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The article theWhat Car Did Jesus driveexamines the legend that claims that cars were on the road in the period when Christ was living. Does this really happen? Have you ever thought about what Jesus was like? What was his favorite thing to do? How did he pass his time? Everyone is different. Some people have arguments that other people cannot think of. These people constantly come up with interesting or absurd facts. Like how today in the world of internet technology, individuals claim that cars were invented while Jesus was alive.

Cars existed during Biblical Times, is it true?

Some of the more astute internet users have speculated that automobiles existed throughout the time of the biblical period. The common notion that Jesus was driving around in a Honda Accord, for example, is one example of popular belief. It’s true, according to what I found on the internet. People have claimed that Jesus was in the Honda Accord, and thousands have done so. One may suppose that the mythology is something that people talk about on the Internet, but who knows for sure whether that is the case.

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Why did Jesus drive a Honda Accord?

People are divided on what it is that makes them believe Jesus was driving a Honda Accord in the first place. He could have driven a BMW, a Mercedes, or any other high-end luxury automobile he desired. The text is the reason why some believe that Jesus was the one who drove the Accord in the first place. According to St. John’s Gospel, there is a line where Jesus says “For I did not talk about myself.”.” 12:49. John. Following the reading of this text from John’s Gospel, consider the following: It is speculated that if automobiles were in existence during that time period and Jesus drove one, it would have been a Honda Accord, according to popular belief.

Which Car Did Jesus drive Other than the Accord?

Regardless of whether you find this issue fascinating or entertaining, other people may find it silly. Despite this, this debate has received a great deal of attention from people all across the world. Let’s have a look at some of the different automobiles that Jesus may have been driving while he was reading and extracting the meanings of certain passages.

  • We can see this in the following verse: “pursue your foes with your Tempest and cause them to be afraid of Your Storm.” According to the scripture, Christ was most likely the owner of a Geo or Pontiac automobile. Take a look at this: God’s wrath has driven Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, as well as the rest of mankind. What does this have to do with anything? Which automobile did Jesus drive? The Plymouth “Fury” is thought to be the vehicle in which Jesus is driving. Then, take a look at this passage. “Joshua’s Triumph could be heard all throughout the land,” says the author. When you read this sentence, it may appear like Joshua was at the wheel of the Triumph sports vehicle.

Conclusion The only automobile described in the Bible is a donkey, which Jesus used to get to Jerusalem. The reason why some believe Jesus rode the Accord, on the other hand, is a question of scriptural interpretation. In addition, according to several different stories, Christ had a large number of additional autos, such as the Fury and other similar vehicles. The question remains, however, whether automobiles were still in use throughout the biblical period. Alamu Tosin is the author of this piece.

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What Car Did Jesus Drive {Jan} Find The People’s Thought

The article What Car Did Jesus Drivedebunks the popular belief that automobiles existed at the period of Christ’s life on earth. Is this correct? Have you ever pondered what Jesus’ physical appearance was like? What was it that he enjoyed doing? What did he do with his spare time? Everyone has a distinct point of view. Some people come up with or offer arguments that others cannot even imagine; these individuals are always able to come up with intriguing or ridiculous information. It’s similar to how many are saying now days on the internet that vehicles were developed when Jesus was still alive and well.

Cars Existed in Biblical Times, is it True?

According to some savvy internet users, vehicles were in use throughout biblical times. One common urban legend holds that Jesus drove around in a Honda Accord and that this was a mistake. Thousands of people believe that Jesus drove around in a Honda Accord, and I confirmed this with an online search: it is accurate. You could believe that the myth is simply some ridiculous thing that people say on the internet, but you never know what is real unless you investigate. It is not as if we can travel back in time and discover the truth, such as whether or not automobiles existed.

Why did Jesus drive a Honda Accord?

There’s also the subject of why some believe Jesus must have driven a Honda Accord, which is a legitimate question. He might have driven a BMW, a Mercedes, or any other high-end luxury vehicle. Because of a line in the Bible, some individuals believe that Jesus was the one who drove Accord. In it, Christ adds, “For I did not speak on my own behalf.” in reference to a passage from St. John’s Gospel. 12:49 p.m. – John Following the reading of this line from John’s Gospel, some people think that if vehicles existed at the time of Jesus’ death and he drove a car, it was most likely a Honda Accord.

What Car Did Jesus Driveother than Accord?

This is a topic that is certainly interesting and engaging, albeit it may seem senseless to some. However, this debate has managed to get a great deal of attention from people all around the world. So, after reading and interpreting these verses, let us have a look at what other automobiles Jesus may have had.

