What Did Jesus Say About Witchcraft

What does the Bible say about witchcraft / witches? Should a Christian fear witchcraft?

QuestionAnswer The Bible has a lot to say about witchcraft, and it’s all positive. Witchcraft and its numerous relatives, like as fortune-telling and necromancy, are counterfeits of holy spirituality, created by Satan to deceive people. Witchcraft is plainly forbidden by the Bible in all of its manifestations. People have been seeking supernatural experiences since the beginning of time, even though God does not encourage them. The countries who surrounding the Promised Land were rife with such activities, and God had harsh words for His people if they were involved with them in any way.

No one should be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who performs divination or sorcery, who reads omens, who practices witchcraft, who casts spells, who is a medium or spiritist, or who consults with the dead.

According to the Mosaic Law, the punishment for practicing witchcraft was death (Exodus 22:18; Leviticus 20:27).

“He died because he did not obey the word of the LORD, and he even sought instruction from a medium,” the Bible says.

  1. Witchcraft and spiritism are frequently associated with the ritualistic consumption of magic potions and mind-altering substances.
  2. Witchcraft is defined as engaging in a practice or ingesting a drug with the goal of achieving an altered state of consciousness.
  3. Satan possesses just the power that God has granted him, yet that power is great (Job 1:12; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 20:2).
  4. “For rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is like iniquity and idolatry,” reads First Samuel 15:23.
  5. When Moses performed miracles in front of Pharaoh, the magicians used demonic power to duplicate the same feats before him (Exodus 8:7).
  6. Those skills are reserved only for the Lord.
  7. Almost since the beginning of time, Satan’s primary goal has been to turn human hearts away from worshiping the one and only real God (Genesis 3:1).

Witchcraft is only another branch of this enticement on the part of the devil.

Modern entanglements with witchcraft might include horoscopes, Ouija boards, Eastern meditation practices, and even video and role-playing games that appear to be “harmless,” according to some.

When it comes to those who will not inherit eternal life, Revelation 22:15 names witches among those who will not: “Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying,” the Bible says.

“Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world,” reads the Bible’s first chapter, verse 4.

If, on the other hand, we are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no force on earth that can eventually defeat us (Isaiah 54:17).

(Ephesians 6:11).

As a part of this repentance, one should renounce any engagement with witchcraft in order to follow the example set by the early Christians in Acts 19:19.

“What is the use of consulting the dead on behalf of the living?” When we take those ideas all the way to their logical conclusion, we may also question, “Why would we desire any power other than the source of all true power?” “What is the point of seeking spirits that are not the Holy Spirit?” As Micah 5:12 points out, witchcraft and its numerous variants offer spirituality but ultimately lead to emptiness and death (cf.

Galatians 5:19–21). Only Jesus possesses the words of eternal life (John 6:68). Return to: Cults and Religions: Questions and Answers What does the Bible say about witchcraft / witches, and how may we interpret it? Should a Christian be concerned about witchcraft?

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25 Important Bible Verses About Witchcraft And Witches

Many deluded individuals believe that it is possible to be a Christian and practice witchcraft at the same time, which is wrong. It’s a shame that witchcraft is now being practiced in the church, and that so-called men of God are allowing this to go place. Black magic exists, and it is explicitly denounced in the Bible. Witchcraft is a devilish activity, and anyone who engages in it will not be allowed to join Heaven. It is an abomination in the sight of God! When you begin to dabble in witchcraft, you expose yourself up to demons and demonic forces, both of which may be detrimental to your well-being.

  1. In the event that you know someone who is involved in wicca, attempt to assist them in saving their lives; but, if they refuse your assistance, keep away from that person.
  2. A person who has studied all of these Scriptures and still believes that witchcraft is acceptable can only do so if they haven’t read them at all.
  3. Remove any and all occult things from your home!
  4. If you haven’t been saved yet, click the link in the upper right hand corner.

No one who practices witchcraft will enter into Heaven.

1. Revelation 21:27 (New International Version) Nothing unclean will ever enter it, and no one who does what is dishonorable or deceptive will ever enter it; only those who have their names inscribed in the Lamb’s book of life will be allowed to enter. The second is seen in Revelation 21:8: “But cowards and unbelievers and those who practice witchcraft or worship idols and all liars will perish in a terrible lake of sulfur blazing with flaming torches. “This is the second death,” he says. 3. Galatians 5:19-21 (Galatians 5:19-21) Sexual immorality, impurity, promiscuity, idolatry, witchcraft, enmity, rivalry, jealousy, outbursts of rage, quarreling, disputes, factions; murder; intoxication; wild partying; and such are examples of the activities of the flesh.

