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‘Jesus Calling’ Author Pens a Second 365-Day Devotional

Jesus Always (Thomas Nelson) is a 365-day devotional written by Sarah Young, author of the best-sellingJesus Calling (Thomas Nelson) in 2004, which has sold over 17 million copies worldwide to date (Thomas Nelson, Oct.). The publication, which is Thomas Nelson’s most popular book of the year, will have an initial print run of one million copies, making it the greatest print run in the history of the HarperCollins Christian Gift business. Even though it is believed that sales ofJesus Alwayswill rival the success ofJesus Calling, Young remains out of the public glare.

“It has not been difficult since I lived halfway over the world until recently, and I’ve been dealing with chronic health concerns for years,” she said.

She struggled to find a publisher for her first book, which was the culmination of years of prayer journaling.

Young believes that the works’ origins were distinct, but that the writing was the same for both volumes.

  1. She has also published many books, including Jesus Today: Experience Hope Through His Presence (2012), Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life(2007), and Jesus Lives: Seeing His Love in Your Life(2009).
  2. I have gotten positive feedback on my past works; but, the public has expressed an interest in another 365-day devotional.
  3. Christian and non-Christian media will be targeted in the campaign’s outreach efforts.
  4. Meanwhile, sales of Jesus Calling continue to soar to unprecedented heights.

Jesus Calling – Wikipedia

It is a daily devotional book authored by Christian author Sarah Young and published by Integrity Publishers, situated in Brentwood, Tennessee. Integrity was purchased by Thomas Nelson in September 2006, two years after it was founded, along with its inventory of publications, which included “Jesus Calling.” There are 365 days in the book, and the goal is to let readers have a greater connection with Jesus via their unique spiritual journey. Sarah Young’s reading of the linked book God Calling, written by A.

  1. Russell, served as an inspiration for portions of the novel.
  2. The following books by Sarah are also available: Jesus Always, Jesus Today, Jesus Lives, Dear Jesus, God Listens, Jesus Calling for Little Ones, Jesus Calling Bible Storybook, Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids, Peace in His Presence, and more.
  3. It is much more than a devotional book when Jesus Calls.
  4. Sarah Young graduated from Wellesley College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and then went on to receive a master’s degree in biblical studies and counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in St.
  5. Young is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), where her husband Stephen serves as an ordained pastor and third-generation Christian missionary in Japan.
  6. The pair worked asMission to the Worldmissionaries in Japan and Australia during their marriage.
  7. Young has been regarded as a modest individual who tries to remain out of the public limelight.
  8. In an article published by The Daily Beast, Jesus Calling was characterized as as “the Evangelical Bestseller You’ve Never Heard Of.”


One of the elements of a Jesus Calling podcast is anecdotes from readers of the devotional. The stories focus on how the devotional has made a difference in their life. Phil Keaggy, a Dove Award-winning artist from the Gospel Music Association (GMA), contributed the background music and donated his talents since the filmJesus Callinghas had a great influence on his family and friends. In front of more than 1,000 individuals gathered at the Iowa FaithFreedom Coalition on April 25, 2015, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker read from Jesus Calling.

It’s always encouraging to learn how a book like ‘Jesus Calling’ has impacted someone’s life.” On June 27, 2017, Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards visited the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women and gave copies of the book Jesus Calling to the women incarcerated there.

Before press briefings, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read from her leather-bound devotional,Jesus Calling, which she had written herself.

Other Works

Sarah Young has published a number of other works, among them:

  • Jesus Today was named Christian Book of the Year by the ECPA in 2013
  • Jesus Always was named Christian Book of the Year by the ECPA in 2018.


There have been several criticisms of Jesus Calling coming from inside the evangelical community. The book is written in the voice of Jesus Christ, who addresses the reader directly and claims new insight from God as a result of his actions. The habit of automatically writing while receiving messages is at the heart of the debate. Professor of religion atCalvin College, David Crump, told Christianity Today that Young “puts her thoughts into the first person and then portrays that ‘person’ as the risen Lord,” and that he is inclined to label her actions as “blasphemy.” The book’s preface has been revised to eliminate allusions to automated writing, and the publisher maintains that the book comprises Young’s own thoughts and inspirations.

