The Girl Who Saw Jesus?

The little girl who painted a picture of Jesus in the film �Heaven is for Real� has sparked major media attention. Now revealed, is the young girl�s name, the name of her artwork and the heavenly connection she shares with Colton, the main character in the film.

Denver, Colorado, United States — The city of Denver is located in the state of Colorado.The 16th of May, 2014 is a Friday in the month of May.Denver, Colorado – May 16, 2014 – The Denver Post reports that The movie Heaven Is for Real, which was released in April, is based on the New York Times Best Seller of the same name and recounts the narrative of a 4-year-old kid called Colton Burpo.During a near-death experience, Colton claims to have been transported to paradise.

Todd Burpo, his interested father, listens intently as he tells his son’s narrative about paradise.As a result of the representation and understanding provided by the child’s innocence, Colton’s family is unsure of how to react to Colton’s account, his visit to paradise, or what he claims to have seen there.Throughout the film, Todd attempts to persuade Colton to recognize Jesus by presenting him with a fluctuating amount of photographs and photos from his collection, but without success.It is not until the very end of the film that Colton recognizes the visage of Jesus on Todd Burpo’s laptop as being that of Jesus.

It is shown in the film that the young Lithuanian girl paints the picture of Jesus, but neither her identity nor the name of the painting are given to those watching it on the big screen.Many people who have seen the film are left wondering who the young Lithuanian girl who is painting Jesus is, and what the relationship is between her, the film, and Colton’s character, Colton.A famous child artist, Akiane Kramarik, played the role of the small girl who painted Jesus in the film.

She is the inspiration for the movie.Akiane began painting her picture of Jesus Christ when she was four years old, and this vision is depicted in the video.Akiane was born in 1994 in Mount Morris, Illinois, to two atheist parents.

  • As a child, he saw visions of God, Jesus, and heaven, which he shared with his parents.
  • Beginning with pencil drawings, Akiane progressed to reproducing her thoughts in magnificent works of art and pastels, which she continues to do today.
  • Akiane began painting with acrylics at the age of six, and subsequently moved on to oils.

Over the course of her career, she has produced over 200 published art works and 800 literary compositions, as well as two New York Times bestseller novels.Her artistic abilities and life experience have been featured on several television programmes, including CNN and the Oprah Winfrey Show.It is not just Akiane’s image, dubbed The Prince of Peace, that is included in Heaven is for Real, but it is also her life experience that is duplicated and communicated via Colton in the film.Both children share many similarities in their heavenly experiences, including the fact that they were both four years old when they first had their noted heavenly experiences, that they both believe in the possibility of an afterlife, that they both believe in the existence of God, Jesus, and heaven, and many other things.Colton and Akiane originally met in 2012 when appearing on the Katie Couric program, and they both stated that they have more to say but are waiting for God’s ideal moment to reveal it.Art & SoulWorks: A Brief Introduction Art & SoulWorks, the licensors of Art by Akiane, now sells the paintings of Akiane Kramarik, the now-famous small girl who painted Jesus, as well as other works by other artists.

  1. It is her picture, Jesus Prince of Peace, that Colton Burpo, the little child who plays the role of Jesus in the film Heaven is for Real, recognizes as the face of Jesus.
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Girl Sent Home To Die Gets Miracle When She Wakes To See Jesus

Brittany Bakenhaster was a happy and healthy three-year-old when she died.Her mother, on the other hand, began to hear dreadful noises emanating from her chamber one day.The tiny child was experiencing her first seizure, which would be the first of many.Doctors were powerless to save her, and it appeared like death was on the horizon.

Her mother, on the other hand, continued to pray for recovery.And when the little girl encountered Jesus while having a seizure, she had a miracle cure!Brittany Bakenhaster was a normal three-year-old, full of energy and enthusiasm.She could recite her ABCs, was well-versed in the Bible, and enjoyed singing at church.

She was playing in her room one day when she heard some terrifying noises that frightened her mother, Jamie.″It sounded like it was biting and nearly choking on something.Like a gurgling, gasping for air, struggling creature ″Jamie shared her thoughts.

″And I dashed over to her.’Oh, God, touch her,’ I said as I lifted her up and placed her on my lap.″ It was later discovered that Brittany was experiencing a grand mal seizure.Doctors determined that she had epilepsy, the same condition that had afflicted her mother.

  • Jamie, on the other hand, was confident that medicine would be effective in treating Brittany’s seizures since it had been effective in managing her own.
  • OTHER RELATED: A 12-minute cardiac arrest results in a little child regaining consciousness.
  • Unfortunately, this was not the case.

The convulsions only became worse as time went on.Jamie was tormented by it.″As a mother, you have a strong sense of responsibility.They’re a part of your body; they’ve lived inside you for a while.In addition, when she would tug at me to assist her and I was unable to, ″Jamie shared her thoughts.My own fault was a major source of guilt, since I believed I was to blame for my daughter’s illness.

A Turn For The Worse

Nothing appeared to be able to assist Brittany over the following two years.She was even had to wear a helmet in order to protect herself from damage during her regular seizures.Jamie found solace in Psalm 37:4-5, and she called out to the Lord for assistance.″I piled her into the car and drove down the road, eventually arriving at a school playground.

And I responded to God, ‘God, that’s exactly what I desire.’ I want my little daughter back, and I want her to be normal, like the other children I see running around and having fun.″And He said, ‘It will come to pass,’″ says the Bible.Jamie shared her thoughts.Brittany, on the other hand, just got worse.

She ended up in the hospital, where the physicians determined that there was nothing more they could do for her condition.They took her back home, where she could at least sleep in her own bed for the first time in days.″I was aware that she was on the verge of death.

″But I thought to myself, ‘Lord, you said you’d bring it to pass,’″ Jamie recalled thinking.LINKED: A 4-year-old youngster had a conversation with Jesus and visited Heaven while undergoing surgery.Jamie stayed up all night praying for her daughter, who was born the next day.

  • And as the morning arrived, Brittany began to repeat the name of Jesus over and over again.
  • Something changed once the girl encountered Jesus.
  • And what transpired after that is nothing short of extraordinary!