It is my intention to inform you today, as I have in the past, that those who engage in such behavior will not be eligible to inherit the kingdom of God.

What is the Biblical definition of witchcraft?

4. Micah 5:11–12 (KJV) Those barriers and defenses will come tumbling down when I take them down. In addition, all witchcraft and fortune-telling will come to an end as a result of my efforts. Seers will be put to shame, according to Micah 3:7. Those who engage in witchcraft will suffer the consequences. They will all conceal their faces since God will not respond to their prayers. 6. 1 Samuel 15:23 (NASB). Rebellion is on the same level as witchcraft, and stubbornness is on the same level as idolatry.

  • Leviticus 19:26 (Leviticus 19:26) Eat only meat that has been properly prepared by draining the blood from the animal.” It is not permissible to engage in fortune-telling or witchcraft.
  • Never, ever sacrifice your kid or daughter as a burned offering, for example.
  • Anyone who engages in these activities is despised by the Lord.
  • However, you must be blameless in the eyes of the Lord your God.
  • Revelation 18:23And the light of a candle will no longer shine in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride will no longer be heard in thee; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; and by thy sorceries, all nations were misled.
  • Isaiah 47:12-14 “Now is the time to put your magical charms to use!
  • Perhaps these will be of use to you.

You’re exhausted from all of the advise you’ve received.

Where have all of those stargazers gone who make forecasts every month?

However, they are as helpless as straw in a fire; they are powerless to save themselves from the flames.

Instead, put your faith in God.

Isaiah 8:19 (KJV) “Let’s speak with mediums and those who converse with the spirits of the dead,” someone could remark to you.

The information we need will be provided to us through their whispers and mutterings.” But shouldn’t individuals seek God’s direction instead? Is it appropriate for the living to seek counsel from the dead?

Put to death for the sin of witchcraft.

12. Leviticus 20:26-27 (King James Version) You must be holy because I, the LORD, am a holy being as well. I have chosen you as my one and only possession, setting you apart from everyone else. ” Any men or women among you who function as mediums or who converse with the spirits of the dead must be stoned to death.” This is a capital offense, and they should be executed.” Chapter 10:13-14 of the Book of 1 Chronicles As a result, Saul perished as a result of his unfaithfulness to the LORD. Rather than seeking advice from the LORD, he disobeyed the LORD’s word and even went so far as to see a medium instead.

The power of witchcraft

Should we be afraid of Satan’s abilities? No, but we should keep a safe distance from it. 1 John 5:18-19 (New International Version) We are aware that whomever is born of God does not sin; nonetheless, he who is begotten of God keeps himself, and the evil one does not come near to touch him. And we are aware that we are of God, and that the entire world is filled with wickedness. 15. 1 John 4:4 (New International Version) You are God’s children, and you have triumphed over them because the power of God is greater than the power of the evil one who is within you.

Be careful of witchcraft and evil

Don’t take part in evil, but rather call attention to it. 16. The book of Ephesians 5:11 Don’t take part in the useless activities of evil and darkness; instead, call them out for what they are. 17. 3 John 1:11 (The Gospel of John) Dear buddy, do not emulate what is wicked, but rather imitate what is right. Anyone who commits nice deeds is a creation of God. Anyone who engages in bad deeds has not witnessed God. 18. 1 Corinthians 10:21 (New International Version) You cannot drink from both the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils at the same time.

Reminders Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Galatians 6:7 (Gal Make no mistake about it: God is not mocked, and whatever one sows, he will likewise reap in due course.

The appearance of the Son of God was intended to undo the devil’s work.

As a result, we can tell who the children of God are and who the offspring of the devil are by looking at their names: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God, and anyone who does not love their brother and sister is not a child of God either.

1 John 4:1-3 (New International Version) Dear friends, do not believe every spirit that comes to you; rather, test the spirits to see if they are from God, since there are many false prophets who have gone out into the world.

This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is on its way and which is currently present in the world as you read this.

Examples of witchcraft in the Bible

Revelation 9:20-21 is the 22nd verse. The people who did not perish as a result of these plagues, on the other hand, continued to refuse to repent of their sins and turn to God. There was no end to their worship of devils and idols fashioned of gold, silver and bronze together with stone and wood—idols that were neither able to see nor hear, nor could they move! And they did not repent of their murders, witchcraft, sexual immorality, or thievery, nor did they express regret for their actions.

