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For Christs sake, I haven’t taken my depro-provara for two weeks, which is a mild kind of sacrilege. courtesy of Harry Flashman FlagJuly 11, 2003FlagGet yourself a cup of criminal justice. shoe of AsmallcriminalAcriministolemy, a criminalistolemy shoe! byCalla89 TheCriminimug will be available on February 20, 2020. A well-known underground cigarette. Why don’t you go out and get me some Criminy Bobs, instead? byJohnFRennedy Get your hands on theCriminy Bobsmug on February 19, 2011. A term used to describe happinessoranger.

Get yourself a JIMINY CRIMINY mug.

They operate in the shadows, making it difficult to locate them, but dang they are excellent.

The kids, of course!

a crackhead’s moral compass Allow your conscience to serve as a guide.

The expression is connected to criminality, but it is intended to be more enthusiastic.

Jiminy H Criminy, Jiminy H Criminy!


Helga’s catchphraseCriminy (which she and her father also used), which has also been spelledcriminiorcrimeny, is in fact a genuine term that she made up. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is “a vulgar cry of astonishment: now rather archaic,” and it may be linked to the Italian wordcrimine, which means “crime.” Whatever its origins,criminyis one of those gentle, old-fashioned euphemisms for “Christ” that includes words such ascrikey,cracky,cripes,Christmas,Christopher Columbus, andG. Rover Cripes.

  1. Criminy may be traced back to at least the 17th century: “Oh, you scumbag!
  2. I’m completely taken aback.” That should give you a sense of how light the oath had become by the middle of the nineteenth century!
  3. Oh, you criminals!” Jiminy is a euphemism that is comparable, as inJiminy CriminyorJiminy Criminy Jiminy Cricket (which did not originate with Walt Disney) is a character who also means “Jesus Christ” in several cultures.
  4. This practice dates back to the 17th century as well.
  5. Is it you, sir?” wrote Dryden in 1672, referring to the sign of the zodiac.

You’ve probably never heard anything quite like Leigh Hunt’s Rimini, which is a nimminy pimminy story.” In addition, the following may be found in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876): “‘Oh, geeminy, it’s him,’ both lads shouted at the same time.” Many civilizations prevent people from using the name of God, and the third of the Ten Commandments in the Judeo-Christian tradition forbids people from “taking the name of the Lord in vain,” which means “using God’s name in vain.” As a result, humans have evolved euphemisms to fill the void left by the absence of appropriate words to describe amazement, rage, irritation, and other emotions.

It was as a result of this that terms such as Odd’sbodkins, Gadzooks, Zounds,’struth, and’sblood emerged in the 16th and 17th centuries, which do not contain the word “God.” The mild-sounding drat is most likely derived from the 17th-century phrase “od rat it,” which means “God rot.” The beginning sounds of certain prohibited phrases are preserved in euphemisms such as jeepers creepers for “Jesus Christ” and gollyandgosh for “God.” When a banned term is replaced, we get idioms such as “for Pete’s sake,” “for the love of Mike,” and “for crying out loud,” which are all variants on the phrase “for Christ’s (or God’s) sake.”


Indeed! It’s along the same lines: “It’s certainly a mild exclamation or cry of astonishment or annoyance, now much weaker in force than when it was first used, back in the seventeenth century, when it was usually spelled crimine or criminy.” It’s a mild exclamation or cry of astonishment or annoyance, now much weaker in force than when it was first used, back in the seventeenth century, when Most dictionaries that mention it spell it criminy, while there are several variation spellings, including criminey, crimany, criminee, and crimeny, which are all acceptable.

The fact that the word appears in so many variations demonstrates that it has traditionally been passed down orally rather than written.The traditional explanation is that it is a form of Christ, similar to another somewhat dated mild expletive, crikey, which came along later; however, the Oxford English Dictionary suggests that it may simply be a variant form of crime.There is also an elaborated version, crimanetly, which is known regionally in the US and appears in numerous variations, such as criminetlies As well as: Criminitlylast updated byTerryon May 13 2021.

The Dictionary of American Regional English provides a map indicating where its researchers have discovered these enlarged forms — mostly in the northern states of the central and western United States, as well as California.

