I Don’T Know What Jesus Is To You Lyrics

Andraé Crouch – I Don’t Know Why Jesus Loves Me Lyrics

I’m baffled as to why Jesus chose me. I’m not sure why He cared, and I’m not sure why He was willing to give his life. Oh, but I’m relieved, I’m overjoyed that He did. He ascended to His majestic throne in splendour in order to deliver us the tale of salvation. Then He died, but He rose from the dead again. Oh, but I’m relieved, I’m overjoyed that He did. He walked away from His might. Oh, but I’m grateful, I’m grateful that He did. I’m so pleased He did, and I’m delighted He did it. What would I be doing if Jesus didn’t care about me?

What would have happened to me if He hadn’t given his life for me?

I don’t understand why Jesus loved me (oh, I don’t understand why) and I don’t understand why He cared for me (oh, I don’t understand why).

Oh, but I’m grateful (so grateful), grateful that He did.

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NQUBEKO MBATHA and ANDRE CROUCH collaborated on this piece. Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC is responsible for the lyrics. Licensed Music and Lyrics LyricFind has made this possible.


  • Rappers A.Drake and Lil Durk, B.Beyonce and Olivia Rodrigo, C.Lil Mosey and No Cap, and D.Fancy and Rihana are among the artists who have collaborated on songs.

In Christ alone

Only in Christ can I find hope; He is my light, my strength, and my song; He is this Cornerstone, this solid Ground, which stands firm even in the midst of the worst drought and storm. Once the worries have been calmed and the strivings have ceased, what heights of love and what depths of tranquility may be achieved! The love of Christ binds me together as I stand here in the presence of my Comforter, my All in All. It is only in Christ that we see the fullness of God manifested in a helpless child.

That’s where His corpse lay, the Light of the World murdered by the darkness of the night: His triumphant resurrection sprang from the grave, breaking forth into the light of day.

No guilt in life, no dread in death, this is the power of Christ in me; From the first scream of life to the last breath of death, Jesus directs my course of action.

A hymn on the life, death and resurrection of Christ

Keith Getty and I collaborated on the song In Christ Alone, which was the first song we composed together. The two of us met at a worship conference, where we shared a cup of coffee and chatted about our respective histories, musical inspirations, and reasons for pursuing a writing career. Keith assured me that he would give me a CD with a collection of tunes that he had been working on, and to be honest, I didn’t think much more about it. After that, the CD arrived a few days later. And the first melody on the album really struck me — it was catchy and memorable, but it also had gravitas and genuine passion in it.

For whatever reason, the only thing that came to me was to base it on the everlasting topic of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

I wanted to compose a fourth stanza that was specifically about us – but not just as an emotional response, but as an unmistakable affirmation of Christ’s ability to sustain us in this life while we struggle.

Keith and I have been overwhelmed by the reaction to this song, and we are glad to God that He has chosen to use it in this way to build up His church.


Hillsong Music Publishing is a trademark of Hillsong Church. CCLI number is 7124065. VERSE 1 I’ve been strong, but I’ve also been broken in a split second. I’ve been faithful while also been irresponsible at every corner. I’ve held everything together while also watching everything crumble. I’ve been strong and then I’ve fallen apart. verse 2 I have struggled with myself and I have trembled in fear of giving up my struggle. I chased my heart adrift and then floated back home. Blessings that have been plundered I’ve been anxious to find redemption up until this point, yet every time I turn around, I’m met with more obstacles.

  • I was discovered in PRE-CHORUS 1 I was lost before I found myself.
  • – CHORUS And I’m well aware that I don’t deserve this type of affection.
  • It’s a grace I’ll never be able to calculate.
  • VERSE 3 Who am I to believe that Your glory necessitates my praise?
  • You are trustworthy and gracious, and I am just happy to believe that you don’t require a single thing, and yet you still desire my heart.
  • I used to be yours before I was no longer yours You bear the wounds of all my faults, and that aspect of it completely destroys me.
  • BRIDGE If You want my heart, I won’t hesitate to give it to You since I need your love more than anything elseI’m yours.
  • I can’t bear the thought of you abandoning me.
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James Fortune – All I Want Lyrics

“That’s All I Want” (feat. Minon Sarten) We all want to be welcomed and to have a genuine love experience. In times when our own emotions try to persuade us that we will never be good enough It is no longer necessary to feel like a mistake I’ve been found by a grace from which I can’t go away (it’s You). The only one who knows the language of my weeping is You, Jesus. The portions of me that are still damaged and haven’t healed But you’re working on me (you’re trying to make me whole) and you’re still working on me, so bear with me.

