How To Keep Your Eyes On Jesus?

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

  1. Keeping your eyes on Jesus in the face of life’s hardships is illustrated beautifully in Matthew 14:22-31, which is an excellent scriptural example of how to do so.
  2. Despite the fact that a severe storm raged on the sea, we learn about Jesus walking to His disciples on the choppy water in this text.
  3. Jesus had sent them out into the squalls and squalls.
  4. The storm was the source of the problem.
  5. However, when Jesus appeared to the disciples, He stepped right on top of the precise problem that they were trying to solve.
  6. He survived the storm despite the fact that he did not completely eliminate it.

He was able to defeat it.Peter was only able to fight his own demons because he kept his gaze fixed on Jesus at all times.He inquired as to whether he might accompany Jesus out onto the sea, and was told that as long as he kept his gaze fixed on Jesus, he would be alright.Peter, on the other hand, began to fall when he moved his gaze away from Jesus and instead focused on the chaotic events that around him.

  1. Friend, no matter what you are dealing with, if you only think about the circumstances, the circumstances will consume you.
  2. They will be able to overwhelm you.
  3. They’re going to eat you whole.
  4. In the middle of potentially dangerous circumstances, Jesus encourages you to come to Him.
  5. He invites you to take a leap of faith.
  6. However, He will only provide you with success if you keep your gaze fixed on Him.

If you choose to concentrate on your current circumstances, you will get captivated by them.You will perish in the same way that Peter did.Alternatively, if you choose to redirect your eyes to Jesus, like Peter did, He will be able to raise you back up and out of the midst of the raging sea.Remember that when Peter began to sink, Jesus remained still.Peter’s attention shifted.When Peter returned his attention to Jesus, he received the heavenly intervention he so much needed and deserved.

When Peter returned his attention to Jesus, he received the heavenly intervention he so much needed and deserved.To send a tweet, simply click here.

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  1. One of the most important things for a believer is to know what to do when life throws a curveball at him or her.
  2. Putting your attention on Jesus and keeping your eyes on Him, no matter what you are going through, is the only way to rise above your circumstances, according to the Bible.
  3. You must rely only on Him for all of your needs.
  4. According to Paul, Christ has been made our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption via his death and resurrection (1 Corinthians 1:30).
  5. All of these things are absent from the equation if Jesus is excluded from the equation.
  6. He is the key to our success, and it is for this reason that we must keep our gaze fixed on Him at all times.

All of your problems and all of your challenges can be solved by looking to Jesus for the solution.Unluckily, when faced with adversity, it’s all too easy to lose sight of Jesus and begin to focus on other things instead.In other cases, you may even attempt to figure out how you may extricate yourself out of whatever circumstance you find yourself in.Keeping your eyes on Jesus while walking on water is a beautiful example of what is possible when you keep your eyes fixed on Him as well (Matthew 14:25-31).

  1. Although the storm was roaring around him, Peter was courageous enough to go out in faith and walk on the sea.
  2. Insofar as Peter maintained his gaze fixed on the Lord, the miracle that he performed was in direct violation of natural law.
  3. The supernatural was around him, just as it was surrounding Jesus!
  4. Don’t miss this: Peter truly transformed into the thing he was viewing.
  5. As he observed what Jesus was doing, Jesus granted him the ability to do the same thing.
  6. Peter, on the other hand, began to pay attention to the natural events that were taking on around him.

He could see the waves getting bigger and bigger, and he could feel the gusts getting stronger and stronger.His bodily senses began to take control, and he found himself no longer able to maintain his concentration on Jesus.His sinking caused Jesus to catch up with him and save him from drowning as a result of what happened afterwards.You’re undoubtedly familiar with what it’s like to get caught in the middle of a storm.Consider the following scenario: like Peter, you began out with your attention on Jesus, but became distracted by what was going on around you.It is my firm belief that everything the devil tries to do in our life is designed to cause us to lose sight of Jesus.

Almost every bill, every irritant in our marriage, and every ache in our body is intended to keep us from walking in the supernatural world, which is where we find release, healing, and financial success.It might be difficult to look upon the Lamb of God and maintain our gaze concentrated on Him at all times.In your life, the most important thing to focus on is your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Everything you will ever need to be successful in overcoming the problems you will face is found in Him and nothing else (2 Peter 1:3).You will be the ″author and finisher″ of your faith if you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus at all times (Hebrews 12:2).And even in the midst of life’s storms, He is the one who will guide you to triumph in spades.

Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International, which is situated in College Park, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, and has a global reach.Dollar is also the founder and president of the Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association, Creflo Dollar Ministries, and Arrow Records, among other organizations.More information may be found at

