What Do I Have If I Don’T Have You Jesus

Cry In My Heart Chords – Starfield Worship Chords

VerseD A There’s a cry in my heart For Your glory to fall,Em7Asus For Your presence to fill up my senses DA There’s a yearning again, a thirst for discipline,Em7Asus AA hunger for things that are deeper. Pre-chorus 1Bm G Could You take me beyond? DA Could You carry me through? BmGA If I open my heart could I go there with You? ChorusGD For what do I have if I don’t have You, Jesus? ABm7 What in this life could mean anymore? D/F GD You are my Rock, You are my GloryAGD You are the Lifter of my headBmLifter of this head.

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Starfield Starfield Cry In My Heart lyrics

There’s a scream in my heart right now. In order for Your beauty to be seen and Your presence to flood my senses There’s a thirst for something new. a strong desire for discipline a yearning for things that are more profound Would You be willing to take me further? Would You be able to see me through? If I allow myself to be vulnerable? Is it okay if I accompany You there? (Because I’ve been here before, yet I’m aware that there’s still more to see.) But first and most importantly, I have a desire to get to know You.

  • What could be more meaningless in this life?
  • You are the crowning achievement of my life.
  • You are the one who lifts this head.
  • In 2004, Birdwing Music was designated as a Starfield Publishing Designee by ASCAP, with administration provided by EMI Music CMG Publishing.
  • A&R / BMI / Birdwing Music (owned by EMI Christian Music Publishing) / Starfield Publishing (owned by EMI Christian Music Publishing) / ASCAP / Songs From The Farm (2004 release) All of the songs were used with permission.
  • The Story Behind the Song: “God just asks for one thing from us: honesty.
  • A sincere response to the challenges of scripture and to the still tiny voice that reverberates throughout the hearts of those who know God is what God is seeking for.
  • a person who is completely truthful Simple words from the heart of a God-seeker who fights with disbelief and doubt every day.

That seeks substance, depth, and clarity in their work. even after having seen and tasted wonderful things, one still yearns for more for the long haul. for the long haul “Tim Neufeld is a writer who lives in New York City (Starfield)

Genita Pugh – Can’t Live Lyrics

Lord, I just want to express my gratitude for providing me with the chance to share my story with the world, to let them know that I can’t live, I can’t breathe, and I can’t move without you. I’m unable to function because I’m unable to breathe. I’m unable to move. You are the only one who can keep me going Jesus without you in my life. This is the song I wrote. Jesus Indeed it is; I am powerless in the absence of my resources. I don’t want you. I’m unable to live I’m unable to live I’m struggling to take a breath.

  • I don’t even want to think about moving.
  • Without you in my life, I’d be lost.
  • This is the song I wrote.
  • This is the song I wrote.
  • Nothing can be done.
  • You are the very air that I take in.
  • Life would be a complete mess if you weren’t here.
  • Lord, I can’t breathe (I can’t breathe) because I can’t live (I can’t live) because I can’t breathe.
  • (Can’t accomplish anything if I don’t have you.) Um, see, I require your assistance (I require your assistance).

Um, see, I require your assistance (I require your assistance) (I need you) Like a bird chirping, yeah (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you), I need you (I need you) I’m unable to function (Without you) We’d be lost without you (Without you) I’m unable to function (Without you) Lord, without you, I am nothing (Without you) I’m unable to function (Without you) Without you, Jesus, there is no salvation (Without you) Do not attempt to live without you, God (without you).

Do not attempt to live without you, Lord (without you) (Without you) I love you (I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I love you) I love you,Jesus(I (I love you)

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-A – All of God’s chillunggot wing is available. Despite whatever I do, the church continues to grumble. A brief conversation with Jesus I’m not going to waste any time. Nobody is going to be able to turn me around. I don’t have enough time to die. Isn’t that encouraging news? Amen Amen Amazing grace Amen Amen 2 – B -Babylon is on its way down Before Babylon falls, there was a time when I’d rather be a slave than a free man. Heavenly rays of light (some day) Gabriel, blow your trumpet! On the way to Canaanland I was sneered at and humiliated.