I’m very fed up with all of the fabrications.

It’s You, Jesus, I’m talking about (You know the history behind these years) When I cry, no one can comprehend what I’m saying (The issues that still hurt to talk about) The shattered bits of myself that haven’t mended (I’ve realized who truly counts, and it’s You, Jesus) It’s You, Jesus, I’m talking about (yes God) When I cry, no one can comprehend what I’m saying (You know the meaning behind every tear) The pieces of me that were damaged but have been repaired (I thought I was alone but you isolated for intimacy) All I want is more, more, and more.

  • The more time I spend with you, the more I want to spend time in your company.
  • All I desire is more (more) more of You, Jesus (we will not be pleased until we have more).
  • Don’t let anyone steal your love away.
  • Don’t take your love away, don’t take your love away (If I gain the whole world) Don’t let anyone steal your love away.
  • Don’t let anyone steal your love away.
  • Don’t take your love away, don’t take your love away (Your love pulls me through) Don’t let anyone steal your love away.
  • (And I need You, I’m Yours) Don’t take your love away, love away (don’t take your love away).
  • (I won’t be pleased until I receive more from You, Jesus.) All I want is more, more, and more.
  • (Don’t take your love away, don’t take your love away) Jesus, I’m speaking of you.

Don’t take your love away, don’t take your love away) The lyrics have been corrected with the help of JEMIMAH CAROLYNE NAMUJJU, Charity, and Nozi.

“Dream Again” is the title of the album (2019) You may also be interested in “Let Go” is a song by Mali music. It’s almost time to call it a day. It’s almost time to call it a day. Man yes, it’s about time. Man yeah, it’s about the business. Man yeah, it’s got me spinning. Yeah, I’m a little bit obsessed. The first time passed, and then came the years. “Still” is a song by Brian Courtney Wilson. I admit that I get worried at times when I consider the problems I have to face, such as when I try hard to gain ahead but still fall behind, and I begin to question whether I was intended to win the race I am attempting to complete.

This is merely a test for the rest of my life.

The times appear to be tougher based on the steps you took to get started, but if you just keep going, you will succeed.

Hymn: Life at best is very brief

The song cannot be played because your browser does not support it.

1 Life at best is very brief, Like the falling of a leaf, Like the binding of a sheaf,Be in time! Fleeting days are telling fast That the die will soon be cast, And the fatal line be passed,Be in time!
Be in time! Be in time! While the voice of Jesus calls you,Be in time! If in sin you longer wait, You may find no open gate, And your cry be just too late:Be in time!
2 Fairest flowers soon decay, Youth and beauty pass away; O you have not long to stay,Be in time! While God’s Spirit bids you come, Sinner, do not longer roam, Lest you seal your hopeless doom,Be in time!
Be in time! Be in time! While the voice of Jesus calls you,Be in time! If in sin you longer wait, You may find no open gate, And your cry be just too late:Be in time!
3 Time is gliding swiftly by, Death and judgment draweth nigh, To the arms of Jesus fly,Be in time! O I pray you count the cost! Ere the fatal line be crossed, And your soul in hell be lost,Be in time!
Be in time! Be in time! While the voice of Jesus calls you,Be in time! If in sin you longer wait, You may find no open gate, And your cry be just too late:Be in time!
4 Sinner, heed the warning voice, Make the Lord your final choice, Then all heaven will rejoice,Be in time! Come from darkness into light; Come, let Jesus make you right; Come, receive His life tonight,Be in time!
Be in time! Be in time! While the voice of Jesus calls you,Be in time! If in sin you longer wait, You may find no open gate, And your cry be just too late:Be in time!
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5 pop songs you (probably) didn’t know were about God

Getty Images is the source of this image. According to the image description, Justin Bieber is working on a new album of songs that are “Christian suitable.” According to a source in The Sun, Justin Bieber is now working on a concept album on religion. It is reported that the pop artist is on the hunt for songs with a Christian message after reconnecting with his religion at Hillsong Church, a Pentecostal megachurch in Sydney, Australia. An anonymous insider informed the newspaper that “important themes of love and redemption” may be found in the tunes he has written so far.

As the saying goes, the devil has all of the finest tunes.

As a result, here are five more songs that you might not have realized had a religious element to them.

1) Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way

Caution: Third-party material may include advertisements (figure caption). One of rock’s most incessant riffs is paired with a song about a messianic figure who is gathering disciples in order to save the world. “I am the chosen, I am the one,” Kravitz declares in the song. What I actually want to know is “Are you going to go my way?” says the speaker. Even though the song was inspired by a flash of inspiration, Kravitz recalls writing the words down in a brown paper bag.

