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The Walking Dead (TV Series 2010–2022)

15 Aug. 2021 Acheron: Part I 8.6 (6,711) 0 Rate Returning to Alexandria from a critical food mission, the group realizes it isn’t enough. Maggie proposes a new plan, potentially a suicide mission. What choice do they have? They must find more food for all their people in order to survive and efficiently rebuild Alexandria. If they don’t, Alexandria falls, taking them down with it. Once on the road, a violent storm erupts forcing them underground into a subway tunnel. As nerves fray and suspicions increase, chaos ensues. The terror is relentless as our people get a glimpse of what Maggie and her group endured prior. 22 Aug. 2021 Acheron: Part II 8.7 (5,767) 0 Rate The group discovers a member did not make it to safety inside the subway car. Surrounded by walkers, going back out into the tunnel to search is a guaranteed death wish. All eyes are on Negan as the rule of survival shifts. It is no longer No Man Left Behind. The motto now is We Keep Going. With very little ammo and energy remaining, the group must ready themselves as the walkers have found a way inside the subway train. Meanwhile, Daryl is in his own intense hellish situation trying to find Dog and finding more than he expected; and Yumiko challenges the process at. 29 Aug. 2021 Hunted 8.0 (4,962) 0 Rate Maggie’s mission team gets separated and hunted by the Reapers; Carol, Rosita, Magna and Kelly attempt to catch horses for Alexandria; Judith, RJ, Hershel and Gracie cope with their parents going away. 5 Sep. 2021 Rendition 7.5 (4,812) 0 Rate Daryl and Dog get captured by the Reapers; they are taken to the Meridian and reconnect with a familiar figure from their past. 12 Sep. 2021 Out of the Ashes 7.9 (4,209) 0 Rate Aaron, Carol, Lydia, and Jerry go to the Hilltop ruins for blacksmith tools and nearby game; Eugene’s group goes through orientation at the Commonwealth; Maggie and Negan trudge through the woods; Judith and the kids clash with teenagers. 19 Sep. 2021 On the Inside 8.9 (5,623) 0 Rate Escaping from walkers, Connie and Virgil hide in a house occupied by mysterious creatures; Pope tests Daryl’s loyalty to the Reapers with a conflicting mission; Kelly leaves Alexandria in search of Connie. 26 Sep. 2021 Promises Broken 8.0 (3,808) 0 Rate Maggie and Elijah learn a new survival tactic from Negan; Eugene’s group clears walkers to pay their fines; Yumiko interviews for an upper-class job; Daryl learns more about Leah and the Reapers; Gabriel encounters a man of God. 3 Oct. 2021 For Blood 8.5 (4,282) 0 Rate The Reapers defend Meridian from an incoming herd; Pope suspects Maggie is behind the attack, while Daryl treads carefully; Alexandrians scramble to protect themselves when a violent storm leaves them vulnerable to walkers. 13 Feb. 2022 No Other Way 9.0 (4,662) 0 Rate Hellfire rains down on those at Meridian as every fight with the Reapers proves to be a brutal battle. At home in Alexandria, the violent rainstorm rages on as walkers continue to pour in, threatening everyone’s safety. 20 Feb. 2022 New Haunts 8.0 (2,725) 0 Rate The heroes experience Halloween in the Commonwealth; Daryl and Rosita undergo military training led by Mercer; Carol investigates Ezekiel’s medical condition. 27 Feb. 2022 Rogue Element 7.2 (1,518) 0 Rate Eugene looks for Stephanie after she mysteriously goes missing. Connie investigates a story on Trooper Davis. Carol helps Hornsby with a labor dispute at a drug farm. 6 Mar. 2022 The Lucky Ones Aaron and Maggie meet Gov. Pamela Milton as she tours Alexandria, Oceanside and Hilltop; Ezekiel finds himself lucky during a routine checkup; Eugene processes Max’s story.

The Next World – Wikipedia

  • ″The Next World″The Walking Dead episode Daryl and Rick confront Jesus, after he steals the truck they found. Episode no. Season 6Episode 10 Directed byKari Skogland Written byAngela Kang Corey Reed Featured music″More Than a Feeling″ by Boston″If My Heart Was a Car″ by the Old 97’sOriginal air date February 21, 2016Running time43 minutes Guest appearances Merritt Wever as Dr. Denise Cloyd
  • \s Tom Payne as Paul ″Jesus″ Rovia
  • \s Katelyn Nacon as Enid
  • \s Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe
  • \s Mandi Christine Kerr as Barbara
Episode chronology
← Previous″No Way Out″ Next →″Knots Untie″
The Walking Dead (season 6)
List of episodes

This episode of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead was broadcast on AMC on February 21, 2016, and it is the tenth episode of the sixth season.Writers Angela Kang and Corey Reed collaborated on this episode, which was directed by Kari Skogland.This episode represents the first appearance of the comic book character ″Jesus,″ played by Paul Rovia, whose name was changed from Monroe in order to distance him from the first family of Alexandria in this episode.Tom Payne is the actor that plays him.


After two months, the walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone have been restored and enlarged, and the citizens are returning to what appears to be a regular way of life.Rick and Daryl are getting ready to go on a supply run for supplies.In addition, Michonne asks Rick for spearmint and baking soda toothpaste, while Denise begs for a certain soft drink so that she might surprise Tara.Eugene creates a list of surrounding agricultural suppliers, which he hopes will help to increase the country’s decreasing food supply.As a result of Eugene’s investigation, Rick and Daryl come into a truck loaded with food, ammo and several other supplies, including a case of toothpaste.They take a circuitous route back to Alexandria, stopping at a petrol station to plunder a vending machine that had fallen into disarray the previous night.

