South Park What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus Christ

  • Jesus Christ is God’s son, Lord, and Saviour, as well as the founder of Catholicism, according to the Bible.
  • He has appeared in a large number of episodes.
  • Jesus has made several appearances on the show, and he has also hosted his own public access television call-in show, Jesus and Pals, which has received a lot of attention.
  • He is a member of the superhero collective known as Super Best Friends (Super Best Friends).


After his son is sent to South Park Elementary, Jesus is forced to compete in a boxing match against Satan, the Prince of Darkness, in the film ″Damien.″ Each and every citizen of South Park felt that Jesus was doomed to defeat Satan, and as a result, they all placed their bets on Satan, leaving only one person betting on Jesus.That individual turned out to be Satan, who staged the match in order to carry out his plan to take the money of the villagers in order to purchase real estate.Jesus appears as the host of his call-in program Jesus and Pals in ″The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka,″ which is set in the same location as the previous film.Unfortunately, Huntin’ and Killin’, a show hosted by Jimbo Kern and Ned Gerblansky, outperforms him in terms of viewership.Jesus’ producer compels him to adopt a less professional manner of presenting in order to compete, which includes creating falsehoods in order to raise ratings.By the end of the episode, Jesus has had enough and excommunicates his producer from the kingdom of heaven.

The character of Jesus appears twice in ″Mr.Hankey’s Christmas Classics,″ first appearing as a baby during Eric Cartman’s performance of ″O Holy Night,″ and then during his own duet with Santa, during which he played an a cappella medley of several Christmas classics.The South Park episode ″Millennium New Years’″ included him as well, which aired in season three ″God, are you there with us?

It’s I, Jesus, who’s calling ″…..The episode depicts him being concerned that he would be crucified again for the new century, so he uses the new millennium as an opportunity to do something amazing.Jesus begs his Father to send him down to Earth so that he might dazzle everyone, but God declines to do so.

Jesus, on the other hand, plans a Rod Stewart return concert.When Rod Stewart is unable to perform, the audience takes to the streets to crucify Jesus.Stan Marsh, who has not yet had his period, is having a bad day with Jesus.

It is at this point that Jesus learns that God cannot cure everyone’s problems and that he should not have asked God to assist him; this realization helps to lift Jesus’ spirits.When the Almighty eventually appears to the assembled crowd, Stan is informed that he is a boy and that males do not have periods.Stan is relieved to receive this information.Jesus makes a cameo appearance in the fifth-season episode ″Super Best Friends,″ in which Jesus and other conventional religious prophets, instructors, heroes, and demigods band together to battle the wicked magician and leader of the Blaintology cult, David Blaine.Master carpentry skills were the source of Jesus’ strength, and he conducted his biblical miracles by instructing the multitude to turn around while he obtained what he need, and then instructing the throng to turn around again to witness his ″miracle.″ In the season six finale, ″Red Sleigh Down,″ he was murdered by a bullet to the back from an Iraqi insurgent while on a high-risk rescue attempt to find Santa Claus.Since then, he has not been seen as a real character, with the exception of the ″Fantastic Easter Special,″ in which he is tasked with preventing Bill Donohue from becoming Pope.

As a fake cartoon figure in a ″Al-Qaeda″ production, he appeared in ″Cartoon Wars Part II,″ in which Americans defecate all over each other and a cartoon character portrays him.The cartoon was intended to be controversial in response to a Family Guy episode that featured an image of Muhammad.Aside from that, he was in ″Imaginationland,″ where he served on the Council of Nine, where he and his colleagues debated the wicked imagined creatures that were attacking the good side of Imaginationland.

  1. After afterwards, Jesus is seen participating in the battle, where he is battling against a Xenomorph from the film Alien until Butters imagines an M-60 for Jesus, which Jesus swiftly utilizes to assist in the battle’s victory.
  2. ″Fantastic Easter Special″ reveals that the man Jesus picked to be the first Pope, St.
  3. Peter, was in fact not a man at all, but rather a rabbit that lived thousands of years ago.
  4. The reason he picked a rabbit to lead Christianity was because he realized that no one man could speak for God without becoming corrupt, but rabbits are clean and uncontaminated.

However, because the Catholic Church saw it as blasphemy, the truth was suppressed and a man was appointed to lead the church.Keeping the secret alive has been a tradition for the Hare Club for Men, a secret society that has been decorating Easter eggs since the 1920s.The Super Best Friends appear with him in the episodes ″200″ and ″201,″ respectively.In ″201,″ he is sitting in front of the television, watching porn, while Buddha snorts cocaine.

  • Mecha-Streisand is stopped by Krishna, who transforms into Neil Diamond and sings a duet with her.
  • Later, they hop on their power cycles and ride out to confront her.
  • According to ″A Scause For Applause,″ before his crucifixion, Jesus was found to be using the hormone HGH.
  • He goes into the scientist’s house in an attempt to discredit him, but ends up unintentionally meeting Stan.
  • As a result, they both decide to use bracelets to draw attention to Belarusian farmers, and they head to the P.F.
  • Pityef Bracelet Factory to purchase bracelets.
  • The unfortunate outcome is that those farmers are slaughtered, and it is later discovered that the factory owner is a liar.
  • Jesus takes large dosages of HGH and transforms into a hulk, wrecking the factory and murdering the owner in the process.
  • Later, he calls on everyone to wear T-shirts with their causes printed on them.


A beard and long brown hair distinguish Jesus from the rest of the crowd.He is normally dressed in a long white robe with a halo above his head, as is customary for him.Following his debut in ″Super Best Friends,″ he underwent a little makeover, which included the addition of a red sash and a more modern robe.It was once the case that the distance between Jesus’s eyes was significantly greater than the distance between the rest of the South Park characters.His nose is completely invisible, much like Jimbo, Ned, and Officer Barbrady.However, it can only be seen when his head is in profile view, which is the default setting.

Visit Jesus Christ/Gallery if you want to see photos of Jesus Christ.

