What Were Jesus Last Words Before He Ascended Into Heaven

What were Jesus’ Last Words before he Ascended to Heaven?

The final thing Jesus said before ascending to the throne of glory was. In the Book of Acts, we may find these well-known closing phrases.

Waiting For The Promise

The Bible states that when Jesus was with them, he warned them that they should not leave Jerusalem, but should instead wait for the promise of the Father. This is the prelude to the Lord’s final words, which are recorded in (Acts 1:4). The promise that Jesus was alluding to was the one that was spoken of by the prophet Joel in the Old Testament, according to the Bible (Joel 2:28-32). It was the promise that believers would be baptized with the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost (also known as the Day of Pentecost) (Acts 2:1-4).

The Last Words Of Jesus on Earth

Jesus was approached by many present, who inquired whether the time had arrived for him to return the kingdom to Israel. It was at this point that Jesus gave his final words on earth before ascending to the heavenly realm. “It is not for you to know the times or dates that the Father has established by his own power,” he said to them. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will acquire authority, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, as well as throughout the rest of Judea and Samaria, and to the furthest reaches of the world.

Jesus’ Ascension Into Heaven

After saying his final words, Jesus was carried up into a cloud while they were looking on, and they were no longer able to see him or hear him. As they gazed up into the sky, two white-robed men (angels) appeared beside them and embraced them. “What are you doing standing here staring up into the sky?” the angels inquired of them. This same Jesus, who has been carried away from you into heaven, will return in the same manner in which you witnessed him depart!” (Acts 1:10–11) Follow THE BIBLE ANSWER on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram!

Jesus’ Last Words Before Ascending – My Jesus Cafe

THE LAST WORDS OF JESUS BEFORE ASCENSION! In Jesus Café, every single one of God’s Words is critical for us to study and live by on this planet if we want to live in God’s richest and most abundant quality and quantity of life possible! This straightforward reality was conveyed by Jesus in Matthew 4 when he was speaking with “the transient prince of this temporary world.satan!” (Keep in mind that the prince is always subject to the ultimate authority of THE KING! AND, of course, JESUS is King!) In Matthew 4:4, Jesus is stating something to us that I believe is important.

  • Overall, God’s ability to hear, receive, and rely on His Holy Word has always been derived only from His Holy Spirit throughout all of history!
  • However, until God’s Holy Word took on flesh, was crucified, and was risen, this access to God’s Holy Spirit, which gives the “fire power for God’s Holy Word,” was normally only available through specific arrangements with the Father.
  • As a result, when God’s Holy Word Son (our last High Priest) paid that final sin due by His blood offering on the altar (cross), God granted all believers a significant advantage in gaining access to His presence through the power of His Spirit.
  • God’s children are now able to pray, confess, and possess from wherever they may be in the world.
  • Because of Jesus’ tremendous sacrifice, completed words, and finished deeds, we have been given the freedom to come and connect with Father God from any location and at any time of day or night.
  • And where did He go once He descended?
  • As a result, according to God’s Holy Word, we “receivers” have now become the Holy Temple!
  • Wouldn’t you be surprised?
  • As a result, with your bodies, you should respect God.

God’s Word-Son walked around proclaiming WHO HE WAS and WHAT HE HAD DONE for the next 40 days, until He ascended back into Heaven, in order to make God’s Power available to be used by all believers, so that we could, and would be completely equipped to go out into the world on a daily basis and be a powerful witness for HIM!

Moreover, He revealed His immense love for us by dying for us.

God has received and accepted the last, faultless sacrifice that has been given! It is only by repentance (coming back to God) and confession of our sins, which have already been paid for, that God’s Holy Word requires that His children continue to be fully directed by His Holy Spirit.


ASCENSION’S FINAL WORDS ARE RECORDED IN HISTORY. DAYA the book of cts 1:6-11 As a result, when (the disciples) gathered together, they questioned Him, “Lord, would You return the kingdom to Israel at this time?” He replied affirmatively. And He told them, “I’m going to tell you something.” “It is not your responsibility to know the times or seasons that the Father has established in His own power. However, when the Holy Spirit has descended upon you, you will be empowered, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the world.” Following His words, He was lifted up into the clouds, out of sight of all who had gathered to see them.

