Why I Believe In Jesus

Why believe in Jesus?

QuestionAnswer There are a plethora of compelling reasons to believe in Jesus. Many of us begin our path of religion because we are in desperate need of something that Jesus can provide. We require assistance, hope, healing, or joy. Our lives are in disarray, and we’re looking for explanations and solutions. The one crucial reason to believe in Jesus, however, is to bring us into right connection with God, and this is the reason that underpins all of the other reasons. It is only through reconciliation with God that we may get relief from everything that is wrong with us and find resolution for what we require.

What was He thinking as He died on the cross?

Our broken connection with God must be repaired first and foremost in order for us to be saved as Christians.

The fact that we are born into this world as sinners (Psalm 51:5) means that we are estranged from God and on a course that will ultimately lead to eternal doom.

  1. He desires to save us from destruction and provide us with everlasting life: “God demonstrated his great love for us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we would have eternal life through him” (John 3:16).
  2. He paid the complete price for our sin via his death on the cross: “He himself is the sacrifice that atones for our sins—and not only our sins, but the sins of all the world” (1 John 2:2).
  3. When Christ resurrected from the grave, He accomplished the victory over death for us (Revelation 1:18; Hebrews 2:14; John 3:16).
  4. Only by repenting and placing your faith in Jesus can you be forgiven of your sins and restored to God’s favor (Acts 2:38; 17:30; Mark 1:4; Luke 13:3).
  5. The words of Jesus in John 14:6–7 are a powerful reminder that he is “the way, the truth, and the life.” No one else can bring anybody else to the Father except through me.
  6. Those who believe in Jesus are adopted as children of God: “But to everyone who did receive him and believed in his name were given the right to be adopted as children of God” (Romans 10:9).
  7. When we put our faith in Jesus, we have access to God’s heavenly presence, which can comfort, protect, lead, and guide us (Ephesians 2:13–18; 3:11–12; Hebrews 4:16).

The Lord educates us and communicates with us via His Word (Psalm 119:105), and through the power of His Holy Spirit, He empowers us to live for Him and for others (Acts 1:8, 1 Corinthians 2:10–13, John 14:26).

Furthermore, this present is completely free.

It is given to us despite the fact that we are undeserving: “God saved you via his grace when you believed.” It is a gift from God, and you have no right to claim credit for it.

Faith in Jesus opens our hearts to a love unlike any other, a love that is willing to sacrifice and die for us (John 10:11; Romans 5:8).

Believing in Jesus and having a personal connection with God frees us from our old existence of guilt, shame, and sin and allows us to live in freedom (John 8:36; Romans 8:2).

As a result of our trust in Jesus Christ, we discover who we were meant to be and the real purpose of our lives: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God planned in advance that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10, ESV; see also Philippians 3:8–10).

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Why I Believe Jesus Christ Is God

The 27th of December, 2019. Article to be saved

John 6

What would you say if you had just one chance to explain to someone why you think Jesus Christ is the Son of God? What methods would you use to try to persuade them? One of the most difficult moments of my life occurred once upon a time. As a guest preacher in Moscow, Russia, I was granted the opportunity to deliver my sermon in a magnificent music venue known as the Red Army Theater, which was designed to glorify Communist dictatorship. In one theater, huge pictures of Lenin and Stalin hung on the walls.

God had granted me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to explain to them why I think Jesus is the Son of God.

In prayer, I asked the Lord, “Lord, what would You have me say?” “Adrian, tell them about Jesus—why you believe in Jesus Christ,” the Holy Spirit instructed.

Jesus then asked the twelve, “Do you also wish to depart?” he said.

“In addition, we have come to accept and recognize that You are Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.” For the same reason that Simon Peter is certain that Jesus is “the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” I want to explain why I am convinced that Jesus is “the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” It was my intention to provide the men and women in Moscow four reasons, which you will find in this chapter, to strengthen your faith and help you share it with others.

