What Episode Did Jesus Die In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Jesus Dies as the Whisperers Arrive

It wouldn’t be a Walking Dead midseason finale without the death of a major character, and Season 9 was no exception to that rule. After Jesus was fatally murdered in “Evolution,” Tom Payne joined the ranks of characters such as Chandler Riggs, Austin Nichols, Tovah Feldshu and others in the Episode 8 death club (a label I made up). In terms of the season’s main narrative, his death served as a prelude to the revelation that the seemingly “advanced” walkers who have been communicating and hunting for the previous few episodes are not walkers at all, but rather live individuals who have been clothed in walker skin.

With Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand), Jesus was part of a search team that was hunting for Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who was hiding in a barn since his dislocated knee was too wounded to attempt to flee with Rosita (Christian Serratos).

Even if the other guys were skeptics, Eugene presented a persuasive case for the walkers’ changing nature.

And, because it isn’t precisely dead, it has the potential to evolve.

  1. Despite the fact that this idea would be disproven by the conclusion of the show, it is a fascinating one to consider!
  2. The Walking Dead in the year 2049.
  3. A eerie, foggy graveyard was their last destination, and they became stranded there since they couldn’t unlock the gate and Eugene was too injured to climb over the fence.
  4. If you were a nasty person, you could describe it as “magnificent timing.” Tom Payne, star of AMC’s The Walking Dead, deconstructs Jesus’ shocking moment.
  5. As Jesus was turning back to help Eugene, the last walker in his immediate vicinity dodged when Jesus swung his sword at it, quickly got behind him, produced a long knife, and jammed it up through the opening in Jesus’ armor to his heart.
  6. “You are in a place where you do not belong,” the Whisperer said in hushed tones before dropping Jesus and standing there looking like Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  7. Daryl discovered a seam on the back of the guy who murdered Jesus’ skull and sliced it apart, revealing a freshly-dead man under a mask of flesh he had already removed.

As the episode came to a close, they were stranded in the cemetery, surrounded by Whisperers who were psyching them out by telling them to “keep them together.” As powerful an action-horror scenario as The Walking Dead has ever produced, the last climax was a highlight of the season.

It was a fantastic conclusion to the strongest half-season of The Walking Dead since at least Season 6 and perhaps even Season 5 of the show.

As long as the writing remains adequate and does not deteriorate into the boring speechifying of former showrunnerScott Gimple, she should be able to sell it.

A scene similar to OneFear the Walking DeadDid in Season 3 of The Walking Dead was recreated in Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

We have no idea where he’s gone or what he’s up to, but whatever it is, it’ll be a welcome break after being caged up for the previous eight episodes.

It’s time to break loose and have some fun with JDM.

And it’s a nice sensation to have. It’s as though we’ve returned to 2013. I wish things had remained the same way it was in 2013. Gifts for the Holidays Inspired by The Walking Dead Ross Marquand is a character on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Gene Page and the American Medical Center

‘Walking Dead’ Star Gets Candid About His Exit: “It Was Constant Frustration”

In the case of The Walking Dead The midseason finale of The Walking Dead concluded with a big shock for both comic book fans and show-only viewers: the death of Jesus (Tom Payne), a fan-favorite character who is still alive and well in the comics by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. The Whisperers, the newest antagonists in the AMC zombie universe, are responsible for Jesus’ death in season nine. The Whisperers disguise themselves as zombies by wearing refurbished skin suits. As shown in the comics that served as the inspiration for the television series, Jesus comes face to face with the Whisperers on several occasions and survives each battle, including beating the community’s most lethal member in a two on one do-or-die brawl.

  • Given his character’s tragic death, it’s understandable that series regular actor Jeffrey Payne would be saddened by his decision to leave The Walking Dead.
  • After years of being dissatisfied with the direction his character was taking, Payne, who has been with the show since season six (and a regular since season seven), expressed his desire to depart in a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
  • In Payne’s opinion, the character’s final stand was far closer to his vision for Jesus all along, making it a note he’s more than delighted to end his career on.
  • “But I’m thrilled.” What was the process of putting Payne’s Walking Dead departure together?
  • As you’ll see in the video above, Payne is excited about all of this and more, including the romance with Aaron (Ross Marquand) that never happened, what it was like filming his final episode with Norman Reedus and Josh McDermitt, and many other topics.
  • I’m looking forward to everyone seeing it.
  • For me, the program has always been about expressing myself.