  1. Jesus, who was carried up from you and ascended into heaven, will return in the same manner as you witnessed Him ascend into heaven.” Dear Fellow, I address you in the name of Jesus Christ, our risen and ascended King.
  2. Last words that are well-known.
  3. “Later on, I’ll make it to church.
  4. Last words that will live in infamy!
  5. In recent years, it has evolved into a morbid form of comedy that we use to characterize someone who believes a situation is not hazardous when it turns out to be lethal.
  6. The final words spoken by a person are sometimes of significant value.
  7. Finally, I have laid up for myself the crown of righteousness, which will be given to me by the Lord, the just Judge, when the time comes.” 2 Timothy 4:67–8.

It was he who stated, “Eighty-six years have elapsed since I began serving Him, and He has done nothing but good for me.

God is the Lord, and he is the one who saves us from death.

That Ascension Day, however, saw the utterance of some quite crucial final remarks.

What do their statements imply for us as a result?




As you are aware, the term “ascension” literally means “moving up.” Just a few minutes ago, we acknowledged that Jesus died for our sins and was buried, and that he rose from the grave on the third day “His descent into hell was followed by His resurrection from the dead on the third day.

In fact, He promised His followers that He would be with them always and even to the end of the world: “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” – Matthew 28:20.

There are only a few minutes left!

They came up to Him and asked Him.

Since He had proved the ability to cure people and perform miracles – even rising from the dead – it was clear that He possessed the authority to expel the Romans from Israel and restore the nation to its former splendor, as well.

The statements of the disciples indicated their illiteracy.

It is His rule in the minds of Christians, which is accomplished via faith.

“My kingdom is not of this world,” he’d declared over and over.

Look there’ or anything along those lines.

The kingdom of God, according to Jesus, is found everywhere there is a person whose heart is filled with confidence in Him.

They held out hope for an earthly reign right up until the day of the Ascension!

It will, if you accept what liberal churches are teaching these days.

– It will never come to pass.

The Bible’s primary aim, according to television preacher Robert Schuller, is to provide you with a satisfied and joyful life in the here and now.

The central topic of God’s Word has everything to do with something far more essential than that: the salvation of the soul.

He did it by giving His only Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice.

Jesus walked among us and died in our place.

Jesus made the payment in our place.


“However, when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will gain authority, and you will be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the world.” With these statements, Jesus disclosed the nature of their mission.

“You will be given authority.” When I went out to check on the scene of a grass fire west of town a couple of weeks ago, I saw a barbed-wire fence that had acquired some electrical power.

An REA line had been dislodged from its pole and had fallen through the fence.

As believing Christians, you and I have been imbued with the dynamism of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power.

Our mission is to spread the life-giving energy of the Gospel to as many people as possible!

We are aware that believing in Jesus is the only way to have a life that will last eternally.


“We are the light of the world,” and “we are the salt of the earth,” as the saying goes.

God’s kingdom has been brought into our hearts, and Jesus has given us the mission of spreading that kingdom to the hearts of everyone around us.” Following His words, He was lifted up into the clouds while they stood there watching.

Two men dressed in white stood by them as He ascended into the heavens, and they noticed them because they were looking straight up.

As Jesus began to gently ascend into the clouds, we can imagine the disciples’ awe at his appearance.

Soon after, someone takes a glance around and finds that there are two angels standing in the vicinity.

Then they asked, “Why are you standing there, men of Galilee, looking up into the sky?

We, too, must bear a certain load in this life, just as those disciples were forced to.

At the very least, not physically; certainly not with our eyes.

As a matter of fact, we know He is present in this room with us at this very moment because He declared, “Where two or three are assembled in My name, there am I in the midst of them.” Nevertheless, sinful people such as ourselves often find it difficult to maintain such a close relationship with our Savior when we are unable to see Him.