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  • Sarah Young is a young woman who lives in the United States (2004). Jesus Calling: Relishing the Peace that comes from being in His presence. Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, Nashville, Tennessee, ISBN 9781591451884
  • Young, Sarah (2012). When You See Jesus’ Love in Your Life, You Know He Is Alive. Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Young, Sarah (2016), Jesus is always joyful in His presence, no matter what. Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, Nashville, Tennessee

Sarah Young

She writes devotionals as a way of sharing her own personal insights on her daily quiet time of Bible reading, prayer, and writing in prayer diaries with others. With more than 35 million copies sold globally, Jesus Calling has landed on the top of nearly every major best-seller list. Jesus Calling®,Jesus AlwaysTM,Jesus Lives TM,Dear Jesus,Jesus Calling for Little OnesTM,Jesus Calling Bible Storybook,Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids,Jesus Always: 365 Devotions for Kids, andPeace in His Presence are just a few of Sarah’s books, all of which encourage readers on their journey toward intimacy with Christ.

  • They are presently residing in the United States of America.
  • Sarah makes an effort to ensure that her devotional writing is consistent with that unwavering level of excellence.
  • In the preface toJesus Calling, Sarah explains that “the devotions.
  • She graduated with honors from Covenant Theological Seminary in St.
  • She is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), where her husband, Stephen, holds the position of ordained minister (minister of the gospel).
  • Sarah devotes a significant amount of time to prayer, reading the Bible, and memorization of biblical texts.

10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling

Sarah Young’sJesus Callinghas become a worldwide sensation that shows no signs of abating. “It has exceeded 15 million copies sold,” according to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, and “has continued to climb in units sold each year since it was first published.” Nelson is engaging in a large-scale new marketing effort that includes a new website as well as daily radio devotionals, among other things. As reported by the ECPA, “Thomas Nelson has begun a relationship with the Salem Media company to offer 60-second daily messages on Eric Metaxas’ show, which is broadcast on more than 100 radio stations across the country and internationally on SiriusXM Radio.” Each of these portions is broadcast on theJesus Callingradio devotional, which reaches more than 500,000 people each day.” With 15 million copies sold, it has earned its place among the rarest of the rare.

  1. Nonetheless, it is a truly disturbing novel.
  2. 1.She speaks on behalf of God.
  3. Jesus Calling makes the most audacious, bravest, and, in my opinion, most arrogant declaration of any book that has ever been deemed Christian, and it does it in the most straightforward way.
  4. So, with a pen in hand, she set off on a voyage that would transform her life—as well as the lives of countless others throughout the world.
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words of reassurance, consolation, and encouragement Her increasing awareness of His presence, as well as her ability to enjoy His peace (italics mine), have been facilitated by these words.” The fact that she claims to be communicating divine revelation raises a host of questions and concerns, not the least of which is the doctrine of Scripture alone, which assures us that only the Bible, and only the Bible, is sufficient to guide us in all matters of faith and practice.

  1. There is no way around her claim that she is communicating divine revelation.
  2. Jesus Calling only exists because Sarah Young had a deep desire to hear from God outside of the Bible.
  3. I had been writing in prayer journals for years, but that was one-way communication: I did all the talking.
  4. Increasingly, I wanted to hear what God had to say to me personally on a given day.
  5. Biblically, there is no need for it and no reason we should expect or heed it.
  6. Young does not only endorse her practice of listening, but goes so far as to elevate it as the chief spiritual discipline.
  7. In many parts of the world, Christians seem to be searching for a deeper experience of Jesus’ Presence and Peace.

4.She is inspired by untrustworthy models.

She describes it as “a devotional book written by two anonymous ‘listeners.’ These women practiced waiting quietly in God’s Presence, pencils and paper in hand, recording the messages they received from Him.

It dove-tailed remarkably well with my longing to live in Jesus’ Presence.” It is worth noting that recent versions ofJesus Callinghave been scrubbed of this information.

It is at times subbiblical and at other times patently unbiblical.

5.She provideslesserrevelation.

Jesse Johnsonsays, “She does grant that the content ofJesus Callingshould be measured against Scripture—but that is true of Scripture as well.

I mean, Jesus’ words to Sarah are literally packaged into a devotional, so that we can do our devotionals from them every day.” If her words are actually from Jesus, how can they be any less authoritative or less binding than any word of Scripture?