  1. I want to explain to you, just as I did to them, why I am convinced that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  2. To atheism or not to atheism?
  3. Materialism?
  4. Man is born with a religious compulsion.
  5. God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, can satisfy the deepest yearning of the human heart, provide a response to man’s guilt, give meaning to life and death, take the sting out of sin, remove the gloom from the tomb, remove the anguish of parting, and create hope that is firm and certain.

But how can we be certain that Jesus is who He claims to be? The reason why we believe in Him, commit our life to Him, serve Him, and are even prepared to die for Him is a mystery.


Jesus Christ is a historical figure who has made his mark on the world. Regardless of what people believe about Jesus Christ, all secular historians who have any credibility acknowledge that He walked the world. H. G. Wells’s Outline of History included a list of the 10 greatest persons in human history. The first was Jesus Christ, who was ranked first. Despite the fact that he is not a believer, historian Sir J. G. Frazer stated: “My hypothesis presupposes the historical actuality of Jesus of Nazareth as the great religious and moral teacher who established Christianity and was executed at Jerusalem under the rule of Pontius Pilot.” Tacitus and Younger Pliny’s adverse testimony, in addition to the testimony of the Gospels, appears to be more than adequate to establish these truths in the minds of unprejudiced inquirers.

It is impossible to understand the church of Jesus Christ without first understanding the history of Jesus, who lived, died, and rose again.

“.by the resurrection from the dead, he was acknowledged to be the Son of God, endowed with authority in accordance with the Spirit of holiness” (Romans 1:4).

There is more evidence that Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave than there is that Julius Caesar lived and reigned.


The Bible, a book that has stood the test of time, affirms that Jesus is the one and only Son of God in all of his perfection.

  • God’s Son was born in a miraculous way, as the virgin-born Son of God
  • He led a sinless and miraculous life after that. He never sought for guidance, despite the fact that He walked among the scribes
  • He never apologized for anything He did or rationalized His conduct, despite the fact that He was frequently misunderstood
  • He never requested forgiveness because He never needed it, and He never acknowledged wrongdoing even once. Every aspect of His life was perfectly balanced in perfect sinless symmetry
  • He died a sacrificial death
  • He rose from the dead, becoming the “first fruits” of those resurrected foreternity

The Bible tells the tale of His extraordinary life, which may be found in the book of Revelation. But how can we be certain that the Bible is correct?

Five Proofs that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God:

  1. Prophesy that has been fulfilled: One-fourth of the Bible is prophecy that has been fulfilled. Approximately 500 of the 1,000 predictions contained in the Bible have already been fulfilled down to the tiniest detail
  2. Unification via miracle: Even though it has been written over 1,500 years by at least 40 distinct authors in three different languages, on a wide range of themes in 66 volumes, it is still one book with a single message that is entirely cohesive
  3. Survival and divine protection: It has endured for thousands of years, even when governments have prohibited or destroyed it. Accuracy in scientific and historical research: For example, the more archaeology uncovers, the more evidence there is that the Bible is correct. Efficacy:Jesus declared, “The words that I tell to you are spirit, and they are life. ” (John 6:63). A countless number of lives have been transformed by the Word of God, who has empowered saints, sustained martyrs, comforted the dying, inspired global missions, prompted the construction of schools and hospitals across the world, and led countless millions into a personal relationship with God. The fundamental focus of this work is the person of Jesus Christ. Acts 10:43 states that “all the prophets bear witness to Him that, by the name of Jesus, whomever trusts in Him will obtain remission of sins.”


“Do you want me to accept Jesus is God just because you claim He was a historical figure?” some people ask rhetorically. Perhaps you believe He lived because the Bible claims He did, and you have proof to support the Bible’s inspiration? “It’s not good enough.” I agree with you. You must have the assistance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can tell you all you need to know about Jesus Christ. The human intellect, on its own, is incapable of comprehending God’s most profound truths. The Holy Spirit will bear witness in your heart that Jesus is, in fact, the Son of God.