  • If we look at the text again, it says, “pursue your foes with your Tempest and scare them with your Storm.” It appears that Christ had either a Geo or a Pontiac in his garage. Take a look at this passage: ‘God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden in a rage.’ What exactly does this imply? What kind of car did Jesus have? Jesus appears to be possessed by a Plymouth “Fury.” After that, read the following verse: “Joshua’s Triumph was heard all across the land.” Given the context of the passage, it’s reasonable to assume that Joshua was formerly the owner of a Triumph sports vehicle


The only automobile referenced in the Bible is a donkey, which was used by Jesus to travel to Jerusalem. However, the reason why some people believe Jesus was the driving force behind the Accord has much to do with scriptural interpretation. Furthermore, according to many other versions, Christ owned a variety of different automobiles, such as the Fury. However, the issue remains: Did automobiles exist throughout biblical times?

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Which Car Did Jesus Drive {Dec} Find People’s Opinions!

This essay explores the innovative thoughts and ideas of individuals who are connected to Christ and contemporary cars through the medium of the internet. Continue readingWhich Car Did Jesus Drive? Have you ever imagined Biblical characters utilizing contemporary technology? If that’s the case, continue reading this article on the social media discussions that have centered around the concept of focusing on intriguing topics. People all across the world are speculating about what may have occurred if similar vehicle technology had been available back in the day.

Although the subject appears to be ridiculous, it is commonly debated among internet users.

About Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the central character of Christianity, which is the world’s most popular religion. Approximately 6 BC to 4 BC is the time period most biblical scholars agree on for his birth. Jesus was born in the Herodian Kingdom of Judea, which was a province of the Roman Empire at the time of his birth. Joseph and Mary were Jesus’ biological parents. His teachings are followed by billions of religious adherents around the world. A large number of paintings depicting various phases and events in Jesus’ life were made by well-known artists.

What Car Did Jesus Drive?

  • Because there is no concrete evidence to support any of the suggestions provided by the public, there are a variety of viewpoints held by different people. This subject became increasingly widespread and popular among major social media platforms as a result of certain people starting debates that were carried further by those who followed. Some people believe that Jesus would not drive a Subaru since the vehicle does not fit his demeanor, while others believe the opposite. Many people have made up hypothetical scenarios in order to bolster their arguments. Finally, a huge majority of those who participated in the discussion agreed that the Honda Accord was the most appropriate vehicle for Jesus.

Other Car Suggestions

  • What Model of Car Did Jesus Drive? The Honda Accord is ultimately chosen by the vast majority of individuals, who based their selection on John 12:49 as their guideline.
  • Even after the Honda Accord was released, people continued to hunt for alternative automobiles that may be ideal for Jesus. Several community members are persuaded by Psalm 83:15 that automobiles such as Pontiac or Geo are also appropriate for the characteristics of Jesus. This was the second most popular idea
  • Although the issue appears to be illogical, the method in which individuals attempted to find a solution to the problem by consulting religious scriptures made it more engaging. More information about Which Car Did Jesus Drive may be found here. The participants delved thoroughly into a number of biblical scriptures in order to reach their views. The religious passages that are most similar to the appearance and performance of the automobile were selected
  • Many scholars believe that Jesus drove a Plymouth Fury, in accordance with Genesis 3:24, because the verse seems similar to that vehicle. Jesus may have driven Triumph’s sports automobile, according to another biblical text related with Joshua.


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What Car Did Jesus Drive {Jan 2022} Bible’s Perspectives

This news item provides information on the many opinions on the question of What Car Did Jesus Drive and what scholars have to say about their findings. The Bible was written thousands of years ago and is still in use today. The facts and veracity of that scripture are accurate for the time period in which it was written. The modern vehicle industry is one-of-a-kind, and individuals have recently seized the opportunity to gain valuable expertise in it.

As a result, it would be intriguing to know which cars he would have driven if these automobile innovations had been in existence during Jesus’ time. People in the United States are undertaking study to find out what kind of car Jesus used to drive.

Which period did Jesus Born?

According to historical records, Jesus was born between the sixth and fourth centuries BC, and the teaching began about the year AD 27-29. There is still a great deal of uncertainty over the exact age and year of Jesus’ birth. However, the estimation shows that it occurred about 6-4 BC. Because there was no progress in the automotive industry during this time period, we have no clue what kind of automobiles Jesus would be driving today. However, based to some Bible tales or Bible texts, we may make a guess as to which automobile Jesus might be driving.