Powers and Abilities

When Jesus first appears in ″Super Best Friends,″ he does not appear to have any special abilities, instead appearing to be a simple con artist who manipulates people with simple tricks such as telling everyone to turn around and then quickly replacing a jug of water with a jug of wine while their backs are turned.He did, however, employ his ″master carpentry talents″ to construct a gigantic mold for the John Wilkes Booth monument later in the episode, demonstrating superhuman work speed in the process.As seen in the film The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs.Santa, Jesus also has the ability to shoot energy blasts from his hands and feet.His second ability is the ability to revive himself at will; in the episode ″Fantastic Easter Special,″ he gets murdered many times and then resurrects himself at his leisure.This skill is identical to Kenny’s, except that he has the ability to revive himself to any area he wishes instead than only one.

Santa’s injured legs were also healed in ″Red Sleigh Down,″ which suggests that Jesus has the capacity to mend broken bones.



Jesus is the son of the living God.God is depicted as being relatively far from Jesus since he is always working on something new to teach him.When it comes to a formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formal ″God, are you there with us?It’s I, Jesus, who’s calling ″When Jesus requests that God come before the people of Earth for the new century, God rejects his request.Later on, Jesus comes to understand why God did this to teach him that he should never allow pride to interfere with good judgment and that if God accomplished everything for everyone, there would be no use in being alive.-


Santa Claus

Due to the fact that they are both regarded icons of the holiday season, Jesus and Santa Claus have a particular bond.Their relationship is frequently defined by conflict, yet they are typically able to come to terms in the end.In the film The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs.Santa, the two characters engaged in a battle to determine what Christmas was truly about.But at the conclusion of the short, after Brian Boitano passes his knowledge on them, they have resolved their differences.In ″Mr.

Hankey’s Christmas Classics,″ they also perform a duet together.Santa, on the other hand, becomes agitated around halfway through the concert because ″there are, like, 300 Jesus Christmas songs and only four fucking Santa ones!″ Although they are still at odds at the conclusion of their performance, they reconcile once more and join together in singing ″White Christmas.″ As part of a high-stakes rescue effort to save Santa Claus from the Iraqis, who shot him down over their territory and are torturing him in ″Red Sleigh Down,″ Jesus lends a hand to the lads.The rescue attempt, however, goes horribly wrong, and Jesus dies while on the mission, giving himself as order to save Santa.

Santa, at the conclusion of the episode, dedicates Christmas to the memory of Jesus Christ.

The Boys

The lads, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman, have had multiple encounters with and collaborations with Jesus throughout the course of their lives.As shown in the film The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs.Santa, they assist him in finding the mall and subsequently inform both Jesus and Santa that the purpose of Christmas is to get along rather than quarrel.In the film ″Red Sleigh Down,″ Jesus accompanied the lads on a rescue mission to Iraq in order to save Santa Claus from certain death.Kyle assassinated Jesus in the ″Fantastic Easter Special,″ but only at the demand of the latter, in order to free the characters from their incarceration.Kyle refused to go, and he appeared to be traumatized as a result of the horrific death Jesus had suffered.

Super Best Friends

″Super Best Friends″ is a group of superheroes led by Jesus, who is joined by a number of other religious figures such as Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Joseph Smith, Lao Tse, and Moses, as well as Seaman, who is not a religious figure but is an ineffective superhero who is the brunt of jokes from the other heroes.They collaborate to prevent the Blaintologists from committing ritual suicide in ″Super Best Friends,″ and they also work together to stop Mecha-Streisand in ″200″ and ″201,″ among other episodes.


It was because Jesus recognized that no one man could govern an entire religion without becoming corrupt that he picked St. Peter, who is in reality a rabbit, to be the first Pope of Christianity. Rabbits, on the other hand, are pure. As a result, he appointed Snowball, a descendant of Peter, as the next Pope.

Video Games

South Park Rally

Once the player has completed the Christmas race, Jesus will be unlocked.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

In The Stick of Truth, Jesus appears as a summonable figure that may be used in combat.In order to make use of him, Priest Maxi assigns you the task of tracking down Jesus in the church, where he is hiding.He warns you that tracking him down the next time ″won’t be that simple.″ For the second time, you must look behind the platform, where Jesus is hidden, and you must switch off the lights and direct the spotlights towards the podium, exposing the silhouette of Jesus.You may then summon him as a summon and make him and Priest Maxi friends with you.In combat, he descends from the skies, firing two magazines from an assault weapon to drive the adversaries away before putting on his shades and taking off in a different direction.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

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  • Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo″ – Jesus is alone at his birthday party
  • ″Mecha-Streisand″ – Jesus proclaims Robert Smith to be his savior
  • ″Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride″ – He responds to Jimbo at Stan’s football game
  • ″An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig″ – Mutant Stan breaks through his set
  • ″Death″ – Stan calls him to ask about assisted suicide
  • ″Mr. Han
  • The episode ″Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut″ reveals that he had an affair with Liane Cartman, along with Father Maxi. ″Chickenlover″ – He is seen driving the car with Stan, Kyle, and Officer Barbrady
  • ″The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka″ – Jesus must revamp his show, Jesus and Pals, in order to compete with rival show Huntin’ and Killin’
  • ″Spontaneous Combustion″ – Jesus discusses global warming on his show
  • ″The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka″ – Jesus must revamp his show, Jesus and Pals,
  • South Park is getting bigger, longer, and uncut. – For a brief period, he appears as one of the American soldiers marching outside Kyle’s house, dressed in an army uniform but without a helmet to allow for his halo to be visible. He also makes an appearance at the military camp, where he can be seen in the rear of the throng singing towards the conclusion of the film
  • ″″R. Hankey’s Christmas Classics″ – Sings a duet with Santa Claus in ″Are You There God?″ He appears on the Jesus and Pals show ″It’s Me, Jesus,″ in which he provides entertainment for the new millennium
  • ″Probably,″ in which he advises the boys to attend school instead of church
  • ″Fat Camp,″ in which he appears on his final Jesus and Pals show
  • ″A Very Crappy Christmas,″ in which he is the star of the boys’ Christmas short
  • and ″Super Best Friends,″ in which he appears on his final Jesus and Pals show ″The Super Best Friends are led by him, and he is their leader.
  • ″Red Sleigh Down″ – Travels to Iraq with the lads and dies while on a mission to rescue Santa Claus
  • ″Red Sleigh Down″ –
  • ″The Passion of the Jew″ – Kyle goes to see the movie The Passion of the Christ, in which Jews are depicted as nasty people torturing Jesus, causing Kyle to feel guilty for being Jewish
  • ″Fantastic Easter Special″ – He prevents Bill Donohue from becoming Pope
  • ″The Passion of the Jew″ – Kyle goes to see the movie The Passion of the Christ, in which Jews are depicted as nasty people torturing Jesus, causing Kyle to feel guilty for being Jewish
  • His character is a member of the Council of Nine in ″Imaginationland, Episode II,″ and he is also a member of the Council of Nine in ″Imaginationland, Episode III.″
  • ″200″ – He appears as the leader of the Super Best Friends
  • ″201″ – He reappears as the leader of the Super Best Friends
  • ″Butterballs″ – He appears in the producer’s bathroom and bullies him by threatening him with Hell
  • ″Butterballs″ – He appears in the producer’s bathroom and bullies him by threatening him with Hell
  • The Super Best Friends appear on Stan’s lunchbox in ″A Scause For Applause,″ where he claims that his miracles were influenced by performance-enhancing drugs
  • ″Christmas Snow,″ where he shows up to scold Randy and Santa for doing cocaine, but ends up trying it himself and enjoying it
  • ″The Pandemic Special,″ where he appears on Stan’s lunchbox with the other Super Best Friends, including Muhammad, who is uncensored
  • ″The Pandemic Special,″ where
  • Waiting in line at Walgreens for the COVID-19 Vaccine is a ″South ParQ Vaccination Special,″ as the sign says.
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This Jesus is based on the Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church, not the Jesus of the Holy Bible, and is not to be confused with the Jesus of the Bible. Throughout history, Jesus never converted from Judaism; he died as a practicing Jew who had come to believe in him.


