When Jesus Was A Boy Story?

Boy Jesus Visits the Temple

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data-recalc-dims=″1″ data-lazy-src=″ srcset=″ data-lazy-src=″ ″> Luke 2:40-52 is the biblical reference.It is recommended that you emphasize the fact that as Jesus matured, he continued to improve cognitively (knowledge), physically (stature) socially (favor with men), and spiritually (favour with God.) We should also continue to develop in these areas.….….….….….….

Story Overview:

When Jesus was twelve years old, he went on a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem, where he became separated from his parents and mistakenly left behind. When his anxious parents returned to Jerusalem three days later, they discovered him at the temple, listening intently to the teachers and astounded by his comprehension of what was being taught.

Background Study:

  • Joseph and Mary had chosen to keep Jesus in Egypt in order to keep him safe from King Herod.
  • Matthew (Matthew 2:19-23) informs us that an angel appeared to Joseph in Egypt and instructed him to return Mary and Jesus to their homeland of Israel.
  • They eventually found themselves back in Nazareth.
  • As a result of this, the prophesy that Jesus would be known as a Nazarene was fulfilled (verse 23).
  • Jesus was reared in the manner of a typical Jewish kid of his day.
  • In his family, he was referred to as Joseph’s son, and he studied carpentry from his ″father.″ Jesus would have gone to synagogue school and would have kept the Jewish Sabbath as well as the Jewish feast days, according to tradition.

When Jesus reached the age of twelve, it was time for him to assume his mature male role in the religious community.He was now of legal age to participate in the religious practices of the Jewish faith.Attendance in the liturgical festivities surrounding the Feast of Passover in Jerusalem was mandatory for all Jewish men under the age of thirty-one.Occasionally, their spouses and children would accompany them.Jerusalem was slightly over 100 kilometres (about 64 miles) south of Nazareth, and it was the capital of Israel.

People traveled in groups for the sake of their own protection.It’s possible that this was Jesus’ first travel since he was a child, or that it was his second.Joseph and Mary stayed throughout the whole seven-day festival, despite the fact that they were only needed to stay for two days.They were undoubtedly under the impression that Jesus was with the other members of their family who had also attended the feast on the day they departed Jerusalem.

When the darkness fell, they began their search for him with trepidation.After investigating the caravan, they realized that they needed to return to Jerusalem immediately.Because the city would have been swarming with people, it must have been difficult to track down Jesus.

  • It appears that they spent one day traveling out from Jerusalem and one day returning.
  • The third day was devoted to the hunt for their son in Jerusalem.
  • They eventually tracked him down in the temple courtyards, where he was completely interested in listening to the professors and asking them questions about their subjects.
  • Others were taken aback by Jesus’ comprehension, but his parents were only concerned about their son’s safety.
  • As a teacher, you may utilize this opportunity to emphasize to students how crucial it is to notify their parents of where they will be.
  • Our parents must be aware of our whereabouts at all times.
  • As parents, we can only picture what Joseph and Mary must have been going through.

This appears to be the first instance in which Jesus ventured out on his own in terms of religion.His parents would have had a tough time comprehending what he was saying.Even after all of this time, Jesus needed to develop and grow further before he could begin his mission in its fullest sense.He came home to obey his parents and mature in all of the areas that individuals are required to mature in as they develop.

Education is the path to wisdom.Physical development is reflected in one’s stature.Favor with God entails spiritual development.Favor with males is based on socioeconomic advancement.top

Way to Introduce the Story:

  • The wall should be covered with a long length of adding-machine tape (or any other long strip of paper).
  • Make a list of your measurements.
  • Before the children come, take the heights of a variety of persons (both older and younger than your class) and record them on a piece of paper.
  • As soon as the children come, measure them and make a notation on the paper with their heights.
  • Educate your students on how they are physically larger than youngsters their age.
  • Make a note of how much they will most likely have grown by the time they reach the age of the older children or adults who have been measured previously.

You could do the same thing using scales and weigh all of the students in your classroom.What other avenues do we have for development?We progress in terms of how much we know and how much we have learned.Our awareness of God and Jesus continues to deepen.We develop our ability to get along with other people as we get older.

Jesus was born as a baby, but as time passed, he grew.When Jesus was twelve years old, something unusual happened to him, and we will hear about it today.top

The Story:

  • When Jesus was a child, his family relocated to the village of Nazareth, where he grew up.
  • Jesus grew up playing with his brothers and doing other typical male things.
  • He spent his time playing games with his pals and attending school.
  • Because Joseph worked as a carpenter, Jesus learnt how to assist him in the construction of wooden objects.
  • Year after year, Jesus made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to participate in the Passover Feast.
  • This was a religious feast, and there was a particular ritual to commemorate it.

Joseph was a regular participant in the festivities.Jesus was well aware that he would one day reach the age of maturity, similar to Joseph.He planned to travel to Jerusalem and pay a visit to the temple, where the instructors were housed.Finally, the moment has arrived.Jesus was twelve years old at the time.

This meant that he would be able to go to the temple and participate in the Passover Feast with the rest of the male population.Jesus and his family made the long journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem.It takes several days to go there.Because there were thieves on the highways at times, Jesus’ family traveled with a large number of other families in order to stay safe.

Walking with his buddies and cousins was certainly something Jesus enjoyed doing.On their journey to Jerusalem, he could have engaged in games and conversation with them along the route.Joseph and Mary would have seen a lot of their friends while they were in Jerusalem as well.

  • Everybody had gathered to worship the Almighty in this lovely setting.
  • After the festivities were over, it was time to return to Nazareth for the night.
  • However, when they returned home, Joseph and Mary became aware that someone had gone missing.
  • They may have assumed he was strolling with his companions at first because they had been traveling for a full day when they eventually realized he was not present.
  • After searching in every direction, they concluded that he was most likely still in Jerusalem.
  • What happened to their kid, Jesus?
  • They looked for him for a long time before eventually locating him.

Are you able to predict where Jesus was hiding?Jesus was discovered by Joseph and Mary in the temple courtyards.He was in the company of the instructors of the law, and he was asking questions of them.It appears that Jesus had thoroughly loved studying and hearing that he had decided to stay to hear much more.