World Wide Words: Crimony

QFrom Frank Palmeri in the United States of America: I’ve looked everywhere for a definition of the term “crimony” and have come up empty-handed. There have been two occasions that I’ve come across it: once in a Far Sidecartoon and once on the Garrison Keillor radio programPrairie Home Companion. It appears to be pronounced in exclamation both times, comparable to the phrase “Holy Cow!” It is, without a doubt, a moderate outburst or scream of amazement or irritation, one that is considerably less in power today than it was when it was originally used, back in the seventeenth century, when it was typically written criminale or criminaly.

  1. These variants demonstrate that the term has typically been passed down orally rather than written down in the past.
  2. There is also an expanded form, referred to as criminaletly in the United States, which appears in a variety of permutations, including criminaletlies, criminaletly, and criminalightie, among others.
  3. Some compounds, such as Jesus crimanently, are also listed in the entry.
  4. Both the short and long forms have an old-fashioned and country air to them.
  5. The following is an example of criminality from a letter by Lord Byron written in 1816, which uses another another spelling: “Crimini, jimini!

Thatcriminy could be linked toJiminy (as inJiminy Cricket), who arose around the same period, is hypothesized. It was possible that this was a modified version of Gemini, but it was equally plausible that it was based on the Latin domineJesu.

What does criminy mean?

  1. Interjection with a sneer Christ is a curse term from the 1600s that means “Christ is Lord.”
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How to pronounce criminy?

  1. Chaldean Numerology is a system of numbers that was developed by the Chaldeans. A criminy has the numerical value of 8 according to the Chaldean Numerology system. Pythagorean Numerology is a system of numbers that was developed by Pythagorean philosopher Pythagorean numerology Criminality has the numerical value of 1 in Pythagorean Numerology, and it is represented by the letter i.


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The following question comes from listener Richard Gaillard: I’ve spent the most of my life in North Carolina, including 11 years in the North Carolina mountains. While working as a carpenter, I was exposed to a variety of slang phrases. One exclamation (nearly an expletive) that I’ve heard and now use is something along the lines of “gee moh netti” or “gee muh neddy,” both of which are pronounced as a single word. It appears to be interchangeable with the phrase “Jesus Christ.” Perhaps it is in the same line as the use of the word “gosh,” which appears to be a substitute for the use of the word “God” in an expletive or profane manner.

My question is, where did this vibrant and adaptable word/phrase come from, what does it truly imply (if anything), and how should it be spelt correctly.

Because all of these mild ejaculatory oaths inhabit more or less the same lexical area, they also undergo a significant degree of cross-pollination and hybridization with one another.

In the words of Richard, “I particularly enjoy the ‘word’ since it serves as a vehicle for conveying emotion through tone and inflection.” I see it as just a series of interesting-sounding filler syllables that I might employ in various ways.” In accordance with the Dictionary of American Regional English, theHistorical Dictionary of American Slang, theOxford English Dictionary, and Merriam-Collegiate Webster’s Dictionary, you might organize the various family forms in the manner depicted above.

The fact that the terms have a wide range of spellings indicates that they are mostly propagated through word of mouth.

Alternatively, it is possible that the well-knownGeminimerely sounded a little likeJesu domineand came naturally to mind and lips as a method of sparing oneself from blasphemy, but it is equally likely to be a lighthearted dig at the pleonasticJesus Lord, which contains two titles for the same man.

  1. jiminy Christmas, jiminy criminy, jiminy crimony, jiminy criminy, jiminy crimony Yes, like the figure with the top hat and umbrella who appears in the animated film.
  2. jiminettygeemenetti,geminetti,jeemanently,jeemanetty,jiminy nettiescriminycrimeny A euphemism for Christ, presumably derived from the Italian crimine, which was (is?) used as an ejaculatory term in that language.
  3. The map of the dictionary demonstrates that it is not widely used in the southern United States.
  4. Ben Adams phoned us about this one last week, ironically, to tell us that his mother in Illinois, who lives in the same state, uses it.