2-Time Featured Article Winner November 2010, July 2015

God is a supernatural heavenly deity who also happens to be the father of Jesus Christ. He made his debut appearance in the Season Three episode, ″Second Chance.″ ″God, are you there with us? It’s I, Jesus, who’s calling ″…..


Jesus went out of his way to find him in order to make an appearance at the New Year’s Eve millennium celebration.Everyone in town was expecting Jesus to do something remarkable for the occasion, but God chose not to come on Earth for whatever reason.As a result, Jesus decided to do something different for the rest of the century in order to regain public favor once more.People are preparing to kill Jesus once more when things go wrong, and it is at this point that Jesus understands he shouldn’t be so reliant on God to make him popular, and he repents.Just at that moment, God arrives and decides to accompany his son through the millennium events.He chooses to enable mankind to ask him one question; unfortunately, Stan Marsh steals the inquiry and uses it to his advantage.

He then departs, promising to return in the year 4000, but never does.As Satan begs God for help in overthrowing Saddam Hussein, God vocally reprimands the devil for his inability to cope with his own business in the film ″Probably.″ God then informs Satan that he should end his relationships with Saddam and Chris and learn to respect himself more before entering into a relationship with someone else.Superman mentions an imaginary form of God in ″Imaginationland, Episode III,″ which takes place in an other universe.


A short-legged squirrel, elephant, cat, and hippopotamus tetra-morph with an extensible, reptile-like tongue are all seen in the film. He is also described as He, on the other hand, maintains that this is only how people see him, and so his actual appearance is unknown. He has a deep, tranquil tone to his voice when he speaks. God’s likenesses


  • In the episode ″HUMANCENTiPAD,″ it is hinted that God hit Cartman with lightning as punishment for insulting him when his HUMANCENTiPAD was taken away.
  • Parker and Stone have stated that their conception of God is based on the question of ″How would God seem to humans in order to screw with their minds?″


  • ″The song ″Are You There God?″ from Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics (described above) features Mr. Garrison declaring that God will kick a Shintoist’s ass during his ″Merry Fucking Christmas″ song. It’s I, Jesus, who’s calling ″- God appeared to the inhabitants of South Park in the year 2000, and he has promised to return in the year 4000, according to the show. The people were taken aback by his look
  • ″Something You Can Do with Your Finger″ – only mentioned once
  • ″Something You Can Do with Your Finger″ – only mentioned once
  • In Cartman’s mind, his dream was a sign from the Almighty. Subsequently, he refers to God as a ″bitch,″ but later clarifies that he is joking.
  • ″Almost certainly″ – Satan requests for God’s assistance in getting rid of Saddam
  • The film ″A Ladder to Heaven″ depicts God checking in on Saddam Hussein, who was suspected of having a nuclear reactor in Heaven.
  • ″I’m a Little Bit Country″ – He appears in the crowd of people near the end of the episode
  • ″Imaginationland, Episode III″ – He is only mentioned
  • ″I’m a Little Bit Country″ – He appears in the crowd of people near the end of the episode
  • ″I’m a Little Bit Country″ – He appears in the crowd of people near the end of the episode
  • After Cap’n Crunch, Superman informs Kyle that God wishes to speak with him
  • ″HUMANCENTiPAD″ – God strikes Cartman with a bolt of lightning
  • ″South ParQ Vaccination Special″ – Seen at the end of the episode celebrating the end of the pandemic
  • ″HUMANCENTiPAD″ – God strikes Cartman with a bolt of lightning

A Scause for Applause – Wikipedia

″A Scause for Applause″
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 16Episode 13
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Production code 1613
Original air date October 31, 2012
Episode chronology
← Previous″A Nightmare on Face Time″ Next →″Obama Wins!″
South Park (season 16)
List of episodes

″A Scause for Applause″ is the thirteenth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated sitcom South Park, and the 236th episode overall in the series’ run of ten episodes. On October 31, 2012, Comedy Central broadcasted the first episode in the United States. It is a parody of the Lance Armstrong doping incident and the attendant backlash that followed.


