How Long Will Jesus Reign On Earth

Jesus Christ’s 1,000-Year Reign on Earth

The Bible predicts that Jesus Christ will reign on earth for 1,000 years, during which time he will establish a society of peace and justice free of violence and suffering. It is the book of Revelation that tells the amazing account of why there is so much evil in the world and how a new age will be brought about—not by the hand of man, but by the direct involvement of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The apostle John saw an extraordinary vision while imprisoned on the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, which has captivated and bewildered many throughout history.

Is it God’s infallible Word, or is it something else?

Is it a source of information for us today?

A world in chaos

Are you sick and weary of hearing bad news? Are you dissatisfied with the level of rage, divisiveness, and strife that we are witnessing in our society today? Recently, there have been a number of them. As we look across the world, we witness riots, overthrows of governments, and the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of religious fanatics and instabile regimes. Our world is going through a moment of instability, which is causing people to be fearful and insecure about the future. We ponder what the future holds for us, our children, and our grandsons and granddaughters.

People become hopeless and depressed when they lose hope, and they frequently resort to harmful conduct as a means of escaping.

Hope lies at the heart of Beyond Today.

This world is filled with chaos, and we have discovered that the one guaranteed source of permanent hope is found in the Word of God.

A thousand years of peace

According to biblical truth, a world of peace and prosperity is guaranteed for everyone. It is the scriptural teaching of Jesus Christ’s 1,000-year reign on earth, which is referred to as the Millennium in popular culture. The term “millennium” comes from a Latin word that literally translates as “1000 years.” According to the Bible, the millennium period will be a time of peace and harmony on the planet. This instruction is not something made up by humans out of their own imagination. The fact of Christ’s rule on earth has a connection to some of the Bible’s earliest declarations.

  • In spite of attempts to discredit and explain it away, it continues to capture the imagination of many people throughout the world.
  • Understanding our reality and the promised peace of God’s Kingdom can be gained via a study of Scripture’s sayings and a consideration of efforts to undermine this teaching.
  • “And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them,” the vision continues.
  • A segment of the first resurrection has been designated as blessed and holy by God.
  • That’s all there is to it!

It’s a condensed version of many other biblical descriptions and promises regarding the millennial era, which is characterized by a peaceful Kingdom.

The hope of Israel of a transformed world

God, via His prophets, prophesied this era on numerous occasions. Through most of Israel’s history, especially during periods of collapse and exile, prophets expressed optimism that the country would one day be restored. When the apostles questioned Christ about the return of Israel’s historic dominion, they expressed the same optimism. Immediately before His ascension to heaven, His followers inquired of Him, “Lord, would You restore the kingdom of Israel at this time?” (See Acts 1:6) The disciples were looking forward to the beginning of the Messiah’s reign at that point.

Isaiah had painted a very clear picture of this future when he predicted that Israel would be unified under a single ruler and that the knowledge of God would be spread over the entire world (Isaiah 60:1-2).

Even though this was written at the era of Israel’s collapse, it portrays the coming Millennium.

“The wolf will also reside with the lamb, the leopard will lay down with the young goat, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together, and a little child will lead them.” They will graze together, their young ones will sleep together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, just as they have done in the past.

  1. The Lord will protect and preserve My holy mountain from all harm and destruction, because the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the floods cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:6-9).
  2. What is depicted here is a comprehensive transformation of the entire world—a period during which the character of wild creatures will be altered.
  3. And this paragraph further demonstrates, in light of the last line of this passage, that even the nature of man will be altered!
  4. The falsehood that has engulfed the entire planet will be exposed and exposed.
  5. This is going to happen, and it will only happen if and when Jesus Christ returns to the planet!

A time without war

Isaiah authored yet another lengthy piece of prophesy, this time predicting a time of universal peace in which war will neither be learnt nor waged, according to the Bible. It is well worth your time to read it in its entirety: In the later days, it will come to pass that the mountain of the Lord’s house will be constructed on the top of the mountains and elevated above the hills, and all peoples will flow to it.” “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and let us worship at His house,” many people will say.

“For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and out of Jerusalem shall go forth the word of the Lord.” ‘He will judge between the nations and punish many people; they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; no nation shall raise up a sword against another country, nor shall they learn to fight again’ (Isaiah 2:2-4).

