Purpose and Power: Secret Weapons to Building the Kingdom

by Camille K. Walker Do you like super heroes? Is your girl Superwoman, Wonder Woman or Bat Woman? Wonder Woman is my favorite. I think of her as a versatile woman that can do everything perfectly and with ease. Of course she can, she’s a fictional character!

As a leader in my family, my business, my church and civic responsibilities, my goal is to perform with excellence at all times, like Wonder Woman. However, I’m human and sometimes miss the proverbial boat. If there were a way to enhance your performance as you seek to carry out your various leadership roles, would that interest you? My answer is yes! Sign me up.

Some years ago, I asked God to show me how to live from a healthier place while making a greater difference in the world. God lovingly shared a plan to connect my desire to serve with excellence with His power. I refer to this plan as purposeful leadership with His power. The combination of purposeful leadership with His unlimited power leads to lasting transformation. There is nothing in this world that compares to experiencing the joy of sharing your gifts, skills and experience in leadership intertwined with God’s UNLIMITED power.

The journey of tapping into the greatest source of power is the only way to LEAD. There is no extra credit for leading in our own abilities or strength. Most importantly, when we perform without God’s power it foregoes eternal value and wears us out.

Think back to the superhero you chose. Just as Wonder Woman’s creator imbued her with supernatural abilities, our Creator imbues us with His Holy Spirit to lead purposefully with His power as we daily connect with Him.

Do you want to learn more about purposeful leadership with His power? Then join me in the online training series, “Health for a Leaders’ Soul.”   I will offer five, interactive sessions, right from the comfort of your own home on Tuesday evenings beginning February 2nd. Registration is available online at: http://www.provenway.org/online-trainings/