WATCH: See what happened after this little girl saw Jesus

YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: Landen Hoffman The latest Go Fund Me update reveals A boy who had been healed by Jesus was thrown at the Mall of America.″Delight yourself in the LORD as well, and he will grant you the desires of your heart.″ Commit your plans to the LORD, and put your faith in him, and he will bring them to fruition.″ Psalms 37:4-5 h/t and Featured Image: Christian Broadcasting Network

What happens when she sees Jesus?

  • She sees the newborn Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem, with his parents, and she recognizes him right away, knowing what he represents and how vital he will become.

Some people have the ability to’see’ things that are not visible to the average person. Anna was one of those people. (See Luke 2:36-38 at the bottom of this page for further information.)

Who was Anna in Luke’s gospel?

  • Anna, the prophetess, is shown in a stained glass window. We are given a startling amount of information regarding Anna’s background. We learn about Anna’s tribe and family, as well as the fact that she became a widow after seven years of marriage. Judith, another well-known widow, who like Anna did not remarry following her husband’s death, serves as an interesting parallel in this context. Judith and Anna were born at the same time and lived to be roughly the same age. With the exception of her seduction and death of the enemy general Holofernes!, Judith’s predicament was comparable to Anna’s
  • the only difference being Anna’s senior age. Anna is a Jewish lady who is at least eighty-four years old, and maybe even older
  • she is Jewish.

Anna waits. And waits.

  • It’s strange that her age is given at all. It is uncommon in the New Testament to refer to a person’s age, whether it be a man or a woman. I’m at a loss for what to say in response. However, the narrative focuses on how long she has lived: the many, many years she has spent waiting for the Holy One of God to come to her. The reader, on the other hand, is aware that the Holy One has indeed arrived. Not only that, but Anna is hugging him tightly in her arms as well. The idea of informing us how old she is is completely lost on us. The purpose, perhaps, is dual: to draw a connection between the long years that the Jewish people have endured while waiting for their Messiah
  • and to indicate that the waiting, as well as the confidence of an ultimate reward, has kept her alive.

Why are Mary & Joseph in Jerusalem?

Mary and Joseph are in the Temple because they have brought their newborn baby Jesus to be circumcised in accordance with Jewish tradition.James Tissot’s painting, The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, is a masterpiece.If a male child is born, the mother is ritually unclean for seven days and must remain at home for another thirty-three days, following which a purification sacrifice must be made on the fortieth day of the mother’s pregnancy (see Leviticus 12:2-8).Furthermore, a first-born kid, whether male or female, was required to be’redeemed.’ Firstborn children were considered as sacred or dedicated to God by their parents.

Firstborn animals were sacrificed, while firstborn men and women were redeemed by paying 5 shekels when they were one month old, a payment that was made when they were one month old (Exodus 13:13, Numbers 18:15, 16).However, even though the kid was not required to be present in the Temple when the payment was made per the Law, on this occasion the two rituals were held simultaneously.In the midst of Simeon’s proclamation that Jesus was the long-awaited’salvation which you have prepared in the face of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and glory to your people Israel,’ Anna entered.(See also Luke 2:30-33) According to the text, it is unclear whether Anna understood what was being said.

What happened when Anna saw Jesus?

Anna in the Temple is a painting by Jerry Bacik.What exactly is Anna up to at the Temple?We’ve been told that she was at the Temple at all hours of the day and night.Rather, the phrases do not imply that she never left the Temple, but that prayer in the Temple served as the focal point of her whole existence.

She is a saintly lady who devotes all of her remaining energy to God and the pursuit of his will.As reported in Luke’s gospel, Anna enters the scene and takes the main stage.She is overcome with pure delight and immediately begins to praise God for what she knows has occurred.Luke’s use of the Greek term ″intuition″ denotes awareness and intuition.

She has the ability to’see’ things that others cannot.Astonishingly, her reaction is fast and dramatic: she speaks in the loudest voice she is capable of producing, informing all in her immediate vicinity of this wonderful youngster.He stands before them, the One who will bring Israel’s salvation to pass via his hands.

The Bible text, Luke 2:36-38

The prophetess Anna, daughter of Phan’u-el, and of Asher’s tribe lived to be eighty-four years old, having lived with her husband for seven years from her virginity and as a widow for another eighty-four years after that.She did not leave the temple, but continued to worship there with fasting and prayer throughout all hours of the day and night.38 And when she awoke at that very moment, she expressed thanks to God and spoke of him to everyone who was hoping for the restoration of Jerusalem.Anna/Hannah is a feminine given name that meaning ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’ She is referred to be the daughter of Phan’u-el in certain sources.

Phan’u-el is a Hebrew word that means ‘visage of God.’ It’s possible that his given name is a play on words, as Anna was one of the first people to see the face of God when she first met the newborn Jesus.

The main themes of Anna’s story

  • Anna, a holy and wise woman, had the ability to see things that were not yet apparent to others: she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus while holding him in her arms
  • she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus when she held him in her arms
  • she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus when she held him in her arms
  • she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus when she held him in her arms
  • she’saw’ the future of the small child
  • This story, like so many others in the New Testament, is not about the woman Anna, but rather about Jesus. Its objective was to demonstrate who Jesus really is.

Learn more about the intriguing ladies of the Old and New Testaments by reading this article.

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Presenting Bellini’s Presentation in the Temple Bible Study Resource for Women in the Bible: Rebecca is one of the Old Testament’s female characters. The prophetess Anna recognized Jesus when he appeared in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Woman Claims to Have Seen Jesus in Heaven

Doctors are perplexed by the bizarre case of Debbie Cain, a lady who was proclaimed dead but who is still alive.During the appendectomy procedure, the woman was rendered unconscious and her heart stopped.But, before we go any further, it’s important to note that this is not the first time this has been recorded.Many people of all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic origins, genders, and even different religions, including atheists, have reported having had near-death experiences and being exposed to the spiritual realm, and there are numerous examples that support this claim.