Meanwhile, Rick and the others are struggling to gain entry when a longhaired masked guy approaches them and claims to be fleeing from a gang of walkers.They all make up a story about not having a camp, and after Rick and Daryl introduce themselves, the guy takes off his mask and reveals his name as Paul Rovia, although he informs them his buddies refer to him as Jesus.Although Daryl objects, Rick begins to pose his three recruiting questions, but Jesus immediately flees the scene.Rick and Daryl hear noises coming from behind the gas station and, fearing that walkers are approaching, decide to investigate, only to discover firecrackers exploding in the process.As soon as they realize that Jesus has played a joke on them and has stolen the vehicle’s keys from Rick, they race back to see Jesus driving away in his truck, pulling the vending machine behind him.

  1. Rick and Daryl chase him on foot until they come upon a vending machine that they can use.
  2. Denise had requested an Orange Crush, which Daryl was able to acquire after breaking open the box.
  3. As they take a deep breath, Rick expresses his support for the idea of bringing more people to the city of Alexandria.
  4. Later, the two men catch up with the vehicle and see Jesus working on a tire repair.

They launch an attack on Jesus, who holds his own against the two of them until he is immobilized by a pistol.Rick abandons Jesus tied to a tree on the side of the road, certain that he would be able to free himself after they have left.When they are driving through a field to the next farm, Rick and Daryl notice something rubbing against the truck’s roof.Rick quickly stops, causing Jesus to fall from the top of the vehicle and into the field.

  1. Christ leaves and Daryl leaps out of the truck to go after him, while Rick stops the truck near a lake and kills a few random walkers.
  2. As Daryl battles with Jesus, he takes the wheel of the vehicle.
  3. Daryl’s weapon is taken away by Jesus, who uses it to shoot an approaching zombie, sparing Daryl’s life.
  4. In the process of removing Jesus from the vehicle, which has been placed in neutral and is now rolling backwards, Daryl encounters Jesus.
  5. During the process of rolling the vehicle into the lake and submerging it, Jesus is struck on the back of his head by the truck’s door, knocking him out.
  6. During this time, Carl and Enid go for a walk in the woods.

A balloon with an unintelligible letter is discovered, and Enid is hopeful about the presence of others, but Carl believes they are most likely dead at this point.They take a seat together, and Enid explains that she no longer enjoys being out in the open any longer.They encounter a walker on their way back and draw its attention in order to kill it, but when they realize who it is, Carl pauses and Enid decides to kill it herself.Enid is sent back to Alexandria after an altercation between the two.During one of her patrols of the newly constructed walls, Michonne notices Spencer walking into the woods alone with a shovel and decides to pursue him.

During their stroll through the woods, Michonne notices Carl rushing ahead of them and notices a lone walker, who turns out to be the reanimated Deanna.Spencer stabs the walker and buries it, leaving a huge ″D″ cut into a tree to serve as a marker for the grave.Michonne assists Spencer in this endeavor.During the night, Michonne confronts Carl about his decision not to kill the walker.

According to him, walkers should only be murdered by someone who has previously loved them in their previous lives.When he tells her he would do everything for her, Michonne embraces him and thanks him for his generosity.Rick and Daryl arrive to Alexandria with an unconscious Jesus, who they place in a chamber with his hands bound behind his back.

  1. Rick and Michonne are seated on the couch in their home room, holding hands.
  2. They have a good time talking about their days and soon begin holding hands and kissing passionately on the lips.
  3. Later that night, Rick and Michonne are naked in their bed, sleeping next to each other, when they hear a voice calling Rick.

After learning that the speaker is none other than Jesus, Michonne and Rick spring to their feet and grab their guns.Jesus, who is standing at the foot of the bed, tells them they must communicate.


After two months, the walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone have been restored and enlarged, and the people are returning to what appears to be a regular way of living.Rick and Daryl are getting ready to go on a supply run for the foreseeable future.Michonne seeks spearmint and baking soda toothpaste from Rick, while Denise requests a certain soft drink so that she may surprise Tara.It is Eugene who maps out agricultural suppliers in the area, which might help to increase the food supply in a time of scarcity.As a result of Eugene’s investigation, Rick and Daryl come into a truck with of food, ammo and other supplies, among them a case of toothpaste.They take an alternative route back to Alexandria, stopping at a petrol station to pilfer a vending machine that had fallen into disarray the night before.

Rick is confronted by a long-haired masked man who claims to be fleeing from a gang of walkers as they fight to breach inside the structure.When Rick and Daryl introduce themselves to the guy, he removes his mask, revealing his name as Paul Rovia, but telling them that his friends refer to him as Jesus.After Rick and Daryl introduce themselves, the man removes his mask and reveals his true identity as Jesus.In spite of Daryl’s misgivings, Rick begins to ask his three recruiting questions, but Jesus flees the scene.In the back of the gas station, Rick and Daryl hear noises and, fearful of incoming zombies, decide to investigate, only to see firecrackers bursting.

  1. Upon realizing that Jesus had deceived them and had taken Rick’s vehicle key in the process, they race back to see Jesus driving away in the truck, pulling the vending machine behind him.
  2. Following him on foot, Rick and Daryl come locate the vending machine, which they use to purchase supplies.
  3. Denise had requested an Orange Crush, which Daryl was able to acquire after breaking the container open.
  4. Rick offers his support for the idea of bringing more people to Alexandria while they gather their breath.

Later, when the two finally catch up with the vehicle, they discover Jesus working on a tire repair project.Their first target is Jesus, who holds his own against the two of them until he is subdued by gunpoint.Rick abandons Jesus tied to a tree on the side of the road, confident that he would be able to free himself after they have vanished..After driving through a field to the next farm, Rick and Daryl notice something rubbing on the truck’s roof.

  1. Rick quickly stops, causing Jesus to fall from the truck’s top.
  2. Daryl gets out of his vehicle to go after Jesus, as Rick stops his truck near a lake and shoots many stray walkers.
  3. In the midst of Daryl’s battle with Jesus, he takes the wheel.
  4. Daryl’s weapon is taken away by Jesus, who uses it to shoot a zombie that is approaching, sparing his life.
  5. After pulling Jesus from the truck, which has been placed in neutral and is now rolling backwards, Daryl calls out to Jesus, ″I love you.″ During the process of rolling the vehicle into the lake and submerging it, Jesus is struck by the truck’s door, knocking him out.
  6. During this time, Carl and Enid decide to go exploring in the woods.

