Who Is Jesus Campos

Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada — The plot appeared to be straightforward: Stephen Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was approached by an unarmed security guard, who was able to divert the gunman’s attention and maybe save lives. After being shot in the leg, he assisted cops in tracking down the gunman’s position and remained behind to assist with the evacuation of hotel guests. Despite the fact that the tale altered, he was acclaimed as a hero by many. Twice.

He had been missing for less than two weeks when the incident occurred.

“We have had no interaction with him at this time.

We have had no communication with him.

  1. Security, police, and fire professionals (SPFPA) union president David Hickey says: During his visit with Campos on Thursday, Hickey claimed to have been planning a series of interviews with the guard that were due to take place following the attack.
  2. Campos was staying in a suite at a hotel in Las Vegas, according to Hickey.
  3. When the meeting came to a close about 2 p.m., Hickey reported that Campos was no longer present.
  4. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has changed its timetable more than once since Stephen Paddock opened fire on attendees attending a country music festival across the street from Mandalay Bay.
  5. Then, according to Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, Campos was shot at 9:59 p.m., only six minutes before the performance was scheduled to begin.
  6. on Friday at a brief news conference.
  7. MGM claimed in a statement that the time of 9:59 p.m.
  8. According to casino officials, the shooter opened fire on concertgoers “at the same time as, or within 40 seconds after,” Campos reported the shooting over his radio.
  9. On top of that, Lombardo stated that the guard had been examining an alert for a door that had been left ajar on the 32nd level, which was where the shooting happened.
  10. Questions have been raised as a result of the clarification, including why it took police 12 minutes to locate the shooter’s hotel room while officers were already in the building and why cops searched other rooms when they were informed that the perpetrator was located on the 32nd floor.
  11. During his time in the casino, Campos was utilizing a gadget to track his locations.

While he spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to discuss security problems, he stated, “There was no alarm system for opening doors while I was there.” “Do you have any idea how many times personnel would have to call hotel guests if that were the situation?” One of Campos’ coworkers was unsurprised by his acts and expressed his gratitude to him.

  • According to a coworker, who requested anonymity out of fear of losing her job, “he was usually in the thick of what was happening.” “He’s humble and quite lovely,” she continued.
  • On a Sunday afternoon, a guy sat in a white pickup vehicle parked outside the residence where Campos is believed to be living, according to authorities.
  • It was his claim that he had been employed to protect the house and prevent members of the press media from visiting the premises.
  • No trespassing signs were affixed to the fence and residence, along with a warning to reporters: “There will be no media on site.” Several neighbors claimed they had not noticed the man sitting in his truck until last week, after being surprised by his appearance.
  • Friends, coworkers, and neighbors who were familiar with Campos characterized him as a reserved individual.
  • “He’s a hero,” Ruano added, adding that “no one knows where he’s hiding.” ALSOMost of the people who were injured in Las Vegas have been released from the hospital and returned home.

They were head over heels in love. He had intended to make a proposal. This couple’s relationship was shattered by the Las Vegas tragedy. According to the latest inquiry, the gunman in Las Vegas targeted police officers who responded to his shooting rampage.

Security guard shot by Las Vegas gunman breaks silence

  • “I heard rapid fire as I was heading down the street,” a guard said
  • The guard was hit in the leg before the fatal incident

Before the shooting in Las Vegas, a security officer who approached gunman Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite reported hearing “drilling sounds” before being shot through the door. (CNN) Jesus Campos will provide his account of the night of the massacre on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which will run on Wednesday. This will be the first time he has shared his account on television. Paddock shot Campos in the leg on October 1, just minutes before he opened fire on concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from a hotel room on the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Resort Casino.

  1. In a statement released more than two weeks after the incident, Campos stated that his health is improving.
  2. Just becoming well, emotionally and physically, is all that is required “He shared his thoughts with DeGeneres.
  3. He utilized the stairwells to get there, but he was unable to get past a barred door and was forced to take the elevator.
  4. It was “just a little out of the norm.” He said that it was when he was on the phone with security dispatch reporting the blocked door that he heard drilling sounds.
  5. “I was walking down the street when I heard rapid firing.” Campos said this in hushed tones, his face showing signs of nervousness.
  6. I had a burning sensation in my stomach.
  7. The moment I received word on my radio that bullets had been fired, I sprang into action.” After shooting through the door, Paddock struck Campos in the upper right leg with his bullet.

