Who Is Jesus On Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’ Star Gets Candid About His Exit: “It Was Constant Frustration”

In the case of The Walking Dead The midseason finale of The Walking Dead concluded with a big shock for both comic book fans and show-only viewers: the death of Jesus (Tom Payne), a fan-favorite character who is still alive and well in the comics by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. The Whisperers, the newest antagonists in the AMC zombie universe, are responsible for Jesus’ death in season nine. The Whisperers disguise themselves as zombies by wearing refurbished skin suits. As shown in the comics that served as the inspiration for the television series, Jesus comes face to face with the Whisperers on several occasions and survives each battle, including beating the community’s most lethal member in a two on one do-or-die brawl.

Given his character’s tragic death, it’s understandable that series regular actor Jeffrey Payne would be saddened by his decision to leave The Walking Dead.

After years of being dissatisfied with the direction his character was taking, Payne, who has been with the show since season six (and a regular since season seven), expressed his desire to depart in a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

In Payne’s opinion, the character’s final stand was far closer to his vision for Jesus all along, making it a note he’s more than delighted to end his career on.

  1. “But I’m thrilled.” What was the process of putting Payne’s Walking Dead departure together?
  2. As you’ll see in the video above, Payne is excited about all of this and more, including the romance with Aaron (Ross Marquand) that never happened, what it was like filming his final episode with Norman Reedus and Josh McDermitt, and many other topics.
  3. I’m looking forward to everyone seeing it.
  4. For me, the program has always been about expressing myself.
  5. They provided me with a fantastic conclusion, and I am grateful for it.
  6. They were well aware that I would not be unhappy if they were to fire me.
  7. I was quite dissatisfied with what the main character had been up to.

In the course of the struggle with the Saviors, the only individual with whom he came into contact was a man who was on his side.

He catches a grenade and throws it back at the attacker.

And he wasn’t put to any use at all.

I was prepared and eager to get started.

Their understanding was reciprocal, and they were certain I would be okay with it.

When the phone call came in, Angela was taken aback by how calm I was about the situation.

Andy and Lauren’s agreements had already been worked up previously, so this was the first time they were being discussed.

It would have taken a large number of people or a complete surprise for him to be killed, which is exactly what happened in the end.

No one is safe, and that is exactly what the program is about.

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, and I was overjoyed with the outcome.

I couldn’t stop thinking, “This issofun.” “This is exactly what I had hoped to be doing!” I had the sensation that Jesus was experiencing.

It’s possible that it cost him his life in the end!

The entire event was a fantastic narrative in and of itself.

This is what the show is all about, and I just wanted to be a part of it in some way.

I ended up being quite fortunate in the end.

It’s a watershed point in the show’s development.

That was the primary cause for my dissatisfaction with episodes seven and eight.

It was a lot of fun.

I believe it is unjust to the audience to tease the viewers with Aaron and Jesus’s relationship in this way.

I’m glad they went ahead and did it.

If I only had that episode and then had to return to the Hilltop, would it be worth it?

In the past,you have said you didn’t want to see Aaron and Jesus in a relationship, as they are in the comics.

I liked that they had a friendship, but I felt like a further relationship wasn’t necessarily required.

They should get together!” But someone else asked me about the six-year time jump, and I was like, “Maybe they did hook up once or twice in those six years!” Maybe that contributed to their, but as you do, you just become friends afterward.

But a long-term?

They have a lot in common, and they did connect in a few different ways.

They were quite natural friends.

How was your experience in that regard, and what do you say to viewers who felt represented by Jesus, and are going to be disappointed by this loss?

It was an amazing responsibility, and I was happy to take it on.

It wasn’t ever even explicitly mentioned.

The right people picked up on it; they did recognize it.

I think they could have been a bit more up front about that.

But it’s a shame.

They could have made more of it.

I was super excited to play that.

But other storylines take precedent, I guess.

Given the time jump, there are lots of potential stories involving Jesus viewers haven’t seen… I would never say never, but I would only want to do it if it was good material.

I would love to tell a story about Jesus’ beginnings or whatever happened in those six years, and there’s a lot of scope for that.

Were you sent off with one of the cast’s legendary death dinners?

