How Did The Shepherds Find Baby Jesus

The Christmas Story – The Shepherds and Angels

What was it about the Shepherds that made them the first individuals to learn of Jesus’ birth? And what a fantastic method in which they learned about it!

The Story in the Bible

Shepherds were also there in the same territory, camped out in the field and keeping watch over their flocks during the night. In the midst of it all, an angel of the Lord stood beside them, and they were scared as the glory of the Lord shined around them. “Do not be frightened, for behold, I bring you good news of great pleasure that will be shared by all the people,” the angel assured them. For there has been born to you today in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord, who has come to save you from your sins.

“Let us go to Bethlehem right away and see what has happened,” the shepherds agreed.

When they saw it, they immediately shared the statement that had been shared with them regarding this kid.

Mary, on the other hand, saved all of these sayings and pondered them in her heart.

Luke 2:8-20 (KJV)

The History behind the Shepherds and Angels in the Christmas Story

In those days, many people believed that sheep farmers were typically regarded as having little or no worth by their fellow human beings. The ‘fat tailed’ (also known as wide tailed) sheep that the shepherds would have been rearing were the sort that would have been raised. They frequently had lambs in the fall and winter, rather than the spring, which is the time of year when most sheep in western nations give birth. The shepherds were calmly going about their job when an angel appeared in front of them and told them to be still.

  • When the angel spoke to them, he informed them about Jesus and his miraculous birth, and he explained how they could recognize him in such a populous town as theirs.
  • Considering that this was just the second occasion in the whole Bible when a group of angels appeared rather than a single angel appeared to mankind, it was clear that they had a very important message to deliver to them.
  • In order to learn more about angels, you may visit the sister website of whychristmas?com, whyangels?com.
  • Just a few miles outside of Bethlehem, there existed a particular watchtower known as the Migdal Eder, which literally translated means ‘The Tower of the Flock.’ Sheep bred in the area are believed to have been used as sacrificial animals in the Jewish Temple in nearby Jerusalem.
  • Many people believe the lambs at Migdal Eder were given a health check by being placed in a manger (or in a rock pit to keep them from running away), and they were even dressed up in swaddling clothes to demonstrate that they were special!
  • One old Bible prophecy also stated that the Jewish messiah will come to the ‘tower of the sheep,’ which is located in Jerusalem (Micah 4:8).

As a result of their encounter with the newborn, the Bible states that “they spread the news about what had been told them about this child, and everyone who heard it was surprised at what the shepherds reported to them.” If they had been shepherds from Migdal Eder, they could have told the people they encountered on the way back to the hills, their friends and relatives in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, the’middle class’ people to whom they sold sheep, and the people and priests at the Jewish Temple when they brought their best sheep and lambs to be sold there for sacrifices, that they were from the region.

That this exceptionally unique infant had been born in a ‘regular’ house (or in the Migdal Eder), rather than in a wealthy family home or a royal palace, would have been astonishment to both the shepherds and the people who heard about it from them.

How did the shepherds know where to look?

How did the shepherds know where to seek for the newborn Jesus in the first place? Whichstable is a more particular question. The Christmas decorations were up at church last night, and my daughter was overjoyed to see them. She was especially thrilled to see a wonderful nativity scene set up on a huge side table, something she had never seen before. Stunning figures that are almost Victorian in appearance, with actual gold threads running through the textiles. The sheep were covered in soft, touchable fur.

  • We were unable to remove her from the situation.
  • A number of years ago, after church, one of Daniel’s buddies stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Hmmmm.
  • The scriptures state that the angels appeared to the shepherds and informed them of the news, but they make no mention of the specifics of what they were told.
  • A dazzling light flashed about them as an angel from the Lord descended to meet them.
  • The herders were alarmed and fled.
  • I have some exciting news to share with you that will make everyone happy.

He is the Lord Jesus Christ.

They stated: “We’re not going to lie, we’re not going to lie, we’re going to lie.” “God be praised in the highest heavens!

“Let’s travel to Bethlehem and see what has happened,” they said to one another.

When they first saw him, they immediately spread the news about what they had been informed about the kid, and everyone who heard it was taken aback by what the shepherds had to say.

This is something I’ve always believed, but I had to be careful not to tell them something they didn’t already know.