Everyone in the room was taken aback by how well this young youngster comprehended God’s word.Mary informed Jesus that they had been seeking for a long time.She was curious as to why he had remained in the temple for so long.Jesus’ response took them completely by surprise.″Why were you looking for me?″ he inquired.″Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?″ he questioned further.

Jesus was well aware that God was his father and that the temple served as God’s particular dwelling place.They realized Jesus was growing up when Mary and Joseph overheard the conversation.He was gaining a better grasp of his heavenly father every day.They were well aware that he would not be a child for much longer.But he had not yet reached the age of manhood!

He had just turned twelve years old.Jesus returned to Nazareth, where he obediently followed the instructions of his parents in whatever they said.Jesus was a wonderful son who assisted his family in their time of need.Jesus apprenticed with Joseph and learnt the trade of carpenter in the process.As a result, he made his mother and brother, Joseph, very pleased.Jesus was undoubtedly growing, but not only in terms of his physical size.

Jesus developed in four areas: 1) He increased in knowledge and understanding.To put it another way, he learned stuff in school and via his studies.2) He increased in terms of physical size.That indicates that he consumed nutritious foods and engaged in physical activity in order to become large and powerful.3) He progressed in his spiritual development.

  • That is, in the manner in which he knew and loved God.
  • 4) He progressed in his social life.
  • That indicates that he has learnt how to make friends and how to treat others with respect.

Jesus developed in all of these areas because he was aware that he would one day perform a unique task for God.

Ways to Tell the Story:

  • It is possible to tell this narrative in a number of different ways.
  • Never stray from the facts provided in the Bible, but rather use drama, visual aids, voice inflection, student involvement and/or emotion to help youngsters connect to its significance.
  • Visual aids and story-telling techniques may be found by clicking here.
  • Download the slideshow by clicking here or download the photos by clicking here.
  • Both options are available in PDF format.
  • Make your selections.

Because every teacher is different, only the visuals that are most relevant to the way YOU are teaching the tale in THIS session should be used.To avoid being confused, delete any pictures that cover other topics or elements you do not want to emphasize in this lesson.-

Review Questions:

  1. When his parents accompanied him to the temple, how old was Jesus in chronological terms? Twelve: In which city was the temple located? Jerusalem
  2. What are the four ways in which Jesus developed? physically, 2)mentally, 3) spiritually, 4) socially in terms of knowing God and getting along with others

Song Suggestions:

  • Pray every day, read your Bible, and sing the crayon song.
  • In the words of the song, I am a chrisman (chrisman is pronounced CHRISTIAN).
  • For further possibilities, please see the Song Page on this website.

Learning Activities and Crafts:

  • (How can I select the most appropriate learning activities for my particular teaching situation?) Activities: Hide an image of Jesus and have a game of ″hide and seek″ to see if you can find him
  • To learn more about what Jesus could have done as a child, consult biblical encyclopedias or commentaries. Provide a birthday cake for everyone at the conclusion of the talk. Make twelve candles and place them on the table. Tell the children that you are going to pretend that it is Jesus’ twelfth birthday and that they should dress accordingly. Allow each youngster to share one thing they remember about Jesus when he was a boy. As they do so, they might place a candle on the cake to commemorate the occasion. Then it’s time to blow out the candles and sing ″Happy Birthday.″ Now it’s time to eat
  • Play a game of ″hangman″ with the words from the narrative
  • Make a list of all of the many sorts of jobs that Jesus would have had to undertake as a youngster. Compare that to the duties your pupils are responsible for.
  • An atlas of the Bible can be used by older students to chart Jesus’ journey from Egypt through Nazareth, and then on to Jerusalem.
  • Jesus was a one-of-a-kind youngster, according to the crafts.
  • He developed in four different ways.
  • Divide the children into four groups and ask them to each create a poster depicting one of the ways that Jesus grew (physically, in wisdom, in knowledge about God, in getting along with other people.) Each group should give a presentation to the rest of the class about their poster.
  • Discuss how we can tell if we are progressing in these areas.

On this website, you may find teaching ideas that can be used to any class by visiting the Teaching Ideas page. Printables for ″Boy Jesus Visits the Temple″ may be found here, and can be printed on A4 size paper. The printables for ″Boy Jesus Visits the Temple″ are available here and may be printed on Letter size paper (in the United States).

Other Online Resources:

  • (Calvary Curriculum) A coloring page and worksheets on young Jesus’ visit to the temple (Calvary Curriculum)
  • Christiananswers.net has a coloring page of Jesus chatting with professors that you may color
  • From gardenofpraise.com, you may find a nice selection of both online and printable puzzles, activities, and story words that cover the life of Jesus from his birth through his visit to the temple when he was twelve years old.
  • ″Jerusalem Temple at the Time of Jesus,″ produced by ″Messages of Christ,″ is a video to show youngsters. Approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length on YouTube.
  • Children should be shown the following video:
  • Youtube video: Virtual Reconstruction Of Temple Mount During the Second Temple Period (7 minutes 46 seconds)


Lesson: When Jesus Was A Child (Luke 2:41-52)

  • Explanation: This chapter has significant implications for children in terms of the Gospel. Jesus was both completely human and entirely divine at the same time. It is his character that serves as an example and a benchmark for youngsters who are righteous. All children, on the other hand, have sinned and have not followed in the footsteps of Christ in these ways. Through the Gospel, they have the opportunity to claim his complete righteousness as their own. Lesson for Children’s Church: Jesus at the Age of Twelve Text is found in Luke 2:41-52. The following are the learning objectives: After completing this lesson.children will be able to display awareness about Jesus’ character as a child. by providing a solution to the question ″How did Jesus act when he was twelve years old?″ Kindergarten through fifth grade are the target ages. More Ideas for teaching include the following: Follow along as this children’s sermon and accompanying Bible crafts are demonstrated in a classroom setting.
  • Take a look at our complete Luke 2:41-52. Sunday School is a time for children to learn about God and his creation.
  • See our whole collection of Christmas lesson ideas and Sunday School Curriculum.
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Items Needed:

This verse has been highlighted in the Bible. Plan ahead of time by highlighting the important topics to emphasis and emphasizing issues that will require more explanation.