We had a nice little dinner.

(Laughs.) I gave a speech about how I was happy.

That’s the whole point.

I’m hugely honored Angela put me in this position.

Ilovedthe character.

But there was just so much potential in the character that wasn’t realized.

I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to that frustration.

I had been training for two years.

There was just lots of unrealized potential.

When we finally showed off this year what he was able to do, that was great.

(Laughs.) It’s really just part of being on an ongoing series.

You’re on the edge of your seat all the time, pressing your hands together and hoping that something cool will turn up.

I’m looking forward to doing something now that has a beginning, middle and end, so I can see the character in front of me.

I was happy to have a great beginning, a great bitwith Lennie, and then a really great ending. That’s enough for me. I’m happy it rounded off in a fun way, with a great impact on the story. But at the same time, I’m ready to move on. FollowTHR.com/WalkingDeadfor more coverage.

Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand on Aaron and Jesus’ time jump romance

In the case of The Walking Dead, The midseason finale of The Walking Dead ended with a massive shock for comic book readers and show-only viewers alike: the death of Jesus (Tom Payne), a fan-favorite character who is still alive and well in the comics by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. Death comes at the hands of the Whisperers, who are the show’s newest antagonists, who disguise themselves in refurbished skin suits in order to blend in with the undead during season nine. It is revealed that Jesus has encountered and survived the Whisperers on multiple occasions, and that he even defeated the Whisperers’ most lethal member in a two-on-one do-or-die fight in the comics that inspired the television series.

  • Given his character’s untimely death, it’s understandable that series regular actor Jeffrey Payne would be saddened by his decision to leave the show.
  • After years of being dissatisfied with the direction his character was taking, Payne, who has been with the show since season six (and a regular since season seven), expressed his desire to leave in a candid interview withThe Hollywood Reporter.
  • This final stand, in the eyes of Payne, was much closer to his vision for Jesus all along, and he is more than happy to leave the world on that note.
  • The Walking Deadexit was a collaborative effort between Payne and his team.
  • All of this and more is covered in detail in the interview that follows, including the romance with Aaron (Ross Marquand) that never materialized, what it was like to film his final episode with Norman Reedus and Josh McDermitt, and more.
  • This is something I’m really looking forward to seeing with everyone.
  • In my opinion, that is what the show has been all about.

And I’m pleased with the outcome because they provided me with a really cool epilogue.

They were well aware that if they got rid of me, I wouldn’t be upset about that.

Because of what the character had been doing, I was extremely irritated with her behavior.

In the course of the struggle against the Saviors, the only individual with whom he came into conflict was a guy who was on his side.

It is thrown back to him once it has been caught.

And he was completely ignored.

When the time came, I was pumped and ready to go!

I had no problem with that because it was mutually agreed upon.

I was astonished by how calm I was when the phone call came in, according to Angela.

Andy and Lauren’s agreements had already been worked up previously, so this was the first time they were being spoken in detail about them.

In order to emphasize the fact that this character is a very strong character The number of people there or a genuine surprise would have to be significant in order for him to be killed, which is exactly what happened.

No one is safe, and that is the premise of the program.

A mutual decision, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

“This issofun,” I kept thinking.

Jesus has been caged up on the Hilltop for the past two years, and he’s itching to get out there and get some stuff done!

Although he did not engage in combat with his sword, it was a step forward for him.

That was a story I was delighted to tell.

Want to be a part of the frightening sequences?

After all was said and done, I was fortunate.

The episode is at a critical juncture.

Episodes seven and eight were very depressing for me, for this reason.

It was a nice experience.

That Aaron and Jesus connection is being teased, in my opinion, is unfair to the audience.

Thank you for your efforts.

If I just had that episode and then had to return to the Hilltop, would it be worth it for me to do so?

You’ve already said that you didn’t want to see Aaron and Jesus in a romantic connection, as they are shown in the comic books.

I appreciated that they had a connection, but I didn’t believe that they needed to pursue a more formal relationship in the future.

“They should get together!” says the author.

That’s something I could imagine occurring.

That’s something I’m not sure of.

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It was pleasant to have them converse since their sensitivities were similar to mine.