  1. they are the ones who bear witness about Me,” Jesus stated (John 5:39).
  2. Because there are three people who bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit.
  3. He who believes in the Son of God bears evidence to this fact within himself.
  4. The Holy Spirit can tell you all you need to know about Jesus Christ.

God doesn’t merely say, “You must believe, and if you are unable to believe, then is your bad luck,” as if that is all there is to it. “If you desire to believe, I will assist you in understanding and knowing that these things are real,” God says.


When Peter stated, “Also, we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” (John 6:69), he was saying, “I personally know that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Peter was saying, “I personally know that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” I can attest to this. “I have no doubt.” Don’t utter anything like “I can’t believe that.” You may choose not to believe, but if you truly desire to know the truth, God the Holy Spirit will confirm to you that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, regardless of your refusal to believe.

  1. You could fight with me for the rest of your life and never persuade me to reject Jesus Christ.
  2. I’m familiar with it.
  3. Do you have any idea who He is, precious friend?
  4. He is the only one who can provide the solution to your sin and the yearning of your heart.
  5. There is no one else who can provide you with a tranquility that surpasses all comprehension.
  6. There was no one else who came out of the grave.
  7. You can be certain that He is the Son of God because you can know and see Him.
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Put your faith in Him and you will be rescued today.

I’m looking for You.

I believe that You are the Son of God, Jesus.

Now that I have come to understand that God resurrected You from the grave, I am repentant of my wrongdoing.

I accept You as my Lord and Savior on the basis of faith, as if I were a small child.

Please help me not to feel embarrassed by You.

Are you willing to devote 7 minutes a day for the next 7 days to investigating that question?

Participate in the challenge that is based on the content of this communication.

7 Reasons to Believe in Jesus

This year marks my tenth year as a practicing Christian (since I got baptized). I was raised in a Christian home and have carried on the faith of my parents. However, to be quite honest, I had no desire to mindlessly follow my parents’ beliefs as I got older. For most of my teenage years, I wrestled with a number of concerns regarding God, many remain unanswered for me to this day, and many of which are still puzzling to me. I’ve tried many times to comprehend the Creator with this small intellect of mine.

  • I used to believe that when people inquired about my religious beliefs and the foundation of my life, I should be able to articulate the reasons for my beliefs and provide an explanation for my convictions.
  • I used to believe that I deserved to know God and that I was intelligent enough to construct the truth about God, until I learned that what I ultimately received was nothing more than a source of irritation.
  • Christianity, in my opinion, is not about religion.
  • Our is because history has revealed that religion, rather than fostering peace and harmony in this world, has been generating conflict and war all across the world for thousands of years.
  • It should be seen as an ongoing journey to become like Jesus, to embody the characteristics of Christ.
  • Dear Friends, I would like to share my testimony on “Seven Reasons to Believe in Jesus” with you.
  • He is the only One who has ever come to the planet and taken the initiative to establish a connection with the inhabitants.

God is the one who initially took the effort to reach out to the people in a loving manner.

Because Jesus genuinely cares about people, he came to us so that we may have a personal connection with God.

The first step in starting a discussion with someone you are seriously interested in (or falling in love with) is to get the conversation started as soon as possible.

Your initiative will demonstrate your concern and love from the inside out.

In contrast, when you take the initial step to do something kind and real for someone, you are conquering your fear, since perfect love throws out all fear.

He is the only One who has died, risen from the dead, and ascended to the throne of glory.

Are you aware that the entire globe commemorates Good Friday and Easter (which take place in March and April), as well as Ascension Day (which takes place in May) every year?

Furthermore, his death and resurrection have demonstrated his supreme power over death and life, while his ascension has demonstrated his supreme authority over both the earth and the heavens, respectively.

It marks the end of the existence of all living things on our planet.

However, as Christians, we don’t have to be scared of death since Jesus has defeated death on the cross!

Even more, he has supplied us with an eternal home in the heavenly kingdom of glory.

As long as we believe in Jesus, who has been appointed as the authority of this universe, we will be secure in eternity.

He is the only One who has humbled himself to the point of being a servant to all.