  • 2 Kings 9:21-22 (the Bible) ″Quick!
  • King Joram gave the order.
  • When they arrived, he was standing on the parcel of land that had previously belonged to Naboth of Jezreel.
  • “How can there be peace as long as the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother, Jezebel, are all around us?” Jehu said.
  • Manasseh also sacrificed his own sons in the valley of Ben-Hinnom, where he was killed by the fire.
  • He did many things that were wrong in the eyes of the Lord, provoking his wrath.
  • Because I am against you, declares the LORD of hosts, and I will reveal thy skirts upon thy face, and I will expose thy nakedness and disgrace to the nations, and I will bring the kingdoms to their knees.
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Searching the Scriptures: What the Scriptures Say about Astrology, Divination, Spirit Mediums, Magic, Wizardry, and Necromancy

In “Searching the Scriptures: What the Scriptures Say about Astrology, Divination, Spirit Mediums, Magic, Wizardry, and Necromancy,” the author explores what the Bible has to say about astrology, divination, spirit mediums, magic, wizardry, and necromancy. The Ensign, March 1974, page 26 In recent years, there has been a rise in interest in occult and mystical-type faiths throughout the Western world. This is not a resurrection of the spirituality that was distinctive of Israel’s ancient patriarchs and prophets, but rather a form of magic and spiritualistic sorcery that the actual prophets were adamantly opposed to throughout their lifetimes and times.

“There shall not be found among you any one who causes his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or who employs divination, or who is an observer of the times, or who is an enchanter, or who is a witch,” says the prophet Isaiah.

‘For these peoples, which you shall possess, paid attention to timekeepers and diviners; but the Lord your God will not permit thee to do so.'” “For these peoples, which you shall possess, paid attention to timekeepers and diviners; but the Lord your God will not permit thee to do so.” From the preceding passages, it is clear that belief in astrology, spirit mediums, and other occult practices did not constitute the true religion taught by the prophets and patriarchs, but rather was characteristic of the false religions practiced by the surrounding nations who had turned away from God.

  1. “The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from among thy brethren, like unto me,” Moses’ lesson to Israel continues, and it is only by considering the next verse that the whole significance of Moses’ instruction to Israel can be grasped.
  2. Moses was considered to be one of these prophets.
  3. In part because of the allusion to Jesus, verse 15 is commonly quoted independently from the other verses; nevertheless, by doing so, we lose sight of the comparison that is shown between false prophets and real prophets.
  4. And when they say vnto you, Seek unto them who have familiar spirits, and unto magicians who peep and murmur: should not a people seek unto their God?

8:19–20.) During Daniel’s encounter with the Chaldeans, he demonstrated the supremacy of real prophets over astrologers, wizards, and enchanters: “Then the King issued a command to summon all the magicians, astrologers, spellcasters, and the Chaldeans to come and show him his dreams.” As a result, they arrived and took their places before the monarch.” And the king replied to them, “I have had a dream, and my soul has been tormented by the knowledge of the dream,.”The item has vanished from my sight.” The Chaldeans responded in front of the king, saying, “There is no man on the face of the earth who can shew the king’s matter; therefore, there is no king, lord, or ruler who has asked such questions of any magician, astrologer, or Chaldean.” “There is no man on the face of the earth who can shew the king’s matter,” they continued.

And it is a rare item that the king requires, and there is no one else who can demonstrate it before the king save the gods, who do not have a physical home.” Daniel was then given a vision in the middle of the night that disclosed the secret.

… The king’s thing has now been revealed to us, and I thank and praise thee, O God of my fathers, for having blessed me with knowledge and power, and for having revealed to me now what we asked of thee: for thou hast now revealed to us the king’s matter.” Daniel responded in the presence of the king, saying, “The secret that the king has demanded cannot be revealed to him by the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, or the soothsayers;”but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets and makes known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what will occur in the latter days.” (See Daniel 2:2–28 for further information.) Additionally, Moses and Aaron have greater authority than the Egyptian sorcerers.

(See Exodus 7:10–12 for further information.) It was not until later in history that the northern kingdom of Israel heeded the warnings of the real prophets and began to adopt the false religions of its neighbors, particularly those brought by the evil queen Jezebel, a Phoenician who was the wife of the Israelite monarch, Ahab.

And they made their sons and daughters pass through the fire, and they used divination and enchantments, and they sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, in order to provoke him to anger.” As a result, the Lord was extremely angry with Israel, and he removed them from his sight, leaving only the tribe of Judah.” As a result, Israel was defeated by the might of the conquering Assyrian army within a few years.