  • No other country in the history of the planet has ever done so.
  • This scene from the book of Isaiah, which we just read, served as the inspiration for a monument that now sits outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City.
  • The bronze statue depicts the image of a man carrying a hammer in one hand and a sword in the other, which he is using to smash a plowshare into submission.
  • This sequence has remained unfulfilled till this day.

Wars and violence continue to wreak havoc on towns and villages, taking the lives of countless people and causing significant disruption in their lives. Refugees swarm into other countries in search of safety and a chance to start again after their lives have been devastated.

The Kingdom is real and coming

The hope in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago was that a Messiah would come to destroy Roman control and restore an Israelite kingdom to its former glory. Many of those who followed Jesus Christ, especially His closest followers, thought that He was the one who would bring the kingdom of Israel back to its rightful place in the world. It was only afterwards that they realized that this restoration would take place in the future, when Christ will return to establish God’s Kingdom across the entire earth.

  • Heresy tainted the purity of Christ’s teachings, and the teachings of Christ were distorted.
  • The apostle John was exiled to the island of Patmos, which served as a jail.
  • When this crisis reached its zenith, John was given a revelation from Christ proclaiming the facts of God’s triumphant establishment of His Kingdom.
  • During that turbulent period, the doctrine of the literal Kingdom of God on this world became entangled with many types of heresy, and it was widely rejected in the second, third, and fourth centuries following Christ.
  • Despite Christ’s warning, there have been a number of erroneous attempts to forecast the exact moment of His return.
  • Those who taught falsely said that scripture passages like as those we’ve just read were supposed to be interpreted as mere symbolism and metaphor, and that they were not to be accepted literally.
  • A scattered remnant of loyal individuals who held on to the “faith which was once for all delivered” (Jude 3) continued to communicate the truth of Christ’s 1,000-year rule on earth, according to the historical record.
  • Augustine was the most famous theologian in the early Catholic Church, and he was born in the year 354 AD.
  • God would interfere in history, building a physical Kingdom on this planet that would last forever, as taught by the Bible.
  • The rejection of this foundational doctrine of Christ and His Church has a significant influence on the world.

In his writings, Gibbon stated that “the temporary support was removed when the building of the cathedral was practically done.” It was initially seen as a deep metaphor, then as a “doubtful and worthless thought,” before finally being dismissed as “an insane fabrication of heresy and fanaticism,” according to the New York Times (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,Great Books edition, 1952, p.


Overcoming false kingdoms

Let’s take a moment to pause and allow me to ask you a question. What was the ramifications of the extinction of this crucial biblical teaching? It was a devastating setback that changed everything. In other words, the church was now regarded to be the Kingdom of God, operating and working under the authority of Jesus Christ. It implied that any political authority with whom it allied itself would have enormous influence over the hearts and minds of the general public. It amounted to the establishment of a spiritual and political tyranny that was not inspired by God.

  1. The Western world of Europe was plunged into a period known as the Dark Ages, which is referred to as such by historians.
  2. A portrait of incessant warfare, corruption, lawlessness, obsession with strange myths, and an almost impenetrable mindlessness is painted by historian William Manchester during this time period, according to Manchester (A World Lit Only by Fire,1992, p.
  3. To put it bluntly, whenever people have attempted to bring about the biblical Millennium on the earth in their own way through politics and their own form of religion or philosophy, they have always failed miserably.
  4. No human endeavor will ever result in the establishment of a utopian society!

Put your faith in the King and hope for His Kingdom

The importance of understanding Christ’s message of the coming Kingdom of God now cannot be overstated. According to the Bible, the coming of Jesus Christ will usher in an era of universal harmony and peace. Nations will pursue the path that God has laid out for them. International relations will be guided by godly righteousness, and fear will be eliminated from the lives of the peoples of the world. After Christ returns, there will be no more unending wars, and the art of war will be extinct as a result.

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By then, there will be nothing that can be said to contradict the Kingdom’s long-held promise and goal of bringing peace to the world.

Christ’s final statements on the matter are the clearest and most straightforward in the Bible when it comes to the beginning of this new rule’s reign.