They provided me with a fantastic conclusion, and I am grateful for it.

They were well aware that I would not be unhappy if they were to fire me.

I was quite dissatisfied with what the main character had been up to.

In the course of the struggle with the Saviors, the only individual with whom he came into contact was a man who was on his side.

He catches a grenade and throws it back at the attacker.

And he wasn’t put to any use at all.

I was prepared and eager to get started.

Their understanding was reciprocal, and they were certain I would be okay with it.

When the phone call came in, Angela was taken aback by how calm I was about the situation.

Andy and Lauren’s agreements had already been worked up previously, so this was the first time they were being discussed.

It would have taken a large number of people or a complete surprise for him to be killed, which is exactly what happened in the end.

No one is safe, and that is exactly what the program is about.

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, and I was overjoyed with the outcome.

I couldn’t stop thinking, “This issofun.” “This is exactly what I had hoped to be doing!” I had the sensation that Jesus was experiencing.

It’s possible that it cost him his life in the end!

The entire event was a fantastic narrative in and of itself.

This is what the show is all about, and I just wanted to be a part of it in some way.

I ended up being quite fortunate in the end.

It’s a watershed point in the show’s development.

That was the primary cause for my dissatisfaction with episodes seven and eight.

It was a lot of fun.

I believe it is unjust to the audience to tease the viewers with Aaron and Jesus’s relationship in this way.

I’m glad they went ahead and did it.

If I just had that episode and then had to return to the Hilltop, would it be worth it?

You’ve already said that you didn’t want to see Aaron and Jesus in a romantic connection, as they are shown in the comic books.

I appreciated that they had a connection, but I didn’t believe that they needed to pursue a more formal relationship in the future.

“They should get together!” says the author.

That’s something I could imagine occurring.

That’s something I’m not sure of.

It was pleasant to have them converse since their sensitivities were similar to mine.

The Walking Dead’s Jesus is not only a beloved figure, but he’s also a beloved LGBT character in popular culture.

To be a part of that group and to provide exposure as a homosexual character on one of the most popular television programs in history has been an incredible experience.

However, I was unhappy that it wasn’t there in greater quantities.

During season seven, there was just one scene with Lauren.

However, there are still some individuals who are unaware that Jesus was gay.

However, even if you’ve lost Jesus, you still have Aaron and Tara (Alanna Masterson), and now Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), so there’s still representation on the program.

It’s a pity, though.

They could have earned a lot more money out of it.

That was something I was really looking forward to playing.

Other narratives, it seems, take precedence over this one.

As a result of the time shift, there are several potential storylines involving Jesus that audiences have yet to witness.

Sticking in the background or showing up merely for the purpose of showing up are not something I am interested in doing or being around for.

If the material is strong, I would be interested in learning more about it.


People had varying opinions regarding leaving the concert, and I was quite pleased with that!

While it was frustrating at times, I was glad that we were able to communicate this wonderful narrative via the play we were doing.

It’s exactly what I want to achieve in my professional life, and to be allowed to do so on this show.

I’m really grateful to Angela for putting me in this situation.

I adored the main character.

Nonetheless, there was a lot of promise in the character that was never fully realized.

I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to the irritation that had plagued me.

I’d been in training for two years at that point.

There was just a great deal of untapped potential.

It was fantastic when we were able to demonstrate what he was capable of doing this year.

(Laughs.) It’s just a normal part of being a part of a long-running series.

You’re always on the verge of jumping out of your seat, squeezing your hands together in the hopes that something exciting may appear.

The prospect of working on something that has a beginning, middle, and finish excites me because it will allow me to clearly see the character in front of me.

I was delighted to have a fantastic start, a fantastic scene with Lennie, and then a very fantastic conclusion.

