How Do You Have A Relationship With Jesus Christ?

How can I have a deeper relationship with Jesus? John 14:21-23

Check out the episode of the ″Living the Gospel″ podcast that was inspired by this essay! It is possible for Christians to have quite different relationships with Jesus depending on who they are with. The mere fact that you have been converted, that is, that you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, does not necessarily imply that you have a personal and close connection with him.

A living and intimate relationship with Jesus

  1. Some Christians believe that having a connection with Jesus is as simple as praying to Him and attending church on Sundays.
  2. They agree to allow Jesus to be offered as a sacrifice for their sins, but their relationship with Him comes to an end at that point.
  3. Others see Jesus as a role model to emulate, and they strive to conduct their lives in the same manner that He did.
  4. However, because Jesus is in heaven and they are on earth, they do not anticipate to have much of a connection with Him, and as a result, they do not have one.
  5. Such interactions with Jesus can only be defined as ″remote″ at the best of times.
  • The Bible, on the other hand, talks of a personal and active connection with Jesus.
  • After all, he is a person, not a ″theological notion;″ he is not someone who previously lived on the planet and is now a long distance away, but a person who is alive and can be found quite close to his followers.
  • You are being tempted in every way, just as He was, but He conquered the temptations of sin and death.
  • (See also Hebrews 4:15 and Romans 6:8) His constancy gives Him the ability and grace to assist you in overcoming sin in your life because He is a good and faithful God.
  • This also implies that your connection with Him might be vibrant and lively – rather than being lifeless and stagnant – since He Himself is vibrant and alive!
  1. (Revelation 1:18; Revelation 1:19)

Choosing Him

  1. The reality is that you are the one who determines what kind of connection you want to have with Jesus.
  2. Before you can enter into an intimate connection with Jesus, you must first choose to believe that such a relationship is possible, for everything – spiritually speaking – is a result of one’s faith.
  3. A one-sided relationship with Jesus is not possible.
  4. The following statement from Jesus makes this clear: ″If someone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and establish Our home with him.″ John 14:23 is a passage from the Bible.
  5. Consider the possibility that Jesus and the Father may like to visit you and establish a home with you!
  • What kind of connection do you have with Him, is that the case?
  • ″He who possesses My commandments and observes them is he who loves Me,″ He repeats again and again.
  • That is to say, anyone who loves Me will also be loved by My Father; I, on the other hand, will love him and reveal Myself to him.″ John 14:21 (KJV).
  • Is it possible for you to believe that Jesus want to manifest (reveal) Himself to you?
  • It is apparent that such a revelation of Jesus will take place throughout your Christian life, and not just at the outset of your Christian life, because that promise is given to those who love Him and fulfill His commandments.

Fellowship on a daily basis

  1. If you choose to meet these requirements (i.e., live according to Jesus’ Word), Jesus will become a loving friend with whom you may spend time in fellowship on a daily basis.
  2. Through the Holy Spirit, He will not be far away from you, but will instead reside in your heart and intellect and communicate to you through it.
  3. (Didn’t He say, ″The kingdom of heaven is within you?″ when He said, ″The kingdom of heaven is within you?″) The constant discourse with the One whom you love and who you choose to follow will continue.
  4. He is not only your buddy, but he is also someone who understands what it is like to be tempted, and as a result, he can assist you when you are in need.
  5. If you are struggling with temptation, turn to him for guidance and support.
  • He will give you the strength you need to get through it.
  • You have a Savior who saves you not just from the punishment of sin, but also from the power of sin in your life on a day-to-day basis.
  • To put it another way, ″…a very present aid in times of distress.″ verse 1 of Psalm 46.
  • That is how you will have your first encounter with Jesus!
  • As a result of His own personal experience with human frailty, He is able to feel compassion for the weak.
  1. (See also Hebrews 4:15) Your connection with Jesus resides in your heart, mind, and spirit, as well as in your physical body.
  2. When He is at the center of your adoration, He automatically assumes the position of king or queen in your heart.
  3. Beginning with the attitude of heart: ″Dear Lord Jesus, is this idea agreeable in Your sight?″ you begin to bring thoughts that arise into your mind before Him.
  4. You will begin to comprehend what the mentality of Jesus is, which is also known as the mind of the Spirit: life and peace, when you adopt such an attitude.
  5. The realization dawns on you that certain ideas offer you life and peace, but others simply bring you dissatisfaction and emptiness In this manner, you learn to distinguish between good and evil in everyday situations, between what is and is not pleasant to God, and between what is and is not pleasing to others.

Jesus takes on the role of tutor and guide as you pursue a fuller life in the Spirit.The connection that you have with Jesus is also present in your human spirit, where you learn to turn to Him in times of stress, conflict, and temptation, rather than to your own ideas and feelings, in order to avoid being tempted.In this place, you will encounter the Spirit of Jesus, who is also known as the spirit of prophecy.

  • (See Revelation 19:10 for further information.) The prophetic spirit of Jesus communicates words of edification, encouragement, and consolation straight into your human spirit, and you will feel yourself being immensely strengthened as a result of this.
  • As you get closer to Jesus, the words of the Bible that you have read, heard, and spoken so many times before will suddenly come to life in your heart and mind.
  • Dry verses that previously had little significance will be transformed into powerful tools for living the life that Jesus lived.
  • In your inner man, you will know that a spirit of revelation is speaking to you, and you will come to understand the Word of God and your own life in a whole different way as a consequence.
  • With each revelation of the Word, faith will be re-established in your heart on a more profound level.
  • The power of the Spirit in your life increases as your faith grows, allowing you to go even further in Jesus’ footsteps as your faith develops.