He reduced himself to nothingness by adopting the very character of a servant and being created in the likeness of a human creature.

Many hardships may be found everywhere these days, with the most of them being created by a compromised political leadership.

Because they are only concerned with their personal interests, the fractured leaderships have failed to address the demands of the people.

A fundamental aspect of Jesus’ leadership is his willingness to empty himself of self-interest and to serve others rather than oneself.


During his earthly ministry, Jesus had a clear mission: to live for the glory of God.

He pledged his life to God and completely surrendered his will to the will of the Almighty.

His earthly existence, while being relatively brief (33-36 years), has had a huge influence on people all across the world, maybe more than any other person in history who has lived for a longer period.

God is more than that; he is a’something’ that must be experienced.

To have a personal encounter with God, we must completely give our life to Him and allow Him to direct our paths.

We don’t always need to listen to what other people have to say since we aren’t here to live for the approval of others.

Devoting one’s life to God is the most effective method to live a meaningful and successful life.

That life is not meaningless offers us confidence; there is a cause to value life and live it meaningfully, as a result of this realization.

He is the only One who has entrusted us with the responsibility of becoming a witness and telling the world about His narrative.

He desires that the entire world be aware of his existence since God’s desire is for all people to be rescued.

Are we going to tell them about the discovery?

If we understand that Jesus is everything that this ‘dying’ world need, we can’t keep him for our own personal redemption.

This is why I feel that evangelism is still important, and that communicating the gospel, whether orally or nonverbally, always makes logical sense.

It is an honor to serve as God’s partner in this world and to bear witness to His good news.

He is the only one who has claimed God to be the Father in the Bible.

There are no other faiths or belief systems in the world that define the relationship between God and humans as a father-son relationship in the way that the Bible does.

God is not only something that is far away, inaccessible, or transcendent; rather, God is something that is within grasp.

We don’t have to be concerned when we have a question for Him since we are aware of this reality.

Our lives have been thrown open to Him in a big way.

Jesus has loved us fully and unconditionally, just like a true father loves his son with all of his heart (he has accepted us the way we are).


Faith, hope, and love are fundamental components of Jesus’ life message, which is unmistakable and unassailable.

As many Christians are well aware, the essence of Christianity is love for God and for one’s fellow man.

Love is also a believer in all things: if you truly love someone, you will believe the positive things about them, even if they do not appear to be good or worthy enough.

This is because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

People can quickly lose their feelings of love, hope, and fidelity, especially in situations where things are not going as smoothly as they would have preferred them to.

Everywhere we look, we see shattered promises.

There isn’t anything on which we can truly rely.

It appears to be difficult to have faith in people.

Jesus Christ, on the other hand, is unique. He is the only One who hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. His love and fidelity will last for all time. This is why we may place our faith, hope, and love in Him with complete confidence.

3 Reasons to Believe in Jesus Christ

Do you understand why you hold the beliefs that you do? We don’t often stop to consider the WHY behind our religious beliefs (or lack thereof). . how can we communicate our religion with others if we don’t understand WHY we believe what we believe? Here are the three main reasons why I believe in Jesus, which I have firmly established. Since becoming a born-again Christian 16 years ago, I’ve struggled to articulate why I believe in Jesus. For the majority of that time, I couldn’t give a satisfactory answer.

  • ), and when you combine that with the fact that I don’t really have a firm grasp on my own views, I’m not much use as a testimony for others.
  • Whenever someone asks me, “Why should we believe in Jesus?,” I want to be able to respond confidently and with conviction.
  • What God provided me with were not just two, but THREE compelling reasons to place my faith in Jesus Christ!
  • It is my goal that by sharing them with you, you may be encouraged and motivated in your own faith and testimony.

1) I first WANTED to believe in Jesus, because I was afraid of going to hell.

I realize it was selfish, but it served as an excellent motivator! After spending my formative years in a Christian environment, I understood that if Christianity were genuine, I would do whatever it took to ensure that I ended up in paradise rather than hell. As a result, it became extremely essential to me to seek answers, to grasp what made Christianity superior to any other “religion,” and to come to a choice about what I should believe. Fortunately, I was surrounded by a large number of “Jesus freaks” among my students and instructors, and it was only through their testimony and my own studies that I was able to come to a decision.

