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A phrase is a collection of words that are often used together (e.g once upon a time). phrase 1.(religious) a.Jesus, I love you No one is interested in me! – That is not correct. According to the priest, Jesus loves you no matter what. No one knows who I am! – No, it is not correct. If the priest tells you that Jesus loves you, do as he tells you. 2.(a guy named Jesus is madly in love with you)a.Jesus is madly in love with you I’m curious as to who delivered me these flowers. – Well, I’ve heard a story that Jesus has a soft spot for you.

I’m trying to figure out who sent me these flowers.

It’s possible that they were sent to you.

– Well, that’s fantastic news because I’ve heard that Jesus has a soft spot for you.

  • – Well, that’s great, because Jesus really likes you.
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  • Jesus has a special affection for you.
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Jesus loves you – Spanish translation – Linguee

It makes me so happy that I want to tell othersthatJesus loves Me hace tan fe liz que qui ero decir les aotrosque Jes�s losama aellos tam bi�
No matter what happens this year, what things may come and go,just rememberthatJesus loves youmorethan No importa en qu� coyunt ura te vea s el a�oentrante,recuerda queJes�steamam�s a tiqu e atodas las
Jesus loves yousom uch he wantsyou to live forever with Jes�slos amatanto quequiereque vivamos por siempre con �
That is thewayJesus loves Esa eslaforma enque Jes�s te
I was raised aChristian and lear ned”Jesus Loves You”ata young age,but this was Fui educado comocristiano yaprend� que”Jes�ste ama”auna eda d temprana,pero esto era
Did you knowthatJesus loves youverymuch? � Sab�anqueJes�slosamamucho?
Jesus loves youandforgivesyou and that is all with which you really need to concern Jes�s te amay te perdo na y esoes todo lo que tiene que preocuparte”
Jesus loves youandwill give you this wonderful gift right now if you will sincerely praythis little prayer, and ask Him to come into your Basta con que reces sinceramente esta peque�a oraci�n y le pidas que entre en tu coraz�
Jesus loves youandwill give you this wonderfulgift right now if you will sincerely pray this little prayer, and ask Him to come into your J esusteamay te entr egar� este hermoso obsequioahora mismo. Basta con que reces sinceramente esta peque�a oraci�n y le pidas que entre en tu coraz�
Jesus loves youine very way there is to say “I love Jes�s nos amaen toda s las forma sposiblese n que pueda decir se”te amo”
Did you knowthatJesus loves you? � Sabesque Jes�s te ama?
Unhappiness, worries and weakness could never persistwhenJesus loves La inf elicidad, la ansiedad y la debilidad perecen c uando sabes que Jes�s
Jesus loves you! �l losama!
Jesus loves Cristode
Oh, It mustbe, if you know Jesus and then knowthatJesus loves you! Oh, deber�a serlosi con ocierasaJes�s, yluegosup ieras queJes�
After the Mass, as Fr. Tidkham asked me to speak few words, Iconcluded by sayi ng:”Jesus loves Al final de la celebraci�n, como el Padre me hab�a invitado a decir algunaspalabra s,conclu�por “Jes�s les ama”
Stay close to Jesus and rememb er,”Jesus loves youandso do we! Mantentecercade Jes�s yrecuerda, “Jes�ste ama ynosotr os tambi�n”
Shocked, I s aid’Jesus loves you’ Yo estaba impres ionada, Le dije ‘Jesus teama’
God knows how much I missyou all, lo vingyouasC h ristJesus loves Testigo me es Dios de loentra�ablemente que o squiero, enCristo Jes�
Jesus loves Jes�s te
IloveyouasJesus loves Y oteamo como Jes�s
Grace, Jesus loves me; Worship, I love Jesus; Community, we love each other; and Serv ice,Jesus loves STUDIODELABIBLIA, para todas las edades, tiene el prop�sito de ser una ayuda en el estudio de la Biblia; nunca ocupar el lugar del estudio de la
From a spiritualjournal we are given these words concerning the Mass:”Ilove you,Jesus,Ilove Estas palabras a cercade laMisa se nosh an dado de un diario espiritua l:”Te quiero,Jes�s,
I would like youto knowthatJesusChristloves youandhe is theonly god in the Quisiera que usted supieraque Jesucristo l eadora y�l es El �nico Dios en el
JesusChristloves Jesucristote
You are importan ttoJesusandheloves youverymuch! Sonmu y im portantespara Jes�s ylosamamucho!
His nam eisJesusChri st and re allyloves Su nombr ees Jesucristoy teamade
Yes, dear Nany, I am sure that you, also,smilingly followedthatJesus you lovedsom uch and that you gaveup your boat, your family, your beloved children and your dear poor to whom you always gave your time, your compassion and your kind S�, Nany querida, estoy cierta que t� tambi�n sonriendohas s eguidoalbuen Jes�s,a qui�ntantoamabasy hasdejadotu barca con tu familia, tus amados hijos, tus queridos pobres, a los que siempre entregaste todo tu tiempo, tu compasi�n y tu afable
My dear child, do notfear the calling of mySonJesusforHeloves youanddesires to bestow on youthe gift of His word for others, who are in need of His compassionate Mi querido hijo, no tengas miedode inv oca a Mi HijoJes�spues El teamaydesea ent rega rte a ti elre galo deSu palabra para otros, que est�n necesitados de su amor
I am your Jesus, thesameJesusalwa ys,wholoves youwithgreat Yo so yvuestroJes�s, elJes�sdesiempre,queosamacon un amor
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JESUS LOVES YOU in Spanish Translation