An increasingly deep relationship with Christ

  1. Relationships with other people are dynamic in the sense that they frequently alter through time and have the potential to develop deeper.
  2. Likewise, your connection with Jesus is no exception to this rule.
  3. Just as God’s mercies are fresh and new every morning, so too may your relationship with Jesus be fresh and vibrant each and every day!
  4. As your love for Him grows, and as your love for your own life (i.e., your own will) diminishes, the depth of your connection with Him grows deeper as well.
  5. ″Behold, I stand at the door and knock,″ Jesus declares to the disciples.
  • I will enter through the door if anybody hears My voice and opens it; I will then dine with him, and he will dine with Me.″ Revelation 3:20 is a verse that describes a situation in which a person must flee from his or her home.
  • ″Anyone,″ he declares.
  • Isn’t it true that you are a part of this group?
  • Some people become Christians many years ago, yet they never really experienced a close connection with Jesus until recently.
  • Do you get a sensation that He is pounding on your heart’s door today?
  1. You should welcome him not just as a sacrifice for your sins, but also as a dear and valued Friend, as Lord and Master, as One whom you wish to govern and reign in your heart as well as in your life.
  2. If you trust Jesus’ words, you are blessed; open the door of your heart and welcome Him in as your Lord and Master!
  3. As a result of doing so, as a result of living according to His Word, you will come to know what it is like to have Jesus alive and abiding in your heart.
  4. You will have the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

How can I have a relationship with Jesus?

  1. Answer to the question A person’s relationship with Jesus is the most significant relationship he or she will ever have.
  2. As a consequence of a connection with Jesus, we get new life (Ephesians 2:4–5), forgiveness (Colossians 1:14), the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16–17), and, in the future, physical resurrection and the establishment of a permanent abode in heaven (John 14:19; Philippians 3:20–21).
  3. It is not difficult to build a connection with Jesus Christ.
  4. ″Come to me, all you who are tired and burdened, and I will give you peace″ (Matthew 11:28); He has asked for our confidence (John 14:1); and He has addressed us as ″friends″ (John 15:14–15).
  5. As a result, Jesus is clearly interested in developing a connection with us.
  • A connection with Jesus is built on God’s grace, which is received via faith.
  • In order to comprehend, we first consider a few rather straightforward principles given in the Bible: The first fact we must acknowledge in order to establish a relationship with Jesus is that, by nature, our connection with God is fractured.
  • We have committed a transgression against Him.
  • It has come to our attention that we have done things that are wrong in His eyes.
  • ″For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,″ according to the Bible’s teaching (Romans 3:23).
  1. God’s standard is perfection, which is understandable given that He is absolutely holy, and we are all far from meeting that standard.
  2. The first step is for each of us to humble ourselves before God and confess our sin.
  3. If we want to establish a personal connection with Jesus, we must also accept the biblical fact that ″the cost of sin is death″ (Romans 6:23).
  4. Wages are compensation for the work we do.
  5. As a result, ″death″ is the price or outcome of our sin—this is speaking about spiritual death, which is eternal separation from God in the location the Bible refers to as hell.

Another fact that we must comprehend in order to establish a connection with Jesus is this one, which is very wonderful: The fact that God loves us despite our transgressions is evidenced by the fact that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place as our substitute.We were still sinners when Christ died for us, but God demonstrated his immense love by sending Christ to die in our place (Romans 5:8, NLT).We were still separated from Him, therefore He didn’t wait for us to clean up our act or somehow conquer our sin (which was impossible); instead, He gave Himself for us while we were still separated from Him.

  • He made the decision to accept the penalty that we deserved.
  • He stepped in to fill our shoes!
  • Then we must acknowledge that there is absolutely nothing we can do to rescue ourselves or to make a contribution to our salvation.
  • We are forgiven by God’s grace, which means that we have received an undeserved benefit, as a result of Christ’s sacrifice.
  • Ephesians 2:8–9 explains that ″it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith—and this is not your own doing; it is a gift from God—not by works, so that no one may take credit for your salvation.″ Because the Lord Jesus Christ has already completed all of the job (John 19:30), and He has completed it wonderfully!
  • It is not about what we can achieve, but rather about what Christ has done on our behalf.
  • Knowing these Biblical facts, you may begin a relationship with Jesus by putting your confidence in Him and receiving Him.
  • Turn away from your sin and put your faith in Jesus and His completed work on the cross to atone for your transgressions.
  • Cry out to Him in the name of the Resurrected Savior who has defeated death once and for all.
  • Accept Him as your Lord and Master, and your life will be transformed.
  • ″As many as welcomed Him, to them He granted the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name,″ according to the Bible’s proclamation (John 1:12, NKJV).
  • This very moment, exactly where you are, as you read these words, you have the opportunity to receive Jesus by faith and therefore establish a relationship with Him.
  • You can demonstrate your confidence in Him by uttering a prayer that sounds something like this: ″God, I recognize that I am a sinner.
  • Please forgive me.″ I am well aware that I am deserving of the consequences of my wrongdoing.
  • However, I place my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior.
  1. I believe that His death and resurrection made it possible for me to be reconciled with God.
  2. As my personal Lord and Savior, I place my faith and confidence in Jesus and Jesus alone.
  3. Please accept my thanks for rescuing me from myself and forgiving me!
  4. Amen!” Keep in mind that God is less interested with the specific words you use than He is with the attitude you have in your heart when you pray.
  • He is aware of your faith.
  • Have you made a decision to follow Christ as a result of what you’ve read thus far?
  • If you have embraced Christ today, please click on the ″I have accepted Christ today″ button to the right.
  • If you have any questions, please utilize the inquiry form on our Bible Questions Answered page.
  • Thank you for visiting.
  • Questions concerning Salvation can be found here.
  • What steps do I need to do in order to build a connection with Jesus?
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You Are Dearly Loved By God

Jesus is inviting you to a relationship with Him and to join the family of God.