While hiding in a doorway, Campos caught the attention of a hotel building engineer who had been dispatched to check on the door, as well as a woman who had just emerged from another room.

“I thought I heard a jackhammer,” Schuck said.

Take cover!” yelled Campos, prompting Schuck to take cover.

Campos also urged a lady to return to her room after being outside.

He expressed gratitude to first responders, medics, and members of the community who came to the aid of those in need that night.

After his favorite team, the Oakland Raiders, relocated to Las Vegas, Campos acquired season tickets to watch them play.

Campos had been slated to speak on numerous news networks last week, but those appearances were postponed due to scheduling conflicts.

Those around him have been advised to respect his need for seclusion.

Campos was lauded as a hero by officials, who first claimed that he redirected the gunman’s focus away from the crowd and forced him to cease firing into it.

Paddock has denied firing on concertgoers. That is generally supported by the most recent police timetable. Keith Allen, a CNN contributor, contributed to this story.

Jesus Campos left the country just days after Las Vegas shooting

In a recent investigation, it is revealed that Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security officer who was a critical witness in the Las Vegas shooting, had left the city just days after the slaughter. In a document obtained by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, it was revealed that Campos had re-entered the nation from Mexico a week after the shooting. Customs and Border Patrol did not specify how long he had been in the nation or why he had traveled south of the border, according to the paperwork.

  1. A document acquired by Fox News shows that Jesus Campos (right) crossed the border into the United States from Mexico on October 8, one week later the Las Vegas massacre.
  2. It’s unknown how long Campos had been out of the country before being arrested.
  3. Fox News has also uncovered that he traveled to Mexico in January as well, returning to the United States through the same border crossing as before.
  4. The document raises a number of problems, the most important of which is why investigators would have allowed Campos to leave the country so soon after the shooting when he was one of the most important witnesses in the case.
  5. Fox News also discovered that Campos was not licensed to work as a private security guard in Nevada, as reported by the station.
  6. ‘Jesus Campos is a victim, and we don’t talk about victims,’ according to a representative for the sheriff’s department.
  7. In the photo above, cops respond to the shooting on October 1.

According to initial accounts, Campos was wounded after gunman Stephen Paddock had ceased firing.

According to the most current timeline, he was shot immediately after Paddock went on a spree in Las Vegas.

He booked many interviews with all of the major news networks shortly after the shooting.

The actor made a comeback two weeks ago when he agreed to go down for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, claiming that it would be the first and only time he would speak publicly about the incident.

Ellen, who is known for interviewing actresses and viral sensations, didn’t pursue him with questions about the constantly shifting sequence of events.

Exclusively revealed by DailyMail.com, Campos was compelled to give his one and only interview to Ellen because the giant company that owns the Las Vegas casino feared he would spill the beans about the shooting schedule if he was grilled by real journalists, according to sources familiar with the situation.

And they were concerned that Campos would be unable to maintain his composure under the strain of the television cameras and rigorous interrogation.

An insider from the television industry informed DailyMail.com that MGM was behind the decision to cancel all of the interviews and made a deal with Ellen, knowing she would not play hardball on the timeframe as long as she had the sole rights to the show.

Video shows police meeting Mandalay Bay guard during Las Vegas shooting

In the most recent body camera footage released by Las Vegas police from the Oct. 1 incident, Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos displays his leg wound to the first cops who arrive on the 32nd floor, according to the video. While turning to show the two policemen his leg, Campos replies, “I’m not sure if it’s a pellet or a.22.” Despite the fact that there is a little trickle of blood, Campos walks with a limp. Although Campos couldn’t be seen, he can be heard talking to the two police as they peer down the hallway toward Stephen Paddock’s suite: “Hey, you guys, the direction on shooting is probably the peephole, so keep an eye out for that.” “Does he seem to be firing down this way?” one of the cops wonders aloud.

