What Is It Called When Jesus Returns To Earth?

The Second Coming

What is the Second Coming and how does it manifest itself?It is the Second Coming of Christ that will bring Him back to the earth in fulfillment of His promises and in fulfillment of the prophecies that have been made concerning Him.It was Jesus Himself who declared, ″It will be at that time that a sign from the Son of Man will emerge in the sky, and every nation on the face of the planet will weep.They will see the arrival of the Son of Man in the clouds of the sky, accompanied by tremendous power and glory ″ (Matthew 24:30).This is what the Book of Revelation 19:11-12 says about the Second Coming ″I saw heaven open up in front of me, with a white horse whose rider is known as Faithful and True standing in front of me.

  1. He judges and wages war in the name of justice.
  2. His eyes are like flaming fire, and he wears a slew of crowns on his head.
  3. He has a name engraved on him that no one else save himself is aware of.″ Those who watched Christ’s ascension into heaven following his death and resurrection heard the angels proclaim in Acts 1:11 that he had been raised from the dead ″Why are you standing here, men of Galilee, staring up into the sky?
  4. Jesus, who has been taken from you and ascended into heaven, will return in the same manner in which you have witnessed him ascend into heaven.″ The Second Coming is the physical return of Jesus Christ to the planet as King in power and glory to reign for a thousand years on the earth’s surface (Revelation 20:1-6).
  5. As seen by Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7, and Zachariah 14:4, the Old Testament prophets did not appear to completely comprehend the distinction between Jesus’ first and second comings (His birth and His Second Coming).
  6. If someone claims that Jesus was not the Messiah because He did not fulfill all of the Old Testament prophesies about the Messiah, they are failing to take into consideration the Second Coming of Christ, in which He will fulfill all of the Old Testament prophecies regarding the Messiah.

The purpose of Christ’s first coming was to take our place and bear the punishment for sin on our behalf.His Second Coming will finally put an end to sin for all time.The second coming should not be confused with the event known as the Rapture, which takes place shortly after the second coming.The Rapture is a time period during which Jesus Christ will return to the world and remove all believers from it (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:50-54).Although the church has had a variety of viewpoints on the rapture, the Second Coming is unassailable.

This is the event in which Jesus Christ comes to the planet to overcome evil and establish His kingdom of justice and peace on the earth.What exactly is the significance of the Second Coming?Prior to everything else, believing in the Second Coming of Christ is critical since it is plainly stated in the Bible.To have doubts about the actuality of the Second Coming is to have doubts about the dependability and validity of God’s written Word.Secondly, the Second Coming is significant because it was promised by Jesus Himself.

  1. It’s hard to believe that Jesus was incorrect about the Second Coming if he was wrong about everything else.
  2. It is in the Second Coming of Christ that we have hope and assurance that God is in complete control of all things and that He is true to His Word and His promises.
  3. ″…as we look forward to the joyful hope – the glorious coming of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,″ says Titus 2:13, ″…″ Also significant is that Christ’s Second Coming is scheduled to occur at a time when the world is most in desperate need of a righteous King.
  1. Revealing the end times before to Christ’s Second Coming is the subject of Revelation chapters 6-18.
  2. Global devastation will occur, millions of people will perish, and the most terrible person in all of history will be appointed as the ruler of the entire planet.
  3. All of this comes to an end with the Second Coming of Christ.
  4. According to Revelation 19:15-16, ″’He will govern them with an iron scepter,’ says the prophet, referring to the sharp sword that comes out of his mouth to strike down the nations.
  5. He is treading the winepress of the wrath of God Almighty, and it is a dangerous task.
  6. This is inscribed on his robe and on the inside of his thigh: “I am the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS.”″ When will the Second Coming take place?
  • Possibly no other event in the history of the world has been more eagerly anticipated than the Second Coming of Jesus Christ..
  • The expectation that Jesus will return in their lifetime has persisted through every generation of Christians, even those who believe in the New Testament.
  • ″Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being brought to him, we implore you, brothers, not to be easily upset or worried by any prophecy, rumor, or letter supposedly coming from us, declaring that the day of the Lord has already come,″ 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 says.

Some people are terrified that they have missed the Second Coming, which they believe to be a mistake.Many others are skeptical that it will ever take place: ″They will ask, ‘Where is this ″coming″ he promised?Ever since our ancestors died, everything has continued as it has done from the beginning of creation″ (2 Peter 3:4).To avoid both extremes, we must avoid thinking that the Second Coming has already come as well as believing that the Second Coming will never occur.

Many Bible instructors have made educated assumptions about the timing of the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ.They’ve all been proven wrong thus far.According to the Bible, ″no one, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father, knows what day or hour it will be on that day″ (Matthew 24:36).The Bible specifies a number of events that must take place prior to Christ’s Second Coming (Matthew 24:4-29; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; Revelation chapters 6-18).As a result, we are to look forward to the Second Coming while maintaining a biblical perspective on it.

We are not to establish dates and schedules, but rather to live our lives as though anything may happen at any hour of the day or night.Matthew 25:19-21, ″After a long time the master of the servants returned and settled accounts with them… His lord answered, ‘Well done, excellent and faithful servant!You have been loyal with a few things; I will put you in control of many things.

Come and share your master’s delight!’″ Are you ready for the Second Coming of Christ?Discover More!WHAT DO YOU THINK?- We have all sinned and earned God’s punishment.God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him.

  • Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible.
  • If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, ″Jesus is Lord,″ you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.
  • What is your response?
  • Yes, today I am deciding to follow Jesus Yes, I am already a follower of Jesus I still have questions

Jesus’ return – the Second Coming

According to Christian belief, Jesus Christ will return at some point in the future, and when this occurs, everyone will be informed of it.His reappearance is referred to as the Second Coming.It will be a remarkable and unparalleled event in history, in stark contrast to his first appearance in Bethlehem as a defenseless infant.There are hints in the Bible about what it could be like, but there is no indication as to when it will occur.In the days leading up to his crucifixion in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, Jesus talked of his return to the earth.