One Page Teaching Plan

  • ″What do you suppose Jesus was like when he was a child?″ you may ask the youngsters as a hook. Allow for a number of volunteers to respond. ″All of these are reasonable hypotheses, but in order to learn more about Jesus’ true character, we must consult the Bible.″ In addition, the Bible informs us! In today’s lesson, we will learn about Jesus’ childhood and what it was like for him to be a boy. When it comes to being a kid, Jesus is the finest model of what God wants you to be like.″ Book: Please pay close attention as I read from the Bible. In this chapter of Luke, I am reading aloud to you. Pay attention for clues about what Jesus was like as a child. Luke 2:41-52 should be read (and summarized). (Read with passion and pause frequently to keep the students interested in what you are reading.) Make a point of emphasizing the following points in your presentation. Jesus was a genuine young man. He was both totally human and entirely divine at the same time. Like you, Jesus grew up, had birthdays, and went to school
  • Jesus paid close attention to Bible professors
  • Jesus always followed his parents
  • Jesus declared, ″I must be at my Father’s home.″
  • Instruct the youngsters to write down what they learnt about Jesus as a result of reading the narrative. ″Can you tell me what Jesus was like when he was a child?″ The responses should be directly connected to the topics of emphasis that have been identified above. Is it true or false: Take a look at the collection of sentences below. Instruct the children to stand up for each line that teaches anything about Jesus as a youngster that is not already taught in the tale. If the sentence was not taught in the narrative, please remain seated until it is. ″Some of these concepts may have been correct, but we can’t be certain if they are or are not found in the Bible.″ Word that isn’t there: Remove the underlined words from the following statements and reread them. As you read the following phrases, ask for volunteers to fill in the blanks with the appropriate word. ″I must be at my Father’s home,″ Jesus stated
  • Jesus enjoyed listening to and asking questions of Bible professors
  • Jesus always obeyed his parents
  • Jesus was a good student.

Take a look at this mini-lecture: There are two important things to take away from this incident.

  1. Jesus serves as a model for you. He demonstrates to you what it is appropriate to be like as a youngster. Keep in mind that Jesus was a real person, just like you and me. He was both entirely God and totally human at the same time. This is especially true if you identify as a ″Christian.″
  2. Jesus’ example demonstrates that we all need to be rescued. You don’t always follow your parents’ orders. It is not because you are a child that you are being targeted. It is as a result of your sin. Why are you acting this way? Because you don’t want to obey your parents. We require God to forgive us of our sins and to give us a fresh heart. And that is exactly what He promises to accomplish if we repent and place our faith in Jesus.
  • Taken: Pray that God would assist us in placing our faith in Jesus to pardon our sins.
  • Do you require further assistance?
  • You can look through my free Children’s Church Curriculum or Sunday School Lessons.
  • Many Bible crafts may also be found on the internet.
  • The following is the new Sunday School curriculum: Our Bible teachings are designed to hold the children’s attention while also demonstrating how God’s Word may make a difference in their lives.
  • Every series is adaptable enough to accommodate a diverse age range while remaining reasonably priced for small congregations.

Download a free Bible lesson in pdf format, or have a look at our most recent Sunday School curriculum for children.

Jesus’ Childhood

  • 25 Moreover, there are several additional acts that Jesus performed that, if they were all written down in chronological order, I believe that even the earth itself would not be able to hold the volumes that would be written. Amen. The Holy Bible, New King James Version (NKJV) was published in 1982 by Thomas Nelson as the New King James Version (NKJV). ″> There were so many spectacular episodes in the life of Jesus Christ, according to John 21:25, that if they were all written down, the number of volumes would be incomprehensible. What He did in the 312 years of His ministry is quite amazing to contemplate. We are fortunate in that we have four Gospel authors who have recorded a significant deal of what happened, including particular facts surrounding His conception. ″That we may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing may have life in His name,″ says the Bible (John 20:31). There is a wealth of information in the Gospel stories about Jesus Christ’s life and mission. Many people, on the other hand, have doubts concerning Jesus’ life before His public ministry. The location of Jesus’ childhood
  • what was Jesus’ personality like as a small kid and as a young lad developing toward manhood
  • Did Jesus have brothers and sisters, or friends?
  • Was Jesus a carpenter by trade?

While many of these concerns remain unanswered, the biblical story gives some hints as to what happened during these years that have gone unanswered.

Jesus as a child

  • Because of religious and political forces at work in Judea and the surrounding areas, the environment in which Jesus grew up was a difficult one to live in.
  • Jesus’ birthplace, according to tradition (Luke 2:4-7), was Bethlehem, a city that has long been connected with the House of David.
  • Jesus would not be able to spend much time at His hometown.
  • Shortly after Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary took Him to the Temple in Jerusalem to be circumcised (Luke 2:22-38).
  • Within months, the family will embark on a nightmarish trek to Egypt in order to flee King Herod’s killing onslaught (Matthew 2:13-18).
  • The family took refuge in Egypt until Herod’s demise, at which point they were reunited with their homeland.

Jesus, on the other hand, did not grow up in the vicinity of Bethlehem or Jerusalem.Instead, Jesus’ boyhood home was in Nazareth, which is a city in the Galilee region of Israel (Matthew 2:19-23; Luke 2:39).40 And the Child grew and had a powerful spirit, full with understanding, and the blessings of God were bestowed upon Him.The Holy Bible, New King James Version (NKJV) was published in 1982 by Thomas Nelson as the New King James Version (NKJV).″> A summary statement on Jesus’ growth from infancy to the age of twelve is found in Luke 2:40: ″ During this time, the Child grew and became strong in spirit, full with understanding, and the blessings of God were upon Him.

Jesus’ family life

  • Jesus grew up in a thriving, expanding family environment.
  • The Gospel of Matthew makes it plain that Joseph and Mary did not have children before to the birth of Jesus (Matthew 1:24-25).
  • The Bible, on the other hand, teaches us that Jesus had numerous younger half-siblings who were offspring of his parents, Joseph and Mary.
  • Matthew mentions four brothers: James, Joses, Simon, and Judas (James, Joses, Simon, and Judas) (Matthew 13:55).
  • In addition, there were at least two sisters (verse 56).
  • The oldest of at least seven children, Jesus was the oldest of them all.

