thousand years on the earth.

Babylon is not only geographically a part of present-day Iraq; Saddam Hussein has sought to capitalize on his country’s historical achievements and has spent millions of dollars and hired more than 1,000 workers to rebuild Babylon.

He has also portrayed himself as the new King Solomon.

Donald Cole, a radio pastor and talk show host on the Moody Bible Broadcast Network in Chicago, said that while the war is biblical in the sense that the final cataclysm will take place in the Middle East, he does not believe that the current conflict is fulfilling biblical prophecy at this time.

″The Bible warns you against date setting,″ he said. ″When people start reading the Bible like tea leaves, they confuse superstition with interpretation.″

The Third Antichrist (The Nostradamus Trilogy #3)

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In the last Nostradamus chapter, the third Antichrist has arrived, exactly as Nostradamus predicted—and Adam Sabir is the only man who can keep hell from reigning on earth. Nostradamus predicted three Antichrists more than five centuries ago. The first two, Napoleon and Hitler, have already drenched the planet in blood; nevertheless, it is the third who will bring about the end of the world. And the moment has arrived for him to shine. Moldavia’s highlands are home to a cruel despot who is being heralded as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Four siblings swear revenge in a dirty sinkhole in the Mexican countryside.

He is the only one who has been able to decipher the identify of the Third Antichrist.

He holds the key to the future of the planet in his hands.

The end of the world is near.

The date of publication is April 1, 2014.

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