  1. In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells his closest disciples that all nations will witness the Son of Man (Jesus) coming on the clouds of the sky, accompanied by tremendous power and glory.
  2. In addition, He will dispatch his angels with a thunderous trumpet call, and they will collect his elect (believers in Christ)….’ ‘This same Jesus, who has been carried away from you into heaven, will come back in the same manner in which you have witnessed him ascend into heaven.’ The final hours of Jesus’ earthly life also provide a hint concerning the Second Coming.
  3. Christianity says that Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion and remained with his disciples for a further six weeks after his death.
  4. During that time period, he was seen by more than 500 individuals.
  5. When he arrived on the Mount of Olives, a slope overlooking Jerusalem, he led his people up to the top and was immediately carried up into heaven in front of them.
  6. The ascension of Jesus is the name given to this occurrence.

Suddenly, two guys in white emerged out of nowhere, while the followers looked on in disbelief at what had just occurred.″This same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven will come back in the same manner in which you have witnessed him go into heaven,″ the book of Acts says they informed the followers.According to the Bible, during this time, Jesus is seated at the right hand of God in heaven, awaiting his return on the second day.Continue reading below.The early Christian church believed that Jesus would return soon to save them from the oppression of the Roman occupation, which they believed was imminent.

Jesus had warned his disciples that no one, other than God, could predict the exact moment of his return, but he also instructed them to make certain that they were always prepared in case it did.The early Christians gradually realized that it was not going to happen as quickly as they had anticipated.Christian scholars have examined passages of the Bible that talk about the future during the centuries that have followed to attempt to determine the conditions under which Jesus would return.They have concentrated their attention mostly on the last book of the Bible, Revelation, which was authored by one of Jesus’ closest supporters, John the Baptist.It is a description of a complicated, lyrical vision that John has received.

  1. It is densely packed with meaning and magnificent images, yet it is difficult to comprehend.
  2. It talks not only of the present, but also of the future – including a time when the existing heavens and earth will be destroyed and replaced by a new heaven and a new earth – as well as of the present and past.
  3. I am confident that he will wipe every tear from their eyes.
  1. Because the old order of things has gone away, there will be no more death, sorrow, weeping, or suffering.
  2. As individuals have attempted to predict what will happen, a variety of hypotheses have been established.
  3. Others believe that all believers, even those who have died, will be immediately evacuated from the world and will join God in heaven, where they will be joined by all other Christians.
  4. Jesus will return at that time to retake control of the globe and reign for a thousand years, according to the Bible.
  5. According to some interpretations, the allusion to a period of 1,000 years refers to a period of just and peaceful world leadership by the Christian church, which will be followed by a horrific apocalypse involving evil.
  6. After then, Jesus will intervene to bring this period of terror to an end.
  • There is a third school of thought that holds that the symbolic events described in Revelation do not foreshadow concrete occurrences.
  • Instead, the return of Jesus will coincide with the end of human life on earth as we know it now and the beginning of an eternity of love, joy, and peace with God in the new heavens and new earth, which will occur simultaneously with the end of human life on earth as we know it now.
  • There are several variants on these views, but the Bible instructs Christians not to get obsessed with these events and their timing, but rather to take comfort in the confidence that Jesus will return to make all things new.

‘He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,’ says the Bible, which is virtually its final words.Because the old order of things has gone away, there will be no more death, sorrow, weeping, or suffering.

5 Important Facts about Jesus’ Second Coming

Jesus’ Second Coming refers to his eventual return to Earth following His ascension, when he will overcome the enemy, eliminate evil, and build His millennial reign, according to the Christian belief system.In Revelation 19:11-16, the second coming is described as follows: ‘I saw heaven opening out in front of me, and there before me was a white horse whose rider is known as Faithful and True.’″ He judges and fights battle with the sword of justice.His eyes are like flaming fire, and he wears a slew of crowns on his head.He has a name written on him that no one else save himself is aware of.His name is the Word of God, and he is clad in a robe that has been stained with blood.

  1. They rode on white horses and were clad in magnificent linen that was both white and clean, as if they were the soldiers of heaven.
  2. Flowing from his tongue is a razor-sharp sword, with which he intends to slay whole nations.
  3. ‘He will govern with an iron scepter,’ says the prophet.
  4. He is treading the winepress of the wrath of God Almighty, and it is a dangerous task.
  5. ″King of Kings and Lord of Lords″ is inscribed on his robe and on his thigh, and he is referred to as such.
  6. As Christians, we believe that Jesus will return to the world in fulfillment of His promises as well as the predictions that have been made about Him in the past.

This promise is mentioned in Matthew 24:30.In that case, the sign of the Son of Man will show in the sky, and all of the countries on earth will weep together.In power and great glory, they will see the Son of Man ascending out of the clouds of the heaven.″ We may not be able to predict every aspect of Jesus’ return, but the Word of God does provide us with important information regarding His second coming, which is a promise Jesus has made to us.Here are five essential facts you should be aware of.Jesus Will Reappear from the Celestial Kingdom: Throughout His earthly mission, Jesus made this a point of emphasis.

Ascended to heaven, Jesus said, with the goal of receiving a kingdom from his Father and returning with power to rule over all of creation.In addition, Matthew 25:31 informs us that Jesus will not return on his own.He will sit on His throne in Heavenly splendor when the Son of Man appears in His full glory, with all of the angels accompanying Him.And we’re not just talking about a few of angels here; we’re talking about ″thousands upon thousands″ of angels who will follow Jesus on His return.The Second Coming Isn’t the Rapture, as Some Believe: While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the second coming is not the rapture.