  1. “That’s how I ended up getting shot,” Campos explains.
  2. A Nevada Supreme Court decision in April compelled the Metropolitan Police Department to begin turning over records, which the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media organizations had sued for in the days following the mass shooting.
  3. In addition to the 22 additional video of varied durations from officer-worn cameras and dozens of 911 calls from the late hours of October 1 and the early hours of October 2, the batch of information released on Wednesday includes a number of other documents.
  4. Metro is slated to release a new batch of singles on Wednesday, September 20th.
  5. The attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival resulted in the deaths of 58 concertgoers and the injuries of hundreds more.
  6. A worldwide media frenzy erupted following the shooting, and the guard’s story of what happened that night became the focus of five national television interviews before disappearing for many days until reappearing on “Ellen” in an episode broadcast on October 18.
  7. On the almost two hours of body camera footage captured by officer Monty Fetherston, who was on traffic duty near the event grounds that night, Campos appears for a total of around three minutes.
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Officer Fetherston’s written report from that night coincides exactly with the body camera footage from the 32nd floor, but Metro has refused to name any of the officers whose body camera material has been made public as a result of a court order.

As the two of them make their way to the front of the resort amid a hail of gunfire, Fetherston’s body camera begins to record their every move.

‘Does he have any more filming to do?’ When the men get to the hotel, they spot a guard at the top of an escalator near the lobby after running through an eerily vacant valet area and shouting for help.

During the ride up the elevator, which chimes at each level it passes, Beason inquires of a security officer about the possibility of getting access to the shooter’s room.

“It’s going to be necessary.” The response from Fetherston is, “We’re going to have to,” he says.

Is he still shooting?” Beason says.

“I don’t know if anyone else is close.

Beason tries again to make contact with dispatch but can’t get through.

The officers wait at the end of the quiet hallway leading to Paddock’s suite for about two minutes before two more officers arrive on the floor.

They form up and begin working their way down the hallway, moving from alcove to alcove, room to room, evacuating any guests they find along the way.

“He’s precision.

The team of officers has been clearing rooms for about 20 minutes when the SWAT team arrives on the 32nd floor.

While they wait, the officers share water and sports drinks from the minibars in the rooms and take turns covering the hallway with their rifles.

They compare notes about what has happened so far, pointing out bullet holes in the walls from when Campos was wounded.

“There could be,” another man says.

Smoke from the explosive charge sets off the fire alarms.

In room 32-130, just a few doors down from the shooter’s, officers find a baby alone in a darkened room with no adults present.

She would turn out to be the child’s nanny.

The couple hid inside a bus near the stage and were reunited with their son and his nanny at Town Square later that night.

Fetherston and Beason spend the rest of the video rechecking rooms they were already in, this time looking for bodies or people hiding, too afraid to leave.

After a while, the officers take a short break in an empty room, where they rehydrate and watch a few minutes of the news on TV.


Contact Henry Brean [email protected] 702-383-0350. Follow@RefriedBreanon Twitter. Review-Journal staff writers Rachel Crosby, Mike Shoro, Briana Erickson, Wade Tyler Millward, Amelia Pak-Harvey, Natalie Bruzda, Katelyn Newberg and Meghin Delaney contributed to this report.

Las Vegas shooting: Police reveal new details about “hero” security guard Jesus Campos

  • Press conference in Las Vegas Press conference in Las Vegas 14:50 Officials with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have revealed further information about the “hero” Mandalay Bay security officer who assisted in stopping the gunman who murdered 58 people and wounded hundreds of concertgoers on Oct. 1. Jesus Campos, according to Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, is a “genuine hero.” McMahill made the statement at a news conference on Friday. “We now know that he was despatched to the 32nd floor in response to a door alert. He moved up to the open door to look into it, and as he was performing his duty, he came under fire from our suspect.” Campos was wounded in the leg and fled, according to McMahill, who said he then called his dispatcher. In his own words, “This was an extraordinary attempt by a courageous and amazing man.” ‘I don’t believe we’ve done nearly enough to recognize and honor his acts,’ McMahill said. “Today, I want to apologize and make it plain that he is an incredible hero,” McMahill added. Paddock fired more than 200 shots into the hotel corridor, but Campos was only hit in the leg, according to Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, who confirmed the shooting on Thursday. His words: “It’s incredible that he didn’t incur any extra injuries.” “Campos’ bravery was extraordinary,” said to Lombardo, who praised him for staying with officers, providing them with the key to the hotel room, and “continuing to helpclear rooms until our officer asked that he go get medical assistance.” According to David L. Hickey, the union head who represents the hotel’s security employees, Paddock did not reopen fire on concertgoers after focusing his attention on Campos, as reported by The New York Times on Sunday. NBC News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues writes that the gunman’s car may have been pre-programmed to detonate, which is another another development in the investigation. According to law enforcement authorities, a suitcase containing at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a duffel bag containing Tannerite were found inside the vehicle, which was parked in a parking garage. When tannerite, which is used in target shooting, is struck by rifle fire, it explodes. Is it possible that Paddock had intended to shoot at it? Could he have used it as an explosive if he had been shot at by police while attempting to flee the scene? According to Pegues, these are some of the things that detectives are pondering as they try to uncover a motive for the mass shooting.