  1. You were formed to know and experience God, as well as to be something truly extraordinary in the world.
  2. Having a relationship with Jesus is not about escaping punishment in hell.
  3. It is about receiving life and receiving life in all of its completeness.
  4. It all comes down to being reconciled with the greatest love that exists in the universe.
  5. It was Jesus who made it possible for you to have a close and personal connection with him.
  • Relationship in which you can hear his voice, reason with him, and assist him in loving the world is what you want.
  • You have been created to be a vessel for God’s presence and to be in a state of union with him.
  • It is immediately available to you and is completely free.
  • All that is required is your desire and your decision.
  • It is not simple to have a relationship with Jesus.
  1. You may believe that everything revolves around what you need to accomplish, but the truth is that everything revolves around what Jesus has already done.
  2. Jesus desires for you to relax in his perfect love and to be true to who you were created to be.
  3. It’s important to understand that when Jesus looks at you, he is not seeing what you see.
  4. He sees a cherished son and daughter in whom he takes much pride and delight.
  5. Prior to doing a single thing, Jesus was delighted with you and expressed his approval.
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Because we believe that we must earn Jesus’ love and that we must pay him back, having a relationship with him is extremely tough.That, however, is not how things operate.You will never be able to earn his affection, and you will never be able to lose it.

  • His love for you is not conditional on your actions.
  • Jesus does not require your money, your attendance, or your good behavior.
  • He does not require your good behavior.
  • Just give Jesus license to do anything he wants.
  • Permission to begin a voyage with him has been granted.
  • He’s waiting to see if you’ll let him show you all he sees and thinks about you all at the same time.
  • However, Jesus will not compel you to love him.
  • He wants you to love him back, and he wants you to do it on your own terms.
  • As you can see, true love is based on mutual decision.
  • Jesus has already chosen you, but he is patiently waiting for you to choose him once more in return.
  • The problem is that most people have been brought to Jesus because they are afraid of Hell, rather than because they are in love with God.
  • If that describes you, Jesus wants to start over with you.
  • Real love cannot be based on fear, and being scared of damnation does not imply that one loves Jesus as much as one should.
  • Jesus can’t wait for you to pick him again and experience what it’s like to be in a true relationship with him.
  • Going to church and staying away from negative things are not necessary components of a relationship with Jesus.
  1. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is exactly what it sounds like.
  2. It’s a connection just like any other — one in which you engage, experience, and make a difference.
  3. It needs your active engagement to make a true connection a reality.
  4. As with everything new, Jesus anticipates that it will be a shaky start and that you will not feel like you are very good at it at first.
  • That’s OK with me.
  • But please be patient.
  • It takes time to build a wonderful connection.
  • It’s worthwhile, and Jesus will not push you or put any pressure on you to develop quicker or become a better person.
  • As he is aware that you are getting to know him, he will go at your speed.
  • He will allow you to make the decision and will reciprocate as soon as you are ready – get closer to him and he will come closer to you.
  • Oh, and don’t be concerned about the rest of the crowd.
  • Your connection with Jesus is entirely your own creation.
  • It doesn’t have to appear, sound, or be like anybody else’s to be considered unique.
  • No two relationships are same, so don’t expect your connection with Jesus to be the same as someone else’s.
  • You are free to choose how you want to develop a relationship with Jesus.
  • He isn’t bothered by it as long as you are getting to know him better.

He is desperate to get known by you and will go to any length to achieve this goal.As you get to know him more, he will share his opinions with you and will inquire as to your opinions.He will infuse your head with thoughts and ideas that you did not generate on your own.He will begin to make your heart aware of his heart’s awareness of your heart.You will begin to receive nudges in your soul that are from him as time goes on.They are inconspicuous, but if you pay attention, you will notice them.

Currently, there are a number of them.If you want to, you can go ahead and do it.If you’re not ready, that’s perfectly acceptable.But if you are, all you have to do is make a simple proclamation and trust in your heart that it will happen.But why do you feel the need to speak it aloud in public?Because God talked things into being by speaking them into existence.

Similar to this, the power of God manifests itself in your life as a result of the words that you speak.It is said that words build worlds, and your words have tremendous power.In fact, they are strong enough to invite the exact same spirit of God who resurrected Jesus from the grave to now reside inside you.Ready?Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. I believe that you are the son of God, Jesus Christ.
  2. I believe you came to this earth, died for my sins, and then rose from the dead once more.
  3. Jesus, you are the Supreme Ruler.
  4. I accept your promise of the Holy Spirit to educate me and guide me into a relationship with you, and I welcome you to join me right now in that relationship.
  5. Amen.
  • Those simple words, together with the faith you have in your heart, have started the wheels in action for a completely new life and future for you.
  • It’s possible that you don’t feel any difference now, and that’s fine.
  • This is only the beginning of the process.
  • Another piece of wonderful news is that you have recently inherited a large number of new relatives.
  • The number of brothers, sisters, moms, and dads who can’t wait to meet you and who have been praying for you is growing every day.
  • You are not allowed to embark on this voyage on your own own.
  • You are expected to accompany them on their trip, which is the same one you have just begun yourself.
  • They will assist you and accompany you on your journey.
  • It is possible to notify them that you have joined them by filling out this form, and they will do all in their ability to assist you.
  • They adore you in the same way that Jesus does, and they can’t wait to develop in their connection with you.

What Is a Personal Relationship with Jesus? (And How to Know God Personally)

What does it mean to have a personal connection with Jesus?Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s possible to have a personal relationship with God, but you’re not sure what it means.Alternatively, your faith may feel more like a religion than a personal relationship with God, and you may ask if it is possible to learn how to become closer to God (in a meaningful way).The truth is as follows: The desire of your heart is to know God and to have a deep, personal connection with Him–a life-changing experience that will touch every part of your life and provide you more pleasure, hope, and purpose than anything else.Permission is granted for me to share with you what the Bible teaches about how to build a personal connection with the Lord Jesus Christ.

To top it all off, I’d like to give you a free 3-Day Bible Read that will teach you how to study the Bible so that you may have a simple, practical approach to get closer to God on a daily basis!You may get the free ″How to Grow Closer to God″ Bible Study course by clicking here.This study will help you create a strong connection with Jesus and get to know God intimately as you grow closer to God.

What Is a Relationship with Jesus?

