How To Meet Jesus?

Be Ready to Meet Jesus

It is a blessing to know that you are seeking information about a personal relationship with God through trust in Jesus Christ since you have clicked on this link – a relationship that will provide you with eternal security and assurance the minute you encounter Him face to face.It is my honor to share with you how to ensure that you are prepared to meet Jesus…God made you in His image, according to Genesis 1:27, which means that you were formed with the ability to know and interact with your Creator in a personal connection.According to Colossians 1:16, you were made by Jesus Christ and for the purpose of serving Him.As a result, getting to know Him on a personal level is essential for human fulfillment and happiness.

  1. That is why God has given us Jesus, so that He may prepare the path for us to enter into a personal and lasting relationship with the Father via Him.
  2. Any personal connection necessitates a commitment of time on both sides.
  3. Think about your connection with your partner if you only spent one hour with him each week.
  1. What type of relationship would you have with him?
  2. In what way can we hope to have a close personal connection with God if our time with Him is limited to one hour on Sunday mornings?
  3. Even if you attend a reputable church, there is no alternative for spending quality time alone with God in prayer and Bible study on a regular basis.

Then based on faith in God’s Word, pray as follows:

  • Recognize that you are a sinner and confess it to God. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, says the Bible. (See also Romans 3:23.) In addition to the overall sin of not having a proper relationship with Him, list particular sins that you have committed.
  • Respond to your sin by repenting, which simply means that you are willing to stop sinning and turn away from it with His assistance
  • ask God to cleanse and forgive you of your sin through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross
  • and receive God’s forgiveness. ″If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to purify us from all unrighteousness,″ the Bible teaches. Invite Jesus to enter into your life as your Savior and Lord, and allow Him to take control of your life as you do so. (I John 1:9) Then I stand at the door and knock
  • if anyone hears My voice and answers the door, I will enter in and live with him, and he will live with Me. (Revelation 3:20) Express your gratitude to Him in trust for having completed what you had requested Him to accomplish in 3 and 4. According to the Scriptures, ″to as many as received Jesus, He granted authority to become sons of God, even to those who believe in His name.″ (See John 1:12 for more information.) ″For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith, and this is not your own doing
  • it is the gift of God, not of works, so that no one may take credit for it.″ The Bible says that after you have completed this transaction with God, you have established a personal relationship with Him via faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8). Do not make decisions based on your emotions or sentiments. Believe God’s Word that you have been spiritually ″reborn″ into God’s family and that you have received His forgiveness. (See also John 3:3) You have now been adopted as a child of God, and one day you will be reunited with Him in His heavenly kingdom.

1. Pray.

Prayer is just communicating with God.Ensure that you set aside some time each day to speak with Him about your everyday activities, instantly admitting to Him when you do anything wrong, asking for His assistance, and praising Him when you receive it.Keep in mind that God loves you!He has now become your Father, and you have become His child.By praying, you will be able to communicate with him.

2. Read your Bible.

While praying, you are communicating with God, but God will communicate with you via the Bible. Consequently, schedule time every day to read it, even if it is only a few verses at a time. Invoke God to assist you in comprehending what you have read. (See below for some free and useful resources that have been recommended.)

3. Make Christian friends.

As you strive to please God, you will be living in a manner that is distinct from the majority of people. It is really beneficial to have Christian friends with whom you can pray and study the Bible on a regular basis. For those who are not members of a church, ask around for a decent church that loves Jesus and adheres to biblical teaching.

4. Tell others about Jesus.

Ask God to provide you with chances to share your faith in Jesus with your friends and neighbors, coworkers, and family members, letting them know Who He is and what He means to you in your life.Very soon, the devil will want to steal your pleasure and tranquility away from you.As a result, he will tempt you to doubt the validity of your decision to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – causing you to commit sin and fail, and convincing you that it is pointless to try to live the Christian lifestyle.″Greater is He (Jesus) who is in you, than he (the devil) who is in the world,″ the Bible states in I John 4:4, according to the New International Version.It reads in Romans 8:37, ″Through Him who loved us, we have achieved victory over death and the grave.″ Following the teachings of Ephesians 1:13 and Luke 11:13, when you accepted Jesus into your life, He did so in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Every aspect of Jesus’ being, apart from His physical body, now resides in you, and He will never leave you or abandon you.
  2. In prayer, I pray that God will bless you with deep assurance, based on your faith in His Word, that your sins have been forgiven, that you have received eternal life, that the Holy Spirit of God lives within you, that Heaven is your home, that you are forever the Father’s child, and that, when the time comes, you will be prepared to meet Him in person!
  3. Greetings from His Family!
  1. In addition to Bible study materials, you may find them on this website.) Starting with Journey to Jesus, a free Bible study on the Gospel of John that includes a video explanation of how to read your Bible in a meaningful way, I recommend that you start there.
  2. Consider signing up for our free e-devotion, which will be delivered to your inbox each day and contain a Bible verse and a brief explanation of what it means in your life.
  3. You may get a PDF version of this letter by clicking here.
  4. More information may be found in Anne’s blog article, ″Be Certain of Heaven.″ Easter: A Love Story may be seen by using the ‘play’ button on the video player below.