Why is there a discussion about the cars associated with Jesus?

The rising degree of car usage as a matter of luxury and pride, with vehicles such as SUVs and other large, luxurious automobiles, has made it necessary for us to consider religious viewpoints. As a result, many researchers are linking the use of automobiles with Jesus in order to get people to ponder and minimize their use of expensive automobiles in order to contribute to the environment. As a result, we must also consider what kind of automobiles our religious figures would have driven if the automotive industry had existed at the time.

What Car Did Jesus Drive?

According to our investigation, we have discovered several different points of view, which are as follows. Because Jesus is the King of Kings, he would not drive a Subaru, and so, that vehicle would not be appropriate for his position. As a result of extensive investigation, it has been shown that Jesus would have driven a Honda. Among the experts who believe that Jesus must have driven a car, there is still great debate over which vehicles would have been appropriate. However, the popular consensus among the populace is that he was a carpenter, and as such, the automobiles with ladders and his mother’s image would have been appropriate choices.

As a result, we are unable to properly justify What Car Did Jesus Drive.

What are the varied perspectives from the Bible’s perspectives?

As evidenced by the Bible’s words, many historians assert that Jesus drove automobiles with enormous speed that stopped on wagons and also had substantial relations with wheels, much like it is now with the current automotive industries in the United States. As a result, even after conducting extensive investigation into this matter, we have been unable to determine the actual name, but Honda was believed to be the greatest match for Jesus. Furthermore, you may find out more about it by visiting this website link.

Final Verdict:

There are a variety of viewpoints on the subject of What Car Did Jesus Drive among the general public. As a result, we have provided concise information about the subject matter in this article.

We hope you have received complete and accurate information about it. What is your favorite automobile brand, and which model would you most like to drive? Commenters are encouraged to express themselves in the space below. In addition, check out: –Joan Didion WikiFind Out What Happened To Her!

What Would Jesus Drive? Ranking The Bible’s Best Cars

Apparently, some astute individuals on the internet have discovered that automobiles did, in fact, exist throughout biblical times. Any BMW aficionado will tell you that the 3 Series from the 1980s was God’s chariot, however it appears that Jesus rode about in a Honda Accord throughout his lifetime. With that in mind, we investigated the automobiles referenced in the Bible and rated them accordingly. In the end, Tim Tebow’s Thunderbird didn’t make the cut, and neither did its previous owner. Tenth-century writers such as Peter 2:17 describe dry springs and mists as “driven by a Storm, for whom the black darkness has been destined.” Whoever authored that statement must have had firsthand experience with the deep gloom of daily life with an Isuzu-built, General Motors-soldGeo Storm on his or her hands.

  • Although the Mazda Tribute was a fantastic vehicle and sister vehicle to the Ford Escape, if you have more money than God and still have to forgo meals in order to make your payment, you’re paying too much.
  • The tone of a vehicle’s horn has long been associated with the vehicle’s overall quality.
  • As a result, the fact that God informed humans they couldn’t climb a mountain until they heard the horn of aRam Truck is a very strong recommendation in my book.
  • 7, 8, 9, 10 Corinthians 8:9, 10 Take care that this Liberty of yours does not become a stumbling barrier for others who are less fortunate than you.
  • Fortunately, if and when the zombie apocalypse occurs, these Hemi-powered Jeeps should be able to handle the situation.
  • The majority of researchers appear to think that God was the driving force behind the Plymouth Fury.
  • The fact that it is comfortable for nude individuals must imply that it is also comfortable for other people.

It’s unclear how they came to know about it, given that Jesus never mentioned his Honda in any detail during his ministry.

God, in the shape of the Pontiac Tempest, offers classic muscle vehicles to wicked people, probably in order to force them to pay astronomically high gas costs for cars that get 12 miles per gallon.

The Dodge Demon was a sportier variant of the Dodge Dart, which was itself the inspiration for some fairly epic thinking; in biblical times, though, it was a vehicle that deserved to be admired.


In Biblical times, Moses was one of numerous horsemen who were known to the general public.

The first is found in Matthew 14:8.

Sometimes you simply have to take a step back and enjoy the sense of drama that these old-time kings and queens have in their lives.

He believes that there is no greater wrath than that of an enraged automobile god, thus he is quite skilled with a polisher.

What car did Jesus drive?

