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Jesus Piece Collection

Is There a Jesus Piece?With its iconic status, the Jesus Piece transcends religion to symbolise good omens and benefits regardless of one’s cultural or racial backgrounds.Each Jesus Piece is designed and produced by our team of highly talented artisan jewelers, utilizing only the best metals and stones available on the market.You may express yourself via the use of one of IF & Co’s trademark Jesus Pieces, which are available in a range of sizes and styles, as well as a limitless number of customizing possibilities, allowing you to make it really yours.Choose Your Personality The Nano Jesus Piece, Micro Jesus Piece, Baby Jesus Piece, and Standard Jesus Piece are just a few of the types available in our Jesus Piece collection.

  • Your Jesus Piece is available in 10k, 14k, and 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, or silver, and may be worn softly with a basic gold chain and a Jesus pendant, or huge and ornate with an XL-sized diamond Jesus pendant.
  • Your Jesus Piece is also available in silver.
  • Whether partially iced or completely iced, each Jesus Piece is accompanied by a gold chain in the same design as the piece.
  • Choose our special black gold chain with a black gold Jesus pendant for a genuinely one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Make Your Jesus Piece Unique to You If our Jesus Piece line has piqued your interest, you may send us an email with your own unique interpretation of our classic design, and our custom jewelers will work with you to bring your idea to fruition.

For those seeking for the right spiritual piece to complement their collection, get your Jesus piece from IF & today!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Giving Life to Your Dreams…One Diamond At A Time!Collection of Jesus’s Pieces (details)

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Each one of our Jesus Pieces is handcrafted from the finest materials and adorned with beautiful imitation diamonds.Every pendant is accompanied by a complimentary necklace as well as a lifetime warranty against tarnishing!We started with a blank canvas and worked our way up, handcrafting each design from wax to mold.You would not be able to find the design anywhere else.Many people utilize their physical appearance to express their personality traits.

  • This covers not just clothing, but also accessories such as jewelry, among other things.
  • The jewelry that individuals choose to wear may have a tremendous impact on how they are seen as a person.
  • Jewelry featuring Jesus is one type of jewelry that people like wearing.
  • This type of jewelry may enhance a person’s appearance and is available in a variety of styles; however, it may be difficult to locate a store that carries this type of jewelry in your region.
  • It is critical to conduct research in order to choose where to get the greatest pendants for the best quality at the most reasonable price.

It’s been decades since Jesus piece necklaces first appeared on the market.When the legendary rapper Notorious BIG wore one and used it in his raps, they became popular in hip-hop culture.These necklaces are still fashionable today, and more and more rappers are opting to wear them.Kanye West, the rapper, is credited with igniting the current craze.For the purpose of developing and releasing his own collection of religiously inspired jewelry, he linked forces with the well-known jeweler Jacob Arabo.Following Kanye’s decision to start wearing his own jewelry around, a slew of other celebrities followed suit.

They quickly embraced the look, and were often spotted donning either an iced out Jesus piece that was studded with jewels or a plain gold piece of jewelry to show their support.The list of celebrities who have been spotted wearing them includes everyone from Big Sean to Jay Z to Kid Cudi.Jay Z even collaborated with Kanye West to create a limited-edition black Jesus piece made of black diamonds and black metal.These aren’t only for rappers, though; anyone may wear them.These one-of-a-kind and famous pieces of jewelry have also been spotted on notable sportsmen, such as Lebron James, in recent years.Known professionally as ″Jacob the Jeweler,″ Jacob Arabo is one of the most well-known jewelers in the world.

  • He is recognized with popularizing diamond Jesus piece necklaces and many other styles of hip-hop jewelry, among other things.
  • The numerous superstars with whom he has collaborated have given him this moniker, and they are the driving force behind his success in the hip-hop business.
  • Jacob has collaborated with a slew of well-known hip-hop artists, including Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and LL Cool J.
  • There aren’t many well-known hip-hop artists with whom Jacob hasn’t worked.
  • Takashi Murakami, another well-known designer, is in fact a modern Japanese artist of the same name.
  • He is well-known for his close collaboration with Kanye West in the design of magnificent Jesus piece jewelry.

Types of Jesus Pieces

People express themselves and display their individuality via the use of jewelry, which they can purchase.It is certain that accessorizing with distinctive and distinct pieces such as small Jesus necklaces will make a lasting impact on those who see you.Some retailers even sell look-alike pieces in order to duplicate the Jesus necklaces worn by prominent rappers at a more affordable price than the originals.As a result, people may now utilize them to create looks that are similar to their favorite rappers and celebrities.Your item will be unique to your style and make a statement about your sense of fashion, whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or accessorizing on a daily basis with this Jesus piece necklace.

  • Jesus piece necklaces are available in a variety of distinct styles, which adds to the jewelry’s individuality.
  • There are two major types: a piece that has been frosted out and a piece that is plain gold.
  • Plain pieces can be made of a variety of metals, including brass, silver, and platinum, as well as other materials.
  • These metals can be dyed or gold plated to make them more appealing.
  • They are available in a variety of colors, from silver to black to rose gold.

Iced out necklaces are also available in these various metals and colors, however they contain some more materials in addition to the metals and colors listed above.Stones are included into the iced out pieces.When it comes to the more costly pieces, they are adorned with individual diamonds, while Cubic Zirconia is utilized to stun the necklines of the more affordable pieces.This gives it the appearance and feel like diamonds, although it is far less expensive.These studs, on the other hand, are not just available in diamonds.Many celebrities and rappers have been spotted wearing a genuine Jesus piece that has been embellished with different sorts of gemstones as well as diamonds.

Examples are those who appear to be crying with ruby tears streaming down their faces.