  1. However, Jesus promises to reward us with faith-filled eyes during our lifetime.
  2. Christ will return to the earth in a flash of lightning, and we will see Him ascending into the clouds to meet us.
  3. Upon the Last Day, you will recognize your Savior; in fact, you will be able to see Him!
  4. It’s important to realize that the moment will come when you’re fatigued or when things in your life are getting to you.
  5. In the same way that Job did, you may firmly declare: “This I know, that in my body I shall see God, and my eyes shall see, and not another.” Job 19:27 is a passage from the Bible.
  6. I believe that this young man is as prepared as anybody I know for the return of Christ.
  7. “”Well,” she explained, a little uncomfortably, “the Holy Ghost enters your heart and causes you to believe in Jesus.

Can I leave right now?” Grant that we may all have the child-like faith to anticipate Christ to come at any time. and to be prepared for His arrival when He does! AMEN. ONE THING IS DEFINITELY REQUIRED Pastor Paul Naumann’s Sermons during the Church Year are available online.

What Were the Last Words of Jesus and Why Are They so Powerful?

The final lines are quite strong. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one understands the significance of their final words. Words spoken in anger might linger in your mind for years, but words spoken in love are something that those who are left behind will remember for the rest of their lives. While a family member, I’ve sat at the bedsides of loved ones as they took their final breath on this planet. It’s painful, yet those last few minutes spent together are precious memories. If you knew your time on this planet was coming to an end, what words would you like to leave for your family and friends before you passed away?

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To what extent are the final words of Jesus more important and powerful than our own?

He was deliberate in his preparation of His followers and associates for His death and resurrection, and they responded positively.

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What Were the Last Words of Jesus?

The last seven words of Jesus are really seven phrases, as opposed to seven words. Look at the accounts of Jesus’ final remarks from each of the four Gospels while He hung on the cross. “ Then, at about the ninth hour, Jesus called out in a hushed voice, saying,”Eli, Eli, lema sabachthan?” (Eli, Eli, what do you want me to do? that is to say, “”My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” I cried out. Matthew 27:46 is an example of a parable. “And Jesus cried out with a loud voice once more, and his spirit was delivered up.” Matthew 27:50 (KJV) “And at the ninth hour, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which translates as “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” “”My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” I cried out.

  1. “Luke 23:34,” says the Bible.
  2. “Luke 23:43,” says the Bible.
  3. “When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he adored standing close, he said to his mother, “Woman, see!
  4. It’s your son!” Then he turned to the disciple and said, “Look, here’s your mother!” As a result, the disciple moved her to his own house from that point on.” John 19:26-27 is a passage of scripture.
  5. In John 19:30, Jesus says I like how the many Gospel stories help us gain a more complete understanding of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.
  6. It’s possible that they were standing in various places and so observed things differently, or that one of them heard something that the others did not.

Each of these testimonies is included in the Bible for a specific reason, and when taken together, they provide us with the final words said by Jesus before His death.

What Happened before the Last Words of Jesus?

It’s strange to have a favorite Gospel, but John is the one I’m most fond of. This is the first place that comes to me when I think about Jesus’ last remarks. “Now before the Feast of the Passover, when Jesus saw that the time had come for him to go from this world to the Father, he loved his own who were in the world to the point of death, and he loved them to the end,” says John 13:1 (ESV), “he loved them to the end.” As Jesus realized that His time on this planet was dwindling, he did something extraordinary.

  • The events and words of Jesus’ last days are recounted in these chapters.
  • A short picture of Jesus’ final days before His death is provided below: Jesus washed the disciples’ feet in order to demonstrate to them what it means to serve others, according to John 13:4-17.
  • The Lord informed them that He would be departing and that they would not be able to follow Him, John 13:31-33.
  • He informed Peter that he would deny Him three times before the rooster crows if he didn’t repent immediately.
  • He also taught them to pray.
  • John 14:11 says that Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Jesus.
  • In John 14:19, Jesus says that the disciples will live because He lives, which is a clue to His resurrection.

