Health for a Leader's Soul

By Camille Kellum Walker When you think of a person in good health, what do you picture? For me it used to bring to mind someone in good physical condition. When you think of a person in good spiritual health, what comes to mind?

Some years ago, I asked God to show me how to live from a healthier place. Because of His deep abiding love, I believed a spiritually healthy life was the goal He wanted me to experience. This lifestyle invited me to integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual.

The journey to spiritual health began with a dream of exercising on a treadmill and the machine’s speed and incline kept increasing. I was able to keep up for a while, but soon found myself struggling to keep up the pace. Without warning, I was flung from the treadmill. I awakened abruptly feeling totally exhausted.

Lying there, I had a strong feeling that I needed to slow down. I ended up resigning my position at work. I wondered what I was going to do with all this time on my hands. Doing was what I understood most. However, God was asking me to move away from doing so much, even good things.   He simply wanted me to learn to sit quietly in His presence, just being with Him. This was the first and the most important step in my journey to a healthy soul.

As leaders, sometimes I think we are prone to do more and when we do so we lose track of a deep, abiding relationship with God. At times, I have found myself neglecting my time with God. Simply put, we cannot give what we do not have.

Eventually, God evolved this journey into a training series called “Health for a Leaders’ Soul” which I will offer online this fall through six, interactive sessions during your lunch hour, right from your desk!   You will learn how to lead from a healthy soul that is deeply loved and nourished by God with up to seven other participants. Registration is available online at:

Questions? Attend Austin LeaderShare’s kickoff dinner at Austin Christian Fellowship on August 13th. Along with learning more about this topic, you’ll enjoy a yummy dinner and conversation with Christian women who lead. Reservations required: