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In Alabama, there was a land rush that caused the price of land to rise. A decision in Worcester v Georgia determined that the Cherokee nation constituted an independent political society entitled to federal protection against claims brought by the state of Georgia. Samuel Slater built the waltham and Lowell textile mills to compete with his mills eatables, which were more sophisticated since they manufactured textiles. Between 1790 and 1840, what was the direction of the population shift that took occurred in the United States?

After the War of 1812, which of the following did NOT occur in the United States:slowing of economic growth In the case of Gibbons v.

During the time leading up to the Civil War, horizontal allegiances tended to take the place of vertical allegiances.

What was the economic standing of the majority of the population in antebellum America?

  • Land development and wheat production were booming in the former northwest during this time period.
  • It elevated New York to the status of the nation’s most populous city.
  • The Cherokees relocated from the southeastern United States to Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma in 1838 for what reason remains a mystery to this day.
  • soldiers would get western land in exchange for their service under the terms of the military bounties issued during the War of 1812.
  • It encourages merchants to put their wealth to work in domestic manufacturing facilities.
  • What role did Samuel Slater have in the transformation of American economic life?
  • A major goal of the Indigenous Removal Act of 1830 was to make it easier for white people to settle on indian territory.
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Was it to make westward movement more convenient?

Towns flourished swiftly, particularly in the western United States.

Why did temperance advocates make prohibition one of their primary objectives?

The American political system was in its infancy throughout the antebellum period.

What did the presidential election of 1828 show about the American people?

It was demonstrated in early 1830s by the tariff issue that the country would be subjected to substantial and escalating sectional pressures in the decades to come.

South Carolina claims that a state has the authority to overturn a tariff that had been passed by the federal government.

Members of the Oneida community argued for communal ownership of property as well as “complex marriages,” in which every member of the community was married to every other member of the opposite sex group in the community What makes Dorothea Dix so well-known?

who, according to his claims, saw visions from God and created the church of the latter day saints (the mormons).

The House of Representatives unanimously chose John Quincy Adams to be the nation’s president.

The Peggy Eaton scandal was noteworthy because it contributed to a developing rift between Andrew Jackson and his Vice President of Operations.

Calhoun’s full name is John C.

Which “theory” stated that a person’s personality might be revealed by the presence of bulls on the skull?

What did Eli Whitney do to promote American manufacturing, beyond from investing in the cotton gin, that increased the purchasing power of the typical worker?

How did house furnishings alter throughout the antebellum period?

What were the differences between the writings of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman and those of Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville?

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What kind of urban dwelling emerged throughout the first half of the nineteenth century?

Who was the most popular dramatist in antebellum America?

What was one of the consequences of growing urban land values in a nineteenth-century American metropolis in the early nineteenth century?

What was the reason for certain slaves being permitted to work in towns or cities?

In the old south, which group was one of the few to reject the dueling, brawling, and drinking that was characteristic of southern culture at the time?

What changes had occurred in the slave population in the United States by around 1830?

It was a language that was created by African-American slaves who were born in the United States.

What proportion of white southern families held slaves by 1860 was one of the few big iron producers in the South at the time.

Because fewer southern whites were releasing their slaves after 1810, the growth rate of the free black population in the South slowed after that year.

What caused the education system in the South to lag behind that in the North?

The slave uprisings in the antebellum south were characterized by which of the following statements?

Which of the following best describes the typical slave die?

How did the lower South obtain the slaves that it used after 1808?

what was the proportion of slave owners who owned more than twenty slaves in 1860 What was it about William Tiler Johnson that was unusual?

When slaves were transported from Africa to the United States, what religion did the majority of them practice?

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The Indians whom white emigrants encountered along the overland road did what they did most of the timethey collaborated with the emigrantsin 1860, what groups accounted for almost 3/4 of all foreign born Americans What was the primary motivation for the majority of European immigrants to come to the United States between 1815 and 1860?

Calhoun to feel that the federal government lacked the authority to ban slavery in the Mexican cession was unclear.

While fighting in the Mexican-American War, the Mexican forces fought valiantly and resolutely, but their efforts were ultimately in vain.

Donner’s demise revealed the trustworthiness of published guide books about huge plains and rugged mountainsland agents who worked for Mexico in order to lure American immigrants to settle in Texas.

What did President James K.

He wanted the purchase of California and New Mexico from the country.

They were a varied group of people who were also hardworking and clannish.

Internal improvements were funded by the government.

In addition to their regular responsibilities, the majority of the women packed and unloaded the wagons.

Slavery was outlawed in any area obtained as a result of the discussions with Mexico, according to the terms of the agreement.

Ethnic and racial tensions were high during the rushAccording to the theory of popular sovereignty, people of a region should be given the authority to determine whether or not to tolerate slavery.

Polls? Who led the Texan army that beat the Spanish army in the Battle of Santa Anna? What was the campaign strategy of the Free Soil Party? Free commerce, free labor, free expression, and free men are all important.

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