John 14:20 paints a wonderful image of oneness.

John 14:27 says that Jesus imparts His peace to the disciples and tells them not to be scared.

In John 15:1-11, He expresses His affection for the disciples and instructs them to remain in His love and be filled with pleasure as a result.

In John 15:12-17, he refers to them as “selected companions.” Jesus tells His disciples that the world despised Him and that it will despised them as well.

In John 16:4-15, Jesus goes into further detail regarding the Holy Spirit and His role in their lives.

Jesus declares once more that His time on earth is limited, that the disciples will soon be scattered, and that He will be left all by himself.

Finally, in the most beautiful and powerful prayer, Jesus intercedes for his followers and for all of us.

Ultimately, Jesus prayed that this cup be taken away from Him, but he also requested that the Father’s will be done.

As a result of his pain, as He was praying, His perspiration turned like blood, according to Luke 22:39-44.

One of the disciples chopped off the ear of one of the servants of those who had come to capture Jesus, and he died as a result.

Following that, there will be a trial before the Jewish Council.

Pilate, the ruler of Judea, receives Jesus from the Romans.

A betrayal by the Jewish people, who scream “Crucify Him” as a result (Mark 15:13). Pilate decides to wash his hands of the situation and orders Jesus to be severely beaten before handing Him over to be crucified. The time is drawing close for Jesus to speak His last words before His death.

What Can We Learn from the Last Words of Jesus?

“It is done,” or “Father, into your hands I submit my soul,” were the very final words said by Jesus. It’s conceivable that these remarks were spoken at the same moment as one another, one after another. Although there is no indication of the tone of voice in Scripture, I believe these statements were said with immense excitement. We generally think of Jesus’ last words as being solemn since He was about to die a horrible death on a crucifixion. But this is not the case. Nonetheless, this was the conclusion.

  1. He was making his way back to the Father, putting his spirit in His capable hands.
  2. The medical tests and procedures that have been performed on me have been extremely painful, and as we come to the finish line, no matter how horrible I feel, how weary I am, or how horrific that final bit of agony is, I’m joyful because it’s nearly over.
  3. I might be completely incorrect, but I believe those few seconds were a small taste of the peace and joy Jesus had during His final minutes of inconceivable terrible pain and suffering.
  4. As a result of Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection, the curse of sin was lifted, the power of death was diminished, the way to redemption was established, and mankind were given the ability to approach God personally and have an intimate relationship with Him.
  5. God is primarily concerned about relationships.
  6. It is for this reason that Jesus’ agony was so tremendous when He realized that the Father had abandoned Him at the end of the story.
  7. It was for this reason that He pleaded with God to pardon those who were crucifying Him.

In addition to what Jesus said in the end, what more can we take away from his final words?

Jesus was able to celebrate because He had remained faithful to the Father, despite the fact that it had cost Him everything.

Jesus placed His life and death in the hands of the Father, and He placed His spirit in the loving hands of the Father.


Jesus is a tremendous role model for us to follow in our lives.

However, some of you may be thinking, “But they aren’t actually the last words of Jesus!” I understand.

Following his resurrection from the grave, Jesus appeared to a large number of people and said many more last statements.

They are also impactful and unforgettable in their own right.

“However, when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will gain authority, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and throughout Judea and Samaria, as well as to the ends of the earth.” And when he had spoken these things, while they were looking on, he was snatched up and carried away by a cloud, and while they were looking into heaven as he went, behold, two men in white robes approached them and said, “Men of Galilee, why are you standing here looking into heaven?” As you seen him ascend into heaven, this Jesus, who was carried up from you into heaven, will return in the same manner in which you witnessed him ascend into heaven.” Acts 1:6-11 is an example of a parable.

Continuing Your Education What Jesus Said on the Cross in His Seven Last Words, Explained Realizing the Importance of Jesus’s Final Seven Words.

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People who are burdened by life’s situations are encouraged to walk in the freedom and joy found in Jesus by Josie, an award-winning novelist and photographer who shares God’s gifts of beauty, hope, and adventure with them via her work as an author and photographer.

