How To Draw Jesus For Kids

How To Draw Jesus (EASY Step By Step For Kids)

The goal was to provide you with something you could draw at any time of the year, and a video tutorial on how to draw Jesus felt like the perfect solution! “Which Jesus should I draw?” I inquired of the children at first. Is Jesus actually walking on water? Is it really the Sacred Heart of Jesus? “Does Jesus have a soft spot for children?” Lydia, on the other hand, said, “No, mum! Just Jesus.” “Just a typical Jesus,” says the author. I had to ponder it for a lot longer than I anticipated, to be honest.

Watch the video below to learn how to draw Jesus step by step (the EASY way!) in today’s lesson for kids.

How to Draw Jesus is a terrific method to get youngsters interested about Jesus, and you can view the entire video tutorial here.

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God’s blessings!

How to Draw Jesus

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Jesus Christ is the central person in Christian belief and practice. He instills hope, trust, and faith in others. It will be necessary for you to keep this in mind when painting Jesus Christ in order for the precise or relative divinity to be reflected in your picture. Here’s how to draw him in a simple manner.


  1. 1 Decide on the overall size of the figure. Before you can begin painting Jesus, you must first determine the relative length of the figure you wish to depict. As a result, you have the option of adjusting the figure on each particular piece of paper. In neither case should it be possible that the paper is too large and the figure is too tiny, nor should it be possible that the figure is too huge and does not fit the entire figure properly. This is done in order to preserve a sense of balance between the design page and the final product. Make a rough sketch of a cross. When you’re drawing the body, you’ll be able to use this as a reference. However, be careful to use a light touch so that you can quickly remove
  • The outcome of your painting after keeping the backdrop and foreground in mind will decide how the background and foreground compliment each other and how your picture is displayed in its whole.
  • 2 Determine the amount of space necessary for the arms. You must examine how much vertical and horizontal space the drawing will take up before proceeding. The design of Jesus must fit on the sheet of paper, and you must avoid leaving less space for the arms in the process. In this illustration, the arms are stretched horizontally across the body. Because of this, a large sheet of paper is necessary. Create a drawing of the head and hands. An oval for the head should be drawn at the top of the vertical line.
  • This oval is just intended to serve as a guideline for how much space a certain element will require, and you must encapsulate the specific part inside this area. When the real pieces are completed, you may remove the ovals and lines that were drawn.
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  • s3 Make a large rectangle on the paper. The drawing must be able to be inserted both horizontally and vertically. This rectangle will serve as a guideline for drawing the torso inside the confines of the rectangle.
  • As a result, you are ready to begin working on the features and details, such as the hair and eyes. You may also work on the lips, beard, and other characteristics.
  • 4 Begin with the finer points of the design. You are permitted to begin drawing hair. Draw wavy or straight lines starting at the top of the head to get this effect. Typically, you must begin in the very center of the partition because Jesus’ images virtually always have the center parting in them. Begin at this point and work your way up to the shoulders and back. It is not necessary to be concerned if the hair strands are not evenly spaced. Due to the fact that it is hair, it will appear all the more original if it is not perfectly straight or well styled
  • Ensure that the hair strands are a few inches below the shoulders. When it comes to Jesus’ hair, it’s a touch longer than his shoulders.
  • 5 Begin with the characteristics of the face. Make your brows a little lower than your forehead. You may begin to create the eyes just below the brows if you choose. In order to draw the eyes, draw two curving lines that are extended and pointed at both ends. Another line can be drawn over the upper curving line of the eyes. In addition, if there are two lines for either the upper or lower lash line or the eye lid, it gives the eyes a more realistic aspect.
  • According to your preference, you may draw guide lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Make ‘u’ shaped pupils on the interior of the eyes. The look of surprise or shock is created by the pupil being a perfectly round circle. A ‘u’ has a calming effect on the eye. Make a curved line for the nose once you have completed the brows and the eyes, and you are finished. At start, there will be two curving lines to follow. The first will be a long line that will run the length of the nose, and the second will be a smaller curve that will finish off the nose.
  • 6 Mustaches and beards are optional. Make your lips as tiny as possible. Alternatively, you might draw the lips slightly higher to depict a smiling Jesus, or you could draw them straight for a more straightforward look.
  • Forming a mustache and a beard around the lips should be done very delicately. Vertical shading may be used on the mustache and horizontal shading could be used on the beard. The beard will begin from the lips and will stretch all the way to the ears. Then you may make your beard as long as you like. The beard seems to be a triangle with the tip pointing downward. However, it is not a perfectly symmetrical triangle.
  • Always keep in mind that a minor discrepancy in the characteristics will not be a major issue if you want to outline the design later on. The outlined picture differs from the sketched image
  • The image changes appearance even after coloring it if you intend to color it later
  • Additionally, you may construct two ovals at the end of each arm for the hands. In the future, you could want to construct fingers that are bent upwards. Always remember to make the fingers somewhat pointed at the end and thicker at the beginning of the movement.
  • Make the scarf for the top in the appropriate manner. Extra lines should be drawn on the clothes to highlight folds in the fabric to make it appear more visually attractive.
  • 8 Carry out the shading. You may choose to shade the drawing as you go or after you have completed the entire figure, depending on your preference.
  • When there is a fold, the shading or the pencil strokes become darker and thicker. For example, on the robe where it is folded. Additionally, you may shade darker at the end of each feature to make the features stand out more. While shading, you can gently hold the pencil or color you are using in your hand. This will assist you in adjusting the thickness and intensity of the color as well as its saturation.
  • 9 Draw a rough outline of the image. Outlining a drawing improves the look of the drawing and gives it a professional finish. Because the outline defines the final appearance of the drawing, it is important to be cautious and maintain control of your hands.
  • After you have completed the entire picture of Jesus, you may erase all of the pencil guidelines.
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Create a new question