And this will pave the way for an even more spectacular future! Will you believe Christ when He says He will? Will you take His words at face value? The millennial rule of Christ, a concept that predates time itself, will persist and, in the end, will revolutionize the entire globe!

Messianic Age – Wikipedia

A future period of time on Earth during which the Messiah will reign and establish global peace and fraternity, free of all evil, is referred to as theMessianic Age in Abrahamic religions. This period, according to many, is the consummation of the ” kingdom of God,” and it is also referred to as “the world to come.” According to Jewish tradition, such a figure has not yet appeared, whilst Christians and Muslims believe that this figure will beJesus.


Following Jewish tradition, the Messianic Age will be one of world peace and harmony; an era devoid of war and suffering, favorable to the advancement of human understanding about the Creator and his creation. It is reflected in two of the most renowned scripture passages from theBook ofIsaiah on the subject of theMessiah ushering in a period of universal peace. They will hone their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; no country will wield a sword against another, and no one will study combat any more.

The cow and the bear will share a meal, their young will sleep in the same den, and the lion will graze on straw like the oxen.

Because the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as the floods cover the sea, they will do neither harm nor destruction on all of my holy mountain.—Isaiah 11:6-9 In hisMishneh Torah, Maimonides defines the Messianic Era as follows: “And there will be no hunger or conflict, no envy or competition, and there will be no hatred or rivalry.” The abundance of good will be abundant, and all luxuries will be available as dust.

The only thing that will occupy the entire planet will be the pursuit of God.

As it is said in Isaiah 11:9, “For the world shall be filled with the knowledge of God, as the rivers cover the sea,” the earth will be filled with God’s knowledge.

According to Orthodox Jewish tradition, the Hebrew calendar corresponds to the moment of creation, making the year 2240 on theGregorian calendar the year 2240 on the Hebrew calendar.

The seventh eon is totally devoted to Shabbat and relaxation for the sake of eternity.” There is a Kabbalistic tradition that holds that each of the seven days of the week, which are based on the seven days of creation, corresponds to the seven millennia that have passed since the beginning of time.

Numerous early and late Jewish thinkers, including RabbeinuBachya, Abraham ibn Ezra, theRamban, Isaac Abrabanel, theRamchal, theVilna Gaon, Aryeh Kaplan, and theLubavitcher Rebbe, have supported and elaborated on this subject.

They are still in effect today.

That is the significance of the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av.


The Jewish Scriptures, particularly the Prophets, have a significant influence on Christian view of the messianic period. According to the Scriptures, the feature of the messianic period would be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all people. It ought to provide them specific talents and charisms to share with them. The Book of Zechariah4:6b; 6:8; and the Book of Joel3:1-2 include some of the most significant prophesies (cf. Nb 11:29). The Acts of the Apostles allude to their announcing on the day of Pentecost that the message of the prophets had come to life in Jesus via the Holy Spirit.

  1. (Acts 2:16-21.17.33; 2:16-21.17.34) According to the prophet Isaiah, the messianic period would be marked by the arrival of its anointed leader, the Messiah, who would be endowed with spiritual powers in order to complete his rescuing mission.
  2. (See Mt 12:28 for further information.) Scholars have regarded Jesus’ miracles as the beginning of the establishment of the kingdom while he was alive.
  3. Ezk 11:19; 36:26-27; 37:14; Ps 51:12-15; Is 32:15-19; Zc 12:10).
  4. It was in his Second Epistle to the Corinthians3:6 when Paul talked about the new covenant.

Those who are “like willows on the banks of a stream” would have access to the Spirit, which would enable them to bear fruit that is pure and holy (Is 44:3) “The water that I shall give will become a spring of water within you, welling up for eternal life,” Jesus tells the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, according to the Gospel of John.

To some extent, according to Christian eschatology, the Messianic Era, a period of global peace and fraternity on the world marked by the absence of crime, conflict, and poverty, has already begun to manifest itself.

A Millenarian perspective has been used in the past to explain the messianic era, but this has since been abandoned.

After then, Satan will be beaten for all time, the Earth and Heaven will be destroyed, and individuals will be judged by Jesus Christ to determine whether or not they will be allowed to enter the new heaven and earth that will be constructed.