Joseph, his stepfather, worked as a carpenter (verse 55).A person who works with wood is typically considered to be in this profession.However, according to The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, this term ″may imply ‘carpenter,’ meaning someone who works with wood, or perhaps even ‘builder,’ at a time and place where most dwellings were built of mud brick″ (Revised Edition, 2010, Vol.9, p.384).

This career would need talent, patience, and hard work, all of which Jesus would have learned from His parents and teachers during His youth.

Was Jesus a carpenter?

  • According to Mark, Jesus was referred to as ″the carpenter″ by his disciples (Mark 6:3).
  • During His lifetime, it was normal for boys to serve as apprentices in the trade of their father’s business partner.
  • As the oldest son in the family, it is likely that Jesus was trained and employed as a carpenter during his childhood and early adulthood.
  • However, while the biblical story does not go into detail about this, it is possible that Jesus relied on His carpentry abilities to sustain himself until He began His public ministry.

Jesus was raised in a religious home

  • Additionally, the Bible reveals to us that Jesus was raised in a family that was deeply religious, in addition to providing information on Jesus’ numerous siblings and Joseph’s career.
  • His family was devoted to God’s instructions on the yearly religious holidays, which they observed without fail.
  • For the feast of Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread, according to Luke, Jesus’ family would go to Jerusalem every year to be with him (Luke 2:41-42).
  • It’s interesting to note that social scientists have now proven the advantages of growing up in a religious atmosphere for youngsters.
  • Dr.
  • Pat Fagan is the head of the Center for Research on Marriage and Religion at the Marriage and Religion Research Institute in Washington, D.C., as well as a senior fellow at the institute.

″When policymakers consider America’s grave social problems, such as violent crime and rising illegitimacy, as well as substance abuse and welfare dependency, they should take into account the findings in the professional literature of the social sciences on the positive consequences that flow″ from faithful church attendance, he concluded after compiling the findings of over 100 independent social scientists over the last two decades.Learning at a young age that there is a God and that each individual is created in His image fosters a healthy environment for children who are well-adjusted as they grow up.Joseph and Mary created a household that was based on God’s love, His rules, and His way of life, which is certainly one of the reasons God chose them to be the primary caregivers for His Son throughout his early days.

Jesus was an exceptional Child

  • Jesus went through a natural maturing process similar to that of any growing boy, but He was specially endowed with God’s Spirit and favor from birth, allowing Him to be light years ahead of other young men when it came to grasping the Word of God and spiritual principles, a process that other young men did not go through.
  • It’s interesting to note that Luke’s account of Jesus’ life includes a reference to something that happened when Jesus was 12 years old.
  • A lot may be learned from this intriguing narrative, which can only be found in the Gospel of Luke, and we should pay attention to it.
  • 43 When they returned to Jerusalem after finishing their days’ work, the Boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem.
  • And Joseph and His mother were unaware of it; 44 but, supposing that He had been present, they traveled a day’s trip to look for Him among their relatives and friends.
  • The Holy Bible, New King James Version (NKJV) was published in 1982 by Thomas Nelson as the New King James Version (NKJV).

″> After a brief introduction, Luke 2:43-44 begins to provide some intriguing insight into the dynamics of Jesus’ unique household.Immediately following the festivals, when the family caravan was a day’s trip from Jerusalem on their way back to Jerusalem, it was discovered that Jesus had not been included in the caravan.How could they have gotten this far without comprehending what they were doing?First and foremost, Jesus must have been a little kid who had won the faith and trust of His parents.On the way back from Jerusalem, Joseph and Mary were clearly reliant on Jesus’ ability to act in a responsible manner.

They had discovered at this point that their eldest kid was a highly trustworthy, capable, and dependable young man or woman.In the event that He had been unpredictable or immature, they would have felt the need to keep a closer eye on His whereabouts.However, it appears that they had no reason to believe that anything unusual would occur.They were taken aback when they saw that He had not joined the caravan.

They spent the next day heading back to Jerusalem, where they hoped to find Him in good condition.The fact that Joseph and Mary imagined He was going with another family or relatives meant that they didn’t question about His location until later in the day.Since there was no way they could have anticipated anything other than consistent behavior from their Son and a routine return to Nazareth following the Passover holiday, their actions were quite logical.

  • They were taken aback when they saw that He had not joined the caravan.
  • They spent the next day heading back to Jerusalem, where they hoped to find Him in good condition.

The boy Jesus at the temple

  • There is evidence to suggest that they discovered Him in the temple grounds on the third day following the feast.
  • He was not playing with other guys, he was disoriented, and he was even afraid of being on his own.
  • Instead, he was engaged in serious debates with some of the city’s most renowned instructors of the law, ″both listening to them and asking them questions,″ according to the New York Times.
  • (46 As a result, after three days, they discovered Him at the temple, sitting in the midst of the instructors, both listening to them and asking them questions in return.
  • The Holy Bible, New King James Version (NKJV) was published in 1982 by Thomas Nelson as the New King James Version (NKJV).
  • ″>Luke 2:46 (New International Version).

However, rather than being irritated by someone so young, these learned men were amazed by Jesus’ inquiries and replies, as well as by His understanding of complex theological issues.″All who heard Him were astounded by His intellect and replies,″ according to Luke’s report (verse 47).They were indeed in the company of a young guy who possessed extraordinary spiritual abilities.Joseph and Mary were relieved to see that Jesus had been found in good health.Yet, at the same time, parents were perplexed by their Son’s unexpected behavior and seeming lack of gratitude for the distress he had given them.

Mary was the one who asked the first question about what it all meant.For the time being, it appears that Joseph has kept silent and has enabled her to speak on their behalf.Whether it was because Jesus was created in her womb, or because she was the one who was more emotionally upset as a result of the days of searching, but Mary was seeking an explanation from her Son at this point.When Jesus’ mother initially enquired about her Son’s intentions, she demonstrated wisdom and self-control on her part.