  • Question Does it matter whether he’s crucified? If that’s how you honestly see Jesus, there’s nothing wrong in drawing him that way. Question Is it necessary to draw a halo around my head? Due to the fact that Jesus’ halo was not visible when he was walking about on the earth, it is not required
  • Yet Question Is this how God actually appears to be like? In reality, these are merely a few simple concepts. It is impossible to imagine what God appears to look like. It is impossible not to feel terrified if we were to see what he looked like. God had to conceal his face and only display his behind to the people in the Old Testament because of this, as stated in the Bible. How do you realistically draw the eyes and the rest of the face? Make use of shading, highlighting, and blending techniques. If you don’t have a blender, you may use your finger to mix the ingredients, and a white pencil can be used to accent the highlights. You’ll also want a decent eraser. Question What is the best way to remove unwanted lines from my face? You may just use a regular eraser, but be careful not to smudge any other lines while doing so
  • Question What color was Jesus’ robe, and where did it come from? Given that we don’t know for certain, you can use your imagination to paint it any color you like. Question To draw my outlines, do I need to use a sketch pen or may I use a regular pen? No. You may use any type of pencil, pen, marker, brush, or other tool to create your outlines. Outlining just draws attention to the scene
  • It is not required to be included at all if you do not like to
  • And Question I can’t remove the additional lines without also removing the rest of my face. What should I do in this situation? That’s OK with me. In the event that any of the lines are removed, the impression of the erased face will most likely still be evident. Make a second trace of the facial outline
  • Ask a question. Should I use a pen or a pencil to do this task? I recommend using a pencil so that any mistakes may be addressed and remedied as soon as they occur. Question What is the color of God’s hair? “His hair on his head was white as wool, as white as snow,” the Bible says of the young man. God’s hair is white and curly, therefore we may presume that.

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  • You might also use a charcoal pencil for outlining, which is quite thick and can be wiped with the suitable eraser
  • Almost all of the lines will be wavy, including the lines on the forehead, eyes, nose, lips, mustache, beard, fingers, and the robe
  • Almost all of the lines will be wavy, including the lines on the robe
  • Make use of the proper stationery. Outlining might be accomplished with sketch pens. You must be cautious not to leave the sketch pen on the paper for an excessive amount of time, since this can result in a splotch or a patch. Because curving lines give the drawing a more genuine and lifelike appearance, it is a good choice for portraits. All of the guiding lines or ovals that you draw are for your own reference purposes. You are free to skip it. If you are confident in your ability to draw only by envisioning how much area the drawing will take up, you may proceed in this manner. All you have to do is follow the guide lines very gently. Draw a large number of children around Jesus. Jesus has a special affection for children. If you choose, you may color the painting of Jesus using crayons, water colors, pencil color, or any other colors that suit your taste and degree of comfort. Make borders on all four sides of the page to give it a more professional appearance. The borders may be any size you like, depending on your preference. Draw softly at first, then trace it more heavily once you’re finished. You are welcome to bring a light colored pencil. This is due to the fact that a light colored pencil will produce light lines that are easy to erase as needed
  • Try not to smudge lines that you have already drawn because this will negatively damage the drawing. Additionally, start out by drawing it lightly, and then you may go back over it at the end if necessary. The finished product will be really stunning

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  • Avoid erasing the sheet too many times as this may cause the thickness and clear surface of the sheet to degrade.