Joseph, Missouri) refers to it as “crime in Italy” in his own language. Photo courtesy of Remko van Dokkum. The image was used under the terms of a Creative Commons license.

crimony – WordSense Dictionary

One that has been minced (“Christ’s money,” in allusion to the sum of silver that Judas received in exchange for betraying Jesus).


  • Tim Nyberg’s The Practical Joker’s Handbook, published in 2004, page 71, ISBN 0740741985. If you could just get the dog out of here, Crimony, honey, that would be great
  • Carol Huff, Groffrey Soil, and Finley Petticoats, page 169, ISBN 1440105405, 2008
  • Page 169, ISBN 1440105405. “Jake, do you know it’s Sunday?” says the teacher. Mitch was the one who inquired. “Holycrimony, you’re absolutely correct. And we departed this morning without so much as a thank you for the shelter from the rain in our hearts.” Carolyn Hart Bennett’s novel Seven Sisters: The Voyage was published in 2008 and has a page number of 169. The ISBN for the book is 0595522424. ” There is acrimony!” Gritting his teeth as he hunched over and struggled to take a breath
  • Grown men let punks to govern their streets in 2009, according to Eric Ellis Brown’s Best Laid PlansForcrimonysakes (again, check it up). Harvey Kubernik’s Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon was published in 2009 and has a page count of 67. ISBN 1402765894. These guys are the next big thing
  • Holycrimony, they’re the best. *Michelle Smith’s book, Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy: A Guide to Life With a Belly, was published in 2010 and has a page number of 2. ISBN 1453667164. How could so much air get into my system?! Crimony

Entries with “crimony”

criminy is an abbreviation for criminy (English) a different type of form scrimonyOriginhistory Seecrimony Interjection criminy The use of a minced oath in order to convey astonishment. Synonyms crikey


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Crimosin(English) crimosin is a noun that means “crimson” (pl. crimosins) Crimosins in their obsolete form (English) Crimosins are a noun that refers to a type of poison. crimosincrimp (English) is the plural form of the word crimosincrimp. Pronunciation.crimpadora(Spanish) The word crimpar derives from the Latin word crimparus. crimpage is a noun that means “crimper” (English) Originhistory crimp + -age is a contraction of originhistory crimp + -age. crimpage.crimpar is a noun (Spanish) The word crimp derives from the prefix crimp + -ar.

crimped.crimpen is a verb that means to crimp (Middle Dutch) Crempen is available in a variety of formats.

crimping a house is a verb (English) crimping house (plural crimping houses) is a noun that means “crimping house.”


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Cambridge Dictionary Online, the Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales, the Century Dictionary, Dictionary.com, the Dictionary of the Scots Language, the Dictionnaire Illustré Latin-Français, Duden, the Oxford English Dictionary, the Webster’s Dictionary, WordNet, and other resources are cited. The specifics are contained inside the separate articles.


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Derg is a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang term for a slang (Old Irish), What exactly is the meaning of the word zazo? Abante,jimusho,jimusho (Tagalog)

CRIMINY – Definition and synonyms of criminy in the English dictionary

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Our English multilingual translator can help you find the translation of criminality into 25 other languages. The translations of criminy from English to the other languages shown in this section were acquired by artificial statistical translation, with the fundamental translation unit being the word «criminy» in English as the starting point for the translation.

Translator English -Chinese

Criminy1,325 million people have spoken out against it

Translator English -Spanish

One billion and three hundred twenty-five million speakers


Criminy1,325 million people who speak out against it

Translator English -Hindi

Criminy1,325 million people who speak up

Translator English -Arabic

Criminy1,325 million people have spoken out against it

Translator English -Russian

One billion and three hundred twenty-five million speakers

Translator English -Portuguese

Criminy1,325 million people who speak out against it

Translator English -Bengali

Criminy1,325 million people who speak up

Translator English -French

Criminy1,325 million people have spoken out against it

Translator English -Malay

One billion and three hundred twenty-five million speakers

Translator English -German

Criminy180 million people have spoken out against it

Translator English -Japanese

Criminality180 million people have spoken out against the law

Translator English -Korean

There are 85 million people who talk throughout the world.

Translator English -Javanese

Criminy85 millions of people have spoken out against it.

Translator English -Vietnamese

Criminality85 million people have spoken out about it.