The Walking Dead’s Jesus is not only a beloved figure, but he’s also a beloved LGBT character in popular culture.

To be a part of that group and to provide exposure as a homosexual character on one of the most popular television programs in history has been an incredible experience.

However, I was unhappy that it wasn’t there in greater quantities.

During season seven, there was just one scene with Lauren.

However, there are still some individuals who are unaware that Jesus was gay.

However, even if you’ve lost Jesus, you still have Aaron and Tara (Alanna Masterson), and now Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), so there’s still representation on the program.

It’s a pity, though.

They could have earned a lot more money out of it.

That was something I was really looking forward to playing.

Other narratives, it seems, take precedence over this one.

As a result of the time shift, there are several potential storylines involving Jesus that audiences have yet to witness.

Sticking in the background or showing up merely for the purpose of showing up are not something I am interested in doing or being around for.

If the material is strong, I would be interested in learning more about it.


People had varying opinions regarding leaving the concert, and I was quite pleased with that!

While it was frustrating at times, I was glad that we were able to communicate this wonderful narrative via the play we were doing.

It’s exactly what I want to achieve in my professional life, and to be allowed to do so on this show.

I’m really grateful to Angela for putting me in this situation.

I adored the main character.

Nonetheless, there was a lot of promise in the character that was never fully realized.

I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to the irritation that had plagued me.

I’d been in training for two years at that point.

There was just a great deal of untapped potential.

It was fantastic when we were able to demonstrate what he was capable of doing this year.

(Laughs.) It’s just a normal aspect of being a member of a long-running series.

You’re always on the verge of jumping out of your seat, squeezing your hands together in the hopes that something exciting may appear.

The prospect of working on something that has a beginning, middle, and finish excites me because it will allow me to clearly see the character in front of me.

I was delighted to have a fantastic start, a fantastic scene with Lennie, and then a very fantastic conclusion.

That’s plenty for me. I’m glad it came to a satisfying conclusion in a lighthearted manner that had a significant influence on the plot. But, at the same time, I’m ready to move on from this situation. THR.com/WalkingDead.

The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne ‘glad’ Jesus was killed off

In 2018, Tom Payne’s character Jesus was killed off (Photo courtesy of Getty/AMC). Tom Payne, who plays Jesus on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has stated that he was ‘happy’ that his character was killed off. Yes, this is true. While many fans were heartbroken by Jesus’ assassination by a member of the Whisperers in the midseason finale of Series 9, the actor remained unconcerned by the tragedy. Tom recently expressed his views in response to a fan’s tweet, which read: ‘I was so thrilled when they killed you off The Walking Dead.’ Tom responded by saying: Tom answered with gusto, saying, ‘I was the same!’ Tom has expressed his excitement over Jesus’ time on the program before, and this isn’t the first time he’s expressed it.

  1. ‘Ultimately, it came down to whether or not I was happy in my profession, and I was simply like, “Well, I’ve been doing this for three years,” which was the longest he had ever worked in any acting capacity,’ he told Comic Book magazine.
  2. his plot didn’t appear to be developing too much.” And everyone was jockeying for position on that program and waiting for their chance to shine, and I was just getting a little tired of it all.’ Despite this, Tom has floated the notion of a Jesus spin-off series on the show.
  3. But I had to grow my hair out, and, to be honest, I really enjoyed it,’ he told The Express earlier in the year.
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Walking Dead’s Tom Payne Understands Fan Disappointment Over Jesus

Fan dissatisfaction with the position of his character on AMC’s The Walking Dead is understandable, according to Tom Payne, who represented Jesus in that season’s television show. ‘The Walking Dead’ actor Tom Payne, who played Paul “Jesus” Rovia, understands the outrage among fans at his character’s behavior on the AMC series, “The Walking Dead.” The Walking Dead is a television series based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman. Since the show’s debut in 2010, it has gained enormous popularity, with fans of the comic book continually wondering about when and how their favorite characters will eventually make the transition to the small screen for the first time.