Things You’ll Need

  • Notepaper
  • A pencil (preferably a mechanical pencil)
  • An eraser of good quality
  • A scale
  • A writing pad to attach the page to (optional)
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
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Using simple, step-by-step directions and a video lesson, you can create a beautiful Jesus drawing. Excellent for children and beginning painters! To go to the step-by-step instructions, click here. The earliest known representations of Jesus come from no earlier than the 200s AD. Such representations were shunned in the early Christian church for fear that they would be worshipped as idols, which was a legitimate concern. It was only a matter of time, however, before Jesus became a popular subject in Christian art.

  • In general, artistic representations of Jesus tend to reflect the culture and ethnicity of the time period in which they were created rather than factual characteristics, such as his Jewish background, likely robust physique as a carpenter, and usual Jewish beard and shortly cropped hair.
  • It was known by many other names in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Asia.
  • These were frequently shown in representations of gods, goddesses, human heroes, and mythological beings.
  • During the fourth century, the use of haloes in Christian art became popular.
  • Later on, the apostles, saints, and others were shown in this manner.
  • This simple, step-by-step sketching lesson will teach you just how to do it.

The following drawing tutorials may interest you: Buddha, Angel Wings, and Angel (if you enjoyed this instruction). Jesus sketching instruction that is simple and step by step. To save this tutorial to your Pinterest board, simply click HERE.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Cartoon Jesus

Step 11 in the sketching of Jesus. Begin by sketching the face with overlapping curving lines, which will serve as hair strands later on. Step 22 in the sketching of Jesus. A curving line should be used to enclose the face. After that, go over the face in more detail. Draw almond-shaped eyes with a sliver of shading between the pupils. Heavy lines should be used to make the brows, with softer lines used to form the nose and lips. To encircle the mustache, draw curving lines that come together in sharp points.

  • The hair on the top of the head should be enclosed with lengthy curved lines, and the locks at the ends should be drawn with shorter, overlapping curved lines.
  • To create the collar of the garment, draw two “U” shaped lines at the base of the neck, joining them together.
  • Take note of how the short lines denote wrinkles in the cloth used.
  • Step 55 in the sketching of Jesus.
  • To represent the sleeve opening and folds in the cloth, draw overlapping curving lines across the page.
  • Draw the fingers by doubling back on themselves the curving lines that form them.
  • Indicate a fold of cloth stretching over the body and over the arm with curved lines and erase as needed.

Step 77 in the sketching of Jesus.

Step 88 in the sketching of Jesus.

Take note of the sash’s loose end that hangs beneath the hand.

Draw a circle around the back of the head to represent the halo.

Fill in the blanks with color to make a Cartoon Jesus.

Printable Drawing Tutorial

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The holiday of Easter is approaching, and I thought you would be interested in learning how to draw a cartoon Jesus Christ to use on your Easter cards this year. Drawing Jesus will be a piece of cake if you follow the illustrated, step-by-step directions that are provided below. Happy Easter, everyone!

How to Draw Cartoon Jesus Christ for Easter Step by Step Drawing Lessons

To begin, draw a circle around Jesus’s head to represent his face. Then, in the middle of the face, draw a cross to indicate where the facial characteristics should be placed. Draw ovals for the eyes, a curved line for the nose, and a straight line for the mouth. Make a letter ‘c’ for each ear by drawing a line through it.

Step 2

For the eye brows, create slanty rectangles. Create the lids by drawing a curving line across each eye. Draw a letter ‘w’ shape beneath the mouth to represent the form of the bears.then draw a heart shape around the outside of the beard to represent the exterior of the beard.

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Step 3

Create a rectangle for the body of the drawing. As the lines get closer to the beard, tilt them towards the face. Arms should be drawn with curved lines. Draw two ovals to represent the hand and the thump.

Step 4

Make a line through Jesus’ hair.

Step 5

Each foot is represented by the letter ‘u’. To represent the toes, draw three lines in each foot. Each sandal’s strap should be drawn tight.

Step 6

Now, finish up the specifics of Jesus’s life. for example, a circle behind his head to represent a halo.

