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Bible Gateway passage: Psalm 145 – New International Version

1I will exalt you, A)”>(A)my God the King; B)”>(B)I will praise your name C)”>(C)forever and ever; 2I will exalt you, A)”>(A)my God the King; 3I will exalt you, A)”>(A)my God the King; 4I will exalt you, A)”>(A)my God the King; 5I will exalt you, A)”>(A 2I will worship D)”>(D)you and laud your name E)”>(E)on a daily basis for the rest of my life. 3Great F)”>(F)is the Lord and most deserving of worship; G)”>(G)no one can comprehend the magnitude of his magnificence. H)”>(H) Four generations I)”>(I)commend your efforts to another; they inform J)”>(J)of your magnificent deeds.

M)”>(M) 6)They tell N)”>(N)about the awesomeness of your acts— O)”>(O)and I will announce P)”>(P)about the greatness of your deeds Q)”>(Q)7They are rejoicing in your abundance of goodness.

T)”>(T) 8TheLordis gentle and compassionate, U)”>(U)slow to wrath and abundant in love, according to the Bible.

Tenth, all of your works exalt you, Y)”>(Y)Lord; all of your loyal people exalt Z)”>(Z)you.

  • AE)”>(AE) AF)”>(AF)and your dominance survives through all generations, 13because your kingdom is an eternal kingdom, AF)”>(AF)and your dominion endures through all generations.
  • All who fall are upheld by the Lord, and all who are bent down are lifted up by the Lord as well.
  • 15 16Open your hand and fulfill the desires AM)”>(AM) of all living things.
  • AO)”>(AO) 16All who call on the Lord will find him close AP)”>(AP), and those who call on him in truth will find him near AQ)”>(AQ).
  • 19He satisfies the wants of those who fear him.
  • AX)”>(AX)21 My lips shall worship the Lord in the name of AY)”>(AY).
  • AZ)”>(AZ)


  1. Psalm 145:1 (King James Version) This psalm is an acrostic poem, in which the verses (including verse 13b) begin with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in the order in which they appear in the Hebrew alphabet. Masoretic Text of Psalm 145:5
  2. Dead Sea Scrolls and Syriac (see also Septuagint)
  3. Dead Sea Scrolls and Syriac I will reflect on the splendid beauty of your majesty / and on the beautiful marvels that you have created
  4. Psalm 145:13 (KJV) One manuscript of the Masoretic Text, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and one of Syriac (see also the Septuagint)
  5. Most manuscripts of the Masoretic Text do not have the last two lines of verse 13
  6. One manuscript of the Masoretic Text, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and one of Syriac (see also the Septuagint)

New International Version (New International Version) (NIV) NIV® stands for New International Version® of the Holy Bible. Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011, and 2012 byBiblica, Inc.®Used with permission from the owner.

All rights are retained around the world. The New International Version (NIV) Reverse Interlinear Bible provides translations from English to Hebrew and from English to Greek. Zondervan has copyright protection till the year 2019.

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Moreover, Jethro was filled with gratitude for all that the LORD had done for Israel, whom he had saved from the hands of the Egyptians.

Exodus 33:19

I will make all of my kindness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD in thy presence; I will be gracious to those to whom I will be gracious, and I will show mercy to those to whom I will show compassion.

Exodus 34:6

He looked up as the LORD went by and cried, “The LORD, the LORD God, kind and gracious, longsuffering, and overflowing in goodness and truth, ”

Numbers 10:32

And it will be the case, if thou goest with us, yea, it will be the case, that whatever goodness the LORD does vnto us, we will do unto thee in return.

Judges 8:35

They also did not show compassion to the house of Jerubbaal, Gideon, in proportion to all the goodness that he had shown to the people of Israel in the past.

Samuel-2 7:28

And now, O Lord GOD, thouthat God, and may thy words be genuine, and may thy servant have the goodness that thou hast promised him:

Kings-1 8:66

On the eighth day, he sent the people away, and they gave thanks to the king and returned to their tents joyous and delighted in their hearts because of all the kindness that the LORD had done for David his servant and for the people of Israel his nation.

Chronicles-1 17:26

In the meantime, LORD, you are God, and you have committed to providing this kindness to thy servant:

Chronicles-2 6:41

Consequently, arose thee, O LORD God, into thy resting place: clad with salvation, O LORD God, and filled with joy in thy saints; let thy priests be clothed with salvation, O LORD God; and let thy saints rejoice in thy kindness.

Chronicles-2 7:10

And on the third and twentieth day of the seventh month, he sent the people away into their tents, pleased and cheerful in their hearts because of the goodness that the LORD had shown unto David, Solomon, and the people of Israel, as well as to themselves.

Chronicles-2 32:32

The rest of Hezekiah’s deeds, as well as his goodness, are recorded in the vision of Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, and in the book of the kings of Judah and Israel, respectively.

Chronicles-2 35:26

Now, according to what is written in the law of the LORD, the remainder of Josiah’s activities, as well as his righteousness, are recorded.