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Researchers attempt to explain these occurrences, however the scientific answers are limited to individuals who have visions, have near death experiences, or who have been pronounced clinically dead by the medical community.But what about the circumstances in which a person dies unexpectedly even if they were not on the verge of passing away?Many people interpret their experiences in a religious fashion, and they are left perplexed when they come across events that are utterly at odds with their traditions or religious beliefs.Numerous examples, hundreds in fact, have been brought to our attention of people who have found Jesus and have opened their hearts to God.

During the appendectomy procedure, Debbie was rendered unconscious and her heart stopped.It was as if she had been transported to another dimension: ″I began to feel a huge love from within me.″ It was warm, and I saw a brilliant light that began to clear the area immediately.There was a Jesus there, I saw him.

He stared at me and, without saying anything, he addressed me as’my kid’ and said: ‘Not now, my child.’ After then, I have no recollection of anything else until I woke up in the Intensive Care Unit,″ Debbie recalled.Michael Minotti, a neurosurgeon, has stated that these experiences are real and legitimate.Debbie states that, before to her supernatural encounter, she was not a religious person, but that, as a result of her experience, she is certain that God exists.

  • It is considerably more common than one would imagine for people to have near-death experiences like this one.
  • These experiences have a profound impact on the lives of individuals who have them.
  • As an example, a neurosurgeon claims that ″there have been examples of blind persons who have been declared clinically dead who have resurrected and left their bodies, and who have experienced light for the first time in their lives.″ According to Minotti, who has now become a sincere believer in God, ″these folks relate in detail how they were brought back to life.″ And, despite the fact that we live in a scientific community that attempts to explain such happenings, fresh examples are reported on a daily basis, leaving us perplexed even among those who are ardent adversaries of God.

What is the reason behind this?This is due to the fact that they, together with their families, are witnessing these events.Listed below are three other examples of people who have had heavenly experiences:

Colton Burpo

Maybe you’ve heard of him before.His narrative is arguably the most well-known in 2014 when it comes to heavenly encounters and experiences.In a movie and a book with the same title, ″Heaven is Real,″ Burpo’s narrative was retold while he battled cancer, during which his life and death experiences took place in heaven, respectively.He said that he had a conversation with Jesus and that heaven was aware that he had a sister who died before he got the opportunity to meet her.

Today, he is a teenager who still narrates his story with great conviction and thinks that he was in paradise at the time of the incident.

Crystal McVea

She was declared clinically dead for nine minutes in 2009 due to complications from pancreatitis.When Crystal awoke, she discovered that she was no longer on earth, but rather in paradise.McVea stated in an interview that she was greeted by two angels and that she sensed the presence of someone.She is convinced that God was standing right next to her the entire time.

The sight and sensations I had were beyond words.They were breathtakingly gorgeous and brilliant.″ It’s like a dazzling light!This is the only way I can make sense of what I witnessed.God in Christ appeared to me, and I think I was in the presence of God the Father and the Holy Spirit.″ ″I recognized that I was in God’s presence in Christ, and I believe that I was in God the Father’s and the Holy Spirit’s presence.″ Crystal McVea also stated that she was forced to choose between remaining in heaven or returning to earth and becoming a mother, and that she chose to remain in heaven rather than return to earth.

However, when she arrived to the heavenly gates of heaven, God appeared to her as a small girl playing, which was God’s way of informing her that she was need to return to earth in order to raise a family again.

Don Piper

Don Piper was declared clinically dead for 90 minutes after being involved in a catastrophic accident in 2008, and according to an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, Don claimed that he had gone to heaven and was greeted by his family and friends outside the celestial gates following his death.He did not see Jesus or God, but he did spend time with members of his family who had not grown or changed with time.During the conversation, Piper claimed that he was on his way to the celestial gates when he suddenly woke up.Piper also stated that this was a one-of-a-kind experience for him since he saw things that he had never seen before in his dreams and met individuals that he had never anticipated to meet.

There were a number of factors that convinced him that what was going on at the time was real and legitimate.″These folks are in a better place than I can imagine, and I can’t wait to see them again.″ ″When I was in paradise, I didn’t want to come back to Earth,″ he confessed afterwards.Have you ever had a similar experience like this one before?Attempting to describe it in a ″scientific″ approach is typical, but a person who has had an experience like this understands that it is genuine, but that it may be extremely difficult to express in a humane manner because of the nature of the event.

the little girl who saw jesus

Duration of reading: 3 minutes and 11 seconds

Young girl claims she saw heaven after falling 30 feet

When the Star-Telegram met with Christy, she explained that it was Annabel’s assertion that she saw a small girl whom Jesus identified as her sister that convinced her and her husband to trust her daughter’s account.

Little Girl Who Claims She Met Jesus and Visited Heaven …

A visit to TheBlaze’s New York City newsroom by Annabel Beam, the real-life subject of the film ″Miracles From Heaven,″ who says that she was transported to heaven through a traumatic accident in 2011, has revealed further information about her supposed experience.As previously reported by TheBlaze, Beam, now 13 years old, has survived a highly publicized experience in which she was beaten and raped.

Woman Claims to Have Seen Jesus in Heaven | Near Death …

There was a Jesus there, I saw him. He stared at me and, without saying anything, he addressed me as’my kid’ and said: ‘Not now, my child.’ … A small girl was playing in front of her, and this was God’s way of demonstrating to her that…

Girl Fell From Tree, Visited Jesus In Heaven And Awoke …

An eight-year-old girl believes she was transported to paradise after falling from a tree and was miraculously healed of a chronic illness when she returned home, according to a book published this week. Advertisement Miracles From Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Faith was published four years after the occurrence.

Mark 5:21-43 NIV – Jesus Raises a Dead Girl and Heals a …

Jesus raises a girl from the dead and heals a sick woman.(A) While he was sitting by the lake, a huge group of people came around him.When a man called Jairus arrived, he fell at Jesus’ feet as soon as he saw him.23 He begged with him, his voice breaking with emotion, ″My little girl is dying.″ Please come and lay your hands on her in order for her to be cured and to continue to live.″ 24 As a result, Jesus accompanied him.

7. Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter (Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5 …

The life of his young child was on the line, so he wasn’t just inviting Jesus home for coffee. Consider the scene of Jairus prostrate at the feet of Jesus, pleading with Him to come heal his tiny daughter. Make arrangements for an adult volunteer to fall at your feet and beg, in the words of Jairus, in advance.

Little girl reportedly has shocking vision of Jesus in TB …

It has gone viral after a video of a 12-year-old girl, who claims to have had a ″vision″ of Jesus Christ while attending a midweek service at TB Joshua’s famed Lagos church, went viral.

Keller on Why Jesus Said the Little Girl Was Sleeping …

Tim Keller’s King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus (King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, pp.67-69) offers the following commentary on Mark 5:38-42: Jesus noticed a commotion, with people sobbing and waving their hands.He then asked them, ″Why are you creating such a disturbance and weeping?″ He then went on to say, ″The infant is not dead, but rather asleep.″ And he was laughed at by the crowd.However, he escorted them all outside and separated them from the child’s father and mother…


Upon entering the ruler’s house and seeing the flute players as well as the commotion, Jesus told the gathering to go since the daughter was not dead, but was asleep. And he was laughed at by the crowd. 25 However, once the mob had been cleared away, he walked in and grabbed her by the hand, and the girl got to her feet.

The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun / La Petite Vendeuse de …

A trilogy of short films, Contes des Petites Gens, was in the works when the film director passed away at the age of 59.(Tales of the Little People).Le Franc was the first of the three films to be released (1994).Mambéty had also been working on the second film in the series, The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun, which was released after his death in 1999 and was a critical and commercial success.

His earliest…0 percent are happy, 0 percent are sad, 0 percent are excited, 0 percent are sleepy, 0 percent are angry, and 0 percent are surprised.

The Girl Who Saw Jesus And Heaven. Meet Akiane Kramarik. (Photos)

Infancy and Adolescence Akiane Kramarik was born on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois, to a Lithuanian mother and a non-practicing Catholic American father.She is a poet and painter who lives in New York City.Kramarik’s most well-known artwork, Prince of Peace, was done when he was eight years old.Drawing and painting were her first artistic endeavors when she was four years old, and she began at the age of six.

The Art of Painting Is Being Discovered According to Kramarik, who is a self-taught painter, Jesus talked to her when she was four years old, igniting her desire to sketch and paint the visions she received.Akiane created a painting of Jesus Christ when she was eight years old.Her first completed self-portrait sold for US$10,000 while she was just starting out.The majority of Kramarik’s artworks are spiritual in nature, depicting the face of Jesus Christ, little children, animals, and self-portraits among other things.

It is her visions of paradise and her religious experiences that serve as her primary sources of inspiration.She had completed a total of sixty paintings by the time she was twelve years old, a remarkable accomplishment.Some of her paintings were acquired by the United States Embassy in Singapore, which is located in Singapore.

So far, she has more than 200 works of art, 800 literary works, and two best-selling novels to her credit, in addition to her writing.″Focus″ is the title of one of Kramarik’s works.Akiane Kramarik’s painting of the ″Tree of Life″ is on display.

  • ″My Favorite Portrait″ is a term used to describe a portrait that has a special meaning to the artist.
  • Prince of Peace, according to Kramarik, is her ″favorite portrait″ and one of her most enduring works.
  • Kramarik had been looking for the ideal face to help her paint a picture from her thoughts and visions for a long time when a family member suggested a carpenter as a prospective subject when she was eight years old.

Kramarik had a vision of Jesus’ face, and the carpenter’s face looked strikingly similar to what he had seen.The portrait was completed after 40 hours of hard labor on the part of the artist.Not shortly later, it was transported to her agent for display, who promptly stole it and sold it without her knowledge or consent.The item was ultimately found late last year—in December—by Kramarik’s family and sold for $850,000 to a private collector who was unaware of its existence.Following her views of paradise, Kramarik created a picture of Jesus Christ.Akiane as a child with her favorite painting.

  1. Sixteen years apart, however the same painter and the same artwork are used.
  2. An Identical Observation If this article were not to cover Colton Burpo, a four-year-old kid whose tale was featured in the best-selling book ″Heaven is for real″ as well as the film version of the same name, it would not be complete.
  3. After his appendix ruptured, little Burpo underwent a life-threatening procedure.
  1. He claimed to have had a near-death experience and to have traveled to heaven, as well as seeing visions of the Lord Jesus.
  2. Years later, as he was seeing Kramarik’s Prince of Peace on television, he informed his father, ″Dad, that one’s correct.″ It was Colton, then a teenager, who identified Akiane’s picture of Jesus Christ as ″the proper one.″ Colton Burpo’s near-death experience, as well as glimpses of Jesus and paradise, are shown on the official movie poster for this film.
  3. What do you think of these visions and paintings?
  1. Do you have any questions?
  2. Also, view the movie ″Heaven is for Real″ if you get the opportunity.
  3. Don’t forget to leave comments and likes on the page.
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girl who died and saw jesus

Duration of reading: 2 minutes and 58 seconds

Mark 5:21-43 NIV – Jesus Raises a Dead Girl and Heals a …

Jesus raises a girl from the dead and heals a sick woman (). Upon returning to the opposite side of the lake via boat, a big throng gathered around Jesus while he was sitting by the water’s edge once more. 22 Afterwards, one of the synagogue elders, Jairus, arrived, and upon seeing Jesus, he fell at his feet. 23 He begged with him, ″My little daughter is dying,″ he said passionately.

Girl claims she went to heaven after tree fall, cured of …

… A woman who died for 27 minutes claims to have seen heaven… after dying for 27 minutes before being resuscitated, she said she had gone to paradise … She came across a…

Woman Who Died For 27 Minutes Says She Saw Heaven – …

The seat of Jesus on the throne.The face of Jesus appeared as I approached the center, and He appeared to be an ordinary person with no wrinkles, lovely complexion, and flawless hair, but it was only a short time before it was gone.He also had wonderful blue eyes, and the atmosphere was really serene.My dream was gorgeous, and when I woke up, I was overjoyed!