11 Ways To Introduce Someone To Jesus – Without Being Pushy Or Weird

In our lives as followers of Christ, we have witnessed the enormous impact Jesus has made, and we wish the same for those in our immediate vicinity.However, we are well aware of how difficult – and unpleasant – it may be to introduce someone to Jesus.Here, we’ll take a look at how Jesus accomplishes it and take away six valuable lessons for sharing Christ with the people we care about.Every step is taken in a welcoming manner, not a forceful, awkward or strange manner.

An Awkward Conversation

Everything was going swimmingly throughout the talk.For a small treatment, I was in the office of a local expert, and this was my first time visiting the office.When she inquired as to my profession, I said that I am a pastor to persons who work in the healthcare industry.She suddenly became rigid, and icicles began to form on the ceiling above her.The conversation had come to an end.

  1. She completed the surgery, faked a polite grin on her face, and then swiftly exited the room.
  2. What exactly happened?
  3. She was plainly uncomfortable when the subject of God was brought up, but I cannot be positive.
  1. I’ve had enough of these kind of encounters to realize that far too many individuals have had negative experiences with their religious institutions.
  2. It’s possible that you’re one of them.
  3. But even if you aren’t, you probably know someone who is.
  4. Despite the fact that our secular and skeptic colleagues bring their own concerns to the table, we Christians frequently make a significant contribution to the situation as well.
  5. I’m sure I do.

How do we relate to others in such a manner that they are able to encounter the true Jesus?Instead of a carnival-mirror version that they find repulsive, how about this?

Jesus Shows Us How To Introduce Someone To Jesus!

The solution can be discovered by looking at Jesus himself.In today’s lesson, we’ll look at Luke 5:27-32, where Jesus asks Levi (also known as Matthew) to be his disciple and then hangs out at a party with Levi’s companions.27 As a result, I stepped outside and noticed a tax collector named Levi, who was sitting at a tax booth.″Follow me,″ he said to him after that.28 And he rose and followed him, abandoning everything in his wake.

  1. At the meantime, Levi hosted a lavish feast in his home, with a large group of tax collectors and other guests seated around the table with them.
  2. 30 ″Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?″ the Pharisees and their scribes said to his followers, who were chastised.
  3. 31 And Jesus responded, ″Those who are well do not require the services of a physician, but those who are sick do.″ 32 Rather than calling the virtuous to repentance, I’ve come to summon sinners to it.″ Here are seven ways in which we might encourage folks to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus.

7 Ways To Introduce People To Jesus

(Short disclaimer: some of my friends have had negative encounters with Christians who were forceful and ‘trying to convert’ them. That is not what I am referring about in this context. The Christians I’m talking about are those who live with integrity so that their friends get an accurate image of Jesus and have the opportunity to learn more if they so want.

1. We must know Jesus, and actively pursue God, ourselves.

At the risk of seeming trite, let me state the obvious… I’m going to share this regardless. We are unable to share something that we do not possess ourselves. We must put our faith in Jesus personally (Romans 10:9-10), and then we must endeavor to run as hard as we can after him (Philippians 2:12-14).

2. We need to move toward people whose morality is different than our own.

Levi was not the type of person you’d want your daughter to marry, and you were right to be concerned. He was a traitor, a Jew who worked for the despised Roman authority that ruled Israel at the time by collecting exorbitant taxes from his fellow Jews. Jesus, on the other hand, does not avoid or just tolerate him. He makes a move at him (see verse 27).

3. We don’t need to focus on what’s wrong with other people.  

A large number of our unbelieving friends believe that they must first clean themselves up before they can come to Jesus – or us – for help.That they must first prove themselves to be ‘good enough for God’ before he will accept them.Part of this is due to our natural predisposition, but part of the issue may be traced to the way the church has depicted God through the centuries.However, we live as if being flawless is all that matters, despite the fact that we believe Jesus loves us regardless of our mistakes and failings.(This is one of my most difficult challenges.) Jesus could have called Levi out on a slew of issues, but he chose not to do so.

  1. He initially lured Levi into a relationship with him, with the expectation that transformation would occur later, within the context of the partnership.
  2. (It turned out to be true.)