That’s plenty for me. I’m glad it came to a satisfying conclusion in a lighthearted manner that had a significant influence on the plot. But, at the same time, I’m ready to move on from this situation. THR.com/WalkingDead.

That Walking Dead Death Wasn’t Shocking—But It Was Disappointing

It is possible that this post will include spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 8, “Evolution.” Surely we might have predicted that someone would die the moment Aaron and Jesus began assisting a wounded Eugene in fleeing a suspicious throng of walkers. If only it had been Eugene who had done it. Instead, another character was killed off on Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Paul Rovia (Jesus) was stabbed by a member of the undead who turned out to not be so dead after all while battling through a horde of walkers in the first episode of The Walking Dead.

  1. (If you’re looking for more information on what’s to come, you can check out some comics spoilers here.) Before we go any further, it’s probably a good idea to point out that Jesus might be able to pull off an unusual feat of endurance.
  2. However, by the end of Sunday’s segment, Jesus certainly appeared to be dead.
  3. (It did in the comics, at least.) Unfortunately, it appears that this development was only a ruse to heighten the shock value of Jesus’s death.
  4. It’s been a long time since television shows have abruptly killed off their L.G.B.T.Q.
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It was just a few seasons ago that The Walking Dead was accused of falling prey to this cliche when the show abruptly terminated poor Denise.) Overarchingly, even characters who have been beloved by fans for years have been lost in the shuffle in recent seasons of this program, their distinguishing features being eliminated in favor of fabricated motives, if that they ever make it onto the screen at all.

  1. Moreover, by assassinating Jesus, The Walking Deadhas hinted that, although it is interested in re-discovering some fan favorites, others may not be so fortunate.
  2. It is likely unrealistic to assume that this season would resolve all of the issues that have plagued this drama for several seasons.
  3. The manner in which it happened, perhaps most notably, was reminiscent to Glenn Rhee’s Season 6 fake-out death, which occurred just before he was ultimately slain precisely as fans anticipated him to be.
  4. Another similar fake-out occurred this time around, with the program loosely hinting at a relationship between Aaron and Jesus only to murder one of them off a week later—a less rage-inducing version of the previous fake-out.
  5. Despite several attempts, The Walking Dead was never able to successfully adapt Jesus from his comic book origins to the screen; once he fulfilled his primary mission by welcoming Rick and the group to the Hilltop, he was relegated to the show’s back burner.

Aaron, the show’s only other openly homosexual male character, was similarly mostly marginalized after introducing everyone else to Alexandria; despite the fact that he’s been with the show since Season 5, he’s never felt completely at home with the group as a result.

Walking Dead Actor Was “Kind of Bored and Unhappy” Before That Big Death

This post includes spoilers for the midseason finale of The Walking Dead (season 9). While Jesus may have met his end on AMC’s The Walking Dead, don’t weep any tears for actor Tom Payne. Even though he had been a touch tired with his character’s plot over his three seasons on the program, the actor was really rather delighted with the hero’s death that his character earned after three seasons. Meanwhile, showrunnerAngela Kang went with a tried-and-true excuse for why yet another character had to be killed off this season—despite the fact that Jesus is still alive in the comic books.

  • There should be enough of difficulties for the group to contend with when the series returns in 2019.
  • However, because Jesus is still alive in the Walking Deadcomics and looked to be on his way to a relationship with Aaron right before he died, some fans may have been reluctant to let him go.
  • “I had sort of reached a moment in the show where I was a little bit in stasis, and I was like, ‘Well, you know, I have to do something with my character, else I’m cool with getting killed off,'” Payne admitted in a startlingly honest interview with Entertainment Weekly.
  • “Let’s do something, let’s murder some people, let’s kill myself, I don’t care,” he declared, implying that he intended to spice things up.
  • “It was a shock when Carl died last year, but I expected a lot of people to die in the fight against the Saviors and just a few did,” the actor continued.
  • Let’s embody the essence of this show.’ And I’m delighted to have been a part of it this season.
  • “I’m pleased with it.” Payne said that he was dissatisfied with the program in the months leading up to his character’s death, citing, in particular, the ways in which his character’s depiction diverged between the original comics and the series.
  • A significant amount of such content was never seen on the screen.