However, it is a reflection of his real-life faith. A tattoo with the words “My heart belongs to Jesus” appears on the back of the star, who has referred to Christ as “the greatest rock star” in the past.

2) Candi Staton – You Got The Love

Caution: Third-party material may include advertisements (figure caption). Candi Staton, a former disco queen, recorded You Got The Love in the 1980s after deciding to abandon secular music and devote her life to the church. The song was initially used in a film about the world’s heaviest man and his efforts to shed weight, which was a strange turn of events. It was only when dance group The Source remixed it in 1991 that it gained widespread popularity, with lines such as “My saviour’s love is true” being sung at parties all across the country.

“It was such an amazing song that it gave me the opportunity to reconsider,” she said in an interview with The Guardian.

3) U2 – Until The End Of The World

Caution: Third-party material may include advertisements (figure caption). Through U2’s whole history, there has been a strong spiritual thread running through it; at one time, the band even pondered disbanding and devoting themselves entirely to the church. Because so many of their songs are based on biblical ideas, churches have begun to host “U2charists,” or communion services in which the band’s music are played in place of hymns, to honor them. Narratively, their most striking song is Until The End Of The World (from the point of view of Judas Iscariot in the Garden of Gethsemane), which is performed from the perspective of Jesus in the Garden.

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“I kissed your lips and destroyed your heart,” Bono/Judas says in the song “I Kissed Your Lips and Broke Your Heart.” “You were acting as if it were the end of the world,” says the narrator.

4) The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!

Caution: Third-party material may include advertisements (figure caption). “There is a time to be born and a time to die/There is a time to sow and a time to reap/There is a time to kill and a time to heal/There is a time to laugh and a time to mourn.” The Byrds’ 1965 hit is based on chapter three of the Book of Ecclesiastes, in which King Solomon ponders the meaning of life, God, and eternity. The song is practically verbatim based on the biblical passage. According to guitarist Chris Hillman, who subsequently informed the United States Library of Congress, it was “possibly the only time a song went at number one on the charts straight out of the Bible.” “I’m aware that Pete completed his part of the publication.

5) Prince – Let’s Go Crazy

Caution: Third-party material may include advertisements (figure caption). While Let’s Go Crazy begins with Prince preaching over a church organ, many listeners missed the religious message hidden within the lyrics about sex and “purple bananas” (don’t ask) in the song’s lyrics. The song is an appeal to make the most of one’s existence without succumbing to the temptations of the devil, who is enigmatically depicted as a “de-elevator” who is attempting to “drag us down” in the lyrics. If you follow the road of righteousness, you will be rewarded with the afterlife, which is described as “a place of never-ending happiness where you can always see the sun, day or night.” When it came to religion, Prince released songs that were more clearly religious (like The Rainbow Children, a jazz-funk Jehovah’s Witness concept album), but he never made faith seem as much fun as he did here.

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Jesus I Need To Talk To You lyrics chords

Song lyrics and chords for “Jesus I Need To Talk To You.” These country classic song lyrics are the property of the individual artists, authors, and record companies, and they are intended purely for educational and private study reasons. Please respect the intellectual property of others. Although I have attempted to offer an accurate representation of the chords, this cannot be guaranteed. The lyrics and chords for Jesus I Need To Talk To You are provided only for your own enjoyment; it is a really nice country gospel song sung by Boxcar Willie.

Low pricing on books, Kindles, and other electronic devices CDs of classic country music and CDs of country gospel music are available.

Boxcar Willie’s recording of Jesus I Need To Talk To You is available here.

Martin has written a piece for this publication.

D7G7 He bent his head after clasping his hands togetherCFC It was he who said, “Jesus up in Heaven, I need to speak with YouG7C.” My mother always told me that you would know what to doCFC I’m just baffled as to why my mother was summoned away.

However, after my mother’s passing, things haven’t been the same.

FC Please inform my mother that I am being responsibleD7G7.

I also wash my face and hands before going to bed each night.

Finally, one last item before I sign off on this G7C post.

The first three lines are as follows: CFC Well, I simply stood there in the hallway, tears streaming down my cheeks, thinking about it.

And I told Jesus, who was up in Heaven, that I needed to speak with You.

Enter the words and chords into the key changer, pick the key you want, and then click the “Click Here” button to begin playing.

John Logue was the one who created this program. Classic Country Music Lyrics |Country Gospel Lyrics |Country Classics The Boxcar Willie song lyrics The lyrics and chords for Jesus, I Need To Talk To You are below.

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