by Kat Cannon, BRAVE Conference Founder & Austin Oaks Women's Ministry Director

Imagine with me for just a minute. What would happen if every woman in your community and mine dared to be brave? Go ahead, put on the timer. The world will survive without you for a full minute.  Ready?  Now -- dream.

I wish we could sit face-to-face over coffee and share everything that one minute contains.  As leaders, you and I get glimpses of God weaving women together into a tapestry of awesomeness on behalf of His kingdom.  And we see holes in that tapestry where the enemy pokes and prods, knowing someone out there has what it takes to fill the gap if only she would dare to believe in her God and herself.

If only.

Here’s the thing:  God designs us as women to do exactly that. To be brave and step into those gaps with everything we are, daring to believe Him when He says He’s for us and will never forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6).  When we look closer at how He makes the first woman, we find He makes an “ezer” in the Hebrew (Genesis 2:18) - a helper for sure, but more like “the help without which the battle will be lost.”  A strong warrior. God describes Himself as an “ezer” 14 times, coming to help His people win their wars. For example, when we quote Psalm 121:1-2 and lift our eyes up to the heavens looking for rescue, we see that our “ezer” (help) comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

When women choose to reflect God’s ezer-image, we step into what He designs us to be.

We find our brave.

Of course, the implications are enormous.  Every woman’s brave is as unique as she is.  And a quick look around social media shows us what we need to be brave for.  As leaders, we’ve got more fears piled on top, don’t we?  Huge responsibilities come with big risks and uncertainties.  We need space to process this ezer-ness, ask our questions, connect with other brave women.

That’s why I host the BRAVE Women’s Conference each year at Austin Oaks Church.  That’s why ProvenWay comes alongside as a BRAVE Partner to help you and I be “Brave to Lead” in the places God calls us.  That’s why I hope to see you on October 7-8 to explore how brave women can live as strong warriors in our culture today, bearing His image in a world desperate for His “ezers” to take their place on the battlefield.

So I’m dreaming for a lot longer than just a minute. And I believe we can do this “ezer” thing together.

If you want to know more, you can drop me a line anytime, and you can check out the BRAVE website at