Revealed in Revelation 21 Jesus will return to completely establish theKingdom of God in the World to Come, as stated in theNicene Creed(381), which is proclaimed by most Christians following his ascension and enthronement at God’s right hand.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Following Jesus’ second coming, adherents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as Mormons) believe that the Earth will experience a 1000-year period of peace during which Jesus will reign as king. Their ideas at this time are extremely similar to those of Judaism and mainstream Christianity, but they also include the following extra considerations. There will be an actual physical gathering of Israel, as well as a restoration of theTen Tribes; Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be established on the American continent; Jesus Christ will reign personally on the world; and the planet will be restored and receive its paradisiacal splendour.

  • It is predicted that Israel will be gathered (Isaiah 5:26, Jeremiah 30:3, Ezekiel 28:25, 1 Nephi 19:16)
  • The New Jerusalem will be built on the American continent (Revelation 3:12, 21:1-5, 3 Nephi 20:22, Ether 13:3-6, 10, Moses 7:62)
  • The earth will be restored to a state of paradise as it was in the Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 36:35)
  • The righteous dead will be resur (Isaiah 11:9). The gospel will be taught with the assistance of faithful disciples (Isaiah 42:7, 61:1, Luke 4:18). According to 1 Corinthians 15:29 and Isaiah 49:9, salvation for the dead shall be brought forth.


According to the Quran, Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary) was the Messiah and Prophet who was sent to the Jewish people. Muslims believe he is alive and well in Heaven, and that he will come to Earth to vanquish theMasih ad-Dajjal, an anti-messiah who is analogous to the Christian Antichrist and the Jewish Archangel Raphael. According to AhadithinAbu Dawud (37:4310), the Prophet said: “There is no prophet between me and him, that is, Jesus.” The Prophet also said: “There is no prophet between me and him, that is, Jesus.” He will make his way down (to the earth).

  1. He has vowed to fight for the Islamic cause.
  2. In the end, he will destroy the Antichrist, who will live on the world for forty days and then be destroyed.
  3. Both Sunni and Shia Muslims agree that the Mahdi will appear first, and that Jesus will follow him.
  4. On the battlefield, the Dajjal will wage a physical jihad (Jihade Asghar), pitting him against the Mahdi and Jesus.

Jesus will bear witness and reveal that Islam is the true and final word from God to humanity after he defeats the Dajjl at the Gate of Lud, according to a translation by Yusuf Ali, who says:And there is none of the People of the Book who does not believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Judgment He will be a witness against them.

(159) At the Masjid Nabawi in Medina, Abu Bakr and Omar stand beneath the Green Dome.

Only a small number of academics outside of mainstream Islam deny all of the statements (hadith) attributed to Prophet Muhammad that reference the second coming of Jesus, the Dajjal, and the Imam Mahdi, claiming that they lack a Quranic foundation and are thus false.

According to Yusuf Ali’s translation, they boasted, “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah,” but they did not kill him nor crucify him, but only so it appeared to them, and those who disagree are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge but only conjecture to follow, because they know for a fact that they did not kill him.

(158) Therefore, peace be upon me from the day of my conception to the day of my death and the day of my resurrection to life (again).Many classical commentators, including Ibn Kathir, At-Tabari, al-Qurtubi, Suyuti, al-Undlusi (Bahr al-Muhit), Abu al-Fadl al-Alusi (Ruh al-Maani), and others, explicitly state that suraaz As well as a Sign (for the approaching of) the Hour (of Judgment): thus, have no uncertainty concerning the arrival of the Hour (Hour).


When World Wars occured and natural calamities occurred on a regular basis, the present era (the Messianic age) was considered by Ahmadiyya Islam as a time when the wrath of God was being witnessed. Among adherents of the Ahmadiyya faith, Ghulam Ahmad (d. 1908) is seen as the anticipated Messiah, whose teachings would bring about spiritual change and, ultimately, usher in an era of peace on earth. According to Judeo-Christian predictions, this era will last around a thousand years and will be characterized by the unification of mankind under a single faith, according to Ahmadiyya doctrine.