  1. The character of Jesus was one of the most well-liked in Kirkman’s comic.
  2. The live-action version of his character was eagerly awaited by the fan following, but Jesus failed to live up to the high expectations placed on him by his inked counterpart.
  3. Fans’ expectations that Jesus will be depicted in a more authentic manner in the future were disappointed when the figure was killed off during season 9.
  4. The lack of attention on Jesus in the television version was a point of contention for many comic book readers, and Payne shared their concerns about it.
  5. For years before to his entrance on the program, there had been a lot of excitement around Jesus, which resulted in a lot of disappointment among viewers when they realized that Jesus’ position on the show had been significantly reduced.
  6. So everyone was really looking forward to that, and I believe a lot of people were a little disappointed.
  7. As a result, there was a lot of buildup, which I believe may be counterproductive at times.

There were definitely some fantastic moments that I missed out on, but that’s understandable.” Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Payne expressed his disagreement with the way Jesus was portrayed on the show.

“It was a bit stretched out,” Payne himself concedes in the interview, referring to the Negan plot that spanned seasons 6 and 7.

Is it possible that Jesus’ meandering story was the result of a bigger clarity problem that the program was suffering from?

When dealing with the practicality of filming with actual people, there are several restrictions to consider.

It’s fair that some of Jesus’ more “superhero-like” acts have been toned down in light of these circumstances.

A major flaw in The Walking Dead’s otherwise great adaptation is the portrayal of Jesus as a glorified background character.

Following that, we’ll look at how The Walking Dead was supposed to kill Abraham (Why It Changed) Talking Dead to Me is a source of information.

Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York, awarded him a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production. He’s spent more time watching television and movies than he has engaging with actual people beings in the past year or two. Xavier Ilyas has more to say.

‘The Walking Dead’: Who is Jesus and why is he so important?

JesusTWD.jpg Paul “Jesus” Monroe is a fictional character created by writer Paul “Jesus” Monroe. (Source: Image Comics) THE CITY OF CLEVELAND, Ohio – Jesus has finally made his appearance on “The Walking Dead.” Hallelujah! On Sunday night’s episode of AMC’s famous drama, Rick and the other survivors attempted to construct the Alexandria Safe-Zone, which featured an unexpected time leap. A result of these events is the debut of one of Robert Kirkman’s most well-known characters from his comic book series.

  1. But he doesn’t waste any time in attempting to steal the duo’s truck.
  2. So, just who exactly is this enigmatic figure known as Jesus?
  3. Now that you’ve met Paul, you should be able to guess where his moniker came from.
  4. A rescuer of sorts, Jesus appears in the comic, standing up for people and placing himself in danger to protect the safety of his companions.
  5. The Hilltop Colony will be established as a result of Jesus’ appearance on the television series.
  6. His motivations for wanting to speak with Rick have something to do with the Saviors.
  7. Gregory, the spineless head of the village, does nothing but sit back and watch.

He’s got a few moves.

He possesses physical abilities that place him on an equal footing with Morgan in terms of being a devastating weapon.

In the comic, Jesus knocks down Michonne and Abraham with relative ease before requesting a meeting with Rick to discuss the situation.

He and Carl form an unbreakable relationship.

As we saw in Sunday night’s episode, Carl’s eye damage has assisted him in becoming more enlightened and has provided him with a new perspective on the world around him.

Jesus is a homosexual man.

However, the figure of Jesus in the comic book is openly gay, which is unlikely to go down well with religious people.

Of course, this isn’t the first time AMC has included a homosexual character on the show, as both Aaron and Tara have been involved in same-sex relationships previously. Please keep in mind that if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a fee.

What to Know About Jesus, ‘The Walking Dead’s Newest Character

JesusTWD.jpg Mr. Jesus Monroe, as Paul “Jesus” Monroe, was born in the city of New Orleans in the United States of America. Illustration courtesy of the Image Comics website. THE CITY OF CLEVELAND, Ohio – It’s finally happened on “The Walking Dead,” and it’s a wonderful thing. Rick and the other survivors seek to reconstruct the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the episode that aired on Sunday night, according to the show’s writers. Eventually, one of the most well-known characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic book is introduced in this manner.