How to Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

  • We are faced with a decision. Do we believe the world, or do we believe the Word of the Lord? We have no choice but to exist in this world, but we are astute enough to figure out how to avoid being part of it. Because the reality of the situation is that you can’t serve in two capacities at the same time. Either you will serve God or you will serve the rest of the world. The world attempts to convince us that we must be wealthy, powerful, successful, attractive, humorous, outgoing, and charismatic (fill in the blank). However, as Christians, we believe that the world is not our creator – and that it is surely not our master. Despite this, we occasionally behave as though that were the case. It provides us with guidance on what we should think, how we should act, and what we should say. And we’re right behind them. Often, the words of the world seem to be louder than the words of God, especially if we aren’t giving ourselves time to hear the Word of God. We are drawn to the world by its magnetic pull, and we are prone to become devoured by its standards rather than becoming consumed by the one who is the source of all life, all love, and all authority. The fact is that we are unable to maintain two distinct points of concentration. It’s just not doable. You are unable to drive to two locations at the same time. To be clear, this is precisely what we are aiming to achieve. We claim to be heading towards Christ, yet that attractive off ramp causes us to deviate from our intended path. When we take our eyes off the road that leads to Christ, we find ourselves perpetually diverted. We follow indicators that point us in the direction of pleasure and happiness – and we become diverted. We come across the stop sign, which provides the perfect opportunity to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror – and our journey comes to a standstill. An advertisement for the perfect face of beauty, wealth, and power prompts us to ponder the implications of the message. After that, we get disoriented. Let’s not put ourselves in a dangerous situation. In order to do this, it is prudent to consider what we are thinking about – and what we should not be thinking about – at any given time. In the same way, we must examine what we are believing — and what we are not believing. Because we either have our eyes fixed on Christ or we are veering down the paths of the world, preparing to crash headlong into a culvert or other ditch. God is calling us to pay attention. It is important to maintain our gaze fixed on Christ. To look away from what everyone else is doing, being, and saying – and instead to look at Him is to be transformed. Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus, who was both the starting point and the finish line of this race we’re in. Take note of how he accomplished it. The reason is that he never lost sight of where he was going – that exciting finish in and with God (Hebrews 12:2 The Message). When our eyes are fixed on Christ, they are not fixed on the rest of the world. Furthermore, when our gaze is fixed on the world, it is not fixed on Christ. Let us keep our gaze fixed on the One who provides all direction, all hope, and all purpose by maintaining our gaze on Him. Focused eyes recognize that He is the source of all good things
  • focused eyes allow the world to become blurry
  • focused eyes allow God to magnify the most appropriate ministry opportunities
  • focused eyes spend time connecting with God on a daily basis
  • focused eyes see those who are in need of love
  • focused eyes put the needs of others ahead of their own
  • focused eyes are focused on the needs of others before themselves
  • focused eyes are focused on the needs of others before themselves
  • It is not simply that focussed eyes are concentrated on the television
  • it is also that focused eyes comprehend that God has huge plans for them.
  • Focused eyes know that God is larger than any condition
  • focused eyes know that God has not forgotten them
  • and focused eyes know that God will not abandon them.
  • Focused eyes know that God is alive, well, and aware of everything
  • focused eyes know that God will rescue and restore
  • and focused eyes know that God will heal and restore.
  1. Focused eyes do not stray from the path before them.
  2. Potholes are avoided at all costs.
  3. They stay away from dimly lit regions.
  4. As a consequence, you will live a life that is full of Christ, rich in love, strong in purpose, weak in pride, engaged in relationships, authentic in grace, and strong in faith.
  5. This is something we all want.
  6. Whenever we come face to face with Jesus, we hope that he will turn to us and tell us, ″’Well done, good and loyal servant.’ You have shown loyalty over a little amount of time; I will put you in charge of much more.

″Come and share in the happiness of your lord.″ (Matthew 25:21; Mark 12:21) When our gaze is fixed on God, we will not miss out on whatever he has in store for us.The inverse occurs: we get a remarkable clarity of vision about ourselves and our life.We are able to accept the goodness, serenity, and love that God has in store for us as Christians because we do not allow ourselves to be distracted.We have nothing to be afraid of since the Lord will protect us.

How to Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus

  • ″Always keep your gaze fixed on Christ.″ I believe I’ve heard that statement at least once a day for the most of my life. However, it’s much easier said than done, especially when life gets in the way, isn’t it? Life has certainly gotten in the way of my plans recently. It has become increasingly hectic, chaotic, and stressful. And when things are hectic, crazy, and stressful, I have a tendency to let my guard down. As soon as I start thinking negative ideas, I feel drained. I have a tendency to make comparisons. Comparison. That dreaded term that we all know but don’t want to accept to ourselves. I have to admit something. Recently, I’ve been struggling with the concept of comparison. Here are some of my ideas on the subject: Among the many ″she’s,″ she is a superior writer and communicator
  • she is slender, although I am overweight
  • she remembers everything, while I am a ditz
  • and the list of ″she’s″ continues indefinitely.
  1. It has sent me tumbling down to my knees, where I am now kneeling at the feet of the one One who truly counts in this life.
  2. It’s prompted me to take a good, hard look at myself and begin some real soul-searching.
  3. If I’m always comparing myself to others, does this imply that my gaze isn’t centered on Jesus as my Lord and Savior?
  4. Yep.
  5. You are correct, my buddy.
  6. That is exactly what it implies.

We’ve got to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

  1. When you say that you want to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, what does that mean?
  2. Would you like to see into the eyes of the One who saved your soul?
  3. Simply said, it implies that you have such a strong connection with Him that every aspect of your being is in sync with His will.
  4. He’s the key, and you’re the lock in this situation.
  5. A key acts as a kind of security for access to a secured place; only those who possess the proper key are able to unlock the lock and obtain entry.
  6. And you are well aware that He is, without a doubt, the only one who can help you.

Although difficult circumstances may arise, you will maintain a strong connection with Jesus and will not be shaken by their presence or influence.You’re well aware that He’s got you.It is as though your gaze has been fixed on His.You’ve gained insight.

  1. Your life isn’t ideal, and you’re dealing with terrible situations, but you KNOW what you’re doing.
  2. You are CERTAINLY who you claim to be.
  3. You feel assured in the notion that you are a part of His family.
  4. I am my beloved’s, and He is my beloved’s as well.
  5. 6:3 in the Song of Solomon

Fix your eyes on Jesus.

  1. Peter is one of my favorite people.
  2. It’s probably because I have a strong emotional connection with him.
  3. My name is Peter.
  4. He was a complete zealot.
  5. Extremist in every sense of the word.
  6. Everything he accomplished, he attempted to do it with a relentless quest of excellence.

One of my favorite Peter-related anecdotes is the one about him walking on water.Can you just picture the situation in your mind’s eye with me?Peter is traveling in a boat with a collection of random disciples.He notices a guy strolling on the water who is heading in their direction.

  1. At first, they are all terrified, but Jesus calmed them with his words.
  2. ″Is that you, Lord?″ Peter inquired.
  3. If that’s the case, please inform me to come to you via boat.
  4. I’m willing to wager that Peter can be a nuisance at some times.
  5. Laughing, I imagine what the other disciples were thinking: ″Seriously, Peter?″ they must have thought.
  6. ″Come, Peter,″ Jesus called out to him.
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And Peter had the audacity to go ahead and do it.He steps out of the boat and begins to walk on the surface of the lake.The wind was blowing really fiercely, and the waves were crashing on the shore.Did he not comprehend how dangerous the weather conditions were?Nope.That’s not the case, since he had his gaze set on Christ.