  • Why aren’t you able to live in humility?
  • Jesus, please come here.
  • NEWSONG Comedown Come along with me on this journey.
  • NEWSONG Deangel, please roll the stone away.
  • The ol ark is on the move.
  • Desebones gwine has risen once more.
  • Did you hear what I said?
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You must not allow anyone to turn you around.

By the river’s edge, on the other hand Do you remember me, lord?

Bones that are dry2 Bones that are dry Zekiel (Ezekiel) observed the wheel on number three (Ezekiel).

BRAND-NEW SONG Every time I sense the presence of the ghost 2 – F -Free at long last Free at long last 2 – G -Get away Jordan 2 – G -Get away Jordan Give me Jesus, please.

Please provide me with that old-fashioned faith.

Awe-inspiring praise and thanksgiving Moses, please come down.

NEWSONG I received my mail.

Will be yelling all across God’s heavenly realm.

His attention is focused on the sparrow.

NEWSONG Holdon Keep the wind at bay.

NEWSONG Holybaby I will be able to detect thee.

BRAND NEW SONG – I – I’m having difficulties with my thinking and I can’t remain behind because I heard from heaven today and I’m not going to grieve my Lord any longer.

NEWSONG I’m free and looking for a city because I couldn’t find one anywhere else.

I’m going up, I’m a-going to be a member of the band NEWSONG Anyhow, I’m grateful that hardship doesn’t stay forever.

I have to go for a walk across my lonely valley.

Standing on the banks of the Jordan River I’ve been a listener for a long time, and I’ve been snubbed and insulted for my efforts.

I want to be prepared.

The Battle of Jerico Jubilee was won by Joshuafit.

Keep me from plummeting to the bottomNEWSONG Kumba L – Let the churchroll play while you’re here, yah?

Pay attention to the lambs Little David, please play on your harp.

NEWSONG Lord, please wait till I get to my destination.

Lord, I’m done.

Mary and Martha’s son, who is named John.

Members don’t grow tired of working together.

NEWSONG My ship is now sailing on the ocean.

Goodness, what a start to the day.

N -Nothing in between For me, there will be no more auction block.

Nobody is aware of the difficulties I’ve been through.

Nobody has any idea who I am.

Now, please don’t cry – O -OMary, please don’t cry.

The children of Zion marching in formation NEWSONG Ohfreedom Oh, Peter, go ahead and ring those bells.

Don’t cry, Mother, don’t cry BRAND-NEW SONG The city is just stunning.

Oh,yes MountZion is a landmark on my trek.

Open the window if necessary.

I’m a loser.

Raise your hands in prayer as you roll the ancient chariot along.

Rolling around in Jesus’ arms Roll around in Jesus’ arms Jordan stomps on the ground Rock my soul is a good thing.

BRAND-NEW SONG Shepherd, get to your feet and follow me.

Mary, run as fast as you can.

My reputation has been tarnished.

Soo There were none this morning.

Sinner, please don’t let this harvest pass you by.

Make a joyful noise.

Some of these days, perhaps NEWSONG Take a break and pray.

NEWSONG Swinglow sweet chariot – T – NEWSONG Swinglow sweet chariot I’m grateful that I’m on my way there NEWSONG Bring my mum back to her house.

This might be the final time This tiny ray of sunshine of mine John, tell the entire world about it.

There’s a gathering taking place here tonight.

Gilead contains a healing balm.

The man who was blind stood in the middle of the road.

There’s a fantastic camp gathering taking place.

I’m fed up with being troubled.

When the train arrives, where should I go to sleep where precious tiny Jesus sleeps?

Children should walk together.

Jacob’s ladder is being climbed by us.

We’ll figure it out eventually.

We’re on our way to Zion.

1 Weam climbs up Jacob’s stairwell 2 We are going to win.

NEWSONG I wish I was in paradise right now, sitting down.

I wonder where good ole’ Sam is. Daniel When did Jesus’ birth take place? When do the saints go marching? X — Y — Were you there? If so, you may bury me at the eastern cemetery. NEWSONG, you’d best find a place to call home in that rock. – Z -Zekiel(Ezekiel) was the one who noticed the wheel

Hillsong UNITED – As You Find Me Official Lyrics

Hillsong Music Publishing is a trademark of Hillsong Church. CCLI number is 7124065. VERSE 1 I’ve been strong, but I’ve also been broken in a split second. I’ve been faithful while also been irresponsible at every corner. I’ve held everything together while also watching everything crumble. I’ve been strong and then I’ve fallen apart. verse 2 I have struggled with myself and I have trembled in fear of giving up my struggle. I chased my heart adrift and then floated back home. Blessings that have been plundered I’ve been anxious to find redemption up until this point, yet every time I turn around, I’m met with more obstacles.