  1. In the southern kingdom of Judah, noble King Josiah supported a much-needed reform, and we learn that he “.
  2. and.
  3. “.
  4. (2 Kgs.
  5. Then Paul, “filled with the Holy Spirit, fixed his gaze upon him,” and the story continues.
  6. It’s impossible to overstate how Paul felt about this representation of sorcery in his mind.

many that believed came, confessed, and shewe[d] their actions.” Many of them, as well as those who practiced strange skills, gathered their books together and burnt them in front of everyone; they then calculated the value of the volumes and discovered that it was fifty thousand pieces of silver.

According to Samuel the prophet, willing involvement in various types of superstitious worship is wicked.

resistance is like the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is like iniquity and idolatry,” Samuel advised King Saul.

(See 1 Samuel 28:1–20 for further information.) Finally, in his letter to the Galatians, Paul stated that “witchcraft” is one of “the deeds of the flesh,” and that those who have the Spirit of the Lord will walk away from such practices.

All those who are familiar with the spirit and faith of Jesus Christ will have no desire to engage in any form of divination or spiritual wizardry, regardless of their background.

Listen to what Bible says about witchcraft

VERY GOOD DAY, EDITOR: I was a little startled by the March 27 story about the paranormal and a local witch, which I read online. Evidently, you believed that this item was newsworthy enough to be featured on the top page. Aside from that, I’d want to give some further thoughts on the paranormal and witchcraft activities as defined by the American College Dictionary. Para is defined as follows: aside / beyond, or to protect against. “A witch is a sorceress, a person who engages in the practice of black magic.

Furthermore, according to John 8:44, “Satan is a liar and the father of lies.” You are a product of your father, the devil, and you wish to carry out the desires of your father.

When he tells a falsehood, he is speaking from his own resources, since he is a liar and the father of deception.” There will be no peace for Joram as long as “the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many,” according to 2 Kings 9:22.

At some point, “Manasseh repented and was restored,” and he “recognized that the Lord was God,” according to the Bible.

We must repent of our sins, ask for forgiveness, and follow Jesus because He is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” If we want to live the abundant life Jesus promised, we must repent of our sins, seek forgiveness from the Father, and follow Him because He is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” The paranormal and witchcraft are real, but not in the way you would think.

These So-Called ‘Christian Witches’ Say Bible Is ‘Book of Sorcery’ – Here’s What the Bible REALLY Says

This weekend, a group of so-called “Christian witches” will hold their very first conference in Salem, Massachusetts — a city well known for the infamous witch trials that took place there in the late 1600s, among other things. Rev. Valerie Love is the woman organizing the event, and she claims that her “Divine mission” on this planet is to promote witchcraft and the practice of witchcraft. “I am an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness,” Love claims, and she has lately established the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in New York City.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a’magickal’ quality about me.

“Some people regard the term Witch as a source of power, while others view it as a source of terror.

One individual is excited about the potential of Magick, and another is terrified by the same possibilities of Magick.” The Goddess Love claims she left the Jehovah’s Witnesses behind and discovered the freedom “to be the Goddess I AM today.” It’s important to note that Christian theologians and church officials do not regard the Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a Christian organization, and instead believe them to be a cult.

  1. Meanwhile, Love claims to have struggled with her dual identities as a witch and a purported Christian.
  2. I am loyal to Christ and the Goddess, and I admire them both.” Among those attending the meeting will be a guy by the name of Calvin Witcher, who describes himself as a “prophet.” During a Facebook live-stream two months ago, he stated that the Bible is replete with instances of witchcraft.
  3. The fact is that there is no getting around it.
  4. There’s absolutely no way around it “he explained.
  5. If all we say is ‘Jesus,’ that is enough.
  6. In other words, if you want to talk about being a Jesus follower without doing what he did, which is magic, you’re not going to get very far “Witcher makes a claim.

Aside from that, Witcher is the host of a cable program that “blended Mystic and Eastern Traditions with Biblical and Occult themes as well as Ancient Truths, Modern Wisdom, and everything in between; tailored for your spiritual progress.” Witchcraft is specifically condemned by the Bible more than a dozen times in both the Old and New Testaments, indicating that it is not acceptable.

‘I am the LORD your God,’ says the LORD.” Furthermore, according to Revelation 21:8, “Cowards, disbelieving, filthy people such as murderers and sexually immoral people, those who practice magic arts, idolaters, and all liars, on the other hand, will be condemned to a flaming lake of sulfur burning in the middle of the earth.