Nehemiah 9:25

And they seized powerful cities and a rich country, and they owned dwellings full of all kinds of commodities, wells dug, vineyards and oliveyards, and an abundance of fruit trees: thus they ate and were satisfied, and they became fat, and they took pleasure in thy great generosity.

Nehemiah 9:35

Because they have not served thee in their kingdom, nor in thy great kindness that thou hast bestowed upon them, nor in the huge and fertile country that thou hast bestowed upon them, nor have they repented of their bad deeds before thee.

Psalms 16:2

, thou hast said unto the LORD, Thoumy Lord: mine kindness is not unto thee; and

Psalms 21:3

And since you have blessed him with wonderful fortune, you have placed a crown of pure gold on his head to save him from harm.

Psalms 23:6

And I will dwell in the home of the LORD for the rest of my days; surely goodness and mercy will follow me throughout my life.

Psalms 27:13

Except for the fact that I had faith in the LORD’s kindness in the land of the living, I would have perished.

Psalms 31:19

I am overwhelmed by your generosity, which you have accumulated for those who fear thee, and which you have accomplished for those who put their confidence in thee in the presence of men!

Psalms 33:5

He is a lover of fairness and justice, and the land is overflowing with the kindness of the LORD.

Psalms 52:1

When Doeg the Edomite came to David’s chief Musician, Maschil, and notified him that David had arrived at the house of Ahimelech, Maschil informed Saul that David had arrived. What gives you the right to brag about your wrongdoing, O powerful man? God’s kindness continues indefinitely.

Psalms 65:4

I pray that the one whom thou has chosen and brought near may be able to reside in thy courts: we will be happy with the goodness of thy house, with thy holy sanctuary.

Psalms 65:11

The year is crowned with thy benevolence, and thy paths are swollen with abundance.

Psalms 68:10

It is inhabited by thy congregation, and thou, O God, hast reserved a portion of thy mercy for the needy.

Psalms 107:8

Oh, how that would bring glory to the LORD for his goodness and his wondrous deeds among the children of mankind!

Psalms 107:9

Because he satisfies the desiring spirit and fills the hungry soul with goodness, he is a blessing.

Psalms 107:15

Oh, how that would bring glory to the LORD for his goodness and his wondrous deeds among the children of mankind!

Psalms 107:21

Oh, that the children of humanity would worship the LORD for his goodness and for his magnificent wonders!

Psalms 107:31

Oh, that the children of humanity would worship the LORD for his goodness and his magnificent wonders!

Psalms 144:2

My goodness and my stronghold; my lofty tower and my deliverer; my shield and in whom I put my faith; who subdueth my people under my authority. —

Psalms 145:7

They will abundantly recite the recollection of thy great goodness, and they will sing the praises of thy righteousness.

Proverbs 20:6

The majority of men will extol the virtues of each and every one of them: But where may one discover a dependable man?

Isaiah 63:7

As a result of everything that the LORD has showered upon us, I will speak of his lovingkindnesses and praises, as well as his great goodwill toward the house of Israel, which he has lavished on them according to his mercies and the number of his lovingkindnesses, on us and on the house of Israel.

Jeremiah 2:7

And I brought you into a bountiful place so that you may eat its fruit and enjoy its sweetness; but when you arrived, you polluted my land and turned my legacy into a detestable abomination of the gods.

Jeremiah 31:12

As a result, they will come and sing in the heights of Zion, and they will join their voices in praise of the LORD’s kindness for wheat, for wine, for oil, and for the young of the sheep and of the herd: and their spirit will be as a watered garden, and they will have no more tears to shed.

Jeremiah 31:14

According to the LORD’s word, “I will fill the souls of the priests with fatness, and the hearts of my people will be filled with my kindness.”

Jeremiah 33:9

Furthermore, it shall be a name of pleasure, praise, and glory before all the nations of the globe, who shall hear of my deeds and dread and tremble because of all the kindness and prosperity that I bring to them.

Hosea 3:5

After then, the children of Israel will return and seek the LORD their God and David their king; and in the latter days, they will dread the LORD and his kindness.

Hosea 6:4

What will I do to thee, O Ephraim, I don’t know. What will I do to thee, O Judah, ye ask? Your goodness is like a dawn cloud, and it disappears as quickly as the first dew of the day.

Hosea 10:1

Israel is an empty vine that bears fruit for himself: according to the abundance of his fruit, he has expanded the number of altars, and according to the quality of his land, they have constructed beautiful pictures.

Zecharia 9:17

Because of how wonderful his goodness and how lovely his attractiveness are! The young men will be cheered by maize, and the maids will be cheered by fresh wine.

Romans 2:4

Or do you disdain the riches of God’s love, tolerance, and longsuffering, not seeing that the goodwill of God leads thee to repentance and reconciliation with him?

Romans 11:22

Therefore, see the goodness and severity of God: harshness against them who fell, but goodness toward thee, provided thou continuest in goodness; otherwise, thou shalt be cut off.

Romans 15:14

And I also am certain of you, my brethren, that you are likewise full of virtue, replete with all knowledge, and capable of correcting one another when necessary.

