Who Sings Dear Mr Jesus?

Child’s Sad Song a Surprise Hit (Published 1987)

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The digitization process occasionally introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve the quality of these archived versions of the documents.An appeal against child abuse made by a 6-year-old girl has prompted thousands of phone calls to radio stations across the country, many of which are from parents who batter their children and seek assistance for their children.With the song ″Dear Mr.Jesus,″ she has created a nationwide sensation that is still going strong.According to Robert J.Shiflet, promotion director at KSCS radio, a country-music station in Fort Worth, ″it’s unlike anything that has ever happened before.

Because of the song’s popularity, the station has received 500 calls every day since it began airing it the day before Thanksgiving.For example, at least 50 calls to KSCS have come from parents who have acknowledged to physically assaulting their children.″With this letter, the cycle is broken,″ one listener commented in response to the broadcast.

  • Other callers identify themselves as adults who experienced abuse as youngsters.
  • When her violent father died in a vehicle accident, one lady described it as ″the best day of her life.″ The majority of the calls are simple pleas for the music to be played.
  • A combination of factors, including holiday emotions and media coverage of the case of Elizabeth (Lisa) Steinberg of New York City, a 6-year-old girl whose adoptive parents have been accused in connection with her death last month, have been cited as explanations for the outpouring.
  • Sharon Batts of Bedford, Texas, who was six years old at the time of the recording, sings the following: Dear Mr.

Jesus, Please advise on what I should do.And please don’t tell my father, because my mother also smacks me on the head.It’s a hard record to come by.In New York, radio station WHTZ receives 3,000 requests for ″Dear Mr.Jesus″ each day, according to the station.

In Los Angeles, KIIS receives around 300 inquiries every day.″Moms phone in and they’re sobbing,″ said Jack E.Silver, the music director for KIIS radio station.In this case, KIIS obtained its copy from WHTZ, which obtained its recording from WRBQ in Tampa, Florida.Although the song has received a tremendous amount of attention, it is very hard to get a recording of it at music stores.

  1. ″Dear Mr.
  2. Jesus″ was released as part of an album called ″Shelter From the Storm″ in 1986 and has been playing on Christian radio stations since then.
  3. It just recently made its way to mainstream radio after years of playing on Christian stations.
  4. According to Mr.
  5. Shiflet, ″I had no idea it would elicit such a strong reaction.″ In response to overwhelming demand for the $9.98 album, Power Vision Records, a tiny nonprofit company that issued it, is only now pressing a single to satisfy the glut of demand.

Power Source, a Christian youth group from the Dallas region with a membership of 21 people, founded the label.It was founded in 1982 by Jan Batts, mother of the young soloist who performed in ″Dear Mr.Jesus.″ She is now nine years old.Offers Have Been Made by Major Labels Mrs.

Batts estimates that around 30,000 recordings have been sold by mail order, with a backlog of 50,000 more, according to the label.Revenue from sales of the album by two Dallas radio stations will be donated to Odyssey Harbor Inc., which operates in Keene, Texas, 30 miles south of Fort Worth and serves 36 abused children, the majority of whom are court-ordered to receive treatment there.The money generated by Power Source’s own sales is being used to press additional records.A former Power Source member, Richard Klender, wrote the poem ″Dear Mr.

Jesus,″ according to Mrs.Batts.She said it was inspired by a member of the group’s advisory board who had suffered abuse as a youngster.More than a half-dozen big record labels have approached Power Source with offers to create and distribute the album across the country.

The firm has turned down an offer from a big Christian music label, but it is still examining other opportunities.According to Mrs.Batts, she would like to reach as many people as possible who would benefit from the song’s message, but she does not believe that mass distribution is what God desires.

A ‘Melancholy Season’ has descended upon us.Retailers are free to establish their own pricing for the time being, and those who have been fortunate enough to get any of Power Vision’s limited supply are donating their profits to charity.According to Mason L.Dixon, operations manager and afternoon disc jockey for WRBQ, an AM-FM radio station in Tampa, Fla., Camelot Music Stores in Tampa would donate $2 of the album’s $7.95 price.WRBQ was the first secular radio station to broadcast the historical event.

  • According to Mr.
  • Dixon, one radio station in Australia was so frantic for a recording of the song that WRBQ broadcast it via a phone line to satisfy their needs.
  • According to Radio & Records magazine, the song made it into the top 84 most popular songs on the radio last week, despite being in last place on the list.
  • Twelve radio stations reported playing ″Dear Mr.
  • Jesus,″ with ten of them having added the song in the recent week to their playlist.
  • In the words of Kenneth J.
  1. Barnes, editor of Radio & Records, ″It’s an emotional moment, and the listener has a larger tolerance for anything that brazenly tugs at the heartstrings.″ The release of a gospel song with a large dosage of nostalgic sorrow is quite uncommon, according to Mr.
  2. Barnes, who noted that novelty records are particularly popular around the holidays.
  3. When asked whether he believed Sharon Batts, the child vocalist on the album, would be harmed by performing the song, David S.
  4. Leiderman, the director of the Child Welfare League of America, said affirmatively.
  5. In my opinion, it will not have a negative consequence.
  6. This may have a beneficial effect on her, if she is having an effect on others.″ The league is a coalition of business and governmental organizations based in Washington, D.C.