Bijouterie Gonin is the Go-To Shop

The majority of the Jesus necklaces are of a reasonable size, with the majority of them hanging approximately 30 inches in length.However, if the size or weight of the pendant is too huge or heavy for you, Bijouterie Gonin also has miniature Jesus pieces that you may purchase.As a result, the weight of the pendant does not have to drag on a person’s neck all day, nor does it have to be too overpowering for the ensemble.Instead, a small pendant is the appropriate weight for any ensemble and won’t overpower it with its size.Pendants of Jesus should not be purchased from just any store.

  • There are numerous businesses that might be scams and offer things made of plastic for hundreds of dollars that are made of other materials.
  • That is why it is critical to conduct thorough research on where to get the highest-quality components.
  • However, if the quality is very high, as in pure gold and genuine diamonds, it may cost a lot to purchase.
  • Websites such as IfandCo offer them for hundreds of dollars, but not everyone has the financial means to purchase such expensive jewelry.
  • It is beneficial to check at sites such as Bijouterie Gonin, where high-quality pieces may be purchased without breaking your money.

Jesus pieces are becoming increasingly popular in fashion, and may be seen on the bodies of a slew of celebrities and hip-hop musicians.They are available in a variety of colors and styles, including gold, silver, frosted, and covered in other jewels.The possibilities are virtually limitless.If the usual size is too large, there is even a tiny size available to accommodate all clients’ needs and desires.There is something for practically everyone who want to own a piece of Jesus jewelry in their collection.

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While not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on diamond-encrusted jewelry, there are more economical alternatives, such as the cubic zirconia necklaces from Bijouterie Gonin, that are also beautiful.This is an alternative that will make you seem just like the renowned celebrities, but will not break the wallet in the process of doing so.Because there are so many alternatives to pick from, individuals may do their research ahead of time to ensure that they know precisely what they want and that they will receive the highest quality at the most reasonable cost.Now is the time to shop!

Diamond Jesus Pieces

Many current culture authors feel that the Jesus piece pendant is the most popular necklace pendant of all time, and this is supported by research.If that’s the case, it’s an incredible truth to ponder, given that pendant necklaces have been there since the Stone Age.Although we tend to think of cavemen as clumsy and savage, new finds have revealed that not only were they socially and aesthetically accomplished, but cavemen also possessed an incredible sense of style.Of course, caveman drip wasn’t as as glitzy as they would have wanted, but they were willing to make do with whatever eye-catching materials they could get their hands on.Because, with eagle-talon bracelets and bear claw necklaces, they must’ve been sporting a pretty swanky appearance.

  • Since archaeologists have uncovered pendants that are more than 50,000 years old, we can’t say with certainty that the gold diamond Jesus piece was historically more popular than a stone snake bracelet, but it’s a possibility.
  • The necklace with the image of Jesus on it, on the other hand, is unquestionably one of the most iconic pieces of hip-hop jewelry.
  • His name is Christopher George Latore Wallace and he is credited with the invention of the Jesus piece pendant in the 1990s.
  • He obtained his first iced-out gold diamond Jesus piece from his jeweler, Tito Caicedo, and named it ″The Jesus Piece.″ For a total of $30,000, he purchased three pendants.
  • The other two pendants, which cost a total of $10,000 each, he presented to his buddies, fellow rapper Lil’ Cease and Damion Butler, who was his best buddy and who assisted him in launching his professional career.

A number of well-known rappers, musicians, and sportsmen have emulated the Jesus piece since it was first released in the hip-hop community.

Benefits of Wearing a Men’s Diamond Jesus Piece

There’s nothing quite like a genuine diamond Jesus piece in your collection.It’s essentially the ″Jesus″ of the world of hip-hop jewelry, so to speak.Few other pendants can match to the effect of the Jesus piece, which crosses religious boundaries, ethnicity, culture, and the monetary value of the materials used to construct it.Wearing a genuine gold diamond Jesus jewelry conveys a powerful statement to the entire international community.Hip-hop culture is represented by this eye-catching emblem, which associates the wearer with the culture’s struggles, triumphs and contributions to culture as well as the hope that it brings to the marginalized and oppressed.

  • Pendants with the image of Jesus are worn by people from all various origins and religious views.
  • Wearing a Jesus piece pendant is acceptable even if you are not Christian, and even if you are not religious at all.
  • Additionally, if you are Christian (such as Kanye West), Muslim, Buddhist, or spiritual in nature, or whatever your religious beliefs are, you may choose to wear a Jesus item.
  • The issue with a Jesus Piece is that its story goes beyond the scope of a straightforward narrative.
  • The Jesus piece, like hip hop, comprises a complicated tale that not only symbolizes the journey of a person, but also the path of the culture as a whole, as well.

As a result, the Jesus face pendant is a significant piece of men’s jewelry that may be worn to express yourself or given as a particular present to a special man.You may wear your Jesus piece necklace no matter your age or stage of life, whether you’re prosperous or struggling to find your path.Numerous individuals regard their Christ-related jewelry as a symbol of protection or good fortune.Others see it as a tangible reminder of their journey and accomplishments.No matter where you wear it, whether on the court, on the stage, or on the street, the Jesus piece pendant makes a statement wherever you go.The Jesus piece is also a wonderful piece of men’s jewelry to pass down to your boys as a family heirloom.

As soon as Biggie died away, one of his necklaces was placed aside for his son CJ, although Jay-Z would occasionally don it when he’s in the studio working on his next album.It’s a significant piece of men’s jewelry to offer to those who have supported you, bringing friends and family together.