When it was Christmas time, I used to look up at the sky for the brightest star and envision the shepherds following it in search of the newborn baby.

I was astounded by what I discovered, and it is something that I think about every time I see a nativity scene.

The Hebrew phraseMigdal Edarand, which translates as “watch tower of the flock,” refers to the “tower of the flock.” While this tower did not serve as a watchtower for the common flocks that grazed on the bleak sheep pastures beyond Bethlehem, it did serve as a lookout for those traveling to and from Jerusalem.

  1. The shepherds who looked after them were individuals who had received specialized training in the rearing of sacrifice lambs.
  2. This group of lambs was supposedly wrapped in “swaddling cloths” in order to keep them safe from harm.
  3. The prophet Micah foretells the location of the Messiah’s birth in Micah 5:2.
  4. Given that they were themselves under special Rabbinical supervision, they would scrupulously keep a ceremonially clean stable as a birthing location.
  5. They were used to keeping their flocks outside twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, but they brought the ewes in to give birth to their lambs so that they could be attentively cared for while they were still young.
  6. In this particular stable at “Migdal Edar,” the birth of Christ took place!
  7. According to Micah 4:8, this is the case.
  8. The shepherds who looked after the particular flock at Bethlehem (or in the vicinity of Bethlehem) were aware of the prophecies.
  9. They were continuously on the lookout for it.
  10. They were the ones who grasped the significance of the situation the best.
  11. According to Luke, the angels did not inform the shepherds of the location of the manger since they were already aware of the location of the lambs’ birth!

When Jesus was born, he was born in a particular sheep birthing site, where he was referred to as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” (See also John 1:29 and 36.) God’s plan for the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ could not have been more perfectly executed if He had chosen a more suited location.

I’m constantly astounded at how the simplest of things, the ever-so-childlike queries, can lead to such priceless revelations.

Have a good day!

Because I haven’t posted a project on my blog in many weeks, I thought I’d share this angel ornament that my little miss and I created over the Thanksgiving weekend. A few of the projects built with the NovemberSelf-AddressedKit may be seen here.

The Real Truth About the Shepherds on That First Christmas Night

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord,” the prophet Isaiah writes in the book of Isaiah. Luke 2:11 (NIV) On this particular night, the shepherds were out and about, keeping an eye on their flocks of sheep and safeguarding them from predators like they would on any other night of the year. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the angels of heaven arrived and announced the greatest news in the history of news: the birth of Jesus Christ! According to popular belief, the shepherds were impoverished, smelly, and ragamuffin.

  1. Yes, they were smelly and possibly a little untidy, but they were not the destitute, country-bumpkin farmers eking out a livelihood as we’ve always been told they were.
  2. So, who were these shepherds in the first place?
  3. A short look at the responsibilities of Jewish priests reveals everything.
  4. The tale is laid out for us in Luke 2:8–20.
  5. For today, in the city of David, a Savior has been born to you, and his name is Christ the Lord.
  6. They arrived in a hurried manner and saw Mary and Joseph, as well as the infant, who was resting in the feeding trough.
  7. All who heard it were taken aback by the things that the shepherds had said to them in their language.

As the story goes, “the shepherds returned, worshiping and thanking God for everything they had heard and seen, exactly as it had been told to them.” (WEB) The most common narrative we hear about these shepherds is that they were impoverished and filthy.

That is, to a certain extent, correct.

These shepherds, on the other hand, were not outcasts from society.

It is only of the Mishnah that we know they were priests.

The Mishnah is divided into three sections: As stated in one of its commandments, it “expressly bans the keeping of sheep throughout the country of Israel save in the desert —and the only animals that would be allowed to be maintained would be those for the Temple service” (Bab K.7:7; 80a).

As a result, they had to have been priests.

This is due to the fact that the sheep were scheduled to be sacrificed during the Passover celebration.

In another passage from the Mishnah, it is said that the Messiah would be revealed from the Migdal Eder, which translates as “tower of the sheep.” It was a real tower that existed just outside of town, within the grounds of the Temple priests’ compound.

It was the priest’s responsibility to remain in the Migdal Eder throughout the night.

(Isn’t it wonderful how such a small word can convey such a great deal of significance in the Bible?) Given that the shepherds were in the fields on a consistent basis, they were most certainly filthy, but they were not a group of impoverished shepherds.