As a result, he climbs out of the boat and begins his journey.While he’s strolling, he gets a ″ah hah″ moment: he suddenly recognizes that there’s wind and waves in the vicinity.Wait!

What exactly am I doing?Peter had lost his concentration.His gaze was riveted for a moment, and then it wasn’t.

In this circumstance, I can easily picture Jesus in my mind.He, of course, anticipates the situation.Peter, you’ve done it again.Please, everyone, calm down!Can we just all take a deep breath?

Peter?!Take a look at me!Keep your gaze fixed on me, Peter.Right now, right now.I can see him taking his pointer and middle finger and pointing them at his eyes, which I think is funny.

  • Take a look at me, Peter!
  • Peter, I’m right here with you.
  • Peter.

Fix your eyes on Me.

  1. It’s the expression I give to my daughters when we’re having a significant moment of nonverbal communication together.
  2. When one of my children was younger, she struggled with anxiety from time to time.
  3. She hasn’t had an episode like this in a long time (thank you, Jesus, for healing her), but we did have one while we were at a major gathering with other adolescents and their families.
  4. I won’t go into detail about what happened since I want to respect her privacy, but it was a stressful experience for her.
  5. We weren’t allowed to be together and were forced to rely on our eye contact across the room to communicate our feelings.
  6. I wanted to make her know that I was in possession of her.

I completely agree with you, lovely darling girl.I was determined to locate her pupils.If I could only track them down and imprison them in the same place as mine, she would be OK.I wanted it to be such that when she turned her head this way and that, my head would go in the same direction, and we would be looking at each other.

  1. Because of our connection, there is nothing that could prevent me from speaking with her once our eyes are locked together.
  2. My heart would reverberate through my eyes, and I could assure her that everything would be OK.
  3. You’re in good shape.
  4. Breathe.
  5. Take a look at me.
  6. Just take a deep breath.

The scenario with Jesus and Peter was similar.The only problem was that once Peter began walking, he refused to look at Jesus.He was preoccupied with what was going on in his immediate surroundings.I was too preoccupied with the wind and the waves.He had lost his concentration.And he came tumbling down.

And it’s the same way with you and me from time to time.But here’s the thing: Jesus was there to assist him in his ascent, and He is there to assist us in ours as well!Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus, and don’t let it wander.

No matter what is going on in your environment.No matter what is going on in your environment, keep your gaze fixed on Jesus and maintain that focus!fiercely His To send a tweet, simply click here.

When your three-year-old throws himself to the ground in the middle of the grocery store aisle in a fit of rage.You’re embarrassed and embarrassed.You are convinced that if you had the opportunity, you would toss this youngster against the wall.You have the impression that you are a bad mother.You believe that you are unfit to be a mother in the first place.

Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.He’s got you under control.When you’re rushing late to work and you’re pulled over by the police because you didn’t come to a complete stop at the stop sign, you’re in trouble.You are unable to purchase another ticket.You can’t afford to be late for work for another day.

  • Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.
  • He’s got you under control.
  • Getting dressed in the morning when you wake up with a pimple on your nose the size of Texas, putting on your favorite pair of jeans, and it takes you 15 minutes to get the top button fastened You have a bloated feeling.
  • You’re self-conscious about your appearance.
  • Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.

He’s got you under control.While being a single mother of children that are driving you mad.You are responsible for transporting them to practices and games.You are shouldering the responsibility of bringing children up to be good citizens on your own.Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.He’s got you under control.

When your partner is verbally abusive and your depression is on the verge of pulling you into a deep, dark pit, you need help.Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.He’s got you under control.God never promised us an easy life, my friend, He never promised us anything like that.He did, however, pledge to stay at our side every step of the way.

Grace is something he promises us.

How to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus (when you life is falling apart):

  1. Concentrate on who God is. Who exactly is He? He is the rescuer of the world. Redeemer. Comforter. Hope that is still alive. Father. The rock. Guide. In times of need, assistance is provided. Peace
  2. Start your day with Him in mind.
  3. When I begin my day with Him, everything goes so much more smoothly
  4. we should concentrate on who we are in Christ.
  5. His offspring are those of us who believe in him. We are cherished. We are a royal priesthood, and we serve the king. We are protected because He is watching over us. REMEMBER that we were purchased at a cost
  6. KNOW Him. Immerse yourself in His word to the point that you are unable to get enough. Every portion of a lock’s key is known to it. It has the information memorized. Recognize your rescuer! Recognize the one who has redeemed you! Spend quality time with Him, and keep your eyes fixed on His promises. He will never abandon us or forsake us in our time of need. He will never place us in a position where we are unable to handle the situation. He is the originator and consummator of our religion. He will never let our suffering go to waste. When we fall, he will be there to catch us. Everything that is good comes from Him. BE A LIGHT FOR HIM AS HE COMES BACK. Our planet is a very gloomy and foreboding place. And, as you well know, things are just going to get worse. What evidence do I have to support this? Due to the fact that this is what the Bible teaches us. It is full with folks who are in pain. People are harmed when they hurt others. Have a servant’s heart that reaches well beyond the confines of your current vocation. Even when it’s difficult, you should love your neighbor. Give even though you don’t have anything to offer in return. Everyone should be treated with respect. Don’t shine just for the sake of being seen, but rather so that people may see Jesus through you.