And yet, despite all of her flaws and failures, Jeusa has my heartfelt affection. I was reared as a Christian and learnt the words “Jesus Loves You” at an early age, but this was a whole new experience for me. I was raised as a Christian and learned that “Jesus loves you” at a young age, but this was a different experience. If you want to know what is going on in your life, you should know how much you love Jesus and how much he loves you. It’s never easy to be abandoned by a loved one, no matter what the circumstances are.

I hope you remember that Jesus loves you and that you are in his care.

The disciples were to spread the message of peace as follows: “Please tell others that Jesus loves them even though they have done awful things.’ Disciples of peace must send forth a calming signal, which includes the following: “We’ll say it again: Jesus loves you, even if you’ve done something wrong.

Scott’s mum smiled as she turned back to face him.

And suddenly they were nowhere to be found.

If someone who is not a qualified counselor is required to speak with a pregnant woman (or her family), the most important message to convey is “In the same way that Jesus loves you and has a special plan for your life, Jesus also loves your baby and has a special plan for the life of your baby.

Jess adores your child and has a plan for his or her life that is unique to you. Number of outcomes:2054, time: 0.0458 Moreover, see Jesus Loves You in a Variety of Languages. Translation of the text word for word Phrases are listed alphabetically.

Jesus loves you in Spanish – English-Spanish Dictionary

OpenSubtitles2018.v3 Jesus cares about you and wants to be a part of your life. Jesslaamay want to become a part of your life. Literature76 Jehovah and Jesus are the only ones who matter. Jesus loves you and wants you to spend the rest of your life in paradise with him. —John 3:1676 (New International Version) Jehová and Jesus are two names for the same person. They wish for you to live forever in the afterlife with Jesus and his angels. —Juan 3:16jw2019 adverbial “That emotion is a sign that Jesus cares about you.” This feeling confirmed that Jess has a soft spot for you.

  • Because Jesus loves you and everyone else.
  • — Even though that son of a bitch doesn’t like you, Jesus still loves you.
  • LiteratureAbsolutely Jesus has a special affection for you.
  • opensubtitles2 I believe it is because it serves as a reminder to you of how much Jesus loves you, according to Mommy.
  • LDS Absalom had blessed me with a “” Jesus loves you,”” by which time I had stolen his wallet.” Absalom greeted me with a “Jesus loves you” before I could say “Jesus loves you.” I had already given him my card.
  • Love others in the same way that Christ loves you.
  • However, keep in mind that Jesus wishes for you to love him with all of your might as well as your intellect.

“I love you, Jesus,” I say.

Good new things are coming your way:Jesus loves them.

OpenSubtitles2018.v3 I only want to express Jesus’ affection for you.

OpenSubtitles2018.v3 Is it comforting to know that Jesus cares for you?

OpenSubtitles2018.v3 The words Jesus Loves You are written in large letters above him.

Literature Do I still care for you, ohJesus Jesus?

Literature The words “Jesus Loves You” are written underneath it in Gothic script created on a computer by someone else.

Using literature, whisper to each kid as they leave the class, “Jesus loves you, and I love you too.” As the children leave the classroom, say aloud to them, “Jesus loves you, and I love you, too.” LDS “Jesus – Delights – In – You” Judy has a soft spot for her redneck heroine.

OpenSubtitles2018.v3″””How do you know thatJesus loves you?”””—”How do you know thatJesus loves you?”””OpenSubtitles2018.v3″”””How do you know thatJesus loves you?”””—”How do you know thatJesus loves you?” Literature The following are the most frequently asked questions: 1K,~2K,~3K,~4K,~5K,~5-10K,~10-20K,~20-50K,~50-100K,~100k-200K,~200-500K,~1M

Jesus Love Me in Spanish

What is the Spanish equivalent of the phrases ‘Jesus, love me’ and ‘Jesus loves me’? We use the expression “Jesus loves me” to allude to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world and the Son of God, and we are certain that he will protect us if we put our trust in him. We put our faith in this transcendent sensation as well as in his pure, incomparable, and unrivaled love. When it comes to loving, it is not simply about having an affinity or chemistry with another person; rather, it is about having feelings of respect, connection and freedom towards other things, as well as towards Jesus.