The way in which Young receives her revelation from Jesus smacks of the occult.

I felt awkward the first time I tried this, but I received a message.

It addressed topics that were current in my life: trust, fear, and closeness to God.

The words are claimed to arise from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.” Her inspiration wasGod Callingwhere it is even clearer that the authors allowed their minds to go blank at which point they supposedly received messages from God.

7.Her emphasis does not match the Bible’s.

For example, she speaks seldom of sin and repentance and even less of Christ’s work on the cross.

Horton adds, “The first mention of Christ even dying for our sins appears on February 28 (page 61).

The next reference (to wearing Christ’s robe) is August 9 (p.


Even the December readings focus on a general presence of Jesus in our hearts and daily lives, without anchoring it in Jesus’s person and work in history.” 8.Her tone does not match the Bible’s.

If this is, indeed, Jesus speaking, we need to explain why he sounds so markedly different from the Jesus of the gospels or the Jesus of the book of Revelation.

This creates sacred space around you—space permeated with My Presence and My Peace.” Why does Jesus suddenly speak in such different language?

By fabricating the spiritual discipline of listening and elevating it to the first place, she generates confusion about the disciplines that God does prescribe for Christians.

However,Jesus Callingconfuses the direction of these arrows, blurring the distinction between God’s speech and our response.” What she models and endorses is both confusing and unhelpful.

Most people don’t realize thatJesus Callinghas undergone alterations, not just in the opening where she eliminated references toGod Calling, but also in the words she claims to have gotten from Jesus.

After all, why would statements from Jesus need to be revised?

Did he change?

There is no acceptable alternative here, other than to mistrust what she has ever claimed to receive.

The big sorrow is that it is dragging people away from God’s means of grace that are so delicious and so rewarding, if only we will accept and embrace them.

In new book, Sarah Young of ‘Jesus Calling’ hopes Jesus is listening

— The Royal National Society (RNS) Sarah Young, best-selling author, is always ready to answer the phone when Jesus calls her. Reporters, on the other hand, are unable to even leave her a note. When it comes to privacy, Young is a legend. He avoids making public appearances, never speaks to reporters on the phone, and is almost never seen. Journalists wishing to interview the elusive Young, whose “Jesus Calling” series of novels has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide, according to her publisher, must first write an email and then wait for a response to arrive.

  • Young, who lives in Tennessee and writes from her home, prefers to remain out of the spotlight, content to write from her home and speak to outsiders on her own terms.
  • In recent years, she’s risen to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, and her latest book, “Jesus Listens,” is due out this week from Thomas Nelson.
  • For the purpose of marketing “Jesus Calling,” Young has authored a series of biographical pieces, one of which chronicles the events leading up to the publication of the book.
  • He was a Wellesley College graduate at the time.
  • That collection of devotionals, entitled “Jesus Calling,” was born out of her diary entries throughout the years.
  • Young’s book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Why the title “Jesus Listens”? What did you want to communicate? Were there challenges to writing in the first person?

It is such a comfort to know that Jesus hears and answers each and every one of our prayers, which is why my new devotional is titled “Jesus Listens.” He is completely devoted to us and is continuously concerned about our well-being. “Jesus Listens” is a song I created since prayer is such a vital part of my everyday routine. Prayer establishes a connection between us and God. The daily prayers in “Jesus Listens” are intended to serve as a jumping-off point for subsequent prayers, allowing readers to enjoy their time with Jesus while also feeling secure enough to convey all of their problems to Jesus.

The novel “Jesus Listens” is written from the perspective of readers who are praying to Jesus. They are devotional prayers, with the goal of guiding readers into a more in-depth, fuller, and more consistent communion with God.

What is it like being a missionary who is also chronically ill? Has it helped you understand God differently? Has it opened up doors for you to minister?

Being a missionary, a writer, and someone who suffers from a chronic condition all come together for me as a package deal. As much as I would like to be well, I am grateful for this “bargain,” which I have accepted with delight. All of my devotional books have come about as a result of my failures and tribulations. Although I’m acutely conscious of my shortcomings, this keeps me turning to the Lord for strength – seeking His face — rather than myself. I look to Him for strength, help, and encouragement, but I also look to His Word for these things.

As a result, my health problems help me to rely on Jesus and to work in partnership with Him.