Different Styles of Jesus Piece Pendants

  • A Jesus piece pendant’s significance differs from person to person while being connected to a larger cultural tradition, and the many various kinds of Jesus pieces let you to express your own particular style while remaining faithful to its beginnings. We at ItsHot are proud to be based in New York City, which is considered the cradle of hip hop culture. Because of our geographic position, we are able to keep up with all of the newest fashion trends, and we are thrilled to offer a vast assortment of genuine gold diamond Jesus face pendants. Here are some examples of the many kinds of men’s Jesus piece pendants that we have available at ItsHot: Pendants with iced-out Jesus pieces
  • pendants with colored diamonds in the shape of Jesus Blue diamond Jesus pieces, black diamond Jesus pieces, red diamond Jesus pieces, and custom color diamond Jesus pieces are also available.
  • Pendants with a Jesus piece medallion
  • pendants with a Jesus piece crucifix
  • pendants with a Jesus cross
  • Diamond pendants in the shape of a little Jesus head
  • Pendants depicting the visage of Jesus in black and black diamonds
  • Jesus’ fragments from the crown of thorns
  • Unique Pendants with diamonds in the shape of Jesus Pendants with images of Jesus designed by designers
  • Sterling silver diamond Jesus pendants

Because the Jesus piece is intended to be a piece of jewelry that is unique to you, one that gives you confidence and allows you to express yourself, we have a broad selection of Jesus piece pendants, both large and little, elaborate and simple.Our Jesus pieces are true NYC-style hip hop pendants direct from the Big Apple, and they feature anything from colorful diamonds to unusual Jesus piece styles.Our gold Jesus pieces are available in three different colors: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.Whether the 10K Jesus piece speaks to you or the 14K or 18K Jesus, or the blue diamond mini Jesus, we offer you the option to choose from three different colors of gold: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.We also provide genuine sterling silver Jesus piece pendants for guys, including sterling silver Jesus pieces in a variety of colors, including black.

Quality Materials

For our diamond Jesus face pendants, we exclusively employ the highest-quality materials available here at ItsHot.Authentic solid gold Jesus pendants in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold are available for purchase, as well as genuine sterling silver pendants.We hand-pick our diamonds and cut them to perfection; we also include a lab diamond certificate of authenticity that specifies the metal type and diamond grade, allowing you to be confident that the diamond matches your high-quality criteria.We have more than 20 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of beautiful diamond jewelry in precious metals such as gold and silver.As a result, our jewelers are among the finest in the field, and we make certain that the quality of our diamond Jesus pendants is on par with the quality of our high-end genuine gold chain necklaces for gentlemen.

  • With a Miami Cuban link chain necklace, an old-school classic gold rope chain, or a Gucci chain necklace in your collection, your Jesus is ready to take things to the next level.
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Tips for Choosing a Jesus Piece Pendant for a Necklace

In order to know how to choose the ideal Jesus pendant for your style while selecting a men’s Jesus pendant for a chain necklace, you need take into consideration a number of different elements.First, decide on the type of material to use.Gold is a sturdy and flexible metal that is also a popular choice among hip-hop artists.Yellow gold Jesus pieces, white gold Jesus pieces, and rose gold Jesus pieces are all excellent representations of the classic piece of jewelry.Affordable Jesus items made of sterling silver are also a perfect option for customers on a tight budget.

  • 10K gold is going to be stronger than 18K gold, but it will take more attention to preserve its lustrous appearance over time.
  • If you have a metal allergy, 18K gold is a better choice because it is more hypoallergenic.
  • Among those looking for a blend of elegance and affordability, 14K gold Jesus pendants have become more popular.
  • Second, select your shoe size.
  • Consider a micro-sized Jesus pendant if your chain necklace is thinner or shorter than the average size.

A huge Jesus face pendant will create a more dramatic impression when worn on thick chains.You’ll also want to think about the diamonds’ size and hue while making your decision.Do you want a diamond Jesus piece that has been iced out?Alternatively, a gold Jesus pendant with less black diamond embellishments is available.Last but not least, decide on a style.If you choose a conventional diamond Jesus piece pendant for your necklace or a one-of-a-kind Jesus medallion, you’re symbolizing the finest of what the world has to offer.

Please feel free to take your time; we’ll be here to answer any queries you may have.We have a live chat function that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have regarding your future personal Jesus.

Browse Our Selection of Real NYC Style Hip Hop Style Diamond Jesus Pieces

Hip-hop jewelry is more than a fad at ItsHot; it is a way of life.It is a way of life.We were one of the first retailers to provide such a large assortment of genuine gold and diamond jewelry at rates that were competitive with factory prices.Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to provide competitive pricing on our diamond Jesus pendants, which are now on sale for up to 80% off.We are able to provide wholesale costs because we do not have to charge additional fees for purchasing from third-party vendors.

  • We hope one of our kinds of gold diamond Jesus face pendants is just what you’re searching for if you’re thinking of donning a pendant of J.C.
  • The Man.
  • If you’re looking for something completely different, we can create a bespoke Jesus piece for you.
  • Please feel free to call us or email us at [email protected] to discuss your options.
  • Alternatively, if you’re in town, you may visit our New York shop, which is located in Manhattan’s diamond district.

In case you’re looking for different types of hip-hop jewelry or religious jewelry for guys, please feel free to browse through the other sections of our website.You may also browse our clearance department, which has men’s gold, platinum, and diamond jewelry for sale at discounts of up to 80% off retail prices.

Jesus Piece (Gold)

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jesus piece Prices

Jesus Piece – The One and Only Self-Cd Only Self – The Jesus Piece (CD) Cd – The Game – The Jesus Piece JESUS PIECE, Game’s fifth studio album, is out today.Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, J.Cole, Pusha T, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Common, and Fabulous are among the artists who appear on the star-studded album.Jigsaw Puzzle of Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man (100 Pieces).Jesus Heals a Man Who Is Paralyzed The Bible Puzzle is a 100-piece cardboard puzzle that is appropriate for children aged 6 to 8.