What kind of vehicle did Jesus drive? An enormous number of individuals are interested in finding the solution to this issue. During his lifetime, Jesus lived from 4 BC to 30/33 AD. According to historical records, he died when he was 33 years old. Were there automobiles on the road at this time? No, not at all! At the time, there was no technology available for the manufacture of automobiles. This is why people went by water (such as by the sea, river, lagoon, or other bodies of water), and they also traveled by donkeys.

Aside from that, they employ doxen and camels.

19:35 (Luke 19:35) The donkey was then taken to Jesus by the disciples.

36 Then, as he rode ahead, the folks in front of him began to spread garments on the road.

Why people are saying Jesus used a Honda car in the Bible?

You can find claims on the internet claiming that Jesus drove a Honda throughout his earthly ministry. What is the reason behind this? There is a disagreement concerning one of his utterances in the Bible, John 12:49, and it is called Thereasonis. John 12:49: For I did not talk on my own initiative; rather, the Father who sent me gave me specific instructions on what to say and how to say it. Now, if you look at John 12:49, you will see that Jesus makes the word ‘ACCORD’ reference. The HONDA ACCORD is one of the model automobiles that the company manufactures.

What car did Jesus drive?

We may claim that Jesus did not have access to a vehicle when he was on the planet. Due of a lack of available automobiles. He used to go from town to town on foot, which took him days at a time. Due to the extreme heat of the sun, he may choose to go by donkey or camel when traversing deserts.

Timeline of the History of Transportation

The fact that Jesus did not have an automobile during his time on our planet is unquestionably true! owing to a lack of adequate transportation It took him days to travel from one town to another with his typical mode of transportation. Due to the extreme heat of the sun, he may choose to ride by donkey or camel when traveling across deserts.

  • Horses and camels are tamed and utilized for transportation as early as 4000 BC. 3500 BC: The invention of fixed wheels on carts
  • 3500 BC: The invention of river boats
  • 3500 BC: The invention of fixed wheels on carts The construction of the first chariots begins about 2000 BC. The Romans construct the first paved roadways in 312 BC. In China, a compass was developed in 1044 AD
  • In the United States, the first horse-drawn public bus was constructed in 1662
  • The first hot air balloon was launched in 1783. The first steam-powered ‘road locomotive’ is operated in 1801. George Stephenson constructs the world’s first steam-powered railway train in 1814. The world’s first bicycle is built in 1816
  • Ferdinand von Zeppelin constructs the world’s first successful airship in 1900. The Wright Brothers fly the world’s first motor-driven airplane in 1904. Ford Motor Company manufactures their first automobile in 1908. 1942: The V2 rocket achieves a distance of 200 kilometers
  • 1947: The first supersonic flight takes place. Sputnik 1, the world’s first man-made satellite, was launched into orbit on October 4, 1957. Space shuttle Columbia makes her maiden voyage in 1981, 20 years after the first manned space journey.

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Which Car Did Jesus Drive {Dec} Read People Thoughts!

The article onWhich Car Did Jesus Drivediscusses a misconception or argument that many people believe these days; click here to view the article in its entirety. What exactly is it that people are talking about on the internet these days? Do you believe that automobiles existed during biblical times? They always provide fascinating or intriguing information; they find or propose points that others might not have considered.

In modern times, for example, individuals say that vehicles were developed during biblical times; they also claim that automobiles were already in existence during the time of Jesus Christ. It is either true or false. People all throughout the world are interested in knowing which car Jesus drove.

Did Cars exist in biblical times?

With the emergence of civilization and the advancement of human progress, people began to disperse from one location to another in quest of resources and food. This inevitability resulted in the development of cars to facilitate the transportation of people and things from one site to the next. Automobiles were first used in the 18th century. In the nineteenth century, they grew increasingly prevalent, and they began to be used by people of all walks of life. However, although there is no evidence that automobiles existed in ancient times, many historians think they did during biblical times, and even Jesus is thought to have driven a vehicle.

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What is the basis of this argument?

People came to the conclusion that vehicles may have been created during the time of Christ’s life because a passage in the Bible says as much. For example, the passage from the Gospel of John 12:49 “For I did not speak of my own accord” is a good illustration. Many people believe that this implies that Jesus was driving a Honda Accord. Unfortunately, he is averse to discussing it with others. Apart from this, there is no additional evidence to support the presence of automobiles or vehicles throughout biblical times.

This is pure conjecture that automobiles ever existed.

Which Car Did Jesus Drive?