″Every survey of public opinion reveals that there is huge support for problems affecting children,″ Mr.Leiderman continued.Lisa Steinberg was able to connect with her audience.″

‘Dear Mr. Jesus,’ a 1986 Child Abuse Song, Turns Into Radio Phenomenon

  1. No, it isn’t another another hunger-relief song, nor is it a snappy version of a holiday classic that is the most popular topical record of the holiday season.
  2. It’s ″Dear Mr.
  3. Jesus,″ a lullaby with a message concerning child abuse sung by a small girl in the background.
  4. Here’s an example of a lyric: Dear Mr.
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Jesus I felt compelled to write to you because I was extremely alarmed by something I saw on the news.A story of a little girl who has been beaten black and blue.Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.The song has become the radio phenomenon of the year, breaking all genre boundaries from Top 40 to country to adult contemporary to adult contemporary.In order to avoid having to wait for the record, one radio station in Australia had it sent via telephone from a U.S.station.

And radio stations aren’t just playing the song; they’re also putting the song’s message into action by donating to child abuse prevention organizations.This is all driven by one song, ″I Believe,″ which was recorded three years earlier and released in early 1986 on an album that has only been available in Christian record stores and by mail order.The album, ″Shelter From the Storm,″ has sold more than 30,000 copies in the six weeks after the single ″Dear Mr.

  • Jesus″ became popular with the public.
  • Mr.
  • Jesus’ ″ effect on radio was significant enough to place it at No.
  • 82 on Billboard magazine’s pop singles list, despite the fact that no singles are currently available for purchase (the initial pressing of 20,000 is due soon, and is sold out on advance orders).

PowerSource, a children’s chorus affiliated with the Ministry Gospel Workshop for Children, a non-profit Christian organization founded by Jan Batts in Bedford, Texas, sang the song ″Shelter From the Storm″ (available on PowerVision Records).Batts, a free-lance journalist, wished to assemble an album and film that would include songs ″about challenges that children confront,″ according to the artist.One of the members of her organization’s board of directors had been molested as a kid, and she requested that abuse be included as a topic.As a result, Batts said in a telephone interview from her Fort Worth offices, ″we asked her to write down bad emotions and we supplied positive solutions in the song.″ When Batts’ daughter Sharon was six years old (she is now nine), the song was written and produced by Los Angeles songwriter Richard Klender, with Sharon singing in a beautiful, whispery voice that was reminiscent of her mother.Since the release of ″Dear Mr.

Jesus″ on Tampa’s Top 40 station WRBQ in early November, the album, which also addresses issues such as self-esteem and loneliness, has received only modest sales and airplay on Christian music stations.The song was then picked up by New York’s WHTZ radio station, which played it during the week preceding the burial of Lisa Steinberg, a child abuse survivor who was well recognized.The station was inundated with calls.The news spread swiftly via the radio industry, and the song was immediately added to playlists all around the United States.’I’ve been working in radio for a long time, and I’ve never seen such a positive response to a record,’ said Liz Kiley, music director at KOST-FM in Los Angeles.

  1. ‘We began playing it on December 2nd, and we’ve had several thousand requests since then.’ Jan Batts, 39, is swiftly learning to balance her numerous responsibilities as spokesman for her organization, record-marketing executive, and mother of ″the voice″ on the song as the demands for interviews in newspapers and on television continue to pour in.
  2. ″People aren’t aware that Sharon is only one of several soloists in PowerSource, but that’s OK with me—especially when I consider the difficulties of transporting 20 youngsters from the concert cast to the various venues where she has been invited to perform.″ Sharon, a nine-year-old girl who aspires to be a veterinarian and/or oceanographer, is unfazed by her unexpected and unusual rise to celebrity.
  3. This week, she talked quietly and seriously about her desire to assist abused children, hoping that going on the record would inspire them to come forward and tell someone about their situation.
  4. However, she couldn’t keep the chuckles away when she saw how much attention she was getting from the media.
  5. ″I’m being referred to as a’media darling’ by all of these newspapers,″ she remarked.