  • The scenario in which Jesus cures the paralyzed man is depicted in the artwork.
  • Jesus Walks On Water is a crossword puzzle.
  • Jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces It is a 500-piece cardboard puzzle that depicts Jesus walking on the water.
  • It is suitable for girls and boys ages 10 – 12 years old.
  • It represents the miracle in which Jesus walks on water and reaches the other side of the lake.

Jesus Expresses His Appreciation for Small Children Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle with 1000 Pieces Jesus Expresses His Appreciation for Small Children The Bible Puzzle is a 1000-piece cardboard puzzle that is appropriate for girls and boys aged 11 and up.The moment where Jesus blesses the children is shown in 2 Pieces of Art.Joseph is the main character in the Nativity story.Mary and Jesus riding on a donkey Joseph, Mary, and Jesus on Donkey are shown in this two-piece nativity scene.A very beautiful Nativity scene.Resin, substance, and height 15cm Boxed 2-Piece Set Mary and Joseph are the nativity figures.

Jesus and the Donkey (Red) 2 piece Nativity set with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and a donkey in red color.This is a lovely small nativity.A very beautiful Nativity scene.15 centimeters in height Resin and other materials are boxed.- More information may be found at: 15cm in height, made of resin and other materials, and boxed.A little cross with Jesus on the cross that is really well detailed.

  • Beautifully crafted piece Small Cross with Jesus on the Cross (Extremely Detailed and Beautiful Piece) Jesus and the Children 1000 Piece Cardboard Puzzle Jesus and the Children Jesus and the Little Children (1000 Pieces) Puzzle Made of Cardboard ″Jesus Genees Is A Verlamde Man″ (Jesus Genees Is A Verlamde Man) 100-Piece Cardboard Puzzle with Instructions Jesus Genees ‘N Verlamde Man’ is a Dutch translation of Jesus Genees.
  • a total of 100 pieces Puzzle Made of Cardboard Jesus Expresses His Appreciation for Small Children 1000 Pieces of Cardboard to Solve a Puzzle Jesus Expresses His Appreciation for Small Children a total of 1000 pieces Puzzle Made of Cardboard Prayer I’m pleading with Jesus.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle with 500 Pieces Prayer is included in the pouch, and it is addressed to Jesus.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle with 500 Pieces Christian Riddles and Conundrums Piece Count: 300 Jesus is a conundrum.
  • Adults Can Solve Religious Puzzles Wooden Cross Puzzle is a challenging casual game for adults and teenagers.
  • Christian Riddles and Conundrums Piece Count: 300 Jesus is a conundrum.
  1. Adults Can Solve Religious Puzzles Wooden Cross Puzzle for Adults and Teens Challenging Casual Games Gift Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece for Adults and Teens Challenging Casual Games Gift A Large Diy Games For Teens Puzzle of Jesus guiding President Donald Trump 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults with Decorative Pieces President Trump is guided by Jesus in this large puzzle for teens.
  2. Games You Can Make Yourself Decor Chamberart Premium Jigsaw Puzzles, 1000 Pieces, by Decor Chamberart ″shepherd Jesus Christ 2″ A-1075 by Yohan Lee Chamberart 1000 Piece Premium Jigsaw Puzzles ″shepherd Jesus Christ 2″ A-1075 by Yohan Lee Chamberart 1000 Piece Premium Jigsaw Puzzles ″Shepherd Jesus Christ 2″ A-1075 by Yohan Lee Na Adult Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece Wooden Puzzle ″Shepherd Jesus Christ 2″ A-1075 by Yohan Lee Na Patterns for Jesus and the Fishermen for Toddlers and Adults Very Good Educational Game A84 NA Adult Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece Wooden Puzzle A84 NA Adult Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece Wooden Puzzle Patterns of Jesus and the Fishermen for Teenagers and Adults.
  3. Wooden Adults Jigsaw Puzzle with 300 Pieces is an excellent educational game (A84A).

Adults Children Puzzles Jesus with Dachshunds Dog Lover Gift Poster Decompression Toys Gif Adults Jigsaw Puzzle Jesus with Dachshunds Dog Lover Gift Poster Decompression Toys Gif Adults Jigsaw Puzzle 300 Piece Wooden Adults and Children Puzzles Jesus with Dachshunds Dog Lover Gift Poster Decompression Toys Gift Family Landscape Decoration Decompression Toys Gift Family Landscape Decoration The Most Excellent Gift Renwuang 1000-piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with Religious Theme Jesus and the Bible – 1000 Piece Puzzles For Adults, Children, and Teens – Difficult!RENWUANG 1000-Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Religious Symbols Jesus and the Bible – 1000 Piece Puzzles For Adults, Children, and Teens – Difficult 1000 Piece Puzzles Jesus Loves Me with a Cute Lamb Melamine Plate, Bowl, and Cup 3 Piece Set in White Melamine Three-piece set of Jesus Loves Me with a cute lamb in white melamine: plate, bowl, and cup (300 pieces total).Stickers that say ″Jesus Loves You.″ Jesus Stickers For Kids 6 Colors Religious Christian Jesus Stickers For Kids 300 Pieces Stickers that say ″Jesus Loves You.″ Children’s Christian Religious Jesus Stickers in 6 Different Colors

Jesus piece

The practice of wearing Christian iconography as jewelry has been around for centuries, but the term ″Jesus piece″ refers to a type of necklace that is typically made of a precious metal such as gold or silver and features Christ’s head as a pendant, sometimes with his crown of thorns adorned with gems such as diamonds, as well as a cross on the other end.The term ″Jesus″ refers to the major character and item of the Christian faith, as well as an example of good workmanship or jewelry.Rather than being associated with a specific Christian religion, a Jesus piece is worn by members of the hip-hop culture as an emoji, fashion statement, or bling.One early and important Jesus piece was worn by rapper Christopher Wallace, also known as the Notorious B.I.G.or Biggie Smalls, who is claimed to have acquired three of them from his jeweler, Tito Caicedo, for $30,000 in the early 1990s.