After learning that traces of performance-enhancing drugs and other illicit substances were discovered on the Shroud of Turin, the town of South Park decides to discontinue the use of their ″What would Jesus do?″ bracelets.This leads to the conclusion that Jesus did not suffer for humanity’s sins or perform miracles of his own ability, but was instead under the influence of drugs while performing these actions.Stan Marsh, on the other hand, is a controversial figure who refuses to remove his bracelet because he just enjoys it and has worn it for a long time.Despite the abuse he receives, he is the inspiration for a movement known as ″Stanground,″ whose members wear wristbands to show nonconformity, freedom of thinking, and honesty, among other things.Stan becomes a celebrity as a result of the movement, and he features in a Nike ad as part of his celebrity status.Following this, French experts believe Stan removed his bracelet and used glue to glue it back together again.

Despite the fact that scientific testing have confirmed the allegations, Stan continues to reject them, calling the investigation a ″witchhunt.″ When Stan travels to the home of the chief French scientist in order to look for evidence to discredit him, he comes face to face with Jesus, who is also there for the same purpose.Recognizing that the accusations leveled against them divert attention away from more important issues, such as the plight of farmers in Belarus, the two decide to raise awareness of the issue by visiting the P.F.Pityef Bracelet Factory, where they discover, through a sequence featuring rhyme and animation in the style of Dr.

Seuss, that such bracelets are known as scauses.The orange ones are produced for the Belarus campaign, which has quickly risen to the top of the public’s list of concerns.Farmers in Belarus are butchered by their government, despite the fact that there are valid reasons for it.

The general public turns in their now-outdated orange scauses for more up-to-date ones, and P.F.Pityef, the scause producer, departs town after reaping the benefits of South Park consumers’ money.Upon realizing that the factory had deceived them, Jesus swallows some human growth hormone and changes into an unrecognizable monster with muscles linked to his body.

It is he who devastates and ultimately kills P.F.Pityef by putting him through one of his devices, which he then destroys himself.After things have returned to normal, Jesus addresses the crowd, reminding them that causes should not be represented on one’s wrists.Instead, he believes they should be represented through T-shirts, and he proudly displays his shirt, which reads ″Free Pussy Riot.″

Cultural references

The town’s rejection of What Would Jesus Do?bracelets, based on evidence of drug usage by Jesus, satirizes the fate of Livestrong wristbands after cyclist Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France victories for ingesting performance-enhancing drugs.The French-Swedish official has an accent that is comparable to Tim Conway’s character Mr.Tudball from The Carol Burnett Show.This is further mentioned when he remarks, ″It’s ahh-starting to feel like ahh-The Carol Burnett Show in here.″ The last scene showing Jesus in a Free Pussy Riot shirt relates not only to the arrest of some of the band’s members, but also to the unauthorised sale of Pussy Riot memorabilia in the aftermath of their public plea.


With an A, Ryan McGee of The A.V.Club proclaimed that the satire was ″more powerful than in previous episodes.″ McGee also lauded the storyline’s depiction of the human need for causes to believe in, along with a sequence animated and written in the style of Dr.Seuss, which he described as ″awe-inspiring.″ Following the broadcast of the episode in Russia, LDPR member and deputy of the State Duma Vadim Dengin proposed that South Park be banned from the country due to the episode’s closing scene, which featured Jesus Christ advocating for the release of the band Pussy Riot, claiming that it constituted an attempt to humiliate the Russian Orthodox Church.


  1. On November 1, 2012, the South Park episode ″Jesus Backs Pussy Riot″ was shown on Comedy Central. This is according to the Wall Street Journal. On November 6, 2012, I was able to get a hold of Ryan McGee (October 31, 2012). ″There’s a Reason for Applause.″ The A.V. Club is an acronym for the American Video Club. The Onion is a satirical newspaper. Wilson, Bo (November 1, 2012)
  2. Wilson, Bo (November 1, 2012)
  3. (October 23, 2012). ″Pussy Riot Couple Separated and Sent to Gulags″ is the headline. The Evening Standard newspaper in London. The original version of this article was published on November 18, 2012. It was obtained on October 27, 2012, from Bigg, Claire, and Dzhanpoladova, Natalya (November 3, 2012). ″Can you tell me who owns the Pussy Riot brand?″ The Atlantic Ocean. On November 6, 2012, it was reported that ″″н арк″ may be arrested in the Czech Republic. ″CS1 maint: numerous names: authors list (link)
  4. Business FM, Tuesday, November 2nd, 2012 The original version of this article was published on November 5, 2012. A ban on South Park because of its support for Pussy Riot was called for by a Deputy on November 1, 2012, according to a report by Anton Lednet and Yuliua Tsoy in the New York Times (in Russian). Lifenews. 7th November, 2012
  5. retrieved 7th November, 2012.

External links

  • ″A Scause for Applause″ is available in its entirety at South Park Studios
  • ″A Scause for Applause″ is available on IMDb
  • and ″A Scause for Applause″ is available at South Park Studios.

Jesus Goes to South Park

Since its premiere in 1997, South Park has had a string of continuously profitable seasons.It is produced and written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who also provide the majority of the voices for the show.It is shown on Comedy Central, a network recognized for edgy, line-crossing comedic shows that are generally defined by cleverly sarcastic aspects, among other things.South Park is not an exception to this rule.While the program sometimes veers toward simple comedy, such as excessive swearing and fart jokes, it also has moments of insightful observational humor.South Park is now in its tenth season and is expected to continue for at least two more seasons, after which there will have been a total of 182 episodes shown on the show.

It has also been placed in syndication, much to the surprise of many, after some of its more contentious content was edited away in order to get a TV-14 classification.Many people were critical of South Park when it initially aired, and there were a variety of reasons for this.Many people believed that the cartoon format inherently pulled in young viewers who would then watch the show, despite the fact that it was not intended for children.

To make matters worse, the main characters in the program were all youngsters, providing children with potential ″role models″ to look up to and emulate.On the other hand, one issue that didn’t fully materialize was that which centered on Jesus, one of South Park’s regular characters who appeared on the show.″…it truly is open season on Jesus,″ says Matt Stone, co-creator and writer, of their freedom in depicting Jesus.

We have done anything we wanted to Jesus, and we will continue to do so.We’ve heard him use derogatory language.We’ve given him the opportunity to fire a gun.