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus – True Bible Doctrine

  • We learned in our last lesson that if we do not learn to manage our tongue, it has the potential to be quite damaging. Thank God, He has the ability to give us the ability to control our tongues! During this session, we will discuss another part of our body that is just as vital as our tongue: our teeth. The Observers’ Eyes Consequently, if thy eye is single, thy entire body will be full of light. ″22 The light of the body is the eye
  • if consequently thy eye is single, thy whole body will be full of light. If, on the other hand, thy eye is bad, thy entire body will be enveloped in darkness. If, as a result, the light that is inside you is darkness, what a deep darkness it must be!″ Fascinating Facts About the Eye With the exception of your brain, your eyes are the most complicated organs you own.
  • It is estimated that your eyes have more than 2 million functional components.
  • The average human blinks 12 times each minute, for a total of around 10,000 blinks in a typical day.
  • During an hour’s time, your eyes can process 36,000 pieces of information
  • You can see the outside world via only one-sixth of your eyeball.
  • In relation to the function that they must perform, the external muscles that move the eyes are the most powerful in the human body.
  • When it comes to human bodily parts, the eye is the only one that can perform its functions at 100 percent capacity at any time of day or night, without needing to be rested.
  • It is estimated that your eyes provide 85 percent of your complete knowledge.
  • Your eyes remain the same size from birth on, while your nose and ears continue to expand throughout your lifetime.
  • The eyes are extremely sophisticated and operate in a manner similar to that of a camera.
  • The human eye is an amazing instrument. It adapts to changing lighting conditions and concentrates light rays that come from a variety of distances away from the eye. When all of the components of the eye work together properly, light is transformed into electrical impulses and sent to the brain, where a picture is experienced.
  1. In Matthew 6:22-23, Jesus explains the need of focusing our emotions on heavenly things as a moral obligation.
  2. When healthy eyes are directed steadily toward an object in single focus, everything is clear and unambiguous to the observer.
  3. While flying between several objects and looking at multiple items instead of one single entity, the bird does not see as clearly as it should.
  4. The eye is in charge of regulating the movements of the body.
  5. It is necessary to have a clearly defined object in view in order to correct and regulate action.
  6. To illustrate, consider the following scenario: a man is crossing a stream on a log and maintains a steady gaze across the stream at some object, he will be in little danger because he can see where he is going.

The opposite is true: If he stares down at the rushing water or to the right of himself, he will grow dizzy and unsteady on the log.This is due to the fact that he is not focused on his destination.To paraphrase Jesus’ words in Matthew 6: 22-23, if we want to have right conduct or to be a good Christian, we must keep our gaze fixed on Him at all times.In other words, our conduct will be regular and steady in the manner of a Christian, as stated in ″Thy whole body shall be full of light.″ In Matthew 6:22-23, the term ″light″ refers to ″the mind,″ or the principles of the deeper soul of our soul and mind, which is translated as ″the mind.″ In a nutshell, Jesus informed people who heard Him that if they kept their minds oriented in the proper way, they would be filled with light, or filled with God’s light for their lives.

  1. Those who shift their gaze on the bad things of this world will suffer consequences on all levels: body, mind, and soul.
  2. They will be transformed into darkness.
  3. We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus at all times.
  4. We’ve talked about Matthew 6:22-23 and how important it is to keep our gaze fixed on the cross of Jesus.
  5. Let us now consider a narrative from the Bible, which may be found in Matthew 14:25-33.
  6. The action of the novel takes place on the Sea of Galilee, where terrible storms are taking place.

By any measure, the Sea of Galilee is a rather modest body of water.It is 13 miles long and 8 1/2 miles broad at its widest point, with a maximum depth of 150 feet at its deepest point.″How can a body of water this tiny become so turbulent and cause such anxiety in the disciples?″ one would wonder after reading the story in the Bible.In response, the shallow depth mixed with the wind currents in that location creates a whirlpool-like environment.Winds that are strong over the sea cause the water to bob up and down, resulting in turbulent waves.A shallow pan of water in your hands and tipping it from side to side operates on the same basis.

As a result, the continual strong wind blowing across the sea causes the water to rock back and forth.Matt 14:25-33 is a biblical passage.“ 25 After the fourth watch of the night, Jesus came to them on a boat, walking through the sea.

The disciples were alarmed when they saw him walking on the water, believing it to be a spirit, and they began to scream in terror.27 But immediately after, Jesus addressed them, saying, ″Do not be alarmed; it is I; do not be frightened.″ 28 28 And Peter responded, saying, ″Lord, if it is thou, command me to come unto thee on the sea.″ 29 And he invited them in.So, after getting off the ship, Peter got on his feet and proceeded across the river to meet Jesus.

30 But when he noticed the wind becoming boisterous, he became alarmed, and as he began to drop, he screamed out, ″Lord, help me.″ 31 When he walked away, Jesus reached out his hand and grabbed him, saying, ″O ye of little faith, why didst thou hesitate?″ 32 And as soon as they boarded the ship, the wind died down completely.33 Then those who were on board the ship rushed up to him and worshipped him, proclaiming, ″Truly, thou art the Son of God.″ As Christians, it is to our detriment that we frequently overlook the most basic principles of the Scriptures.Peter was able to walk on water by faith until he turned his gaze away from Jesus and fixed it on the ferocity of the storm instead.What a statement of fact!We are prone to taking our eyes off Jesus when there is hardship around us.

Possibly we will have to cope with nasty individuals or unjust conditions, or perhaps we will have to deal with poor performance on a school test.Maintaining our focus on Christ will enable us to navigate through the hardship with the appropriate attitude, perspective, and optimistic thinking.However, when we lose sight of Christ, we find ourselves in serious danger.Do you have any experience with the horse racing industry?Horse racing is a popular sport in the United States.

  • What if I told you that it is usual to place blinders on the horses before a race?
  • The goal of this is to ensure that the horses do not cross paths with one another.
  • Horses with blinders will not turn their heads to the right or left.
  • As a result, while the horses are racing around the track, all they can see is what is in front of them, rather than each other.
  • While still a child or adolescent, you will find yourself in a variety of irritating, discouraging, and sometimes even upsetting circumstances.

During such difficult moments, we must remember to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus Christ.When we are confronted with difficulty and suffering, it is very easy to lose sight of our Christian convictions and values.The pressures of life can be overpowering at times.There might be difficulties and difficulties; this is something that we all go through.The life of Peter is told in detail.Walking on water to get to Jesus is a lesson that we should never forget or take for granted.

When we direct our minds toward the heavenly Truths of God’s Word, we are able to endure any and all of the attacks that Satan puts in our path.The devil is attempting to persuade us to turn our heads to the right or left.The devil’s purpose is to divert our attention away from Christ so that we lose sight of Him.(From a song) Fix your gaze upon Jesus O soul, are you weary and troubled?I understand.