  1. In the rapture, Christ will come to earth in order to take the church from the world.
  2. In this sense, the term ″church″ refers to all those who profess faith in Christ.
  3. It is described in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 as well as 1 Corinthians 15:50:54 in the New Testament.
  1. In an act of deliverance, Christians who have died and believers who are still alive will be resurrected together and will meet the Lord in the skies at this moment.
  2. The second coming refers to Jesus’ return to earth after his victory over evil, at which point he will build his Millennial reign.
  3. While it is not always simple to discern between the two while reading Scripture, it is critical to distinguish between the two.
  4. Both events feature the return of Jesus, and both are considered to be end-time occurrences.
  5. In a nutshell, the rapture is the removal of all Christians from the planet before God’s vengeance is unleashed.
  6. The second coming is the return of Christ to put an end to tribulation by destroying the Enemy, as described in the Bible.
  • There are several events that must take place prior to Jesus’ second coming.
  • We won’t be able to tell you what time it is: Many individuals have attempted to predict the exact hour of Christ’s return, but they have always failed miserably.
  • In the passage from Matthew 24:36 that references the Mount of Olives, Jesus said, ″No one knows what day or what hour,″ indicating that pinpointing the precise day and time of Jesus’ return is impossible.
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However, Jesus promises that we shall be able to tell when His coming is approaching.When the Son of Man’s sign is seen in the sky, all of the tribes on earth will weep and behold the Son of Man coming in authority and great glory, they will know that they have seen the end of the world.Furthermore, with a loud trumpet, He will send forth His angels to gather His beloved from the four winds, from one end of the heaven to the other.″ His reappearance will be heralded by these signals.Visible and audible signs will be displayed: When Jesus arrives, it will be seen and loud to everyone on the planet.

It is said in Matthew 24:31 that ″a great sound of a trumpet″ will be heard that will be heard from ″one end of heaven to another.″ The book of 1 Thessalonians 4:16 also talks of a powerful sound.Because the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a cry, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God, we must be ready.″ According to the Book of Revelation, He will be seen by everyone on the planet.″Behold, he is coming with clouds, and every eye will behold him,″ says the prophet (Revelation 1:7).Jesus warns us to be on the lookout for impersonators.In Matthew 24:26-27, there is a reference to something like this.

″So if someone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ don’t go out looking for him; or if someone tells you, ‘Here he is, in the inner chambers,’ don’t believe it.Since lightning that comes from the east may be seen even in the west, so will the coming of Christ on Man be apparent even in the east.His Second Arrival Will Be Different Than the First: The Bible tells us that Jesus’ second coming will be ″with tremendous might and great splendor.″ The first time Jesus came to earth, he humbled himself by being born in a stable in Bethlehem and by leading a life on this planet with tremendous humility.

However, upon his return, he will be proclaimed King of Kings and Lord or Lords, and he will reign as such.On this day, as a result of Jesus’ triumphal return, the entire world will be able to see and understand who Jesus truly was.Jesus’ initial arrival is marked by a strong sense of humility.Glory is particularly noticeable in his second.His triumphal homecoming will be heralded by the strong accompaniment of angels and saints.

  • He will be greeted with open arms.

Christ is Coming Back to Earth, and Soon

By Steven J.Hogan 212 A Saturday Morning Post by Steven J.Hogan Jesus Christ is returning to the world — He is returning to our planet.Because it’s the truth, and it’s going to happen very soon – and He needs to, because it’s clear that this world is becoming a bigger and more sinful disaster by the day.And when Christ returns, everything will be transformed, and every individual on the face of the earth will be profoundly influenced by it.

  1. ″They will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with tremendous power and great splendor,″ says the Bible.
  2. Luke 21:27 is a passage from the Bible that says, ″If you want to be perfect, you must be perfect in all you do.″ What evidence do we have?
  3. Because God instructed us to do so – ″…
  4. in order that He may send Jesus, the Christ ordained for you, whom heaven must accept until the era of restoration of all things″ – (See Acts 3:20.) Jesus Christ, the Creator, the Son of God, and the Lord of lords, first appeared on the scene some 2000 years ago.
  5. He is the Son of God and the Lord of lords.
  6. When He was here, Jesus Himself informed us that He would be returning soon.

″Behold, I will be arriving shortly.″ Do we know when Christ will return?Rev.22:12 Do we know when Christ will return?Even though we do not know the precise moment of Jesus’ return, we will know the general time because God has revealed to us numerous distinct, visible indications and events that will take place before to His Son’s return to our world.″When you see all of these things, understand that He is close by, just at the door,″ says the author.

As predicted by Jesus in Matthew 24:32-34, the Jewish people would miraculously return to their homeland and establish a country, which has already occurred.The prophet Ezekiel 36-37 and the gospel of Matthew 24:15-20 predict that most people will hear about, and some will experience, ″birth pangs″ occurring around the globe — earthquakes, wars, plagues, famines, and economic turmoil.The Antichrist, described in Matthew 24:4-8 and Revelation 6:1-8, would dominate the world for a brief period of time, forcing people to worship him and bear his mark, known as the ″mark of the beast.″ Matthew 24:4-8 and Revelation 6:1-8 provide further details.Both Christians and Jews shall be persecuted to a considerable extent throughout the world, according to Rev.13*.

  1. In accordance with Matt.
  2. 24:9, 21-22*, the Jews will offer sacrifices in a freshly constructed temple in Jerusalem.
  3. Increasing lawlessness and wickedness will be seen, as is now obvious in every country, according to 2 Thess.
  1. 2:3-4.
  2. According to Matthew 24:12, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread in all of the globe.
  3. Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 that God has given us these signs so that we will be alerted, warned, and awakened to the fact that His Son is returning soon.
  4. And He does not want us to be caught off guard.
  5. What will will place when Jesus Christ returns to the earth?
  6. There will be five significant worldwide events that will take place: 1.
  • The rapture is the first event that occurs when Christ returns, in which He immediately, forcefully, and tenderly removes all Christians from this planet to be with Himself.
  • At that time, all Christians who have ever lived, both those on earth and those already in heaven, will be exalted, given brand-new, eternal bodies, and gathered to Christ in the presence of the whole universe.
  • Matthew 24:30-31; 1 Corinthians 15:42-442 God’s vengeance will be poured out on this planet.