Colorize Jesus for Your Easter Cards

Fill in the blanks using paints, colored pencils, markers, or crayons to represent Jesus’ physical form. Happy Easter, everyone! You may also be interested in our other Easter drawing tutorials. Technorati Jesus, Jesus christ, Jesus christ (cartoon), drawing jesus, drawing jesus christ (cartoon), easter, drawing for easter, drawing for kids, how to draw, drawing lessons, drawing tutorials, drawing jesus christ (cartoon), drawing jesus christ (cartoon)

How To Draw Baby Jesus In A Manger – Nativity

To date, this lesson on how to draw Baby Jesus is my favorite of the series thus far. We conducted this lesson for the first time five years ago, but I thought it would be great fun to sketch him once more. When it comes to shopping and wishing for gifts, my children (and I) are easily distracted (as is the case for me as well). So spending this time painting with my son Austin and talking about the genuine spirit of Christmas was a tremendous pleasure for me. We also had a lengthy conversation away from the camera.

And, while I recognize that not everyone has the same beliefs as we do, I believed it was vital to pass along this lesson to others.

Whatever your religious beliefs, today is an excellent time to devote your efforts to helping others, being nice to others, and, most importantly, loving everyone. Merry Christmas to you! * Also, have a look at our other Nativity drawing tutorials.

Art Supplies

More information about the precise art supplies we used in this class may be found on our website.

Lesson Length

Jesus as a hand-drawn portrait Jesus is shown in black and white. painting of Jesus Christ as a sketch sketch of Jesus Christ that is simple Jesus’s whole body is depicted. Anthony van Dyck’s charcoal painting of Jesus Christ is a work of art. drawingsketchjesus black and white sketches of the agony of the Christ Jesus is shown in black and white. a series of drawings of Jesus on a piece of paper a drawing of Jesus Jesus Christ as a realistic illustration quotation from a pencil sketch or a charcoal drawing Sketch of Jesus of Nazareth that is simple to draw jesus God’s face drawn in pencil in the shape of Jesus Burger realistic sketch of Jesus’ portrait drawing of jesus christ in a simple manner a simple drawing of Jesus a simple drawing of Jesus a simple drawing of Jesus On the crossdrawings of Jesus, there is a jesus recusitado vectordrawing.

a drawing of Jesus Christ easytatouage sketch an image of Jesus Jesus nailed on the cross a full body picture of Jesus, as well as pencil drawings of Jesus flash tattoo of jesus drawing with a single line by akiane kramarik clipart of jesuslds in black and white clipart of jesus in black and white png a christian illustration of Jesus tattoo design of sjesus on the cross a picture of Jesus Christ a picture of Jesus sobbing png Jesus Christ is a simple drawing.

painting of the face of Jesus Christ

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How To Draw Jesus Step By Step In Easy Way

Step-by-step instructions on how to draw Jesus. Hello everyone, in today’s article, I’ll be teaching you How To DrawJesus ChristDrawing Step By Step Easy in a simple and straightforward manner. So let’s get this party started. To draw this, I’m employing the Grid Method. I’m utilizing 8 x 11 grids that are 1 inch in size. We should get started right away, without wasting any time. I’ll start with the eye because it’s the primary focal point of the composition. First and foremost, we must examine our reference photograph.

  • Then don’t forget to watch the video.
  • You may also pause my video and snap a screenshot to help you comprehend what I’m saying better.
  • In the same way, we draw the next eye.
  • I’ve seen a lot of people that are just getting started.
  • And believe that drawing is very difficult, although this is not the case.
  • It is far too basic and straightforward.
  • This is where I sketch the bridge of the nose.

There is nothing here to educate you; simply follow my instructions.

For the Beard, I make little lines with my pencil.

The beard has been completed.

We have done the facial drawing to a high degree of perfection.

We’ll create two curves for the cloth and then sketch it a little.

Last, we draw the cloth, and finally, we draw a heart symbol and a cross over here, and that is how we design a really beautiful painting of Jesus Christ; all you have to do is follow my directions to complete it.

You have the ability to draw like this. So that’s all there is to it for today. I hope you find my approach to be satisfactory.

How To Draw Jesus Face Step by Step Easy

How to Draw Jesus’ Face in a Simple Step Following your viewing of this video, you will be able to sketch the face of Jesus with ease. In this video, we will attempt to sketch the face of Jesus in a few simple steps.

How To Draw Baby Jesus For Kids

Baby Jesus as a Plaything for Children 1. Is It Possible to Draw Jesus in Christianity? Answer:Christianity, as defined by trueChristianity, does not tolerate depictions of Jesus Christ on religious objects. It is a practice that originated in the Catholic, Orthodox, and Coptic churches and has now spread to several evangelical and Protestant denominations. 2. How do you go about creating Jesus? Answer:This form, which was constructed with an apostrophe and the letter “s” (which is “Jesus’s”), can be used to express a contraction (shorthand for “Jesus is”/”Jesus has”) or the possessive form of the noun “Jesus.”

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