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‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ where he filmed his first public story of being injured the night of Stephen Paddock’s murderous shooting rampage in Las Vegas, has revealed that the Mandalay Bay security guard who had been reported as “missing” in previous press stories has appeared. As part of a segment broadcast on Wednesday, Jesus Campos described how he was summoned to the 32nd floor of the hotel and casino to check on an open door near Paddock’s suite and how he was struck by gunfire just moments before the shooter unleashed a hail of bullets on the crowd of concertgoers below.

  • “I had a burning sensation in my stomach.
  • “It was at that point that I broadcast over my radio that bullets had been fired.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal was the first publication to publish excerpts from the program.
  • 1 assault, which left 58 people dead and more than 500 injured, but they did provide a clear narrative about what Campos witnessed that night in the hotel.
  • Inconsistent accounts from police and hotel authorities about when he arrived at the gunman’s room sparked doubts about the quickness of law enforcement’s reaction and fuelled conspiracy theories about what happened during the assault.
  • It was unclear from this timetable whether or not the police had been alerted that an armed shooter was firing inside the hotel during the key minutes before and during the assault, as was the case on the night of the incident.
  • Instead, the police concurred with MGM and stated that Campos was shot “in close proximity” to 10:05 p.m., which is when detectives believe Paddock began firing into the crowd, according to reports.
  • The incident occurred on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay.

The FBI stated that they had discovered “no evidence of ideology or links with any organizations.” As unresolved concerns regarding the incident continue to linger, current attention has been drawn to the narratives provided by law enforcement officers.

He also lost contact with the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America union, which had been assisting him in coordinating the appearances.


The first persons to come into contact with the Las Vegas gunman are expected to arrive tomorrow — security guard Jesus Campos and building engineer Stephen Schuck.

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When the show was interrupted for a commercial break, DeGeneres offered Campos some tissues, which he used to wipe the tears from his eyes.

As Schuck stroked Campos on the back throughout several of his remarks, he talked softly, avoided looking at the studio audience, and leaned forward in his chair.

Upon ascending the stairway, he saw that another door had been wedged shut with brackets, he explained.

Schuck was dispatched to meet with him in order to assess the matter.

As he moved down the corridor, he noticed that he had caught Paddock’s attention, he explained.

“I’m not sure how he was firing, but he shot out,” he said of the shooter.

“I just wanted to clear radio traffic so they could organize the remainder of the call,” he said why he didn’t use his radio to announce that he had been wounded.

“I told her she needed to go back inside because it wasn’t safe,” he explained.

He admitted that at first he believed it was a jackhammer, but he realized that teams wouldn’t be operating at that time of night.

“He cried, ‘Take cover!’ and yelled at me,” Schuck remembered.

Schuck told how the two of them stayed locked in the corridor as Paddock opened fire, claiming he could “feel the pressure” of bullets going over his head as they were pinned there.

“I’m feeling better and better every day,” Campos said.

She stated that the show had wanted to compensate the two individuals, but that they had both declined to accept any monetary compensation from the show.

Campos would be provided with season tickets to see the Oakland Raiders, who would be moving to Las Vegas, according to her.

During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, DeGeneres hinted that Campos’ appearance would be his sole public statement on the incident, and Campos shook his head in agreement.

According to DeGeneres, “you getting shot in the leg saved the lives of so many others.” “We simply wanted to express our appreciation for you.” Since the interview was broadcast, the information in this story has been updated. Morning Mix has more to offer, including:

Jesus Campos reportedly left the country days after Vegas massacre

Jesus Campos is a member of AP According to reports, Jesus Campos, a Mandalay Bay security guard, unexpectedly fled the nation just days after the Las Vegas atrocity took place. Records acquired by Fox News reveal that the 25-year-old entered the United States from Mexico through California’s San Ysidro border crossing, one week after the deadly massacre. It’s unknown how long Campos had been out of the country before being arrested. The only thing the paperwork reveal is that he re-entered the United States.