Josie is a chronic disease warrior who thinks that each and every day is a gift that should be cherished and cherished more.

When she’s not writing or photographing, you’ll find Josie on the hunt for adventure, cuddled up with a good book, or hugging her teddy bear dog Ruby Mae, who she adopted from a shelter (a.k.a. The Scruffy Princess). Josie Siler may be reached at JosieSiler.com.

Jesus’ Last Words

When it comes to becoming witnesses for Christ, Josh Holland, Crusade Associate for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, gives some scriptural insight on how important it is to allow the Holy Spirit operate through us in order to be effective witnesses. According to the Bible, Jesus did not instantly go to the heavenly realms once He resurrected from the grave. The resurrected and glorified body of Jesus spent forty days on earth before returning to heaven. It is during this time period that we see Jesus come to the disciples throughout the gospels in order to encourage and educate them.

According to Acts 1:7, Jesus reminded them, “It is not for you to know the times or dates that the Father has established on his own power.” He desired for them to concentrate on their role as His witnesses.

The development of our deep relationship with Christ will continue throughout the eternity of time.

Ready to Answer

To be trustworthy witnesses in our daily lives, Jesus has enlisted our assistance. It says in 1 Peter 3:15 that we should “Always prepare a response” to anybody who inquires as to the basis of our hope, which we should do at all times. “However, do so with care and consideration.” When I was a college student, I had the chance to share Christ with an atheist who lived in my dorm. Eric was a good friend of mine, and we became fast friends. I had a strong impression that the Holy Spirit was softening his heart.

The beginning of creation can be traced back to nothingness or to somethingness.

I presented the Gospel with him and informed him that if he died in his sleep that night, he might pray to be received into Christ right then and there, and that he would be in the presence of God for all eternity as a result.

“Josh, I’m simply not ready right now,” he explained.

However, I prayed with him anyhow, and he returned to his dorm room after that. It took me several hours to get over the disappointment of not receiving a response from him. Because I changed schools at the conclusion of the semester, I lost touch with him quickly after that.

An Unforgettable Lesson

When I was discussing Eric with a friend who is active in college ministry, she indicated that he was attending an overnight retreat the next weekend. Incredulous, I inquired of a buddy whether this was the same Eric who had resided on our floor as a freshman. He confirmed it and informed me that Eric had been given new life in Christ and was actively involved in college ministry leadership at the time of his conversion. It was during that phone discussion that God revealed to me that we are not accountable for the harvesting of the crops.

We all have a single goal, and that is to carry out Jesus’ last words on the cross.

They are really important.

Jesus’ Last Words And Ascension

Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his Apostles and led them to a location near Bethany, close to the Mount of Olives, where they stayed for the night. Perhaps they had all before visited it, or perhaps it was a location where Jesus frequently retreated to pray in solidarity with His Father in Heaven! The Apostles had been given specific instructions by Jesus prior to this, his final appearance, including the following: “Go and make disciples of all countries, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all I have told you.” The Bible says (Matthew 28:19-20) He then instructed them to return to Jerusalem and “Wait for what the Father had promised,” which he defined as the descent of the Holy Spirit.

He stated that he “shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now” while at the location.

“It is not for you to know the times or epochs that the Father has fixed by His own authority; but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and throughout Judea and Samaria, and even to the farthest reaches of the earth,” Jesus responded.

and a cloud received Him out of their sight.” Acts 1:9 explains how to be a Christian.

It will be in the same way that you have witnessed Him ascend into heaven that this Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will return.” (Acts 1:10–11) The following passages are from Mark 16:15-19; Luke 24:50-53; and Acts 1:1-11.


Is it possible for me to be prepared for Jesus’ return?


Dispel the darkness that surrounds those who disbelieve your resurrection and ascension, O Lord Jesus.

May they come to know, love, and serve you as you deserve them to. Amen.