This is certain.This is the Day of the Lord, a horrific moment when billions of people will be punished and killed, and they will be punished and killed rightfully, for their sins and rebellion against God.You do not want to be present when anything like this occurs!Revelation 8-9 and 16 are examples of this.

3.It is predicted that the redemption and salvation of a sizable remnant of Jews will take place at the conclusion of Daniel’s 70th week, which will span a seven-year time span.Daniel 9:24, Romans 11:25-264, and other passages.The Antichrist and the devil will both be soundly vanquished at the end of time.2 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9; Rev.

20:1-35.The beginning of Christ’s rule on earth will be signaled.His illustrious reign will endure exactly 1000 years, during which time the world will be repopulated with new life.

″God is the King of all the earth…God is the ruler of all the nations,″ says the Bible (Psalm 47:7-8).Peace on earth will be declared by all, and there will be love, justice, and harmony on a scale that has never previously been experienced.What are your thoughts?What do you think will happen to you when Christ returns?

  • Will you be saved by God’s grace and be raptured, or will you be left behind and suffer the wrath of the Almighty?
  • When you put yourself in the hands of the living God, it’s a terrible experience (Heb.
  • 10:31).
  • The information God is providing you regarding His Son’s return to this planet is not something you want to ignore, discount, or forget.
  • According to Jesus, when it comes to our destiny, ″Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away″ (Matt.
  • 24:35).
  • If you happen to be alive on earth at the time of Christ’s return, your life will be drastically altered in one way or another, for better or worse.
  • Which way will the wind blow?
  • Jesus Christ is the only one who can provide a solution to all your troubles.
  • And sin is the most serious problem you have.

It is a rejection and disobedience of God.Being an idolater is not loving God, but rather adoring oneself and other things, rather than loving Him (Psalm 115:4-8, Col.3:5-6).Jesus Christ came to this planet around 2000 years ago to deal with the problem of sin that we all have.

  • He lived a faultless life and then died on the cross, being punished by His Father for the sins of the world and bearing the wrath that they merited for their actions.
  • It is necessary to repent of your sins and believe that Christ died for your sins, was punished for your crimes, and paid the penalty you should have paid in order to be reconciled with God, to accept God’s grace and forgiveness, and to be admitted to paradise.
  • ″God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us,″ says the Bible.
  • (See Romans 5:8 for more information.) ″Christ likewise died for our sins once and for all, the righteous for the unjust, in order that He may reconcile us to God,″ the Bible says.
  • The Bible says (1 Peter 3:18).

According to John 3:16, ″For God so loved the world that He gave His only born Son, that whomever believes in Him will not perish, but shall have eternal life.″ John 3:16 is a biblical passage that teaches that God is love.It won’t be long until Christ returns to earth and brings about a complete transformation of society!The advent of the Lord will take place in a very short period of time and will not cause any delay.″ (Hebrews 10:37) Don’t let yourself get left behind!

  1. You will witness the Son of Man…
  2. when he descends from the clouds of heaven″ (Matt.
  3. 26:64).
  4. ″When the Lord Himself comes down from heaven with a cry, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God, first and foremost will the dead in Christ rise.″ When that happens, we who are alive and yet living will be taken up with them in the clouds, where we will meet the Lord in the air, and we will be with the Lord forever.″ 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 (New International Version) P.S.
  5. The return of Jesus Christ to this globe is the most significant issue on the planet, second only to the gospel of Jesus Christ, which explains how you might be forgiven of your sins and gain eternal life.
  6. This is a topic about which I have written a lot of blog pieces.
  • Here are a couple more that I would advise you to check out: Everything on this planet will change when Christ returns, as evidenced by the phrases ″Christ is coming again and He will come soon,″ ″Jesus Christ, Savior, Judge, Redeemer, and King,″ and ″Christ is coming again and He will come soon.″

What will happen when Jesus returns / comes back?

Answer to the question The second coming of Christ is mentioned several times in the Bible, with more than 1,500 passages in the Old Testament and one out of every twenty-five phrases in the New Testament alluding to the Messiah’s return.God’s statement in Amos 3:7, ″Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets,″ is reinforced by the huge quantity of material devoted to this significant event.Overall, the coming of Christ ushers in what is referred to in Scripture as the kingdom of God—total God’s reign over all of His creation, including people.As a result, Jesus ushers in two separate judgements, two different resurrections, and two different eternities in order to achieve this goal.When Jesus returns, He will be prepared to wage battle (Revelation 19:11–16), according to the Bible.

  1. We refer to this as the Battle of Armageddon because it will bring together all of the world’s nations to fight against Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2).
  2. The day of Jesus’ return, however, will be marked by the following events: ″His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be divided in half from east to west, producing a huge valley, with half of the mountain going north and half moving south″ (verse 4).
  3. In the history of the earth, that day will be unlike any other: ″On that day, there will be neither sunshine nor cold, icy darkness…
  4. a day known only to the Lord—with no distinction between day and night.″ It will be bright when the evening approaches,″ says the Bible (verses 6–7).
  5. God’s adversaries will be defeated, and the Antichrist and the false prophet will be ″thrown alive into a flaming lake of burning sulfur,″ where they will perish (Revelation 19:20).
  6. Jesus will establish His kingdom on earth, and ″the Lord will reign as king over the entire globe″ (Zechariah 14:9).

The first step in Jesus’ plan to build His kingdom on earth will be to create a system of judgment for individuals who are still living after the tribulation and who are still alive when Jesus returns for a second time.The ″judgment of the sheep and the goats″ or the ″judgment of the nations″ (Matthew 25:31–46) is a reference to this event.Those who survive this judgment will stay on earth for 1,000 years, during which they will live in peace and prosperity with Christ (a period known as the millennium; see Revelation 20:4–6 for more information).In this judgment, those who are determined to have committed a crime are condemned and sent to ″the everlasting fire reserved for the devil and his angels″ (Matthew 25:41).According to Revelation 20:1–3, Satan has been chained and is not permitted to act throughout the millennium.