There is no light in the darkness that you can see.There is light to take a closer look at the Savior, as well as more abundant and free life.Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus.Look deeply into His beautiful face, and the things of this world will appear oddly faint.In the light of His majesty and graciousness This hymn exhorts us to fix our gaze on the Lord Jesus Christ.I’d like to share with you a few of concepts that I believe prevent young people from keeping their gaze fixed on Christ.

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1.We have a tendency to fix our gaze on ourselves.It is quite simple to spend a significant amount of time studying our sentiments.Frequently, we ask ourselves questions such as ″Am I happy?″ or ″Am I fulfilled?″ or ″Am I doing well or poorly?″ Keep in mind that when Peter got out of the boat, he could walk on water while keeping his gaze fixed on Christ, but as soon as Peter turned his gaze away from Christ and toward the waves or the problem, he began to sink.We must keep our gaze directed outward toward God’s objects rather than inward toward ourselves all of the time.2.

We have a natural tendency to glance to the right or left.In other words, we have a tendency to look at other people and think to ourselves, ″I wonder what they are doing about Christ?″ As an illustration, Perhaps Peter looks around and thinks, ″I wonder what Emily is up to with God?″ or ″I wonder what Sharon is up to with God?″ or ″What about Jerimiah?″ or anything along those lines.″I’m curious as to what he is doing?″ God wants us to maintain our attention on Him at all times.The most important thing for us to be concerned about is what God is doing in our lives, rather than what other people are or are not doing.The Bible says in John 21:19-22, ″19 He said this to demonstrate how he might honor God by death.

And when he has finished speaking, he tells his companions, ″Follow me.″ Afterward, turning around, Peter saw the disciple whom Jesus adored trailing behind him; this disciple had also leaned on Peter’s breast at dinner and asked to him, ″Lord, who is it that betrays thee?″ 21 When Peter sees him, he says to Jesus, ″Lord, what are you going to do about this man?″ 22 Jesus responds to him by saying, ″If I want that he remain until I return, what is that to thee?″ ″Follow in my footsteps.″ Take note of the exchange between Peter and Jesus in John 2:19-22, which is recorded here.When Jesus requested Peter to follow Him, Peter pointed to another and said, ″What should this guy do?″ (What shall this man do?’What does it matter to thee if I command him to remain till I come?’ said Christ to Peter in response to his question.

In response, Jesus informed Peter, ″Is it really your business what this guy does for me?″ I’m asking you to follow me, Peter, and I appreciate your cooperation.Peter’s responsibility was to concentrate on following Christ.As young people, we are frequently preoccupied with what the rest of the world is doing.

  • Jesus, on the other hand, wants us to keep our attention on Him.
  • 3.
  • We have a tendency to fix our gaze on the future or to be concerned about the future.

Perhaps we are concerned about what will happen to us when we graduate.When we are preoccupied with the future, we lose sight of what is vital in the now.6:34 ″34″ Mathew 6:34 ″34″ Take no consideration for the future, because the future will give consideration to the things of its own.″The evil of the day is sufficient for the time being.″ The gist of Jesus’ message is ″do not be concerned about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself.″ We must concentrate on what God wants us to be looking at now and do what we believe is proper in the present moment.Tomorrow will take care of itself if we are doing what is right today.This means being honest, refraining from cheating or lying to our parents or others, completing homework, striving for excellence in school, and remaining focused on what we are doing today will ensure that tomorrow will be just as successful as today was.

  • What exactly are you staring at?
  • Who are your acquaintances?
  • What are the things of the world?

Through every decision and obstacle we encounter in life, Jesus is challenging us to remain focused on Him and His will.When we do not keep our gaze fixed on Christ, we will encounter difficulties.As a result, fix your gaze on Jesus and take in every detail of His glorious face; the things of this world will appear oddly faint in the light of His beauty and grace.

  • As a result, I encourage you to maintain your gaze fixed on God, and He will continue to empower and assist you as you progress through life.
  • Psalm 121:2 (KJV) ″I will raise up my eyes to the hills, for it is from there that my aid will come.
  • 2 ″My assistance comes from the Lord, who created the heavens and the earth.″ Focus on Jesus; He is your strength, and He will be with you through every good moment, every tough time, and throughout all of your days (and nights).
  • RHT

How to keep your eyes on Jesus

  1. What is it that you are looking for in the heavens?
  2. When Jesus was transferred into heaven, his followers witnessed him being lifted up into the air as he rose to great heights right in front of their eyes.
  3. A cloud swept them away from in front of their eyes.
  4. As he ascended, he spoke to them and instructed them to depart and wait until they were baptized in the Holy Spirit, which would provide them the power to serve as his witnesses.
  5. At that moment, two angels came to the disciples and questioned them: ‘Why are you looking into the heavens?’ they wondered.
  6. ‘This same Jesus will return in the same way that you saw him depart.’ This was the promise made by the angels to Jesus on his second birthday.

Coming towards the conclusion of the world’s history.There is a good reason why this question was posed in the first place.It is in urgent need of a response.That is the question we will be addressing in this session.

  1. Here are a few of the reasons why we must find an answer to that question: 1.
  2. It is a question that angels have posed.
  3. 2.
  4. It has never received a response.
  5. 3.
  6. It has the potential to change people’s lives.

4.It helps to put things in perspective for the future.It has historical significance, for example.When Elisha was following Elijah, there came a point when Elijah instructed him to turn around and leave him alone.Elisha, on the other hand, was adamant.At the Jordan River, Elisha was confronted by 50 sons of prophets who inquired whether he was aware that his master would be taken away from him on that particular day.

Elisha was also aware of the situation.As a result, when Elijah instructed him to wait on the other side of the river, Elisha declined.They were able to go through on dry land when Elijah used his cloak to smite the flood, which caused the water to separate.

On the opposite side of the river, Elijah confronted Elisha, asking him why he had been following him for so long and what he expected from him.A twofold share of your anointing is what Elisha wanted in response to this.It took a while for Elijah to respond.