Despite the fact that it is entertaining and exciting, some people may think this topic ludicrous. But there has been a lot of discussion about this subject. After reading and deducing meanings from many lines, we’ll have a look at several different automobiles that Jesus may have owned or driven. (1:49 in the Gospel of John will not be mentioned again.)

  • According to Exodus 19:13, “Only when the Ram’s horn sounds, a long blast may they approach the mountains.” We can conclude that Jesus must have driven Ram’s truck
  • s A verse from Corinthians (8:9) talks about taking care of the liberty to not become a block that is constantly stumbling. Now we can say that God is referring to the Jeep-Liberty
  • What other vehicle did Jesus drive besides these? He could have been affected by a Geo Storm. Why? Let us look at a verse from Peter that says that for those who have been delivered from the grip of darkness, a storm drives the dry springs and mists (2:17)


As recorded in Exodus 19:13, “Only when the Ram’s horn blows, a long blast may they approach the mountains.” We may deduce that Jesus must have driven Ram’s truck since a text from the book of Corinthians (8:9) talks about taking care of liberty so that it does not become a stumbling block that causes people to trip over themselves. Now we may say that God is referring to the Jeep-Liberty; what other vehicle did Jesus drive but these? – A Geo Storm may have hit him. Why? As an example, consider the following phrase from Peter: “For him the dark night has passed away, a storm drives away the dry springs and mist” (2:17).


What Kind of Car Would Jesus Drive? Christine McCarthy McMorris is the author of this piece. While sightseeing in London, the Rev. Jim Ball was surprised to discover that the gift store at Westminster Abbey was stocked with What Would Jesus Do? books. �paraphernalia. From bracelets to polished stones, the evangelical motto WWJD?, created to promote virtue among young American Christians, was plastered on everything from T-shirts to hats. Ball, a Baptist clergyman in the United States and publisher of the tiny quarterly Creation Care, A Christian Environmental Quarterly, wondered whether a little variation on the phrase What Would JesusDrive?

His argument, as stated in the Fall 2002 edition of Creation Care, was that pollution resulting in bad health and/or harm to the rest of creation runs opposed to Christ’s reconciliation of all things, and that reliance on foreign oil from unstable places increases the likelihood of armed conflict.

  • The campaign has been altered.
  • In addition, might a memorable statement win over the heart of a typical Christian on a car lot while he or she is deciding between a Ford Excursion and an Escort?
  • A marketing effort by General Motors called Chevrolet Presents: Come Together and Worship was launched, which included 16 performances featuring major Christian rock bands from around the Southeast, as well as the preaching of Rev.
  • This alliance was lampooned in a November 2 column by Jim Shea of the Hartford Courant, and it was covered in detail in a Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service report by David Crumm on the Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service (Detroit FreePressNovember 9).
  • As a result, it is enormous.
  • However, General Motors, journalists, and an uneducated public would soon discover that, even in the Bible Belt, evangelical Christians do not always speak with a single voice, agree on important beliefs, or even drive the same automobiles as their fellow Christians.
  • Evangelical campaign What Would Jesus Drive?
  • advertisements on Christian radio and cable television stations in Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina.

Despite the fact that Eron Shorsteck of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers expressed confidence that manufacturers are acting morally and responsibly by providing consumers with an option in Ellison’s essay, Jesus wants his people to drive the cleanest, most fuel-efficient car that can actually suit their requirements, according to Ball.

  • Following an opening picture of a beheaded Jesus emerging from the clouds, the WWJD television commercial transitioned into visuals of packed roadways, flooding, and a youngster using an inhaler.
  • So, if we value God’s creation, perhaps we should consider the question, What Would Jesus Drive?
  • In the slow lane, an unknown group of evangelicals, steeped in the tradition of “we can change the world,” claimed to have discovered the mode of transportation used by a first-century religious leader to convey his pupils.
  • Most drivers, along with the Big Three automakers, believed that phenomenally popular SUVs (with a $10,000 profit per unit sold) were their only hope of fending off imports from foreign countries.

Although the effort was described as a “little voice” in an Associated Press story (Holy Rolling, Environmentally Conscious Seek a Sanctified Ride, on November 12), Ed Hunt’s editorial piece in the Christian Science Monitor on November 25 was more direct: “They’ll need a miracle.” Nonetheless, Ball’s next step was to win the Indianapolis 500 of public relations for the Interfaith Climate and Energy Campaign, EEN’s new alliance with the National Council of Churches, the American Jewish Committee, and leaders of the Serbian Orthodox Church, among others.