But I’m pleased that, in the end, we were able to include everything, and that’s satisfactory.” According to Payne, “you know, usually speaking, you’re satisfied on the program if you get one nice thing to do,” and “I’ve got a pretty cool beginning and an even better finale, and that’s enough for me,” he continued.

(For what it’s worth, though, he’s very certain that at least one of those characters ended up with another during the show’s six-year time leap).

This is what Angela Kang had to say: “For a program that deals with problems of life and death, as well as individuals who have heroic and surprise ends, it’s difficult because practically everyone you murder on our show or write out is going to be a member of some underrepresented group on television.” I hope the rest of television will follow suit.

We just seem to attract a lot of attention as a result of it.”

The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne ‘glad’ Jesus was killed off

In 2018, Tom Payne’s character Jesus was killed off (Photo courtesy of Getty/AMC). Tom Payne, who plays Jesus on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has stated that he was ‘happy’ that his character was killed off. Yes, this is true. While many fans were heartbroken by Jesus’ assassination by a member of the Whisperers in the midseason finale of Series 9, the actor remained unconcerned by the tragedy. Tom recently expressed his views in response to a fan’s tweet, which read: ‘I was so thrilled when they killed you off The Walking Dead.’ Tom responded by saying: Tom answered with gusto, saying, ‘I was the same!’ Tom has expressed his excitement over Jesus’ time on the program before, and this isn’t the first time he’s expressed it.

  1. ‘Ultimately, it came down to whether or not I was happy in my profession, and I was simply like, “Well, I’ve been doing this for three years,” which was the longest he had ever worked in any acting capacity,’ he told Comic Book magazine.
  2. his plot didn’t appear to be developing too much.” And everyone was jockeying for position on that program and waiting for their chance to shine, and I was just getting a little tired of it all.’ Despite this, Tom has floated the notion of a Jesus spin-off series on the show.
  3. But I had to grow my hair out, and, to be honest, I really enjoyed it,’ he told The Express earlier in the year.
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The Walking Dead: Let’s Have a Chat About That Unexpected Midseason Finale Twist

Warning: This section contains spoilers for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. At the very least, we can always bank on The Walking Dead to surprise us with something fresh season after season! After Andrew Lincoln’s departure, the six-year time leap, and the appearance of Rick Grimes Jr., the midseason finale on Sunday is likely to knock you off your feet even more than those previous surprises. It was a completely unexpected turn of events that brought the season to a close with the death of Paul “Jesus” Rovia, who had been a fan favorite since his arrival in season six.

  1. They made their initial “appearance” in episode seven, following Rosita and Eugene into a ravine and tricking them into believing that zombies were getting the capacity to communicate.
  2. Just as the gang is about to make it safely out of the walker-infested cemetery, one of the disguised Whisperers grabs Jesus and stabs him in the back, killing him instantly.
  3. A terrible blow for the gang, especially when they realize that they have been encircled by the remaining Whisperers, and the episode finishes with us wondering whether we will lose another fan favorite before the season’s nine episodes are completed.
  4. His death is yet another significant departure from the comics, though we should by now be accustomed to it (RIP Carl).

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the former series regular admitted that he had become dissatisfied with the path his character had taken over the previous several years and that he was relieved that Jesus’s final stand was more in accordance with the character’s position in the comics.

He’s the most capable member in the entire gang, without a doubt!

It’s an incredible show, and I feel really privileged to have been a part of it, but being the same character for so long without having anything interesting to do may be a little irritating.” Now that Jesus’s trip on the TWD has come to an end, the people of the established villages will have to face the Whisperers without the benefit of his war experience.