″Son, why have You done this to us?″ she enquired in verse 48.″Look, Your father and I have sought You eagerly,″ she said.A lot of parents would automatically allow their frustration or anger to dictate their actions, and they might even lash out at their child for causing them so much distress, but she seemed to know that her Son had never been irresponsible or rebellious, and so she sought an honest understanding of what He was up to.

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“I must be about My Father’s business”

  • As a response to His mother’s question, Jesus stated: ″Why were you looking for Me?
  • ″Did you not realize that I needed to attend to My Father’s business?″ (See verse 49.) When Jesus announced that He would be staying in Jerusalem, there was no previous notice given.
  • Perhaps He hoped that Joseph and Mary would come to the conclusion that He had vital job to do and that they would not be alarmed when He was gone for an extended period of time.

Spiritual understanding

  • As a child, Jesus’ parents must have had some meaningful discussions with one other.
  • His mother would have told the tale of His birth, as well as what Gabriel spoke to her nine months before His birth, when he came to her.
  • Jesus also possessed an unlimited amount of His Father’s Spirit (34).
  • Because the one whom God has sent communicates the words of God, and God does not deliver the Spirit according to a metric system.
  • New King James Version (NKJV) The Holy Bible, New King James Version 1982 by Thomas Nelson″>John 3:34).
  • New King James Version (NKJV) The Holy Bible, New King James Version 1982 by Thomas Nelson″>John 3:34).

He had a clear understanding of why He was on this planet in the first place.Even at this early stage of his life, the desire to please His heavenly Father and to carry out the will of God would have been burning brightly inside him.Perhaps Jesus believed that His parents would take all of this into consideration on this particular occasion and that this would alleviate any concerns they might have had regarding His whereabouts.As a result, their parental worry for their 12-year-old was so intense that they were unable to completely comprehend what He was saying to them (50).However, they were unable to comprehend the remark that He made to them.

Luke 2:50 New King James Version (NKJV) The Holy Bible, New King James Version 1982 by Thomas Nelson″>The Holy Bible, New King James Version″>Luke 2:50.Now that His parents had returned to claim Him, Jesus understood that he would soon begin his life’s work and take on His Father’s responsibilities.However, for the time being, Jesus has resolved to return to Nazareth and to continue to be subject to Joseph and Mary (51a).So He traveled with them to Nazareth, where he was subjected to their authority, but His mother kept all of this information hidden in her heart.

New King James Version (NKJV) The Holy Bible, New King James Version 1982 by Thomas Nelson″>verse 51) is a translation of the New King James Version of the Bible.In His infinite wisdom, Jesus’ heavenly Father did not intend for His Son to begin His great public mission until 18 years after his birth.By then, he would be prepared to confront the most difficult trial a man might ever face in his life.

Why did Luke record the story of Jesus as a boy in the temple?

  • This remarkable tale of Jesus’ boyhood was recorded by Luke for a reason.
  • God led Luke to write it.
  • Based on this circumstance, we can conclude that this extraordinary family went through life experiences similar to those experienced by any other normal family, with real feelings, emotions, cares, and, at times, confusion experienced by family members, including Jesus’ brothers and sisters (see 3).
  • Thus His brothers admonished Him, saying, ″Depart from here and travel to Judea so that your followers might witness the wonders that You are performing.″ 4 As long as he himself wishes to be recognized publicly, no one can be said to be acting in secret.
  • If you perform these things, you will be able to demonstrate Yourself to the rest of the world.″ The Holy Bible, New King James Version (NKJV) was published in 1982 by Thomas Nelson as the New King James Version (NKJV).
  • ″>John 7:3-4 (New International Version).

All three of the main characters in this story responded in a godly manner to the circumstances they found themselves in and ultimately matured as persons as a result.Joseph and Mary had a lot to think about when it came to their Son and His unique abilities, while Jesus developed in his awareness of His duty as a son and emerged with a clearer understanding of God’s plan for His life.In the midst of it all, no one sinned, and rather than being weakened, the parent-child bond was strengthened.The values contained inside God’s Word, the Bible, served as a guide for these three individuals.They were also aided by the Holy Spirit, who came from our heavenly Father and worked through them.

It is our desire that you would download and read the ebook God’s Purpose for You if you are interested in learning more about God’s purpose for your life and how the Holy Spirit and the truth may lead you in your decisions.

When Jesus was a boy

  • When Jesus was a child, the greatest love story ever told took place.
  • We don’t have a lot of information about Jesus when He was a child.
  • According to the Bible, He was ″brimming with knowledge.″ According to the Bible, He was ″in favor with both God and men.″ As a result, we may conclude that Jesus was a decent boy.
  • We might infer from this that Jesus was adored by everyone who came into contact with Him.
  • The inhabitants of Nazareth were not often regarded as particularly good-hearted.
  • When Jesus grew older, he was sometimes looked down upon since He had formerly lived in Nazareth, which was a poor neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The natural scenery surrounding Nazareth, on the other hand, was breathtaking.Jesus was most likely educated in the same way that other boys his age were.He may have studied history as well as God’s Law, which he could have learned through the Old Testament writings.Most likely, the young Jesus interacted with other boys his own age.He was undoubtedly employed at his father’s carpenter shop.

Do you believe that the young Jesus ever volunteered to help His mother around the house?The mountains and lakes, the birds and flowers, the storms, the sunshine, and everything else He saw or heard were all likely sources of inspiration for the young Jesus.All of these things served as teachings for Him.Who or what caused Him to be filled with wisdom?

By seeing that there is something to learn in everything around Him, and by being ready to absorb the teachings that are presented.When Jesus was twelve years old, the Bible narrates the story of a journey He took.A large feast was held in Jerusalem every year in the springtime.

  • The Feast of the Passover was celebrated on this day.
  • It was attended by children from all around Israel, including the Gaza Strip.
  • Mules and donkeys were commonly used for transportation in those days, especially by women and elderly people.
  • On several of their journeys, they traveled by horse or camel.
  • A group of young guys, each holding a long stick in his hands, marched alongside and guided the animals.
  • Children were not normally permitted to accompany their parents on such excursions until they were twelve years old, and those who did were required to walk and run a portion of the route.
  • However, when they were fatigued, they were offered a ride.