  • In contrast to the last trip, during which Campos drove his own vehicle with Nevada license plates, sources informed Fox News that he used a rented car with California license plates this time around.
  • 1 slaughter, including why officials allowed Campos to flee the nation while their investigation was still ongoing and how the security guard managed to make it all the way down to Mexico after being hit in the leg by a gunshot.
  • The union that represents him informed Fox News that they were aware of his journey to Mexico and that it was a pre-planned excursion on his part.
  • Campos was apparently reached by ABC on October 4, although it was unclear if he was in or out of the country at the time.
  • After being asked what kind of license is necessary to work as a security guard at a Las Vegas casino, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office refuses to reply.

The unarmed security guard hailed as a hero after the Las Vegas shooting has mysteriously vanished

Note from the editor: Jesus Camposreappearedon The 17th of October is a Tuesday.

  • Jesus Campos, the security guard who was injured in the Las Vegas massacre and who was hailed as a “absolute hero” by authorities for his attempts to aid police officers, has gone missing, according to reports. Recent events have caused anxiety among neighbors who claim they have no clue where Campos has gone. He has dropped off the radar of labor leaders, backed out of media appearances, and backed out of media interviews. According to the most recent information from Las Vegas authorities, Campos was shot in the leg on October 1 as he approached the door of Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, shortly before Paddock opened fire on thousands of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest festival across the street. The atrocity resulted in the deaths of 58 people and the injuries of hundreds of others. As a result of Campos’ disappearance, authorities are conducting a wide-ranging investigation into the shooting, which has so far produced more questions than answers and sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories. Investigators are still trying to figure out what prompted Paddock’s fatal spree, and officials in Las Vegas have altered their version of the shooting’s timetable many times. Campos, according to officials, was “extremely important” to the police reaction to the incident by alerting his dispatch promptly and updating officers as they arrived on the scene. However, when labor officials attempted to coordinate interviews betweenCampos and a variety of press sites, Campus disappeared without a trace. A union official informed the media that he was with Campos in a Las Vegas hotel suite on Thursday ahead of scheduled interviews with CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. Hickey, on the other hand, said that Campos abruptly departed the suite while Hickey was in a different room with personnel from MGM Resorts, the Mandalay Bay’s parent business, discussing the incident. Hickey was told by a union member that Campos had been brought to a health center, but he was unable to contact the man himself. As Hickey told the Los Angeles Times, “We have had no touch with him.” He went on to say that “clearly, somebody knows where he is.” A spokesman at UMC Quick Care, where Hickey claims he was informed Campos had gone, told Fox News that they had not had any reports of the security officer visiting any of the clinic’s eight sites in the Las Vegas region, according to Hickey. When Times reporters went to Campos’ stated residence over the weekend, they discovered an armed private security guard, who declined to reveal who had hired him, as well as three “no trespassing” signs posted on the fence and on the front door. Private security has been protecting the residence of @MandalayBaysecurity guard, Jesus Campos, since Monday. He is now armed. LasVegasShootingpic.twitter.com/6GZgGHB1eM — Craig Fiegener (@CraigNews3LV), on Twitter: ” The 11th of October, 2017 “No one knows where he is,” Campos’ neighbor Jaime Ruano told the Times, adding that Campos was “a hero.” “No one knows where he is,” Ruano said of Campos. On Friday, Sheriff Joe Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department informed the media that Paddock most likely shot Campos at 10:05 p.m., only seconds before Paddock started fire on the crowd of concertgoers from his 32nd-floor apartment, which had been busted out. Days previously, officials in Las Vegas said that Campos had been shot at 9:59 p.m., generating conjecture as to why six minutes had allegedly gone between that gunshot and when Paddock carried out his mass murder. The 9:59 p.m. timestamp was generated from a “human entry into a security record,” according to Lombardo, who stated that the information was no longer regarded accurate in his Friday press conference. Law enforcement authorities have been accused of either hiding up facts of the incident or making mistakes due to inexperience, which Lombardo has slammed. ‘Incompetence’ has been used in the public domain, and he expressed his displeasure with the term. Since then, the city of Las Vegas has attempted to put an end to rumors regarding Campos’ involvement in the massacre. “There is no omission. He is not being held in custody “In an interview with the fact-checking website Snopes, Larry Hadfield, a Las Vegas police sergeant, said “We inform others of our knowledge. If they don’t believe it, but they’re going to trust any website they find, I’m not sure what else I can say to you to persuade them.”