  1. “I’ve noticed an increase in the number of Christians who practice witchcraft.
  2. However, when members in the church spew verbal curses against you, pray against you, and fast in order to ruin you, the fruit of the Spirit is plainly absent, and I will not pass judgment on their salvation “In 2017, she published an article on her blog.
  3. Witchcraft is included under this category (the works of the flesh).
  4. Despite the fact that Scripture instructs believers on how to pray, worship, and fear the Lord, Love asserts that no one has the authority to tell her how to worship the Lord.
  5. Stop pretending that you have the ability to instruct them on how to connect with the divine.
  6. You can’t tell me how to worship, that’s for sure.
  7. That is a matter between myself and God.
  8. The early church, on the other hand, adopted a completely different stance, denouncing witches outright.
  9. Many of those who had previously believed came out and publicly admitted what they had done.

A group of people who had previously practiced magic gathered and openly burnt their scrolls of spells. When they added up the worth of the scrolls, they discovered that the total was fifty thousand drachmas. As a result, the word of the Lord spread extensively and gained increasing strength.”

Witchcraft and divination in the Hebrew Bible – Wikipedia

Witchcraft and divination are both referenced in the Hebrew Bible (TanakhorOld Testament), usually (but not always) in a condemning manner.

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Several types of witchcraft and divination are prohibited under the laws of the Bible, which may be found in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, andDeuteronomy. This includes (as translated in the King James Version) the following verses:

  • It is forbidden to allow a witch to live according to Exodus 22:18
  • Leviticus 19:26 states that it is forbidden to employ magic or keep time according to Leviticus 19:26. They shall stone them with stones, and their blood shall be upon them, according to Leviticus 20:27. A man or a woman who possesses a familiar spirit or who is a magician will likewise be put to death. A diviner, an observer of the times, an enchanter, a witch, a charmer, a communicator with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer shall not be found among you, according to Deuteronomy 18:10-11
  • There shall not be found among you, according to Deuteronomy 18:10-11

It is implied that the types of divination outlined in Deuteronomy 18 were brought into the land from a distant land. In fact, this is the only passage in the Hebrew Bible that makes such a claim. In the opinion of Ann Jeffers, the fact that Israel has laws against necromancy demonstrates that it has been performed throughout the country’s history. There is some debate about the precise distinction between the three forbidden forms of necromancy mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:11;yidde’oni(“wizard”) is always used in conjunction withob(“consulter with familiar spirits”), and its semantic similarity todoresh el ha-metim(“necromancer,” or “one who directs inquiries to the dead”) raises the question of why all three are mentioned in the same verse.

adoresh el ha-metim, according to the Jewish tractateSanhedrin, was someone who would sleep in a graveyard after starving himself in order to get possessed by an evil spirit.

Instances in Biblical narrative

  • Deuteronomy 33:8-10 describes how the Levites used the Urim and Thummimas well as different types of sacrifice to judge guilt and innocence in legal proceedings. In the Bible, the silver chalice that is placed in Benjamin’s sack as he departs Egypt is mentioned as being used by Joseph for divination, which is commonly interpreted as a reference to its usage for scrying. a procedure described in Numbers 5:11-31 of forcing a wife who has been accused of adultery to drink a combination of water and dust from the floor of the Tabernacle in order to establish her guilt or innocence
  • In 1 Samuel 28, Saul enlists the help of the Witch of Endor in order to call the ghost of the prophet Samuel, who has died.

See also

  • Magical beliefs held by Christians
  • Daemonology
  • Halakha
  • Jewish beliefs held by Jews on astrology, mediumship, practical Kabbalah
  • Semitic neopaganism


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  2. Jeffers, Ann (1996). In ancient Palestine and Syria, magic and divination were practiced. Page 181 of Brill’s book
  3. Page 172 of Jeffers’ book
  4. Page 172 of “Sanhedrin 65b.” Sefaria. According to Jeffers 1996, pp. 62–63, “Divination, magicoccultic activity in the Bible” is an example of such behavior. Tolerance for different religious beliefs. retrieved on July 25th, 2021
  5. Theodore Besterman is a writer who lives in New York City (2005). John DeSalvo’s Crystal-Gazing. Cosimo, Inc. p. 73
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Further reading

  • Jacob Milgrom was born in the town of Milgrom (2000). Leviticus 17–22, Doubleday, pp. 1686–89
  • Leviticus 17–22, Doubleday, pp. 1686–89
  • Leviticus 17–

“I Was Once a Witch”

After eventually accepting “yes” to her persistent roommates’ invitation to an InterVarsity big group, Sarah Sumpolec was confronted with a powerful lesson about altars and sacrifices that changed her life. She was well-versed in the subject of altars and sacrifices. She had once built up an altar in her room since she was a practicing witch at the time. The speaker, on the other hand, spoke of a different type of sacrifice. By delving into ancient texts, such as those regarding the sacrifices of Elijah and Isaac, the speaker explored what it means for Christians today to be living sacrifices for God.