Danielle went on to explain the throne of Jesus later in the video.

Chilling testimony of a girl who saw rapture & end times

An narrative (of uncertain provenance) about an orphaned child who attends Sunday school and recognizes an image of Jesus as the guy who comforted her…

Was John Michael Montgomery’s Song ‘The Little Girl’ Based …

Rev.21:1 (New International Version) Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the first earth were no longer there, and there was no longer any sea to be seen.Rev.21:8 (New International Version) Death will await those who are fearful and disbelieving; those who are wicked and murderous; those who are sexually immoral; those who practice magic arts; those who idolize; and those who lie will be sent to the boiling lake of burning sulfur.

Angelica Zambrano is Dead For 23 Hours, Taken To Heaven …

Let’s have a look at Mark 5:21: In a boat, Jesus traveled across the Sea of Galilee to the other side. It came to rest on the opposite side. A big group of people had gathered around Him. After that, a guy called Jairus appeared. He held the position of synagogue ruler. When he saw Jesus, he immediately fell at his feet. ″Please come,″ he pleaded with Jesus. …,,,,,,,,,

7. Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter (Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5 …

75 percent of the population An Arizona lady who ″died″ for a total of 27 minutes requested a notebook after she was resuscitated in order to deliver an important message about the afterlife with her family, according to the…

Woman who ‘died’ for 27 minutes writes chilling note after …

The Healing Hands of Jesus are…23 When Jesus walked into the house of the synagogue’s leader, He was greeted by the flute players and a boisterous audience.24 ″Get out of here,″ He instructed them.″The girl is not dead, but she is asleep,″ the doctor says.

And they snorted and mocked at Him.25 After the mob was cleared out of the way, Jesus entered the room and grabbed the girl by the hand, causing her to rise to her feet.…

Matthew 9:24 ″Go away,″ He told them. ″The girl is not …

Jesus Raises a Widow’s Son from the Dead…12 As He neared the town gate, He noticed a dead man being taken out; he was the sole son of his mother, who was a widow.He stopped to speak with him.She was accompanied by a huge group of people from the community.

13 When the Lord saw her, He was moved with compassion for her and instructed her, ″Do not weep.″ 14 Then He stepped up to the casket and touched it, and those who were carrying it came to a complete stop.″I tell you, young guy,″ he began.″I tell you…0 percent are happy, 0 percent are sad, 0 percent are excited, 0 percent are sleepy, 0 percent are angry, and 0 percent are surprised.

girl who thinks she saw jesus

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Who was ANNA THE PROPHETESS? What did she know about Jesus?

Anna, a holy and wise woman, had the ability to see things that were not yet apparent to others: she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus while holding him in her arms; she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus when she held him in her arms; she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus when she held him in her arms; she’saw’ the future of the small child Jesus when she held him in her arms; she’saw’ the future of the small child This story, like so many others in the New Testament, is not about the woman Anna, but rather about Jesus.Its objective was to demonstrate who Jesus really is.

Girl claims she went to heaven after tree fall, cured of …

The film is directed by Richard Correll and is titled The Girl Who Believes in Miracles. Mira Sorvino, Austyn Johnson, Kevin Sorbo, and Peter Coyote star in this comedy. When little Sara hears a preacher proclaim that faith can move mountains, she immediately begins to pray. People in her village are suddenly and magically cured – but fame eventually takes its toll on them…

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Akiane Kramarik is the now-famous kid artist who portrays Jesus in the film. She is the small girl who painted Jesus in the film. Akiane began painting her picture of Jesus Christ when she was four years old, and this vision is depicted in the video…

The Little Girl Who Painted Jesus in ‘Heaven Is For Real …

CopsaLau is located on the first floor and measures 2 meters in height.No, she’s simply so naive that she feels that if she behaves as if she believes it, then everyone else would believe her as well, which is completely false.-1.level 2.

Prince Paradox007.Approximately 2m in length.The problem is psychological in nature; in rural parts of third-world countries, it is typical for women to lie and pretend that they are giving birth to someone who is spiritually significant to them.

Twelve Year-Old with Atheist Mom Paints Shocking Pictures …

This is a true story (of unknown origin) about an orphaned child who attends Sunday school and recognizes a painting of Jesus as the guy who comforted her the night her father murdered her mother and…

(Self-Promo) Stupid Girl Thinks She’s Birthing Jesus …

During an all-night prayer meeting in 2009, a young Korean artist was visited by Jesus Christ, who revealed himself to him as the Son of God.She was led to visit Hell and instructed by Jesus to sketch what she saw so that the rest of the world would be aware of what she had witnessed.In the words of the artist: ″While praying all night, I was able to adore Jesus more more than I had before.One day, Jesus appeared to me in my heart and said, ″I…

Was John Michael Montgomery’s Song ‘The Little Girl’ Based …

The Healing Hands of Jesus are…23 When Jesus walked into the house of the synagogue’s leader, He was greeted by the flute players and a boisterous audience.24 ″Get out of here,″ He instructed them.″The girl is not dead, but she is asleep,″ the doctor says.

And they snorted and mocked at Him.25 After the mob was cleared out of the way, Jesus entered the room and grabbed the girl by the hand, causing her to rise to her feet.… 0 percent are happy, 0 percent are sad, 0 percent are excited, 0 percent are sleepy, 0 percent are angry, and 0 percent are surprised.

Interview: Akiane speaks of heaven and paintings

— – Wednesday, December 31, 2014 HUNTINGDON, PA – February 21, 2012 — HUNTINGDON, PA (February 21, 2012) — The paintings of Heaven and God by Akiane Kramarik are astounding in their beauty.They are both realistic and ethereal at the same time.Yet, despite their material nature, they capture the intangible.They are aesthetically pleasing while remaining natural.

They convey love, but the love is more felt than seen in their portrayal.Like the 17-year-old artist and prodigy, the paintings arouse the imagination, conjuring up images of things bigger than those that may be found on the surface of the planet.Like the words of a song that we have never heard before, Akiane’s paintings of Heaven elicit emotions that we have never felt before but have a strong desire to experience.Akiane began drawing when she was four years old, and by the age of six, she was painting on canvas.