We have no idea how the tale will unfold, given how far the program has strayed from canon, but something tells us that there is a long way to go before the looming battle is brought to a close. Image courtesy of AMC

A Killed-Off ‘Walking Dead’ Character Will Return In Season 9B This Winter

What is dead may never be resurrected? While this isn’t true for all zombies on The Walking Dead, it is true for at least one recently-deceased character who will be returning to the show in some way, despite his recent death on the program. There will be spoilers below. Tom Payne’s Jesus was killed by a Whisperer during the enemy group’s epic reveal in the season 9A midseason finale as he attempted to slash something he believed to be a walker, but instead it was a person dressed in walker skin whododged the sword and knifed him in the back, according to the show’s official website.

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However, he intends to return.

“There’s a six-year time jump in which a lot of stuff occurred, and there’s those strange markings on Michonne and Daryl,” Payne explained.

In addition, Jesus may have a hand in some of these events, according to the researcher.

Michonne also discusses how she was forced to make a difficult, unpopular decision in order to rescue everyone, which resulted in a division in the community as well as a rift with Maggie, despite the fact that they appeared to be getting along well when we last saw them during the Rick period.

  • Despite the fact that we don’t know precisely when she departed to travel with Georgie, it appears that she was very much required to be present throughout “the terrible days,” whatever those may have been.
  • As previously stated, Payne was very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the direction his character was taking.
  • I’m curious how The Walking Dead will handle this flashback, because six years is a long time, and whatever struggle this was appears to have been rather substantial, so can it really be condensed into a handful of scenes or a single 40-minute “flashback” episode?
  • This season’s first half did not have a single genuinely “poor” episode, which is something I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before on the show.

If you’re anything like me, you deserved more, but I hope you shine brightly when you return. You may find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read Herokiller, my new science fiction thriller novel, which is now available in print and online. I also wrote a trilogy called The Earthborn Trilogy.

The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Did Jesus die in The Walking Dead? Is Jesus dead?

AMCzombie is a zombie-themed television series. The Walking Dead is currently on a midseason hiatus, but not before viewers were treated to some game-changing sequences that will be remembered fondly. The program witnessed the introduction of new villains, the Whisperers, who made their first appearance in earnest. During this time period, the emergence of these new villains placed the lives of other characters in jeopardy. Everything you need to know about Jesus’s last days is right here (played by Tom Payne).

Yes, the simple explanation is that Paul “Jesus” Monroe is no longer alive after having one too many encounters with the Whisperers brought him to his death.

“They were well aware that if they got rid of me, I wouldn’t be upset.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he noted that he had voiced dissatisfaction with the season before.

He arrived in a calm and collected manner, and then he became disoriented on the Hilltop.” When asked about his exit scenes from The Walking Dead, the British actor stated, “I just wanted to be a part of crafting a terrific tale that will surprise people.” That’s what the program has been about for me throughout the years.” As soon as they approached me with the concept, I told them, “As long as it’s a very amazing moment, let’s go for it!” The character hasn’t gotten nearly as much great stuff as he does in comic books, which I’ve been disappointed in for the last two years.” “I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed in it, but I’ve been disappointed in it for the previous two years.” WHO ARE THE WHISPERERS, AND WHAT DO THEY DO?

  • “They gave me a pretty wonderful finish, and I’m really delighted with that,” Payne continued.
  • Similarly, Jesus appears in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic books, which served as the inspiration for the program, and he is still very much alive in the source material.
  • The Whisperers have successfully evaded the Walkers by wrapping themselves in rotting human flesh in an attempt to mislead them and as a matter of survival, rather than by using disguises.
  • INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO VIEW THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 9 ONLINE In spite of the departure from the comics, The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang addressed the choice to kill off Jesus and how the plot would continue to unfold following his death.
  • “It’s a character whose life is extremely important to everyone in this group, as well as to the individuals who are left behind,” the writer explained.
  • It has a significant influence on the plot.

He was given the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. The goal was for him to die as a hero, and he achieved that objective. The fact that he went out fighting shows that he had no idea what was about to happen.” Season 9 of The Walking Dead will premiere on FOX and NOW TV in January 2019.

The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap: Twisted Whispers — Plus, Who Didn’t Make It Out of the Graveyard Alive?