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The first thing I noticed about them was how sincere they were, how kind-hearted they were, and how they spoke about Jesus as if He were their best friend.

And I was very interested in what they had.

Several of my classmates had taken a “World Religions” course as part of their studies, and they explained that Christianity is the only’religion’ in which God loves us so much that He willingly gave His only Son (Jesus) as a living sacrifice to atone for our sins, and that this is the only religion in which God loves us so much that He willingly gave His only Son (Jesus) as a living sacrifice to atone for our sins.

All other religions teach that we must earn our entrance into paradise by our own good deeds and good works.

What type of God would do such a thing?

It was before you even realized you needed forgiveness that He sent Jesus to pay the payment for your sins.

Furthermore, it is a complimentary gift—all you have to do is accept it! (If you’re interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, His time on earth, and the evidence surrounding His death and resurrection, I highly recommend reading The Case for Christ by Richard Dawkins.

2) I CHOSE to believe—to repent of my sins and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior—because I realized that I am a sinner.

I realize it was self-centered, but it served as an excellent motivation! After spending my formative years in a Christian environment, I understood that if Christianity was genuine, I would do whatever it took to ensure that I ended up in paradise rather than hell. In order to find answers, to comprehend what differentiated Christianity from other “religions,” and to make a decision on what to believe, it became extremely essential to me. Because I was surrounded by many “Jesus freaks” among my classmates and teachers, I was able to come to a decision as a result of their stories and my own studies while in college.

  1. The result of believing in Jesus is that you become a significantly better person!
  2. The second thing that stood out to me was the distinction between Christianity and other religions.
  3. They said that Christianity is the only “religion” in which God loves us so much that He actually gave His only Son (Jesus) as a living sacrifice to atone for our sins Each of the world’s religions teaches us that we must earn our way into paradise by being kind to one another.
  4. How can God behave in such a manner?
  5. It was before you even realized you needed forgiveness that God sent Jesus to pay the payment for your sins.
  6. In addition, if you’re interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, His time on earth, and the evidence surrounding His death and resurrection, I highly recommend reading The Case for Christ.

3) I CONTINUE to believe in Jesus, because I’ve seen God!

What motivates my faith in Jesus? “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but also because by it I see everything else,” said C.S. Lewis, in one of his most powerful statements. BOOM. I’ve witnessed His kindness, His goodness, and His provision, and I’ve glimpsed glimpses of His purpose for my life in these experiences. The proof in favor of the existence of God may be found everywhere, you guys! This trumps all of the arguments against Him by a wide margin.

  1. 1 Corinthians 1:20 (NIV) I really like what the apostle Peter answered when Jesus asked him, “Do you not want to go with me?” I think it’s great.
  2. “Lord, where will we go from here?” Peter inquired.
  3. “We have come to realize and recognize that you are the Holy One of God,” says the congregation.
  4. I couldn’t think of anybody else to turn to.
  5. God is a forgiving God who never gives up on us, no matter how disobedient we may be.

After all, He had already planned a remedy to our sin problem before we were even aware that we had one! God, on the other hand, proves his own love for us in this way: Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. Romans 5:8 is a Bible verse that explains how to be a Christian (NIV)

How to Be Saved According to the Bible

Is Jesus your personal Lord and Savior, or do you believe in him as a merely a religious figure? If you do not already know Him, I invite you to do so. His worth is incomparably great. For those who are intrigued by my personal reasons for believing in Christ, you may be wondering: “How can I come to believe in Jesus for myself?” And in response to that, I recommend that you simply give Him a chance. Allow Jesus to be given the benefit of doubt! Inquire of Him to assist you in believing. Keep an open heart and mind, and wait to see what He will accomplish in and through your life.