  1. On November 20, representatives from these organizations hopped into hybrid fuel-efficient vehicles and handed open letters to the CEOs of General Motors, Ford, and Daimler-Chrysler Automobile.
  2. According to Danny Hakim’s first paragraph in his New York Times piece on November 24, “the odd taste of the day is: It is not often that you see a rabbi being escorted by a nun in a vehicle adorned with theslogan of the Jewish People’s Liberation Front.
  3. According to a UPI wire article, the picture of clergy being chauffeured around Detroit by Catholic nuns in fuel-efficient vehicles owned by the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was given attention.
  4. a sense of humour According to an editorial in the St.
  5. And for those who aren’t Christians and are wondering What Would Moses Drive?
  6. Moses’ followers are cautioned not to climb a mountain until the Ram’s horn has been blown for a considerable period of time.
  7. When late-night comedian Jay Leno chimed in, the question officially became a watercooler joke.

With questions like What Would Jesus Eat?

(the Boston Herald), and Which Religion Columnist Would Jesus Like to Read (the Boston Herald), journalists went beyond with their speculation.

Tallahassee Democrat’s Web site was promptly taken down, and the newspaper declined to print the cartoon.

As Thanksgiving approached, a diverse group of unlikely bedfellows decided to join the expected pushback.

campaign is harmful to public dialogue and should be discontinued.

Louis Post-Dispatch, Take comfort, smokers: political correctness isn’t going away.

The Christian right was the next group to come under attack.

Pat Robertson stated, “I believe that the thought of tying Jesus to an anti-SUV campaign is heresy.” On CNN’s Crossfire, the Rev.

Falwell drew attention to the Christian right’s skepticism about global warming and environmentalists, who he described as “ultimately heathen” in their beliefs.

The syndicated essay by George F.

In response, Will called into doubt the campaign’s understanding of complicated topics, saying, “The WWJD?clerics believe Christianity is not just good news, but it is also good scientific and economic analysis.” He then blasted Sen.

In spite of Will’s dismissive attitude, the renegade environmentalist campaign did, in fact, coincide with a significant shift in popular opinion about sport utility vehicles (SUV).

Every day, journalists poured out statistics: the perils of SUV rollovers, the number of people killed in car/SUV collisions, America’s declining fuel-efficiency rate, and the exemption of SUVs and trucks from pollution and safety regulations that apply to automobiles.

was credited with bringing the matter to the attention of the media in a great majority of the publications.

In theWall Street Journal, Jeffrey Ball wrote about how some Detroitexecutives are particularly concerned about signs of a reaction forming among the next generation of auto purchasers.

Greg Schneider wrote in theWashington Post on January 26 on the shift in public perception as well as a significant movement in the car-buying habits of Americans, who are moving away from the long-popular truck-based SUVs and toward import SUVs that handle like cars.

However, it is fair to argue that simply by presenting the topic with a catchy slogan, a tiny group of left-leaning evangelicals captured the attention of the national media and sparked a national conversation about transportation.

What would Jesus Drive?

Most people assume WWJD stands for “Whatwould Jesus do?”But the initials really stand for”What would Jesus drive?”One theory is that Jesus wouldtool around in an old Plymouth because the Bible says,”God droveAdam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden in aFury.”Plymouth Fury – in the year of our Lord1957But in Psalm 83, the Almighty clearly owns a Pontiacand a Geo. The passage urges the Lord to,”pursue your enemies with your Tempest and terrify them withyour Storm.” – Psalm 83:15The Tempest andthe StormPerhaps, God favors Dodge pickup trucks,because Moses’ followers are warned not to go up a mountain”until the Ram’s horn sounds a long blast.” – Exodus19:13Dodge Ram, circa 2001Some scholars insistthat Jesus drove a Honda, but didn’t like to talk about it.As proof,they cite a verse in St. John’s Gospel where Christ tells the crowd,”For I did not speak of my own Accord.” -John 12:49 the totally redesigned 2001 HondaAccordMeanwhile, Moses rode an old British motorcycle, asevidenced by a Bible passage declaring that”the roar of Moses’ Triumph is heard in thehills.”Triumph motorcycleJoshua drove a Triumphsports car with a hole in its muffler:”Joshua’s Triumph was heard throughout theland.”the adorable Triumph SportsterAnd,following the Master’s lead, the Apostles car-pooled in aHonda”The Apostles were in one Accord.”! -Acts 5:12interior of the1998 Honda AccordSomething to thinkabout!(taken from anarticle by RoyRivenberg, 9/6/00) In Addition:Itseems that since a certain car company decided to make a “What Would JesusDrive?” promotional campaign, interest in my small little website has gonethrough the ROOF! Many of you out there have pointed out that there aremany other references to cars in the Bible. Here are some of the goodones: First of all, several of you pointedout that our Lord and Saviorwould have driven a “Jesus”ChrystlerMaybe He drove a Jeep:”Buttake care that this Liberty of yours does not somehowbecome a stumbling block to the weak.” 1 Corint8:9Jeep Liberty(sent in by H. M.Bumgardner Jr.)Then again,”thehead of John the Baptist wasbrought to KingHerod in a CHARGER.” – Mark 6:251966 Dodge Charger(sent in by Dewey Thompson + Sue Lindman)Another”Dodge” driver is spoken of in Holy Scripture:ForJohn came neither eating nor drinking,andthey say, He hath a demon. -Mat11:181971 DodgeDemon(sent in by SueLindman) and my own research has uncovered that in the OldCovenant,the Israelites were ORDERED to feast with their automobiles.And thou shalt keep the feast of weeksunto the LORD thy God with a tribute-Deu 16:102002 Mazda TributeThere is more to Holy Scripture than meets theeye!
  • In the event that you are bored, please visit my website and shoot me an email
  • Also, please do me a favor and think about ” The BIGQUESTION “