Baháʼí Faith

The “Messianic Age,” according to the Bahá’ Faith, is a 1000-year period that began with the Declaration of Bahá’u’lláh in 1863 and ended with the death of Bahá’u’lláh in 1992. Bahá’u’llah believes that an era of peace and prosperity is gradually unfolding, and that this period will climax in the arrival of ” The Most Great Peace.”

See also

  • It is a belief maintained by some Christian denominations that the earth will experience a Golden Age or Paradise during which “Christ will rule” for 1000 years prior to the last judgment and future eternal state (the “World to Come”) in which the New Heavens and New Earth will be created
  • It is sometimes compared to the advent of the messiah, with an artificial superintelligence taking on the role of the messiah.
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Where is the scriptural support that says Jesus will reign on earth?

Your allusion to Daniel and his prophesy of the “70 weeks of Daniel,” as well as the putative rapture of the church, caught my attention, as well. Trying to understand the rapture as described in the book of Revelation and the prophecy that Jesus will return to earth and reign for 1000 years has been a lifelong endeavor for me. I have been unable to locate any biblical evidence for either the rapture or for Jesus’ return to earth to establish His kingdom. I’ve written on the “70 weeks of Daniel” and expressed my opposition to a 1000-year reign on earth in several publications.

I have been unable to locate any location where Jesus will once again step foot on this planet to reign.

All will be called to account and will earn their rewards – either in heaven or damnation.

Bible Answer:

Some people, we realize, do not think that Jesus will reign on earth after his resurrection. In order to provide the groundwork for our response, we recommend that you first read numerous studies before proceeding to the response below. The first research will give a greater grasp of the coming earthly 1,000-year reign than the second and third studies combined. ” Which Kingdom? ” is the title of the research project. The second study, titled “The Church is Missing,” is concerning the rapture and is available online.

Revelation Is Filled With Numbers

Following that, we’ll look at what the Book of Revelation has to say regarding the 1,000-year reign of Christ. It is found in Revelation 20:1-4, which is the most crucial section in Revelation when it comes to the future millennial reign. A large chain was in his grasp, and in his other hand, I saw an angel descend from heaven with the key to the abyss in his hand. Then he took hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is also known as the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, casting him into the abyss, sealing the abyss over him so that he would not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were completed; after this, the dragon must be released for a brief period of time.

They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years, as I witnessed the souls who had been beheaded because of their testimony to Jesus and their belief in the word of God, as well as those who had refused to worship the beast or his image, and who had not received the mark upon their forehead or on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

  1. Now comes the question of whether the 1,000 years represent actual time or are only a figure of speech.
  2. For example, the book is densely packed with numbers.
  3. During the seven seals, we read about a third of the sea, a third of the ships, a third of the waters, and a third of the sun, moon, and stars being struck by lightning (Revelation 8:7-13).
  4. Revelation 12 makes mention of “times, times, and half a time,” as well as seven horns, ten horns, seven crowns, a third of the stars, and 1,260 days, among other things.
  5. When we go to Revelation 16, we learn that there are seven bowls.
  6. Revelation 17 depicts ten horns, seven heads, ten horns, and an eighth monarch, among other things.
  7. Revelation 20 speaks about a thousand-year period, as well as a first resurrection and a second death.
  8. Many figures appear in the text, and the great majority of researchers consider those numbers as accurate representations of reality.

They take the numbers as literal as possible. What is the point of having so many numbers if they are simply symbolic? If they are merely symbols, then the numerical values are superfluous.

The Kingdom Is Literally 1,000 Years

When it comes to Revelation 20:1-4, should we reject the number 1,000 years and instead make an exception and argue that this number does not refer to a period of 1,000 years? Is it appropriate to argue that it does not refer to a period of 1,000 years? The answer is a categorical no! The 1,000 years are a literal number, exactly like the other numbers in the equation. When we interpret the numbers metaphorically, we are left with a state of bewilderment. Everything is up in the air when using a symbolic approach.