Prayer:Happy Death – To St Joseph

Let it be known that I have chosen thee today as my particular patron, both in life and at the hour of my death, O Glorious Saint Joseph! God, please keep and increase in me a spirit of prayer and zeal for the service of the Almighty. Removing any and all forms of sin from my life; obtaining for me the grace that my death will not be unexpected, but that I will have sufficient time to confess my sins sacramentally and to repent with the most sincere and perfect contrition, in order that I may breathe my soul into the hands of Jesus and Mary Amen

What Were Jesus’ Last Words?

on the 4th of November, 2013 at 8:02 pm It is well known that Jesus delivered the following faith-filled final words while hanging on the cross: “Then Jesus, called out with a loud voice and saying, “Father, into your hands I submit my spirit!” And it was after saying this that he took his last breath.” (See Luke 23:46.) The question is, what were the final words Jesus uttered while physically present on this earth, after his resurrection, but before his ascension into heaven?

This is more than simply a piece of Bible trivia, since being able to say, “Jesus’ last words while on this earth were.” has a powerful impact.

“Then Jesus took them out as far as Bethany, and holding up his hands, he blessed them,” we read at the conclusion of Luke’s Gospel.

As a result, Jesus’ final words were ablessing in some way.

Take a look at what we’re taught in Acts 1:7 to 9: ” “He told them, ‘.when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will have power, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the globe.'” “As soon as he stated this, he was whisked away from their sight by a cloud.” Are those the last words said by Jesus?

According to Luke 24:51, Jesus blesses the disciples as he ascends into the heavens, and it would be impossible to define the words of Acts 1:8 as a blessing in the same way.

At first glance, the words of the Great Commission, which appear at the conclusion of Matthew’s Gospel, appear to be out of contention because Matthew 28:16 refers to a mountain in Galilee rather than the Mount of Olives (pictured above), which was the site of the ascension according to Acts 1:12 and is therefore not in question.

“And Jesus came and said to them.” starts verse 18, which might easily be interpreted as the beginning of a fresh appearance by Jesus.

As a result of Matthew 28:18-20 being reinstated in the debate, it is now feasible to establish a compelling argument for those passages being Jesus’ last statements.

So, here are the results: The last words said by Jesus while he was physically present in our planet.

Go and make disciples of all countries, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to follow everything I have commanded you. Go and make disciples of all nations. And without a doubt, I will be with you constantly, right up to the end of time.

His Last Command, Our First Concern

If you have been a part of our ministry for a long period of time, the phrase “His final command, our first worry” will be familiar. For those who are unfamiliar with the book of Haggai or with the term, I would invite you to meditate on its profound significance. What is the purpose of the reflection? Because it is a cornerstone of the long and illustrious history of Haggai International, which we intend to commemorate in the coming months. Our year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of this ministry, and as we enter this season of celebration, I’d want us to take a look back at some of the organization’s history, which has altered millions of lives through the obedience to a simple, but eternal mandate.

  • The “why” and the “what” of this ministry were shaped by two significant passages of Scripture.
  • According to Matthew 28:18, Jesus appeared to them and declared, “All authority in Heaven and on earth has been entrusted to me.” Make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.
  • And see, I am with you constantly, all the way until the end of the epoch.
  • In response to the genuine meaning of this text, Dr.
  • What are you motivated to accomplish as a result of this experience?
  • The Bible says that whomever believes and is baptized will be saved, but the Bible also says that anyone does not believe will be damned.
  • Consider what it would have been like to have been there at that time and in that location as one of His followers, gazing into His face and hearing those words.

What would be your first order of business?

until they were expelled from the community as a result of it.

God is transforming lives for the sake of the Gospel today, thanks to your participation in the Haggai Leader Experience.

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All of this takes place in a world where one in every four individuals lives in Gospel poverty.

Thank you for your dedication to these leaders and for your support of our mission to ensure that the Gospel reaches the farthest reaches of the planet.