We’ve had him kill individuals on our behalf.″We have complete freedom to do whatever we want.″ What is the source of this information?They don’t seem to understand why they feel the need to treat the persona of Jesus in such a disrespectful manner.For one thing, neither Stone nor Parker identify as conventional Christians, which gives them the confidence to do so.Although Matt Stone grew up Jewish, he does not consider himself religious, and Trey Parker would only comment, ″I feel there is something going on that we are not aware of.″ ″That’s as far as I’m willing to go.″ In reality, what motivates people to make fun of religion is a unique combination of adoration for and scorn for religious beliefs in general.″It’s important to note that neither of us is anti-religious in any way.

″I mean, religion is something that interests me,″ Stone explains.Parker continues, ″All faiths are quite amusing to me.″ The tale of Jesus is completely incomprehensible to me.God sent his only son to save the world.

  1. It seems strange that God could only have one son, and that he would have to die.
  2. It’s just poor writing, to put it bluntly.
  3. And it becomes pretty bad about the middle of the second act.″ Motivated by what they consider to be ″superfunny″ innovations of mankind, Matt and Trey have set out to approach Jesus in a way that very few people have done before: as just another guy to make fun of and mock.
  4. Because of the reasons that will be explained later, it is particularly difficult to draw many parallels between the Jesus shown in South Park and the Jesus of the biblical narrative.

When they aren’t taken for granted, there are a few crucial parallels that stand out as particularly remarkable.In the gospels, Jesus makes it quite plain that he is, in fact, the only begotten Son of God, and that no one else is.The Jesus of South Park, on the other hand, makes no apologies for his origin: Caller: Uh, this is Martin, I believe…Jesus: Martin, you’re from Aspen Park, I know who you are.

  • Martin: How…did you come to know that?
  • Jesus: Well, maybe it’s because I’m the Son of God, you know, you’re a brainiac…
  • Towards many other points in the show, people are shown to be skeptical about Jesus, only to be proven wrong at the end of the presentation.
  • It is this uncertainty that dominates many of the episodes that have Jesus as the main character.
  • It appears that almost every time members of the general public come face to face with the real Jesus, they respond with something in between apathy and general dislike.
  • This is reminiscent of the general response to the biblical Jesus, particularly during his later ministry, which was somewhere between apathy and general dislike.
  • When Jesus is arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, his supporters react as follows: ″And they all deserted him and fled.″ (Matthew 14:50) In a similar vein, folks in South Park find it difficult to be faithful to Jesus when their lives are on the line, or even when they stand to lose any amount of money.
  • When Jesus was scheduled to fight Satan, many people were skeptical about his ability to overcome him because ″Satan is enormous.″ Even when Jesus himself questions them about their cowardice, they respond with, ″Right, well…
  • You have a couple of hundred pounds on him, Jesus,″ says the narrator.
  • Only those with a child-like faith, on the other hand, have a genuine belief in Jesus’ capacity.
  • When Jesus inquires as to whether or not they believe Stan can defeat Satan, Stan responds, ″Sure, buddy, you’re the Son of God,″ and the rest is history.

Jesus is also shown as a person who is indisputably human.He experiences real human emotion, just like everyone else in South Park, and he must mature in knowledge and height, just like the historical Jesus (Luke 2:52).During the course of one episode, Jesus attempts to persuade God to appear at his New Year’s Party in order to ″bring my Father’s children back to their faith and back to mine eyes, for I am the Lamb of God,″ and he learns an important lesson: Jesus: If God answered all of our prayers, there would be nothing left for us to do to make things better for ourselves.Life is about dealing with difficulties and conquering those difficulties.In addition to developing and learning from setbacks.If God just took care of everything for us, there would be no reason for us to be here at all.

I believe this is why he didn’t show up to my New Year’s Eve celebration…Father, I understand what you’re saying now.All of this was something I had to learn on my own.I had been overwhelmed by my newfound notoriety, and I let my ego to get in the way of sound judgment.Despite the fact that the focus on Jesus’ humanity may be a little excessive, the fundamental premise remains the same.

God has descended to the world and given up the blessings of being God in order to redeem us from our sins (Philippians 2:6-7).Despite these resemblances to the actual Jesus, the Jesus of South Park is riddled with inconsistencies and shortcomings.While he is depicted as having genuine sympathy for humans, he also appears to be unable to provide any assistance to them.

In the universe of South Park, Jesus’ pitiful attempt to aid mankind is to launch a public access talk show, and even that appears to stray off in a completely different way from what Jesus means at times, according to the show’s writers.After hosting a program that comes out to be remarkably similar to an episode of Jerry Springer, the following exchange takes place: ″After hosting a show that turns out to be eerily similar to an episode of Jerry Springer, the following exchange takes place: Jesus: I’d want to express my regrets to each and every one of you for what occurred in there.We lost sight of the reason for which we entered the entertainment industry in the first place as we competed for ratings.Jimbo: That’s right.Beer and television are two of my favorite things.Jesus: To be more precise, I was alluding to the quest of truth; nonetheless, in any case, I cannot wait to get back to my old program, which is free of the glamor of publicity, the ratings, and the presence of producers…

When Jesus mentions the ″old show,″ which he plainly likes, he is referring to a normal call-in program in which Jesus fielded phone calls from regular people and tried his best to provide them with information that would be of use to them.His theological guidance, such as ″Yea, children, I am the Way and the Light,″ was frequently followed by ethical advice, such as ″Yea, children, I am the Way and the Light.″ No matter how sound the advise, Jesus is almost always ignored.Jesus is completely helpless in the face of this situation.However, the omnipotence of Jesus is only hinted at and not completely realized in this passage.The power of Jesus, according to the South Park interpretation, is akin to that of a superhero.The only thing he can do is guess people’s names and make wine (″Put your hands together and welcome the only man in town who always has a fully-stocked wine cellar, Jesus Christ,″ he says).

  1. But, for the most part, that is the extent of his abilities.
  2. ″Put your hands together and welcome the only man in town who always has a fully-stocked wine cellar, Jesus Christ,″ he says.
  3. The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs.
  4. Santa, the animated short on which subsequent full episodes of South Park were based, depicts Jesus coming down from Heaven with one goal in mind: to beat up Santa Claus, whom he believes has destroyed Christmas.
  5. After seeing Jesus’ battle with Santa, the children of South Park wonder aloud, ″What would Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano do?″ Within seconds, skater Brian Boitano arrives on the scene and states what turns out to be the final lesson of the story: ″This is, after all, the one time of year when we all strive to get along, no matter what we believe in.″ This is the time of year to simply be nice to one another.″ The children inform Jesus and Santa of this fact, and they both come to their senses and agree to stop fighting.
  6. When Santa tries to apologize to Jesus, he is met with the response, ″No, no.