  • The significance is then determined by the individual’s imagination, and there may actually be 101 trumpets or simply one seal.
  • If it is symbolic, how much of the Book of Revelation do we want to argue is also symbolic?
  • There are numerous diverse interpretations of that stance among individuals who hold it, and they are all notably different from one another.
  • After all, why would the Holy Spirit employ numbers if they had no significance?
  • Before the kingdom begins, every Christian is brought back to life, while those who aren’t Christians aren’t brought back to life until after the universe has been completely destroyed.


Why is it necessary to reject a literal interpretation of Revelation? Taking it literally, we have a fantastic insight of what is to come in the future. The book of Daniel is undoubtedly the most persuasive piece of evidence in favour of a literal interpretation of this book. Daniel was a stickler for details. It foretold the rise and fall of four kingdoms, and the prophecies came true in the most literal sense (see the series of studies in Daniel 2 and 7). Daniel’s prophecies are referenced in Revelation, and even the same symbols are used to do so (Revelation 13 and 17).

  • The book of Revelation is a continuation of the book of Daniel.
  • How can we determine the veracity of the prophet’s words if they are replete with symbolic interpretations?
  • The rapture is imminent, and God’s beautiful terrestrial kingdom with a 1,000-year reign will follow.
  • Lord Jesus, please come swiftly!



Take note of the fact that they are Christians in verse 4. The studies titles “The Millennial Kingdom” and “Preparing For The Kingdom” are excellent resources.

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The Future Is Predicted by a Prophet Studies in the Book of Revelation Which Kingdom are we talking about? The Church Has Gone Absent What do the majority of reformed theologians believe will happen in the future?

What is the purpose of the thousand-year reign of Christ?

QuestionAnswer The millennium (also known as the millennial kingdom) is the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ following the tribulation period and prior to the judgment of the wicked at the Great White Throne Judgment. Over Israel and all of the countries of the earth, Jesus will reign as king for a thousand years throughout the millennium (Isaiah 2:4; 42:1). It is predicted that the world would be peaceful (Isaiah 11:6–9; 32:18), Satan will be restrained (Revelation 20:1–3), and that everyone will worship God at the beginning of time (Isaiah 2:2–3).

  1. Some of these promises, referred to as covenants, were made expressly to the people of Israel.
  2. Jesus’ 1,000-year reign will be characterized by the fulfillment of promises.
  3. After Abraham’s death, Joshua led the Israelites in claiming possession of the Promised Land some hundred years later.
  4. Even Solomon did not have authority over this particular region (1 Kings 4:21–24).
  5. Furthermore, God’s covenant with Abraham stipulated that he and his successors would enjoy ownership of the land in perpetuity (Genesis 13:15; 17:8; Ezekiel 16:60).
  6. The Davidic Covenant is a legal agreement between a king and his people (2 Samuel 7) Among the promises made to David was the promise that his line would never die out and that David’s heir would rule Israel for the rest of his days (2 Samuel 7:16).
  7. During Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1–17), the Jews demonstrated their understanding of this by laying down palm branches and their cloaks.

He did not disappoint them.

The 1,000-year rule will mark the beginning of Jesus’ reign over Israel and the entire planet, according to the Bible (Revelation 20:4, 6).

(Jeremiah 31:31-34) All of the work of the New Covenant has been completed, including Jesus’ death and resurrection, which have reconciled hearts to God.

“But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the LORD: I will set my law inside them, and I will write it on their hearts,” says Jeremiah 31:33.

More specifics are found in Ezekiel 36:28: “You shall reside in the land that I gave to your fathers, and you shall be my people, and I will be your God,” the Bible says.

Every Jew will not be rescued as a result of this covenant, as stated earlier.

The Old Testament prophets who talked of this covenant, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, and Ezekiel, all stated that it would be fulfilled in the future, indicating that it would be fulfilled in the future.

They will be alive during Christ’s 1,000-year rule on earth.

It was God’s promise to Jesus that He would make His foes a footstool, and that Jesus’ disciples would be free to worship Him (Psalm 110).

The Lord also assured the rest of creation that the curse would be lifted (Romans 8:18–23), animals and the planet would be restored to peace and prosperity (Isaiah 11:6–9; 32:13–15), and humans would be free of illness (Isaiah 32:13–15).

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During the 1,000-year rule, these promises will also be fulfilled.

God’s covenants were entirely voluntary and unilateral.