No matter how you look at it, they were still shepherds in their hearts and minds.

Far if the notion that the angels appeared initially to impoverished, illiterate rural shepherds makes a great deal of sense, the truth is even more compelling.

Among other things, it was their responsibility to prepare the sheep for the Passover holiday and other Jewish festivities.

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While it is likely that the shepherds were unaware of what was taking place, the angel was hand-delivering a message to them, informing them that the time for animal sacrifice was drawing to a close, and they were the first to find out.

Luke 2:11 (NIV) He was finally born as the promised Messiah, the Savior of the world, whom the priests had been hearing about from the prophets for hundreds of years.

Now, via His death and resurrection, Jesus would prove to be the ultimate and perfect sacrifice, paying the price for man’s sin once and for all.

I’m sure you’d be running as well, wouldn’t you?

Regarding the swaddling cloths, just a little aside.

The rags Mary and Joseph used were neither rags Mary and Joseph brought from home or rags they happened to discover in the stable.

It is unclear where Mary and Joseph obtained the cloths, but theologians assume that they came from the priest Zacharias, whose wife, Elizabeth, is Mary’s cousin, and that they were given to them by Elizabeth.

As a result, the shepherds discovered baby Jesus, who had been wrapped in priestly robes.

As the Lamb of God (John 1:29) and the great High Priest, it is only fair that He should be slaughtered like a lamb for the salvation of all people at some point in the future.

What a blessing it is that we no longer have to sacrifice animals because of the price that Jesus paid on our behalf.

It is recorded in the Bible that the shepherds “returned, glorifying and thanking God for everything that they had heard and seen” after witnessing Jesus with their own eyes (Luke 10:20).

Knowing that the Savior of the world has arrived should inspire all of us to express our joy in His presence. From my family to yours, I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas!

What Do We Know about the Shepherds at Jesus’ Birth?

The four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John serve as the foundation of the New Testament. These four books chronicle the story of the coming of the Messiah, who is also known as Jesus the Christ. Only one of these four books takes us through the events leading up to Jesus’ birth. In Matthew, we are only given Jesus’ lineage; in John, we are told of Jesus’ Godhead (the Word became flesh); and in Mark, we are only given Jesus as an adult. Our entrance into the sacred moments surrounding Jesus’ birth is granted solely in Luke’s account, and this includes the shepherds.

Interpreting the Story of Jesus’ Birth

Nativities scenes, Christmas songs, and Christmas plays are all examples of ways in which we might learn about Jesus’ birth from the Bible. Artistic liberty is a term that refers to the use of creativity in a creative endeavor. This may often be beneficial in terms of broadening our perspective. However, there are situations when it can distort the facts and, as a result, what we believe we know. The wise men are often depicted alongside the shepherds in nativity scenes, but their arrival and departure times are not always the same.

Look at the narrative as it is told in the Bible to see if we can learn anything about the shepherds from it.

The Story of Jesus’ Birth

According to Luke 2:1-21, the narrative of Jesus’ birth is told. Furthermore, it came to happen during those days that an edict from Caesar Augustus was issued ordering the imposition of taxes across the entire world. (And this taxation was instituted for the first time during Cyrenius’ tenure as governor of Syria.) And they all went to their respective cities to pay their taxes. And Joseph likewise went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, into the city of David, which is named Bethlehem; (for he was of the family and lineage of David:) to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, who was nine months pregnant at the time of his taxation.

  1. In the meantime, she gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and put him in a manger because there was no space for them at the inn where they were staying.
  2. And, lo, the angel of the Lord descended upon them, and the glory of the Lord shined around them, and they were terrified to their hearts’ content.
  3. Also, the following will serve as a sign unto you: you will discover the child lying in a manger clothed in swaddling cloths.
  4. And when they saw it, they spread the word of the saying that had been imparted to them about this kid all throughout the world.
  5. Mary, on the other hand, treasured all of these things and pondered them in her heart.

As soon as the eight days for the circumcision of the kid were over, the child’s name was changed to Jesus, which was the name given to him by an angel before he was created in the womb.