How totranslateJesus Loves Me in Spanish?

Jesus adores me-Jesus adores me ama Jesus, I adore you –Jesus, amor mio –Jesus, amor mio Conversation:Carlos: Thank you, Jesus, for shielding you from this potentially fatal accident | Thank you, Jesus, for shielding you from this potentially fatal accident Lily: Carlos, I am certain that Jesus loves me | Carlos, I am certain that Jesus loves me Spanish I know that Jesus loves me; I know that he protects me; I know that he loves me and guides me. Jess has a special place in my heart and guides me in my life.

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English I’m certain that Jesus loves me and protects me; he also loves me and directs me.

Jesus cares for me and protects me from any danger.

Jesus Loves You!

“I have had such wonderful experiences conveying the good news of God’s tremendous love via the distribution of the “Somebody Loves You” tracts. “Did you know that someone cares about you?” I remark as I approach someone who appears to be depressed and lonely. Their cheeks light up, they break out in a big smile, and everything. ” read on for more “I am now incarcerated, and I was handed a tract titled “Why Did This Happen To Me?” I read it and thought it was interesting. My faith has grown stronger as a result of this experience, and I now place my whole confidence in the Lord.

  • ” read on for more “Every time I leave the house, I make sure to take a handful of Bible tracts with me.
  • Since around 1950, I’ve been spreading seedlings in various locations.” The tracts are wonderful and I feel they are an excellent witnessing tool!
  • ” .
  • It was amazing that you provided us messages for hungry souls at just the right moment.
  • When we receive letters from you, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.” more”We would want to express our gratitude for the tracts that we got from you.
  • Your material is being given away for free to churches and people who have testified that they have been benefitted by your publications, according to your website.
  • It turned out to be a godsend.
  • I want to hand out all of the pamphlets to everybody that comes across my way.
  • I appreciate how you make sharing the gospel a joyful, engaging, and efficient experience!” “Your pamphlets have helped me and many other inmates here to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Thank you.” There are no words to adequately express how much we value the work that you do and the strong Gospel resources that you send.”

Jesus loves you – translate Spanish

Translation in 84 different directions at the same time – Oh, Jesus has a soft spot for you. – Thank you, sea. I adore you, but Jesus adores you much more. I adore you, but Jesus adores you much more. Jesus has a special affection for you. Dios desea que tu vivas. “Jesus loves you.” Jesus te ama (Jesus loves you). – Jesus has a soft spot for you. – Jess, I adore you -. Jesus has a special affection for you. Jess adores you. I simply want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you on behalf of Jesus.

  • Jesus has a special affection for you.
  • Jesus has a special affection for you!
  • Michael, Jesus has a special affection for you.
  • Rory, Jesus has a special place in his heart for you.
  • Because Jesus loves you, my children, and I love you, too.
  • I am aware that Jesus cares for you.
  • God exists, Jesus cares about you, and so on.

You should know that Jesus cares about you.

, Jess has a soft spot for them.

Yes, I’ve done that a couple of times.

What have I said about how much I adore you, Jesus?

– Jess has a soft spot for you.

Do you believe that Jesus loves you more than anybody else because you have money?


– Jesus has a soft spot for you!

Is it comforting to know that Jesus cares for you?

Mother spent the better part of seven decades saying nothing except “Jesus loves you,” being gentle and lovely, and keeping everything bottled up.

Agatha, Jesus has a special place in his heart for you.

Brother, Jesus has a special place in his heart for you.

Marty, Jesus has a special place in his heart for you.

Jesus has a soft spot for you as well.

Jesus adores you, La La, from the bottom of his heart.

With all in his heart.

No matter what the circumstances are, it is always difficult to say goodbye to a loved one.


Jesus Jesus has a special affection for you.

Yep, JESUS loves me, and you also love me very much.

Jesus Christ has a special affection for you.

What makes you think they asked you to leave so they could practice “Jesus Loves Me” in the privacy of your own home?

Jesus, how much does he care about you?

– Jesus has a soft spot for you.

He cares about you, Jesus.

Do you believe Jesus still has a soft spot for me, Roland?

Jesus cares about me, and he cares about you as well.

– “Jesus-Delights-In-You” Judy?

“Jesus-Loves-You” Judy is all over heels in love with her rustic heroine.

Jesus adores you, without a doubt.

Jess adores you.

I’m convinced that Jesus has a special place in his heart for you.

Jess could have a thing for you, Mira.