He said, ″I understand that you are asking a difficult question, but if you see me before I am taken away from you, you will have what you ask.″ They continued walking for a bit.All of a sudden, a chariot of fire with flaming horses appeared between them, and Elijah was lifted into the air like a whirlwind and carried before the Throne of God.My question to you is this: if you were in Elisha’s position, what would you have looked at first: the blazing chariot and blazing horses, or Elijah being carried away by the whirlwind?When it comes to Christianity, there is a propensity to seek for thrill and spiritual experiences.Today, it is fairly popular in charismatic Christianity to attempt to command angels and to go and lay on the graves of renowned men and women in order to perform ‘grave sucking.’ For the most part, new experiences are exciting for a short period of time before losing their appeal.

People are on the lookout for a more memorable and impressive experience.For those seeking adventure, the flaming chariot and horses would have caught your attention!If Elisha had been looking for an adventure, he would have taken a look at the chariot and horses!The issue for Elisha, on the other hand, was to keep his gaze fixed on Elijah.He would then be in possession of the promise.

  • We ought not to seek out experiences in the spirit realm, but rather to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus at all times.
  • In our 36 years of full-time missionary service to all nations of the world, Nola and I have learned that the most important thing is to keep our sights fixed on Jesus.
  • No one else will be able to assist you with this task.
  • Keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy set before him endured the cross and despised the disgrace, as instructed in Hebrews 12:1, helps us to stay on track.
  • How can you keep your eyes on someone who isn’t visible to you?

It is via faith in God’s written Word, the Bible.David placed the Lord in front of him out of trust, so that he would not sin.Moses suffered as if he were seeing the one who was before invisible to him.It is not a question of constructing a representation of Jesus’ face, but rather a question of the heart.Instead of seeing him with your physical eyes, you see him through faith, through your spirit man, through the eyes of your heart, through the eyes of your spirit man.It is a question of placing your confidence in someone you cannot see.

That is the way faith operates.It is the substance of things hoped for, as well as the proof of things not yet seen or experienced.It is really simple to fix your gaze on another person.With his faith, Moses maintained his gaze fixed on Jesus, ″as though seeing someone who is invisible″ (Heb 11:27) He considered his suffering with Christ to be more valuable than all of Egypt’s wealth, and he was able to lead a country to the Promised Land.’I keep the Lord before me at all times, so that I do not sin,’ David stated.

He was said to as a man after God’s own heart by his peers.Looking to Jesus, who is the author and finisher (development) of our faith, Paul writes: ‘looking unto Jesus, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, despising the humiliation.’ Paul bore the hardship he went through for the cause of the Gospel and never wavered in his conviction.Here’s the secret to why Elisha kept his gaze fixed on Elijah: he desired a double portion of the anointing that Elijah had received.In the life and ministry of Elijah, there are seven miracles documented; in the life and ministry of Elisha, there are fourteen miracles recorded, which is exactly twice!Elisha desired a share of the firstborn son’s inheritance in equal halves.He aspired to be Elijah’s spiritual son in every way.

In the Old Testament, the firstborn son received a double part of the inheritance.However, there is good news: according to the New Testament, we can all get a twofold part since Jesus died in order to build the Church of the Firstborn, which is recorded in heaven!We may all have a double serving of whatever we want!It is simply necessary for us to maintain our gaze fixed on Jesus, rather than on any other person or on spiritual experiences.There are so many winds of theology blowing through the worldwide church, as well as so many erroneous doctrines that hurl people around like ocean waves, that we must be perfected in our faith in order to escape being swept away by them.The followers of Jesus were aware of the prophets Elijah and Elisha.

They were hoping for a supernatural encounter, perhaps the mantle of Jesus descending on them.It was for this reason that Jesus instructed them to ‘go and wait until the Holy Spirit falls upon you!’ This time, however, there was no tangible mantel that they could grasp, but rather a deposit inside of their own souls that would remain there for all of eternity!When Elijah was lifted up and Elisha kept his gaze fixed on him, Elijah’s mantle dropped to the ground, allowing Elisha to pick it up and carry it away.Upon reaching the Jordan River again, he questioned, ″Where is the God of Elijah?″ and struck the water with his mantle of Elijah, symbolizing the return of Elijah.It looked just like the time when Elijah struck the rivers and Elisha went through them on dry ground: the waters separated.

″The God of Elijah is with Elisha right now!″ the 50 sons of prophets exclaimed upon seeing this.The difficulty with such experience was that it could only be held by one guy at any given time.Only one man was capable of smiting the water.

All of the others were required to stand by and observe.As a result of our entrance into the Church of the Firstborn, which is already recorded in heaven, all believers may take on Christ’s mantle: all believers can claim their twofold share as a first born child.(See also Hebrews 12:20-24.) After years and thousands of dollars registering Harvester International Church on five continents, we are ready to complete the process of registering it in France!

  • However, we have already been enrolled in Heaven, which is where it really matters!
  • God be praised!
  • This morning, you have the same anointing that was in Peter, John, and Paul, and it is residing in you!

Elijah and Elisha were both anointed with the same anointing!Their God is the same as your God!Nothing is too difficult for our God to do!Whenever you believe in something, everything is possible!Understand why those disciples were looking up into the skies now, don’t you?They were looking for something from Jesus, and they were successful because they maintained their focus on him rather than on the cloud that obscured their view of him.

  • If you can learn to keep your gaze fixed on Jesus, you will reap the benefits.
  • Simply walk with him in humility and keep your gaze fixed on him to the best of your ability, and you will get your reward: the twofold share that belongs to all believers who are enrolled in the Church of the Firstborn in heaven!
  • Not because demons have been subjected to them in Jesus’ name, but because their names have been recorded in the Lamb’s book of life, Jesus instructed his disciples to rejoice!

Their names are recorded in the Book of Life in the Church of the Firstborn in Heaven!Immediately, if you have never surrendered your life to Jesus or asked him to be Lord of your life, make the decision to do so.This is your opportunity!