It was His promise that He would bless Israel and rebuild the world in certain ways, and He will follow through on that promise. Questions regarding the End Times (Return to: Questions about the End Times) What is the ultimate goal of Christ’s thousand-year rule on earth?

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Q2. Will Jesus literally reign for 1,000 years? – Bible Discovery TV

That’s a great question! To summarize, even though early Church Fathers (pre-Nicean Church) such as Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Papias all seem to affirm a literal interpretation of Christ’s millennial reign, no one truly knows the fine details of how the Second Coming will fully play out until the final judgment day arrives. Admitting that Christ’s reign will last a literal 1,000 years is a sequential interpretation of the six times it’s mentioned in Revelation 20:1-7, where Satan is bound for one thousand years and true believers are resurrected to reign with Christ during this time, and then Satan is released after the time is up and people continue to ally with him in opposition to God (i.e., Battle of Gog and Magog, v.8-10).

According to this version, Jesus Christ ushers in a worldwide theocracy from the heart of Jerusalem for a thousand years, culminating in the ultimate rebellion, judgment, and new creation of heaven and earth after which the world will be destroyed.

The Millennial Reign will be instituted spiritually by the Church prior to Christ’s Second Coming, or will Christ Himself physically reign for 1,000 years in Jerusalem and then judge the entire world?

There is no doubt that the scripture in question is Revelation 20, notably verses 4-6, 8-9, and 11.

When Approaching Prophecy

Pastor Rod interprets these texts as though they were concrete facts. However, there is justification for grappling with the issue of eschatological consistency. To be sure, the reality of its substance is shrouded in metaphorical veils, murky analogies, and symbolic circumstances that may easily cause one to become entangled in the process of attempting to untangle all the knots. And the apocalyptic of John the Baptist is no exception. “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part, but when completeness arrives, what is in part dissolves,” writes the Apostle Paul.

A good example is the book of Revelation, which is heavily packed with Biblical numerology.

12:3; 13:1; 17:3; 17:7), and the beast also has ten crowns on its horns (Rev.

Similar to how 10 x 10 x 10 denotes “divine completeness and fullness,” the number 1,000 symbolizes “fullness in abundance,” while the number 10 represents “divine totality and fullness.” This appears to some to be a metaphorical marker indicating that “the fullness of time has been reached.” However, just because a number has a symbolic significance does not mean that its actuality should be dismissed as such.

As a matter of fact, the Feast of Passover is a very symbolic dinner that is based on a real historical event and serves as a method of memory.

Literal v. Figurative

Before I go any further, it’s important to note that the term literal has been used. Literal simply refers to ‘what exactly do the words relate to’ – therefore a metaphor, analogy, figure of speech, or symbol can be used to convey the literal meaning and context of a statement in the same way as the words themselves. N.T. Wright points out that when dealing with visions, dreams, symbols, and prophetic content, the acceptable approach to look at these instances is either in anabstractorconcretesense or in anabstractorconcretesense, which I believe is the appropriate way to look at these instances.

  • (Revelation 13:1).
  • If the instance is concrete, determine whether it is a spiritual, physical, or dual instance.
  • Furthermore, the majority of the imagery in the book of Revelation is very metaphorical.
  • When symbolic imagery does appear, John frequently provides overt explication of its intended meaning, such as the dragon’s 10 horns in the book of Revelations (Revelation 17:12).
  • In our situation, we’re dealing with a specific event, the Second Coming of Christ, that will take place over a period of one thousand years.
  • And is the 1,000-year rule a physical, spiritual, or a combination of the three things?

On Differing Views

Without going into great depth, all Christian eschatological viewpoints – amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism (which is further split into pre-tribulational and post-tribulational views) believe in a tangible Second Coming of Christ. The teachings differ solely in terms of when it will take place and how it will play out in reality. Please keep in mind that the Second Coming of Christ in the “flesh” is referenced throughout the Gospels and in each of these viewpoints.

As a matter of fact, it is fundamental to Christian doctrine. In the physical sense, Pastor Rod, like other members of Bible Discovery, is certain that Christ will return in bodily form. However, Christ’s bodily return does not exclude out his return in the spiritual realm.