Who is Jesus Campos? Las Vegas mysterious security guard raises new questions about the shooting

A security guard named Jesus Campos finds himself in the heart of a controversy as concerns swirl regarding a substantial shift in timeline surrounding the Las Vegas shooting. When authorities were able to track down gunman Stephen Paddock’s room on the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Campos, a security officer, was hailed as a hero. Campos was wounded in the leg at the end of Paddock’s attack on concertgoers, according to police, likely diverting the gunman and driving him to panic and commit himself.

Police have stated that it was difficult to determine the source of the gunfire during the incident, and that the confusion added additional minutes to their already delayed reaction time.

Is it possible that Campos dialed 911?

A great deal about Campos’s life and background is still unknown.

Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated throughout the time he would require to recuperate.” A photograph of Campos was not published as part of the fund because Rodriguez stated that “because to the need for privacy from the media, we do not feel comfortable displaying a photograph of Campos.” Campos stated the following during a brief phone call with ABC News: “I’m in good health.

  1. On Tuesday, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department provided further details regarding Campos’ activities the night of the shooting, which helped to fill in some of the gaps surrounding what occurred before to the assault.
  2. While on the 32nd level, he discovered that a staircase door had become stuck and radioed down to maintenance to get it fixed right away.
  3. A maintenance man made his way up to the 32nd story of the building.
  4. According to police, when Campos radioed what had transpired, it assisted them in tracking down where Paddock had taken refuge.

In an interview with KNPR, McMahill said, “I understand why folks are unhappy with this because we are as well.” The name of the security guard was misspelled in an earlier version of this story. Jesus Campos is the name of the security guard.

Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says

NEW You may now listen to Fox News articles while you work or commute! After visiting a walk-in health clinic, the Mandalay Bay security guard who vanished last week minutes before he was set to break his silence in television interviews has gone missing without a trace, according to the union head of the security guards’ union. In a press conference Friday, David Hickey of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) stated that he received a text the night before stating that Jesus Campos had been transferred to a UMC Quick Care facility, however he did not identify where or who sent the text.

  • The SPFPA did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Fox News on the topic on Monday afternoon.
  • According to police, the shooter shot and murdered Jesus Campos, a hotel security officer, just before the mass shooting that left 58 people dead.
  • MGM executives arrived to our meeting, and once the meeting was through, we discussed the interviews in a private location, and when we came out, Mr.
  • Campos, according to Hickey, had sought to go public because he wanted to convey his experience and move on from the investigation into the Oct.
  • While police believe he was shot moments before the crazy shooter massacred 58 people at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, the exact sequence of events is still being debated by the public and law enforcement officials.
  • Campos has not been seen in public since.
  • Campus, according to Hickey, was looking forward to sharing his side of the tale before he vanished without a trace.
  • “It is quite unique,” Hickey stated on Friday.
  • Greg Norman of Fox News was a contributor to this report.
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Hero Las Vegas security guard vanishes moments before TV interview

World It will take you 4 minutes to read this. Stephen Schuck was on the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay hotel when the mass shooting in Las Vegas began. TODAY / YouTube / RIGHT NOW After being shot before gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on concertgoers across the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel, a Mandalay Bay security guard went missing Thursday night, just moments before he was scheduled to speak to the media for the first time since last month’s heinous massacre. The whereabouts of Jesus Campos were still unknown as of Friday AM (Eastern Standard Time).

On October 1, according to the most up-to-date timeline provided by police detailing the events of that day, Paddock fired 200 rounds into a hallway on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, striking Campos in the leg, six minutes before unleashing a barrage of bullets on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

  1. Photograph courtesy of Associated Press Tonight’s media frenzy is prompted by the discovery that a security officer was shot in the Las Vegas incident, and that the whereabouts of Jesus Campos remain unknown.
  2. Using a quote from Campos’ labor union president on Thursday, ABC News correspondent Stephanie Wash tweeted: “We were in a room when we came out, he was no longer there.” She followed up with a letter in which she stated that Campos’ whereabouts were unknown.
  3. Campos’ disappearance came just hours after MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay, disputed the official timeline of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, rejecting any suggestion that hotel staff delayed calling 911 for six minutes after Paddock opened fire.
  4. In light of the most recent timeline, a number of doubts have been raised regarding whether cops received information early enough to perhaps have a chance to apprehend the shooter before he could commit the atrocity that took place.
  5. Sheriff Joe Lombardo of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office speaks about the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting.
  6. According to Stephanie Wash, the union president for Campos stated that the updated timing does not call into question the conclusion that the guard is’still a hero, rescuing his comrade and maybe stopping future gunfire.’ Stephen Paddock, the gunman in Las Vegas.

