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Republican Jesus, also known as GOP Jesus, is a parody of Republican socially conservative and neolibertarian Christians whose values appear to be diametrically opposed to the Gospels. He is a Jesus who “loves borders, guns, unborn babies, and economic prosperity and hates homosexuality, taxes, welfare, and universal healthcare,” and for whom the Ten Commandments take precedence over the Beatitudes, and who believes that the Ten Commandments are more important than the Beatitudes. Republican Jesus memes “frequently draw attention to inconsistencies between Christian values/beliefs and Republican policies/ideas,” according to the Associated Press.

I was dehydrated, and you provided me with something to drink.

You should not have done what you did “.

slogans that were popular in the early 2000s.

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  • Supply-Side Don Simpson created a similar notion for comedian and former United States Senator Al Franken in his 2003 satirical bookLies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, which was published in 2003.


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Among the most powerful political forces in the United States is the Christian Right, and it is no accident that its supporters believe in a Jesus who shares their political beliefs. According to a new book by Tony Keddie, an assistant professor of early Christian history and literature at the University of British Columbia, right-wing influences have weaponized the Bible as a political instrument. Keddie demonstrates how they’ve accomplished this in Republican Jesus. The book will be available on bookstore shelves today, only four weeks before the United States presidential election.

What distinguishes your book from others that have been written on the Christian Right?

Republicans for Jesus is the first book published by a New Testament expert on how the Christian Right has abused the Bible in their political campaigns.

Specifically, I demonstrate how right-wing influencers have deployed a version of Jesus who is an unwavering proponent of Small Government: he opposes government funding for public health care, welfare, and environmental protections; he opposes the government interfering with an individual’s right to life and firearms; and so forth.

  1. What is it about “Republican Jesus” that makes him so popular?
  2. Republican Jesus appears to be a genuinely pleasant person!
  3. He just does not believe that the government should become involved in assisting them because doing so denies individuals the opportunity to love their neighbors and, in doing so, demonstrate that they are truly disciples of Christ.
  4. Influential Republicans have used interpretative techniques such as garbling English translations, disregarding the literary context of poems by cherry-picking sections, and patching incongruous parts together to create a new harmonic story to further their political goals.
  5. It is one that I find particularly perplexing: the assertion that the fact that Jesus’ followers were armed when he was captured implies that Jesus would approve of Christians possessing semi-automatic weapons.
  6. The underlying paradigm that construes Jesus and his followers as Christians and his opponents as Jews is presented at a higher degree of abstraction.
  7. Jew paradigm has been the source of a great deal of anti-Semitic sentiment throughout history.
  8. Extreme right-wing interpreters of history have presented fundamentally problematic pictures of Big Government as a Jewish plot by concealing the complicated dynamics of ancient identities in the process.
  9. We need more voices from the middle of the political spectrum to speak out against the right-wing Trump alliance’s misuse of the Bible.

Republicans Jesuswill hopefully be a useful resource for both centrists who are wary about how right-wing influences understand the gospels, and progressives who are ready to demolish right-wing readings in the lead-up to this historic presidential election.

Republican Jesus

The definitive resource for exposing right-wing misinterpretations of the Bible, covering everything from economics and immigration to gender and sexuality. According to many Republican politicians, pundits, and preachers, Jesus is a supporter of borders, firearms, unborn babies, and economic success, while he is opposed to homosexuality, taxation, welfare, and universal healthcare. Conservative influences have made up an image of Jesus who appeals to their fears, wants, and resentments, based on egregious misreadings of the New Testament gospels that began about a century ago and have continued to this day.

Keddie dismantles the scriptural foundation for Republican stances on hot-button topics such as big government, taxation, abortion, immigration, and climate change by returning Republicans’ cherry-picked gospel scriptures to their original literary and historical settings.

About the Author

Tony Keddie is an Assistant Professor of Early Christian History and Literature at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of the books Class and Power in Roman Palestine and Revelations of Ideology, as well as several other publications.


“Insightful and witty. “A detailed and persuasive study that is ideal for anybody who has been perplexed by misapplications of Jesus’ teachings.” — According to Publishers Weekly “It is easily understandable and tastefully written.” — Dispatches from the Religious Right “This work will be important not just for those interested in the study of Jesus, but also for students of American politics,” says the author. “It is engaging, well arranged, and historically knowledgeable.” — THE OPTION In this riveting and no-holds-barred tour de force written by a first-rate specialist on the New Testament, Republican Jesus shows that, whatever proponents of the Christian right may say, the Republican Jesus is profoundly at odds with the Jesus of the Gospels.

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—Reza Aslan, author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, in an interview with The New York Times.

Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump (John Fea, author of Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump)

Table of Contents

IllustrationsAcknowledgementsList of Illustrations A Word to the Wise for the Audience Introduction PART ONE OF TWO WHO EXISTS AS THE REPUBLICAN JESUS? 1. A portrait of Republican Jesus (also known as Republican Jesus). TWO-THIRD PART. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE ORIGIN OF REPUBLICAN JESUS COMES FROM? 2. Heralds of the Early Modern Period 3. The New Deal is under attack from the business community. Fourth, Tea and Prosperity in the Age of Donald Trump THE THIRD PART. WHICH VALUES DOES THE REPUBLICAN JESUS EXPRESS?

The importance of family values, charity, the role of the church and the state, and protection against intruders The End of the World (No.

So what would Republican Jesus do?

When I was in my early twenties, a frequent joke among my friends was that when presented with the most ordinary of issues, we would ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” Should I have ribs or a burger at this restaurant? What do you think Jesus would do? Should we attempt to find parking here or should we try to find parking a bit closer to the venue? What do you think Jesus would do? Over the years, it’s a question that’s remained somewhat ingrained in my consciousness. During the last UK election, there was a Twitter account called ‘Tory Jesus’ that was active.

  • I found it amusing because these practices are so horrifically harsh and terrible that it was amusing to watch them come out of the mouth of Christ.
  • You could substitute Buddha or Rumi for Jesus and still get the same perspective.
  • As a Christian, he has persuaded himself that “sure, that is precisely what Jesus would do!” he has managed to convince himself.
  • Though it’s more probable that he holds himself to a far lower standard than the rest of us.
  • I presume they must have been able to rationalize the separation of personal values from political activity as being independent in some way.
  • Despite this, there is a substantial amount of data that suggest the exact reverse.
  • However, I do not have those kinds of large-scale effects in my life that drive me to consider how my own value system affects possibly millions of others, which is something I wish to change.
  • As my tension, annoyance, and anguish rise to the surface, I am confronted with the question of how to respond in the most loving and caring way, not just to my children but also to myself.
  • In the end, coming from the most loving place is frequently equated with arriving from the most aware place.
  • Instead of being an abstract political ideal, my desire for a more equal and loving society is grounded in my day-to-day interactions with other people and situations.

As a result of my lack of political, social, or economic power, it is very easy to read the news about what is happening in Yemen or the worsening effects of climate change and believe that my actions, thoughts, and relationships have no significance because I have no weight or influence on these large geopolitical issues.

That being said, I am well aware of the fact that our interconnectedness and interdependence are essential facts of our existence.

I’m not sure how it works, but I’m confident it does.

However, I can rage in my thoughts against the likes of Mitch McConnell and Theresa May, but if I continue to stay unconscious of my habits, wounds, and conditioning in my own environment, it will be all for naught if I do so.

What would Jesus do? What is right? What is kind? What is right? These are everyday and moment-to-moment questions that are worth remembering and acting on, no matter how you choose to phrase them.

Republican Jesus: How the Right Has Rewritten the Gospels: Keddie, Tony: 9780520356238: Amazon.com: Books

A little excerpt of the material is available; double tap to view the complete excerpt. Double touch to view the abbreviated content if the full material is not accessible. Born in Levittown, Pennsylvania, Tony Keddie earned his B.A. in Religion from Temple University in Philadelphia before moving to New York City. Later, he went on to get a Master of Arts in Religion degree in Second Temple Judaism from Yale Divinity School, as well as a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ancient Mediterranean Religions from The University of Texas at Austin.

He received his Ph.D.

The social and political history of Judaism and Christianity throughout the Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as the politics of biblical interpretation in contemporary North America are among his areas of specialization.

In recognition of his research, Tony has received honors and fellowships from organizations such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem, and the Society of Biblical Literature, among others.

In addition to teaching and writing, Tony has been involved in the archaeological excavations of an old synagogue in Ostia, Italy, which he describes as “a fascinating experience.” Tony may be followed on Twitter at @KeddieTony.

Republicans are asked: ‘What would Jesus do?’

In the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate in St. Petersburg, Fla., former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (center) sparred with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (right) and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is running for president of the United States. Image courtesy of Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images THE CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA – The following two questions loom big in the context of a presidential campaign in which religion – and in particular the religious beliefs of at least one candidate – will play a significant influence in the decisions that many voters make: Is every word in the Bible genuine, and if so, “what would Jesus do” with regards to the death penalty?

According to Huckabee, “Jesus was much too intelligent to ever run for public office.” “That’s what Jesus would do,” says the author.