″It’s become a running joke in our household.″ It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about the ″Dear Mr.Jesus″ that elicits such a deep and emotional response.According to Odile Robinson, foster-care coordinator for the Children’s Bureau of Los Angeles, a private, nonprofit organization, ″I believe everyone can identify to this song in some way because we’ve all experienced a period when we felt misunderstood,″ therefore the song ″strikes a chord.″ The common perception is that ″maybe I wasn’t mistreated by my parents, but they were cruel to me this one time, and I felt lost and lonely, as if I could have needed Mr.Jesus or someone to calm me.″ As KLAC disc jockey John Driscoll pointed out, the rise and fall of a song like ″Dear Mr.

Jesus″ is nothing new in the music industry.″Every few years, we have narrative tunes that tug at the heartstrings and become novelty items,″ he explained.You feel a little cold and tears in your eyes at first, and then you realize, ‘Hey-I’ve had enough of this.’″ The tendency appears to be a long-standing one, particularly around the holidays.″ A version of ″What the World Needs Now Is Love,″ made in the early 1970s, was overdubbed with newscasts about the assassinations of President John F.Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Driscoll remembers the song.″It was another one of those songs that people wanted to hear at all hours of the day and night.″ Driscoll stated that KLAC has reduced the amount of time the song ″Dear Mr.Jesus″ is played on the air for fear of overexposure.″I’m asking folks to let me know if they want to hear it or not at this point,″ she says.

″On Wednesday, 45 out of 50 callers were still interested.″ Those who dislike the song have labeled it as everything from opportunistic to blatantly apparent, rude, and theatrical.Some people were against the song because they believed it ″did absolutely nothing to help anybody understand the issues of child abuse any better.″ Others were against it because they believed it ″did absolutely nothing to help anyone understand the problems of child abuse any better.″ Despite the fact that a song can only accomplish so much, Jan Batts feels that ″Dear Mr.Jesus″ is effective in its intended objective of encouraging abused children to come forward and tell someone about their condition.

It appears to be accomplishing precisely what it was designed to achieve, according to a large amount of mail and phone calls received by the radio stations and the station’s staff, she added.

Who sings the song Dear Mr Jesus?

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  5. When did the song Dear Mr Jesus first come out on the radio?

Who sings the song Dear Mr Jesus?

PowerSource Greetings, Mr. Jesus and Artists

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  6. Make a base track or a guide for yourself.
  7. Make a recording of the Rhythm Section.
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When did the song Dear Mr Jesus come out?

1986 This is all driven by one song, ″I Believe,″ which was recorded three years earlier and released in early 1986 on an album that has only been available in Christian record stores and by mail order. The album, ″Shelter From the Storm,″ has sold more than 30,000 copies in the six weeks after the single ″Dear Mr. Jesus″ became popular with the public.

Dear Mr. Jesus

  1. Sharon Batts is an odd contender for the position of pop superstar.
  2. However, at the age of nine, the brown-eyed third-grader from the Fort Worth suburb of Bedford has successfully evaded the music business moguls with a popular track about a subject that few would consider for inclusion on Top 40 playlists: bullying.
  3. Sharon’s tinny voice sings plaintively, ″Dear Mr.
  4. Jesus,/ I simply had to write to you,″ in a hushed tone.

A tale of a small girl/ who had been beaten black and blue/ made me feel incredibly uncomfortable when I watched it on the news.″ In the song, after pleading Jesus to come to the rescue of abused children, the singer finishes, ″Dear Mr.Jesus,/ please tell me what to do./ And please don’t tell my father/ because my mother strikes me, too.″ In September 1985, Dear Mr.Jesus was recorded by the Bedford-based Gospel Workshop for Children, a nonprofit evangelical Christian ″music ministry″ formed by Sharon’s mother Jan.The song was initially broadcast in 1986 on a radio station in Port Arthur, Texas, and has since become a classic.Thousands of emotional callers ready to express their own experiences with child abuse responded to the song on radio stations in Florida and Texas, thanks to word of mouth and a 4-and-a-half-minute music video starring Sharon and her doll Bessie.When Scott Shannon of New York City’s top-rated WHTZ-FM received a copy of Dear Mr.

Jesus from Tampa’s WRBQ-FM, he played it in honor of Lisa Steinberg, a little girl who was beaten to death while in the care of a Manhattan couple, last month, the song went viral.Dear Mr.Jesus became the most requested song on WHTZ within 24 hours, and it continues to receive 3,000 calls every day.

  • Since then, radio stations all around the country have noticed the same anomalous occurrence.
  • Last week, Island Records, located in New York, was one of many firms interested in acquiring the rights to Dear Mr.
  • Jesus.
  • Hopefully, the song and video will be out in time for the holiday season!