  • Throughout his rap career, the Jesus piece that hung around Biggie’s neck became closely connected with his identity.
  • He also made a reference to it in his smash 1997 album Life After Death’s song ″I Love the Dough,″ which went as follows: ″You saw the Jesus, dipped to H classes.″ During the song ″Hypnotize,″ which is also from the same album, he raps: ″So I just speak my bit, maintain my peace / Cubans with the Jesus piece…″.
  • This statement is credited with popularizing the term ″Jesus piece,″ which is now widely used.
  • The fact that the term piece is also slang for gun means that his phrase Jesus piece offers a striking contrast of riches, violence, and religious belief is worth mentioning.
  • XXL magazine published an image of Jay-Z wearing a Jesus piece, which was rumored to be one of Biggie’s original three.
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Jay-Z was a fellow rapper who featured on the cover of the magazine in 1999.Pieces depicting Jesus, on the other hand, did not become popular until 2004, when they became the distinctive ornamentation of artist Kanye West.A collection of religious hip-hop jewelry was created in collaboration with jeweler Jacob Arabo by West and Arabo.In addition, he regularly refers to the Jesus piece in his songs, which has helped to establish the name, as well as the accessory, in hip-hop culture.Rapper The Game, for example, has released an album named Jesus Piece since 2012.

The Jesus Piece – Its History & Why It’s Popular in the Hip-Hop World

The Jesus necklace, which is one of the most popular pendants currently, is unquestionably an iconic fashion statement that has a large fanbase that transcends religion, spirituality, race, and cultural boundaries.For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a Jesus piece is a pendant that is typically made from precious metals such as gold or silver and is designed in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.It is typically depicted with a crown of thorns encrusted with gems such as diamonds, and it is typically made in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.The Jesus piece can also refer to a religious cross pendant, as shown in the image below.The wearing of the Jesus piece, which is often recognized as religious iconography, has subsequently transcended the belief or tradition that these pieces are solely worn by members of a certain religious denomination and has been elevated to the status of a fashion statement within the hip hop community.

  • The inevitable Jesus piece has been seen on virtually all hip-hop musicians at some time in their careers, and while many may be perplexed as to what the relationship between hip-hop and religion is, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.
  • In order to achieve success in their respective fields, the challenges, disappointments, and violence that these rappers and singers endure are genuine, and the wearing of a Jesus piece is typically a show of achievement and gratitude to Jesus Christ.
  • Others credit the Jesus piece with helping them to remain humble and authentic in the face of great success and excessive money, among other things.
  • Who was the first to wear it?
  • Photograph courtesy of Scott Gries / Getty Images Despite the fact that many attribute the emergence and popularity of the Jesus piece to Kanye West’s performance in 2004, this is not the case.

In 2004, Kanye West teamed with the renowned Jacob The Jeweller, and the result was a series of religious-themed jewelry, which included the Jesus piece.For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that Kanye was the one who brought the legendary piece into widespread prominence.Image courtesy of The Notorious B.I.G., Christopher Wallace, is said to have originally worn the Jesus piece around his neck in the mid-1990s, when he acquired three Jesus piece pendants from jeweller Tito Caicedo for $30,000 (around $30,000 today).Biggie’s rap image became firmly identified with the expression ″Jesus’s piece,″ and he used the phrase in several of his songs, including ″Jesus’s Piece.″ On the cover of XXL magazine in 1999, Jay-Z donned a Jesus piece, which was rumored to be one of Biggie’s three Jesus parts.Image courtesy of We can reasonably infer, however, that the Jesus piece, regardless of who wore it initially or who popularized it, has since become a classic piece of hip-hop jewelry, if not the most popular item of jewelry ever created to date.Making a statement with a giant iced out piece, or keeping it simple with a smaller piece, the Jesus piece will never go out of fashion.

You don’t have one yet, do you?View our Jesus piece and religious cross offers, which you may include into your next fashion statement, in the gallery below:

History of the Jesus Piece

In addition to being one of the most recognizable pieces of Hip Hop jewelry in the world, it has served as a sign of religion/spirituality for people who have been drawn into a world of brutality and ″gangster″ lives.Now, one of the reasons that most people are familiar with the legendary Jesus Piece is because it has been spotted around the necks of your favorite celebrities.Nonetheless, only a small number of people are aware of its roots and history; however, by following a simple chronology, you will discover that this Holy Bling has been around for far longer than you first assumed.Let’s get this party started!In the event that Yeezy failed to obtain a signature from Hov and Dame, he dashed to Jacob’s and created the new Jesus Chains…″ Kanye West’s ″New God Flow″ is a good example of this.

  • While most of us were first exposed to the Jesus Piece through Kanye West, the piece itself was not created by the rapper himself.
  • He was the one who pushed the envelope to the limit (think about it).
  • After collaborating with the renowned Jacob The Jeweller in 2004, to create a line of religious-themed jewellery, it would be fair to claim that the two of them worked together on the Jesus Piece and ‘enhanced it,’ which still leaves the subject of ″Who is the originator of the Jesus Piece?″ open.
  • The Notorious B.I.G.
  • was spotted wearing a similar item around his neck in the mid-1990s, despite the fact that Yeezy and Jacob are widely credited with designing it.