  1. For that, he goes after the duo’s truck and steals its contents.
  2. So, just who exactly is this enigmatic figure referred to as Christ?
  3. Having seen Paul, you should be able to deduce where his moniker came from.
  4. A rescuer of sorts, Jesus appears in the comic book, standing up for others and putting his own life on the line to protect his companions’ well-being.
  5. The Hilltop Colony will be established as a result of Jesus’ appearance on the television show.
  6. In relation to the Saviors, he has a number of reasons for wanting to speak with Rick.
  7. Gregory, the spineless head of the village, does nothing except sit back and observe.
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It appears that he has movements to his credit.

As with Morgan, he possesses physical abilities that make him a devastating weapon on par with Morgan.

Michonne and Abraham are defeated with relative ease in the comic, and Jesus then demands to be seen by Rick.

The two of them get close.

Following Carl’s eye damage, which we seen during the episode shown on Sunday night, he has gained greater insight into the world and has developed an entirely different viewpoint.

He’s a homosexual man named Jesus.

However, the figure of Jesus in the comic book is openly gay, which is unlikely to go down well with religious people of any faith.

Although this is the first time AMC has featured a homosexual character on the show, it is not the first time Aaron and Tara have been in same-sex relationships. Readers should be aware that if they make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a small compensation.

Who Is Jesus?

In the comics, Jesus’s true name is Paul Monroe, although he presents himself in a different way on the program. It’s impossible to look at him on television and not notice that everything about him, from his jacket to his cap to the bandana over his mouth, is a blatant nod to the comic book pages. He also serves as a scout for another group of survivors, Hilltop, which is located just outside of Washington, D.C. Because the Alexandrians think they are the sole remaining community prior to the arrival of Jesus, the series is introduced to a wider globe.

What First Impression Does Jesus Make?

The skeptical reaction of Rick’s gang, as well as the eventual physical conflict with Jesus, are taken directly from the book, with a handful of significant alterations. Daryl does not encounter Jesus in the comics since he is a television original. Neither does Rick, at least not at first. Michonne and Abraham, Alexandria’s most fearsome hand-to-hand combatants, are really the two key characters who first come face to face with Jesus in the novels, rather than the other way around. When Jesus is able to hold his own against Rick and Daryl on the show, it’s even more impressive when he is able to disarm Michonne, who has more martial arts abilities than Rick and Daryl in the comics.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus Show Off Their Goofy Sides in a Series of Photographs

What Are Jesus’s Skills and Strengths?

Jesus is more than a fighter; he also works as an ambassador for the Kingdom of God. Following his victory against Michonne and Abraham, Jesus expressly seeks to talk with the head of their group in order to establish alliances and trade arrangements, according to the comics. Although, on his first episode in the show, he appears to be more concerned with securing supplies rather than seeking new allies, similar to his comic book counterpart, he is smart and tough enough to survive on his own, tough enough to take down anyone he encounters, and tactful enough to refrain from resorting to violence until it is absolutely necessary.

Can Jesus Gain Rick and Daryl’s Trust?

As a fighter, Jesus also works as an ambassador, bringing people together to discuss issues that concern them. Following his victory against Michonne and Abraham, Jesus expressly wants a meeting with the leader of their organization in order to explore alliances and trade agreements. Although, on his first episode in the show, he appears to be more concerned with securing supplies rather than seeking new allies, similar to his comic book counterpart, he is smart and tough enough to survive on his own, tough enough to take down anyone he encounters, and tactful enough to refrain from resorting to violence until it is his only option.

Will Jesus Bring the Alexandrians to Hilltop?

In the comics, after Rick knocks Jesus unconscious and transports him to Alexandria, Jesus persuades Rick to travel to Hilltop and explore a possible trade arrangement with the locals there. Because Jesus appears to be well-groomed and not to be alone, Rick guesses that Jesus is part of a bigger group early on in the show’s first season. With the confirmation of Gregory (Xander Berkeley) as the leader of Hilltop, it’s a fair guess that Rick and his crew will be making a visit to that town in upcoming episodes.

As a result, fans can expect a buildup to the Negan conflict, as well as a possibly memorable sequence in the season finale.