What We Know about the Shepherds

Nobody knows who they were or how many they were since we don’t know their names. Although there are different reports about their social standing, it is apparent that God considered them to be significant. Here are a few facts that we may learn about:

  • They were the first to be informed
  • They were preoccupied with their usual activities
  • They saw and heard the angel of the Lord
  • They were terrified at first
  • They saw and heard the host of angels praising God
  • They were the first to be informed
  • They were persuaded by the angel of the Lord and went to meet Jesus as soon as possible
  • They were the earliest evangelists, and they were the first to see Jesus, long before the three wise men. He was less than a week old when he was placed in the manger.

The shepherds are an integral element of the nativity story and should not be overlooked in our celebration. Photo courtesy of iStock/Getty Images Plus/rudall30/public domain Author, coach, and speaker Danielle Bernock is a multi-award-winning worldwide author, coach, and speaker who specializes in empowering individuals to accept their worth and heal their souls through the power of God’s love. She has published several books, includingEmerging With Wings, A Bird Named Payn, Love’s Manifesto, and Because You Matter, and she is the host of theVictorious Souls Podcast.

She lives with her husband in Michigan, close to her adult children and grandkids.

Why God Told Shepherds First

Moreover, there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping an eye on their flocks during the night. It was then that they were horrified when an angel of the Lord came to them, and they were surrounded by the glory of the Lord.” Luke 2:8-9 (KJV) (NIV) If you had wonderful news to share with someone, who would you notify first? Every time something amazing happens in my life, the first people I want to inform are those closest to me, the ones who have the most impact on my life. It has been years since they have shown themselves trustworthy, and they will share my joy.

  • When God received the most wonderful news of all time, who was the first person He informed?
  • Are they well-to-do?
  • No, not at all.
  • According to the Christmas tale described in the book of Luke, this remarkable information is revealed.
  • Who wouldn’t be surprised if an angel and members of the “heavenly host” emerged where just a scrub brush had been a few seconds before?
  • I have fantastic news to share with you that will bring enormous delight to the entire world.
  • A sign for you will be found in the form of a baby wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger'” (Luke 2:10-12, NIV).

The shepherds hastened to Bethlehem, knowing that the “town of David” referred to Bethlehem, and they arrived just in time to view Jesus in the stable.

they spread the news about what had been told them about this child, and everyone who heard it was astounded at what the shepherds had spoken to them” (Luke 6:17b-18, NIV).

We cherish depictions of the nativity, as well as the lowly circumstances of Christ’s conception and birth.

Among the stinky and not-so-bright sheep were a group of shepherds out in the fields working.

They didn’t have anything to give to the newborn King.

God could have chosen the religious leaders, so why didn’t he?

Why didn’t they select a king or a wealthy somebody whose testimony would have been more credible?

There are two factors that spring to me when I think about this question: First and foremost, shepherds had the ability to be humbled and surprised that God had chosen them to be the ones to deliver the news.

Based on Jesus’ judgment of the religious leaders of his day, I believe they would not have reacted in the same way as they did.

They were devout people who had a high opinion of themselves during the time of Jesus’ birth when he was born.

They were undoubtedly not overjoyed that God decided to reveal the secret of the ages to them, nor would they have been grateful.

But not the shepherds.

That brings me to the second reason I believe God picked shepherds: their ability to care for sheep.

They weren’t like those overly cool kids who were preoccupied with what other people thought of them.

They just did it.

Remember what occurred when those illiterate, unsophisticated shepherds conveyed the news that a Savior had been born?

The reaction was awe-inspiring!

Their lives were forever changed when those modest men took the Good News of Jesus and did exactly what God wanted them to do – tell others about it.

I thank you for this opportunity.

Please assist me in putting aside those customs that have grown ingrained in my mind and focusing on the wonder of Jesus’ birth. Thank You for bringing a Savior to save me from my sins. I want to spend the rest of my life spreading the word about this. In the name of Jesus, Amen. ***

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What aspects of my personality can I improve so that people are more likely to witness or hear the fantastic things that God is doing through me?

Power Verses:

The prophet Isaiah writes in Isaiah 9:6, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.” And he will be known as “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Everlasting Father,” and “Prince of Peace,” among other titles. (NIV) “As Jesus was rising up out of the water, he saw heaven broken open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove,” according to Mark 1:10-11. It was then that a voice from heaven spoke to me: ‘You are my Son, whom I adore; I am happy with you.” Glynnis Whitwer created the NIV in 2010.

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How Did the Shepherds Know Where to Find Jesus?