  • I was discovered in PRE-CHORUS 1 I was lost before I found myself.
  • – CHORUS And I’m well aware that I don’t deserve this type of affection.
  • It’s a grace I’ll never be able to calculate.
  • VERSE 3 Who am I to believe that Your glory necessitates my praise?
  • You are trustworthy and gracious, and I am just happy to believe that you don’t require a single thing, and yet you still desire my heart.
  • I used to be yours before I was no longer yours You bear the wounds of all my faults, and that aspect of it completely destroys me.
  • BRIDGE If You want my heart, I won’t hesitate to give it to You since I need your love more than anything elseI’m yours.
  • I can’t bear the thought of you abandoning me.
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Just Say Jesus – 7eventh Time Down Lyrics

When life becomes harsh, and when times are tough, It’s difficult to discover the truth among all of the falsehoods. If you’re fed up with wondering why, try this: Your heart isn’t healing, and nowhere seems like home to you at the moment. Because you’re lost and alone, and all you can do is scream at the sky. When you’re at a loss for what to say Just utter the name Jesus. The power of a name cannot be overstated. The name of Jesus is Jesus. If the words simply would not come, For the simple reason that you are terrified to pray.

  • Now is the time to whisper it or yell it out loud.
  • He will appear out of nowhere, and you must believe it to be true.
  • All you have to do is call out to the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
  • The power of a name cannot be overstated.
  • If the words simply would not come, For the simple reason that you are terrified to pray.
  • able to rescue the situation There is just one name for this.
  • Jesus When you’re at a loss for what to say Just utter the name Jesus.
  • If the words won’t come, the name of Jesus will suffice.

Because you’re terrified to pray if the words don’t come to you And you’re at a loss for what to say. Just Say Jesus(c) 2013 Moms Like Us Too/Love Journey Music(SESAC)/Moms Like Us Too/Aevinesaintmusic(SESAC)/Wordspring Music, LLC/Early Service Music/Wordspring Music, LLC/Early Service Music (SESAC)

How deep the Father’s love

We can’t comprehend how great the Father’s love for us is, so wide beyond all comprehension, that He would offer His own Son in order to make a wretch His treasure. It is difficult to imagine how tremendous the sorrow of a searing loss might be when the Father turns His back on you, as the scars that blemish the Chosen One bring countless sons to glory. Take a look at the man on the cross, with my guilt resting on His shoulders; I can hear my sarcastic voice calling out amid the scoffers, and I’m embarrassed.

Neither my gifts nor my strength nor my intellect will be a source of pride for me; but I will exalt Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.

Despite the fact that I am unable to respond, I am certain of one thing: His wounds have paid my price.

A simple three verse hymn focussing on the cross

It was an unique sensation for me to be writing this song. I’d already written a number of songs for worship, all of which were in a more modern praise style, and which drew on my own musical experience as inspiration. Nonetheless, I vividly recall having the unmistakable impression that I was about to compose a hymn one day! Now, like the majority of people, I am familiar with hymns – they are a part of my religious upbringing, and I appreciate the truth that is included in many of them. In contrast, I do not return home at the end of a long day and turn on a hymns record!

  • Nonetheless, I’d been thinking about the crucifixion, and in particular about how much it must have hurt the Father to subject his loving Son to a terrible death on a cross in order to save us.
  • Not only was it my sin that brought him to that point, but if I had been alive at the time, I would almost certainly have been among that mob, chanting with the rest of them, ‘crucify him’.
  • The melody came to me while I was thinking about it, and it flowed in a way that made me think I had stolen it from elsewhere.
  • After a few months, I discovered that it is now being used all over the world, by all kinds of churches; it appears to be as accessible to a regular church as it is to a house church, which is very exciting to me.
  • It was relayed to me that this occurred at a conference.