Please take a moment to describe your connection with Jesus in detail (and with God).Do you have a relationship with God?I don’t mean do you have a ″knowledge of″ God.What I’m getting at is whether or not you have a real personal connection with the One who created you as well as with His Son, Jesus Christ.I’m not interested in whether or not you attend church on a regular basis or whether or not you grew up in a household where God was regularly spoken.

To be honest, this does not imply that you have any kind of relationship with God.I’m referring about ″knowing God″ in the sense of developing a connection with him.A partnership built on the foundation of grace (not a religion based on rules and regulations).

  • My question is if you’ve had the chance to be forgiven for the wrongs you’ve done (and, yes, according to Romans 3:23, we’ve all done wrongs) and to be made new by the power of Christ’s forgiveness on the cross?
  • I’m talking about a connection with God that is founded on a relationship with Jesus and is made possible by his sacrifice (rather than on the basis of the ″good″ or ″bad″ things you have done in your life).
  • I’m curious whether you’ve had a personal experience (even a taste) of God’s immense love for you (Ephesians 3:19) and if you’ve made the decision to commit your life to His plans and methods.
  • So, let me ask you once again…
  • do you know who God is?
  • I mean, do you truly know who He is?
  • To put it another way, do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?
  • Otherwise (and if you’re interested in learning more about how a connection with Christ may help you discover hope, importance, and purpose in your life), I encourage you to continue reading.
  • If you read this piece, it has the potential to alter your life (and I hope it does).

Is a Relationship with Jesus the Same as a Relationship with God?

Wait.Perhaps you’re wondering, ″What exactly is the difference between a connection with Jesus and a relationship with God?″ When it comes to Christianity, the terms ″relationship with Jesus″ and ″relationship with God″ (and even ″knowing the Holy Spirit″) are often used interchangeably because the three spiritual beings who make up the Trinity are one spiritual being (John 10:30), and therefore refer to themselves as such.Allow me to explain.The Trinity has existed from the beginning of time (Colossians 1:15-16), but God the Father was the first ″person″ of the Trinity to establish a connection with mankind, namely with the Israelite nation.In the Old Testament (the first 39 books of the Bible), you may read the wonderful accounts of how God built the country of Israel and guided them for thousands of years, mostly by urging people to stay near to Him by keeping His law.

More than 2000 years ago, Jesus, the second member of the Trinity, established a formal connection with us (the human race) when He was born as a human (who was both completely man and fully God) in that famous stable in Bethlehem (which is why we celebrate Christmas).Jesus walked among us and lived a spotless life, as did his disciples.He properly lived out the commandment that God the Father had given to the Israelite people all those years ago (Philippians 3:12), so satisfying all of the conditions that no human being could ever perfectly obey (Philippians 3:12-13).

  • (since we are flawed humans).
  • He was ″God manifested in flesh,″ which means that He offered us a glimpse of what God the Father seemed to be (John 14:9).
  • God used him to perform miracles (like as turning water into wine and curing the blind), impart God’s wisdom via parables, and teach people how to attain eternal life through God.
  • In addition, the Bible informs us in John 3:17 that God sent Jesus to the earth with a specific purpose in mind: to rescue the world via his death on the cross.
  • The Romans ruthlessly tortured and finally executed Jesus, who had been sentenced by his own people (the Jews) to die on a crucifixion, despite the fact that he had done nothing to deserve it (Acts 3:13-15).
  • However, He demonstrated His divinity when His body was raised from the dead three days after His death (Acts 3:15).
  • (what we today celebrate as Easter Sunday).
  • He proved that He was God and that He was capable of conquering anything, including death (Romans 8:37-38).
  • Before ascending into heaven, Jesus revealed that He would send ″a comforter″ who would be with us for the rest of our time on earth (John 14:16-17).
  • This ″comforter″ would guide us back to God’s truth and serve as a reminder of what Jesus stated when He was on the earthly plane (John 14:26).

The Holy Spirit (the third ″person″ of the Trinity) was the one who provided such ″comfort.″ When the Holy Spirit descended on the first-century church believers as ″tongues of fire″ on the day we now know as ″Pentecost,″ it marked the beginning of the Holy Spirit’s relationship with mankind (Acts 2).Again, the Bible declares that Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit are all one; as a result, when we speak of having a connection with Jesus, we are really referring to having a relationship with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Why Jesus’ Death Changed Everything About Our Relationship with God the Father

Another key point to remember is that, prior to Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Jewish people could only have a connection with God through the sacrifice system that God had instituted (known as ″the Law″) (Galatians 3:19-23).Because the Jewish people weren’t flawless (and none of us are), they needed to offer God sacrifices on a regular basis in order to grow closer to God and become more like him.In order to atone for our sins, Jesus lived a spotless life (keeping the law in a way that humans could never do since we are flawed), and then died as a sacrifice in our place (Matthew 26:28).He met the criteria of the law in a way that none of us could have imagined possible (Romans 3:21-22).Once Jesus had satisfied the criteria of the law, our ability to communicate with God was eternally altered.

In order to be in right standing with God (and hence to have a relationship with God), we no longer need to make sacrifices; instead, we just need to believe that Jesus was the one who paid the price for our transgressions (Hebrews 10:19-22; John 5:24).As a consequence of a thankful heart that yearns to be obedient, we can choose to cease making erroneous choices (as God defines ″right and wrong″ in the Bible) and to follow Jesus, so discovering the complete and satisfying life that He has prepared for us in His presence (as described in John 10:10).

What Does the Bible Say About How to Know God Personally Through a Relationship with Jesus?

Is it necessary for us to carry out more good activities in order to be approved by God?Is it necessary to adhere to a rigid set of rules in order to experience His love and limitless grace?No.The Bible makes quite clear that we can only be saved through faith (not via good actions), and that God’s love and grace are a free gift that he lavishes on all people, regardless of how ″bad″ or ″good″ they are on the inside or outside (Ephesians 2:8-9).Given Jesus’ faultless life and sacrificial death, all we have to do now is accept that Jesus’ sacrifice is sufficient to satisfy our ″sin debt″ to God (Romans 3:25), and we will be granted this free gift of grace.