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At this time, there will also be a resurrection of all believers in God, according to the book of Revelation (Revelation 20:4–6).Christians who have been raised from the dead will join believers who are living at the time of Christ’s return, as well as those who Christ brings with Him from heaven, and they will all dwell with Jesus throughout His 1,000-year earthly rule.Once Satan has been unleashed, there will be a last fight that will be quickly won by Christ (Revelation 20:7–9).Satan will be released at the end of the century, and there will be one final war that will be quickly won by Christ.When Satan is finally cast into the lake of fire, he is forever doomed.

  1. The second resurrection, as well as another judgment, will take place at this moment.
  2. People who do not believe in Jesus will be resurrected and judged in what is referred to as the great white throne judgment; they will be sent to the lake of fire based on their deeds (Revelation 20:11–15).
  3. After Jesus returns, two separate eternities—one with God and one without Him—will be inaugurated.
  1. These two passages from the book of Malachi express the essence of this truth: ″Unquestionably, the day is approaching; it will be hot as a fire.″ All of the haughty and all of the evildoers will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them ablaze.
  2. They will not be left with a single root or branch.
  3. In contrast, the sun of righteousness will rise in your honor with healing in its rays, because you revere my name.
  4. And you will go out and play like well-fed calves″ (Malachi 4:1–2), the prophet says.
  5. What will take place when Jesus returns?
  6. Evil has been crushed, the planet has been restored, and God has triumphed.
  • How you react to Jesus’ return will be determined by your relationship with Him.
  • According to John MacArthur, it will either be ″the greatest tragedy in all of human history,″ or ″the realization of the Blessed Hope,″ as he describes it (Titus 2:13).
  • The distinction is made by one’s faith in Christ.

″However, when the Son of Man arrives, how many people will he find on the face of the planet who believe?″ (Luke 18:8, New Living Translation) Questions regarding the End Times can be found here.What will will place when Jesus returns / returns to earth?

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When will Jesus return to earth?

Throughout His teachings, Jesus stated that He will return one day, and that when He does, He will judge all the ills of this world and establish His perfect reign of justice and peace on earth.God, according to the Bible, ″has fixed a day when he will judge the world with justice via the man he has anointed″ (Acts 17:31).When is this going to happen?According to the Bible, God has not disclosed the precise hour to anybody, not even to the angels or to the Lord Jesus Christ himself.″No one, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father knows what day or hour it is,″ Jesus replied.

  1. ″No one, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father knows″ (Mark 13:32).
  2. (Incidentally, the phrase ″the Son″ plainly refers to Jesus, who is the only one who is God’s Son; see, for example, John 5:22).
  3. As you point out, some people have claimed to know the precise time of Jesus’ return despite the fact that this warning has been sent (although their predictions turned out to be wrong).
  4. Unfortunately, their failure frequently led to people dismissing the Bible’s teachings on Christ’s coming and denying its warning that this world would be judged at some point in the near future.
  5. We ignore these realities, however, at our risk, for the day will come when each and every one of us shall appear before God.
  6. Despite the fact that we do not know when Christ will return, the Bible does provide us with a number of indicators that He is on His way back.

For example, Scripture states that He will come only once the Gospel has been preached across the entire world—and, thanks to modern methods of communication, it is possible that this day is becoming closer (see Matthew 24:14).Are you prepared for the next event?Become one of them right away by pledging your life to Jesus Christ without hesitation.

The Second Coming (poem) – Wikipedia

The Second Coming
by W. B. Yeats
Written 1919
First published in The Dial
Country Ireland
Language English
Form Lyric poetry
Publication date 1920
Media type Print
Lines 22
Read online The Second Coming at Wikisource

The Second Coming of Christ Twisting and turning in an ever-expanding gyre of destruction The falcon is unable to hear the falconer because of its size.Things begin to break apart; the center is no longer stable.The world has been thrown into complete chaos, the blood-dimmed flood has been unleashed, and chaos reigns everywhere.Despite the fact that the ceremonial of innocence has been drowned, the best lack any conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.Surely, some sort of revelation is on the horizon; likewise, the Second Coming is on the horizon.

  1. The Second Coming is upon us!
  2. When a large image from Spiritus Mundi interferes with my vision, those words are barely out of my mouth: Somewhere amid the dunes of the desert is the location of the event.
  3. In the distance, the shadows of irate desert birds are cast around a form with lion body and man head, with a blank and pitiless look as blinding as the sun, which is moving its sluggish legs in the desert.
  4. However, now I see that twenty millennia of hard slumber were turned into nightmares by a rocking cradle, and that what tough beast, its hour having come around, has finally made its way to Bethlehem to be born.
  5. Yeats’ poem ″The Second Coming″ was written in 1919 and originally published in The Dial (London, England) on November 20, 1920.
  6. It was later included in his collection of poetry Michael Robartes and the Dancer (London, England), published in 1921.

The poem allegorically describes the mood of post-war Europe by making use of Christian themes such as the Apocalypse and the Second Coming.It is widely regarded as a seminal piece of modernist poetry, and has been republished in a number of anthologies, including The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, among others.

Historical context

A year after the First World War ended, the poem was written in 1919, just as Ireland was about to declare independence from Britain following the Easter Rising in April 1916, and before the British government chose to send in the Black and Tans to retake the country from the Germans.The phrase ″the second birth″ was used by Yeats in his earliest writings, rather than the phrase ″the Second Coming.″ The poem also has a connection to the influenza epidemic that occurred in 1918–1919: In the weeks leading up to Yeats’s composition of the poem, his pregnant wife Georgie Hyde-Lees became ill with the illness and came dangerously near to passing away.Pregnant women experienced the greatest mortality rates during the pandemic, with up to a 70 percent mortality rate in some regions of the country.He authored ″The Second Coming″ when his wife was recuperating from her illness.