  • Because it is only by faith in your heart that you are reconciled to God, and it is only through publicly professing your faith that you are saved.
  • I pray that God may reveal Himself to you in such a manner that you will come to see that He is unquestionable—and that He is all you require.
  • Thank you for taking the time to visit Divine Creative Love.
  • In addition, I suffer from narcolepsy.
  • You should subscribe to my mailing list if you’re new here so you don’t miss out on anything!

Why should we have faith in God or Jesus?

Would you like to have the opportunity to learn more about faith? Alpha is a course offered by a number of churches in the area that is aimed to provide a safe environment for people to learn about and debate various elements of their faith with others. At the bottom of this page, you may find a course in your area.

How did the Universe really begin?

It’s possible that how you respond to that question will vary on who you ask. An astro-physicist may respond that the cosmos originated as a massive nuclear explosion some thousand million years ago, and that the universe is still expanding. A theologian would respond that God created the world – but he or she might be more interested with explaining why God created the world than with explaining how God created the world. The ‘why’ question is possibly the most crucial since it prompts us to consider the purpose and significance of creation in our lives.

Not all Christians have the same beliefs about the genesis of life.

Genesis declares creation to be excellent, and God is said to be delighted and pleased with his handiwork, according to the book of Genesis. The planet, then, should be something we appreciate and enjoy, and this is unquestionably true.

What is meant by the Trinity?

The notion of the Trinity is at the very center of Christian belief and practice. To put it simply, it asserts that God’s entire nature is’relational’ – that is, God is a loving connection between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – and that this relationship is the essence of God. This is a concept that Christian theologians continue to battle with, but it is more than simply a philosophical debate. Christian understanding of the universe and human beings is fundamentally altered as a result of this development.

It is those connections that provide meaning to our lives, and when they fail, our own lives fail as a result of their failure.

Christians believe that God’s goal for the end of time is to combine all things in heaven and on earth in his Son, Jesus Christ, and that this will occur at the end of time (Ephesians 1:9-10).

Who was Jesus?

Christians have long held that Jesus was more than just a decent guy; he was the Son of God, according to their beliefs. We believe that Jesus was sent by God and that he returned to his Father’s presence afterward. Indeed, whether or not Jesus was who he claimed to be determines whether or not Christianity may be saved. In today’s world, no credible intellectual believes that Jesus did not exist. Historians all agree that Jesus was a wonderful teacher who, 2,000 years ago, surprised people with marvels that they couldn’t quite put their finger on.

  • Numerous of those disciples were themselves put to death because they refused to back down from their assertions.
  • Jesus himself asserted that he was the Son of God – God manifested in human form, sent to redeem mankind.
  • Lewis, our attitude to Jesus may be summarized as follows: “he was either furious, wicked, or God.” He was either under the influence of illusion or deception, or he truly believed he was God.
  • After all, if we don’t accept his own statements about himself, why should we believe anything he says about anybody else?

Why did Jesus have to die?

The most straightforward explanation is that Jesus died because he was a radical thinker who upset the religious and political elites of his day, exposed their dishonesty, and sparked their envy – and as a result, was sentenced to death on a cross. That, however, is not the entire tale. It fails to acknowledge the reality that Jesus freely laid down his own life, and that no one took it away from him at that time. He gave his life so that we may live. He took on the nature of sin in order for us to be set free from it.

(1 Peter 3:18, Revised Standard Version).

It cost God the life of his own Son.

They obstruct us from developing a meaningful relationship with God.

That friendship is made possible by Jesus’ death on the cross in our place. As we begin to comprehend what it means, we become more conscious of the love that God has for us and for the rest of his creation as a whole.

Why should I go to church?

The Church, according to public opinion, is out of date, obsolete, and even reactive in certain instances. The dreary lecture, the never-ending fundraising campaign, and the unkempt churchyard are all typical imagery. Indeed, churches serve as gathering places where God’s love may be felt in the warmth of the companionship and the vivacity of the worship services. People who come to our church are concerned about the society in which they live and serious in their desire to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in this day and age.