  • Get your gaze fixed on him, not on a particular religious sect or on the traditions of men, but on Jesus himself!
  • Maintain your focus on Jesus, and you will get the double part that is due to you.
  • Take care not to get distracted by all of the sensations given by experienism in churches that are all about performance and glitz!
  • Learn to walk simply with your Lord, as if you were a kid, and the Kingdom of Heaven will be at your disposal!
  • Amen.
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Fix Your Eyes on Christ: 3 Ways to See in Darkness

  1. Pastor Rick’s sermon for Sunday, November 1, 2020, may be found here.
  2. The way we do this is by keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus, the champion who initiated and perfected our faith.″ 12:2 (Hebrews 12:2) NLTA Even a jet taking off from California heading for New York may be diverted from New York to Washington, D.C.
  3. by just adjusting its nose to the right by seven feet!
  4. It’s more than 200 kilometers away!
  5. Small adjustments may make a significant effect.
  6. When I was a young boy on vacation, we were forced to take a detour, and I remember how depressed I felt as I slowly followed cars on the road.

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that you had to take a DETOUR?Or have you gone fully in the WRONG direction?Disappointment is normal, especially when a seemingly insignificant detour results in a significant adjustment in our intended course and goal.Because of the COVID pandemic reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as fires, civil unrest, and fear, life becomes foggy and directionless.

  1. At times, it might feel as though we’ve arrived in a gloomy place.
  2. Here are three strategies for seeing in the dark when our circumstances conspire to make us blind:

1. Look UP for Hope.

  1. When a flash flood hits, getting to higher ground is the most expedient and safest course of action to take.
  2. Even if I live for a long time, I must constantly remind myself that my hope does not derive from my circumstances, but rather from Christ.
  3. Spend a few minutes each morning beginning your day by turning your gaze upward to God and His Word for strength and consolation.
  4. For solace, turn to the Psalms, or read Psalm 139 for a more expansive perspective of God.
  5. When we ″focus our gaze on Jesus,″ we are filled with immense hope (Heb., 12).

2. Look BACK at God’s faithfulness.

  1. It is so easy to lose sight of the past and to lose sight of God’s faithfulness.
  2. Consider all of the ways in which He has demonstrated His faithfulness in your life.
  3. Make a list of the ways in which Christ has answered your prayers.
  4. Keep in mind how He has supplied for your financial needs and provided you with a job.
  5. Recall how he intervened to save a misbehaving youngster.
  6. Take a look back at how Christ rescued us from difficult situations and provided us with serenity.

When we are blinded by difficult situations and difficulties, looking back upon God’s faithfulness can help us regain our sight and perspective (Lam.3:23).

3. Look FORWARD with confidence.

  1. The appeal of paradise would be diminished if this life were all we had to look forward to in the hereafter.
  2. As Paul put it, we should ″look forward to what is ahead and forget about what lies behind us″ (Phil 3:12-16), Look forward and make plans to spend time with your family.
  3. Make a schedule for your activities and look forward to creating new family traditions.
  4. Look forward to the holidays and remember how Jesus is a dependable friend.
  5. Look forward to the fact that Jesus has secured a place for you in paradise.
  6. (See John 14:3) In Hebrews 12:2, we look to Jesus because He is the ″Author and Finisher of our Faith.″ He is the ″Author and Finisher of our Faith.″ How comforting it is to know that we may face the future with confidence since He will be at our side the entire time.

If God is instructing us, we can’t go wrong.When uncertainty throws us off track, expectations cloud our vision, or sentiments make us feel ashamed, there is still HOPE.When we observe His constancy and look forward to Jesus, who has never failed us, we are filled with greater HOPE than ever before.Let us begin to perceive Jesus and life through fresh lenses.

  1. Getting to the Bottom of Things
  1. Describe the concrete ways in which Jesus and the Bible may give you hope.
  2. Make a list of three persons who are dependable and who have the ability to look ahead with confidence. What characteristics should you strive to emulate?

3 Ways to Focus on Jesus Every Day

You’ve heard the phrase ″fix your gaze on Jesus,″ which means that the concerns of this world will pass away. It sounds so simple: all you have to do is stare at Jesus, and everything in your life will be better. But, what exactly does this imply in practice? How do you maintain your concentration on Jesus on a daily basis?

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Keeping your gaze fixed on Jesus means that he should be the central focus of your life. It entails elevating Jesus above all other things on this planet. It entails turning to Jesus first when faced with difficulties. It is a way of life, rather than a single deed. It is putting your faith into action and acknowledging that Jesus is the center of your life.

3 Ways to Focus on Jesus Every Day

  1. If you want to begin living your life with Jesus as the focal point, with your gaze fixed on Jesus and your gaze firmly set on the brightness of his gorgeous face, begin by performing these three things on a daily basis.
  2. The Pray Deep Prayer Cards will help you to deepen and inspire your prayers!
  3. Take advantage of a FREE set of printable prayer cards that outline 16 different methods to pray right now!

1) Begin your day with prayer 

  1. What do you do to get your day started?
  2. Take out your phone and start looking through social media, or do you prefer to stay in?
  3. Alternatively, do you switch on the television and watch the news?
  4. Alternatively, do you walk into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and immediately find yourself sucked into the pandemonium of the household?
  5. After beginning with prayer, how would you go about shifting your attention and changing your frame of mind?
  6. Begin your day by spending a few minutes in prayer with Jesus, requesting him to be a part of your life.

2) Spend time giving God praise and thanks

  1. How frequently do you direct the majority of your prayers on praising and thanking God?
  2. While it’s important to express your problems, questions, and challenges to God, it’s also important to set aside time for praise and gratitude as well.
  3. Praise God for his character, rather than merely for what he is doing in your life, by setting aside time each day to do so (or what you want him to do).
  4. Thank him for his goodness and constancy throughout the years.
  5. Make a list of all the benefits in your life and express your gratitude to God for them.
  6. This may be accomplished by prayer, singing along with worship music, and paying close attention to God in the things that surround you throughout your day, among other things.

3) Read the Bible – every day

  1. Time in God’s Word should be spent everyday, reading and studying your Bible.
  2. Keeping Scripture near to your heart is the most effective strategy to keep your heart focused on Jesus.
  3. Read a devotional, take part in a Bible study, or create a Bible reading schedule to help you keep track of your daily reading time.
  4. To get started, read today’s devotion, which is taken from Psalm 119:105: ″Your Word is a Lamp unto My Feet.″

Will You Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus?