″It is I who should take the blame.″ In this iconic short film, the character of Jesus is clearly established in all its glory.Jesus has a short fuse, is aggressive, and is completely oblivious of the deep and profound realities that surround His own holiday.It is necessary to present these examples of Jesus’ deep and profound flaws in order to make a single point: this Jesus is ridiculous.

There is no one in their right mind who would put their money on Jesus in a battle, or who would listen to his advise on life difficulties, let alone make him the master of their lives.Whose Jesus is this, exactly?The portrayal of Jesus in South Park is diametrically opposed to the biblical portrayal, and it’s difficult to sit through an episode of South Park and find enjoyment in such a treatment of the character.

However, it is necessary to inquire as to what really causes Matt and Trey to approach Jesus in this manner.There are a plethora of explanations that may be put up.Already taken into consideration is the fact that they regard the gospel to be nothing more than a poorly written narrative, but we must also examine how people respond when they see Jesus depicted on the South Park animated series.

Is it possible that many people are reacting in recognition?Although it seems that the South Park Jesus is a satirical Jesus that American television audiences are familiar with, it is unclear where the normal television viewer would have heard of him first.Their lack of familiarity with the Bible is readily apparent.The Jesus of the Bible is not the Jesus whom the spectators find so amusing and stupid.They are laughing because this ludicrous representation of Jesus is the Jesus of the casual Christian.

Even though the vast majority of Americans profess to be Christians, it is improbable that the vast majority of these ″Christians″ are much more than sporadic in their daily devotional practices.The biblical Jesus, it is possible, is not the intended target of their satirical jabs, but rather the broader American notion of who Jesus is.In this instance, South Park’s Jesus-humor is frequently spot-on.

Most ″Christians″ think of Jesus as a lovely man who can provide them with some sound counsel if they ask for it or feel the need for it, but they have no intention of listening to him if he says anything that they consider to be challenging to their beliefs.Despite the fact that Jesus is the Son of God, relatively few people regard him as God Himself, the ruler of the universe.Although Jesus is inaccurately depicted in South Park, it is possible that he is much more inaccurately depicted within the mind of the average American Christian.

Richard Clark

Christ and Pop Culture was founded by Richard Clark, who also serves as its founding editor.He also works as the managing editor of Gamechurch and as a freelance writer for publications like as Unwinnable, Paste, and others.He and his wife live in Louisville, Kentucky, and he holds a Master of Arts in Theology and the Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee.

  1. That episode in which Jesus battles Satan was one of my favorites. Satan was the only person in the entire town who placed a wager on Jesus, and he was the one who ended up losing the fight. While it might be interpreted as an insult, there is probably a connection to be found between those of us who claim to be ″under spiritual assault″ or who warn us not to question the power of the devil and those of them who claim to be ″under spiritual attack.″ I sometimes wonder if they’ve ever studied 2 Timothy 1:7 or 1 John 4:4 for themselves. After revealing one of my musical tastes with my small group a few weeks ago, several members were sure that I was exposing myself to the ‘influence’ of the devil by doing so. It’s also intriguing that there were regions where Jesus couldn’t do many miracles due to a lack of faith on the part of the people
  2. I’m not sure I get your reasoning here, Alex. Although it’s possible that I’m not understanding what you’re saying, can you explain how you find a link between Jesus fighting Satan on South Park and Christians who claim to be under spiritual attack? Furthermore, are you implying that Christians are immune to spiritual assaults?
  3. Rich, this is quite fascinating. The fact that you brought up one of the features of South Park that irritates me the most has been addressed: the ludicrous blend of irreverence and piercingly accurate social analysis. The portrayal of Christ in the film is blasphemous on the one hand, but it is also an extraordinarily true representation of how many people in America regard Christ: as a compassionate man and a ″wonderful teacher,″ but ultimately unable to assist us. The implications of seeing Christ as simply another ″object″ to be satirized are something else that bothers me
  4. I believe the answer, David, may be found in one of the biblical verses that I quoted earlier in this post. Christians may, in fact, be subjected to some form of spiritual attack
  5. however, I believe that this type of attack is analogous to that of a mosquito on a man- annoying and troublesome, yes, but man is infinitely bigger and stronger than a mosquito and is protected much more when the word is applied to the skin in the same way that one would apply insect repellent to their skin. Satan is no match for Christ in terms of strength! I wish Christians would quit attributing negative things to the devil because, in fact, half of the time, it isn’t even the devil’s fault. Our power to expel Satan from our lives is only half of the time utilized
  6. yet, we choose to emphasize how Satan is assaulting us rather than asserting God’s ability to defend us
  7. and

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What Would Brian Boitano Do?

In the South Park episode ″What Would Brian Boitano Do?″ there is a song called ″What Would Brian Boitano Do?″


They are traveling to Canada as ″Mothers Against Canada″ in order to fight in the American-Canadian War and put Terrance and Phillip to death.The lads must devise a strategy to prevent them from succeeding.″I wonder what Brian Boitano would do,″ Stan muses.When the lads sing this song, they are referring to a scene from The Spirit of Christmas, in which they wonder what Brian Boitano would do to prevent Jesus and Santa Claus from fighting.A version of this footage appears in the DVDA music video as well.During the end credits of the film, the band DVDA performs a faster rock version of ″What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Pt.II,″ which is a variation on the theme song.


  • Brian Boitano has appeared in several films, including Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride and The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa
  • Brian Boitano himself has skated to an edited version of the song and adopted the song’s title as the title of a cooking show titled What Would Brian Boitano Make?
  • The interlude in which Brian Dennehy speaks is a reference to the film The Spirit of Christmas – Jesus vs. Santa Claus. As a follow-up to Stan’s question, ″What would Brian Boitano do?″ Brian Boitano enters and inquires, ″Did someone speak my name?″ in the original short. He then gives the youngsters some advise before saying ″Bye-e!″ in the same manner as Dennehy before departing.
  • Cartman does not sing until the word ″from″ appears in the phrase ″’cause Brian Boitano doesn’t take crap from anybody.″ In regard to Cartman’s inability to curse without getting electrocuted, this is a reference to the reality that Additionally, by concluding with anybody rather than anybody, this line purposefully deviates from the song’s rhyming arrangement.


