Jesus Christ How Terrifying

Jesus Christ How Horrifying

It is a phrase linked with a webcomicpanel that is frequently used as an action graphic in response to a startling or unpleasant post, in a similar spirit toTony Kornheiser’s Why andMother of God comic panels.


“Jesus Christ, how horrifying,” a passerby exclaims in horror after mistaking a fully grown man for a “fat ugly disgusting baby,” according to the original comic panel (shown below), which appeared in the March 29th, 2009, issue of the webcomic seriesHorribleville, created by KC Green, in which the fully grown man is confused with a “fat ugly disgusting baby.”


On April 6th, 2009, YouTuber Shesellssheshells uploaded an animated version of the comic to his channel (shown below). In response to a discussion titled “You Boner You Lose,” Facepunch Forums user The Man of “Wat” used theHorriblevillepanel as a reply image on September 10th, 2010. ‘Jesus Christ, How Horrifying’ was the title of a page on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magicimage boardwiki Gyropedia that was established on the 4th of July, 2011. In a dubbedDragon Ball Zepisode by YouTuber TeamFourStar, aDragon Ballphotoshopped version of the panel was included at the conclusion of the episode on December 12th (shown below).

As a reply to an artwork done by RedditorShitty Watercolour, Redditorhackerbots created a link to the original panel on June 17th, 2013, referring to it as a reaction image.

Notable Examples

There have been more photoshopped variations of the panel developed, incorporating graphical characters from a number of fandoms, includingPokemon, Mega Man, and My Little Pony, among others.

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Jesus Christ How Horrifying – Meaning & Origin 2022 (Meme explained)

What doesJesus Christ have to say? What do you mean, Horrifyingmean? The phrase “Jesus Christ, how terrible” refers to a common expression that originated from a webcomic panel and is spoken by a guy to another.

The panel and the quotation are frequently used as a response picture macro on the internet to show outrage at the unsettling nature of a certain situation. viaMEME


What is the origin of the phrase “Jesus Christ Is Horrifying”? The comic panel was taken from an issue of Horribleville, which was issued on March 29th, 2009 by KC Green. On the last panel, it portrays someone mistaking a fully-grown guy for a “fat ugly horrible baby,” with the caption “Jesus Christ how terrible.” Bobvidson published an animation of the comic on YouTube on April 6, 2009, and it has received over a million views.

Spread and Usage

How did the dreadful news of Jesus Christ get out? The earliest known instance of the term being used in an image macro can be traced back to the Facepunch Forums, when userThe Man of “Wat” uploaded it on September 10th, 2010. Although this topic was popular throughout 2010, its popularity peaked in December 2011 when the phrase “Jesus Christ how terrible” began to surface on forums, picture and message boards, as well as YouTube material.

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Jesus Christ How Horrifying

What The Hell Is Going On? Similarly to Pinkie Pie’s stories, this article is ambiguous. You should definitely contribute some information or make some suggestions on the discussion page. Jesus Christ, the Son of God What a horrible sight When something is supposed to be terrifying but not truly scary, a reaction graphic is typically used to be sardonic in a “dire” scenario, to parody a poster’s overblown response to something he or she found unpleasant, or as an exaggerated response to something somewhat unnerving.

Cupcakes, Rule 34, Rainbow Dash Always Dresses In Style, George Bush, 4chan, and so on are examples of such characters.

Twilight Sparkle’s mane appears to have been miscolored in the photograph, with simply a dark purple stripe instead of the magenta streak.


The first edition of the book The image is a frame from the graphic novelHorribleville by KC Green. It has no resemblance to Ponyville, which is actually rather enjoyable. It makes Rarity look like she’s in the middle of a stub. By contributing to Gyropedia: The Pony Imagebaord Wiki and Rarity, you can make a difference.

Jesus Christ How Horrifying 100 % Free Memes

We will be posting photographs of Jesus Christ in this section. What a terrifying experience. Christ What a horrible sight Jesus Christ, the Son of God How Terrifying is This Poster? Jesus Christ, what a gruesome image! Christ What a horrible sight Jesus Christ, the Son of God What a horrible photograph Christ What a horrible sight Jesus Christ, the Son of God What a gruesome picture! Christ What a horrible sight Jesus Christ, What an Embarrassing Story

Jesus Christ Story

On December 25, about 2020 years ago, Jesus Christ was born in the town of Bethlem, near Jerusalem, in the Palestinian territory of Palestine. His paternal grandfather’s name was Joseph, and his maternal grandmother’s name was Mary. Mary and Joseph Nazareth resided in the city of Nazareth, which is now part of the state of Israel, prior to the birth of Jesus. In the same way that Maharishi Durvasa granted Kunti the boon of Karna’s birth in the Mahabharata, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary one day and said, “Greetings, the gracious Lord is with you; soon you will be the mother of God,” in the same way that Maharishi Durvasa granted Kunti the blessing of Karna’s birth in the Mahabharata.

  1. After a few months, he was required to travel to Jerusalem in order to take part in a census ordered by the king.
  2. Jesus was born in this barn at the stroke of midnight.
  3. Herod was a ruthless and violent tyrant who oppressed his people.
  4. Unexpectedly, an angel appeared in front of him, informing him of the birth of the son of God.
  5. As a result, he spread the news about it throughout the entire state.
  6. Those males got out of their cars and started strolling in pursuit of the celebrity.
  7. When Herod learned that the new king of the Jews had been born, he informed those gentlemen that they had expressed a desire to worship Jesus, and they returned with the address of Jesus’ location.
  8. He learned the trade of carpenter from his father as soon as he arrived in this country.
  9. Friends, in the Bible, there is no reference of what occurred between the ages of 13 and 29 years in the life of Jesus Christ.
  10. Explain the significance of forgiving others.