Translator English -Tamil

Criminy85 million people have spoken out against it.

Translator English -Marathi

There are around 75 million people who speak English.

Translator English -Turkish

Criminy70 million people have spoken out against it.

Translator English -Italian

Criminy70 million people have spoken out against it

Translator English -Polish

Criminy70 millions of people have spoken out against it.

Translator English -Ukrainian

Criminy70 million people talk in a single day

Translator English -Romanian

Criminy70 million people have spoken out against it.

Translator English -Greek

Criminy70 million people have spoken out against it

Translator English -Afrikaans

Criminy70 millions of people have spoken out against it.

Translator English -Swedish

Criminy70 million people talk in a single day

Translator English -Norwegian

Criminy5 tens of thousands of speakers

Trends of use of criminy

When it comes to the English language, the term «criminy» is often underutilized, and it ranks 136.233 on our list of the most commonly used terms in the English lexicon. Using the map above, you can see how frequently the phrase «criminy» is used in various nations throughout the world. The most typical search patterns and applications of criminal justice The following is a list of the most common queries made by users to access our English online dictionary and the most often used phrases that contain the word “criminy.”


The graph depicts the annual evolution of the frequency of the word “criminy” in the English language over the course of 500 years.

In order to put it into action, it will be necessary to examine how frequently the phrase «criminy» appears in digitalized written materials in English between 1550 and the current day.

Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about criminy

In the following bibliographic collection, you will learn about the term “criminy.” Books about criminal justice, as well as brief passages from them, are included to offer context for the subject’s use in English literature. When I got close enough, a guard on the right yelled at me over some type of speaker, and I was criminalized to the booth’s glass wall. He placed our folded and faded traveling documents into a metal box and withdrew his hand just as the guard yanked the box out of his grasp and into his own.

  • “If he does not show within a week, I will presume that you two were only thieves who came upon this treasure, because neither of you could have discovered it otherwise.” 3 Madam Morpho, the Mysterious Madam Criminius said, rubbing his hands together, “Ah.” “It’s a mystery!
  • Where would you want to have your act staged?
  • “My lovely wife and I are in desperate need of some decent fun.” The lady in question.
  • When you were in need.
  • “My name isCriminyStain, and I’m the owner ofCriminy’sClockwork Caravan.” Lydia’s tattoos piqued my interest, and I—Is cloudyeyes went over them with a lustful gaze.
  • Lydia’s gaze was drawn to Charlie.
  • “I am well-versed in every subject.
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“Tell me, what do you know aboutCriminyStain?” says the interviewer.

” CriminyStain is a slang term for a stain that isn’t clean.

“Did he appear to be alone himself?

CriminalStain, with his capacity to transform people into virtually indestructible blood drinkers, was the only thing that spared me from being eaten alive by a warren of vicious bludbunnies when I first arrived in this bizarre parallel world, naked and befuddled.

“What exactly is criminality?” Have you ever given it much thought?

It’s similar to jiminy cricket.



He would spend the better part of a week there seeing his boyhood pals and then, for a few more days, he would go off by himself and rent a cabin in the mountains around the area.

I’d want to hear your tale, Mr. Taresque, if you’re prepared to share it with me. Hedidn’tturn. I didn’t have any breakstride.


Discover what is being discussed in the national and international press, as well as how the term “criminality” is being used in the context of the following news stories. Despite the fact that I sing a song of the South, I’m not whistlin’. Dixie For the love of God, I was born in the state of New Jersey, for criminal justice’s sake. Wait a minute, you’ve completely misunderstood me! I really wanted to scream. I do not bear any responsibility for this shambles! «Connect Savannah.com, 15th of June» In terms of image and art.

  • On June 15, Street Roots News published an article titled John Smith is deserving of an own chapter in our book.
  • The Reading Eagle published an article on June 15th.
  • Criminy!
  • There are a slew of additional words that may be used to show surprise and indignation!
  • The remaining seven.
  • Criminy.
  • Schools in smaller conferences have found it difficult to keep up with the competition.

And everyone who uses water would be concerned as this weekend’s temperatures approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit – a heinous crime considering it is only the first week of June.