  1. During her prayer to God that night, she expressed her confusion by saying, “I don’t understand why you want me, but if you’re serious about wanting me, I’ll be yours.” As a child, Sarah was exposed to a variety of supernatural phenomena such as Ouija boards, séances, hypnosis, and spells.
  2. While Sarah’s mother adhered to an indeterminate type of deism and occasionally took Sarah and her sister to church, Sarah’s father saw religion as “a crutch for weak people” and refused to attend services.
  3. At the age of 13, Sarah’s father handed her an old hardback book about witchcraft from a basement bookcase, which served as the catalyst for her entrance into the occult.
  4. Sarah and her family moved so frequently during her youth that, by the eighth grade, she had attended 13 different schools all across the East Coast, including one in Canada.
  5. Sarah’s father had an affair and became addicted to cocaine when she was 14 years old, which caused her father’s conduct to become unpredictable and potentially dangerous.
  6. The world of witchcraft is a fascinating one.
  7. By the time she reached high school, witchcraft had become a natural part of her life.

Sarah regarded herself to be a “white witch” in her early years of witchcraft, which means she did not cast spells with the intent of causing damage.

Sarah had the impression that a spirit was telling her that the only way she could have a new existence was to give her own life as a sacrifice at the conclusion of her senior year.

Sarah drove her car as she waited for the car to fill with carbon monoxide from the leak.

Sarah is still baffled as to how she managed to get out of her automobile, but she is convinced that the Lord intervened to save her life.

Sarah moved out of her parents’ house and into a boarding house over the summer before she departed for college this year.

Sarah began turning at college as a potential answer to her difficulties after failing her second suicide attempt in the previous year.

Bible study is a peculiar cultural phenomenon.

Sarah had an immediate impression that they were unusual not long after meeting them.

Not only did they own them, but they also appeared to be reading them and taking them with them everywhere they went at all times.

Sarah regarded it as a foreign society, one that she attempted to avoid on a weekly basis.

After that, Sarah stayed for a Bible study session on another week.

Sarah couldn’t comprehend a word that was being spoken, but she was enthralled by it anyway.

My existence was completely devoid of serenity, but theirs was filled with genuine tranquility.” Sarah ultimately consented to go to an InterVarsity event shortly before Thanksgiving break after being increasingly interested in the idea by her housemates.

It soon became apparent that her sacrifices and altars were a distortion of something far grander than she had imagined.

The message was very different from anything Sarah had ever heard before – this God genuinely cared about her and desired for her to come to know and love him.

Sarah vowed to herself that she would never turn to witchcraft again after that night.

Her parents were enraged when they learned of her conversion to Christianity.

It was difficult for her to create a basis in Christianity because she had no prior Christian experience.

Sarah lapped in everything she could get her hands on that had anything to do with her newfound religion from the time she decided to follow Jesus.

Putting a stake in the ground and declaring, ‘I don’t belong in that world anymore,’ was what Sarah described as the event.

Sarah had developed a close relationship with the Lord by the time she completed her undergraduate education.

Sarah found herself drawn to the field of dealing with children and adolescents.

Sarah went to school to obtain her teaching license two years later and began working as a teacher.

Creating and delivering narratives Sarah was also engaged with the youth group at her church while she was teaching.

Sarah could see that this young lady was putting on a show.

After a while, Sarah began to wonder about the girl’s life and felt a prompting from God to write the girl’s story, which became the inspiration for what would eventually become a book series entitledBecoming Beka.

Having no prior experience to depend on, Sarah joined the new world of writers’ conferences and book publication with no prior knowledge.

There is a higher calling In light of her own journey of change as a young adult, Sarah finds herself in a unique position to speak truth into the lives of teens at a time when they are going through one of their most formative years.

You can see they’re thinking about who they want to be aside from their parents, and who they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Sarah believes that youth who recognize God’s call on their life will be able to fulfill that mission.

“God has given us a mission,” Sarah explained.