Stan: What would Brian Boitano do in this situation?If he were here right now, he’d come up with a strategy.That’s exactly what Brian Boitano would do, and he’d follow through on it.With a blindfold on, Brian Boitano performed two salchows and a triple lutz in the Olympics while competing for the gold medal.Kyle: In the alps, while fighting grizzly bears, Brian Boitano utilized his magical fire breath to save the maidens fair, as recounted by Cartman.In the event that Brian Boitano were here today, what would he do?

Stan and Kyle: I’m confident he’d kick a few asses, because that’s exactly what Brian Boitano would do.Cartman: I want this V-Chip out of my system; it’s causing my vocabulary to become sluggish.Kyle: And all I want is for my mother to quit arguing with everyone.

Stan: I’m going to be an activist for Wendy as well, because that’s what Brian Boitano would do.All: And what would Brian Boitano do in this situation?He’d summon up all the youngsters in town and tell them to band together in the sake of truth.

That’s exactly what Brian Boitano would do.Brian Dennehy: Is it possible to pronounce my name?Stan: Can you tell me your name?

Dennehy: Hello, my name is Brian Dennehy!Kyle: What are you talking about?Brian Dennehy is not the fucking Brian Dennehy!Stan: Get the fuck out of here, you cretin!Dennehy: Oh, that’s right.Bye-e!

Stan and Kyle: ″Stan and Kyle″ is an abbreviation for Stan and Kyle.In the case of Brian Boitano’s journey across time, He fought the wicked robot monarch until the year 3010, when he was successful in saving the human species once more.Cartman: And while Brian Boitano was building the pyramids, he fought and defeated Kublai Khan in the process!

  1. Stan and Kyle: It’s because Brian Boitano isn’t one to take crap.
  2. All:.from anybody at all!
  3. So let us all band together and work together to put an end to our mothers’ abuse.
  4. As for Terrance and Phillip, we’ll save them as well since that’s what Brian Boitano would do!

As well as Terrance and Phillip, because that’s what Brian Boitano would do!And we’ll save Terrance and Phillip as well because that’s what Brian Boitano would do!

Songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
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A Scause For Applause

″A Scause For Applause″
Episode no. Season 16Episode 13
Production no. 1613
Original airdate October 31, 2012
Episode chronology
Previous Next
″A Nightmare on Face Time″ ″Obama Wins!″
List of all South Park episodes

What would Brian Boitano do in your situation?Stan: His plan would be in place right now, if he were here.That’s exactly what Brian Boitano would do: he’d follow through.With a blindfold on, Brian Boitano performed two salchows and a triple lutz in the Olympics while competing for the gold medal.In the alps, while fighting grizzly bears, Brian Boitano utilized his magical fire breath to save the maidens fair.If Brian Boitano were present today, what would he do?

Stan and Kyle: After all, that’s what Brian Boitano would do if he got the chance.V-Chip: I want this V-Chip out of my system; it’s causing my vocabulary to become stuttering.Kyle: And all I want is for my mother to quit arguing with everyone else.

In the name of Wendy, I’ll also be an activist, like Brian Boitano would do.Stan: After that, nobody knows what Brian Boitano would do.Every youngster in town would be summoned by him, and they would be urged to band together in the sake of truth.

Brian Boitano would do just that.Mr.Brian Dennehy, may you please call me by my given name?

How do I know who you are?″I’m Brian Dennehy,″ says the narrator.How did it happen?Kyle: I’m sorry.It’s not the fucking Brian Dennehy, you understand.Get the fuck out of here!

Stan: You’re right.Dennehy: Oh, I get what you’re talking about now…Bye-e!

  1. ″Stan and Kyle″ (Stan and Kyle) are two friends that like to hang around.
  2. In the case of Brian Boitano’s time travel, The terrible robot monarch was defeated and the human race was once again saved by him.
  3. As a side note, when Brian Boitano was constructing the pyramids, he fought and defeated Kublai Khan!
  4. Why?

Because Brian Boitano is a tough cookie.Stan and Kyle: Everyone:.from anybody at any time.In order to prevent our mothers from harming us, let’s all band together and work together.As for Terrance and Phillip, we’ll preserve them as well since that’s what Brian Boitano would do.

  • As well as Terrance and Phillip, because that’s what Brian Boitano would do!
  • And we’ll save Terrance and Phillip, because that’s exactly what Brian Boitano would do!


A big doping scandal has caused widespread disillusionment with a revered icon. Everyone who previously rallied around the slain hero is now removing their symbolic yellow wristbands off their wrists.


Spoiler warning!Plot details follow.

The episode opens with a line of individuals waiting to have their yellow wristbands taken off at Walgreens.Cartman is standing in the middle of the line, explaining how everyone was deceived and how he feels like a pawn.It is also being done to Clyde and Mr.Mackey, with Mr.Mackey suffering it the hardest because he doesn’t know what he believes in any longer.When Cartman is forced to have his wristband cut off, it is shown that he is a follower of the craze and wears a large number of wristbands.

The other guys are waiting for Cartman, and when he arrives, Kenny declares that Cartman is more foolish than the other boys since he purchased a bracelet for himself.When Cartman responds to Stan’s comments, Stan simply walks away, his face dejected.Randy, who lives at Stan’s house, is also enraged that he put his faith in the ″man,″ and he shows Stan some of the information that has come out about the ″guy.″ A story on Channel 4 News claims that the drug HGH was taken by Jesus at the time of his crucifixion, and they show a video of scientists making assertions and working in testing facilities to back up their claims.

They also play a video of Pope Benedict XVI delivering a comment on the subject.The pope has stated that Roman Catholics would not allow any divinity that uses illicit drugs to accomplish miracles, according to the Vatican.Stan returns to his room and examines his own ″What Would Jesus Do?″ bracelet, which he still finds depressing.