The date is December 10, 2021. Scriptural quotations: Luke 2: 10-12 There was no star to point them in the right direction. It is not commonly known, but the star did not appear until much later in the film. It directed the wisemen to the location of the ‘kid.’ The question is, how did the shepherds know where to look for Christ The Lord? Keep in mind that Bethlehem was suffocating with people. “Anywhere may have been the location of this baby!” “Do not be alarmed, for behold, I bring you excellent news of great pleasure that will be shared by all the people,” the angel said to the people.

  • In addition, this will serve as a sign for you: (emphasis mine) you will discover a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” The shepherds received a sign from Gabriel.
  • They moved quickly, according to verse 16.
  • Due to the fact that they were shepherd priests (as stated in yesterday’s study), they were likely the only shepherds in the surrounding region.
  • In Bethlehem Ephrathah, which is located on the outskirts of Bethlehem, these shepherds labored in the pastures of sheep.
  • The tower, on the other hand, was sterile and immaculate throughout this time period because it was not in use.
  • Swaddling clothing were cloths that were particularly used by shepherd priests to wrap lambs in order to keep them clean and free of any blemishes at the time of birth and during the journey from the farm to the temple.
  • Yes, all of it is true.


It is likely that this particular translation would have struck a familiar chord with the shepherds since the first feeding trough that sprang to mind was the one that they used for their sheep.

Luke 2:16 is a passage from the Bible that explains how God created the world.

Take a look at the Lamb of God.

We had a day where everything went wrong.

Every small component of this narrative corresponds to a passage of scripture someplace else in the Bible.

He has gone to tremendous efforts in order to give redemption for you and for me, as well.

That strategy has developed exactly how he predicted it would in the beginning.

Is there anything in your heart that you want to do as a result of this news?

I’m hoping that we comprehend it so thoroughly that nothing stands in the way of our spreading this truth with as many people as possible.

Bible Study for ChristianTeens AmberBackusBooks ChristianMomAuthor BeholdTheBirthof a New Book Ladies, let us pray for you. BibleStudy FreeBibleStudy ShepherdsKnew MigdalEder Swaddling is a place to look. Feeding of Clothes Trough Manger is an abbreviation for Trough Manger. TheAngelGaveaSign

The Birth of Jesus

Matthew chapters 1 and 2, and Luke chapters 1 and 2.

An Angel Visits Mary

The angel Gabriel appeared to Maryand said, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. Youwill conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. Hewill be great and will be called the Son of the Most High.” (TNIV)

A young Jewish woman named Mary was approached by an angel named Gabriel one day some 2,000 years ago. The angel was named Gabriel. The angel Gabriel informed Mary that she would be the mother of a boy named Jesus, who would be the Son of God! Despite the fact that she was befuddled and concerned by the unexpected news, Mary had confidence in God and answered, “I am the Lord’s servant; let it be as you say.”

Journey to Bethlehem

Mary and her future husband, Joseph, resided in a town named Nazareth around the time of Jesus’ birth. In order to register for a census ordered by the Romanemperor, Caesar Augustus, they were required to go to Bethlehem, which they did. Both Nazareth and Bethlehem are located inside the borders of what is now known as Israel. The distance between Nazareth and Bethlehem is approximately 65 miles (105 kilometers), and the journey probably took them many days. In Bethlehem, when Joseph and Mary arrived, there was no place for them to stay because the inn had already been fully booked.

It’s likely that there was fresh hay on the floor, which they utilized as beds.

Because there was no cot available, they placed the newborn Jesus in a manger, which was a food dish for animals.

Shepherds Visit Jesus

Jesus was born in a stable and laidto sleep in a manger. The shepherds came to see firsthand the things theangel had told them.

Some shepherds were out in the fields near Bethlehem on that particular night, keeping an eye on their flocks of sheep. They were visited by an angel who brought them the joyful news that a Savior, the Messiah, had been born to them. The shepherds were instructed by an angel that they would be able to discover Jesus laying in a manger. All of a sudden, a large number of angels arrived and began to sing, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill among mankind!” After a hasty journey into Bethlehem, the shepherds discovered Jesus in the manger, just as the angel had said.