Many individuals traveled together on such journeys, and they had a nice time while on the road.They conversed and laughed together.They joined in on the song.When they were thirsty, they made a pit stop at the springs to grab some water.

And as they moved along, they stopped to gather the fruit and berries that they had discovered by the side of the road.When they became fatigued, they would pull over and rest.For many individuals, traveling to Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover was a time-consuming and exhausting experience.When the feast began, there were tens of thousands of visitors from other countries.Every single residence was completely occupied.Tents were set up for people who were unable to locate accommodations elsewhere.

For the first time in his life, Jesus’ parents brought him on this journey when he was twelve years old.It lasted a total of seven days.After then, the lengthy parade of people returned to their homes.Jesus was really intrigued by what He was seeing and hearing.So much so that when the rest of the people left the city, Jesus chose to stay.

His parents were completely unaware of this.They were under the impression that He was with some of their pals from the group.They didn’t go looking for Jesus until the nighttime hours.His whereabouts were never known after that.No one has any recollection of seeing Him during the day.Consider how distressed his parents must have been at the time.

Their son, who had never been away from them before, was disoriented and thousands of miles away from home.They must return to Jerusalem in order to locate Him.It took them another day to make their way back to the city center.It was the third day before they were reunited with their son.So, where do you suppose they ended up finding him?

  • In the temple; the young Jesus was in the temple, listening to the old, gray-haired men converse and asking them questions that surprised them.
  • Here was a twelve-year-old youngster who already knew a great deal.
  • Do you believe his parents were relieved to see him again?

″My son, why did you abandon us?″ his mother said as she rushed to him.You have been missing for some time, and your father and I have been heartbroken.″ ″Why were you looking for me?″ Jesus inquired of her.″Did you not realize that I needed to attend to my Father’s business?″ When Jesus stated ″My Father,″ He was not referring to Joseph; rather, He was referring to God.The young lad, though still in his teens, had a keen sense of responsibility and was well aware that he had important work to accomplish in the world.He was well aware that His mission was to educate others how to live according to His Father’s wishes.

Even though he was eager to go to work, it was not yet the appropriate moment for him to do so.As a result, He returned to Nazareth with His parents.He was still the same kind, dutiful lad that He had been when He was a child.A Jewish boy was referred to as a ″small boy″ until he reached the age of twelve.However, following that, he was referred to as a young man.

He was required to study and work alongside the other young men when he was twelve years old.Everyone is required to learn a trade.Everyone must master a trade or profession that will allow him to support himself and his family.Joseph used to work as a carpenter.

  • He instructed Jesus on how to conduct carpentry work.
  • Using wood, he learned how to build houses, tables, oxen yokes, and whatever else he could think of.
  • ″Thank you for informing us.″ Probably because He was preoccupied with His job and education, Jesus remained in Nazareth until He was thirty years old.
  • We shall leave Jesus there for a short period of time to see what has happened to the son of Zacharias and his family.
  • John, like the other boys, developed into a smart, masculine young man.
  • His father explained to him what he would be doing.
  • His father taught him all he needed to know in order to be prepared.
  • After years of experience, John realized that he couldn’t perform good job unless he first thought about it, researched it, and prayed about it.
  • He had to leave his home and his pals in order to do this.
  • He left everything behind and went to live in the woods.
  • There was plenty of food for him to eat there.
  • He was plagued by locusts.
  1. He had honey that the bees had left in the rocks and hollow trees, which he had collected.
  2. Locusts are similar in appearance to our grasshoppers.
  3. Many individuals in that nation continue to consume them to this day.
  4. Caverns tucked away in the slopes of the hills provided John with refuge.
  5. There, he sought refuge from the cold and storms, as well as from any wild creatures that could be in the vicinity.
  6. Clothing made of coarse camel hair was worn by him.

A leather belt was used to secure the garment around John’s waist.John spent several years alone in the bush, surviving on his own resources.Nothing could divert his attention away from his job at this period.It was now time for him to deliver his sermon.

In Palestine, there is a river with the name of the Jordan.John had journeyed from the desert to the banks of the Jordan River to find refuge.He began to preach from that point on.He was full of energy and made for an excellent public speaker.He was well-liked by those who listened to him.

Soon, he was drawing large crowds from all over the world to hear him speak on a daily basis.All of the people believed he must have been the Christ.″No, I’m not the Christ,″ John responded emphatically.In my role as a prophet from the desert, I am responsible for laying the groundwork for the coming of Christ and informing the public about him.″ ″He is gonna be so much greater than I am that I will be unable to serve him even as a servant.″ Even though your Savior is coming very soon, he will not save you until you repent of your sins and confess them to God.If you find yourself thinking to yourself, ″God will love us since we are Abraham’s offspring,″ you must stop.″If you want to be loved and rescued, you must first be kind to yourselves.″ ″Repent, and be baptized, each and every one of you,″ John admonished the crowd over and over again.

  1. When we repent, we are expressing our sorrow for what we have done in such a way that we will beg God’s forgiveness and make every effort not to repeat it.
  2. He baptized them after they confessed their sins.
  3. You’re probably aware of how clean objects that have been washed in clean water are.
  4. As a result, water is used in baptism to wash away anything that is not pure and clean from our hearts.
  5. His baptism of so many people earned him the title of ″John the Baptist.″ ″When Christ returns, he will give you a new heart, and that is what you will need in order to be truly good,″ he explained.

It is appropriate for everyone of us to pray as David did thousands of years ago: ″Create in me a clean heart, O God; and refresh a right spirit within me.″ This is not a particularly lengthy prayer, yet it is really meaningful.When we have been given new, clean hearts, we will never again do something wrong without first apologizing profusely to God and seeking for forgiveness.StudyJesus.com retains ownership of the intellectual property.