With the words ″You seen the Jesus…,″ he also rapped about it in the song ″I Love the Dough″ off his legendary Life After Death album in 1999, which was released in 1999.The beard and moustache are even covered in boulders.″ It is believed that Tito, the original OG designer, was responsible for the creation of this piece.Although the current version of the Jesus Piece depicts a crown of thorns encircling a flowing mane of hair, as well as Jesus’ thick beard and compassionate eyes, the original piece was iced out with precious metal and gemstones, from diamonds in the hair to ruby tears running down his face.Jay-Z even managed to get his hands on the Jesus Piece, which was rumored to be the same piece worn by Biggie, since Jay appeared on the cover of XXL magazine in December 1999 wearing it, years before Kanye and Jacob got on the bandwagon in 2004.This piece of jewellery, known as the Jesus Piece, has been adopted by Hip Hop as a method to convey a belief with the world, and it has probably grown to be among the most important pieces of jewellery in the Hip Hop fashion business.The item prompted the production of numerous Jesus jewellery and accessory pieces, including a rosary-like necklace that features the Jesus head and a dramatic, hanging iced or beaded rosary that finishes with a crucifix or another Jesus head.

However, none of these pieces can compare to the original.Thanks to original creator Tito and another thanks to Yeezy for his Jesus Piece support…huh!Rudzani ″RooAT″ Netshiheni is a slang term for ″RooAT″ Netshiheni.

Catholic forms of religious expression

  • Examine the significance and position of religious symbols in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy. Understand the function of art in worship, as well as how art and sculptures may benefit persons who are part of the Church
  • Test
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The cross is the most often used religious emblem. The crucifix is a cross with a picture of Christ affixed to the cross’s center. The crucifix is the religious emblem of Christianity, and it serves as a constant reminder of Christ’s death and resurrection. It acts as a constant reminder of God’s ultimate sacrifice of his only Son in order for mankind to be saved.


In Greek characters, the ichthus sign reads out ‘Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour,’ which is a reference to the Savior.Because ichthus is the Greek word for ‘fish,’ the word may also be written as a monogram.At a time when Christians were persecuted in the early Church, Christians would utilize the fish emblem as a hidden symbol to indicate to others that they were Christians.One person would draw one arc of the fish, and if the other person was also a Christian, the other person would draw the other arc of the fish as well.The emblem would be unrecognizable to anybody who was not a Christian, and the image would be incomplete without them.


  • The Chi-Rho is another early Christian emblem that is still in use today. It takes the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ, namely Chi and Rho, and combines them to form a sign known as the Chi-Rho symbol (Christ in Greek). In the Greek alphabet, the letters Chi and Rho are represented by the letters X and P, respectively, while the letter O represents the name Christ, which is pronounced Christos. The sign depicts the idea that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed one, as represented by the word ″Christ.″ The Chi-Rho can be found in a variety of places in a church, including the altar, priests’ garments, and the Tabernacle.

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, and the phrase ″Alpha and Omega″ was used to denote anything that was complete during the time of Christ.God refers to himself as the Alpha and Omega in the book of Revelation, and this term has also been used to characterize Jesus in many contexts.Christ is represented by the letters Alpha and Omega, as he is at the beginning of all things and will return at the conclusion of all things.The Alpha and Omega are sometimes combined with the Chi-Rho to form the Chi-Rho.

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What Brands Did Biggie Smalls Wear?

Biggie Smalls was well-known for his sense of flair, both on the mic and in his appearance.He possessed both the gift of gab and the gift of attire, to put it another way.For the sake of this study, we shall examine some of the clothing brands and apparel items that Biggie worn during his professional life.With his dress choices, he took several risks and established some styles that have endured to this day in the rap industry.

Karl Kani

Biggie is sporting a Karl Kani raglan shirt, which was provided on the brand’s website.As many people are aware, Biggie was born and raised in Brooklyn, and he represented this hip-hop brand founded by Carl ″Kani″ Williams, who was also born and raised in Brooklyn.Initially, the Karl Kani brand was established as a ″Big & Tall″ brand, but it has now evolved into a cornerstone of the hip-hop fashion industry.Biggie’s attitude was reflected in the vibrant colors and edgy street style.

The Kangol 504 

One of the most iconic pieces of headgear in hip-hop history is Biggie’s use of a Kangol 504 hat.(Source: The Kangol Driver’s Cap was first worn by Golden Era rappers such as Slick Rick and the early B-Boys, and it has since become a legendary piece of headwear for many other artists.Rather, it was Biggie who brought it back to prominence in the 1990s and elevated it to a new level of popularity.

The Red and Black Lumberjack

CJ Wallace is dressed in one of Biggie’s early clothes.In the song ″Juice,″ which is one of his autobiographical tracks, Biggie famously rapped, ″Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack / With the hat to match,″ which is one of his autobiographical tunes.Although we were unable to locate a photograph of the guy himself in this ensemble, check out Faith and her kid CJ (Biggie’s son) in this adorable photograph.

The Turtleneck Sweater

Biggie was able to turn turtlenecks into something fashionable. Think of Starsky & Hutch, That 70s Show, or the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs when you think of a 70s hangover. Biggie shown his capacity to think outside the box once more in this situation. With the Turtleneck and a Carhartt jacket, he created a whole new outfit that was instantly recognized.

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Camo Jackets

Biggie received one of the original BAPE camo coats from the company’s founder |Photo courtesy of BAPE.COM The early 1990s saw a significant number of East Coast rappers sporting camouflage coats.An army surplus store or a sporting goods store with an outdoor sports goods area was the only place to find one.However, a Japanese designer (and hip-hop lover) with a keen sense of fashion decided to construct his winning jacket after seeing it on the runway.BAPE was the name of the brand.

  • Biggie was once again breaking new ground in the fashion industry.

All Over Print

Clothing worn by Biggie Smalls that had an all-over design is now considered vintage streetwear Today’s streetwear culture is dominated by all-over prints, which have become increasingly popular.This was not the case, however, throughout Biggie’s era of music.A further illustration of Biggie’s desire to think outside the box is found in this song.He was not hesitant to dress in flashy designs and bright colors, despite the fact that he was a street musician, and these prints would later become a standard of hip-hop fashion.