When Cartman arrives to South Park Elementary, Butters tells him about an encounter he had with a preacher, in which the preacher stated that when Cartman read the new testament, an asterisk should be placed next to ″Jesus.″ Cartman observes that we are living in Dark Times.The next time Cartman returns to his locker, he notices that Stan has still managed to hang on to his WWJD bracelet.Several of the other Male Fourth Graders urge Stan that he should get rid of his wristband and that Jesus’s drug use is making everyone feel taken advantage of.

Mr.Mackey then passes by and inquires as to what he intends to do.Craig also agrees with Cartman, but Stan would not budge on his position.Stan is interviewed by Charlie Rose on the Charlie Rose Show, which airs later that night.In the interview, Stan informs Charlie that he just enjoys the wristband, which prompts the distribution of brown wristbands for those who wish to be themselves while imitating Stan’s style.Stan asks why Butters is so touched, and he is told that he was moved by what Stan did for the farmers in Belarus.

Stan is bewildered.Butters brings Stan to his house and shows him a video of the farmers declaring that they will STANd GROUND the farm.Stan, perplexed, inquires of Butters as to where he obtained a brown wristband.

  1. Butters informs him that he obtained his at 7-11 and then brings Stan to see for himself.
  2. Stan is approached by a 7-11 employee who observes him.
  3. Steve Nelsman then approaches Stan and asks whether he is prepared for his Nike commercial.
  4. Stan simply responds affirmatively.

Stan appears in the ad, where he does a variety of physical workouts while standing up in various locations and speaks about how he never removed his wristband and how he never gave up.Stan’s bracelet is taken from him by scientists at the school, who interrupt Mr.Garrison’s lecture to retrieve it after Craig made claims that Stan cut his wristband and then glued it back together.The scientists ultimately get their hands on the bracelet and confirm that Stan was the one who cut it off in the first place.

  • Kyle confronts Stan about it, and Stan comes to the conclusion that it was the French Scientist who was responsible.
  • Stan breaks into the scientist’s residence, where the scientist is regularly doing activities for his wife as Stan watches.
  • The scientist’s wife convinces him to go around the home to see if anyone is there.
  • In the meantime, Stan discovers Jesus slipping inside the house as well.
  • They are apprehended by the scientist, who serves them chocolate bread and sausage as they converse.
  • Jesus says that he is looking for something to discredit the scientist, and when they both realize they are doing the same thing, they are both arrested.
  • In response to the allegations made against them, Jesus and Stan propose a solution in which they argue that the farmers of Belarus are the ones who should be focused attention on and who require wristbands.
  • Stan visits the P.F.
  • Pityef Bracelet Factory and requests that the proprietor create bracelets for him.
  • The owner refers to them as ″scauses,″ and when Stan inquires as to what a ″Scause″ is, the owner responds, ″It’s a cause.″ What ″Scauses″ are is explained by the proprietor in a Dr.
  • Seuss-like rhyming style.

Causing is the term used to describe causes that are worn on the wrist, such as those provided by P.F.Pityef Bracelet Factory.During his explanation, the proprietor also lists a number of other factors.All the while, Stan and Jesus are being made to feel bad about themselves.Following this, he proceeds to South Park to market the new causes, leaving Stan and Jesus scratching their heads, wondering ″what the heck just occurred.″ After returning to the school, Mr.Mackey provides an update to some kids, stating that he now wears an orange bracelet to show his support for the farmers in Belarus.

Cartman inquires as to the nature of the new bracelet, which Clyde explains but points out that it is not made from recycled plastic.The fact that Clyde wears a bracelet that suggests he cares about it makes Cartman think twice about his position on the issue.Butters inquires as to whether Stan has removed his bracelet in order to shine light on the people of Belarus.Stan admits that he may have done so, but he doesn’t elaborate.Stan, on the other hand, is described as a ″cute, cunning little butthole″ by Butters.

Meanwhile, Jesus is being interviewed live, and as he is talking about how they need to aid the farmers in Belarus, the farmers are slain, rendering the orange causes completely ineffective.People in town are furious with the proprietor of the P.F.Pityef Bracelet Factory because he has taken all of their money and abandoned them to the mercy of Scauses.

Stan and Jesus are attempting to come up with a strategy to detain the owner.Jesus takes a drink of HGH and transforms into a hulk, destroying the P.F.Pityef Bracelet Factory and killing the owner by jamming him inside one of the factory’s machinery, causing his corpse to be horrifically ripped apart as a result of the ordeal.Later, Jesus instructs the people of the village that they should all wear their reasons on T-shirts, rather than on scauses.He then begins a demonstration in support of Pussy Riot’s freedom.

Critical Reception

The AV Club made a donation ″″A Scause for Applause″ received a ″A-″ rating from the critics, who noted that ″it wasn’t nearly enough to ruin the episode.″ Even at this point in the show’s run, when South Park takes aim at mass social psychology rather than specific pop-culture references, the results are still overwhelmingly positive.Instead of dealing with doping, tonight’s episode dealt with religious beliefs.Both sides were depicted as having significant flaws, but neither was depicted as inherently evil.If anything, the only evil that occurred tonight came from a third party who was attempting to take advantage of the other two for monetary gain.By switching from one deity (or bracelet) to another, the show had the opportunity to make a statement about the equal pointlessness of all the gods and bracelets.(In the case of Cartman, one could argue that this is correct.) However, it is possible to see the swapping of one bracelet for another as a way to constantly seek inspiration and motivation from the most pure source possible, if that is what you want.

Our restlessness may not always derive from cynicism, but sometimes from eternal optimism.It’s hysterical to see a confused Butters urge on his new hero.(“A little unnecessary, but go Stan!” he says after Stan angrily goes after his accusers.) But it’s also incredibly endearing.

Butters believes in Stan because he desperately wants to believe in something.And while a factory might use that desire against him, that doesn’t mean it’s an inherently wrong impulse to have.″ IGN gave ″A Scause for Applause″ a ″6.2″ rating saying: ″A Scause for Applause certainly had its moments – the first act, overall, was quite enjoyable – but the latter half of the episode began sacrificing a lot of the comedy for ham-fisted opinions and seco

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