A balloon with an unintelligible letter is discovered, and Enid is hopeful about the presence of others, but Carl believes they have already died.She admits that she doesn’t enjoy being out in the world anymore while they sit together.They encounter a walker on their way back and draw its attention in order to kill it, but when they realize who it is, Carl pauses and Enid decides to kill it.Enid is sent back to Alexandria after a disagreement between the two.During one of her patrols of the newly constructed walls, Michonne notices Spencer walking into the woods alone with a shovel and immediately pursues him.

As they trek through the woods, Michonne notices Carl fleeing and notices a lone walker, who turns out to be a reanimated Deanna, and they stop to investigate.Spencer stabs the walker and buries it, leaving a huge ″D″ cut into a tree to serve as a marker for the grave.Michonne assists Spencer in the process.Michonne confronts Carl about not killing the walker later that evening.

According to him, walkers should only be murdered by someone who has previously loved them in their previous existence.Michonne embraces him after he tells her that he would do everything for her.In their return to Alexandria, Rick and Daryl bring with them an unconscious Jesus, whom they imprison in a chamber with a rope.

  1. On the couch in their living room, Rick and Michonne are talking to each other about their day.
  2. They have a good time talking about their days and soon begin holding hands and kissing passionately on the lips and chest.
  3. In the middle of the night, Rick and Michonne are sleeping in the same bed together when a voice calls Rick’s name.

Michael and Rick spring to their feet and grab their guns as the speaker, who is later identified as Christ and who is standing at the foot of the bed, informs them that they must speak with him.


I think it’s fantastic what the authors accomplished with Carl, and when he spots her in the woods, he guides her toward us, and it’s this wonderful reminder of what he had to go through in jail with his mother, giving birth to his baby sister, that’s very moving for me.So for him to have the foresight and merely the thought to do that so that he could find her and then vanish into the woods without asking for any acknowledgment, I mean, that is just heroic.Austin Nichols is a musician from the United States.In his article for The Huffington Post, Darryl Woodard stated that family is one of the most persistent themes spoken in The Walking Dead, and Brian Moylan of The Guardian stated that it was the most important subject of the episode.According to Richard Nguyen of The Harvard Crimson, Spencer’s murdering and burying his zombified mother, Deanna, provides him with spiritual renewal and mental closure following the death of his whole family in a zombie outbreak.Michonne explains to him that in the new world, family isn’t defined by genetic ties, but rather by friendships formed through shared experiences.

Carl explains to Michonne that Deanna needed to be killed by someone who cared about her and wanted to see her die.Carl, Michonne, and Rick are moving toward a new iteration of family, one that is stronger because of their shared past.Through this metaphor, they express their affection for one another.


  • The following songs were included on this episode: ″More Than a Feeling″ by Boston
  • ″Action Packed″ by Ronnie Dawson
  • ″If My Heart Was a Car″ by the Old 97’s
  • ″If My Heart Was a Car″ by the Old 97’s
  • ″If My Heart Was a Car″ by the Old 97’s


Critical reception

The episode garnered very good feedback.On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it has received a 93 percent good rating, with an average score of 7.98 out of 10 for the film.Generally speaking, the critics’ conclusion is that ″The Next World″ is a satisfying follow-up to the surprising mid-season opener, thanks to ″vintage-style action″ and the glimmer of a sizzling new romance.’The Atlantic’s Lenika Cruz and David Sims commend the series’ much-needed time shift, which they say helped to break up the series’ grueling grind of the prior episodes.’A very light and hilarious episode that finished on a shocking note—but one that was not gory, for once,’ describes Sims’ take on the episode.Cruz described it as ″one of the greatest hours″ of the event.

″Every combination this week not only made sense, but it also made a significant contribution to the plot or the characters.″ According to TV.com’s Tim Surette, the episode was ″the funniest episode of The Walking Dead ever,″ and he commended it for its comedy.Matt Fowler, writing for IGN, provided a thoughtful review, stating that ″The Next World″ was the lightest, most joy-filled episode of The Walking Dead since the show’s inception, despite a few moments of danger.In fact, there were some genuine moments of (intended) levity.This episode made it possible for ″No Way Out″ – from last week – to act as the final end point for the whole first Alexandria narrative by skipping over (what is typically) required introspection and wallowing in the aftermath of Rick’s death.According to Den of GeekJohn !’s Saavedra, who complimented the episode, it was ″lighthearted.″ ″Holy mullet, am I going to characterize an episode of The Walking Dead as ″lighthearted?″ ″The Next World″ is, in a way, a sequel to ″The Next World.″ If not The Walking Dead’s version of a light action adventure film with a lot of buddy cop fun, then it’s certainly close to it.

  1. Robert Kirkman described tonight’s episode as ″nearly like Lethal Weapon″ in a previous interview.
  2. It’s true, as Daryl points out at the conclusion of ″The Following World,″ in a beautiful Murtaugh-inspired scene, that it’s foolish for him and Rick to keep going out on risky supply runs, only to come to the conclusion that they’re simply going to do it again the next day isn’t it?
  3. It’s a shame there’s no sax playing in the background as the guys gleefully stroll out the door, but it gave me the impression that both Daryl and Rick had finally accepted their condition, not as the damning thing it had been in previous seasons, but as a task they needed to and would accomplish.


The episode averaged a 6.6 rating among adults 18-49, with a total audience of 13.483 million people.