  1. Helen Lemmel composed the iconic hymn ″Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus″ more than a century ago, yet its timeless truths continue to speak to our hearts and minds to this day.
  2. Even if the mere mention of the song title causes you to start singing along with the chorus, set aside a few minutes today to go over all of the words.
  3. Allow this song to serve as your daily prayer.
  4. Take these promises to heart, trusting in the power of Jesus to transform your life when you dedicate your life to him.
  5. Jesus will never let you down.
  6. He will be your light in the darkest of seasons, your hope in the midst of adversity, and your rest when life becomes too much for you.

Focus your attention on Jesus for a life that is more plentiful and free!

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” 

  1. Submitted by Helen Howarth Lemmel 1918 Oh, spirit, do you feel worn out and troubled?
  2. You don’t see any light in the darkness, do you?
  3. There’s enough light to take a peek at the Savior, and life is more plentiful and free than ever before!
  4. Continue with the refrain: Fix your gaze on Jesus, gaze intently into His wondrous face, and the things of this world will appear strangely dull in the light of His grandeur and grace.
  5. Because we are more than conquerors, He has passed through death and into everlasting life, and we are following Him there; sin has no more authority over us.
  6. His Word will not fail you—He has promised; believe Him, and everything will be well: then go to a dying world and testify of His flawless deliverance!

″Keep Your Eyes on Jesus″: Believing the Lord, Not the World

  1. We are all well aware that the world is full of temptations of many kinds.
  2. A lot of the time, these look to be really clever in their attempt to keep our attention on them.
  3. However, as Christians, our allegiance must be only to Jesus Christ.
  4. According to what the Bible has taught us, we have a jealous God, and as a result, we must devote all of our attention to Him.
  5. Furthermore, when we journey along a road filled with uncertainty and too many diversions, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus will ensure that we arrive safely at our intended destination.
  6. We’ll be lost in the wilderness if we don’t do anything soon.

There were numerous Biblical personalities who, through their words and deeds, demonstrated to us how to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus Christ.The story of Peter walking on the water, as told in Matthew 14:25-31, is an excellent illustration.With his step out in trust, Peter demonstrated his courage in order to walk on water.No matter what was around him, including a roaring storm, he refused to allow any distraction to get in the way of his work.

  1. This is the type of faith that we should be practicing.
  2. The forces of evil would constantly be at work, attempting to divert our attention away from Jesus.
  3. But, no matter how powerful the evil’s activity is, let us strengthen our confidence in God.
  4. Paul, on the other hand, stated that Christ is the source of all we have – knowledge, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption – and that we should look to him for guidance.
  5. However, if we were to remove Jesus from the equation, we would be left with nothing.
  6. To be able to enjoy the fullness of life, therefore, the only thing we can do is to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus at all times.

Let us strive to strengthen our relationship with God, which we consider to be the most essential component of our lives.As we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, He will prove to be the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).We might be encouraged even more to keep our eyes fixed on our Savior by listening to this relevant song by The Louvin Brothers.

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Bible Gateway Hebrews 12: NIV

Hebrews chapter 121 Consequently, because we are surrounded by such a large number of witnesses, let us throw aside everything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles us and let us run the course that has been set before us with perseverance and determination.Fix our gaze on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, despising its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God, where he is today.3 Give thanks to God for him who overcame such resistance from sinful men, so that you will not become weary and lose heart.4 You have not yet come to the point of shedding your blood in your battle against sin, but you are making progress.3 ″My son, do not belittle the Lord’s discipline, and do not lose heart when he rebukes you,6 for the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he adopts as a son.″ 7 Accept adversity as a form of discipline; God is treating you like sons.For what son is not subjected to parental discipline?

  1. Eighth, if you are not disciplined (and everyone is subjected to discipline), you are illegitimate offspring and not actual sons of Abraham.
  2. 9 Furthermore, we have all had human dads who disciplined us, and we have all admired and respected them for doing so.
  3. How much more should we surrender to the Father of our souls and live as a result of that submission!
  4. For a while, our ancestors disciplined us according to their judgment; but God disciplines us for our benefit, so that we may share in his holiness.
  5. 11 Discipline does not appear to be enjoyable at the moment, but rather harsh.
  6. People who have been educated by the Spirit, on the other hand, reap a harvest of righteousness and peace later on in life.
  • 12 As a result, strengthen your shaky arms and shaky legs as much as possible.
  • Rather of being crippled, the lame should be cured, according to verse 13: ″Make level paths for your feet.″ 14 Make every effort to live in harmony with all people and to be holy; no one will see the Lord unless they are holy.
  • 15 Take care that no one loses out on God’s grace and that no bitter root sprouts up to cause problems and corrupt many people’s lives.
  • 16 Take care that no one is sexually immoral or godless in the same way that Esau was, who for a single supper sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son and became a slave.
  • 17 After then, as you are aware, he attempted to inherit this blessing but was turned down.
  • Despite his tears, he was unable to effect a shift in his opponent’s perspective.
  • 18 You have not come to a mountain that can be touched and that is engulfed in flames; to darkness, gloom, and storm;19 to a trumpet blast or to such a voice speaking words that those who heard it begged that no further word be spoken to them;20 because they could not bear the command: ″If even an animal touches the mountain, it must be stoned,″ as if it were a punishment for touching it.
  • Twenty-one Moses described the scene as ″terrifying,″ adding, ″I am shaking with horror.″ You, on the other hand, have arrived at Mount Zion, the celestial Jerusalem, and the city of the living God.
  • You have arrived at the church of the firstborn, where the names of thousands upon thousands of angels are recorded in heaven,23 where you will find thousands upon thousands of angels in joyous assembly.
  • Come before God, the judge of all mankind, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect,24 to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks a finer message than the blood of Abel, for you have come to seek forgiveness from God.

25 Make certain that you do not refuse to listen to the person who talks.If they were unable to escape when they refused to listen to him who warned them on earth, how much less likely are we to do so if we refuse to listen to hi

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