  • Phrases and sentences from the poem are utilized in various works, in a range of mediums, such as literature, film pictures, television and music. Examples of works whose titles draw from ″The Second Coming″ include: Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart (1958)
  • \s Joan Didion’s essay collection Slouching Towards Bethlehem (1968)
  • \s Walker Percy’s novel The Second Coming (1980)
  • \s Peter De Vries’ novel Slouching Towards Kalamazoo (1983)
  • \s Robert B. Parker’s novel The Widening Gyre (1983)
  • \s The 1996 non-fiction book Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline by Robert Bork
  • The song ″Slouching Towards Bethlehem″ (which quotes or paraphrases almost all of the poem)by Joni Mitchell from her 1991 album Night Ride Home
  • \s Lou Reed in his preamble to the song ″Sweet Jane″ on the 1978 album Live: Take No Prisoners
  • \s The episode ″Slouching Toward Bethlehem″ (27 October 2002) of the television series Angel
  • \s Elyn Saks’ memoir The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness (2007)
  • \s The episode ″The Second Coming″ (20 May 2007) of the television series The Sopranos, in which A.J. Soprano reads and quotes the poem while struggling with depression
  • The episode ″Revelations″ (9 November 1994) of the science fiction television series Babylon 5
  • Stephen King’s novel The Stand, in which a character openly quotes words from the poem
  • and the science fiction television series Babylon 5.
  • Junkie XL’s soundtrack to Zack Snyder’s Justice League features a song titled ″The Center Will Not Hold, Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep″, referencing the ″second coming″ of Superman after his death in the film’s prequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and his subsequent resurrection in this film
  • Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (1987) exclaims, ″So the falcon’s heard the falconer, huh?″
  • \s Good Omens (1990) parodies the poem, ″slouching optimistically towards Tadfield″
  • The title of the BBC podcast series Things Fell Apart by Jon Robson


  1. A b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g Dorian Lynskey is a fictional character created by author Dorian Lynskey (30 May 2020). Apocalyptic appeal of WB Yeats’ The Second Coming: ″’Things break apart,’″ says the author. The Guardian is a British newspaper.
  2. Albright, Daniel (1997), Quantum Poetics: Yeats’s figures as reflections in Water (PDF), Cambridge University Press, p. 35.
  3. Childs, Peter (2001), ″Yeats’s Figures as Reflections in Water″ (PDF), Cambridge University Press, p. 35. (2007). Modernism. (2nd edition) of The New Critical Idiom ISBN 978-0-41541546-0.
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  5. (3 May 2020). ″Millions of people died as a result of the 1918 influenza pandemic. So, what is it in its cultural memory that makes it seem so shaky? ″… ″Slouching Towards Bethlehem,″ Slate, 10 May 2020.
  6. ″Slouching Towards Bethlehem,″ Slate, 10 May 2020.
  7. ″The Second Coming″. IMDb.com. 20 May 2007. Retrieved 30 May 2021.
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  11. ″’Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Soundtrack Is the ‘Mount Everest of Scores’: See Release Date & Track List″. It’s the ″audio of the week: Things Fell Apart, Doomsday Watch, and 5 Live Breakfast.″ TheGuardian.com. 13th of November, 2021

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the Rapture

Home Philosophy and religion are two different things.Religious Beliefs The Rapture is a Christian belief that both living and dead believers will ascend into heaven to meet Jesus Christ at the Second Coming.It is an eschatological (concerned with the last things and the Endtime) belief that both living and dead believers will ascend into heaven to meet Jesus Christ at the Second Coming (Parousia).The belief in the Rapture arose out of the expectation that Jesus will return to rescue all members of the church at some point in the future.The phrase ″rapture,″ on the other hand, does not exist anywhere in the New Testament.

  1. The Apostle Paul declared in his First Letter to the Thessalonians that the Lord would descend from heaven and that a trumpet call will herald the resurrection of ″the dead in Christ″ before the resurrection of the living (4:16).
  2. Following that, ″we who are yet living and are left will be caught up″ (in Latin, rapio, which is the usual translation of Paul’s original Koine Greek) ″together with them into the clouds to meet the Lord in the air″ (Colossians 1:17).
  3. (4:17).
  4. A return to earth from heaven is mentioned in the Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke); for example, the Gospel of Mark describes Jesus as foretelling a ″coming in clouds″ with ″with power and glory″ (13:26).
  5. Although there are amillennial interpretations of the belief that reject this notion, belief in the literal coming of the millennium, the 1,000-year rule of Jesus Christ after his return, as mentioned in chapter 20 of The Revelation to John (also known as The Book of Revelation), is often associated with belief in the Rapture.
  6. Additionally, there is a division between pre-tribulationists, who believe that the Rapture will take place before a period of tribulation on earth, as described in Daniel (12:1) and Matthew (24:21) and preceding the End, and post-tribulationists, who believe that it will take place after that period.

At long last, dispensationalism, the idea that God periodically enters into a new covenant with his people, may have exerted some impact on the belief system, in that some believers in the Rapture consider themselves to be dispensationalists, which is not uncommon.Millennialist thinking and apocalyptic literature, along with the epistles of Paul and the Book of Revelation, have long held a place in the Christian imagination, despite the fact that they have been variously interpreted or, in the case of millennialism, outright rejected by some of the most important figures in Christian theology’s history.The Futurist movement, founded by the Jesuit Francisco Ribera in the 16th century, emphasized the future fulfillment of the prophesy of the End as it is stated in scripture, which would include both the rising of the Antichrist and the return of Christ.In addition, the creation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony by Puritans intending to establish a ″City on a Hill″ in expectation of the Second Coming may have had some impact on the eventual growth of the concept.Early 18th-century evangelical fervor in the United States, as well as the Second Great Awakening (late 18th- to early nineteenth-century) in the same country, spread notions about the millennium, a new dispensation, and the imminence of Christ’s second coming broadly.