I’ll move you to the front of the line. In the presence of my Melody You are the only thing that matters. You are the only thing that matters. I’ll create place for Two more people. We (you and I) Jesus You are the only thing that matters. You are the only thing that matters. Owei, Owei (Yes, Yes) You are the only thing that counts. Owei, Owei, Owei, Owei (Yes, Yes) You are the only thing that matters. Owei, Owei, Owei, Owei (Yes, Yes) You are the only thing that matters. What would I have to live for if you weren’t in my life?

  • What would have happened to me if this had happened?
  • What do you think would have been said about me?
  • You are the only one who matters.
  • I’ll place you in front of my Melody so that everyone can hear you.
  • You are the only thing that matters.
  • We (you and I) Jesus You are the only thing that matters.
  • Is it the vehicle or is it the house?
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Is it the name or is it the fame?

I’m nothing if you don’t come along.

If it weren’t for your Light, I wouldn’t be here.

If you could hold my hands now, I’d be grateful since I’ve realized that you are all I have.

You are the only one who matters.

You are the only thing that matters.

I’ll create place for Two more people.

You are the only thing that matters.

You are the only one who matters. You are the only one who matters. I’ll make place for two more people. We (you and I) Jesus You are the only one who matters. You are the only one who matters. Owei owei You’re the only one who matters. owei owei owei owei You are the only one who matters.

What did Jesus really mean when he said, “The poor you will always have with you”? — Craig Greenfield

Isn’t it true that poverty can never be overcome? It is an issue that cannot be resolved under any circumstances. Because, after all, Jesus promised, “The poor you will ALWAYS have with you.” The evidence is clearly there in the Bible. 12th chapter of John. Verse 8 is a proverbial slap in the face to the world. Consequently, sonny-boy, don’t be overly concerned with addressing poverty and injustice. It’s a lost struggle at this point. Reduce the intensity of your revolutionary rhetoric and abandon the struggle.

  1. Perhaps, like me, you have had the experience of receiving a symbolic pat on the back of the head.
  2. Well, that’s a bollocks.
  3. It appears to me that Jesus was promoting charity and action to remove poverty, rather than apathy expressed by raising one’s hands in the air and shrugging one’s shoulders.
  4. You know how certain catchphrases are simply so widely known that everyone knows the finish – you don’t even have to speak it?
  5. “Sticks and stones will shatter my bones, but names will never hurt me,” says the protagonist at the conclusion of the story.
  6. It was a happy coincidence.

The complete text of the original quotation is as follows: “If one of your brothers should become poor in any of your towns within the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your hearts nor close your hands against your poor brother; rather, you shall open your hands to him and lend him sufficient to meet his need, whatever it may be,” the Bible says.

I order you as a result, “You must extend an open hand to your brother, to the destitute and the needy in your country,” says the Lord.

“Extend your hand as far as you can!” When it comes to helping the needy, the mandate to do so comes directly from the mouth of Yahweh.

The next time someone says, “The poor will always be with you,” think about this.

It is also worth noting that Jesus used the following words to admonish Judas, who had been disdainful towards a lady for pouring out her perfume on him: Not because he was concerned about the needy, but rather because he was a con artist who used to take advantage of the situation by taking what was put into the money bag and putting it in his own pocket.

The fact is, however, that this posture of generosity and open-handedness is much more consistent with the rest of Jesus’ life and teachings, beginning with the revolutionary song sung by Mary while Jesus was still in the womb: “He has filled the hungry with good things, and he has sent away the rich empty.” (See also Luke 1:53) During the feeding of the 5000, we can witness Jesus fulfilling this prophesy in action.

The identical term, “filled,” that we heard in Mary’s Sing is found in John 6:12, where we are told that the motley multitude all ate and were “full.” One small boy’s willingness to be “open-handed” towards the poor and needy resulted in the needs of 5000 hungry people being satisfied at that particular location and time.

Because people who possessed property or homes sold them from time to time and carried the money from the sales to the apostles’ feet, where it was dispersed to those who were in need.

Poverty was erased right in their own backyard.

The Kingdom of Jesus will be established in an upside-down manner.

He invites us to participate in it. Those who are downtrodden will be helped. The hungry will be provided with food. It is both your and my responsibility to be open-handed. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Let’s get this party started!

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