The Coogi Sweater

This is a rare photograph of Biggie wearing a Coogi t-shirt on a boat in 1995.A boy in Biggie’s own neighborhood named Walt G, according to MTV stylist Groovey Lew, was the inspiration for the rapper.″Big fell in love with this kid’s style right there and then he took it to the next level for the entire world to see,″ Lew explains.If you weren’t Bill Cosby or a wealthy motherf*cker from Australia who happened to be playing golf, no one knew who Coogi was.As soon as Big Homie started running about with it, the hood became aware of its presence.″ The Coogi brand has had a comeback as a result of our current infatuation with 90s retro style.

  • High-profile rappers such as Drake and A$ap Rocky, as well as mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor, have recently donned the Coogi sweater.
  • However, Biggie was the first to wear it, and this time it was years and years ago.

The Cane

Biggie takes a break with his cane.The cane, in contrast to the ″pimps″ of the world, was a need for Biggie.He was involved in a terrible vehicle accident in 1996, which left him permanently unable to walk without the use of a cane.Puffy and Biggie took this opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade and utilize it to launch their upcoming look.From that point on, they adopted a gangster look inspired by the 1920s, complete with three-piece suits and homburg hats.

  • See the albums Life After Death and No Way Out for more information.

Versace Shades, Shirts and Houses?

A fantastic photograph of the iconic Notorious B.I.G.sporting his Versace sunglasses.It’s reasonable to assume that Biggie had a strong affection for the high-end fashion house of Versace.From the world-famous Medusa eyeglasses to custom-tailored silk shirts, and even utilizing Versace fabric to upholster areas of his home, everything about his style is legendary.Biggie was so enamored with Versace that he would attend their fashion events as well.

  • For many in the hip-hop community, the music video for ″Hypnotize″ was the spark that ignited their obsession with Versace Medusa sunglasses.
  • However, because the sunglasses he wore were a limited edition, it’s doubtful that anybody else will be able to replicate them.

The Homburg Hat

It’s a fantastic photograph of Biggie on stage, sporting one of his Homburg caps.The Homburg hat, like the cane that Biggie was compelled to wield, became an integral element of Biggie’s new crime boss identity after his release from prison.The wide-brimmed hat complemented his newfound preference for fitted clothes well.Biggie appeared to be more bigger than life as a result of this appearance.This is the style in which he is depicted on the album Life After Death, and it will be the last way in which we remember him.

The Jesus Piece

View the outlines of Biggie’s Jesus artwork on this page (in high resolution).Everything from rappers to their mothers has been sporting the Jesus piece recently.However, Biggie has once again set the tone by setting the tone.In fact, he could have been the very first on this particular occasion.Some reports claim that Biggie was the first to wear one, however it is known that he was among the first to do so.

  • Tito Caicedo was commissioned by Biggie to produce three bespoke Jesus sculptures for him, which cost a total of $30,000.
  • One for himself, one for Lil’ Cease, and one for his best pal D-Roc, he had three of them made.
  • When Biggie died in 1997, his son CJ took over the family business.
  • Later on, Jay-Z would borrow the necklace and wear it in the studio to provide motivation for his performances.
  • Fact: On the song ″I Love The Dough,″ which also features Jay-Z, Biggie talked about his Jesus performance.

5 of Biggie Smalls’ Trends That You Should Be Wearing

Posted on the 19th of August, 2020 Our pal Biggie Smalls—better known as the Notorious B.I.G.—is still regarded as one of the greatest and most renowned rappers of all time.He not only transformed an entire genre of music, but he also had a significant impact on the fashion industry.Most people are aware that Biggie was the first person to wear a Jesus piece on his gold chain—or, at the very least, the first person to do so and refer to it as a Jesus piece—and that it became a staple component of his costume as a result.However, Biggie pushed the frontiers of fashion in a variety of ways, which is why we decided to revisit some of his most memorable ensembles from which you may take inspiration.

A Quick History of Biggie Smalls

The rapper Biggie Smalls, who was born Christopher Wallace in Brooklyn, New York, in 1972, swiftly rose to prominence as one of the most influential figures in hip hop, entirely revolutionizing East Coast rap and breaking free from the traditional limitations of the genre.Biggie was well-known for rapping about the wonderful things in life, as well as the numerous difficulties he encountered on his way to prominence.He wasn’t hesitant to flaunt the glitzy side of his celebrity, and he was known for constantly launching some very badass clothes and accessories.Unfortunately, he was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1997 when he was just 24 years old.However, despite the fact that his case was never solved, he continues to live on through his music and his rad sense of style, which many men are still attempting to replicate to this day.

5 Trends Popularized by Biggie

  • The Jesus Piece

The Jesus work, which may or may not be his best achievement in terms of style, cannot be addressed without mentioning our man Biggie Smalls.In the mid-90s, he paid a stunning $30,000 to renowned jeweler Tito Caicedo to create three unique pendants of Jesus for him, which he wore around his neck.It’s not uncommon to read about celebrities such as Rick Ross getting a personalized gold necklace for an inconceivable $1.5 million these days, so the figure isn’t inherently shocking.However, in Biggie’s day, three racks for three handcrafted pendants was a substantial sum of money, and it caused quite a stir.His Jesus piece was the beginning of a significant portion of his image, and a large number of other rappers began to join in with the declaration.

  • Put on your ice skates with the ideal pendant Rolex Timepieces

All right, so Biggie wasn’t the only one who liked to wear a Rolex on his wrist from time to time.For over a century, this premium brand has produced some of the most popular high-end timepieces on the market.However, Biggie was well-known for instructing real players to ″Put your Rollies in the sky, wave ’em side to side″ as a declaration of accomplishment and simply as a matter of good fashion sense.Nevertheless, Biggie’s Rolex timepieces were unlike anybody else’s, being adorned with diamonds to match his collection of iced-out chains and other accessories.Coogi Sweaters are available in a variety of colors.