4. We need to go where people are, even if it’s uncomfortable.  

Take note of how Jesus, immediately after inviting Levi to become his disciple (‘follow me,’) goes and hangs out with his friends at a large party Levi has thrown for him.Many of his guests, like Levi, were not exactly model citizens.They were other ‘tax collectors and sinners,’ as the Bible puts it (30), individuals who were plainly not living in accordance with God’s plan for Israel.In contrast to the religious establishment, who shunned individuals like these (see v.30) and kept their distance from them, Jesus hugged them while also realizing that they needed care (they were ″sick″).To behave more in the manner of the religious leaders than in the manner of Jesus is really simple.

  1. I was at a party a while back, and individuals had naturally separated themselves into groups with others who shared their interests.
  2. (As is customary with us.) I recall wanting to reach out to individuals in the other groups, but being frightened to take the initiative and put myself out there for fear of being rejected.
  3. If Jesus had been present at the party, he would have taken the risk and done what I didn’t.
  1. But he wasn’t.

5. We need to spend laid-back time with people.  

It’s no coincidence that Jesus decided to attend a party.It provided him with a chance to spend quality time with Levi’s visitors in a calm and casual setting where they could truly get to know one another.However, we are apprehensive about such casual occasions since we are unsure of what may happen.Who is going to say what.What the ‘rules’ are in this situation.

  1. We’ll see if we’ll be accepted after we’re properly known.
  2. It’s simpler to merely maintain a nice distance.
  3. However, when we know that Jesus has embraced us, it gives us the confidence to put ourselves out there and reach out to others in kindness.

6. We need to display truth and grace.  

The Lord, on the other hand, isn’t a forceful person.There was no bullhorn, no table, no yelling, ″Repent!″ He didn’t do anything like that.You should know that I’m coming back!’ On the other hand, he saw that many of Levi’s visitors were still ‘ill’ and in need of a spiritual ‘physician.’ He wished to help them.He’s a kind guy.According to the Apostle Paul, every one of us is born into a state of separation from God and in desperate need of a Savior (Romans 3:23).

  1. As a result, Jesus was always on the lookout for opportunities to welcome others into a relationship with God via faith in himself.
  2. When we spend time with other people, we should strive to maintain this balance as well.
  3. The need to be aggressive or persuade others into doing something they don’t want is unnecessary.
  1. However, we must recognize that others, like ourselves, are in desperate need of Jesus.
  2. This implies that we should be pleading with God to demonstrate who he is to others through us.
  3. During our conversations, we should seek for indicators of spiritual hunger and chances to lead people to Jesus, who is the only way to find life in this world.
  4. When the time comes, we can inquire as to whether or not they actually know Christ, and we can also share the gospel with them.
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7. Look around you.  

We may feel the need to go on a missions trip or do something remarkable (or, even worse, embarrassing or bizarre) in order to lead others to Christ at various times.We don’t have any.Instead, we should just look about us and see who God has placed in our life, then spend time with them and allow God to work through us, just as Levi suggested.All of this is a part of the process of evangelization.He is solely responsible for the outcome.

  1. Take the pressure off – both for yourself and for the people you meet.
  2. Of course, none of this is without its difficulties.
  3. This is a method in which I fail more often than I succeed.
  1. Although Jesus chose Levi as a means of reaching out to others, the tale of Levi reminds us that he desires to utilize each of us as a means of reaching out to others.
  2. What concept from the paragraph above would you use to help you bring Jesus to others in your immediate vicinity?
  3. Please tell us about it in the comments section below!

How to Seek the Presence of Jesus Christ in your Life

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded If you wish to find life in this gloomy world, you may do so by turning to Jesus Christ. In prayer, He will personally direct you to the truth in your life and reveal His reality if you simply seek Him with all of your heart and soul. This essay will assist you in getting to know Jesus and developing a personal connection with him. –