Galatians 5:22

The fruit of the Spirit, on the other hand, is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, and perseverance.

Ephesians 5:9

The fruit of the Spirit is all goodness, righteousness, and truth; this is the fruit of the Spirit.

Thessalonians-2 1:11

As a result, we pray for you on a regular basis, hoping that our God would consider you worthy of his calling, and that he will grant you all of God’s good pleasure, as well as the ability to carry out the task of faith:


Sorted in alphabetical order by book title Moreover, we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his plan in life (Romans 8:28). In Psalms 23:6, we read, “Surely love and mercy will follow me all the days of my life,” and “Surely I will live in the house of the LORD for all of my days.” Psalms 31:19-Oh, how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them who fear thee; how wonderful is thy steadfast love, which thou hast wrought for those who put their confidence in thee before the sons of mankind!

  • (Continue reading.) Psalms 145:15 – 127:19-The eyes of all people are fixed on thee, and thou providest them with their food at the proper time.
  • 3:13 Who among you is a wise man and well-versed in the law of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • James 1:17-Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above, and is given by the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, nor shadow of turning.
  • Psalms 27:13-I would have fainted if I had not trusted that the kindness of the LORD might be seen in the land of the living.
  • In light of this, let us do good to all men, especially to those who are members of the family of faith, whenever the chance presents itself.
  • “Blessed is the man who trusteth in him.” What does the LORD want of thee, O man, other than to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
  • Similarly, Matthew 12:35 says that a good man brings forth good things from the good treasure of his heart, and an evil man brings forth bad things from the evil treasure of his heart.
  • Psalms 25:7-Remember not my crimes of youth, nor my transgressions; according to thy compassion, remember me for thy goodness’ sake, O LORD; according to thy righteousness, remember me.
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  • Keep kindness and tenderheartedness in your hearts toward one another and forgiveness toward one another, just as God has forgiven you because of Christ’s sake. As a result, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all men, with special emphasis on those who are members of the family of faith. Do not allow evil to overpower you, but rather use good to defeat evil. The L ordis good,a firm hold in the day of trouble
  • And he knoweth them that trust in him
  • The L ordis upright in all his ways,and holy in all his acts
  • Allow love to exist without interference. Abhor that which is bad
  • Adhere to that which is good
  • Those who are filled with the Spirit are filled with love and joy and peace and longsuffering and kindness and goodness and faith and Meekness and temperance. against such there is no legislation
  • All things are legal for me, but not all things are expedient: all things are legal for me, but not all things are edifying
  • All things are legal for me, but not all things edify
  • Men also do not light a candle and place it beneath a bushel, but rather place it on a candlestick, which provides light for everyone in the home to see. Allow your light to shine brightly before men so that they may notice your good deeds and praise your heavenly Father
  • As long as you put your trust in the Lord and do good, you will be able to live in the land and, indeed, you will be nourished. Add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, in addition to this, by exerting all possible effort. And to knowledge temperance
  • And to temperance patience
  • And to patience godliness
  • As well as to godliness, there is brotherly friendliness, as well as brotherly kindness, charity. And God is able to make all grace overflow toward you, so that you may abound in every good work, always possessing all sufficiency in all things. Unless I had trusted that I could see the kindness of the L ordin the realm of the living, I would have fainted. Human goodness is the object of a man’s desire, and a poor man is preferable to a liar. Stay away from evil and do good
  • Seek and promote peace
  • And refrain from using foul language. Let no corrupt speech come out of your mouth, but only that which is useful for edification, so that it may impart grace to those who hear it. And who is it that will cause you harm if you pursue the path of righteousness
  • As the Lord says, “Stand by the roads and look, and inquire for the ancient routes, where is the excellent way, and walk in it,” you will find peace for your spirits if you do so. Nevertheless, they declared, “We will not step within.” Be merciful, therefore, as your heavenly Father is compassionate to you. Remember, O Lord, thy gentle mercies and lovingkindnesses, because they have been with you from the beginning of time. O Lord, do not remember the crimes of my youth, nor my trespasses
  • But according to your kindness, do not forget me for the sake of your goodness. Keep in mind that bad manners are corrupted by harmful communications
  • Then thou shalt comprehend righteousness, judgment, and equity
  • In fact, every excellent road will be shown to thee. We give thanks to the One who offered himself for us, in order that he could redeem us from all wickedness and purify unto himself a particular people passionate for good deeds
  • In the same way, women should dress modestly and soberly, not with braided hair, gold, pearls, or expensive clothing, but with good deeds, as is appropriate for women professing godliness.
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For the one who endures temptation will get the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to those who love him after he passes through the fiery furnace.

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So I order thee now to love your God, walk in his ways, and obey all his commandments and laws as well as all of his judgments so that thou mayest live and increase in the country where thou goest to possess it, and the L ordthy God will bless thee in the place where thou goest to possess it. Next verse, please! With the help of imageAccept Cookies are used on this website.