Tom Payne Looks Nothing Like His Character On The Walking Dead

The continuous introduction and removal of cast members from AMC’s zombified hitThe Walking Dead has become a trademark of the show. Because so few people have the opportunity to remain on the show for more than a season or two before being killed off, certain characters get the opportunity to mature significantly more fully. This is why characters with memorable names like Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) stand out in the minds of viewers and signify a great deal to them.

This phenomena is shown by the character Paul “Jesus” Rovia, played by actor Tom Payne, who is a prominent example.

Given enough time and dedication to his fellow survivors, he ultimately developed into a full-fledged hero, eventually taking over as leader of the Hilltop Colony in Rick and Maggie’s absence.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that there’s a real person underneath the Jesus character, and he appears to be extremely different from his Walking Dead alter-ego, as previously said.

Tom Payne is almost unrecognizable outside of the Jesus role

Photograph courtesy of Jim Spellman/Getty Images It’s simple to see how Paul Rovia came to be known as “Jesus” after just one glance at him. In addition to his long brown hair and beard, he has features that are similar to those of the biblical character, which led to the title being attached to him before the zombie apocalypse began. When it comes to his appearance, Tom Payne is often the polar opposite of the character, sporting a tight beard or a clean-shaven face, along with a shorter hairstyle.

One thing that Walking Dead viewers may not be aware of is that Payne first completed the Jesus look using clip-on extensions before opting to grow his natural hair and beard out later in the season.

After a short while, “my fiance sobbed,” said the man, who added that his own response had been similar and that “it was an emotional thing” for him to go through with the haircut.

In a cruel twist of fate, Tom Payne’s Walking Dead stint came to an end midway through season 9 when Jesus was slain by the Whisperers. For the first time in a long time, the actor is free to do anything he wants with the hair on his head and the skin on his face.

Walking Dead Jesus Booster

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He is most often referred to as “Jesus” due to his likeness to the biblical figure, which he shares with his friend Paul Monroe. He is a natural survival in the world of walkers, and he is a treasured member of the Hilltop group because of his quick thinking and high level of unarmed fighting proficiency. Rick is initially skeptical of Jesus when they first meet, but Jesus quickly proves his worth and commitment, winning Rick’s confidence. € 20.00 is the price of the item. This item is currently on backorder85 people have added it to their wishlist.

That Walking Dead Death Wasn’t Shocking—But It Was Disappointing

It is possible that this post will include spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 8, “Evolution.” Surely we might have predicted that someone would die the moment Aaron and Jesus began assisting a wounded Eugene in fleeing a suspicious throng of walkers. If only it had been Eugene who had done it. Instead, another character was killed off on Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Paul Rovia (Jesus) was stabbed by a member of the undead who turned out to not be so dead after all while battling through a horde of walkers in the first episode of The Walking Dead.

  • (If you’re looking for more information on what’s to come, you can check out some comics spoilers here.) Before we go any further, it’s probably a good idea to point out that Jesus might be able to pull off an unusual feat of endurance.
  • However, by the end of Sunday’s segment, Jesus certainly appeared to be dead.
  • (It did in the comics, at least.) Unfortunately, it appears that this development was only a ruse to heighten the shock value of Jesus’s death.
  • It’s been a long time since television shows have abruptly killed off their L.G.B.T.Q.

It was just a few seasons ago that The Walking Dead was accused of falling prey to this cliche when the show abruptly terminated poor Denise.) Overarchingly, even characters who have been beloved by fans for years have been lost in the shuffle in recent seasons of this program, their distinguishing features being eliminated in favor of fabricated motives, if that they ever make it onto the screen at all.

  1. Moreover, by assassinating Jesus, The Walking Deadhas hinted that, although it is interested in re-discovering some fan favorites, others may not be so fortunate.
  2. It is likely unrealistic to assume that this season would resolve all of the issues that have plagued this drama for several seasons.
  3. The manner in which it happened, perhaps most notably, was reminiscent to Glenn Rhee’s Season 6 fake-out death, which occurred just before he was ultimately slain precisely as fans anticipated him to be.
  4. Another similar fake-out occurred this time around, with the program loosely hinting at a relationship between Aaron and Jesus only to murder one of them off a week later—a less rage-inducing version of the previous fake-out.
  5. Despite several attempts, The Walking Dead was never able to successfully adapt Jesus from his comic book origins to the screen; once he fulfilled his primary mission by welcoming Rick and the group to the Hilltop, he was relegated to the show’s back burner.