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Last Day on Earth (The Walking Dead) – Wikipedia

  • ″Last Day on Earth″ is an episode of The Walking Dead. Rick and his companions bow their heads in front of Negan. Episode number.Season 6Episode number. Greg Nicotero is in charge of the direction. Scott M. Gimple is the author of this piece. Matthew Negrete is an American actor and director who was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. The show first aired on April 3, 2016. 65 minutes are allotted for the performance. Appearances by special guests Amelio as Dwight, Steven Ogg as Simon, Katelyn Nacon as Enid, Stuart Greer as Roman, Kenric Green as Scott, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Dahlia Legault in the role of Francine, Kevin Patrick Murphy as Library Survivor, and Daniel Newman in the role of Daniel.
Episode chronology
← Previous″East″ Next →″The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be″
The Walking Dead (season 6)
List of episodes

″Last Day on Earth″ is the sixteenth and final episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which premiered on April 3, 2016, and is the series’ sixth season finale.Scriptwriters Scott M.Gimple and Matthew Negrete collaborated on the episode, which was directed by Greg Nicotero.This episode sees the first appearance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, the imposing leader of the Saviors who reigns with tyranny, and, in turn, the first appearance of Steven Ogg as Simon, a top Savior who serves as Negan’s right-hand man, both of whom make their television debuts.


In order to get Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to the Hilltop Colony for medical attention after she experiences pregnancy pain, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the group must travel in their RV through a progressively larger number of Saviors, led by Simon (Steven Ogg), each of whom has increasingly frightening abilities as the film progresses.During this time, Morgan (Lennie James) comes across Carol (Melissa McBride) who has been hurt by a cut on her stomach and tends to her wound.Carol runs while Morgan walks outside to kill a zombie that is making a racket, and Morgan pursues her on horseback once again.Carol is found first by Roman (Stuart Greer), the Savior who survived her attack and shoots her in the right arm and leg, vowing that she will face the same fate as his companions who were killed.Morgan arrives just in time to save her, breaking his pledge by murdering Roman in the process, and comes face to face with two armored men approaching on horseback, one of whom is the mystery survivor from the barn that Morgan had spared from Rick earlier that day.After the strangers offer to aid them, Morgan agrees to arrange for Carol to receive medical attention.

The Saviors are closing in on the gang as night falls and time is running out, so Eugene (Josh McDermitt) decides to act as bait, driving the empty RV by himself to draw them away while the rest of the group carries Maggie to the Hilltop through the woods on foot.But as they rush to get Maggie, who is in critical condition, they come face to face with a big number of Saviors, commanded by Simon, who had been anticipating and waiting for them all to show up.We already have Eugene (Steven Yeun), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Rosita (Christian Serratos) in custody, as well as a badly injured but still alive Daryl (Christopher Serratos) in custody (Norman Reedus).The entire party is disarmed and made to go on their knees by the attackers.During this time, a guy with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire emerges from the group’s RV, causing them to fall to their knees hopelessly to the ground.

  1. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the despotic leader of the Saviors, enters and meets Rick in a threatening way, exposing himself to be Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).
  2. Negan is enraged by Rick’s execution of many of his men, and he proceeds to explain the new world order: the gang now works for him, and half of their supplies are now his property.
  3. His bat, which he refers to as ″Lucille,″ is introduced to Rick, who learns from him that the entire set-up, including the obstructions, was just to choose ″who gets the honor″ of dying as punishment for their misdeeds.
  4. When Negan threatens to put Maggie out of her pain, Glenn leaps at him, but is redirected by Dwight and the rest of the group (Austin Amelio).

Lacking a viable option, Negan pretends to have one; he begins a game of ″eenie meenie miny, mooney,″ in which he directs Lucille through the ranks of the survivors while reciting a poem to himself.He ultimately settles on ″it,″ and therefore makes his decision.From the perspective of the victims, Negan is preparing to beat them, instructing his men to chop out Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) other eye and give it to Rick in the event that anybody moves or says anything at all.Negan then swings Lucille into the ground, crushing her head against the ground.

  1. Despite the cries of the other survivors, Negan proceeds to strike the victim mercilessly over and over again.


The film ″Last Day on Earth″ marks the feature film debut of Negan, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (left) In spite of mixed reviews for the episode itself, Morgan has garnered praise for his portrayal.The episode also marks the first appearance of Simon, played by Steven Ogg (right), who is a Savior and Negan’s right-hand man.In an announcement made on November 10, 2015, it was revealed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as Negan and that he will make his television debut in the season finale.This is the third episode of the sixth season to show in an extended 90-minute time slot, and it marks the beginning of a trend.In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Greg Nicotero said that they shot two versions of Negan’s debut — one for broadcast with more restrained language and another for the Blu-ray release, which includes profanity to match his statement from the comic books.


Critical reception

A mixed response was obtained by critics for the film ″Last Day on Earth.″ In spite of positive reviews for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s role as Negan on The Walking Dead, the episode received generally negative feedback for its slow pacing and cliffhanger conclusion.The film has received a 44 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 6.55 out of 10 based on 32 reviews.In spite of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s delectably nasty performance as Negan, the meandering ″Last Day on Earth″—and its manipulative cliffhanger ending—makes for a lackluster season finale, according to the reviewers.It received a 7.3 out of 10 rating from IGN’s Matt Fowler, who also made the following observation: ″It went on much too long for what ″Last Day on Earth″ was truly about, and for what was significant about it, in my opinion.That was followed by a failure to provide a satisfying exclamation point.Instead, we were treated to another cliffhanger/fake out.

This is a method that this program is just too fond of utilizing.Negan, on the other hand, was excellently played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.″ This was the lowest grade ever given by the website for the show to date, with Zack Handlen of The A.V.Club giving it a C, praising it for its awkward, drawn-out writing and forced story arcs that failed to maintain an atmosphere of suspense as they moved inevitably toward a fixed ending that everyone knew was coming.In a negative review published by Vox, Emily VanDerWerff stated that the episode was ″the worst episode of the show so far,″ adding that ″the extra-long episode spent its first hour dramatizing all the excitement of your GPS insisting that you take a road you already know is closed, and the last half-hour sank some nicely spooky moments with a too-long monologue and a completely botched cliffhanger.″ Negan’s introduction, on the other hand, received a favorable response from her.Showrunner Scott M.