The most well-known of these philosophers was William Miller, whose forecast that the Second Coming would take place in 1843 spurred the establishment of Adventist churches across the world.The idea of the Rapture persisted throughout the remainder of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century, gaining popularity among some evangelical and fundamentalist Christians, as well as among some other Christian and even non-Christian new religious movements, as well as among some other religious movements.Prophecies regarding the Rapture gained popularity during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, particularly as the prospect of nuclear war increased.The concept was prevalent in popular culture throughout the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, in part as a result of the millennialist fervor that erupted as the year 2000 neared.Among the instances of this movement were the so-called ″Chick Pamphlets″ (illustrated pamphlets written by the evangelist Jack Chick) and the Left Behind (1995–2007) novel and film franchise.

  1. Meanwhile, end-time predictions proclaiming a precise date for the Rapture—most notably, the two days in 2011 foretold by the American preacher Harold Camping—were becoming increasingly commonplace.
  2. Matt Stefon is an American actor and director.
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Letters of Paul to the Thessalonians

Home Scriptures in Philosophy and Religion Two New Testament letters written by St.Paul the Apostle from Corinth, Achaea (now in southern Greece), around 50 ce, and addressed to the Christian community he had formed at Thessalonica, are referred to as the Letters of Paul to the Thessalonians (now in northern Greece).The First Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians and the Second Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians are the thirteenth and fourteenth books of the New Testament canon, respectively, and are written by the apostle Paul.

1 Thessalonians

With a high degree of certainty, 1 Thessalonians is the oldest of Paul’s epistles, and it is particularly significant because it suggests that the apostle’s recollection of the events leading up to the establishment of that community is still fresh in his mind.His comrade St.Timothy returned from Thessalonica with the good news that the new converts had remained firm in their faith in the face of adversity, prompting him to write the letter from Corinth.More information about this topic may be found at biblical literature: Letter to the Thessalonians, written by Paul in the first century.In all likelihood, I Thessalonians is the first of Paul’s writings, particularly because it contains a record of the events that led up to the establishment of the church.

  1. According to Paul, this is in response to slanderous accusations that he used deception and flattery to win disciples.
  2. He points out that the Thessalonians themselves were eyewitnesses to his ″clean, honest, and faultless″ behavior (2:10).
  3. He also draws attention to the fact that he worked at all hours of the day and night so as not to bother anyone.
  4. In response to a question that had caused consternation in the community, Paul emphasizes that everyone, both the living and the dead, would partake in Christ’s Resurrection when he returns in the last days of the world.

2 Thessalonians

It is believed that the second letter was written shortly after the first, although some scholars doubt Pauline authorship because of the epistle’s apparent uncertainty regarding the timing of Christ’s Second Coming.It appears that Christians thought that working was pointless because the end of the world was near at hand, according to their beliefs.In this way, the letter reveals that the ultimate day will not occur until after the Antichrist emerges and proclaims himself to be the Son of God.Because of this, Christians must continue to work in order to ″earn their own living″ (3:12), just as Paul himself did in Thessalonica, who ″did not eat anyone’s food without paying for it″ (3:8).Those in charge of editing the Encyclopaedia Britannica Melissa Petruzzello was the person who most recently improved and updated this article.

Not Forgotten: The Promised Return of Jesus

  • As described in Revelation, Hebrews, the Gospels, and several other passages, ″the Second Coming″ refers to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. When Jesus initially arrived on the planet, He was merely a little child. Following His earthly career, crucifixion, and resurrection, Jesus returned to Heaven ″in order to provide a space″ for His faithful disciples (John 14:3). He also promises His return (1 Corinthians 15:23), during which the first resurrection will take place, He will take His disciples to heaven with Him, and sin and Satan will be annihilated for all time. He will also bring His followers to heaven with Him. The expectation of the Second Coming is something to look forward to. It is a physical occurrence, a personal encounter, a visible experience, and a global occurrence all at the same time. Isn’t it wonderful to see the completion of the plan of salvation? As a result, let us discover more about this incomparably fantastic occasion: What it will be like when the Second Coming occurs
  • When is the Second Coming going to take place?
  • Prophecies regarding the Second Coming of Christ in the Bible
  • Describes how the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is the ultimate hope of Adventists
  • The role that the truth concerning the Second Coming played in the formation of the Adventist denomination
  • How to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Belief 25: The Second Coming of Christ

Ultimately, the second coming of Christ is the church’s glad hope, as well as the great conclusion of the gospel message.When the Saviour comes, it will be literal, personal, visible, and all-encompassing.In the event of His return, the righteous dead will be raised from the grave, and they, along with the righteous alive, will be exalted and transported to heaven, while the wicked will perish.When combined with the current state of the world, the practically perfect fulfillment of most lines of prophecy points to the nearness of Christ’s return.No specific day or time has been given for the occurrence, and we are consequently urged to remain alert and prepared at all times.

  1. (Matt.
  2. 24; Mark 13; Luke 21; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; 1 Cor.
  3. 15:51-54; 2 Thess.
  4. 1:7-10; 2:8; 2 Tim.
  5. 3:1-5; Titus 2:13; Heb.
  6. 9:28; Rev.

1:7; 14:14-20; 19:11-21.)

What Will the Second Coming Be Like?


  • Exclusively the most educated are aware of the Second Coming, nor is it a reward only available to the wealthy. Unlike what many Christian communities traditionally thought, it is neither a metaphor or a symbol, nor is it occurring solely on a spiritual plane, as was previously believed. It is and will continue to be a literal occurrence as described in the Bible. The virtuous dead will rise from their graves and ascend to the cloud with Jesus.
  • The righteous living will ascend to the clouds with Jesus and ″always be with the Lord″ (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 ESV).
  • Jesus will descend on a cloud.

Adventists hold this belief to be true in its most basic form.Jesus will come on a cloud, and he will remain in the skies the entire time.He has made the decision not to step on the ground.The dead in Christ will rise with Him, and the living will shortly follow, as we are all ″caught up together″ in the air, as we have been since the beginning of time (1 Thessalonians 4:17).″When Christ, who is your life, comes, you will also appear with him in glory,″ says the Bible (Colossians 3:4, ESV).

  1. This is further confirmed by Acts 1:11, in which an angel addresses Jesus’ followers after they had witnessed His ascension, confirming the visible way of His return.
  2. He will ″appear in the same manner that you witnessed Him ascend into heaven″ (ESV).


