Spring Cleaning For The Soul...

What is the first thing to go when you are over-committed? That was the question asked of a group of leaders a couple weeks ago in ProvenWay's Dallas March Leaders Lunch. The consensus was that most often it is our personal needs that get put on the shelf and neglected when life gets busy.

This is such a critical reality in our leadership because in the midst of leading, we are modeling for others how to walk through life. Whether we like it or not, actions speak louder than words, and if those who are watching fail to see us take the necessary steps to care for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then we are negating a large part of how to be a successful leader.

So maybe it is time to clean off the shelf and make sure that our personal wellbeing, as well as our ministry, is harmonizing the way God intends. And when we look at our schedule and wonder how in the world will everything get done, just remember - it is not in our own strength that we accomplish great things of eternal significance, it is in His strength. I challenge you to spend some time this week sharpening your leadership skills with some spring cleaning for the soul.

Soul Cleaning Checklist Suggestions:

Physically - Make sleep a priority; drink plenty of water; spend a few minutes each day practicing deep breathing; make it a goal to get some form of exercise during the week; schedule that doctor's appointment that keeps getting put off.

Mentally - Spend time reading a book; meditate on Scripture; enjoy a walk in nature; rent your favorite funny movie; turn your radio and/or television off for a while.

Emotionally - Have coffee or lunch with a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while; practice saying "I'm sorry" to others, but then be willing to forgive yourself for your own shortcomings; spend time focusing on who you are in Christ; do something to help someone in need - encouraging words, a smile, a listening ear.

Spiritually - Remember to take a Sabbath rest; spend time reading your favorite Bible passage; have an extended prayer time or go for a prayer walk; listen to a sermon or worship music; continue meeting with other believers to be encouraged in your faith.

Contributed by Sherri Barnes, ProvenWay Membership Services