  1. Gimple responded to the unfavorable response to the cliffhanger by saying: ″If you approach it from a position of skepticism or with the sense that there is some sort of bad or cynical intent behind it, you will be disappointed.″ It’s going to be difficult to persuade you differently.
  2. I believe we’ve accomplished enough on the show, and we’ve provided a tale that people have appreciated.
  3. I believe we deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.
  4. I sincerely hope that people will view it and agree that it validates the approach we’ve taken in telling the narrative.


The episode scored a 6.9 rating in the crucial 18-49 demographic, with a total audience of 14.19 million people watching the show.This represented a significant increase over the previous episode, ″East,″ which received a 5.9 rating and a total of 12.38 million viewers, but it was also a significant decrease over the ratings for the season five finale, ″Conquer,″ which was watched by 15.8 million American viewers and received an 8.2 rating among adults 18 to 49.This episode was seen by 18.42 million people in the United States, based on live +3 ratings.


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  2. Dalton Ross (April 4, 2016). ″The Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero admits the actors don’t even know who died″. The Washington Post. Entertainment Weekly is a weekly magazine that focuses on the entertainment industry. ″Last Day on Earth,″ which was published on April 4, 2016, may be found here. Rotten Tomatoes is a website dedicated to reviewing and rating movies and television shows. Accessed on April 6, 2016.
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  5. retrieved on April 3, 2016. (April 4, 2016). Season 6 finale: ″Last Day on Earth″ is the worst episode of The Walking Dead ever produced, according to a Variety review. On April 4, 2016, Michael Ausiello published an article titled ″The Walking Dead EP Defends Cliffhanger Ending, Teases Season 7’s ‘Boundary-Pushing’ Death Scene″ in Vox. TVLine. ″Sunday cable ratings: ‘Walking Dead’ finale earns show’s highest rating of 2016″, Rick Porter (April 5, 2016). The Television by the Numbers. The original version of this article was published on April 6, 2016. ″Sunday cable ratings: ‘Walking Dead’ reaches season low on Easter, NCAA strong for TBS″, Rick Porter (March 29, 2016). The Television by the Numbers. The original version of this article was published on March 31, 2016. Baron, Steve (March 30, 2015). ″’The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale is the highest-rated finale in series history, garnering 15.8 million viewers″. The Washington Post. The Television by the Numbers. The original version of this article was published on April 1, 2015. Porter, Rick (April 10, 2016). ″Cable Live +3 ratings, March 28-April 3: The ‘Walking Dead’ final episode draws a large audience″. The Television by the Numbers. The original version of this article was published on March 7, 2017. Obtainable on April 10, 2016.

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That Walking Dead Death Wasn’t Shocking—But It Was Disappointing

It is possible that this post will include spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 8, ″Evolution.″ We all knew as soon as Aaron and Jesus started assisting a wounded Eugene in fleeing a suspicious throng of walkers that someone was going to die, didn’t we?If only it had been Eugene who had done it.Instead, another character was killed off on Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead.Paul Rovia (Jesus) was stabbed by a member of the undead who turned out to not be so dead after all while battling through a horde of walkers in the first episode of The Walking Dead.With this, it looks that the long-awaited Whisperers plot line has officially begun in earnest, which is a welcome piece of news.You may read some comics spoilers here if you want to know more about what’s going to happen next.) Before we go any further, it’s probably a good idea to point out that Jesus might just manage to pull off an incredible feat of survival.

Following Glenn’s dumpster trick, it’s never a good idea to pronounce a Walking Dead character dead until they’ve been formally laid to rest in the earth.However, at the end of Sunday’s chapter, Jesus seemed to be dead in the water.Since the time leap, he and Aaron had reportedly become closer, leading some fans to speculate that the two of them could be developing feelings for each other.(It did in the comics, at least.) Unfortunately, it appears that this development was only a ruse to heighten the shock value of Jesus’s death.Was the decision to assassinate Jesus, on the other hand, truly unexpected?

  1. It’s been a long time since television shows have abruptly killed off their L.G.B.T.Q.
  2. characters, to the point that the practice has earned the phrase ″bury your gays″ as a cliche.
  3. It was just a few seasons ago that The Walking Dead was accused of falling prey to this cliche when the show abruptly terminated poor Denise.
  4. Overarchingly, even characters who have been beloved by fans for years have been lost in the shuffle in recent seasons of this program, their distinguishing features being eliminated in favor of fabricated motives, if that they ever make it onto the screen at all.

As a result of the death of Jesus, The Walking Dead has hinted that, while it is interested in re-discovering some fan favorites, it may not be so fortunate with other characters.To be fair to Angela Kang, the newly appointed Walking Dead showrunner, she did inherit a series that was a complete and utter disaster.It is likely unrealistic to assume that this season would resolve all of the issues that have plagued this drama for several seasons.However, for a variety of reasons, the death of Jesus feels like a rerun.

  1. The manner in which it transpired, in particular, was reminiscent of Glenn Rhee’s Season 6 fake-out death, which occurred just before he was slain in the manner in which fans anticipated him to be killed.
  2. The first narrative line seems to be introduced—and then prolonged out over numerous episodes—in order to make his ultimate, widely expected Death by Negan appear to have come out of left field more than it actually did.
  3. Another similar fake-out occurred this time around, with the program implying a relationship between Aaron and Jesus only to murder one of them just one week later—a less rage-inducing version of the previous fake-out.
  4. However, the disappointment that will very certainly accompany Jesus’ death is the result of a far older and more fundamental issue.
  5. In the end, The Walking Dead never quite worked out how to bring Jesus’ persona from the comics to the screen; once he fulfilled his original mission by welcoming Rick and the group to the Hilltop, Jesus was relegated to a supporting role on the show.
  6. In addition, while this show is known for using romantic relationships as a vehicle for character development, Jesus was pretty much asexual until the somewhat forced moment when he came out late in Season 7.