Original timeline

The following is the original timeline of events that was released by police on Wednesday. 10:05 p.m.: According to surveillance footage, Paddock fires his first bullets into the crowd. 10:12pm: The first two policemen arrive on the 31st floor and immediately report that gunfire is coming from just above them. In the early hours of the morning, Jesus Campos approaches Paddock’s room and is shot, but just slightly hurt. 10:15pm: According to the suspect’s bodycam, the last rounds are fired by him as a result of Campos’ involvement.

10:18 p.m.: Campos informs the authorities that he has been shot and provides them with the specific location of the suspect’s room.

The suspect’s room door has been tampered with and a camera has been placed on a room service cart outside; eight police arrive in the stairway adjacent to the suspect’s room at 10:55 p.m.

Paddock’s room is broken around 11:20 p.m., and cops enter the room to discover him deceased.

New timeline

This is the revised timeframe that was announced on Monday. 9:59 p.m.: Campos enters Paddock’s room, on the lookout for an alarm sounding at an adjacent door – most likely from the stairway – but finds none. He is hit by a bullet and is wounded. He instantly informs hotel security of the situation. Stephen Schuck appears to corroborate this assertion. 10:05 p.m.: The suspect fires his first bullets. 10:12 p.m.: The first two cops arrive on the 31st floor of the building. 10:15 p.m.: For reasons that are now unclear, the suspect fires his final bullets.

Tentatively identified as Campos, who had been unconscious for about 20 minutes, informs authorities about Paddock’s room.

The suspect’s room door has been tampered with and a camera has been placed on a room service cart outside; eight police arrive in the stairway adjacent to the suspect’s room at 10:55 p.m.

Paddock’s room is broken around 11:20 p.m., and cops enter the room to discover him deceased.

Who Is Jesus Campos? The Las Vegas Security Guard Risked His Life To Take Down The Shooter

In the midst of the grief for the 58 people killed in the Las Vegas mass shooting and the need for legislative reform to help avoid similar tragedies, there is one thing that everyone can be thankful for during this sad period: the selfless heroes who emerged during the shooting rampage on Sunday. Christiaan Campos, a Las Vegas hotel security guard, was one among those who assisted in stopping the shooter who began fire from his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on October 1. Shots were fired from the 32nd floor of the hotel, where gunman Stephen Paddock was aiming his weapon towards a throng of 22,000 people attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

According to reports, he got at the gunman’s location before police and SWAT teams arrived.

(Campos and hundreds of other security guards at Mandalay Bay are represented by Hickey’s union.) In an apparent attempt to sneak into Paddock’s room and stop the gunman on his own, Campos was apparently unable because Paddock had installed surveillance cameras in the corridor and on the peephole in his hotel room door.

Campos, who had been injured on the floor, then called 911 to inform the authorities of Paddock’s whereabouts, which they received.

According to Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, Paddock had shot more than 200 bullets through the hotel room door at Campos and police officers before to that point.

According to Lombardo, after that, Campos went door to door with police to clear visitors from their hotel rooms, using his key pass, until police forced him to leave because of his injuries, which he refused to do.

According to Hickey, who spoke to the press on Wednesday, “I believe that we must appreciate the position that these officers possess.” “As a security professional working in those types of environments — whether it’s at a bank, a hotel, or Disney World — I’m telling you that I don’t believe our officers are adequately acknowledged for the important role they play in safeguarding property, people, and even the nation.” According to Hickey, on any given shift, 17 of the 200 policemen on the Mandalay Bay facilities are armed.

A man with a military-grade, automatic rifle approached Campos with what was most likely simply a nightstick, according to him.

She hopes to earn at least $1,000 for him.

“Any one of us might have been in his position,” Rodriguez said on the fundraiser’s Facebook page.

A number of people, including Campos, have been praised as heroes for their acts during the massacre.

When the gunfire started, Winston and Lewis left with the rest of the audience, but they later discovered an empty truck with the keys inside near the event site.

They climbed into the vehicle and began transferring bleeding priority patients to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center. In the aftermath of catastrophes like as a mass shooting, it is heroes such as them and Campos who serve as a reminder of the compassion that still exists in the world.

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