Warning: The following includes spoilers for The Walking Dead’s midseason finale, which airs this Sunday. There was a lot that happened in The Walking Dead’s midseason finale on Sunday. We learned about a new connection, gained insight into why Michonne’s friend list has become far narrower than it used to be, and realized exactly how poor the security at Alexandria’s one-inmate jail was. Watch the episode above. Having said that, let’s be honest: Ultimately, it was all about the Whisperers and the sense of dread that they cast across the post-apocalyptic landscape like a blanket of mist (which, coincidentally,alsofigured heavily into the goings-on).

Continue reading to find out.

During the beginning of “Evolution,” the characters Daryl and Jesus as well as Aaron and Dog were temporarily diverted from their hunt for Eugene by the bizarre sight of a herd of cattle lazily meandering about.

Since Negan’s outburst, we discovered via the cut to Alexandria that Gabriel has been doing everything he can to get Negan through it.

He also noted that the new window in his cell reminded him of television — “and I used to enjoy the s— out of television back when it was a thing!” When the preacher continued, implying that “a life ought to have significance,” Negan diverted the conversation to things he had overheard under his window — for example, things Rosita had said, rather than things about her lover!

  • Thomas Howell across the street and discovered that the Hilltop was home to Rosita.
  • However, they were proven wrong.
  • “We appear to be a well-organized organization.
  • as she learned from Tara about even more of the people who had kept in contact.
  • she turned around and went back into the house rather than greeting her old buddy Alexandria’s security head, who couldn’t believe that Siddiq was surreptitiously interacting with other communities, was back to his old cranky self after that incident.
  • And what about Michonne?
  • She informed Carol that she had received Ezekiel’s letter and was sad to hear about the Kingdom’s difficulties, but that she was no more interested in sending a delegation to the fair than she had been in the past.

‘I’M GONNA MAKE YOU PROUD’ Later, while the hunt for Eugene was still ongoing, Aaron proposed to Jesus that he might be a wonderful leader if he would just stop fighting it.

We haven’t seen a great deal of evidence to support this.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that the mystery herd was on their trail — and that it had quadrupled in size, making it an even worse type of mystery herd than they had anticipated.

(On the other hand, Melissa McBride is so wonderful that she could certainly make me cry if she were to read Green Eggs and Ham.) In no time, Henry was learning how to forge a spearhead from Alden.

Yes, Henry was available to hang out with Earl and Tammy Rose after work, despite the fact that he had already spoken to his infatuation.

Somewhere along the road, it appears to have been Gabriel’s responsibility to be in charge of Negan’s well-being.

What do you do in a community as large as Alexandria?) “It’s bad enough I have to clean up your s—; I shouldn’t have to listen to it, too!” the pastor snorted before stomping out the door once again.

Henry accepted their invitation and left with them that evening, despite the fact that he was still wearing it.

— the young man answered yes, of course.

Before Rosita was able to awaken at the Hilltop’s infirmary, Siddiq expressed his regret to Michonne for having withheld so much information from her.

“However, it does not make the situation any easier.” And she continued to refuse to mend fences, stating that she would not do it “the manner they want me to.” At the very least, she thought that her controversial decisions were the reason why her old friends were still alive to despise her and her choices were correct.

  1. “DarylCo.
  2. The night, once the missing brainiac was discovered by the search team, he expressed his agreement with that sentiment.
  3. What exactly is it, Dog?
  4. The herd has returned once more!
  5. His joke was that “if this is your notion of fun,” he’d hate to see what happens when you grow bored with it.
  6. To no use, they’d first tried a cat as bait, stated Gage, who immediately moved himself to the top of my s— list as a result of his explanation.
  7. What were you thinking when you did that?
  8. In response, Henry stated, “If I had to explain it to you, you wouldn’t comprehend.” And as all of this was going on, Negan learned something shocking in Alexandria.
  9. A nasty expression crossed his face as soon as he knew he had achieved his freedom, which made me wonder when we would get to see more of those additional facets to the character we had been promised.
  10. “THE WALKERS ARE EVOLVING!” Eugene, who was on the run with Jesus, Aaron, Daryl, and Dog, proposed the hypothesis that the walkers were developing.
  11. And, he said, “the brain is still alive.” “If it’s living, it has the ability to change, and it may even be able to remember things, such as how to communicate.” Alternatively, or even more frighteningly, Jesus recommended learning how to plot and hunt.
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(Oh, Dog, we barely knew you when we met!) After arriving at the Hilltop, Tara escorted Earl to the drunk tank, where she informed him that Henry had “thrown up on a pig and then my boots.” The alcoholic didn’t need to be informed what had happened since the “reek of bad moonshine” emanating from Henry gave him a good idea of what had transpired.