Aaron, the show’s only other openly homosexual male character, was similarly mostly marginalized after introducing everyone else to Alexandria; despite the fact that he’s been with the show since Season 5, he’s never felt completely at home with the group as a result.

What was Jesus before TWD?

As a former recruiter and supply runner for the Hilltop Colony, he was responsible for forging the initial connection with Rick Grimes and for exposing him to the rest of the outside world.Jesus is first seen negatively by Rick, but with time he earns his trust and respect as a cherished friend who is also well-known for his combat abilities.While this is true, why was Jesus murdered off of TWD?As a result, it appears that Payne made the choice to leave The Walking Dead because he believed that his character was becoming boring in terms of creativity.The character of Jesus is still very much alive in Robert Kirkman’s original Walking Dead comics, indicating another another difference between the source material and the television show’s adaptation.Besides, has Maggie given birth to her child?

Maggie successfully deposes Gregory from his position as commander, and the united troops are able to work together to capture Negan, who is thereafter held as a prisoner at the Alexandria Safe Zone for the remainder of the season.Maggie has given birth to her baby, whom she has named Hershel after her father, two years after the war is over.however Is Jesus a decent man in The Walking Dead?The Walking Dead’s Jesus has finally made his appearance.In the comics, Jesus is a resident of Hilltop Colony and is generally seen as a decent man.

  1. He is intelligent, strategic, and a natural leader in every sense of the word.
  2. It is Michonne and Abraham, not Rick and Daryl, who are the first members of our group that he encounters in the comics.
  3. as a result, who all perishes in the Walking Dead?
  1. Glenn is a man of many talents (Season 7) Carl (Season 8).
  2. The Whisperer Line Deaths (Season 9).
  3. Beth (Season 5).
  4. Tyrese (Season 5).
  5. Hershel (Season 4).
  6. Abraham (Season 7).
  7. Dale (Season 2).
  8. The Whisperer Line Deaths (Season 9)

Is Jesus from the Walking Dead in the story of the prodigal son? Prodigal Son stars Tom Payne in the role of criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright. As Jesus, the morally upright character on AMC’s The Walking Dead, he was killed off at the end of Season 9.

Is Negan a good guy now?

Negan will never be a completely decent man, but he has the ability to rehabilitate himself, if only somewhat. Some episodes of The Walking Dead have shown Negan as the nice guy, like when he cooked Carl supper and saved the lives of fan favorites. Here are some examples of when Negan has played the good guy on the show.

What happened to Maggie and Glenn’s baby?

After Maggie and her son, Hershel, went missing after a six-year time jump, it was revealed that they had joined up with the enigmatic Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) and her group.

Does Glenn and Maggie have a kid?

Virginia. Our hero, Hershel Rhee, is the son of Glenn and Maggie Rhee, both of whom were survivors of the original epidemic and met shortly after civilization was destroyed.

What happened to Maggie Greene baby?

His decapitation by the Governor in Season 4 was exceptionally brutal, as it took place in front of both of his daughters, which was a first for television dramas. … According to Lauren Cohan, who spoke about the choice on Talking Dead Sunday night, ″We have a newborn Hershel, who is named after dad, and a large part of what Maggie is concentrating on is creating a world for him.″

Is Paul Rovia a good guy?

In response to the issue given by the title, Paul Rovia is a decent man despite his reputation as a troublemaker from the start of his career. Rick soon starts to rely on Jesus as one of his valued companions.

Who dies in bounty TWD?

This episode of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead is the eleventh episode of the ninth season. It premiered on AMC on February 24, 2019, and was directed by Andrew Lincoln. ″Evolution″ is the final episode in which Paul ″Jesus″ Rovia (Tom Payne), who died in the mid-season finale episode ″Evolution,″ makes a cameo appearance.

Is Rick still alive in the walking dead?

It’s possible that you’ve been wondering what happened to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead since the release of the teaser for the Rick Grimes film was released.… Rick, on the other hand, does not perish.He washes ashore on a bank, where Anne comes upon him and rescues him.She bargains for his life through a walkie-talkie, and the two of them are rescued by an unidentified chopper that appears out of nowhere.

What did the doctor whisper to Rick?

Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispers something in Rick Grimes’ ear just before he leaves the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ″Everyone is infected,″ Dr. Jenner says. ″Whether you’ve been bitten or scratched by a walker or not, you’ll turn into a zombie after you’ve passed away.″

Are Tom Payne and Liam Payne related?

Liam Payne and Tom Payne are first cousins, and they are also actors.

Why did Negan turn bad?

Following the death of his wife, Negan appears to have made a promise to himself that he would never again be placed in a position where he may be attacked or where he could fail to provide protection for those around him. As a result, he began to dominate others, and from there, he descended into the realm of the selfish egomaniac.

Does Negan regret killing Glenn?

Rick feels disappointed that he was unable to help anyone during the Governor’s jail attack. Negan expresses guilt for murdering Glenn and even expresses grief to Glenn’s wife, Maggie Greene, for separating her from her husband.

Is Negan better than Rick?

Rick has been a consistent leader throughout the series, although his location, the number of his gang, and their degree of comfort have all been in a continual state of flux throughout the series. As a group, Negan’s Saviors were larger and more successful than any other that Rick had ever led up to that point in time.

Who is Maggie’s baby daddy?

Even if Gary is not the father of Maggie’s child, there is still a chance. It’s still possible that Gary is the father of Maggie’s child, despite the fact that the timeframe for Maggie’s pregnancy and her connection with Gary doesn’t match up with what we now know.

Who is Maggie’s child on The Walking Dead?

There’s a new member of the Walking Dead family who’s just lovely. During this week’s episode, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and her now eight-year-old son Hershel Rhee (Kien Michael Spiller) meet with Daryl (Norman Reedus) more than seven years after fleeing their home at the Hilltop colony in Season 1 Episode 2.

Who is the masked guy in walking dead?