My recognition of my own shortcomings enabled me to rely on God in this ministry and relate more effectively to the ladies I was counseling.

How has the success of “Jesus Calling” affected your missionary work? What has it enabled you to do?

At the time I made the decision to write for publication, I had no idea that the book would go on to achieve such widespread popularity. I’ve made a conscious decision not to allow the popularity of “Jesus Calling” to alter my personality. During the publication of the book, I was living in Perth, Western Australia, which is the most remote large city on the planet. Furthermore, Perth is located on the other side of the world from my publisher’s headquarters. My remote location, along with my chronic health concerns, has prevented me from participating in a book tour to yet.

  • Sarah Young, on the other hand, is a highly popular given name!
  • Becoming a best-selling book has resulted in a significantly greater number of individuals to pray for than I did at the start of my career!
  • This is a holy obligation, as well as a joyful privilege, in my opinion.
  • We are particularly interested in supporting missionary activity in foreign countries as well as church planting initiatives in the United States.
  • Currently, we are making contributions to the college funds of our six grandsons and granddaughters.

I suspect there are few Wellesley graduates who are devotional writers or missionaries. How did your experiences there shape your life? Do you still have any contact with your classmates from Wellesley?

Wellesley College offered a philosophy major, which I pursued. I was a non-Christian on a quest for truth at the time. My excitement would build each time I began studying a new philosophy, believing that it would be the one that brought my journey to a close. Further investigation into each worldview, on the other hand, invariably found weaknesses. I eventually felt disillusioned and came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as ultimate truth. My brother, on the other hand, handed me Francis Schaeffer’s book, “Escape from Reason,” a couple of years later.

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Because of this, I chose to enroll as a student at L’Abri, a Christian community in Switzerland founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer.

This was exactly what I needed, and it was when I was staying at L’Abri that I converted to Christianity. The basis for my life was now laid, and I could finally start living! I don’t keep in touch with many of my Wellesley classmates these days.

How has writing from the point of view of Jesus shaped your understanding of Christ?

When I originally started writing from Jesus’ point of view, it was entirely for my own personal benefit – to aid me in my pursuit of a stronger relationship with Him. Later on, I recognized that these articles may be of benefit to others as well. For example, in the prefaces of my works, I emphasize that the Bible is the sole divinely inspired Word of God, and that it is the unchangeable standard by which all that I write must be measured. I want all of my writings to direct readers to the Bible, and I want all of my books to do that.

My connection with Jesus has been strengthened and my love for Him has grown tremendously as a result of writing these books.

Why do your books speak to people?

My writings have a tendency to speak to various individuals in different ways, meeting them where they are at in their lives. I believe this is due to the fact that the books assist individuals in connecting with Jesus, who meets us right where we are. The volumes are intended to assist readers in developing deeper relationships with Jesus, the living Word, as well as with the Bible, the written Word.

The past few years have been difficult for evangelical Christians — many of whom read your book. What do you think Jesus wants to say to the church in this hour?

It is Jesus’ words in John 16:33 that I hold to – “I have told you these things so that you may have peace in Me.” You will encounter difficulties in this planet. But don’t lose heart! “I have triumphed over the world.” Also, God’s words to Isaiah in Isaiah 41:13 provide me with comfort: “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not be afraid; I will assist you.” Jesus has triumphed over the world, and He is always willing to lend a helping hand! Someone recently inquired as to whether I have any prophetic words to share with the world during these trying times.

The Lord’s methods are frequently enigmatic, and there are several aspects of His ways that I do not comprehend.

I find it beneficial to pray the phrase “I trust You, Jesus” several times a day.

It’s been nearly two decades since “Jesus Calling” was published. What has surprised you most about the last 20 years — and what do you hope the future will bring?

The worldwide sales of the “Jesus Calling” brand books – more than 35 million copies — have taken my breath away. When “Jesus Calling” was initially published, I expressed my concern to my husband, saying that I hoped my publishers would make a profit on the book. That so many copies would be sold was something I could never have anticipated! The most rewarding aspect of “Jesus Calling’s” popularity has been hearing from readers who have shared their incredible tales! When I see some of the various ways God has used my books to bless others, it is both exhilarating and humbling.

Those who have struggled with disease, loss, and bereavement have stated that the book has provided them with consolation through their most difficult times.