That was not the case, Henry clarified.

He’d only wanted to get away from the way he was feeling for a time, nothing more.

(Yes, I’m completely obsessed with Dog at the moment.) Make a pact with yourself about it.) To the pair’s surprise, the herd turned away from the noisy, brightly colored bait and instead followed Jesus, Aaron, and Eugene into a graveyard with a spiked fence in front of it (that, unless I miss my mark, is serious foreshadowing).

  1. They had no choice but to fight since they didn’t have enough time to carry Eugene over the barrier.
  2. Magna and Yumiko, as well!
  3. “We’re making a living,” Magna said to Michonne.
  4. If it had merely been a matter of defending himself against walkers, he would most likely have been alright.
  6. As Aaron cried for his slain friend, Daryl understood that Jesus’ murderer was hiding behind a mask, which revealed.
  7. He’s just a regular, murderous man, really.
  8. We were encircled because the Whisperers declared in their terrible, low tones that they had the intruders surrounded.

I hoped they were referring to a safe distance, but I was wrong. In the end, what did you think of the movie “Evolution?” Is this the first time the Whisperers have attacked? Michonne’s animosity with… everybody? Grade the episode below, then hit the comments.

Here’s Why Tom Payne Asked To Be Killed Off On The Walking Dead

AMC After a lengthy and difficult run, AMC’s long-running zombie dramaThe Walking Deadwill air its last episode, bringing an end to one of the most tumultuous runs in the history of cable television, with the once-dominant show now boasting a much diminished fanbase. The show will depart the airways with a cast that is nearly totally different from the one that debuted on the air, with the exception of a pair of original cast members –Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride– who are still navigating the post-apocalyptic environment.

  • Both of these factors were present in the instance of Tom Payne’s character, Jesus (sort of).
  • “I’d even mentioned it last season, saying, ‘I mean, ’cause we’re having a battle, you know, and people aren’t dying,’ and it was met with laughter.
  • If you want to murder me, I don’t care.
  • “And then I was simply frightened — not worried — nervous about what was about to happen.
  • And because Jesus is the most proficient combatant on the planet, it needs to be an organized attack on him or something he can’t stop himself from doing, else it wouldn’t be Jesus doing something.”

Tom Payne is quite happy with how Jesus departed The Walking Dead

To AMC’s credit, Tom Payne accepted the offer and expressed delight at the prospect of exiting The Walking Dead in such great style, as well as in service of progressing the plot by introducing the evil Whisperers through a kick ass combat sequence. “However, the manner in which it occurred, I believe, was quite interesting. I was saying it with the understanding that I would be fine with it. The narrative is everything to me, and if the story is excellent and they tell it the proper manner, I don’t care how they tell the tale.

As a result, I’m quite pleased.

The middle was a letdown, but the conclusion was fantastic, and I’m quite pleased with it overall.” Given that death does not usually spell the end of a character in The Walking Dead, many fans questioned if we will see Jesus return at some point in the series’ future.

“The Walking Dead world does not allow for the return of any characters, although there is always the chance of anyone returning.

Walking Dead Midseason Finale: [Spoiler]’s Death & NEW Villains Explained

Warning: This article includes SPOILERS for the midseason finale of The Walking Dead season 9. It was a sluggish episode, but it included enough twists and turns, as well as a major character death, to compel fans to engage in a long-term debate that will most certainly last until the television program returns in early 2019. While previous seasons have traditionally featured a great deal of set-up for later episodes, The Walking Deadseason 9 has had something going on throughout its entire first-half, which includes three time jumps, so far.