Wise Men Visit Jesus

Wise men from the East came to worshipJesus, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

A few years later, wise men from eastern countries, known as ormagi, witnessed a star in the sky that heralded the birth of a new emperor. They traveled to Judea, the region around the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, to worship Jesus, the new king, and to learn more about him. The king of Judea was a guy by the name of Herod. He summoned the wise men to a conference and instructed them to track out the new king so that he may pay his respects to him as well. The wise men proceeded on their journey to Bethlehem, where they followed the star until it was precisely above the home where Jesus was being raised.

They gave presents to Jesus in the form of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, which were considered to be among the greatest things in the ancient world.

In order to produce a delicious scent, Frankincense was burned, and Myrrh was used to manufacture luxury perfume. Following their encounter with Jesus, the wise men had a dream in which they were cautioned not to return to King Herod, prompting them to choose an alternate path home.

Journey to Egypt

When King Herod informed the three wise men that he desired to worship Jesus, he was lying. He was concerned that this new “king” would usurp his position as monarch of Judea. He was unaware that Jesus would grow up to be the king of God’s spiritual kingdom, rather than the monarch of Judea, as he had assumed. What Herod actually desired was to track down and kill Jesus! When Herod discovered that the three wise men had not returned to inform him where to find Jesus, he became enraged. He dispatched his men to Bethlehem with the orders to murder any infants under the age of two, believing that Jesus would almost likely be among those slaughtered.

Joseph relocated Mary and Jesus to Egypt, where they would be safe from Herod’s persecution.


Is it true that Jesus was born on Christmas Day? We commemorate Jesus’ birth on Christmas, butno one actually knows when day Jesus was born, or even exactly what year. In 336 A.D., the Western Church, centered in Rome, chose December 25 as the day to commemorate “Christ’s Mass,” which means “Christ’s sacrifice.” The Eastern Church picked January 6. The holiday was dubbed Epiphany, which literally translates as “appearance.” Eventually the time from December25 to January 6 became known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.


The legends of Jesus’ birth serve as a connection between the past and the present. Considering the circumstances of Jesus’ birth, it seems clear that He fulfilled the Old Testament predictions about a coming Messiah (Isaiah7:14, Matthew 1:23). He was born in the city of Bethlehem (Micah 5:2, Matthew 2:5-6). He had been summoned out of Egypt (Hosea 11:1, Matthew 2:15). When Jesus was born, it was in a stable, which was the most basic of settings. In a similar vein, Jesus demonstrated how God’s favor is reserved for the impoverished and disadvantaged.

Gentiles would eventually make up the majority of the Christian world in the future.


There’s so much more to it than we’ve realized. and now you can find out for yourself! What if the most beautiful narrative of all time, the birth of Jesus Christ, turned out to be even more lovely than you could have imagined it to be? Please take another look at the clear night of His birth and realize the Truth and Majesty that we were never taught about. LUKE 2:1-7, King James Version – (Bold Emphasis Mine) 1 And it came to happen during those days that a decree from Caesar Augustus was issued, requiring that everyone of the world be taxed.

  • 4.
  • As a result of their presence, the days leading up to her delivery were completed while they were there.
  • BETHLEHEM’S HOLY SUNSHINE What is it about Bethlehem that is so important to the story?
  • The fact that both Joseph and Mary were descended from the House of David and were born in the town of Bethlehem ensured that Jesus had both the legal and biological right to sit on the throne of David.
  • Jacob, the father of the 12 Tribes of Israel, who physically battled with the angel of the Lord all night in order to receive a blessing, resided in Bethlehem and buried Rachel, his beloved wife, in Bethlehem as well.
  • loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ Judac Fine Art is the name of the gallery.

The data-lazy-srcset attribute is set to ” SSl=1 739W,SSL=1 300W,SSL=1 600W, SSL=1 739W, SSL=1 600W, SSL=” ssl=1 739W, SSL=” The following data-lazy-sizes are specified: (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px” data-lazy-src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=” THE TOMB OF RACHEL OUTSIDE BETHLEHEM”> King David, the greatest king of Israel and a man after God’s own heart, was born in Bethlehem, where he grew up tending sheep before being appointed King.

Bethlehem is frequently referred to as “the City of David.” IN BETHLEHEM, DAVID SITTING ON HIS Throne It was predicted that the Messiah would be born at Bethlehem.