The purpose of Jesus’ coming is to reunite Himself with us.The Lord Jesus Christ announced to His followers in John 14 that He was ascending back to heaven, but that He would be preparing a place for us….if I go and make a place for you, I will return and bring you to myself, so that where I am, you may be as well″ (John 14:3 ESV).

Our ascension to the skies with Jesus will not only be our last destination, but we will also be with Him for all of eternity.We are told in Philippians 3:20 that ″our citizenship is in heaven, and it is from there that we look forward to a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ″ (ESV).Even if someone hasn’t made the decision to join Jesus yet, He is always ready for us to come to Him so that He might bring as many of His children as possible with Him to paradise.″Behold, I am standing at the door, knocking.″ In the event that someone hears my call and answers the door, I will enter inside his home to dine with him, as well as he with me″ (Revelation 3:20).


″Every eye shall see Him,″ according to Revelation 1:7.(ESV).The question of whether or not this is genuinely Jesus will no longer be a guessing game.We will be able to ″see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great splendor″ no matter where we are (Matthew 24:30, ESV).

He promised the high priest before His crucifixion that ″from now on you will see the Son of Man enthroned at the right hand of Power, and descending on the clouds of heaven″ (Matthew 26:64 ESV).Jesus will be visible to everyone, including those who have wronged Him, those who have chosen to believe in Him, and those who have chosen not to believe in Him.The Second Coming will not be something that anyone will be able to ignore!


We can see from the Bible that the Second Coming is not just a literal event, but also a worldwide phenomenon.As stated in the preceding section, ″every eye will see Him″—regardless of the time zone, continent, or other geographical location.It’s difficult to conceive something like this happening, yet with God, nothing is impossible.It is said, ″For just as lightning bursts across the sky, lighting up the entire sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be on His day..″ (Luke 17:22, ESV).

When Jesus comes, we will also be able to hear the trumpet sounds and victory shouts of the Angels who will follow Him on His triumphal entry.

No one knows “the Day or the Hour” of the Second Coming

Although Jesus stated unequivocally that He would return, He also stated that we would not be privy to the specifics of when He would do so since they were not ours to know.However, no one, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father, is aware of the day and hour in which it will occur (Matthew 24:36 ESV).Even the angels are unsure of the exact day on which Jesus will return.This is analogous to how Noah knew that the rain would come, but he didn’t know when it would start to pour.

Earlier, God warned Noah that He would send a flood to wipe out corruption on the surface of the planet (Genesis 6).Noah was aware that rain was on the way, but he had no idea when it would begin.No creature on the face of the earth will be able to predict when Christ will come, just as no creature on the face of the earth could predict the deluge of Genesis.Throughout His mission, Jesus attempted to prepare His disciples for both His departure (by the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension) and His second return (second coming of Christ).Jesus utilized parables as lessons and examples to prepare them for what was to come.

As a result of this, the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who went to meet the bridegroom with their lamps in hand (Matthew 25:1 ESV).According to the tale Jesus narrates, there are five wise virgins and five stupid virgins among the twelve virgins.All 10 of them have gathered to await the arrival of the bridegroom so that they might join the wedding feast.The wise carry extra oil for their lamps, whilst the dumb bring none whatsoever.

Those who had forgotten to bring oil for their lamps had to run out and get some before the bridegroom arrived.It was during their absence that the bridegroom arrived.The wise virgins were allowed to attend the wedding reception.When the five foolish virgins returned, they were unable to enter the building (v.

  1. 1-12 ESV).
  2. ″Watch therefore, for you do not know the day or the hour,″ Jesus concludes His warning by instructing them to ″keep watch″ (v.
  3. 13 ESV).

It is not our responsibility to know when anything is going to happen since our duty is not to be concerned with ″when.″ In order to fulfill the Great Commission, we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and live as a living testimony, certain that Jesus will actually return to redeem us and put an end to sin and evil once for all.In response, Jesus said, ″Make certain that no one leads you wrong.Because many will come in my name, claiming to be the Christ, and they will lead many astray, I warn you (Matthew 24:4, 5 ESV).

The events of the second coming are unknown to everyone save God the Father, who knows when they will take place.This implies that anybody claiming to be knowledgeable is either incorrect or attempting to deceive others.

Bible Prophecies Proclaim Christ’s Second Coming

The book of Revelation in the Bible proclaims Jesus’ second coming in the first chapter. 

The book of Revelation is written by the author, John, who describes his vision of Christ’s return. ″Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who wounded him, and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him,″ he declares (v. 7 ESV).

In Revelation 14, he recounts other images from his vision 

In this vision, John saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion with 144,000 other believers, a figure that represents the number of Christians who would stand with Jesus at the end of time on earth (v.1).This vision lasts until John sees Jesus riding on a white cloud above him.He descends to the world on a cloud, holding a sickle in His hand, and ″swung his sickle across the ground, and the earth was harvested″ (Hebrews 4:15).

(v.16 ESV).

In vivid word pictures and poetry, the Bible tells of the triumphant coming of Christ in Revelation chapter 19. 

″Then I saw heaven opening, and there before me was a white horse!″ exclaims John.The one who sits on it is known as Faithful and True, and he judges and wages war in the name of righteousness.″ (v.11) The heavens will open like a throng separating to make way for royalty, and Christ will ride into the sky on a white horse, triumphantly riding into battle.He brings with Him angelic troops, and He will fulfill His promise to redeem and judge the world.″His eyes are like flames of fire, and he wears several diadems on his head, and he has a name engraved on his chest that no one else knows but himself.″ (See also v.

12).When Jesus looks into our hearts, we can’t conceal anything from Him since He has piercing eyes.Because He is the King of Kings, He does not wear a single crown, but rather a number of them.His robe is stained with blood, and his name is ″The Word of God,″ which means ″God’s Word″ in Hebrew.(See also v.

13).The triumph of Jesus is emblazoned on His robe.While some

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