In the process of reading the devotions, some people have come to faith in Christ.

I dedicate all of the credit for these accomplishments to our mighty God!

I’ll continue to pray for my readers on a regular basis, and I pray that God will continue to bless and assist them via the reading of these publications. RELATED:Beth Moore announces her separation from LifeWay, stating, “I am no longer a Southern Baptist.”

A First-Person Defense of Writing in Jesus’ Voice (Published 2013)

Sarah Young may be difficult to track down, but her novels can be found almost anywhere. ‘Jesus Calling,’ a compilation of 365 short daily “devotionals” interspersed with Bible passages written by Ms. Young, has sold nine million copies worldwide since its 2004 debut. It outsold the film “Fifty Shades of Grey” during the first six months of 2013. She has authored two follow-up devotionals, as well as tie-in books for children and teens, as well as a Bible themed on the book “Jesus Calling.” The most astonishing thing about Ms.

  • Because of Lyme disease and other health issues, she prefers to stay as close to home as possible.
  • To submit questions concerning her work, which has sparked some controversy because it is written in Jesus’ first-person voice, as if he were personally imparting fresh insight to her, she asks that the questions be sent to her by email, and she will respond and defend herself in the process.
  • Young’s writings are discussed in depth in the October edition of Christianity Today, which is similar to People magazine for evangelical Christians.
  • Young’s thoughts are heretical, and it names numerous theologians who are concerned.
  • Young writes, “Try to understand what I gave up when I came into your world as a baby.” “I chose to put My Glory aside in order to relate with humans.
  • This is taken from the devotional for December 25, the day before Christmas.
  • “I made the decision to listen to God with a pen in hand, writing down anything I felt He was saying,” Ms.

The Bible is, of course, the sole inerrant Word of God; my works must be compatible with that unchanging standard,” she writes later in her project’s qualification section.

Young, who received her bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College in 1968, is married to a Presbyterian missionary and has two children and two granddaughters.

The reason for Ms.

With a written interview, she explained, “I will have the flexibility to work whenever it is convenient for me and rest when I need to.” ImageCredit.

Kris Bearss, who edits Ms.


In addition, she defended Ms.

“First and foremost, she makes no claim that Jesus communicates to her,” Ms.

“I believe she has attempted to be very explicit about this in the introductions to her books.

Young’s detractors, according to Ms.

“It’s one thing for a person to relay what they believe they have learned or gained from reading Scripture, praying, and spending time with the Holy Spirit,” Ms.

“It’s another thing entirely for a person to relay what they believe they have learned or gained from spending time with the Holy Spirit.” The fact that some people have interpreted it as her claiming to be creating a new version of Scripture or to be speaking on behalf of the Lord is another matter.” “Unfortunately, this is not true.” After biblical times, according to orthodox Protestant theology, God’s revelation came to an end.

People who claimed to have received fresh revelations directly from God were considered prophets.


Young, on the other hand, stated that she was taking a different approach.

Young, “disclosure has come to an end in the sense that the Bible is complete.” “However, what I am doing is devotional writing, and I do so by asking Jesus to guide my mind as I spend time with Him — to help me think His thoughts.” “However, what I am doing is devotional writing, and I do so by asking Jesus to guide my mind as I spend time with Him — to help me think His thoughts.” Ms.

  1. After that, she prays and waits while taking notes.
  2. Young isn’t doing anything particularly innovative.
  3. Another tradition is the crafting of prayers that find new words for the old scripture truths, and a more contemporary practice is the profit-making sale of such prayers to people who need them.
  4. According to her, the works are primarily written by women, for women, albeit one renowned classic, “My Utmost for His Highest,” released in 1924, was written by a male, Oswald Chambers, who was born in a different century.
  5. Ms.
  6. However, if one reads enough of the “Jesus Calling” series, her claim that Jesus is not speaking becomes more credible.

Whether Ms. Young is speaking as Jesus, about Jesus, or simply in close proximity to Jesus, her voice is being recognized. If not physically, then millions of them on screens and on pages, to be precise.