She explained to her mother that she needed to paint because she was seeing ″visions from God,″ as she put it.Despite the fact that her parents were atheists at the time, their little daughter’s drawings of Heaven and Jesus Christ, whom she referred to as ″God,″ left them both perplexed and fascinated.Travelogue written by Akiane Kramarik The Kramariks have asserted time and time again that these were not phrases that were discussed in their family environment.

In addition to being of Lithuanian descent, Akiane’s mother, Foreli, had no religious background or belief system.Akiane’s father, Mark, was raised as a Catholic, although he had not been a practicing Catholic for many years at the time of the incident.Akiane sought to explain what it is like to experience a ″vision from God″ in an interview with the ″Lori’s Centiments″ section of The Washington Times’ Communities section, which can be seen here.

  • ″A vision is like an oasis in the middle of a desert.″ You can’t have it all the time because you have to keep on going on your trip through the desert of life experiences, which is full of faith challenges and difficulties…
  • The fact that I know a vision will occur when I least expect it means I am not anxious about waiting for one to appear…
  • According to Akiane, ″I still receive visions that motivate my work.″ When Akiane has had visions, which, according to her, are similar to dreamlike experiences, she has stated that she must paint what she sees as soon as she has it, else the vision will lose its clarity.

When she looks at a painting that was inspired by a vision, such as ″Prince of Peace,″ she is able to vividly recall the vision, albeit she must stare at the picture in order for it to be completely brought to her conscious mind.Similarly, in another painting, titled ″Father Forgive Them,″ Akiane depicted Jesus with his hands lifted toward the heavens, as though imploring his heavenly Father.During an interview with CNN, she depicts God as ″like a bow of light – extremely pure, extremely masculine, extremely strong, and extremely large…″His eyes are just stunning.″ A large number of the over 250 paintings that Akiane has done have been influenced by visions she has had or by some other facet of her spiritual life.Akiane claims to have witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring scenes in Heaven, which she claims to have witnessed through divine insights.When asked to describe Heaven in words, Akiane replied: ″Plants, animals, and all beings talked not via words, but through color, vibration, and ideas.″ Everything seemed to flow effortlessly.

  1. My memories of Heaven and visions, on the other hand, are fading, and new experiences are being produced as time progresses.
  2. Since my initial contact with sights and dreams of Heaven, my understanding of the afterlife has grown and matured significantly.
  3. We co-create our world in the manner in which we choose and require it.
  1. To a certain extent, certain people can have that experience even when they are on this planet.″ Akiane has also made several references to the vitality and ethereal beauty that may be found in the hereafter.
  2. ″All of the colors were out of this world.
  3. It was incredible.″ As of right moment, we don’t know the colors of hundreds of millions of different hues.
  1. ″The flowers were just beautiful,″ she says.
  2. Akiane stated this in an interview with CNN a few years back.
  3. It is possible that Akiane’s most well-known picture of Heaven is ″Supreme Sanctuary,″ which displays an elaborate structure on a hill surrounded by odd, yet innately lovely flowers of every colour, bathed in sunlight and warmth.
  • As Akiane has stated, due of the uniqueness of the hues found in Heaven, it is hard for her to capture them on canvas.
  • Additionally, Akiane writes poetry, which she often uses to explain a picture or vision that she has had.
  • An excerpt from the poetry that accompanies the picture named ″Supreme Sanctuary″ is as follows: Eternal youth comes with its own set of sensitive requirements…

There have been no thoughts gathered.In the gardens of the same colour – A voyage over the crossroads of bridges appears to be too physically demanding…To be immersed in the chaste colours of all events is something I’m looking forward to for some reason.For some reason, I’m looking forward to the voyage, which is the only way to reach the Light…At one point in our conversation, we asked Akiane how she would characterize God to someone who does not have a personal relationship with Him.Her response included the statement that God ″is love.″ A connection with God, according to Akiane, is characterized by the presence of love and purity in one’s heart.

  1. Her life’s mission, according to Akiane, is to ″bring people closer together via art.″ Her art has unquestionably done this on a variety of levels.
  2. Not only have her paintings sold for extremely high prices, ranging from $5,000 to $3 million, but they have also clearly had an impact on the hearts and minds of those who have come into contact with them.
  3. In the art world, the adolescent who has had no professional instruction has undoubtedly evoked a tremendous deal of enthusiasm and admiration for himself.
  4. She has also piqued the interest of the general public in regards to God and Heaven, causing those who did not believe to take notice and question how a young child could be blessed with such a gift if it were not for a loving God.
  5. The soft-spoken young lady is modest about her abilities, attributing her paintings to God’s presence in her life, which she considers to be a blessing.
  1. When she finished one of her paintings, for example, Akiane stated, ″I believe that every painting is a tough piece of a jigsaw for me and others to solve.″ When I see that everything has been done, I feel both humble and delighted.″ Paintings take up four to five hours of Akiane’s time each day, with the majority of her work done in acrylics or oil.
  2. It takes around three months to complete a painting from its inception to its completion.
  3. She, along with her siblings Delfi, Jean Lia, Ilia, and Aurelius, are homeschooled in their hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho, where they live with their mother.
  1. In addition to drawing and writing, Akiane enjoys reading and learning new information.
  2. She can communicate in Lithuanian, Russian, and English.
  3. Writing, textile design, playing instruments (including the piano, guitar, flute, and violin), photography, cooking, and attending operas, ballets, and plays are among the other things that Akiane likes.
  1. In addition, she likes sculpting and making stop motion or clay motion short films, among other things.
  2. At this time, Akiane does not want to pursue a degree at a university.
  3. ″For a true artist, life is a genuine academy in which to learn.
  4. I’m always both a learner and a teacher at the same time.
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Since I was eight years old, I have been instructing youngsters in the arts.In my current position, I am a co-founder of the Akiane Arts School at Foreli Academy, where we are now accepting new students.As a lifelong learner, I am always motivated to try new things and venture into uncharted territory.″ ″Unknown areas″ that Akiane has explored seem to concentrate mostly around her spirituality, which she depicts in her paintings with such passion and zeal that her works appear to almost come to life in their own right.An example of this is the artwork named ″The Angel,″ which connects with the purity and love that Akiane frequently speaks of.