Jesus as a Boy

  • Level 2 of ″Know Your Bible″ is presented.
  • Originally released by Ernest Manning’s Radio Sunday School Mission, it is now available on Amazon.
  • All of the courses in this series are based on Bible verses, however some of the scenarios are made up to be more imaginative.
  • This lesson is based on the Scripture texts that may be found at the link above.
  • This lesson is based on the Scripture texts that may be found at the link above.
  • The town of Nazareth was the home of Jesus when he was a young lad.
See also:  What Do Jewish People Believe About Jesus

The sort of home that Jesus grew up in was quite different from ours.The majority of the dwellings in Nazareth were tiny, square structures with flat roofs, as was common in the region.Some homes featured two bedrooms, while many others just had one.Some had one or two windows, while others had only a door as an entrance, and some had none at all.There was very little furnishings in these residences.

Possibly there was a low table and a few seats or chairs available.It appeared that several chests had been shoved up against the wall.These boxes were where the family kept their clothing, as well as—you’ll be startled to learn—their mattresses!People used to sleep on soft, thick rugs or mats laid on the floor when Jesus was a child, because he was a male.

During the day, each mat was wrapped up into a bundle and placed in a chest to be out of the way of the children.A stairwell led up to the flat roof of the home, which was located on the outside of the building.There was a railing around the edge of the roof to keep people from falling over.

  • Often, the children would play on the roof of their house, and on hot evenings, the family would take their mats and sleep on the roof of their house as well.
  • Perhaps Jesus slept in this manner on a regular basis.
  • Because Joseph, Jesus’ father, worked as a carpenter, a portion of his home was converted into a carpenter shop.
  • Even though Jesus was the eldest of the family’s five sons, he also had four brothers and at least two sisters.
  • What wonderful days they must have had together at their small house in the country.
  • The fact that Jesus was always willing to assist and care for the smaller children gives us great confidence.
  • Perhaps he told them stories from the Bible, because Jesus was familiar with many of the same stories that you are familiar with.

There were several things that Jesus might do to assist his mother around the house.Do you think Jesus ever pouted and moaned when Mary or Joseph asked him to do errands for them?What do you think?Do you believe that when there was a job to be done, Jesus always waited to be asked to perform it?

We are confident that Jesus performed his duties willingly and pleasantly.Our Lord Jesus Christ resided in Nazareth with Joseph and Mary, according to the Bible.He was ″subject unto them,″ the Bible says.That implies that he complied with their orders.″Honor your father and your mother,″ Jesus was familiar with the scripture.He showed his respect for them by obeying and assisting them.

Even as a small child, Jesus was capable of running errands for Joseph and Mary.He might be able to assist with the younger children.He could lend a hand around the house to Mary.He could go to the market to buy something for his mother.As he grew older, he was able to accompany Mary to the well and help her carry the heavy water jars.

And then, as he grew even larger, he was able to assist Joseph in the carpenter’s workshop.He learned how to use a hammer, drill, and plane as well as other tools.Perhaps he assisted in the construction of chairs, tables, and chests.In his spare time, he could have been busy crafting small wooden toys for the younger children.As a result, the young Jesus grew bigger and stronger with each passing day.And he lived in the little home in Nazareth, where he contributed to the happiness of the family who lived there.

We are told in the Bible that ″Jesus advanced in wisdom and stature,″ which means that he continued to learn new things as his physical stature progressed.And that is also the way in which you develop.It also tells us that Jesus grew “in favor with God and man.” That means that Jesus lived so that the heavenly Father and all those who knew him were pleased with him and loved him.Will you try to grow in that way too?Then you will be helping to make your home a happy place.

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Boy Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:41-52) Sunday School Lesson and Activities

  • There is very little information available about Jesus’ childhood.
  • This account, which gives us a look into the life of twelve-year-old Jesus, is noteworthy because it confirms what we already know about Christ.
  • Additionally, the scripture serves as a valuable reminder that we should strive to grow in a variety of ways, and that we should always respect and follow our parents, in addition to God.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to concentrate on putting God at the center of all things and not losing sight of His presence.

Children’s Sermon Lesson

  • Who was and is Jesus, and how did he come to be?
  • That may appear to be a straightforward and uncomplicated Gospel subject, but it is a crucial one to discuss with children on a regular basis.
  • It is the objective of this discourse to tell the tale of Jesus in the temple when he was 12 years old.
  • Despite the fact that Jesus was aware of His status as the Son of God, the tale reminds us that He also followed His parents and was accountable to them as a human being.
  • Mary and Joseph were convinced that Jesus had gone missing, but He was actually just where He belonged.
  • We may ″lose″ or overlook Christ from time to time, but it is crucial to remember that He is always there with us.

Bible Craft Ideas

  • The sole account that we appear to have in the Bible that describes Jesus’ childhood is a fascinating one, to say the least.
  • It would appear that Mary and Joseph had ″lost″ their son, yet Jesus was exactly where He needed to be at that moment.
  • In this text, we see how Jesus recognized Himself as God’s Son, despite the fact that He was also developing as a human being.
  • This may be difficult to comprehend—it certainly was for Joseph and Mary, as well!
  • It is possible for children to learn through these verses the value of following God as well as obeying their earthly parents.
  • It’s also important to emphasize that we don’t have to ″look″ for Jesus since He has already found us.

He’s always with us, no matter what!Students can make a scroll project to remind them of temple readings and how both their parents and God can be adored.The tale of Jesus’ search for his disciples through the crowded streets is told through a labyrinth.

Video Bible Story for Kids

Bible Story: Luke 2:41-52 ESV

  • Every year, around the Feast of the Passover, his parents traveled to Jerusalem to be with him.
  • 42 And when he reached the age of twelve, they took him up to their home, as was customary.
  • 43 And after the feast was over and they were on their way back to Jerusalem, the boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem.
  • Although his parents were not aware of this, 44 they assumed he was among the party and set out on a day’s journey, but when they did not locate him, they returned to Jerusalem, where they continued their search until they did find him again.
  • 46 After three days, they discovered him at the temple, where he was sitting among the instructors, paying attention to them and asking questions of them.
  • 47 And everyone who heard him was astonished by his grasp of the situation and his responses.