Bethlehem is a frantic madhouse. all of the inhabitants of the City of David have gathered to pay their taxes, as ordered by Caesar Augustus. The roads are jammed with people all throughout Israel, and there isn’t a single room available for Mary and Joseph in any of the hotels. There are a lot of people on the highways and in the cities. Israel as a whole will be included in the registration process, not just the city. The distance between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is only three miles, yet the crowds are enormous.

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What is it about this night.

The God of Creation intervened in the affairs of heaven and earth, as well as the affairs of a pagan king, to ensure that prophesy was fulfilled.

Bethlehem, which means “House of Bread” in Hebrew, is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, who is known as “the Bread of Life.”


Luke 2:8-9 King James Version — (Bold Emphasis Mine) 8 Shepherds were also seen in the same region, camped out in the fields at night, keeping an eye on their flocks of sheep. 9And, behold, the angel of the Lord descended upon them, and the glory of the Lord shined around them, and they were terrified to their hearts. GABRIEL. IT’S TIME FOR THE END! No, this is not a white-robed tiny girl with a gold-garland-covered coat hanger created in the shape of a halo over her head, as many people imagine angels to be.

This evening, there are no wise men and no least not yet.

Let us take another look to see whether it is still doable.


Luke 2:10a King James Version – (Bold Emphasis Mine) And the angel comforted them, saying, “Do not be afraid.” The Angel of the Lord is a supernatural figure of enormous height and stature. We know this because of descriptions of previous angelic encounters that are included in the Bible. When an angel appears, the first thing they say is always.Fear Not. Clearly, angels look to be.frightening. Consider the situation: how would you react? You’re sitting in a starlit field, minding sheep with only the light of a little bonfire to keep you company, and the only sound is the bleating of the sheep, when all of a sudden.

  1. The appearance of an angel of the Lord.
  2. This supernatural entity has come down from the very Throne Room of God Almighty with a message.for shepherds, to be precise!
  3. they are genuinely terrified.
  4. What is there to be afraid of?
  5. Consider.
  6. In the course of a single day, two angels arrive and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as all the cities and inhabitants of the plains.
  7. is much easier said than done.especially when you are well-versed on the origins of the phrase!
  8. for, behold, I bring you good news of great joy, which shall be to all people.” Luke 2:10b-11 KJV –(Bold and underline emphasis mine) “.

The majority of us can also relax at this point since we have heard the narrative since we were children and know precisely what will happen next. But, do we truly understand what we’re talking about, or have we gotten it all mixed up? Is there anything more the angel said?


Luke 2:12 (NIV) – (Bold and Underline Emphasis Mine) This will serve as a sign for you: You will discover the infant wrapped in swaddlingclothes and lying in a manger.” It’s right there.a sign. The only thing they should be looking for is a baby, and there is no mention of a star or any instructions on where to go or what to search for. In this narrative, there are no wise men to be found. On the night of Jesus’ birth, only the shepherds were told to come and see him. This does not happen until many months later, when Jesus is almost two years old and the wise men arrive with their gifts.

That is correct; neither the Shepherds nor the angels say anything, yet they are aware of it.

21:4) The amazed Shepherds suddenly see not just one angel, but a swarm of angels numbering in the thousands, all singing in unison.

This night will be remembered for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the stunning visitation of thousands of angels who sang to shepherds in a field on this particular occasion.


Yet, despite the fact that people from all over Israel are jammed into and around Bethlehem, some of whom are even sleeping in stables, the shepherds know precisely where they are supposed to go because of “the sign” that the Angel Messenger gave them? The baby is wrapped in his or her swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. Luke 2:12 King James Version – (Bold and Underline Emphasis Mine) This will serve as a sign for you: You will discover the infant wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.” They were only given three pieces of information: a baby, swaddling garments, and a manger.

  • What does this symbol imply, exactly?
  • There was no debate, and there was no pressing need to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
  • They KnewImmediately, With Confidence, and They Went WITHOUT DELAY!
  • What is the significance of a field near Bethlehem?

It is evident that there is more to these Shepherds than we have previously realized. How are we supposed to interpret their knowledge? It’s all about Bethlehem and the lambs.


Bethlehem is an ideal location for sheep grazing and guarding, much as it was in the days of Jacob and David. However, this is not your typical flock, and these are not your typical shepherds either. Shepherd Priests of this field care for the sheep of the Temple, much as David did in the wilderness. For the reason that they are unique lambs, particularly picked and cared for by Shepherd Priests of the Temple because they are the sacrifice lambs, these lambs will be used to temporarily eliminate the guilt of the people of Israel.