Would You Like to Have a Relationship with Jesus?

Perhaps it seems weird to ask you this question (given that we’ve probably never met in person), but I…Would you be interested in developing a connection with Jesus?Is it your desire to learn how to live your best life–one that is full of meaning and purpose–that only He can teach you (John 10:10) when you choose to give your heart to Him?Yes?Awesome.

Allow me to demonstrate how you may begin your connection with God right now.

How to Have a Relationship with Jesus

With their Four Principles to Knowing God, Cru (a Christian ministry to college students) teaches how we might establish a real relationship with God and how we can know God better. Each of these ideas has been summarised below, along with a couple of Bible verse references that support each premise.

  1. Take comfort in knowing that God loves you and has a magnificent purpose for your life (John 3:16
  2. 10:10).
  3. Recognize that we all sin and that our sin has caused us to be estranged from God (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23)
  4. It is important to recognize that Jesus Christ is God’s one and only provision for our sin (Romans 5:8, John 14:6)
  5. We must individually embrace Jesus Christ as our savior in order to experience God’s love and learn about God’s purposes for our lives (John 1:12, Ephesians 2:8-9, Revelation 3:20)

In the event that you believe these truths about God and would like to live a life that is guided by Christ (rather than your own plans), you may begin your personal relationship with God right now!Simply say something like this in your prayers: ″God, I acknowledge that I am not flawless.I’m quite aware that I’ve made mistakes, and I’d like to apologize for them and ask for your forgiveness.I’ve come to know that your death on the cross is the only way for me to be reconciled with God and to atone for the wrongs that I’ve done in my life.I want you to be the one who directs my life.

I’m interested in learning more about you and discovering your positive intentions for my future.I’d like you to show me how to live an abundant and fulfilling life, which is something I’ve been seeking.Please come into my life and take command of the situation.

  • Thank you for helping me to become the person you want me to be.″ If these are the words that your heart longs to hear and you have prayed anything along these lines, you may be confident that you have now entered into a personal relationship with Christ!
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Want to Get Closer to God But Still Have Unanswered Spiritual Questions?

  • It’s quite acceptable if you aren’t quite ready to make the decision to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ! It’s a significant choice (and honestly, the most important one of your life). However, I would strongly advise you to seek solutions to any spiritual problems or challenges you may be experiencing that are preventing you from choosing to establish a connection with God. Here are numerous excellent sites that address some of the most often asked questions regarding God, such as: How will knowing that Jesus loves me affect my life?
  • How will knowing that Jesus loves me change my relationships with others?
  • How can I maintain my trust in God through difficult circumstances (4 stories)?
  • If I’m suffering from a chronic disease, how may I find serenity through being more spiritually connected to God?
  • What about all of the ″why″ questions I’ve been asking myself?
  • Was Jesus the Son of God or simply a decent man?
  • What is the significance of the Resurrection today?
  • So, what if I don’t believe that God loves me? How can I find joy and happiness in everyday life (even when life isn’t perfect)?
  • Is it truly possible to experience genuine joy? What if I’ve made major blunders and am dealing with a great degree of guilt and shame?
  • I’m not really sure how I manage to spend time with God on a daily basis. What does ″quiet time″ look like?
  • How can I make spending time with God a regular part of my life while I am so busy?
  • How can I educate my children how to become more spiritually connected to the Lord?

Other Resources for a Growing Personal Relationship with Jesus

  • Instructions on How to Study the Bible for Yourself
  • Learn how to have a daily quiet time with God in this article.
  • Three Secrets to Developing a Quiet Time Habit
  • Do you want to become closer to God? Here’s a simple spiritual growth plan to get you started:
  • Tips for a More Powerful Prayer Life
  • 23 Pointers for a More Powerful Prayer Life
  • Six Secrets to Real Spiritual Development
  • My favorite women’s Bible studies are as follows:

Next Steps: Free 3-Day Bible Study to Help You Get Closer to God

  • In order to better understand God, I encourage you to spend time reading and studying the Bible, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey with Jesus right now. Gaining a stronger relationship with God through daily Bible study is the glue that holds everything together, providing much-needed refreshment while transforming the hardships we face into opportunities for magnificent spiritual development. But I understand that studying the Bible might seem daunting and scary at times, and I sympathize. What’s the best place to begin? What connections do you make between Bible scriptures and your life? And, more specifically, how might reading the Bible assist you in developing a personal connection with Christ? Allow me to make it simple for you to have a closer connection with God. Allow me to show you how to study the Bible using a simple Bible study approach that is: easy to remember
  • does not need the use of complicated ″Bible″ terminology
  • can be used with any passage
  • and that truly brings the Bible to life and makes it relevant to your everyday life.

This Bible study approach is so straightforward that even children may learn how to use it!Thanks to this Bible study approach, I’ve been able to instruct thousands of individuals all around the world on how to come closer to God and create a personal connection with Jesus, and I’d love to share it with you as well.My team and I have put up a free 3-Day Bible Study called ″How to Grow Closer to God″ that teaches you a basic Bible study strategy (the 5Rs Bible StudyTM Method) as part of what we call the Spiritual Growth RhythmTM.You can download the study here.It takes less than 10 minutes each day to create a healthy personal connection with God, according to this fantastic free Bible study from the Bible.

I’m sure it wasn’t by chance that you got up here today, reading this post.It is your desire to get closer to God that you are seeking, and daily Bible study (often known as ″quiet time″) is the most effective method of developing the personal relationship with God that you have been searching for.Find out how to take the next step in your relationship with Jesus by learning how to read the Bible in as little as a few minutes every day.

  • This Bible study approach is ideal for ladies who are on the go, like you and me.
  • Did I mention that this is a 100% free resource?
  • It’s a present from me to you.
  • I want to assist you in developing a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Allow me to assist you in growing spiritually in ways you have never experienced before with this free Bible study on How to Grow Closer to God!
  • Please complete the form below so that I can give you this free Bible study material directly to your mailbox.
  • Allow me to assist you in getting started in your relationship with Christ!