  1. Lincoln’s decision to leave The Walking Dead television show in season 9 came as a surprise to fans, despite the fact that he and the show’s producers had been planning it for quite some time.
  2. In related news, why is The Walking Dead losing viewers?
  3. The Walking Deadseason 9 saw the introduction of a second time leap, this one propelling the action six years ahead of where it had left off in season 8.
  4. It also introduced new characters, new story arcs, and, above all, new villains, all of which came to a head in the season 9 midseason finale.
  • This Page: Jesus Passes Away They are introduced as The Whisperers
  • What the Whisperer Told Jesus appears on the following page. What Happens Next in Season 9

What Happened In The Walking Dead Season 9 Midseason Finale

Leading prior to The Walking Deadseason 9 midseason finale, “Evolution,” Eugene and Rosita attempted to divert a herd away from the villages, but their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, as seen in the episode “Evolution.” It was necessary for Rosita to leave Eugene in a barn while she traveled to Hilltop and called for assistance. It is at this point that Aaron, Jesus, and Daryl go off in pursuit of Eugene. After searching the region and noticing a herd of walkers acting suspiciously, they eventually track him down in a barn late at night.

Related: The Walking Dead Has Already Been Replaced by Another Show Carl Grimes is a fictional character created by author Carl Grimes.

When Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko come to assist the three in their escape from the cemetery, they attempt to unlock the locked gate, but all of them fail, with the exception of Jesus, who utilizes his special abilities to kill the walkers that are pursuing the group.

However, they have been besieged by the end of the episode.

The Walking Deadseason 9 will premiere in February, and while viewers will not know where Negan has disappeared, what the former Savior leader decides to do next will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation as well as one of the show’s numerous main areas.

Jesus Dies in The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Deadseason 9 midseason finale, “Evolution,” sees the death of Paul “Jesus” Rovia, who has been played by actor Tom Payne since The Walking Deadseason 6 premiered. The fact that Jesus had taken over as leader of Hilltop when Maggie departed to be with Georgie became evident; he didn’t particularly enjoy being in that position, which is why he took advantage of any opportunity to get out into the world. Unfortunately, this finally resulted in his tragic death in this season’s episode 8, which was the eighth episode overall.

  • The reason for this is that the walkers were being lead by a new gang of villains known as the Whisperers.
  • Because these individuals blend in with the walkers, one of them takes advantage of this fact when he dodges Jesus’ strike and stabs him in the back, resulting in his death.
  • In the original material, on the other hand, this sequence is played out very differently.
  • Jesus is the only member in his group to survive, and he does so by murdering all of the Whisperers (maybe Joshua).

The Walking Dead’s New Villains Are The Whisperers

During The Walking Deadseason 9’s midseason finale, “Evolution,” Paul “Jesus” Rovia, who has been played by actor Tom Payne since the show’s sixth season, dies. The fact that Jesus had taken over as leader of Hilltop when Maggie departed to be with Georgie became evident; he didn’t particularly enjoy being in that position, which is why he took advantage of every opportunity to get out into the world. His premature death occurred in episode 8 of this season, as a result of his decision to do so.

  1. Aaron, Daryl, Eugene, and Jesus were pursued by a herd of zombies throughout the entirety of The Walking Deadseason 9 midseason finale, no matter what they did.
  2. That it is the first time the communities have come face to face with a danger like this is something it was always going to take viewers by surprise, particularly non-comic book readers, and that is something that has been building for quite some time.
  3. This is most likely not a ruse; it looks like Jesus has died in his entirety, which makes sense considering that he has already been a central character in the narrative since the second time leap.
  4. Jesus is killed by the Whisperers, who inform him, “You are where you do not belong,” in the comic books (particularly The Walking Dead issue 134, “From Whispers to Screams”).

Jesus is the only person in his group to live, and he does so by murdering all of the Whisperers. The Whisperer, on the other hand, murders Jesus and then assaults the rest of the show’s protagonists in the television showThe Walking Dead.

Page 2 of 2:What The Whisperer Told JesusWhere Season 9 Goes Next

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