We appreciate you. Dr. Bev Upton WilliamsCEOHaggai InternationalHaggai International2020-01-30T16:38:34-05:00 Dr. Bev Upton WilliamsCEOHaggai International2020-01-30T16:38:34-05:00

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Overview During Lent, Christians often ponder “Jesus’ final words,” which are the utterances Jesus uttered as he was dying on the cross. However, those were not Jesus’ final utterances, as we can read in the Gospels and Acts of additional important questions he posed and declarations he made following his resurrection. If you participate in this nine-session study, you will examine the words Jesus uttered during the time period between his resurrection and ascension. Introduction Understanding The Risen Christ: Jesus’ Last Words on the Earth and Making the Most of It Introduction to the topic, explanation of the framework used in each research, and suggestions for people approaching the study on their own as well as those engaging in a group are all included within this section.

  • This study looks at Jesus’ connection with Mary Magdalene, who was the first person to see the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • Despite the fact that many individuals are aware of certain facts and knowledge about Jesus, they do not have a firm faith commitment to him.
  • Luke 24:13–49 (KJV) Session Three: I’m Sending YouJesus will rise from the earth when his post-resurrection appearances are completed.
  • This study examines the words Jesus spoke to his disciples following his resurrection, when they were commissioned to carry out his mission.
  • When it came to being a follower of Jesus, Thomas possessed a strong leadership style and was not hesitant to express his opinions.
  • Jesus arrives, persuading Thomas that he is correct, and then speaks on the nature of doubt and believing in general.
  • In this text, Jesus restores Peter to his rightful place after he repeatedly denied Christ during Jesus’ trial.

Jesus reiterates this concept with multiple disciples, as if they—and we—need to be reminded of what he expects us to be and accomplish in our lives.

Make Disciples: I Am Here to Support You.

An angel of the Lord appeared to the women and informed them that Jesus, who had been crucified, had resurrected.

Then Jesus appeared to the ladies in person and reiterated the instructions that had been given to them by the angel.

The seventh session is based on Matthew 28:16–20.

The book of Acts begins about forty days after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

His teachings to these first Christians can also serve as a guide for us as we grow in our faith as well.

Saul, or Paul, as he would eventually be known, was an early opponent of Christianity who took part in the murder and crucifixion of Stephen, an early Christian leader, in Jerusalem.

This research investigates the life-altering influence of Jesus’ encounter with Saul on the road to Damascus in the Gospel of John.

Chapter 9:1–22 (Acts 9:1–22) There are a total of 69 pages. Bill Weimer, a retired Navy chaplain, is the pastor emeritus of Mariner Sands Chapel, an ecumenical congregation in Stuart, Florida. He formerly served as a Navy chaplain.

The Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross Explained

Christian’s pause on Good Friday to reflect on the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice for us in suffering a humiliating and gruesome death by crucifixion is an annual tradition. In this season, we should take time to reflect on what Jesus went through for us, in all of its agony and intensity, rather than racing headlong into the good news of Easter, resurrection, and new life.

The Last Words of Jesus

Christians have historically thought on Good Friday by reading and pondering on the seven final words of Jesus as he hung on the cross, which have been a part of their tradition for centuries. The following are the last words spoken by Jesus before he died on the cross, according to Luke: At this point, it was around the sixth hour, and there was complete darkness over all of the area until nearly nine hours later, when the sun’s light vanished. And the temple’s curtain was split in two by the earthquake.

(See also Luke 23:44)

Significance of Jesus Last Words

In this text, Jesus’ final words are recounted in a poignant manner. All things considered, Jesus’ labor on the crucifixion had almost been completed when he cried out, “Father, into your hands I submit my spirit!” This statement effectively completed the job. A conversation Jesus had with religious leaders regarding his position in God’s grand plan is where the meaning of Jesus’ remark comes from: “I am the good shepherd,” he said. The sheep know who I am, and I know who they are, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I am willing to lay down my life for them.