I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

a line of poetry (Click for Chapter) The King James Version of the Bible I would have fainted if I hadn’t trusted that the kindness of the LORD might be seen in the land of the living. The New King James Version (sometimes known as the New King James Version) was published in 1611. It is possible that I might have given up if I had not thought that I would witness God’s goodness in the realm of the living. The American Standard Version is the version used in the United States. If I had thought that I would be able to glimpse the kindness of Jehovah in the land of the living, I would have passed out.

The Bible of Douay-Rheims I think that I will be able to witness the Lord’s benevolence in the realm of the living.

The English Bible for the Whole World I am still certain in this: I shall see the kindness of Yahweh in the land of the living when I return to my homeland.

Translations for Psalm 27:13 in other languages.

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

God is a good God. But what exactly does it mean to say that God is good? More and more as I explored the meaning of this term in the Bible, one essential theme appeared to stand out: God’s goodness is accompanied by His generosity. It is true that His kindness encompasses much more than His generosity, yet it is undeniably characterized by His unlimited generosity toward us. He desires, by nature, to impart happiness and blessing to all of His creations. The Bible consistently portrays kindness as a fundamental characteristic of our Lord, and I wanted to highlight just 23 of those instances.

  1. Abounding in goodness and truth, the Lord God is kind and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in mercy and grace. The Lord is excellent, says Exodus 34:6
  2. Give thanks to the Lord, because He is good! Because God’s kindness continues forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34
  3. And they responded enthusiastically, praising and giving thanks to the Lord, singing, “For He is good, for His compassion continues eternally toward Israel,” according to the text. Ezra 3:11 says that the Lord is kind and upright. I know that love and mercy will follow me throughout the days of my life, and I will dwell in the home of the Lord for all of eternity, according to Psalm 25:8. It says in Psalm 23:6 that the Lord is kind to everyone and that His tender mercies are over all His handiwork. Psalm 145:9 says that there is only One who is good, and that is God. According to Mark 10:18, “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from on high, and comes from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change or shadow of turning.” James 1:17
  4. If you, who are wicked, are able to give good gifts to your children, imagine how much more your heavenly Father will do the same for those who ask Him to do so! The Bible says in Matthew 7:11 that I would have lost heart if I had not trusted that I would be able to see God’s goodness in the land of the living. My thoughts shall be on the beautiful beauty of Your majesty, and on Your amazing wonders, according to Psalm 27:13. Men will extol the power of Your mighty deeds, and I will extol the magnificence of Your glory. Their words will be filled with the recollection of Your great goodness, and their songs will be filled with the praise of Your justice. God loves righteousness and justice, and the land is overflowing with the goodness of the Lord, according to Psalm 145:5-7. O taste and see that the Lord is good
  5. Fortunate is the man who places his confidence in Him, says Psalm 33:5a. Psalm 34:8 says to express gratitude to God and to bless His name. Because the Lord is gracious, and His kindness endures forever. If only people might offer thanks to the Lord for His benevolence and for His wondrous works among the children of mankind, as expressed in Psalm 100:4-5! Because He fills the hungry spirit with goodness and satisfies the desiring soul with goodness. 107:8-9
  6. Just like a parent feels sorry for his children, the Lord feels sorry for people who fear Him. Because He is aware of our physical frame, and He is mindful of the fact that we are dust. Learn to accomplish Your will, for You are my God and Your Spirit is good, according to Psalm 103:13-14. Please lead me to the realm of uprightness and justice. According to Psalm 143:10, “The Lord is upright
  7. He is my rock, and in Him there is no wickedness.” 15: You are excellent, and you do good
  8. Teach me Your precepts, says Psalm 92:15 According to Psalm 119:68, You also gave them Your excellent Spirit to educate them, and You did not withhold Your manna from their lips, nor did You deprive them of water to quench their thirst. Hear me, O Lord, because Your lovingkindness is great
  9. Turn to me in accordance with the abundance of Your gentle mercies, which are many. Psalm 69:16 says that the Lord is gracious, a refuge in times of sorrow, and that He knows those who put their confidence in Him. In the face of the sons of mankind, Oh, how vast is Your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You, which You have planned for those who place their confidence in You! Keep them hidden in a pavilion away from the machinations of men, away from the squabbling of tongues. You will keep them hidden in a pavilion away from the machinations of men. Verse 19 and 20 of Psalm 31

Psalm 71:15-24

15All day long, my tongue will be filled with stories of your virtuous actions and rescuing acts—even though I have no idea how to recount them all. 16I will come and announce your wonderful actions, Sovereign LORD; I will come and proclaim your upright deeds, which are only yours to proclaim. 17God, you have educated me since I was a child, and I continue to proclaim your mighty acts to this day. Until I am old and gray, my God, please do not abandon me until I have spoken your greatness to the next generation, your magnificent deeds to those who are yet to come.

Who else can compare to you, God?

21You will restore my honor and provide peace to me once more.

23When I sing praise to you, my lips will scream with delight because I am the one whom you have delivered. 24All day long, my mouth will speak of your good deeds, for those who sought to hurt me have been humiliated and confounded by your actions.

