Each Of Us Is An Innkeeper Who Decides If There Is Room For Jesus

A quote by Neal A. Maxwell

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Each one of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus. — Our Lady Star of the Sea RC Primary School

With Advent just around the corner, we’ve all been thinking about the promises we’d like to make to one another this week. Here are some ideas. Hearing the profound observations and debates shared in class has been a wonderful experience, and I am confident that the children will share them with you at home. Mrs Curtis has finally finished putting the finishing touches on our community present as well as our special Nativity scene for the children. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and promises with us during our Curriculum Evening.

  • These are presently on exhibit in the congregational area.
  • A genuine sense of renewed faith and pleasure pervaded the room as the students celebrated this sacrament together.
  • this morning, our early morning Advent Masses began; it was incredible to see so many families, youngsters who came on their own, parishioners and staff all gathered together to hear God’s word.
  • A welcome pleasure on such a bitterly chilly day.
  • The latest in sports news Our Year 3 pupils had their final multi-skills lesson with Mrs Gregan this week; she was extremely delighted with their collaboration and skill improvement; well done, children!
  • Every new day at school comes a new set of learning opportunities that present new and interesting challenges for students to overcome.
  • Then there are those magical times when you can stand back and watch with pride as autonomous, self-assured, and confident youngsters do amazing things; Mrs Gregan and I were fortunate enough to witness one of these moments on Monday!
  • Having spent weeks rehearsing with Mrs Harrison and Miss Bassett, they truly were the stars of the event, dancing with tremendous enthusiasm, impeccable time, and high-quality movement that wowed the crowd.

There were so many of our parents in the audience, and I’m sure you were all impressed by the level of professionalism displayed by our dancers. Congratulations to you and your classmates for making us all feel so good about ourselves!


As we all prepare to enter the season of Advent, I hope your individual preparations are going well. There is a possibility that a group of elves will sneak into school over the weekend to assist us in preparing the school for Christmas celebrations. We’ll see what happens! I believe that some of us would welcome the presence of a team like this in our own homes – after all, many hands truly do make light work! Due to the fact that it is the first weekend of Advent, Christmas suddenly appears closer, along with all of the craziness that implies.

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Enjoy spending time with your family this weekend!

Neal A. Maxwell – Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!

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„I’m not sure who came up with the idea of a 36-state organization, but I believe that if we wish to evaluate it, why shouldn’t we? Those states, you and I must realize, were mostly created as a kind of punishment rather than as a result of a necessity for Nigeria or Nigerians to progress economically. Let us not continue to hide our heads in the sand. We’ve had national emergencies, but we’ve always managed to get out of them. Consider the following: Let us look each other in the eyes and determine what kind of country we want to live in.

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As a matter of fact, it is exactly the circumstance we find ourselves in right now. The number of weaponry accessible to the United States and the Soviet Union is so bloated, and so much in excess of what is required to deter the other, that it would be funny if it weren’t so tragically ironic.

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Now that we’ve reached the second week of Advent, we can officially say that our season of waiting has begun. I can see (and hear) the excitement on the faces of the youngsters as they go about their daily routines, but they are also striving to ‘be prepared’ for the return of Jesus Christ. Naturally, getting ready is far more difficult than it appears with the business of our regular lives, but getting ready is exactly what Christ calls us to do in the first place. In fact, taking a moment to pause and reflect is arguably one of the most helpful things we can do for ourselves right now.

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On the church’s website, Fr Jim has created a great interactive Advent calendar, with each door leading to the day’s readings or Gospel.

This year, the Blackpool family of Catholic schools held a virtual Advent Service because it was clearly impossible for all of the schools to be together at the same time during this time of year.

Christmas Events

As we work to make this Advent as ‘normal’ as possible for the children while also maintaining their safety in their bubbles and around school, there are a number of other festivities that we will be able to continue to commemorate this year. On Friday, December 11th, we will host our annual Christmas sweater day. Rather of wearing their customary jumper or cardigan over their school uniform, children are encouraged to wear their Christmas jumper instead. Don’t be concerned if your child doesn’t already have a Christmas jumper; there is no need to purchase one, and you may be creative and make your own!

  • It will be necessary for you to make this gift using our ParentPay system, and you should have received an email with your log in information if you haven’t already done so.
  • All children, regardless of whether or not they normally bring a packed lunch on this day, are asked to participate in the meal.
  • It is possible that your kid normally gets a packed lunch on Wednesdays and would like to attend the Christmas supper.
  • Once you’ve made your payment, you may rest assured that your child will be included in the meal count.
  • Our PTFA has generously purchased a virtual Pantomime for the benefit of the entire school.
  • A nice end-of-term treat for the children will be provided.

As well as this, many classes are putting together some readings, a liturgy, or even a simple nativity with the children in their own bubble, which will be published to the website for you and your family to enjoy before we leave for the holidays.

Cards and gifts…

A beautiful letter from the Chaplaincy Team at Victoria Hospital was delivered to the school a couple of weeks back. Patients in hospitals between Christmas and New Year’s would have a tough time since they would be unable to visit their relatives and friends, as they were reminded by the group. If the students could create Christmas cards, photographs, or messages that they could put up in the wards or houses, they were invited to do so. They were also asked to consider writing a “Thinking of you” message to encourage the patients.

Our instrumentalists have also been practicing for a ‘virtual concert’ that will be broadcast to individuals in hospitals and nursing homes.

(Don’t worry, we’ll share this information with your family as well!) We would beg, however, that families who are typically so considerate and generous at this time of year, and who send gifts into school, please, please, please do not send gifts to us!

So many people are hurting right now, and we would prefer that any gifts you choose to donate go towards some of our most vulnerable members of society.

Please keep yourself and others safe through these trying times, and continue to show compassion and respect to one another as you go.

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