However, in an interview with Insider, showrunner Angela Kang stated that this hypothesis was incorrect from the beginning. Elijah was revealed to be the masked man’s real identity shortly after, and Okea Eme-Akwari, a Cobra Kai star, was cast in the role shortly after.

What is Glenn and Maggie’s baby name?

Season 10 of The Walking Dead will include the introduction of Maggie and Glenn’s son Hershel. The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in 2021 and will feature the first appearance of an eight-year-old Hershel Rhee in the all-new season 10 episodes, in which Hershel will appear with his mother Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

Are Glenn and Maggie married in real life?

Both appeared to be having a good time, and it’s always nice to see previous stars still enjoying themselves while they’re with current ones in the spotlight. Although Glenn and Maggie will not be getting married in real life, Steven Yeun has met the love of his life. Thank you for your congratulations on your new marriage!

Does Rick get with michonne?

Rick and Michonne have been smoldering since they first met in Season 3, and the two ultimately coming together to cement their love in Season 6 may be the most well-earned romance in the entire series’ history.

Does Negan become good?

  • Negan will never be a completely decent man, but he has the ability to rehabilitate himself, if only somewhat. Some episodes of The Walking Dead have shown Negan as the nice guy, like when he cooked Carl supper and saved the lives of fan favorites. Here are some examples of when Negan has played the good guy on the show. References 1 and 2, References 3 and 4, and References 5 and 6.

The Walking Dead: It Looks Like These 2 Characters Are About to Become a Couple

There are major spoilers for The Walking Dead in this section!The Walking Dead has been criticized in the past for not including more LGBTQ+ couples on the show, but it appears like the program may include another homosexual pair sooner than you might expect in the near future.During the second episode of season eight, Aaron and his lover, Eric, attack a member of Negan’s organization, also known as the Saviors, who is stationed at one of four outposts.In the beginning, Aaron’s squad appears to have the upper hand, but as the Saviors draw in on them, their good fortune runs out.Eric attempts to help members of his coalition who are critically injured, but he is hit in the stomach by a bullet while doing so.While it is too soon to tell if Eric’s wounds will prove deadly, the nail-biting moment plays out in a way that is uncannily similar to the way Eric is killed in the comic books.

There is just one difference between the two stories: Eric gets shot in his head by one of the Saviors and dies instantaneously as he falls into Aaron’s arms.According to fans who are already rooting for Aaron and Jesus to be together, the rumours around Eric’s potential death on the program has whipped them into a frenzy.We’re aware that it’s too soon.Their heightened excitement, on the other hand, is not without justification.In truth, Aaron and Jesus are now involved in a romantic relationship in the comics.

  1. Rick invites Jesus to accompany him on a mission trip to Ohio in issue 169, which serves as a confirmation of their friendship.
  2. Jesus declines the offer, saying that he wishes to remain in Alexandria in order to begin a new life with his friend Aaron.
  3. ‘When I claimed I had something worth sticking for — it was a certain someone,’ he explains to Rick.
  4. ″It was a specific someone, in fact.

It’s Aaron on the line.Aaron was the subject of my conversation.He isn’t going to want to go, to be honest.″ Of course, this does not imply that the program will follow the same plot as the movie.There are some big differences between the program and the comics, as follows: The possibility exists that Jesus and Aaron will get together following Eric’s death, especially given the fact that the actor who portrays Jesus has revealed that his character is also gay in the television series.

  1. We’ll just have to wait and watch how their friendship develops over the course of the next several episodes.
  2. In the meanwhile, have a look at what fans had to say about the likelihood of Jesus and Aaron getting together in the near future ahead of time.

Why The Walking Dead Chose That Ending for Negan in Season 8 Finale

This interview includes spoilers for The Walking Dead’s Season 8 finale, titled ″Wrath,″ which will air on Sunday, November 18.The Walking Dead opted to conclude Season 8 with kindness triumphing over vengeance, as Rick sliced Negan’s neck while still let him to live during their climatic last fight in Alexandria.When Rick abruptly slits Negan’s neck, it’s likely that readers of Robert Kirkman’s comics won’t be surprised, since the scene is practically identical to how it played out on the page: just when it appears like Negan could be warming around to Rick’s proposed peace deal, Rick slashes his throat.However, unlike in the comic books, Rick begs the Saviors for their surrender in order to preserve Negan’s life, in the television show, Negan’s followers have already surrendered, and Rick decides to rescue his adversary because he knows it is what Carl would’ve wanted – an end to the carnage.Following the episode’s conclusion, showrunner Scott Gimple spoke with a small group of reporters to discuss why he opted to adhere so closely to author Robert Kirkman’s vision for the conclusion of Rick and Negan’s fight.″Simply put, when I read it in the book, it was upsetting to me, and it was something that struck a chord with me….

It was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it ″He had to confess it.″Because it was unexpected and the correct thing for Rick and the world – in terms of what Rick wanted and what Carl wanted for him – it was truly the only path ahead for me when I read it.It was the only way forward for Rick and the world.That it’s refreshing to see something like that, to witness a narrative like that in a time when everything appears to be so hostile, so aggressive was the icing on the cake.″ And while Andrew Lincoln agreed, he also joked that while ″it’s nice to have won,″ he was most thrilled with the storyline twist because of what it implies for Rick as a character moving forward in the series.In response to his son’s requests that the program depict a narrative about restraint rather than retribution, he expressed delight, saying, ″I believe this is very much in keeping with the show that we’ve always meant to do.″ ″I believe he is a man who has matured and recognized late in the day that he has to modify his behavior.

  1. He will get disoriented if he does not resist from murdering him.
  2. Everything that Deanna told him about the promise of a new civilisation, which he may or may not have believed, has come to fruition as a result of following the desires of his dying son.″ Regarding Rick’s possible actions in Season 9, Lincoln speculated, ″I do believe that when someone loses someone so dear, they may have a fervent desire to ensure that their death is not in vain, and I believe that may be a place that he will go to.″ Photos from The Walking Dead’s ″Wrath″ In the weeks following our discussion, Kirkman and Lincoln discussed Rick’s decision on Talking Dead, and they went into further detail about it there.
  3. ″Rick has come to a major turning point in his life, the latest in a long line of significant turning points.
  4. His realization that he needs to choose a new path is represented by this image ″Kirkman went on to explain why he chose to write their showdown in such a dramatic manner in the comic books.