  1. I’ll have to bring them along as well, and perhaps they’ll pay attention to my voice.
  2. Since of this, the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in the hope that I will be able to pick it up again.
  3. I have the authority to put it down and I also have the authority to pick it up and put it down again.
  4. He had been assigned a specific job by God.
  5. As it was Jesus’ God-given job to lay down his life, it was also Jesus’ decision whether or not to do so.
  6. According to Luke 22:39, Jesus spends a stressful evening in prayer, dealing with the gravity of the mission that lies before of him.

The Seven Last Statements of Jesus

1. According to Matthew 27:46, at around the ninth hour, Jesus cried out, “My God, my God, why have you deserted me?” 2. 2. “Father, please forgive them since they are completely unaware of what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). ‘By interceding on their behalf through this prayer, Jesus fulfilled an Old Testament prophesy that had been prophesied hundreds of years before by the prophet Isaiah.’ This prayer, particularly from the cross, would have served as a confirmation of His identity to people who had been looking forward to the coming of their beloved messiah, as predicted by the prophets of God.” Author Amy Swanson explains why Jesus said “Father Forgive Them” in her book Why Did Jesus Say “Father Forgive Them.” 3.

  1. I swear to you that from this day forward, you’ll be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43).
  2. Jesus was blameless, without sin, and was not the perpetrator of such a heinous killing.
  3. As a result, Jesus’ response to the criminal was deep, as He assured this sinner that he, too, would enter the gates of Heaven and dwell in Paradise that same day!
  4. “Dear Woman, here is your kid!” and “Here is your mother!” are both phrases that are heard.
  5. (See also John 19:26–27.) It was through Jesus that His loving mother and His beloved disciple were able to form a new friendship.
  6. “I’m a little thirsty” (John 19:28).
  7. Yet another possible connection would be to draw a relationship between this remark and Christ’s invitation to those who are thirsty to come and drink from the fountain of life (Revelation 22:17).

Jesus’ declaration of thirst comes from a point of bodily fatigue on the part of the disciples.

Jesus speaks of his own thirst as a way of expressing a genuine human desire for nutrition and comfort.

Kyle Norman, What is the Meaning and Significance of Jesus Saying “I Thirst?” 6.

” (See John 19:30.) The mission that His Father had given Him to carry out, which included teaching the Gospel, performing miracles, and bringing His people back together, was successfully completed.

With the words “it is finished,” Jesus is stating that not only does He take away man’s sin, but that He has now removed it as far as the east is from the west, because it has been completed, completed, signed, and sealed because of the blood of Jesus.


(Luke 23:46)Jesus gladly offered his life for the sake of others.

He made the decision not to do so.

This statement is a straight quotation from the passage of Scripture in which it is found.

“I surrender my spirit into your hands; you have redeemed me, O LORD, trustworthy God,” I commit my spirit into your hands, and you have redeemed me, O LORD, loyal God.” (Excerpt from “Father, into your hands I surrender my spirit,” by Bethany Verrett, from Beautiful Meaning Behind “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”).

  1. This was a terrible and difficult assignment, yet Jesus volunteered to take on the challenge.
  2. In the hands of those who crucified him, Jesus was not helpless; he was the only one who had the authority to put an end to his life.
  3. (Revelation 13:8).
  4. It is still a heinous crime against humanity.

Despite the fact that Jesus yielded, this does not imply that all was well. Death was visited upon the creator of life by nefarious men (Acts 2:23). Jesus, on the other hand, submitted to wickedness and injustice because he understood who was actually in power.

Saved by the Blood of Christ

The tale does not end here; there is still hope, which we commemorate on Easter Sunday. But for the time being, let us take a minute to remember the agonizing sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. You can express your gratitude to Jesus for his unwavering love and loyalty, which prompted him to lay down his life as a ransom for your sins. According to the website Crosswalk.com, “In Christianity, Easter is celebrated on the third day following the crucifixion as the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the grave.

Remembering the resurrection of Jesus is a powerful way to reaffirm our everyday optimism that we have won the battle against sin.

Justin Holcomb is an Episcopal priest who also serves as a theology professor at Reformed Theological Seminary and Knox Theological Seminary in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Besides that, he is the editor of the book Christian Theologies of Scripture.

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