61 Bible verses about God, Goodness Of

Mark 10:18″>Verse page”>Mark 10:18 “Why do you refer to Me as good?” Jesus inquired of him. Except for God, there is no one who is good. ToolsMatthew 19:17 verse page”>Matthew 19:17 “Why are you questioning Me about what is good?” He inquired of Him. “There is only One who is good; nevertheless, if you seek to come into life, you must observe the commandments,” says the Lord. Luke 18:19″>Verse page”>Luke 18:19 “Why do you refer to Me as good?” Jesus inquired of him. Except for God, there is no one who is good.

  1. You are kind and accomplish excellent things; please teach me Your laws.
  2. Because Hezekiah prayed for them, saying, “May the good come to them.” Lordpardon Verse page”>Nehemiah 9:20 (ToolsVerse page) The Good Spirit was given to them in order to enlighten them, and Your manna was not withheld from their mouths, and You gave them water to quench their thirst.
  3. God is certainly kind to Israel, as well as to those who have a clean heart!
  4. In this chapter, you will learn about Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power, and how He went about doing good in the world and curing everyone who was plagued by the devil, since God was with Him.
  5. Verse page”>1 Timothy 4:4 as a tool Every excellent thing that God creates should be appreciated, and nothing should be rejected if it is accepted with thankfulness.
  6. It was God who recognized the goodness of the light; and it was God who divided the light from the darkness.
  7. Verse page”>Psalm 86:5 as a tool Because You, Lord, are kind and quick to forgive, and You are bountiful in lovingkindness to those who come to You in faith.
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Verse page”>Psalm 106:1 as a tool Praise be to the Lord!

For the sake of Your love, OLord, do not remember my crimes from my youth or my trespasses.

Because the Lord is just and upright, He advises sinners on how to live their lives.

“> “>Psalm 100:5 For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is forever, and His faithfulness to all generations.

Every good thing given and every perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no fluctuation or changing shadow, and is given without reservation.

This is what they informed him, and they also added, “We proceeded into the country that you had sent us, and it definitely does flow with milk and honey, and this is the product of its labor.” Verse page”>Deuteronomy 8:7 is a tool.


ToolsHebrews 9:11 verse page”>Hebrews 9:11 verse page However, when Christ arrived as a high priest of the good things to come, He entered through a bigger and more complete tabernacle, one that was not constructed by human hands, that is, one that was not formed by this creation; Verse page”>Joshua 23:14-15″>Joshua 23:14-15 “As you know in your hearts and in your spirits, not one word of all the excellent words that theLordyour God uttered concerning you has failed; all of them have been fulfilled for you, and not one of them has failed.” Once again, just as all of the wonderful words spoken by theLordyour God to you have been brought upon you, theLordwill bring upon you all of the threats until He has completely expelled you from this good country that theLordyour God has given to you.

  • 2 Samuel 7:28″>Verse page”>2 Samuel 7:28 Then, O LordGod, You are God, and Your words are true; you are the one who has promised this excellent thing to Your servant, and now is the time to fulfill that promise.
  • Page of the Bible”>1 Kings 8:56 Blessed be the Lord, who has granted rest to His people Israel in accordance with all that He promised; not a single word of all His wonderful promises, which He promised through Moses His servant, has failed.
  • “For thus says the Lord, ‘When the seventy years have passed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill My good promise to you, bringing you back to this land.’ Verse page”>Psalm 119:39 (ToolsVerse page) Please take away my shame, which I fear, for Your ordinances are just.
  • Verse page”>Romans 12:2 (ToolsVerse page) Continue to resist the temptation to be conformed to this world, but rather be changed by the renewing of your mind, in order to demonstrate God’s will, that which is good, acceptable, and perfect, in your life.
  • Verse page”>Nahum 1:7 in the Tools section.

ToolsExodus 33:19 verse page”>Exodus 33:19 Afterward He declared, “I, myself, will bring all of My kindness before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you; and to whom I will be gracious, I will be gracious, and to whom I will show compassion, I will be compassionate.” 2 Chronicles 7:10″>Verse page”>2 Chronicles 7:10 And on the twenty-third day of the seventh month, he sent the people back to their tents, full of joy and gladness in their hearts because of the favor that God had given to David and Solomon, as well as to His people Israel.

  • Job 42:11: ToolsVerse page”>Job 42:11: In the end, he received all of his siblings and sisters, as well as everyone else who knew him previously, and they ate bread with him in his home, as they consoled and comforted him in the face of all the trials that the Lord had placed upon him.
  • Verse page”>Psalm 31:19-20″>Psalm 31:19-20 Wow, what a treasure trove of goodness You have amassed for those who fear You, and what a miracle You have performed for those who seek refuge in You, even before the sons of mankind!
  • You keep them hidden in a shelter to protect them from the conflict of tongues.
  • Verse page”>Psalm 86:17 (ToolsVerse page) Because You, O Lord, have helped me and comforted me, please provide a sign to those who despise me so that they will be humiliated.
  • The Lord is kind to those who wait for Him, as well as to those who seek Him.
  • Love good, hate evil, and establish justice at the gate!
  • In 1 Peter 2:3, the Lord’s compassion is tasted by you.