The Strange Saga of ‘Jesus Calling,’ the Evangelical Bestseller You’ve Never Heard Of

According to sales figures from the previous year, the seventh best-selling book in America was a 10-year-old Christian devotional authored by a lady who claims to have recorded God’s messages. Nielsen BookScan reports that Jesus Calling: Finding Peace in His Presence sold more copies in 2013 than the far more well publicized titlesLean In, the latest Stephen King novel, and 50 Shades of Grey combined, according to the company. As a whole, more than 10 million copies of the book have been sold in 26 different languages since its ignominious debut in 2004.

  • Our Daily Bread, My Utmost for His Highest, and The Purpose-Driven Life, among other best-selling devotionals, are comprised of brief portions that are designed to be read each day for encouragement and reflection on God’s Word.
  • That Jesus Calling is written in the voice of Jesus Christ and presented as though he is speaking directly to the reader distinguishes it from other books.
  • The book’s calming tone has made it extremely popular among Christians, but its apparent claims to include new revelation from God has made it a source of debate.
  • She is a solitary missionary who seldom allows interviews; as a result, when the New York Times and the popular evangelical magazine Christianity Today covered Young’s accomplishments last autumn, they were forced to settle for email conversations.
  • However, Jesus Calling has grown into a genuine business in its own right, despite Young’s withdrawal from the conference and media circuits, where so many inspirational books make their way to readers.
  • A follow-up book, Jesus Today, was also a best-seller and was named 2013 Book of the Year by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.
  • In addition, unrelated homages to the book, such as Heaven Calling and The Spirit Calling, have been created.
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Despite the fact that many evangelicals speak of listening for God’s voice and experiencing his presence, the concept of openly speaking in the voice of God is at best problematic and at worst heretical.

Evangelical Calvin College professor of religion David Crump said in an interview with Christianity Today that she “puts her views into the first person and then portrays that ‘person’ as the risen Lord.” “I’m inclined to label this blasphemy,” says the author.

And on the fringes of evangelicalism, where there is a high level of sensitivity to “New Age” influence, anxiety has blossomed into indignation.

Smith, a writer who describes himself as a “ex-New Ager,” published a book in 2013 titled “Another Jesus’ Calling” that was devoted solely to undermining Young’s claims to orthodoxy.

Early copies of the book have an introduction by Young that pays special tribute to a devotional book calledGod Calling, compiled by British writer A.J.

He said that the book was authored by two unidentified female “listeners,” who recorded what they believed to be communications from God in a notebook.

“Within a short period of time, messages began to flow more freely, and I purchased a special notebook to record these words.

“Of course, the Bible is the sole inerrant Word of God,” she confesses.

Some significant revisions have been made to the most recent version ofJesus Calling.

This is described as “focused on Jesus and His Word, while asking Him to direct my thoughts” in a passage in which Young describes her early attempts to write down what God had told her.

Upon comparison of the two openings, a critical reader might conclude that the publisher was attempting to bring an increasingly contentious but lucrative best-seller into line with mainstream evangelical dogma.

“The adjustments were made in order to make the introduction more understandable, especially given the fact thatJesus Callingis now being read by such a diverse group of individuals.” Powell asserted that Thomas Nelson did not draw attention to the modifications since the “substance of the introduction did not alter” across versions of the book.

She previously stated in an interview that she is now working on another yearlong devotional “written in the same pattern as Jesus Calling,” which will be released later this year. It will be released the following year.

Best-Seller ‘Jesus Calling’ Is Built on Falsehood, Says Christian Author Randy Alcorn

Author Randy Alcorn has been reticent to communicate his dissatisfaction with the best-selling devotionalJesus Callingby Sarah Young, despite his strong feelings about the book. However, as a result of its widespread success and the recent award for “Jesus Always,” which was named 2018 Christian Book of the Year, Alcorn is now speaking out. He stated that the text does not contain any heresies. Nevertheless, he stated that Young should not depict her views as if they were the actual words of Jesus Christ.

  • It’s quite straightforward, yet the main difficulty with Jesus Calling is that Jesus did not say these words himself.
  • In fact, regardless of whether or not it is biblically sound, it is a whole book based on deception and fabrication.” According to the book’s description, the book is a daily devotional based on what she received from God during her quiet moments in the morning and evening.
  • Young states in the introduction that she “decided to ‘listen’ with a pen in hand, jotting down anything I ‘heard’ in my thoughts.” She continues, ” God, according to the author J.
  • Packer in his book Your Father Loves You, ‘guides our brains as we think things out in his presence.’ In this manner, I was receiving His guidance – by concentrating on Jesus and His Word, while asking Him to direct my thoughts.
  • As a result of discovering this new manner of conversing with God, my day reached its zenith.