Teens have the potential to make a significant difference in the world if they take it seriously.” Sarah’s tale is a testament to the importance of students taking their studies seriously.

Sarah encourages Christians to live genuinely and missionally in today’s world, believing that even one invitation may impact a person’s life.

“I’m thankful for InterVarsity, and I’m especially thankful for Christians who chose to attend secular colleges and universities.” In the absence of those females and InterVarsity, I am not sure I would have been able to do all of the things I have accomplished.

Besides writing books and screenplays, Sarah also speaks to teenagers and college-aged students about faith, and she has appeared on a variety of talk shows, including The 700 Club and The Tyra Banks Show, to share her story.

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The only thing I’m comfortable with is telling God, “Anytime you want me to share your narrative or my story in order to give you honor, I’ll do it.” – Sarah’s guest article on InterVarsity’s blog, “Even a Witch Can Be Saved” A naked faith is Sarah’s blog, which you can see here.

Good Question: Spiritual Warfare? Witchcraft? Healing?

In short, yes, there are individuals all over the globe who practice what the Bible refers to as “sorcery” and “witchcraft,” which is what I would classify voodoo as being under the category of. There are allusions to these individuals throughout the Bible, but the one I’d want to draw attention to is found in Acts 16:16-19 in the New Testament. This text tells the story of a slave girl who possessed a “spirit of divination” that enabled her to predict the future, which resulted in her masters receiving a large sum of money.

  1. Finally, Paul invokes the power of Christ to drive the spirit from the body of Christ.
  2. In other words, she was possessed by a demon who was responsible for the extraordinary abilities she was displaying.
  3. Certain individuals who have legitimate access to these dark things exist, despite the fact that there are many forgers out there only want to make money from their efforts.
  4. We are attempting to gain answers from a source that is not from God by consulting with them.
  5. Demons, as superhuman entities, possess supernatural talents that they may utilize to deceive and mislead the human race.
  6. In terms of healers, there are numerous persons in the Bible other than Jesus who were endowed with the ability to heal.
  7. This is a type of therapeutic intervention.

The story of Peter mending a lame beggar is told in Acts 3.

In Acts 20, Paul even performs a miracle by raising a young man from the dead.

They didn’t have any authority on their own.

In each occasion, God receives full credit for his actions.

I’m also not very familiar with Catholicism or its healing procedures, so that’s another thing to consider.

Catholicism places a great deal of emphasis on “saints,” which is a title given by the church to departed persons who were used by God in significant ways during their lifetimes.

We do not believe in interceding for the souls of saints.

Peter, St.

Mary in this life or after death.

The Bible does speak of the intercession (prayer) of those in heavenly places (heaven).

Even yet, I’m not sure if the people in heaven can hear us when we pray to them from here on earth.

However, I encourage that you ask others to pray for you, since the ones in heaven are already doing so.

Anyone who has been set apart by God and has placed their faith in Christ is referred to as a saint in the Bible, whether they are dead or alive.

I hope you are able to find out more about her.

Prepare for this with a lot of prayer, and ask God to disclose whether or not she is legitimate to you before you begin.

I’m sure there were many more opportunities offered by this.

Thank you so much for your email. This blog is a place where some of the truly good questions that individuals email into the church may be shared with the entire community, along with Flatirons’ response. To ask a question (about anything, really), simply fill out a contact formhere.

Why Does the Bible Warn against Witchcraft?

I, the Lord your God, command you not to resort to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out and therefore render yourself filthy in their presence. Leviticus 19:31 is a biblical passage. Witchcraft has had an impact on societies throughout history and continues to have an impact on our society now. Because it is not always obvious, and because it is frequently disguised as something it is not, it is quite simple to dismiss it as such. In light of what the Bible says about witchcraft, however, we must be vigilant and shout the warning whenever possible.

The fact that you can be infected by this in ways you did not anticipate will be revealed to you.

What Exactly Is Witchcraft?

The effort to alter the environment, events, or situations by mystical or spiritual methods is the essence of witchcraft, regardless of whether the term is used in various cultures. In biblical times, this was accomplished through the use of mediums or spiritists, as the case may be. There are two words in this description that I want you to pay attention to when it comes to witchcraft. Manipulation is all about exerting power over others, generally in an unjust manner. When you call on aid that is outside of your normal range of abilities, you are using spiritual methods.

When you put it all together, witchcraft is a method of attempting to exert control over a situation with the help of the devil.

Are There Harmless Forms of Witchcraft?