Aaron, the show’s only other openly homosexual male character, was similarly mostly marginalized after introducing everyone else to Alexandria; despite the fact that he’s been with the show since Season 5, he’s never felt completely at home with the group as a result.

‘The Walking Dead’ star Tom Payne teases possible Jesus spin-off

Former The Walking Dead actor Tom Payne has hinted at the prospect of returning to the series. Prior to his death in the midseason finale of season 9, Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia, played by Payne, was one of Rick Grimes’ most devoted followers.

  • Continue reading “The Walking Dead” spinoff: release date, cast, and everything else we know so far about it.
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However, as Walking Dead fans are well aware, a character’s death on-screen does not rule out the possibility of their reappearance – especially now that miniseries and feature films are able to explore their backstories. A recent interview with the Daily Express revealed that Payne thinks a prequel spin-off for Jesus would be “very great,” but that it would take him some time to get back into the shape of his character. He went on to clarify “I believe anything along the lines of a Jesus’s origin narrative would be awesome, bro.

“I wouldn’t want to do it again if it meant having to wear false extensions and a fake beard,” he remarked.

Recent interviews with Payne indicated that he was content with his time on the program and that he believed it was the correct time for him to depart when he did.

Following a postponement due to the continuing Coronavirus outbreak, the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 4, according to the television network.

‘They knew I was a bit unhappy’: ‘The Walking Dead’ star says he was frustrated and bored with his role on the show

Warning: There will be big spoilers for “The Walking Dead” season nine, episode eight, “Evolution,” after this paragraph. Tom Payne claims he did not receive a phone call from Angela Kang, the showrunner of AMC’s ” The Walking Dead,” when she was due to inform him that his character, Jesus, was being murdered off the show. “In the midst of a text conversation with my girlfriend, I noticed that Angela had phoned. Hah hah hah, perhaps it is ‘the call,’ as they say. And then I dialed her number, and she answered, “Payne spoke with INSIDER.

If you’ve been watching the drama attentively, you’ll know that Jesus’ death has been reported for months.

Payne, on the other hand, believed it was his time to depart.

And so, when Angela phoned, I was completely unconcerned about it. ‘Oh, all right,’ I said. Great. Cool.'”

Payne had a request for the way his character went out on the show.

He wanted his exit from the show to be as memorable as possible if he was going to leave. Gene Page and the American Medical Center What Payne requested for Jesus’ departure from the show was “just to make it really cool because he’s a tough character,” Payne said of his request for the character’s departure. In order for him to go out, it has to be done in a really tough way with a lot of people, or it has to be a complete surprise, which is exactly what happened.” And he died in a dignified manner.

  1. “It was actually really good,” Payne said of how his death scene turned out.
  2. With this weapon, everything is so simple for him.
  3. Gene Page and the American Medical Center “Overall, I was quite pleased with the outcome,” he continued.
  4. I’d much rather be in that position than continue to reside on the Hilltop for another few years.” Payne couldn’t express how thrilled he was to finally be off the Hilltop and able to participate in a sequence with the other participants in the race.
  5. “After three years on the show, I worked with a lot of different people at first, but then, and I really enjoyed working with Lauren, Xander, Katelyn, and Sonequa, that was pretty much it in terms of collaborations.
  6. So, for me, it’s simply the opportunity to collaborate with Josh, Ross, and Norman on projects.

A mutual decision to leave the show

On season eight of “The Walking Dead,” Tom Payne appeared in a scene that he described as “very good” and in which he played Lennie James. Gene Page and the American Medical Center Payne received his phone call from Kang late in the summer, but conversations regarding his departure had taken place much earlier. “It’s something that we started talking about at the beginning of the year and have continued to do so. The decision on which character to write out is influenced by a variety of variables, including the following: “Angela Kang, the showrunner, spoke with INSIDER.

Besides Rick and Carl Grimes, who are widely considered to be the program’s primary protagonists, there are two additional actors who have been written out of the show recently.