″Every significant confrontation in the history of The Walking Dead has ended with a massive death or the death of someone, and this is him choosing life, turning over a new page, and deciding that there is a better path forward for him.Being able to have that moment where he’s slicing a guy’s throat and saving his life, and having it be so intense, marks time in a very significant manner and demonstrates that the tales from this point on will be extremely different.″ Lincoln was in agreement, ″In the scene where Negan claims the kid didn’t know a darn thing, the youngster recognizes where he’s about to go and what he’s about to become.’If I continue with this and don’t attempt to save this man’s life, then it’s over,’ he thinks in that momentary moment of clarity.In the end, it is a narrative about restraint rather than retribution, and love rather than hatred, which has always been a fundamental theme of our program from the beginning.″ Do you agree with Rick’s choice to intervene and save Negan’s life?

  1. Share your thoughts in the comments section, and be sure to read our review of Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 8 finale as well as our preview of the Season 4 debut, which includes all we know about the show’s new characters, Al and John Dorie.
  2. Laura Prudom is the Executive TV Editor of IGN.
  3. She has worked in the industry for almost a decade.
  4. You may communicate with her on Twitter at @LauinLA.

No Way Out (The Walking Dead) – Wikipedia

  • ″There Is No Way Out″ is an episode of The Walking Dead. After saving Glenn’s life, Sasha and Abraham assist Maggie in exiting the train station. Episode number one. Episode 9 of Season 6 Greg Nicotero is in charge of the direction. Created bySeth Hoffman, Date of first broadcast February 14, 2016 Time required for the race is 43 minutes. Appearances by special guests Dr. Denise Cloyd is played by Merritt Wever
  • Heath is played by Corey Hawkins
  • Sam Anderson is played by Major Dodson
  • Owen is played by Benedict Samuel
  • Tobin is played by Jason Douglas
  • Ron Anderson is played by Austin Abrams
  • Katelyn Nacon is played by Ann Mahoney
  • Bud is played by Christopher Berry
  • Anna is played by Vanessa Cloke
  • Ted Huckabee is played by Ted Huckabee
  • Barbara is played by Dahli
Episode chronology
← Previous″Start to Finish″ Next →″The Next World″
The Walking Dead (season 6)
List of episodes

AMC premiered ″No Way Out″ on February 14, 2016, the ninth episode and midseason debut of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead.The episode was written by Robert Kirkman and directed by Andrew Lincoln.It was written by Seth Hoffman and directed by Greg Nicotero, who also served as executive producer.Following up on the last cliffhanger, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and the Anderson family continue their journey through the herd, while Denise Cloyd (Merritt Wever) faces with the consequences of being held prisoner by Alpha Wolf.Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Sasha Williams (Sonequa Martin-Green), and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) are all forced to relinquish their guns after being confronted by a dangerous group of bikers commanded by the enigmatic Negan.The majority of the episode is devoted to the herd invasion that occurs in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

The episode incorporates content from the comic book series of the same name, namely from ″Volume 14: No Way Out.″ Important scenes from the comic book adaptation include Carl Grimes’ injuries and the Andersons’ deaths, which are both depicted in the film.This episode marks Alexandra Breckenridge’s final appearance as Jessie Anderson, as she is killed off along with her two sons, Ron (Austin Abrams) and Sam (Samuel L.Jackson), in this episode (Major Dodson).One of the numerous comic book events that were incorporated into this episode was their deaths.The episode, which acts as the season opener, was the eighth episode to be filmed in total, and it was followed by the Morgan Jones (Lennie James) flashback episode, ″Here’s Not Here,″ which was the ninth episode to be filmed altogether.


When Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl are stopped on the road by a troop of Saviors, they are forced to surrender their firearms.They are informed that their property has been taken over by Negan.Daryl is escorted to the rear of the fuel truck by a henchman of the gang leader, who continues his attempts to frighten Abraham and Sasha into disclosing the location of Alexandria.When Daryl, who has discreetly strangled the henchman to death, uses Abraham’s RPG launcher to detonate the whole bunch, he makes the implausible claim that he is going to murder one of them.After escaping from Jessie’s house in improvised walker-gut ponchos in order to conceal themselves from the walkers, Rick, Carl, Father Gabriel, Michonne and Judith are joined by Ron and Sam.They link hands in order to stay united as they flee from the walkers.

Meanwhile, Rick chooses to lead them to the quarry in order to obtain vehicles and repeat his earlier scheme to entice the herd away from Alexandria, while Gabriel takes Judith to the protection of his house of worship.Jessie does all she can to persuade Sam to accompany Gabriel, but he is adamant.They come across a walker-child as they make their way toward the front gate, and Sam suffers a nervous breakdown, causing his screams to attract the walkers, who consume him alive.Jessie refuses to let go of Sam’s hand, and as a result, she becomes a meal for the vampires.In the event that Carl is unable to extricate himself from Jessie’s clutches, Rick cuts off Jessie’s arm with a hatchet, releasing Carl, who stumbles and drops his pistol.

  1. When Ron discovers that his whole family has been murdered, he picks up Carl’s rifle and points it at Rick, but Michonne impales him with her katana instead.
  2. The gun, on the other hand, discharges, striking Carl in the right eye.
  3. Meanwhile, the Wolf has taken refuge with Denise, waiting for a moment to sneak through the walkers and escape to the outside world with her.
  4. In order to make their move, they must first rescue Denise, who is in danger of being bitten by the Wolf.

Once they have a clear path over the wall, they may proceed.Denise agrees to save his life provided he can get her to the hospital as quickly as possible.Carol rummages around Morgan’s house looking for ″additional

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