While many other major-league rappers favored black apparel or solid-colored shirts, Biggie did not shy away from wearing clothing with vibrant patterns and colors.″I stay Coogi down to the socks, rings, and watch filled with rocks,″ says the singer in the song ″One More Chance / Stay With Me (Remix),″ which describes his diverse style.″I stay Coogi down to the socks, rings, and watch loaded with rocks,″ says the singer in another song.His assessment is correct: Biggie was constantly rocking the iced-out chains with his Coogi shirts, which were previously reserved for middle-aged golfers and perhaps your grandpa as a fashion statement.Karl Kani is a well-known figure in the world of fashion.

The Karl Kani brand, which is another favorite of Biggie’s, was founded by a fellow Brooklynite, which may account for at least some of Smalls’ fondness for the brand.It felt like a perfect choice for our son to wear Karl Kani’s brand, which was initially known as Big and Tall, because it included a lot of vivid colors and patterns for this urban streetwear style.Using a Cane to Get Around

Following his involvement in a catastrophic vehicle accident in 1996, Biggie’s walking technique appeared to have changed, as he now needed on the assistance of a cane to walk correctly.But he took that pimp limp and ran with it, donning a gold-tipped cane and a Homburg hat to create a style that was reminiscent of the roaring twenties gangsters.With this new appearance, Biggie replaced his Coogi sweaters with a more fitted suit that was created just for him, spawning a new generation of suited-up hip hop artists in the process.He didn’t give up his bling just because his style was getting more refined and less informal; on the contrary, he was increasing his usage of it.

Biggie’s Style Lives On

There’s no denying that Biggie Smalls had a significant effect on hip hop, whether it was through his music or his edgy attitude.The 90s are back in vogue, and now is the ideal moment to take a look back at some of Biggie’s most iconic outfits and try to incorporate them into your own appearance, whether it’s an iced-out gold chain with a Jesus piece or bringing back the iconic Coogi sweaters.You go ahead and do you, dude.

Looks Inspired By The Notorious B.I.G. On the 20 Year Anniversary of His Death

Pink gators, Timberlands, and Moschino are among the fashion trends this season.This rapper had a unique style that was decades ahead of its time.But which of his accomplishments was the most significant?During a drive-by shooting during the Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997, Christopher Wallace (better known by his stage name, The Notorious B.I.G.or Biggie Smalls) was fatally shot.

  • His assassination remains unsolved.
  • Although the rapper passed away 20 years ago today, his music lives on in the form of his ″slow-flow″ style, which is still popular today.
  • Because of his bold fashion choices, Wallace made a lasting influence on the world of fashion.
  • Wallace was a fashion pioneer who made fashion choices that were ahead of his time.
  • The year was 1994, and Wallace was a 22-year-old from Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, when he released Ready to Die, a double platinum album that is widely considered to be one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time.

Wallace’s upbringing in this neighborhood influenced everything from his lyrics to his fashion sense.Among the first rappers of the 1990s to make use of premium fashion labels (Biggie, in particular, had a fondness for Versace) in his rhymes, Wallace was Biggie’s protégé Wallace.In the twenty years after his death, high fashion and street wear have found themselves at an interesting crossroads, as seen by the latest Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration, which made its premiere during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris this past January.Who knows if high fashion would have the same level of admiration for street clothing as it does now if it weren’t for style pioneers like Wallace, who demonstrated that the hood can become haute.Wallace’s inimitable features, on the other hand, are something to see.Wallace’s vision for sartorial elevation is celebrated in the following five looks, which are still relevant today.

At Odense Classic/Photo courtesy of Flickr Wallace may not have been the first rapper to sport the Kangol (honorable mention to LL Cool J), but the late rapper is unquestionably associated with a ″Mob″ hat worn with the brim cocked to the side.″Cristal pops, I’m sippin’ it/ Mob hats and lizard sh*t,″ the song’s lyrics read.— ″ You’ll Find Out″ During his time ″smokin’ cannabis and Bambu, sippin’ on private stock,″ Wallace was dressed up in the iconic red and black lumberjack style, which is both useful and elegant and elicits all of the nostalgic feelings in the audience.″Way back when I had the red and black lumberjack outfit, complete with matching cap,″ the song’s lyrics say.— ″Sweet″ and ″Juicy″ courtesy of Robert Sheie/Flickr When speaking with Dr.Jays, MTV stylist Groovey Lew revealed that Wallace, who was responsible for the COOGI sweater becoming a massive hip-hop craze, had gotten the idea from Walt G., a local youngster with whom Wallace used to hang around.

  • ″I fell in love with this kid’s style right then and then he pushed it to the next level for the rest of the world to witness,″ Groovey Lew says.
  • Everyone in the world was unaware of your existence unless you were Bill Cosby or a wealthy motherf*cker from Australia.
  • As soon as Big Homie started running about with it, the hood became aware of its presence.″ ″Every hottie with a booty received a COOGI,″ says the song’s lyrics.
  • — ″Hypnotize″ courtesy of ERIK PENDZICH/REX/ As previously stated, Wallace was a huge fan of Versace, regularly donning tailored silk shirts and upholstering his home in Versace fabric to show his devotion.
  • However, when Wallace appeared in the 1997 music video for ″Hypnotize″ wearing a limited edition pair of Versace sunglasses, the hip-hop world went crazy.
  • ″I put hoes in New York on DKNY,″ the song’s lyrics read.
  1. Versace is preferred in Miami and Washington, D.C.
  2. Moschino is the brand for all Philadelphians.″ — ″Hypnotize″ is an abbreviation for ″hypnotize.″ Wallace mixed and matched decades by wearing a Polo turtleneck inspired by the ’70s with a Carhartt Jacket, which was a definite ’90s classic.
  3. The end result was a work of pure elegan

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