The choice that many Evangelical Christians make in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other states during the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who is a member of the Mormon faith, may be influenced as much by his personal characteristics as it will be by his statements.

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And, in the context of this battle for the votes of people who are sincerely committed to “the culture of life,” how does one reconcile his support for the death penalty with his opposition to abortion in the context of this election?

It was Joseph who addressed the candidates gathered on stage in a bay-front theater in this city, “How you answer this question will tell us all we need to know about you.” “Do you trust every word that is written in this book?” To be more specific, the book that I am currently holding in my hand.” ‘Do you believe what this book says?’ Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and front-runner in his party’s primary polls, was the recipient of the moderator’s direct toss.

  • “Well.” Giuliani began his speech.
  • “Wait a minute, you’re the minister,” Giuliani remarked, a wry grin on his face.
  • “All OK,” Giuliani responded.
  • It appears to me that there are elements of the Bible that are intended to be interpreted in a contemporary context.

I’ve read it several times while I’ve been going through some of the most difficult times in my life, and I’ve found wonderful insight in it, and it has helped to define my religion to a great extent.” But I don’t believe everything in the literal sense of Jonah being in the belly of the whale, or, you know, there are certain things in it that I believe were put there as allegories.” I also don’t believe everything in the allegorical meaning of Jonah being in the belly of the whale.

Romney gave the most straightforward response he could muster, something that many Evangelicals may have been hoping to hear: “I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, without reservation.” Romney said he tries to live by the Constitution as best he can, but “I fall short in a number of areas.” “However, it serves as a guide for my life and the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of other people throughout the world.

  1. “I have faith in the Bible.” Anderson Cooper, the moderator, inquired whether they had heard every word.
  2. God’s word is the Bible, and nothing else can replace it.
  3. I don’t have any issues with the Bible.
  4. According to me, the Bible is exactly what it purports to be.
  5. I believe that, in the broadest sense, the question attempted to make us feel that, if you believe the portion of the question that says “Go and take out your eye,” then none of us believe that we should go and pull out our eye.

“Be kind to your neighbor as you would like to be treated.” Despite the fact that I am the only person on this stage who has a theology degree, there are some aspects of the Bible that I do not fully comprehend and understand because the Bible is a revelation of an infinite God, and no finite person will ever be able to comprehend and understand it completely.

  • In addition, Huckabee was particularly well-suited to tackle the following question from “Tyler,” a resident of Memphis: “I have a brief question for those of you who would consider yourself Christian conservatives,” he said.
  • “I’ll tell you what, carrying out the death penalty was one of the most difficult challenges I ever faced,” he remarked.
  • The only choice that came across my desk that could not be reversed was the one that I made.
  • Every other decision was one that could be reversed or corrected if it was made in error by someone else.

According to Huckabee, “I believe there is a place for the death penalty.” “Some crimes are so heinous, so horrible that the only response that we, as a civilized nation, can have to a most uncivil action is not only to try to deter that person from ever committing that crime again, but also to serve as a warning to others that some crimes are truly beyond our ability to fix,” said the author.

We believe there is a significant difference between the adjudication process, in which a person is found guilty after going through an extensive legal process and is executed by all of us, as citizens, under the provisions of the law; and an individual’s decision to terminate an unborn life that has never been found guilty because it was never given a chance to even exist.

Cooper, on the other hand, couldn’t let him go without asking: “What would Jesus do? “Would Jesus be in favor of the death penalty?” In response, Huckabee stated, “Jesus was much too intelligent to ever run for public office.” “That’s what Jesus would do,” says the author.

  • Elections, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, the Republican Party, and Anderson Cooper are all topics covered.

“What Would Republican Jesus Do?” Calvin Penn ppt download

1″What Would Republican Jesus Do?” is a question. Calvin Penn’s birthday is October 18th, 2002. In the first instance, how do you feel about this picture? 3When I initially saw this poster, I didn’t think it was that appealing. Despite the fact that the majority of my political beliefs are Democratic, I was offended by this poster’s extreme use of Jesus to make such a dramatic point against the Republican Party. 4This image is courtesy of the website strk3.com, which publishes hundreds of images that are contentious on political, religious, and other levels of discussion.

  1. As an example, this particular poster from the site makes fun of a certain group’s essential political and religious convictions in an attempt to sway the audience on a political issue.
  2. Warplanes are flying overhead, threatening to strike.
  3. During an oil extraction operation in a desert valley, soldiers raise the cross.
  4. What is the reason for this or why is it not?
  5. 7After knowing more about the poster’s history and visiting the website where it was obtained, my point of view has only been more firmly established.
  6. 6What is your view on whether the author is credible?
  7. The poster’s source website is copyrighted, linked with a recognized firm, and has contact information, making it reputable, even if it is not politically acceptable in its subject matter.