He reminded the crowd that we are all God’s children and that we should not seek vengeance in our wrath, but rather should forgive more and more. Throughout his life, he accomplished a number of miracles. Many people’s illnesses were cured as a result of their prayers.

How Did Jesus Christ Die

On the other side, the religious leaders of the Jews initiated violent resistance to Jesus Christ. It was a grave transgression on their part to refer to Jesus as the son of God in the first place. Pitalus, the Roman governor in charge at the time, received a formal complaint from him about this. Romanco had a deep-seated fear of the Jewish uprising. As a result, the Pitalus condemned Jesus Christ to death on the crucifixion in order to appease the majority of zealots. Several crimes were perpetrated on him before to his death.

  • On his head was put a Kato crown, which symbolized victory.
  • This particular day was Friday.
  • It was 40 days after this occurrence that he was taken directly to heaven, which is why it is commemorated as Easter.
  • It is believed that as the Lord laid down his life, a raging fire engulfed the area.
  • The sacred temple’s curtain was constantly being ripped down by the mob.
  • He even expressed gratitude to the person who tormented him.
  • Following Jesus Christ’s teaching for the good of the family, society, and the entire human species is something we should all strive to do.
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Jesus Christ, how horrifying Anime

Jesus Christ, what an abomination Anime is. Anime is a terrifying creature. Jesus Christ, what an abomination Anime is. Anime is very disturbing, to say the least. Anime is very disturbing, to say the least. Jesus Christ, what an abomination Anime is. Skull

Jesus Father Name

Several biblical accounts describe Mary as a resident of the hamlet of Nazareth in the region of Galilee, where she gave birth to Jesus. Joseph was the name of Jesus’ father, and he was a carpenter. Joseph’s adoptive father, Joseph, was a carpenter who had a lot of experience. He worked hard and was able to provide for his family.

Jesus Christ birth year

On the 25th of December, the birth of Jesus Christ, the creator of Christianity, took place. The term “Christmas” is derived from the Latin phrase “Christes Mise,” which means “Christ’s Mass.” Rome, it is believed, was the site of the first Christmas celebration, which took place in 336 AD. It is observed on December 25th all across the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of the Lord, on the cross.

Jesus Christ, How Horrifying, by Intervoid

1. When I ceased to exist I awoke in a light From which nothing could shield my eyes Barely in the glow could I discern his voice”Approach and learn of the truth.”With the remnants of energy I had left, I summoned my strength Weary and unfamiliar, I managed to converge upon the sourceIn blink of an eye, the light diedWith a roar, there, standing before meTowering embodiment fabricated from humankind’s atrocities The culmination of the darkest insecurities manifest before me Monumental despair and unfulfilled potential What wicked acts are so deserving of such an abomination?Everything that we have become Has lead us to this All of the beauty that has come undone Relinquished to us a monolith built of our faultsWhen we all at last succumb, will we look back and feel pride?

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With every transgression we attain, do we see we have been vilified?

Should we atone, for these seeds we’ve sown A chance to mend, remember these fates are intertwinedI awoke standing at the edge of the abyss I awoke with a desire to leap”Approach and learn of the truth.”I awoke with a heavy heart, steeped in grief I awoke with a ragged sigh and without hope I awoke with heartache and disbelief I awoke with remorse, a newborn misanthropeI awoke and wished I had not.”Approach me to learn of the truth.” 2.

Even upon my death, I know I will stir anew Though momentarily destroyed, my presence will not dissolve Seemingly gone, I perpetually continue Reborn again and again, each time with greater resolveIf I die, I know I shall awake Unaffected and indifferent With no fear of mortality I am the resurrectionistUpon death, I will always reanimate In my form lies untold powers With no fear of mortality I am the resurrectionistWith my collective knowledge I become Stronger and smarter, with every obstruction Against all obstacles I will overcome Return from nothing witness my reconstructionSteadfast I arise enraged Through all trials I am unchanged Emerging from my corpse vacant A true blessing to be reawakenedIf I die, I know I shall awake Unaffected and indifferent With no fear of mortality I am the resurrectionistUpon death, I will always reanimate In my form lies untold powers With no fear of mortality I am the resurrectionistI am the resurrectionistIf I die, I know I shall awake Unaffected and indifferent With no fear of mortality I am the resurrectionistUpon death, I will always reanimate In my form lies untold powers With no fear of mortality I am the resurrectionist 3.

Pensive festering, incapable Wandering without purposeVisions of misery, I’m locked in its grip No exits, developed permanenceInheriting the pain, I’m lost I’m lost I’m lostI wish not to be foundBy what creatures lair I may invade Why with what fortune and curses I consume Spiritual hex as the portent of my sentence Spiritual hex as the portent of my sentenceOf all of my worlds knowledge Passages and instinct of shadows I find nowhere to cowerWeeping, insidiousNow with my frail hands I claw at the soil Bloodied fingers serve no delay No understanding of my own intentionsSomething hums below me A beckoning HomeWith every heaving pulse of the world A sighting of the ominous cloaked smog A shepard, coalesced ruination infinite A shepard, coalesced ruination infiniteMy skies guide without direction The venom palpable on my tongue Comprehension is impossibleWhy me?Parallel planes, rapturous duality A wilting garden exception to verityLone thoughts Weigh down Endless No hopeFinal Breath flows Now I Pass on

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