The gossamer-like robe that surrounds the angel contributes to the painting’s airy, ephemeral atmosphere, pulling the viewers in and making them yearn for more information.Thanks to Akiane, who provided the following explanation concerning ″The Angel″: ″…Sometimes we encounter some angels that seem as people, and we are unaware of it.″…

Many of us have been spared from several accidents, and we are completely unaware of it.We should take advantage of any safe moment that comes our way.To depict the role of the guardian angels, I combined many dimensions in this painting: with wings that are invisible to human sight, but visible through the see-through energy barrier, the youthful angel is rescuing a falling infant without any strain, difficulty, or fear.Her backdrop is made up of gold, copper, and brass, which represent providence, law, and safety, respectively.It is simple for an angel to preserve our physical bodies; nevertheless, it is difficult for her to accept that, according to God’s commandments, she must occasionally allow someone to fall or be injured.

In addition, I have no recollection of why…″ It is impossible to ignore the beauty and amazement elicited by Akiane’s works.In addition, it is impossible to ignore the beauty of the artist herself.She embodies a certain kindness and beauty that radiates from within her till it reaches her face.More information and comments may be found by clicking here.Hover your mouse over the word ″Hide″ to hide it.

Heaven Is for Real (2014)

Based on the real-life Akiane Kramarik (born on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois), a girl who claimed to have had an NDE and to have met Jesus in heaven.The Lithuanian painting girl who appears at the beginning and end of the film, played by Ursula Clark, is based on the Lithuanian painting girl who appears at the beginning and end of the film.In addition, the painting of Jesus seen in the film is a replica of a genuine painting by Kramarik, titled Prince of Peace, which was commissioned by the filmmakers.Both Akiane Kramarik and Colton Burpo experienced a near-death experience (NDE), which enabled them to have their insights and visions.

Near-Death Experience (NDE) is an abbreviation for Near-Death Experience, which was used for the first time by psychiatrist Raymond Moody in his 1975 book ″Life After Life.″ In it, Moody collated real-life experiences of patients who had died for a little period of time but had recovered and gone on to live again.There were some similarities between the several stories: It means to be outside of one’s physical body.Then, when you float around the room’s roof, you’ll notice your own body in the bedroom.It is possible to have X-ray senses, with the capacity to see and hear persons (familiar, pals.) in the next room, or even long-distance senses, with the ability to see and hear people thousands of miles away from their own position.

Traveling at fast speed through a tunnel with a bright white light at the end is possible.Meet your parents and friends who were previously deceased in the light.Consider a retrospective of one’s own lifeline, similar to movie frames.

While standing in the light, you will have a profound sense of serenity and tranquillity.Feel the presence of a strong being that resembles a deity, rather than seeing it.A voice stating ″It’s not your time″ or anything along those lines, followed by a return from the light.

  • Take pleasure in the sensation of falling from a tremendous height, returning to one’s physical body, and eventually, returning to life.
  • Greg Kinnear and Thomas Haden Church, the film’s two leading stars, were both born on the same day, June 17, in the same year (1963 and 1960, respectively).
  • Reilly and Martindale, the two starring actresses, were both born on the same day, July 18, in the year of their film’s release (1977 and 1951, respectively).

Margo Martindale, who portrays Nancy Rawling, has also acted in another television series about the afterlife, A Gifted Man (2011).A happy coincidence, this film has performers with the surnames Church (Thomas Haden Church) and Apostle (Randy Apostle), both of whom have surnames that are associated with the Christian religious topic.A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back″ is the title of the book on which this film is based, written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent and published by HarperCollins in 2007.

Jesus Art Fight Fueled by Litigation Finance (Corrected)

Acknowledging that her skill ″comes from God,″ Akiane Kramarik received national attention in 2003 when she was nine years old for painting a gorgeous, green-eyed Jesus Christ who she said appeared to her during supernatural visions, telling Oprah Winfrey that her gift ″comes from God.″ The painting ″Prince of Peace″ continues to be one of the most well-known representations of Jesus in the world.With the help of the Greg Kinnear-starrer ‘Have You Seen Heaven?’ and Carol Corneliuson, whose Christian painting firm acted as Kramerik’s licensing arm for more than a decade, selling her art for as much as $75,000, the movement gained traction.However, as Kramarik grew into an adult, her growing dissatisfaction with the collaboration resulted in charges of shorted royalty payments and low-quality impressions being made.It also played a role in the unusual storyline of an utterly secular question: what role does money play in tipped the scales of justice in our society?

For his copyright case against Corneliuson’s business, Art & SoulWorks, Kramarik recently secured $500,000 from a finance firm that specializes in litigation investment to fund the lawsuit.Advocates for litigation financing praise it as a method for small enterprises and people to compete on an equal footing with major corporations in the expensive pursuit of justice in the United States.As small-time litigants, Kramarik and her parents claim they can only afford to file a case with the assistance of a funder such as Legalist, a California-based fundraising business that hopes to receive a cut of whatever settlement or judgment they receive.Corneliuson, on the other hand, portrays herself as a David confronting a Goliath; an example, say industry opponents, of how plaintiffs can use newly deep pockets to demand unreasonable settlement terms, clog court dockets with frivolous filings, and delay defendants into submission by using newly deep pockets.

When Kramarik’s attorneys provided more than 440 pages pertaining to what the judge described as ″mundane″ discovery concerns, the magistrate judge handling the case declined the lawyers’ request to file another brief, citing the judge’s time constraints.The unwillingness of the parties to bargain in good faith ″is probably the most surprising aspect of this case,″ noted U.S.Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cole in a late June ruling.