  1. Regular attendance at church allows us to learn more about the Christian religion while also strengthening our devotion to God.
  2. It is far more beneficial to have the support and encouragement of others.
  3. There is no pressure / there is no follow-up / there is no charge.
  4. Alpha is a program for anybody who wants to learn more about the Christian religion, regardless of their background or views, and it is presently being offered in tens of thousands of churches of all denominations across the world.
  5. The nights begin with supper and feature a brief lecture on the Christian faith as well as an opportunity to ask questions about the presentation.
  6. Check out the Alpha classes that are now being offered in the diocese, or go to the Alpha website to discover one in your area.
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The 26th of August, 2019 CAROL ROUND is a fictional character created by author CAROL ROUND. Grove, Oklahoma, according to the USViaASSIST News Service. “That is why I said that you would die in your sins; because unless you believe that I am who I claim to be, you will die in your sins.” “That is why I said that you would die in your sins.” – John 8:24 (NIV) (TLB). Would you be able to explain your faith in Jesus if someone asked you why you believe in him? I recently asked this topic on a social networking website and received a deluge of responses within minutes of posting it.

  1. “I finally gave it to the Lord after a lengthy period of battling on my own and refusing to take pain medicine,” she added.
  2. When I pray, I always express my gratitude to the Lord for blessing me and my family, as well as for others who are in need of prayer, but I never ask for anything for myself, with the exception of those two occasions.
  3. It brings me great comfort to be able to communicate with him!
  4. We were relocated to a new house in southern Louisiana, and God, in His usual miraculous way, placed us within walking distance of a little Methodist church, which was a blessing.
  5. I’ve even gotten pins for being on time every day.
  6. However, it is not only church attendance that leads to religious belief.
  7. Prior to it, I was aware of His existence but did not directly know Him.

Since then, I’ve made no attempt to go back.

That is not to say that others have not.

It is our sinful nature that causes us to stumble.

We must also yield our will to His will, in which case we must acknowledge our faults and ask for forgiveness, I’ve come to think.

This is something that the Holy Spirit has often reminded me of.

We are unable to do so.

The following is evangelist Billy Graham’s response: “Ultimately, no matter how hard we try or how many arguments we provide, only God can persuade a person that the Gospel is true.

The most essential thing we can do for people who do not believe is to pray for them.

“Anyone may be at ease when things are going well – but how do you react when things are going against you?” Graham said rhetorically.

“Do you see any of these in your life?” “I desired what I observed in some nice Christian folks,” said one of the people who responded to my query the best. Allow your life to serve as a magnet to attract others to Christ. ~www.carolaround.com

10 reasons I believe in Jesus Christ (i.e., in God)

“For we walk by faith, not by sight,” says the Apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 5:7). (I started this post with the assumption that these arguments would be straightforward to communicate and that the article would be brief. However, this has not proven out to be the case. So that’s the first part of the story. The last five reasons will be put on this page the following day.) Last week, while driving hundreds of miles to (and from) two funerals for beloved friends, I had a lot of time to think on what it means to believe in God, serve in ministry, and travel fearlessly into “the valley of the shadow of death.” I’m glad I did.

  1. As our Lord stated, “You put your trust in God; put your trust also in Me” (John 14:1).
  2. In my opinion, believing in Jesus is synonymous with believing in God, and vice versa.
  3. Here are my top 10 reasons for believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has risen from the dead and is present everywhere at all times.
  5. It is the greatest miracle of all time.
  6. The Bible is considered to be one of the world’s great marvels.
  7. What a debt of appreciation we owe to those who have preserved it throughout the ages and handed it down to our generation in perfect condition.

(See Deuteronomy 4:8 for further information).

Oh, how I would love to hear what you have to say about the subject!

“How could He know so much about me?” I wonder.

There is no getting around it, and there is no other way to put it: I believe in Jesus because Jesus is who I believe in.

That includes the teachings themselves, which are as extraordinary as anything we can conceive (e.g., parables with their wisdom, Beatitudes with their just-rightness, and insights into Heaven), but also the context in which they are delivered.