This turned out to be a great approach for me to encourage myself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6 kjv).” “The Bible is the sole infallible and inerrant Word of God,” she continues, “and I make every effort to ensure that my works are compatible with that unchanging standard.” “I’ve written from the point of view of Jesus speaking in order to enable people feel more directly connected with Him,” says the author.

Young’s book, according to Alcorn, who is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, “I’m totally in support of Sarah or anybody else documenting what they feel God is communicating to them as they read Scripture.” Nonetheless, I am not in favor of making it public in order for people to believe that these are statements God is communicating to them.” In a book, what do you think would happen if someone wrote something and attributed their own words to someone like Bill Gates or Tom Brady or Chuck Norris or Julia Roberts?

No one would put their faith in the author in addition to the litigation.” According to him, Christian authors who claim to be speaking straight from God are extremely rare in the Christian community.

Pastor Tim Challies of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario, expressed his dissatisfaction with the book in 2015, calling it “troubling,” and he was not alone.

In the face of her claim that she is conveying divine revelation, there is no way to avoid a variety of problems and concerns, not the least of which is our belief in Scripture alone, which tells us that the Bible and only the Bible is adequate to lead us in all matters of faith and practice.

Yet, some well-known Christian celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, have backed the book, with the pop singer encouraging his millions of followers across the world to read and study the devotional in 2016, according to the book’s publisher. Stoyan Zaimov may be found on Facebook at:CPSZaimov.

Redeemer Report

A lot of individuals in and around New York have informed me how much they enjoy this book in the last few weeks, and I’ve seen stacks of it at Costco and been requested to approve it for sale on the Redeemer Book Table (no). It seemed to me that it was past time to explain why I believe this book is useless and should be avoided. If Sarah Young, the author of the statements ascribed to Jesus, had just used the pronoun “He” instead of the pronoun “I” in her book, almost half of my objections to it would have been eliminated.

Despite the fact that she acknowledges in the Introduction that she “knew that these writings were not inspired as Scripture is,” and that she states a few pages later that “the Bible is, of course, the only inerrantWord of God,” why are the messages she received from Jesus written in the first person?

  1. She writes in the preface, “I knew that God spoke to me via the Bible, but I longed for something more.” God’s unique message to me on a particular day was what I desired to hear.
  2. Jesus Callingis a perfect example of this tendency.
  3. If I had to guess, I’d say that many of the individuals who enjoyJesus Callinghave discovered that simply reading the Bible is not enough to meet their spiritual requirements.
  4. The only place you can be certain that you are hearing God’s words is in God’s Word, which is about the Word of God, Jesus, and only in God’s Word can you be certain that you are hearing God’s words.
  5. 2:15-17; 2 Timothy 3:15-17).
  6. Developing knowledge is difficult, but it is what moves us from the “milk” that Paul describes as the food of the Corinthians to the “meat” that Paul defines as the diet of the Romans (1 Corinthians 3: 1-2).
  7. “I have noticed that themes of His Peace are becoming increasingly prominent in my work,” Ms.
  8. I’m confident that this inclination represents my own particular requirement.
  9. Is this, however, everything that God wishes to communicate to us?
  10. Ms.

But even with the most basic of Bible reading plans, such as the one developed by Robert Murray M’Cheyne (which is accessible as a booklet on Redeemer’s booktable), you will find yourself facing a multifaceted, transcendent God who is holy, mysterious, and righteous—not a God who can be contained.

The sermons of Jesus Calling, in particular, do not have a “outward facing, ministry-minded, or sacrificial” tone, according to one former supporter of the ministry who expressed his disappointment.

The Bible says in John 14:21, “Whoever receives my orders and obeys them is the one who loves me.” ‘He who loves me will also be loved by my Father, and I myself will love him and demonstrate my affection for him.’ If you want to have a personal encounter with Jesus, discover how to locate him in his Word.

His genuine Word. Thank you for your interest in receiving the Redeemer Report. If you would like to contribute to Redeemer’s work in New York City, please click on the button below to make a donation.

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