The response is a categorical no. Anything that has been influenced by the devil is not harmless. Unfortunately, the way witchcraft is frequently portrayed to the world might lead people to believe that it is completely harmless. Consider the numerous children’s cartoons that weave magic and witchcraft into them while maintaining their appearance of being completely harmless and regular. There is no such thing as a non-lethal type of witchcraft in the modern world. This includes tarot cards, horoscopes, Ouija boards, and anything else that has a connection to witchcraft, no matter how innocuous it appears to be on the surface.

It is a ruse used by Satan to entice the naive into his trap.


What Does the Bible Say about Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is nothing new; it has been practiced for thousands of years. It is evident throughout the Bible that witchcraft is prohibited, and you will find several cautions in the texts against practicing it. Here are two examples. “Do not engage in divination or the seeking of omens” (Leviticus 19:26). The Lord your God says, “When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to mimic the despicable ways of the people who live there.” No one should be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who performs divination or sorcery, who reads omens, who practices witchcraft, who casts spells, who is a medium or spiritist, or who consults with the dead.

This is fairly obvious in terms of God’s feelings toward these things: he finds them abhorrent. As a point of clarification, the term detestable can also imply abomination, which refers to something that God despises or despises strongly. Dan Farrell’s photo is courtesy of Unsplash.

Is Practicing Witchcraft a Sin?

Yes, I am confident that you already know the answer to this question, but I want you to understand why I am asking you. Take a look at what God instructed the people of Israel to do. It is advised that you do not consult mediums or seek out spiritists since you will be polluted by them. “I am the Lord your God,” says the Lord (Leviticus 19:31). The reason why God forbids you from engaging in these activities is because they would pollute your person. If you engage in witchcraft, you will become tainted and polluted, and if you allow it to continue in your life, it will ultimately ruin you and your family.

Take, for example, God’s treatment of people who committed witchcraft.

A man or woman who claims to be a medium or a spirit medium must be put to death among you.

God knows the dangers of witchcraft, and He also knows the harm it poses to you, and He has issued a stern warning to keep as far away from it as possible for your own safety.

Is This Still Relevant for Us Today?

People may question if this is still a cause for concern now, prompting them to ask whether we should be concerned about witchcraft at this time. However, while there are still certain overt types of witchcraft used today, it is more common for it to be subtly used. As a result, many people fail to perceive the risk or pay attention to the various types of witchcraft that exist in our modern culture, such as horoscopes, tarot cards, and other similar tools. There are two aspects of witchcraft that we don’t consider, but which have the ability to have an impact on us.

  1. Rebellion is tantamount to witchcraft.
  2. The most extreme manifestation of witchcraft that we are now witnessing occurs as a result of rebellion.
  3. Rebellion is similar to witchcraft in that, at its core, you are following another spirit in order to do or obtain what you desire.
  4. According to the Bible, this is witchcraft.
  5. Witchcraft has taken up residence in your wicked nature.
  6. I want to remind you, as I have done in the past, that those who live in this manner will not inherit the kingdom of God” (Galatians 5:19-21, emphasis added).
  7. That is, even if we are Christians, there is a portion of us that may be pulled to this because our sinful nature still exists inside us, and we could be drawn to it.
  8. Those who choose to forego asking God’s aid frequently do so because they do not wish to live up to his expectations of character.

When you don’t want to do that, you turn to another source for assistance, which is a type of disobedience as well as witchcraft. When anything of this type occurs, we must protect our hearts because we are all prone to following in the footsteps of those who do such things.

We Don’t Need to Pursue Witchcraft

There is one more Scripture I want you to examine while we talk about this issue. Many individuals have an interest in learning about spiritual matters, which is understandable given that we are spiritual creatures. One thing we must realize is that, as Christians, we are under no obligation to seek spiritual guidance from anybody other than the Almighty himself. Take a look at this verse from the book of Isaiah. “When someone advises you to visit mediums and spiritists, who mumble and murmur, shouldn’t a person’s first port of call be his or her God?” What is the point of consulting the dead on behalf of the living?

If someone does not speak in accordance with this word, they will not see the light of day” (Isaiah 8:19-20).

When you want any form of aid or answers, you may go directly to him for assistance or answers.

Witchcraft is deceitful, harmful, and potentially lethal in its effects.

Let us heed his warning and plunge into a journey of becoming increasingly filled with the Holy Spirit.

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Is it possible for you to move deeper in your relationship with the Lord but you can’t seem to get beyond the obstacles that keep coming in your way?

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