What Car Did Jesus Drive {Dec 2021} Bible’s Perspectives

As evidenced by the indisputable reference, Jesus was born about the sixth to fourth centuries BC, and the public announcement of his birth began around the year AD 27-29. There is still a lack of clarity on the certified age or year of the individual’s first encounter with the outside world. The evaluation, on the other hand, indicates that it was approximately 6-4 BC. Consequently, there was no advancement of vehicle areas during this time period, and as a result, we know nothing about the type of automobiles that Jesus would be driving at the time.

As a result, it is intriguing to learn about the car that Jesus drove.

Discussion about the vehicles related with Jesus?

Due to the increasing level of vehicle usage as a matter of lavishness and pride in cars such as SUVs and other tremendously opulent vehicles, it has become necessary for us to thoroughly consider serious viewpoints. As a result, several analysts are collaborating on the use of automobiles with Jesus in order to get people to ponder and decrease their use of high-end vehicles that contribute to pollution. As a result, we should also consider what vehicles our severe characters might have utilized if the vehicle region had existed at the time they were written, if the vehicle region had existed at that time.

What Car Did Jesus Drive?

As a result of our inquiry, we have discovered a variety of viewpoints that are consistent with the following. Because he is the King of Kings, Jesus would not drive a Subaru, and that should not be considered a reasonable car for someone in his position. It is so demonstrated that Jesus would have driven a Honda after a thorough investigation. There is still a great deal of research being done among the professionals who are confirming what may have been acceptable cars that Jesus may have ridden in.

As a result, we are unable to definitively validate the question, “What Car Did Jesus Drive?”

What are the contrasting perspectives as indicated by the Bible’s perspectives?

Many Bible scholars believe that Jesus drove automobiles at unusual speeds that stopped on trucks and furthermore had enormous interactions with the wheels, just as it is now with the most up to date vehicle areas in the United States, as proven by Bible snatches and other evidence. Because of the somewhat later intensified appraisal of this actuality, we are unable to obtain the specific name, but Honda was thought to be the finest suit for Jesus at the time. It is possible to also acquire specific information about it through this association.


When it comes to the question of What Car Did Jesus Drive, individuals have differing opinions.

As a result, in this post, we have provided fresh information on something that is essentially the same as before. We have to accept that you are in possession of accurate facts concerning the situation.

What car would Jesus drive?

Pâques is the French word for Easter. What does it sound like when someone says Pâques? Yes, you are correct. VW Passat (VW Passat) He drove a Honda, although he was averse to discussing his vehicle. 12:49 (John 12:49) “Because I did not speak on my own initiative.” (From the original post by pane123) He drove a Honda, although he was averse to discussing his vehicle. 12:49 (John 12:49) “Because I did not speak on my own initiative.” You’ve beaten me to it. He planned to take public transportation.