It is these things–the heart of the Lord, His teachings, His miracles–as well as a thousand other things.

(3:12) “Hey, everyone, have a look at me,” Jesus did not go around proclaiming in a modern-day scam artist’s manner.

“Take a look at this!” “The works I perform give witness to me,” he said after teaching and working and blessing the people in the process (John 5:36).

Yes, I have.

Jesus is the Messiah.

This means we must avoid falling into the trap of claiming, “I believe in Jesus because He has provided me with what I requested.” A number of people who have never attended a church and are completely unaware of the Bible have told us preachers that they were certain they were saved and headed for paradise as a result of God answering their prayers.

  1. However, they spend their days on their knees, conversing with, listening to, and appealing with the Father in heaven.
  2. They have faith.
  3. He has responded affirmatively and has guided me “on the road of righteousness for the sake of His name” (Psalm 23:3).
  4. It’s what a caring parent does for their children.
  5. Some of the responses arrived the next day, while others are still on their way.
  6. It’s the term “with thanksgiving” that jumps out of the page and captures my attention when I read it.
  7. I’ll be praying for you, Lord.

I am convinced.

I’ve gotten to know myself well enough that I’ve learnt not to put my faith in myself.

“It is not in a guy who walks that he is able to control his own steps” (Jeremiah 10:23).

(Whenever I hear someone tell me to “trust yourself,” I want to burst out laughing.

Do you have any idea what’s going on inside of me?

Despite this, I seem to be hurting fewer people and wounding fewer people these days.

I believe in the living God because my passions and self-centeredness are not allowed to run rampant as much as they would want.

“O Lord, keep a watchful eye on my mouth.

At the end of the day, I will often look back and think to myself, “This is truly wonderful, Father.” As far as I’m aware, I didn’t cause any harm to anyone today.

I didn’t tell the person what I thought or give him a piece of my mind; I just walked away.

All I’m doing is expressing wonder at the Lord’s “governors” who have taken control of my flesh.

Another reason why I think He is real and present, for which I will be eternally thankful.) ‘I am certain of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will see it through to completion until the day of the Lord Jesus,’ Paul stated (Philippians 1:6).

My profound sadness is that I have only reached the first mile marker and still have a long way to go.

The Lord has surrounded himself with some very outstanding individuals.

The remarkable thing about the Lord’s people is the diversity of their beliefs and practices.

Each of the extraordinary God-people in my life is one-of-a-kind, and I consider myself tremendously lucky to have come to know them.

Following the Lord Jesus for more than 60 years and serving as a minister for more than half that time, I could fill a book with the names of others who, like James and Bill, “conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, quenched the power of flames, avoided the edge of the sword, were made strong from weakness, became mighty in battle, and put foreign armies to flight” (Hebrews 11:33-34).

Bryan Harris, Chet Griffin, Don Davidson, David Crosby, Joel K.

The reason I believe is due to people like C.

Lewis, Warren Wiersbe, Bill Burkett, Ron Palmer, Carl F.

Henry, Fisher Humphreys and my own children.

It is because of my mother that I believe.

It’s due of my big brother Ron, too, I suppose.

She is my inspiration.

While knocking on doors and witnessing to them, this tiny lady struck fear into the hearts of grown men everywhere she went.

“That small lady gave me the creeps.” What exactly did she do?

Because of Billy Graham, I have come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“If you’ll accompany me tonight, I’ll give you the keys to the truck the next day.” Billy was miraculously spared that night, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, if you had a hundred kids in a room and were told that God would use one of them to convey the gospel to millions, you would have been unable to pick him out of the crowd.

“It was just to demonstrate what He was capable of.” I believe in a God who can use nobodies to bring down empires, and I believe in him.

Proclaiming His majesty and excellence.

The instructors and mentors, friends and coworkers, and dearest loved ones who believe and demonstrate by their actions that Jesus Christ is alive and this is true have given me reason to believe. I believe because of all of these people. (To be resumed on Monday)

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