I will form an eternal covenant with them, promising them that I will not turn away from them in order to do them good, and I will instill dread of Me in their hearts, causing them to fear Me and not turn away from Me.

Verse page”>Psalm 27:13 is a tool.

ToolsVerse page”>Matthew 7:11If you, who are wicked, know how to give nice gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask Him?

Philippians 1:6 (from the “ToolsVerse page”).

Verse page”>Genesis 50:20 is a tool.

Acts 2:23-24″>Verse page”>Acts 2:23-24 You hanged this Man on a cross by the hands of godless men and put Him to death, despite the fact that He was given over by God’s predestined plan and foreknowledge.

Verse page”>Rom.

2 Corinthians 4:17″>Verse page”>2 Corinthians 4:17 For a brief period of time, a minor affliction is generating for us an everlasting weight of glory that beyond all comparison.

Verse page”>Psalm 135:3 (ToolsVerse page) Praise the Lord, because the Lord is excellent; sing praises to His name, for the name of the Lord is beautiful.

The house of the Lord was filled with a cloud when the trumpeters and singers were to make themselves heard with one voice to praise and glorify theLord, and when they lifted up their voices accompanied by trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and when they praised theLordsaying, “He indeed is good for His lovingkindness is everlasting,” then the house, the house of theLord, was filled with a cloud, and the house of theLord 2 Chronicles 7:3″>Verse page”>2 Chronicles 7:3 When the fire was extinguished and the glory of theLord shone on the house, all the sons of Israel bowed down on the pavement with their faces to the ground and worshiped and praised theLord, exclaiming, “Truly He is good, truly His lovingkindness is everlasting.” (Exodus 34:17) “Truly He is good, truly His lovingkindness is everlasting,” they said.

Verse page”>Psalm 136:1 (ToolsVerse page) Give thanks to the Lord because He is kind, and because His lovingkindness endures forever.

ToolsPsalm 145:7 verse page”>Psalm 145:7 verse page They will gladly recite the recollection of Your rich generosity, and they will exult in Your righteousness with jubilant cries.

15 Bible verses to remind you of how good God really is

Do you still not trust me that God is good? Take a look at these Scripture passages. In times of sorrow, “The LORD is gracious, a shelter in times of trouble, and He knows those who seek refuge in Him.”

Mark 10:18

and Jesus said, “Why do you call Me good?” he inquired. Except for God, there is no one who is good.”

Psalm 31:19–20

“Wow, how enormous is Your goodness, which You have accumulated for those who fear You, which You have created for those who seek shelter in You, even in the presence of the sons of mankind! When men conspire against you, you conceal them in the secret spot of Your presence; you keep them hidden in a safe location away from the conflict of tongues.”

Psalm 34:8

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; how happy is the man who seeks shelter in Him!” says the Psalmist.

Psalm 86:5

The Lord, however, is kind and willing to forgive, and He is overflowing in loving kindness to those who come to Him.

Psalm 100:5

“For the LORD is good; His loving kindness endures forever, and His faithfulness extends to all generations,” says the Psalmist.

Psalm 107:1

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is kind, and his love endures for all generations.”

Psalm 135:3

“Make a joyful noise to the LORD, because the LORD is kind; sing praises to His name, for it is beautiful.”

Psalm 145:7

“They will gladly recite the recollection of Your rich generosity, and they will exult in Your righteousness with jubilation.”

Psalm 145:9

“The LORD is kind to all, and His mercies are over all His handiwork,” the Psalmist writes.

1 Chronicles 16:34

“O give thanks to the LORD, for He is gracious; for His loving kindness endures forever.” “O give thanks to the LORD, for He is gracious.”

James 1:17

In the words of the apostle Paul, “Every good thing provided and every perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no fluctuation or changing shadow.”

Romans 2:4

“Or do you disdain the riches of His goodness, patience, and long suffering, not seeing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?” “Do you hate the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and long suffering?”

Romans 8:28

The Bible says, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

Romans 12:2

As Paul says in Romans 12:2, “And do not conform to this world, but be converted by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test what God’s will, that which is good and acceptable and perfect, is.”

Sermon: The Goodness of God – Psalm 145, 107

Psalm 145 and Psalm 107 are examples of scriptures.


Please lend me your ears for the following two stories, and see if you can identify the common factor that unites them all. The first of them is one of those rip-roaring-good parables that Jesus spoke about our heavenly Father in the Bible. Once upon a time, there was a wealthy guy who, one morning in the wee hours of the morning, decided to pay a visit to the marketplace, which was the old equivalent of a job center. While he was there, he recruited a group of men to work in his vineyard at a fee that had been agreed upon.

  • In fact, according to Jesus’ account, the owner of the vineyard employed additional laborers right up to the time of the harvest.
  • As the last rays of sunlight vanished from the sky, the employees gathered to get their wages.
  • And it was at this point that Jesus dropped a bombshell into the narrative.
  • It was the equivalent of one day’s earnings.
  • A quiet murmur could be heard among those who had been employed first thing in the morning.
  • We were dealt a bad hand.
  • We completed the majority of the job today.