48 His parents were taken aback when they met him for the first time.And his mother confronted him, saying, ″Son, why have you treated us like this?Take note that your father and I have been seeking for you in considerable difficulty for quite some time.″ 49 And he inquired of them, ″What were you hunting for in the first place?How could you have forgotten that I needed to be in my Father’s house?″ 50 And they were perplexed by the words he spoke to them in a foreign language.51 And he went down with them and arrived at Nazareth, where he submitted to their authority.

And his mother kept all of these things in her heart as a treasure.52 As a result, Jesus grew in wisdom and height, as well as in favor with God and with others.The following verses are from Luke 2:41-52:

Bible Gateway passage: Luke 2:41-52 – New International Version

New International Version(NIV) Version

The Boy Jesus at the Temple

  • 41 Every year around the Festival of the Passover, Jesus’ parents traveled to Jerusalem to be with Jesus.
  • A)″>(A) 42 When he was twelve years old, his parents took him up to the festival, as was customary.
  • The young Jesus remained in Jerusalem after the celebration had ended, while his parents were on their way back to their home country.
  • His parents were completely oblivious of his whereabouts.
  • 44 They continued on for another day under the impression that he was with them.
  • After that, they began hunting for him among their family and friends, and eventually found him.

45 When they were unable to locate him, they returned to Jerusalem to continue their search.46 After three days, they discovered him in the temple courts, where he was sitting among the professors, paying attention to them and asking them questions about their subjects.47 Everyone who heard him was astonishedB)″>(B) by his grasp of the situation and his responses.48 His parents were taken aback when they met him for the first time.His motherC)″>(C) confronted him, saying, ″Son, why have you treated us in this manner?

″Your fatherD)″>(D) and I have been looking for you with bated breath for quite some time.″ 49 ″Can you tell me why you were looking for me?″ he inquired.What were you thinking?Didn’t you realize I had to be in my Father’s house?” However, they were unable to comprehend what he was saying to them.

E)″>(E) 50 51 After that, he went down to Nazareth with themG)″>(G) and remained loyal to their commands.His mother, on the other hand, held all of these things close to her heart.(H)″>(H) 52 During this time, Jesus gained wisdom and stature, as well as favor with God and men.

  • I)″>(I) Read the entire chapter.


  1. Luke 2:49 Or be about my Father’s business
dropdown New International Version (NIV)Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.NIV Reverse Interlinear Bible: English to Hebrew and English to Greek. Copyright © 2019 by Zondervan.


To increase the children’s understanding of Jesus’ childhood in order to boost their desire to be like Jesus Christ as they grow older.


  1. Study Matthew 2:19–23 and Luke 2:40–52 with a prayerful attitude. Chapter 11 of Gospel Principles (31110) is also worth mentioning.
  2. Make a scroll out of paper and sticks, similar to the one seen in figure 2-12, A Biblical School, as explained in this lesson. The verses from Luke 2:52 should be written on a scroll.
  3. Put together a performance of ″Jesus Once Was a Little Child″ (Children’s Songbook, p. 55) in which you will sing or recite the lyrics to both verses. If at all possible, request that the Primary music leader assist the children in practicing this song during singing time the week prior to and the week of this lesson. •
  4. Materials required are as follows:
  1. A Bible
  2. baby necessities like as a bottle, blanket, and rattle
  3. a CTR chart (see lesson 1)
  4. and a pacifier (if applicable).
  5. Picture 2-10 depicts Biblical Family Life
  6. picture 2-11 depicts Jesus Christ’s Childhood (Gospel Art Picture Kit 206
  7. 62124)
  8. picture 2-12 depicts a Biblical School
  9. and picture 2-13 depicts Boy Jesus in the Temple (Gospel Art Picture Kit 205
  10. 62500).

Prepare for any enrichment activities that you intend to employ by making the required arrangements.

Suggested Lesson Development

A youngster should be invited to say the opening prayer. If you encouraged the children to participate in something over the week, follow up with them.

Jesus Was Once a Child

Jesus Had a Home

Jesus Did Many Things as a Boy

Jesus Studied the Scriptures

We Can Become More like Jesus Christ


Assign a youngster to offer the closing prayer.

Enrichment Activities

Choose the activities from the list below that you think will be the most beneficial to the youngsters in your class. Whether you use them in the class itself or as a review or recap, they are flexible. Additional information may be found under ″Class Time″ in the section titled ″Helps for the Teacher.″

  1. String or yarn should be used to measure the height of each youngster. Cut a piece of thread or yarn that is the same length as each kid’s height and give it to the child to retain. Remind the youngsters that as their physical bodies mature, they should also mature in their relationship with God. They may do this by making wise decisions, just as Jesus Christ did.
  2. Allow the youngsters to join you in repeating Luke 2:52 a few times. • Talk about specific decisions they can make that will help them gain more favor with Heavenly Father.
  3. Allow the children to sample a food that Jesus Christ is likely to have eaten, such as figs, raisins, dates, cheese, bread, almonds, or olives, and explain why you chose that particular item. Before you arrive, check with the parents of the children to ensure that none of the youngsters would be allergic to the food you will be bringing. (If you are presenting this lesson on a fast Sunday, please do not bring any food.)
  4. Comparing what newborns can accomplish to what youngsters can do now is a good way to start the conversation. Ask questions such as: Can a baby walk? Can a baby sit up? Is it possible to walk? Is it possible for a baby to talk? Are you able to communicate?
  1. Emphasize how their ability to be more like the Savior by making the correct choices grows as they grow in age.
  2. Each kid should be given a piece of salt dough (see recipe below) and instructed to make a little bowl, vase, or other object that may have been used when Jesus Christ was a boy.

Salt Dough

  • The following materials are required: 2 cups of all-purpose flour 1 cup table salt 1 tablespoon oil 1 cup water 1 teaspoon food coloring (optional) Directions: Using a fork, combine the salt and flour.
  • Pour in the oil and just enough water to make the mixture the consistency of clay.
  • Pour in a little amount of water at a time, stirring constantly, until the mixture is malleable but not sticky.
  • Knead just a little.
  • For colored dough, mix food coloring into the water before adding it to the salt and wheat mixture.
  • Keep the dough in an airtight container until ready to use.
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Jesus Heals A Boy With Epilepsy: The Story From The Boy’s Perspective

  • In Mark’s Gospel,

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