The image appears to be directed at younger voters of both parties, but mostly Democrats, who are more likely to agree with the message.

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12Can you tell me about the strategies that were used by the poster’s creator?

Color — The poster’s use of strong, brilliant colors on a dark background creates an unsettling atmosphere.

It clearly communicates their message.

15Ethos – This prompts the question, “Does the usage of Jesus and the crucifixion seem appropriate?” Through the employment of religious figures and symbols as well as firearms, the message is made more emotionally impactful.

Logos – Inspires me to think about the argument in order to comprehend the message and adopt a political position on it. Visual Rhetoric (http://bibliographyom.wordpress.com/tag=visual-rhetoric)

What would Republican Jesus do?

The Blessamuffins:spurgie-cousin:keepingupwithfundies:19kidsandsnarking:duggarwakeupcall:duggars are a collection of stories written by Derick. IGY’all. WTF! I’m not shocked by this. but, omg That made me so angry that I don’t even know what words to use to describe it. This poor child is going to grow up with some really distorted worldviews, to put it mildly. He is three years old. You should keep your terrible and vile opinions to yourself, Derick, and not impose them on an innocent youngster.

  1. Hypocrite!
  2. This is the post that prompted me to get back online today.
  3. I can’t stand the man.
  4. Y’all.
  5. Why aren’t there any films or podcasts on fundies available?
  6. .
  7. Ok.

(Annie) Wishing you the best of luck with that family.

I simply wish I knew exactly what the physicians stated since I don’t believe Jill to be a trustworthy storyteller in this situation.

“behaving normally.” I understand that these folks are illiterate and that they are most likely unable to communicate effectively in situations such as these.

keepingupwithfundies: TAKE A LOOK AT THAT SMILING FACE!

Allie Jane Webster, here I come!

That princess outfit she’s wearing is just stunning.

Yes, she had dropped weight before to meeting Jeremy, but I would not infer that she had an eating disorder as a result of this.

I don’t know, you could be right—who knows with these fundies—but I’ve always had the impression that JingerMichelle and I were quite close since Jinger was such an open and modest person.

Listen, I’ve been a fan of the Duggars since the first specials aired, and I’ve seen every single episode of 17-18-19kac since it debuted in 2011.

And I recall being surprised one day when Jing abruptly lost weight and appeared depressed and unwell for a period of time.

This was joyful Jinger when she was full of sass, smirking and rolling her eyes at everything JB said: ” Then this happened all of a sudden: “And now tell me that I shouldn’t have been concerned.” Now, please do not flood the system with requests stating things like: “Oh, I am that slim, I’ve never had an ed.

  1. Numerous people have battled with an ed for many years without anybody realizing it!
  2. I am now relieved that Jing appears to be in good health, radiant, and generally cheerful, but I was concerned at the time, as were many others on FJ.
  3. Post Number 2/5 has been updated.
  4. What is the age of the last young girl?
  5. She was born in July 2015, making her two years old in the photo.
  6. It seems to be extremely thin and fragile in appearance.
  7. Every one of them appears to be very emaciated and unwell in general.



So, I don’t know about you, but I believe the phrase “you know that you’re a mom” is a little strange in this context(Half to walk back, wonderful )”oh mom”Omg “half”.

A double stroller, maybe, because I can’t see a three-year-old wanting to walk for that long in a single direction.

And, yes, the phrase “you know you’re a mom” is a little strange in this context.

In recent weeks, she’s been looking particularly terrific.

Why would she walk for such a long distance?

when you have two tiny children?

This boy is really fed up with his mother’s idiotic decision.

What’s the deal, Jill?

Hey Bby, do you want some succ?

– hey Bby, do you want some succ?

– hey Bby, do you want some succ?

– The following are some of my favorites from Jill’s most recent post.

Oh my God, the individual is so weird (the son, specifically, we all know the dad is) Jill has been pregnant for what seems like an eternity in my opinion.

Every piece of clothing is a hate crime.

This is nothing more than a nightmarish montage.

Under all of that nonsense, the females are actually rather attractive.

There are a few more photographs where she appears to be attempting to be unconventional, and I wish she could explore with fashion a bit more in the vein of Jennifer Aniston.

So, clearly, they are huge fans of the Duggars and everything else.

As a result of the above. WHY HAVEN’T THESE GIRLS SEEKED FASHION ADVICE FROM ANY OF THE DUGGAR OR BATES GIRLS UP TO THIS POINT? They wouldn’t dare to pretend to be more humble or more pious than the Duggars, would they? Is it possible that I’m mistaken?

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