“However, you treated them as equals in the workplace!” It was Jesus who spoke these words into the owner of the vineyard’s mouth: “Didn’t we come to an agreement together on how much I would pay you?

But please do not criticize my desire to be kind!

Final examinations were scheduled for that day.

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Everyone in the room was preparing for the exam at the last minute.

The most of it was well-known, but there were a few items that no one could recall hearing before.

The moment has come to put everything to the test.

I want you to hear this in Denise’s own words: “I couldn’t believe it!

My name was even written on the exam in red ink.” A wordless stir traveled like a wave over the class as each student looked at their completed exam.

You will receive an A on the final exam.

All the work you did in preparation for this test did not help you get the A.” (Denise Banderman, Hannibal, Missouri; cited in PreachingToday.com, “Professor Takes Students’ Test for Them”) Now, consider what you have heard.

There was the story of an already-completed exam that gave every student an undeserved “A.” What do these stories have in common?

Can I tell you something?

There isn’t a single person in this room who hasn’t experienced outrageous, lavish, unexpected, undeserved kindness.

They are poured out over us constantly.

If you want to see God for Who He really is, here’s a good starting point.



34:8) “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise!

For the Lord is good and His love is eternal, and His faithfulness endures to all generations.” (Ps.

“Show me as much as I can stand, Lord.” So what did God show him.

God showed Him something so wonderful and accessible that it caused the skin of Moses’ face to glow with the radiance of God’s presence. He showed him His goodness.

I. God’s goodness defined

It’s something we sing about and mention a lot. But do we really grasp the significance of this quality of God? This morning, please join me in contemplating the kindness of God. God’s kindness is defined in the Bible in two different ways. One is concerned with His personality, while the other is concerned with His conduct. When it states of God in Psalm 119:68, “You are good, and You do what is good.,” it expresses both aspects of his character. It is the first part of the passage that emphasizes the reality that God is, by his own nature, good.

  • But, because we’re dealing about God here, the goodness that has been attributed to Him is elevated to the highest conceivable level of perfection.
  • He is good in and of himself.
  • We consider goodness to be an additional characteristic.
  • God is not just the greatest of all beings; He is also the most excellent.
  • (Matthew 10:18) All types of things are deemed nice by us – “This steak is delicious.
  • That was an excellent film.” However, whatever we refer to as “good” on this planet is contaminated and flawed.
  • Nevertheless, how can one discern a person’s genuine character?

As a result, the second strand in the description of God’s goodness focuses on what He really accomplishes.

God’s disposition is to provide to human beings in excess of their merit, all of the time.

You can’t believe that when He looks at you, despite the fact that you’ve got a lot of baggage, a lot of garbage, a lot of hang-ups, He says, “I’d like to be generous with you in return.

God is on your side.

He’s right there, hatching a plan to do you good.

But it’s possible that you won’t be able to make it this morning.

Perhaps your circumstances are so ordinary, your life so difficult, and your alternatives so limited that the phrase “God is good” rings hollow in your ears. Allow me to assist you in seeing through the spectacles that the Bible provides.

II. How God reveals His goodness

Allow me to share with you three distinct routes via which God communicates His benevolence to us.

A. Natural blessings

This is the most basic level at which He communicates His kindness, yet it is the one that we are most prone to overlooking or dismissing. David, on the other hand, saw it plainly. Psalm 145 is a song of praise that celebrates God’s kindness as it is shown in the created order, and it was inspired by God to be written. In verses 3 and 4, he exclaims, “Yahweh is magnificent and much exalted; the depths of His glory are unfathomable. Your handiwork will be passed down from one generation to the next, and Your magnificent deeds will be proclaimed.” In addition, verses 7-9 outline what the elder generation would say to the younger generation: “They will bear witness to Your great goodness and will gladly sing of Your righteousness as a result of their experiences.

” Anyone and everyone is encompassed by the term “everyone.” You certainly are.

The next verses (15-17) tell us more about His goodness: “All eyes are on You, and You ensure that they receive their meals on time.

When it comes to His ways, the Lord is righteous, and He is kind in all that He does.” Every connection, every job, every tree, every delicious bite of food that we enjoy, every bird’s song, every friend, every flower, and every field are all reminders of His love for us and His compassion for the world.

B. Kind interventions

Psalm 107 is entirely devoted to this subject, and it begins with a joyful declaration: “Don’t forget to give thanks to the Lord because He is good, and His steadfast love endures forever. Let the Lord’s redeemed people announce that He has rescued them from the clutches of their adversary.” The psalmist then goes on to explain four distinct circumstances in which God kindly intervenes to demonstrate His greatness. I don’t have time to go into detail on each one, so I’ll just mention a few: God comes to the aid of those who are anxiously looking for anything or someone who can satisfy their spiritual needs.