It’s a harsh and terrifying bunch of people.

Accordingly, there is a death in the comic book as a result of this, and so we knew that there would have to be some type of epic battle that led up to it, and we also knew that whomever ended up dying, their life should have mattered a great deal, and their death has an impact.

Gene Page and the American Medical Center After mentioning what Jesus’ life meant to other characters on the series, Kang continued, “Jesus was somebody who truly carried a torch of togetherness and unity for our people at a time when they may be more divided than they have ever been before.” “This is something that really contributes to the overall feel of the season.

  1. He emphasized that the choice was a joint one between him and the program.
  2. They were aware of my dissatisfaction, and I had stated, ‘I don’t give a damn what happens.’ All that remains is for us to murder a few more individuals.
  3. “Because there are so many characters on the program, it’s tough for everyone to find their own area, which I entirely understand.
  4. Jackson AMC Photographer Lee Davis

Concerns over backlash from fans

When a major character on a television program gets killed off, there is always a risk that there would be some type of backlash from the audience, especially if the character is homosexual. Numerous opinion articles have been published on how TV writers have killed off powerful LGBT characters on their programs. Despite the fact that Jesus is no longer on the program, there are still four prominent characters who are gay: Aaron, Tara, Magna, and Yumiko, who were just introduced. “Characters die on this program, and that is part of the appeal of it.

  • Our title states that we do not take death lightly, and we do not regard them as if they are a casualty “Kang said himself.
  • Some organizations are more outspoken than others.
  • “This will, without a doubt, come as a huge disappointment to comic-book readers who are fans of the figure of Jesus.
  • Rick continues to be the main character in the comics, and we had to write off Andrew Lincoln for the year.” Kang went on to say more.
  • Our writers’ room has a tremendous amount of variety.

It is our goal to simply demonstrate that there is a diversity of individuals on television, just as there is in the real world, and we are happy of the way that diversity is represented on screen.” You can’t argue with the fact that “The Walking Dead” has always featured a diverse cast of characters from a range of various social backgrounds.

  1. Fans, on the other hand, he feels, will be outraged for a different reason.
  2. “To be really honest, I believe there would be a bit more of a backlash if anything like that happened.
  3. He specifically recalled a conversation he had with Negan during the fight against the Saviors.
  4. Jesus is engaged in a second battle with Negan “Payne was used as an example.
  5. At the conclusion of that season, I was a little dejected and disappointed.
  6. It’s a sequence that Payne wished had taken place on the big screen.
  7. After years of friendship, the two main characters in the comics have a romantic involvement with one another.

Is it true that they are or aren’t?

Gene Page and the American Medical Center “I understand,” Payne said when asked about the ambiguity around the Aaron and Jesus interaction.

Because we have the season premiere this year, but it was like seven years ago at this point.

And then, yes, we had these two episodes that are currently airing.

I thought that was a great little tribute to the comics and the possibility of a link between them.” Regarding those seeking for a confirmation on the couple’s relationship status, Payne and Kang both acknowledged that the two were simply incredibly good friends.

To see more of Jesus and Aaron, you’ll have to stick with the comic books. More information may be found at: Tom Payne claims that there was an extra sequence of him with a boyfriend that was deleted from the show.

Payne is keeping his long hair, for now

Recognize the truth. With his long hair, Payne is a sight to behold. Gene Page and the American Medical Center When Payne is no longer a part of the program, what will happen to his long locks that he grew out for the role of Jesus? If you’re concerned, Payne assures you that they will remain, at least for the time being. When Payne started laughing, he remarked, “That’s the thing.” “After two and a half years, and because there aren’t many male actors with long hair, I’m planning to maintain it because it could provide me an advantage in certain roles in the future.

For the time being, I’ll leave things alone.” Of course, anything is possible in the future.

Tom Payne revealed that he has been growing his hair out for more than two years in preparation for his part as Jesus.

“They were quite courteous to me and provided me with a fantastic conclusion.

“Because of this, even though I didn’t have much to do in the middle of the show, other from that battle with Lennie, which was fantastic, I had these two moments in the show to look back on.

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