Commentary from the great outdoors: walking the dogs on the beach I mean, it’s already beyond 7 a.m., criminally speaking.

All intellectual property rights are retained.

The Corvallis Gazette Times published an article on June 15th.


I believe he wishes to be removed from the situation.” Brandon’s death was judged to have been a “cop-induced suicide.” In yet another instance, it was too late.

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny has been involved in two fatal shootings throughout his tenure.

It is not a genuine firearm.

«fox6now.com, 15th of May» Scott’s Run Creek is polluted by oil spills.

It’s a complete disaster “Larry Taylor, an Osage resident, shared his thoughts. Residents of the area around the creek are. «WBOY-TV, 15th of May» « EDUCALINGO.Criminy. Available. March 2022 » is a REFERENCE. Find out all that is hidden in the words by downloading theeducalingoapp.


crimine, 1680s; it seems like It. crimine” crime,” but it is most likely just another euphemism forChristas, who was a swear-word at the time. Dictionary of etymology, published in 2014.

Look at other dictionaries:

  • Criminy—also known as crimineinterj. Slang used to express emotions such as surprise, wrath, and so forth. * * *. * * *. criminy— or crimineinterj
  • Universalium
  • Criminy— or crimineinterj Slang is used to communicate emotions such as surprise, wrath, and so on. criminy— interjection from the Oxford English Dictionary Origins: Possibly a variation of jiminy, gemini, or a mild oath, and most likely an allusion to the Late Latin Jesu domine Jesus Lord! It was first used in 1681 as a light oath or to indicate astonishment. criminy— interjection, according to the New Collegiate Dictionary The curse term of the 1600s, which means “Christ”. criminy— criminy, according to Wiktionary. criminaly—/krmni/ (pronunciation: krimuhnee) interjection in English syllables It is no longer in use (an expression of surprise
  • A mild oath.) In addition, crimine, crimey. criminy— an interjection from the Australian-English lexicon look at crimine. Sinfest— is a webcomic written and illustrated by Tatsuya Ishida, a comic book artist who specializes in comic book illustrations and cartoons. The first print of this photograph appeared on the Sinfest website on January 17, 2000, although it was first published on October 16, 1991, in the University of California, Berkeley’s newspaper, The Daily Californian. … Sinfest— Infobox Webcomic| Wikipedia Espaol
  • Wikipedia Espaol Sinfest title = Sinfest caption = Cover of the first Sinfest book, which collected comics from late 2002 to the present. Tatsuya Ishida is the author of this work. url =status = once a day (usually) began on January 17, 2000 and concluded on January 17, 2000
  • Genres include: humor, satire, and satire. … According to Wikipedia, Sinfest is a Japanese-language film in which the protagonist, Tatsuya Ishida (Tatsuya Ishida), is a character who is both a victim and a perpetrator of the events of the film. The first instance of a иод appeared on the internet on the 17th of January in the year 2000. There are some new.Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic

what is it? What does it mean?

Expression related tocriminy, but meant with moreenthusiasm. Clean form ofJesus H Christ I justflippedthe Ol’Peter Beater!Jiminy H Criminy! 35 17

criminy – meme gif

Crackheads with a conscience Allow your conscience to serve as a guide. and he’ll almost always direct you to some very good crack. 37.35 37.35

What does “criminy” mean?

The greatest dang smokes in the entire city. They operate in the shadows, making it difficult to locate them, but dang they are excellent. My entire family is a smoker of Crimeiny Bobs. The kids, of course! 37 15

Criminy – what does it mean?

A term used to describe happinessoranger. JIMINY CRIMINYurso goodor JIMINY CRIMINYurso goodor JIMINY CRIMINYurso goodor JIMINY CRIMINYurso goodor

Criminy – meaning

This is a term that is used to describe thehappinessoranger. IMINY CRIMINYurso goodor IMINY CRIMINYurso goodor IMINY CRIMINYurso goodor JIMINY CRIMINYurso goodor JIMINY CRIMINYurso goodor

Criminy – definition

Mildblasphemymeaning “for Christssake “Oh criminy, I haven’ttakenmy depro-provara fortwo weeks. 327 85

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