  1. Posted from the TSR Mobile device I’m aware of the type of plane he pilots.
  2. I believe he would have ridden in the greatest automobile available: his feet.
  3. The word “christ-ler” means “Christ-bearer,” or “Christ-bearer,” or “Christ-bearer.” (From the original post by pane123) He drove a Honda, although he was averse to discussing his vehicle.
  4. First and foremost, the phrase “I did not speak of my own accord” does not necessarily mean that Jesus had one of His own – rather, it simply implies that others spoke on His behalf.
  5. The day of Pentecost had completely arrived, and they were all gathered together in one spot.
  6. Personally, I believe he was driving an Audi S8 4.0T at the time.
  7. (Mark 7).

That is why I believe the phrase “feeding the four thousand” in the following chapter, Mark 8, may just be an Aramaic colloquialism for “filling up the 4.0.” (Clip’s original post is below.) I believe there is strong biblical proof that he did not, in fact, drive a Honda Accord, as previously stated.

  1. Second, the Accord is stated in Acts 2:1, which is a biblical passage.
  2. As we all know, the Book of Acts was written by Paul concerning events that occurred after Christ’s Ascension – which suggests that the Honda Accord is something that occurred after Christ rose from the dead and then ascended.
  3. A reference to Jesus being driven out of Nazareth and to the Sea of Galilee is found in Mark 6.
  4. That’s a long way to travel.
  5. An S8 would have been incomparably more appropriate for the son of God.
  6. An S8 would have been incomparably more appropriate for the son of God.
  7. On the way to Galilee, the gas stations displayed prices that were too expensive.


4 Peter shared his thoughts “Rabbi, it’s a good thing that we came to this point.

However, what does the Law of Moses say about buying food at gas stations?

Is it possible that you will not find peace till Bethesda?

Jesus provided food for the Four Thousand.

(VWpassat wrote the original post.) Pâques is the French word for Easter.

Yes, you are correct.

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What Car Did Jesus Drive – In what time frame was Jesus He was born? – Global Ford News

The Bible was written over a period of thousands of years, beginning in the beginning of time. The factual and historical information in the work are accurate for the time period in which it was written. The car business of today is unique, and in recent years, individuals have taken advantage of the chance to learn from its successes and mistakes. Because of this, it is intriguing to speculate about which car Jesus may have driven if these advancements in automobile technology had been available during Jesus’ lifetime.

In what time frame was Jesus He was born?

Written over a span of thousands of years, the Bible is considered the most complete collection of human knowledge. According to the time of writing, the facts and historical details in the work are correct. Because today’s car business is unique, many individuals have taken advantage of the chance to learn from it during the last several years. The discovery of which car Jesus may have utilized if these advancements in automobile technology had been available at the time of Jesus’ birth is thus quite interesting.

What is the reason for the debate concerning the vehicles connected to Jesus?

The Bible was written over a period of thousands of years, beginning with the creation of the world. The historical and factual elements in the work are accurate for the time period in which it was written. The car business of today is unique, and many have taken advantage of the chance to learn from it in recent years. As a result, it’s intriguing to speculate about which car Jesus would have driven if these advancements in automobile technology had been available during his day. The United States is doing research to determine what kind of car Jesus rode in.

What Car Did Jesus Drive?

The results of our research have shown a number of different opinions, which may be summarized as follows. As the King of Kings, Jesus did not want to be driving a Subaru, because it would be inappropriate for him to do so in such a position. As a result of rigorous investigation, it has been proven that Jesus could have gotten into a Honda Civic. Scholars are still debating which cars would be the most acceptable for Jesus to utilize, and this debate is still ongoing. Because the general population believes that Jesus was a carpenter, it is possible that he employed vehicles fitted with ladders, as well as a portrait of his mother, to demonstrate his divinity.

As a result, we cannot legitimately refer to the vehicle in which Jesus rides.

What are the diverse perspectives that the Bible offers?

Our research has shown a number of different points of view, which can be summarized as follows: As the King of Kings, Jesus did not want to be driving a Subaru, because it would be inappropriate for him to do so in such a high-profile vehicle. Throughout this way, considerable study has proved that Jesus may have driven a Honda in his time on earth. Scholars are still debating which cars would be the most acceptable for Jesus to utilize, and the debate is still ongoing. Most people believe that Jesus was a carpenter, which indicates that he is likely to have used ladder-equipped automobiles as well as a picture of his mother to prophesy his death.

A multitude of points of view exist within this ethos, yet none of them are infallible. As a result, we cannot legitimately refer to Jesus’ vehicle as such.

Final Verdict:

There is a wide range of opinions among individuals as to which car Jesus travelled in. As a result, we have provided comprehensive information about the issue on this website. We hope you now have a better grasp of the situation. News

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