Conclusion: Christ’sReallyReigns for 1,000 Years

Because Pastor Rod is a premillennialist, he believes that at this point in time, the spiritual and physical realities are coming together to manifest these supposed figurative details into actual concrete accounts of reality in preparation for Christ’s second coming, which will take place upon his return. The context of verses 4-6 appears to be spiritual in nature, as John claims to have seen “the souls of those who had been beheaded” as part of the “first resurrection,” but the context of verses 8-9 appears to be physical in nature, as it appears to take place after the first resurrection has taken place.

  • There is no dichotomy here; rather, there is a theonomy.
  • People can still reject Christ as their authority in the book of Revelation, and they can even align themselves with Satan (Revelation 20:7-10).
  • Also, how is it possible that people will not be saved?
  • Take note, too, that a literal interpretation of the 1,000-year reign reveals a parallel to the natural length of human existence before to the Flood, assuming that the Tree of Life did not have any life-giving characteristics.
  • In either case, Jesus reigns forever and ever!
  • Walter, thank you once again for your question!
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WILL JESUS REIGN ON EARTH FOR 1,000 YEARS? – Gospel Broadcasting Network

Premillennialists believe that Christ will return to this globe at some point in the future, create an earthly kingdom, and rule over this planet for a thousand years. In this idea, the ultimate resurrection and judgment will take place before the final resurrection and judgment. Because the word “millennium” does not appear in the Bible, premillennialism is not supported by the text. “Millennium” is a term that refers to “a thousand years,” while the word “pre” refers to “before to the thousand years.” Premillennialists believe that Christ will come to establish His kingdom on this planet and rule over it for a thousand years, after which He will return.

Revelation 20:4 is the primary proof text used by premillennialists to support their beliefs.

It is said that they lived and ruled with Christ for a thousand years.” Many of the things taught in the book of Revelation were “signified” to John, who was a prophet (Revelation 1:1).

It is important to note that this scripture says absolutely nothing regarding the bodily resurrection of the saints.

For this reason, the scripture does not even make a passing reference to the notion that Christ would return to earth with these believers and establish a literal reign here for a thousand years.

Should we take anything John wrote at face value?

Consider the verbs in verse four: “I saw,””judgment was rendered,””had been decapitated,” and “they ruled” (they lived and reigned).

They further believe that the reigningSHALL BEHERE ON EARTH, despite the fact that the verse makes no mention of where the reigning was to take place.

Although our verse states that the “souls of those who had been beheaded” lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years, premillennialists believe that this includes many people who will not have died by the time of Christ’s second coming (or rapture).

To remark that “Susie lived and worked on the farm with Elmer for twenty-five years” does not imply that Elmer lived and worked on the farm for the same amount of time.

Furthermore, only a certain class of saints–those who were executed or martyred–were included during this reign; everyone else was excluded.

Neither does this verse, nor any other, indicate that those who died without receiving salvation will be given a “second opportunity” to accept Christ as Savior.

They are also unable to demonstrate that the thousand years refers to a genuine dominion on earth.

“Souls” can continue to exist even after their bodies have been elevated since the soul is not dependent on the body for its continuous existence (Matthew 10:28).

When it comes to pulling the house of Israel out of captivity, it is sometimes compared to bringing people out of their graves (Ezekiel 37:1-15).

The term “thousand years” alludes to a period of time during which committed preachers of the Gospel will stand up against false faiths and proclaim the Gospel courageously.

It is possible that it refers to a lengthy span of time.

Revelation 20 has been used as evidence by premillennialists, who believe that Christ will return to earth and establish His kingdom on earth with a physical rule, as we have seen.

Only those “beheaded for the witness of Christ” were included, which means that the unjust are excluded and there is no guarantee of a “second chance;” (8)Even though it states “souls ruled a thousand years,” it does not specify where they reigned or how long Christ reigned.

How does one go about demanding a literal application of a “thousand years” period?

It does not state that either Christ or the “souls” were present on earth throughout the reign of the kings and queens.

Any honest student of the Bible must come to the conclusion that neither Revelation 20, nor any other scripture for that matter, teaches that Christ will physically reign on this world for a thousand years in the literal sense of the word. DOWNLOAD THE PDF FORM

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