A Deeper Relationship with Jesus

Are you spiritually ″staying on the surface,″ hesitant to delve deeper, and content with the daily grind of scrounging and scraping by?Some individuals find spiritual satisfaction in sticking with what is known to them, in going to the area that brings them the most ease and comfort.However, this is not God’s wish for us.God asks us to come closer to Him by searching out a deeper Christian experience than merely sticking on the surface.This was something I noticed about my own life.

I recognized I was complacent in certain aspects of my life, and it created a spiritual dissatisfaction that weighed hard on my heart.The conviction and nudging of the Holy Spirit to lift me out of my complacency was the source of that weight.For the Christian, complacency is a genuine and severe adversary, since it robs us of our spiritual depth, potential, and sense of purpose.

  • After a while, the Spirit of God instilled in me a desire to go deeper into the areas where I lacked depth and to seek even more depth in the areas where I had already attained a certain level of depth.
  • If you are talking about spiritual matters, there is no such thing as getting ″too deep.″ God’s Word informs us that if we come closer to Him then He will draw nearer to us (Jas.
  • 4:8).
  • (Jas.
  • 4:8).
  • Sacrifice will be required if one want to pursue the profound things of God.
  • Often, we must confront personal obstacles in order to have a greater understanding of the Christian way of life.
  • Self-examination and sacrifice are required for true development in Christ, but the results are well worth it.
  • The thrill of the “depth experience” and its reward is a closer closeness with Christ.
  • God will reward those that earnestly seek Him; and that reward is the profound infusion of His presence, knowledge, and understanding in our life (Heb.


  1. In Luke 5:4, Jesus urges Peter and his fellow fishermen “to plunge into the deep.” You can’t launch into the deep if there is an unwillingness to go from the shorelines, nor can you gain the magnificent things of what is below the shallow seas.
  2. Jesus encourages them to launch out into the deep since the best catch is located in the deep.
  3. In the same way, we are unable to obtain what we require from the spiritual seashore of our life.
  4. If we are willing to take the plunge and cast our nets into the depths of the sea, we shall reap a bountiful spiritual harvest.
  5. ″O the depth of God’s riches, wisdom, and understanding,″ the Apostle Paul exclaimed, ″there is no end to God’s wisdom and knowledge″ (Rom.
  1. 11:33).
  2. Paul emphasizes the pure magnificence of having a greater depth in God.
  3. The question ″What must I do in order to encounter the deep things of God?″ is one that we must address if we are serious about experiencing that type of depth.

Is it possible for you to have greater spiritual depth in your life than you now have?God’s aim is for everyone of us to have a life-changing encounter with Christ that is intimate and personal.To help you move deeper in your connection with Jesus, try some of the practices listed below.1.The act of praying An easy, yet effective, step toward a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ is to become acquainted with the beauty of ″fervent prayer″ (Jas.5:16).

When it comes to prayer, fervent prayer is the type of prayer that we must nurture in our lives if we are to have a significant encounter with God.Because it results in the presence of God, this type of prayer is a powerful and passionate experience for the one praying.When we open our hearts to God, He generously provides us with more of Himself.During this type of prayer, there have been times when God has spoken to me, revealing His will for my life as well as His immense love for me.These are the occasions when I am able to reciprocate my own emotions of joy and happiness that I have discovered in Jesus Christ by sharing them with others.

  1. Prayer has the ability to arouse passion in our life.
  2. 2.
  3. Praise and adoration It is only through a heart filled with adoration that we may pull God closer to us and enter into a more personal relationship with him.
  4. We demonstrate our affection and admiration for Him via our worship of Him.
  1. The path must culminate in the revelation that God is the greatest love of your life at some point throughout the journey.
  2. My life has been transformed through worship.
  3. 3.
  4. Spending time in prayer and meditation on God’s Word.
  5. Meditating on God’s Word allows us to become more in touch with the thinking and person of our heavenly Father.
  6. Our relationship takes on greater significance as a result of our reading of the Word.
  1. The Holy Spirit begins to disclose the full meaning of the Word to us, and the Word then takes on the appearance of a beautiful letter written specifically for us by the Father.
  2. However, the only way to ensure that this happens is to schedule regular reading time into your schedule.
  3. ″Let the word of Christ dwell in you fully, teaching and admonishing one another in all knowledge, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual melodies, with gratitude in your hearts to God,″ the Bible states in Colossians 3:16.
  4. Allowing God’s Word to take up residence in our hearts and minds affects who we are and leads to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Christ.
  1. 4.
  2. Having a conversation with the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit assists us in aligning our wants and actions with the will of the Father when we converse with Him in prayer.
  3. He is the one who unveils the mysteries of Scripture to us and shows the heart of God to us via the revelation of the Gospel.
  • The Holy Spirit will speak directly to our hearts and dispel whatever fears we may have.
  • The Holy Spirit is both a comforter and a teacher in the Christian life.
  • Communing with the Holy Spirit will also help us to grow in righteousness and holiness as a result of our encounter.
  • Because of the hustle of life, it is very easy to lose our concentration and fail to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and direct our lives.
  • For it is the Holy Spirit who assists us in our journey into the depths, we must remain aware and receptive to his voice….
  • If you pursue the deep, God will bless you in ways that far beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Sonza Davis contributed to this article.

A Deeper Relationship with Jesus

It is our responsibility to be concerned about our children’s religion and conduct.″ As adults, it is difficult to recall a period in our history when the moral atmosphere was more poisonous for our children and for us than it is today. It appears that there has never been a time when our young have felt more peer pressure to participate in bad activities.″

An Invitation to enter the Desert with Christ

On the 2nd of March, we celebrated Ash Wednesday!It may feel as though Christmas was only a few weeks ago, and yet we have already began our observance of Lent this year.It is not too late to begin planning how we will spend our time during Lent.The Lord invites everyone of us to accompany Him into the desert, where we will repent of our sins and turn toward our God.This is a season of penitence in which we are asked to confront tough questions in our lives.