Kramarik’s attorney, Adam Wolek, stated that the bulk of the 440 pages were made of obligatory exhibits, which were mostly comprised of the defendants’ objections and replies to discovery requests.It was also said that his attempt to file a reply brief was denied on procedural grounds, and that the discovery concerns have not yet been resolved.

Talent, Business Merge

Kramarik claims that she first began having vivid dreams and visions when she was four years old.She grew up in what she describes as ″abject poverty,″ and she made do with anything she could get her hands on to jot down what she observed.She has completed more than 250 paintings as of today.In February, she told a Chicago television news station that her original ″Prince of Peace″ painting had been sold for more than $800,000.

During an interview, Kramarik stated that ″if I didn’t paint every day, I felt empty.″ ″I’m still painting every day at 3 a.m.,″ says the artist.Kramarik’s visit on ″Oprah″ was part of a larger media campaign that included appearances on Fox News and local television stations.Corneliuson, who had worked in licensing, working with Disney items offered at shops such as Barnes & Noble and Family Christian, was one of the viewers intrigued to her narrative.Corneliuson retired early in 2006 in order to partner with the Kramariks in a business venture.

With approximately 700,000 likes on Facebook, the Corneliuson page devoted to Kramarik’s work has become a popular destination for people who enjoy seeing Bible verses superimposed over Kramarik’s photos.Akiane Kramarik, an artist, received a $500,000 grant from Legalist to help her launch a copyright case against Carol Corneliuson.Photography by La Vita In the four-page license agreement, Akiane Kramarik granted Art & SoulWorks the right to sell items including ″any pictures painted, drawn, sketched, or otherwise generated by Akiane Kramarik from the time she was four years old to the present.″ It was extended on a number of occasions till January 2019.

Corneliuson claims she was taken by surprise when she received a letter from the Kramariks stating that they would no longer be working with her the day before the last renewal was supposed to expire.Corneliuson claims she had acquired $11,000 worth of Akiane items the day before, which she intended to sell.She claims she had not been counseled against making the purchase, which she believes is true.

  • Among the sentiments expressed in the termination letter were thanks for sharing Akiane’s vision, fond memories of their relationship, and faint signals that Akiane was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with her parents’ decision to divorce them.
  • According to the letter, Akiane had gotten more active in the business and no longer wanted Art & SoulWorks to censor her creative expression as she had done previously.
  • It was said in the letter that ″while she is an artistically compassionate artist, poet, and film-maker, when it comes to her holy mission and art business, she will not depart from and will not compromise.″ In order to unload its inventory of Akiane’s artwork, the company granted Art & SoulWorks two months.

A Dispute Emerges

According to court documents, the Kramariks first agreed to give Art & SoulWorks until July 2019 to sell their remaining Akiane items, but the discussions fell apart before a final agreement could be reached.The complaint was filed in May in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago.According to the Kramariks, their partnership developed into litigation after they encountered surprisingly strong pushback from Corneliuson when they attempted to terminate their contract.During an interview, Kramarik’s father, Mark, said, ″We were going to go on and we believed that was the end of it.″ As a result of the overwhelming response, we decided to check into it a little more thoroughly.

Artists and musicians claim they discovered proof that Art & SoulWorks had skipped out on royalty payments and marketed unlicensed and low-quality items, thereby establishing a counterfeit industry that has evolved into a widespread practice of copyright infringement.Corneliuson claims that the charges of theft are unfounded and are the result of a misinterpretation of their business partnership.Corneliuson claims that, in addition to selling licensed items, she was also obtaining works from the Kramariks at wholesale prices that she had the legal right to sell outside the scope of the agreement.She claims that the Kramariks were aware of the items she sold and the manner in which she promoted them on Facebook, citing e-mails sent between the two parties on wholesale agreements and marketing strategies.

Despite being forced to sell her remaining licensed items from Kramarik at firesale rates, she claims to have more than $1 million worth of stuff left over after being forced to sell at firesale prices.Corneliuson has filed counter-claims against the Kramariks in response to their lawsuit.During the course of the wholesale deal, Corneliuson claims to have sold more than 50,000 goods for almost $1 million in value since 2008.

Kramariks are requesting that the court prevent her from selling her remaining inventory; Corneliuson claims that doing so violates her rights as a purchaser of Kramarik’s works.Corneliuson claims that her company’s revenue dropped by 90 percent in 2019.A court statement portraying Art & SoulWorks as ″hanging by a thread″ stated that ″Akiane has delivered an effective deathblow to ASW’s company.″ Nicole Auerbach, a partner with ElevateNext Law, wrote in the petition that ″Akiane has dealt an effective deathblow to ASW’s business.″

Drag Out Fight

Because of Legalist’s funding, the Kramariks claim they would not have been able to proceed with the litigation without the assistance of the company, which raised $100 million in 2019 to invest in cases requiring less than $1 million in finance.Akiane, according to Eva Shang, the company’s CEO, is the sort of litigant who would benefit from monetary assistance.Despite the fact that ″99 percent of cases settle,″ Shang explained that there is no way to determine whether or not they settle for the full amount of the case’s value during an interview.″And I believe it is at this point when financiers are most beneficial.″ According to Legalist, the firm does not instruct or comment on the litigation strategies that lawyers and their clients employ.

Opponents of litigation finance, like the U.S.Chamber of Commerce, claim that it encourages unnecessarily expensive litigation by making it more difficult and expensive to settle disputes.According to Michael Abramowicz, a professor at the George Washington University Law School who has written about the ways in which litigation finance might alter plaintiffs’ behavior in cases, ″it is feasible for plaintiffs to utilize litigation finance as a weapon against defendants.″ Due to the fact that funders’ recovery reduces the amount of money that plaintiffs get as a settlement, clients may be motivated to seek bigger settlements.In a scenario where a funder has committed $500,000, the funder might get between $1 million and $1.5 million if the lawsuit is successful.

So yet, there has been no evidence of a resolution to the Kramarik-Corneliuson conflict.The attorneys are squabbling over discovery, and the court has expressed displeasure with some of their conduct.Corneliuson’s attorney, Auerbach, claims that her client is unable to pay a payment in the $2 million-p

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