The Tower of the Flock, also known as Migdal Eder, was built in the fields outside of Bethlehem many years before the birth of Jesus. It is a circular tower with a second-floor observation deck from which the shepherds keep an eye on the sheep. The first floor serves just one purpose: it is used as a birthing chamber by the Levitical priests after being ceremonially washed and consecrated by them. It is ritually cleansed and set aside for the sacrificed lambs to be put in the sanctified manger on the day of the sacrifice.

Once the lamb is born, it is wrapped in swaddling clothes, which are cut from the priest’s robes, and placed in a manger to keep it from being injured by trampling or thrashing by the other animals.

For only a spotless lamb can wash away sins, even if just for a short period of time.

These men and women are educated in Torah and priestly ceremonies, and they are devoted to the service of the Temple and its sheep.

MICAH 4:8 New American Standard 1977 – (Bold, Underline and Parenthesis Emphasis Mine) “And as for you, Tower of the flock, Hill of the daughter of Zion, it will come to you— At some point, the previous dominion (Messiah) will return, and the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem will be established.” The angels knew precisely where they needed to go and who they needed to speak with in order to spread the good news.

  • They were completely prepared for what they were about to say.
  • for this night!
  • These shepherds, out in the open on this clear night, require no additional instruction.
  • They saw right once that Messiah would be born at the place where all sacrificial lambs for Israel would enter the world.

They went to the ceremonial birthing room at the base of the Tower of the Flock. and. they delivered the baby. So it was predicted by the angel. MESSIAH – SWADDLED IN STRIPS RIPPED FROM PRIESTLY ROBES


They discovered the infant, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger. just arrived in this world, without mark or blemish, the ultimate, irrevocable sacrifice for the sins of all people. They named him Jesus, meaning “God with us.” This is no ordinary lamb of the animal sort. rather, it is the Son of God, born to a Virgin! Luke 2:17-20 King James Version – (Bold Emphasis Mine) 17And when they saw it, they spread the word about the story that had been related to them about this kid.

19However, Mary retained all of this information and pondered it in her heart.

And we join the chorus of angels in proclaiming.

Peace on Earth.


So many times over the Christmas season, we come to a halt at the birth of Jesus under a starry sky. However, it is only at this point that the genuine miracle occurs. The narrative was known to JOHN THE BAPTIST. John 1:29 (ESV)— (Bold Emphasis Mine) 29 When he looked up the following morning, he saw Jesus coming toward him and exclaimed, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world! That is, the LAMB OF GOD took away the sin of the entire world, as we now know. Jacob’s Trouble is the name given to the impending time of Tribulation.

  • This is the moment when Our High Priest will come to take away those who have placed their faith in His sacrifice for their sins in an event known as the Rapture.
  • 1 Thessalonians 14:16-17 (KJV) –(Bold and underlined emphasis mine) 16 Thessalonians 14:16-17 (KJV) 17 After all, the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a mighty cry, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God: .
  • WE WILL BE CHANGED – 1 Corinthians 15:52 King James Version (Bold and Underline Emphasis Mine) 52And then, in a split second, in the blink of an eye, at the sound of the final trump, for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be resurrected incorruptible, and we will be transformed.
  • Once those who have placed their faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins have been gone from this earth in the Rapture, God will turn his attention to Israel, the unsaved, and the sin and injustice that exists in this world.

In this way, He will purify the world of sin and wickedness, and He will save all of Israel before ascending to the Throne of David to assume his proper position as King of the World.


During that day, He will triumphantly care the world’s sheep as well as the flock of Christ’s followers. All those who love and adore Jesus will have their grief alleviated. Migdal Eder will no longer shed tears since no more lambs will be slaughtered. It is for this reason that the Shepherd of the World shall reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.forever and ever.Amen! Let us react to the Truth, the Majesty, and the Immensity of Jesus’ birth with INCREDULITY, AWE, and WONDER. And with a fresh understanding of His Miraculous Birth.

Perhaps you could read this aloud to little children to reawaken their sense of surprise and excitement in the true story of Jesus’ birth!

BLESSINGS, Sherry Driskell Griffin is an American actress and singer.




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