This challenge should be met head-on with honesty, humility, and a solid commitment to prayer and action on the part of those who accept it.Consequently, my suggestion to you today is to not let this Lent pass you by without being fully satisfied.So frequently in this life, we struggle and are unable to comprehend why we are not pleased at this or any other point in time in our lives.

  • Considering the current state of continual and chronic societal uncertainty, I believe this is especially true today.
  • Our countries, and perhaps even our families, are continuing their downward slide into deeper debt.
  • Many people are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, despite the fact that they are working longer hours.
  • And now, after two years of harrowing epidemic, we are confronted with the horrors of war in Europe and the loss of innocent lives at the hands of the forces of evil.
  • I am aware that many parents and grandparents are anxious about their children and grandkids – both for what they are experiencing now and for what they may experience in the future.
  • We wish for a future of peace and prosperity for all of humanity.
  • As parents, we should be concerned about our children’s religious and moral beliefs.
  • As adults, it is difficult to recall a period in our history when the moral atmosphere was more poisonous for our children and for us than it is today.
  • It appears that there has never been a time when our young have felt more peer pressure to participate in bad activities.
  • As our governments strive to force evil choices on us, we are confronted with new obstacles.
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In years past, we were able to distinguish between what was right and what was wrong, and we chose the wrong way much too often.Today, it appears like we don’t even know what is right and wrong.This is why we are facing a considerably more hazardous issue than we have in the past, because we have lost our way and do not appear to be willing to accept that we have lost our way.

  1. We are, on the other hand, faintly aware that things are not quite as they should be.

The Emptiness Deep Within—a Call for Conversion and Surrender

  • There is an emptiness deep inside our own being that is pleading with us to come to a halt and alter course.
  • Are we humble enough to listen?
  • Are we clever enough to comprehend?
  • Are we courageous enough to take action?
  • Or does our arrogance convince us that we are superior to God’s steady, quiet voice?

The plain and simple truth.God created us.He is the only one who truly understands what we were created for.It is only if we conform ourselves to his plan for us that we will be on the right road.It is at that point and only at that point that we will find peace and experience all of the blessing that Jesus speaks of in the Beatitudes.

These previous two years of epidemic have undoubtedly been a trying period for many people.You could even find that this is not the most tough, let alone the most difficult, challenge that life has thrown at you.It appears to be only natural, or what we would call ″second-nature,″ to search for solutions to our issues in the answers provided by the world.

  • And it isn’t entirely incorrect, is it?
  • When we are out of work, it is wise to update our resumes and reach out to our professional networks in order to locate a new career.
  • When we are physically ill, we should seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • When we come to God in prayer and beg Him for aid or answers, it is very normal to perceive ourselves doing so.
  • That being said, here’s the conundrum…
  • When we come to God in prayer, do we tell him exactly what we want his assistance and answers to be?
  • One of the most important things we can do for ourselves and for others is turn to Him in humility and trust, dedicated to completely surrendering our lives to His will.
  • We must accept his responses, instruction, and vision (The Divine Plan) for who we are to be, even if this does not correspond to our own idea of ourselves.
  • It’s possible that you will remark, « Deacon Mike, that is not practical counsel for our times.
  • ″You just don’t realize what I’m going through!″ Look, I’m much more than a deacon.

I am a spouse, a parent, a grandpa, and the owner of a small business.I’ve met and treasured my wife, and I’ve loved and buried my mother, father, sister, and other dear friends and family members as well.I’ve been working to provide for myself and my family for about 50 years now.

  1. This is critical; if you don’t comprehend and appreciate both who you were created to be and your connection with the God who created you, you will get nothing right that actually counts in life.
  2. Earth is not our permanent residence; it is only the location of our spiritual journey.
  3. Consider what it means to be on the right or incorrect road: it suggests that each path goes to a certain destination.
  4. The proper road leads to blessings and rewards in paradise for those who follow it.
  5. When you choose the incorrect road, you will be condemned to an eternity in hell.
  1. The place we should be most afraid is hell.
  2. God, and our eternal abode with him in heaven, should be the things we long for the most.
  3. When we were aware of these principles but failed to put them into practice, we had the hope of repentance and God’s grace to be extended to our ship.

Today, far too many people are unaware of and unwilling to embrace these realities.In addition, it appears to me that what we really need now is a fresh understanding of God and His Divine Plan for us.Dr.Peter Kreeft reminds us of this in his lovely little book Back to Virtue, which is available on Amazon.It might be a wonderful Lenten activity to read this book aloud in a reflective manner.

Living God’s Divine Plan for Our Lives

What is God’s perspective of who we are and what we are capable of?First and foremost, He seeks our heartfelt surrender.God teaches us to pass on what he has taught us.Jeremiah 17:5-8 (KJV) … The man who puts his faith in himself alone, and whose heart is not oriented towards God, is cursed.But happy is the one who places his or her confidence and hope in the Lord.

Luke’s Gospel (Luke 6) records a scene in which Jesus summoned the Twelve and designated them as his apostles.Together, they down the mountain to where the throngs of people had gathered, and Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Plain.It is a location where many people are today…

  • feeling befuddled and disoriented; feeling alone and unfinished…
  • and he provided them with the one and only Truth that could fulfill their desires.
  • He delivered the words of Beatitude to those who came to him in humility.
  • « Blessed are you who are poor, for the kingdom of God has been made available to you.
  • You who are hungry will be satiated, so consider yourself blessed.
  • You who are weeping will be blessed, for you will laugh.
  • Because of the Son of Man, you are blessed when others despise, exclude, and insult you, and accuse your name as wicked in their hearts and minds.
  • On that particular day, welcome to happiness!
  • Keep on, for your reward in paradise will be tremendous″ (Luke 6: 20-23).
  • Those who did not come before him in humility, on the other hand, heard the words of condemnation, which moved them to repentance and forgiveness.