For the sake of his love for you, God sent Jesus to die on the cross and bear the punishment for your sins.

Jesus, my child adores you and is deeply in love with you.

Jess, I love you, and my daughter adores you.

What exactly is the situation, daughter of a mother?

Jesus is one of my favorite people.

Shane, Jess has a special place in your heart.

If you don’t want to come back here the next Saturday, that’s fine with me.

If you are able to love others as much as Jesus loves us, there is no other reason to love oneself.

If you are capable of loving others in the way that Jesus loves us, there is no reason why you should not love yourself. James, Jesus has a deeper affection for me than you do. Santiago, Jess has a stronger affection for me than he does for you.

What Does “Jesus Loves You” Mean (And Why People Say It)

The vast majority of people who use the phrase “Jesus Loves You” are Christians who sincerely want to inspire others and who are willing to assist their fellow man when given the opportunity. It is a term that is used literally by Christians of all denominations, whether they are Catholics, Orthodox, or members of any other faith, to express support to strangers, acquaintances, friends, loved ones, and family members. T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other items with the phrase are frequently seen on the market.

  1. Humans have a fundamental yearning to be loved.
  2. He is infinitely trustworthy—even when it comes to our love—when Jesus says, “I Love You.” Do you ever wonder why Jesus has such a strong affection for you?
  3. Some parishioners are perplexed as to what the true meaning of the words “Jesus Loves You” actually is.
  4. Despite the fact that the exact phrase “Jesus loves me” cannot be found in the Bible and does not appear in a Bible verse, the Bible makes it clear that Jesus loves us no matter what we have done.
  5. In the year 2020, this phrase will be a common greeting, salutation, and blessing used in religious circles as well as in everyday life in the United States of America.
  6. According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase “Jesus Loves You” is commonly heard among panhandlers (beggars), but the true meaning of the phrase did not originate with this type of usage.
  7. Christians understand the significance of the phrase “Jesus loves you.” By changing our hearts, Jesus expresses his love for us.
  8. Jesus Loves You is also a website as well as a corporation.
  9. The French phrase is “Jesus t’aime,” and the Chinese phrase is “Jesus t’aime.” The German translation is “Jesus liebt dich” and the Italian translation is “Gesù vi ama”.

​Even though Jesus DOES love us, some people haveheard the words so often, the true meaning of the expression is lost on them, which is no reason to stop saying it.

Is there an appropriate response to “Jesus Loves You”?

This calls for a fast, pithy, meaningful, clear (pick any four) response as the vehicle begins to disappear into the distance:-)! I advise a loud immediate”Hallelujah!” “Fist pump” is the act of raising one’s arm in the air. A grin goes a long way. The items that follow are somewhat connected. They must be’meaningful’ and not merely a set of ceremonial formulas in order to be effective: “And you too” (or something similar – loud enough to (hopefully) be recognized) is my standard response to the more banal and routine “have a good evening / afternoon / rest of your day” from cashiers and the like.

  1. Any quick, informal interaction with a stranger or acquaintance that I haven’t met before ends with a “God bless you,” is something I aim to say.
  2. I’m an older than youthful ‘white’ guy.
  3. It happens a surprising amount of the time, and it usually results in a returned smile, often accompanied by a surprised initial look, followed by a response of (what usually appears to be) pleasure.
  4. Casual conversation with strangers may be a lot of fun.
  5. One can be of assistance along the route.
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Christian Hymns & Songs – Jesus loves me lyrics + Spanish translation (Ver

I am aware that Jesus cares about me. For the Bible tells me so Little ones to Him belong They are weak but He is strongchorus: / Yes, Jesus loves me / The Bible tells me soJesus loves me, He who died Heaven’s gate to open wide He will wash away my sin Let His small kid come inchorus: . Jesus loves me loves me still Despite the fact that I’m really weak and unwell, From His dazzling seat on high Comes to observe me where I lay Last edited byMiley Lovatoon Sunday, March 1, 2020 – 20:30 Translation into the Spanish language Spanish

Cristo me ama

Versions are as follows: 1 2 Cristo me adora, no doubt about it. Yes, I know that Christ loves me, and His Word confirms that children are the offspring of that faithful friend who is Christ. Coro: Cristo me ama, Cristo me ama, Cristo me ama, Cristo me ama, so says the Bible. Cristo me adora, since he died, and the sky opened up to me; my sins will be forgiven, and the door will be opened for me.

Cristo me adora, is verdad, y me cuida in su bondad; cuando muere, bien sé que lo sabes; cuando muere, bien sabes que lo sabes I’ll be there with him. Submitted byalexiacanonon on behalf of Friday, June 8, 2010 at 10:20 a.m.

How to say “god loves you” in Italian

I adore you, Dio.

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