  • God intervenes in the lives of individuals who have rebelled against God’s Word and have suffered as a result of their actions.
  • God intervenes on the behalf of His goodness in the lives of stupid people who have given themselves over to sin and are experiencing the death-dealing consequences of their actions in their relationships and in their daily lives.
  • He cures them and restores them to health by reversing the destructive effects of sin in their life.
  • In times of need, when the storms threaten to drown us and we’re at our wit’s end, we may call out to Him and see Him tell the storms to be still because he is good and He is faithful.

He’s been there for you in ways you’ll never be able to comprehend. Whatever position you find yourself in this morning, God is the most appropriate person to turn to for help. You cannot find a more dependable source of deliverance or blessing than in Him, for He is good at all times.

C. Through God’s Son, Jesus

God was happy to have all of His fullness dwell in Him, as stated in Colossians 1:15, and God was glad to have all of His fullness dwell in Him, as stated in Colossians 2:14. (v. 19). Jesus is the manifestation of God’s goodness in the flesh. Using three different methods, he emphasized God’s desire to pour down blessings, assistance, and deliverance on us. 1. He accepted the punishment that our crimes deserved and bore it upon Himself. “God demonstrates His own love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners,” according to Romans 5:8.

  1. His death on the cross for us is the unmistakable embodiment of unmerited goodness.
  2. I’m not deserving of it.
  3. God, on the other hand, is good.
  4. As a result, He sends His Son to die in our place, so granting eternal life to everyone who believe in Him.
  5. He incorporates a slew of other things in the gift of Himself that we can only imagine.
  6. Every every tiny element that will assist you in living a godly life through thick and thin is included in that gift as a thank you.
  7. Jesus reveals God’s goodness to us in fresh and unexpected ways.
  8. That is, all of God’s excellent and perfect gifts are made available to us as a result of our connection with Jesus.

III. Respond to God’s goodness?

God’s benevolence necessitates a reaction on our part. Allow me to outline three particular measures we must do in order to transform our lives and begin to truly feel the blessings of God’s generosity. 1.

A. Repent of unbelief and ingratitude

“Or do you scorn the richness of His kindness, restraint, and tolerance, failing to recognize that God’s compassion is designed to lead you to repentance?” asks the apostle Paul in Romans 2:4. Paul is expressing himself as follows: “Do you believe that all of the blessings that come your way are due to the fact that you are an extraordinarily lovely person who has been included on God’s unique list? No, His generosity was intended to draw you closer to Him.” Receiving what He has given you without placing your confidence in Christ is equivalent to saying, “I’ll take what I can get.” “All of this was foreshadowed, thank you very much.

So please don’t stop.” We are interested in the gifts, not the Giver.

And, eventually, the gravy train will come to a crashing halt. Stop. Take a look about you. Recognize the Lord’s hand at work in your life and turn to Him right now. Put an end to your stealing from God and learn to express gratitude to Him.

B. Rest in His goodness when adversity comes

Things go wrong for good people and righteous people in our society, and both are equally likely to happen. Our circumstances might have disagreements with us about how good God is at times. It is possible that God’s ideal plan for us will entail our suffering through hardships and losses, pain, and even death. But please understand that he is there for you. According to Psalm 31:19-20, “Who can measure the depth of Your mercy that You have stored up for those who fear You, and that You have achieved in the eyes of everyone for those who seek shelter in You?

Take shelter in Him, and you will be safe.

He is up to more than you realize, and He has secret assistance that can only be accessed when you surrender your will to Him.

C. Step out in faith

You are free to take ever-increasing leaps of faith when you think that God is always good and does good in all circumstances. We have a wonderful print of Jeremiah 29:11 in our living room, which serves as a constant reminder of God’s intentions for myself and my family: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare, not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope.” Believe this and you will be liberated from your fear of taking risks for the cause of Christ.

  1. “He does not withhold good from people who spend their lives in accordance with their principles.” When you go out with God, you never have to worry about missing out.
  2. In 1997, when John was five years old, he was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, which is a genetically inherited, degenerative, and severely disabling condition.
  3. Every year, John Gilbert suffered a loss of some sort.
  4. However, there was one particular instance that jumped out.
  5. When the auction began, one specific item drew John’s attention: a basketball that had been signed by all of the Sacramento Kings’ players.
  6. When his mother realized they didn’t have the means to cover any bids, she hastily took the item off the table.
  7. This was an incredible sum when compared to the other objects up for sale and especially when contrasted to the ball’s actual value.

While the man walked up to the front, he did not immediately return to his seat; instead, he walked across the room and gently placed the basketball into the thin, small hands of the boy who would never dribble that ball down the court, never throw it to a teammate, never fire it from the foul line, but who would cherish it for the rest of his life.

I recall hearing gasps from all across the room, followed by loud ovation and tears in the eyes of the audience.

When was the last time you received a present that you could never have purchased for yourself?

” Everybody’s Normal Until You Get to Know Them (Zondervan, 2003), p. 197; contributed by Gino Grunberg of Gig Harbor, Washington) And everyone in this room would be required to respond affirmatively to that question.

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