And woe to those who are wealthy, for you have received your consolation.Woe to those of you who are currently satisfied, since you will soon be hungry.Woe to those who are laughing today, since you will cry and weep afterwards.

  1. The Bible says it best in Luke 6:24-26.

Our Opportunity this Lenten Season

The message of today’s society is one thing; the message of Our Lord is another.Which one are we going to listen to?Please grab a crucifix and gaze upon it, seeing the Incarnate God who loves you and has given his life to save yours in your place.I’m madly in love with you!He assimilated into our group and set up his tent among us.

He suffered and died…and then resurrected from the dead.He accomplished all of this just because he cares about you and is determined to see you through.

  • As a result, his sermon on The Plain is not just a piece of rhetoric; he lived up to his words.
  • The fact is that he does not ask us to do anything that he has not already done himself.
  • He would never put you in a situation in which he is forced to leave you alone in your life.
  • He is with you at all times.
  • He has demonstrated to us that good may come from adversity.
  • You haven’t had this experience yet?
  • You will face a terrible struggle and think to yourself, ″There is nothing worse than this, especially at this moment,″ only to later realize that your life has been blessed as a consequence of this trial; even in the midst of anguish and apparent failure, your life has been blessed.
  • On this first Sunday of Lent, we officially begin our penitential season’s observance, which will last for forty days.
  • The moment has never been greater to shift away from our reliance on the world and toward a life of faith and hope in the Lord!
  • The Sermon on the Mount instructs us on how to do so.

We are to exercise detachment from the world’s attractions in order to become more spiritual.This suggests that we should avoid all attractions that are disorganized, rather than all attractions that are disorganized.Not everyone who is impoverished finds the benefits that can only come from God, for even the destitute might have an unhealthy addiction to material goods.

  1. Not everyone who is wealthy is inevitably condemned; some are able to use their fortune for the benefit of society without developing an unhealthy connection to their wealth.
  2. So, once again, I advise you to make the most of this Lent and to not let it pass you by unsatisfied.

The Three Pillars of Lent provide Practical help to Grow Closer to God

  • So, let’s speak about something you’ve probably heard before. When it comes to Lent, we are invited to accept and put into practice the three foundations of the season: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (or almsgiving). Lent is intended to be, above all, a period of profound change for us. These three pillars are essential to our conversion and our submission to the Lord’s authority. They are inextricably linked to one another. 1. The act of praying The practice of prayer is popular, but do we truly pray as frequently as we ought to? Do any of us even know how to pray anymore? A common query from Catholics is, ″Can you assist me in learning to pray?″ ″Can you assist me in learning to pray?″ ″Could you please assist me in finding time to pray?″ This is a fantastic method to provide a thorough response
  • let’s make a commitment to do it throughout Lent. The Church teaches that Christian meditation should be one of our major expressions of prayer—for a beginning, this includes simply meditating on a truth of the faith, a Person of God, an event in Christ’s life, a passage of scripture, or anything else that comes to mind that is related to the faith. Here are some suggestions about how to go about it. Prayer the Rosary every day is highly recommended. This Lent, why not spend some time praying the rosary with your family? When we return home from dinner after the evening meal, we gather as a family (or with friends) and pray the vocal prayers of the rosary while thinking about (meditating on) the mysteries – those major events in Christ’s life. On a weekly basis – Friday is an excellent choice – we do the same with the Stations of the Cross
  • There are many excellent meditations for the Stations of the Cross, but the prayers and meditations of the Way of the Cross by St. Francis of Assisi are most beneficial to me. It is simple to obtain a copy of this document on the internet
  • Don’t rush through the prayers
  • instead, take your time with them. Maintain a high level of importance for these prayers in your daily agenda. You may even put them on your daily calendar to remind you to do them. Keep in mind that you were not created for this world, but for the next. There is nothing more crucial for you to understand, aside from the fact that you are praying to Christ. You will also educate your children what and Who is most important by praying together as a family throughout Lent. Make every effort to attend daily Mass during Lent.
  • 2. Observing a fast Practicing spiritual disciplines such as fasting and other types of self-denial, which are spiritual practices that help us literally subdue and control the physical desires of the body, allows us to enable the soul to more properly and freely pray, with God’s grace. I’m going to leave it up to you to determine what shape your fasting will take—eating less, giving up television, foregoing that unnecessary purchase, or something else altogether. This is the link between fasting and prayer, and it is the key to living a richer, deeper, and more happy life in Christ as a result. In addition to this, fasting is linked to almsgiving since the money we save via material fasting and the time we save by giving up a specific activity can be used to help others who are in greater need of our assistance. You’ve given yourself and your children an incredible gift. If you have children, gather them all together and explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Make it a joint family endeavor. 3. The practice of almsgiving As previously stated, fasting makes it possible to give, therefore make a commitment to live within your means, not just for your own financial well-being, but also for the sake of others. Our children learn the most about themselves by seeing their parents in their natural environments. Allow them to witness us operating within our financial constraints by refraining from excessive expenditure. But, more importantly, let them witness us foregoing even the things we can afford in order to assist others who have less. Maintain a balance between spending more time on family prayer and service to others and less time on excessive entertainment. This allows us to be more sensitive to the needs of others. It’s also important to note that almsgiving entails more than just signing a check. Take a look at the following activities: There are several shelters and soup kitchens that may benefit from your assistance. If at all possible, include your entire family. Cooking includes everything from preparing and delivering food to serving meals, working in the kitchen, and having a discussion at a table.
  • Clothing The naked-charitable groups are always on the lookout for appropriate attire. Clear out your closets and donate any usable clothing you no longer need.
  • Pay a visit to the lonely, Your presence is a gift to the sick and the imprisoned, whether it is a friend or family member who would benefit from a visit at home or someone who is confined to a nursing home, hospital, or prison, your presence is a gift to you both. Although we are in the midst of a pandemic, there are chances to be present with people.

All for the Love of God

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