Child abuse has been the subject of several successful songs, including Sharon’s.Suzanne Vega, a folk-rock singer from California, made the Top Ten with her song Luka, which took a more modest and artistic approach to the subject matter.Nonetheless, Dear Mr.Jesus’s bereaved plea definitely strikes a sympathetic chord with the audience.″You may continue to broadcast child abuse warnings and public service announcements for as long as you want,″ says Buddy Scott, program director for WBBM-FM in Chicago, ″but this song elicits an emotional response in you that you were not expecting.″

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Dear Mr. Jesus / Love, Sharon by Powersource – RYM/Sonemic

  1. Six-year-old child sings an absolutely horrible song.
  2. Mrs.
  3. Jesus is addressed in her prayer with the phrase ″Dear Mr Jesus,″ which is intended to be cute in the manner that a child makes letters backwards in a crayon.
  4. She claims to have seen a news report about a child who had been beaten close to death, and she doesn’t understand why the parents were taken away since ″I know they don’t mean to hit,″ she says.

The lyric ″Please don’t tell daddy, because mama strikes me, too″ is heard near the end of the song.Everything about the song is a complete and utter snooze-fest.The dreadful synthesizer background.The vocals are in the manner of a first-grade pageant (about severe child abuse, lest you forgot).The hazy notion that the best thing to do in the case of child abuse is to notify Dear Mr Jesus to the situation (he evidently missed the news article – thank you for the heads-up, youngster), and then to sit back and let Him take care of things.Despite all of this, the song has dozens of poorly-produced ″music videos″ on YouTube, which may be seen here.

According to some, the most effective way to combat child abuse, other than informing Dear Mr Jesus of the situation, is to create a mediocre ″music video″ for the song ″Dear Mr Jesus,″ even if you’ve never created a music video before.If you mix clipart of a sorrowful kid and a downcast Jesus with genuine photographs of brutally abused children, you will receive bonus points.With this song, I was able to win a t-shirt in a contest.

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Dear Mr. Jesus lyrics by Powersource – original song full text. Official Dear Mr. Jesus lyrics, 2022 version

Greetings, Mr.Jesus A tale of a little girl who had been beaten black and blue moved me to write to you.When I saw it on the news, it made me feel really uneasy.Jesus anticipated that I’d deliver this to you directly.Greetings, Mr.

  1. Jesus I’m baffled as to why they took her mother and father away.
  2. I’m sure they didn’t want to hurt them.
  3. With ferocious and enraged hands I’d like you to tell them how big they are, I pray.
  4. Chorus: Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.

We require love as well as protection from the storm.Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.Will you ensure that we are secure and warm?Greetings, Mr.

Jesus They believe she may succumb to her injuries.Oh, I hope the physicians are able to relieve the discomfort.I’m confident that you could save her and transport her to the heavens so that she would never have to suffer again.Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.We require love as well as protection from the storm.

Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.Will you ensure that we are secure and warm?Greetings, Mr.Jesus Please advise me on what to do, and please don’t tell my father, because my mother also strikes me on the head.Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.

We require love as well as protection from the storm.Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.Will you ensure that we are secure and warm?Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.They require affection as well as protection from the elements.

Please do not allow them to cause harm to your children.Will you ensure that we are secure and warm?This song’s lyrics were collected from the website lyrics.p.powersource.com/dear mr jesus.html

Dear Mr. Jesus

Special Edition Box Set of Dear Mr.Jesus to commemorate the film’s silver anniversary The 25th anniversary of the song that moved a country is being commemorated this year.We have put together a comprehensive commemorative box set that contains the following items: here is the whole hit album ″Shelter from the Storm,″ which features the original top-40 smash song ″Dear Mr.Jesus,″ which was written and sung by 6-year-old Sharon Batts (see details below).the original music video (Dear Mr.

  1. Jesus), which was broadcast on MTV and VH1, as well as the music video for ″Survivor″ Richard Klender’s Survivor Anthem CD, RAIN DVD, and Music Videos are available.
  2. Bonus DVDs are included.
  3. Introduce yourself in a unique way.
  4. For a limited time, the price is $19.99 (regularly $39.99).

OUT OF STOCK Please contact us if you want this product on CD.

Includes: PowerSource: Shelter from the Storm CD

As an added bonus, PowerSource: Shelter From The Storm, an original album recording created by PowerSource, including the Top-40 smash tune ″Dear Mr.Jesus,″ sung by Sharon Batts, and is included in this Commemorative Box Set.The album comprises songs that speak to critical concerns that children are facing today, such as child abuse, one-parent families, rebellion, and other matters of concern.Richard Klender is the lead vocalist, and the young PowerSource vocalists are included on the album.Material that is appropriate for children from the ages of 8 to 88.

  1. Only Child, Lil Rebel (from Dear Mr.
  2. Jesus), Little Lambs (from Jesus Hears, Jesus), I Heard You Have a Big House (from I Heard You Have a Big House), Champion (from I’ll Never Stop), and more are among the songs on this album.
  3. Listen to some song samples below.

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