Steps Download Article

  1. 1Drop your worldly way of life and fall to your knees before God, pleading for help. People are leading a worldly lifestyle that corresponds to their individual hopes, objectives, and desires. Some people also suffer from depression, fear, and anxiety, which can make their lives extremely difficult
  2. however, if you are humble and cry out to Jesus, as well as repent (which means to reject evil and turn away from your sins in your heart completely), he will hear you, speak to you, and assist you. But first and foremost, you must place Jesus at the center of your life and actively pursue a relationship with Him
  3. only then will you be able to recognize His voice. If you want to receive Christ’s love, you must be willing to open your heart.
  4. 2 In prayer, seek Jesus’ guidance. Cry out to Him, and he will hear you and respond if you are sincere in your prayer. You must ask Jesus to save you and forgive you of your sins, and to wash you whiter as snow, but you must not return to your sins once you have received Jesus’ forgiveness. In order to pray to Jesus, you must repent of your sins and make the decision to put Jesus first in your life. Jesus will give you peace, a profound peace, and the depression and the gloom will just go from your life in the blink of an eye. Promotional material
  5. 3 Wait for Jesus to come up to you and speak to you. The Holy Spirit will communicate with you as you come closer to Him. He will demonstrate to you how you must abide with Him, place your trust in Him, and abandon your way of life. To be serious, Jesus will demonstrate that you must abandon your own way of life and pick up your cross in order to follow Him! He will demonstrate to you that no sin can enter the kingdom of heaven, and that only by repentance and the establishment of a personal connection with Him, which is real faith, can we be washed clean and enter the narrow gate of eternal life! We must repent of our sins, and if we make errors, Jesus will tell us that he would forgive those as well, if we repent and stop doing them. However, we must not go back to our old ways of living in sin, otherwise we will be lost and end up in Hell if we die in our sins. This is something that Jesus discusses in the Parable of the Sower. Listen carefully and allow Jesus to reveal the truth to you. Many people have perished in hell as a result of their failure to repent and seek to know God when it was too late. As Jesus remarked in John 5:39, many people do not desire to have a connection with Him because they would rather continue living their lives in the manner of this world, or by putting dubious teaching on particular verses in scripture, rather than seeking Him for genuine in prayer and commitment. If you want to find Jesus, you must pursue Him as if He were a real person, because Jesus is alive and has risen from the dead
  6. he is reigning as King in heaven, and he can hear and communicate to us. He will come soon for those who have accepted Him as their King and Saviour and have remained true to Him. Read the words of Jesus in the Bible and follow them, especially the exhortations contained in the writings of the Apostles, to the letter. You will be justified as a result of your faith, and he will record your name in the Book of Life, which is kept in heaven. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, submit to water baptism and pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because God will give you the Holy Spirit, who will empower you with divine authority to carry out His plan on earth and guide you. The most typical indicator of acquiring this gift is the beginning of speaking in other tongues, which is one of the many gifts that the Holy Spirit will bestow upon you. Then you will be able to pray in different languages, as the Bible confirms. Due to the fact that it is the Holy Spirit praying through you, this prayer has tremendous power. As the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:2, ″Today is the day of salvation.″ Advertisement
  • Question Add a new question Question What is the best way to ask Jesus for forgiveness? You just beg for forgiveness in the same way that you would ask for forgiveness from another person whom you have offended. Close your eyes and find a peaceful location to pray so that you can communicate with him. Inform him of what you did and why you believe you did it, and express your regret that you made a mistake. Pray for forgiveness and guidance on how to be and do better in the future.
  • Concerning the Question Even though I’ve been a Christian for ten years, I haven’t been able to give up my worldly lifestyle. What steps may I take to be a decent religious person? Make a prayer about it and ask God for guidance. Refrain from giving in to worldly temptations
  • recite scripture to assist you in this. Solicit the assistance of some Christian friends or a pastor in your prayers, and spend your time with them rather than with anybody who may be a negative influence on you.
  • Concerning the Question What is the response of Jesus to my prayer? Jesus will respond to your request in your spirit, and depending on the petition, his responses may or may not be seen in your life.
  • Concerning the Question What is the best way to tell whether Jesus has forgiven me? There’s no need to be concerned about whether or when Jesus will forgive you
  • there’s no need to be concerned about whether or when.
  • Concerning the Question Is Jesus a person who accepts everyone? No matter what your circumstances are, Jesus will accept you just as you are. If you desire to have a connection with him that is always increasing, he will cleanse you of all your sin.
  • Concerning the Question I genuinely want Jesus to be a part of my life, and I want to repent with all of my heart, but I keep falling back into my old habits and failing. What can I do to put a stop to this? You are not need to be in a flawless, sinless state at any point in your life in order to embrace Jesus as your savior. It is possible to be saved if you really believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and ask Him to forgive you.
  • Concerning the Question Will Jesus be able to tell if I’m in pain? He’s constantly aware of when you’re in distress. He has experienced agony himself as a man, and he understands what it is like to be in pain. He is always aware of what is going on in your life.
  • Question How can I get back on track with Jesus if I’ve become spiritually destitute? You should weep your heart out, get immersed in water, and truly seek Him. Turn away from your sin and repent. Remove yourself from the presence of anybody or anything who is a source of negativity in your life. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ teachings.
  • Ask questions. What is the best way for me to seek out Jesus if I am not a Christian? Become acquainted with some Christian friends, engage in a discussion with them about Jesus, and request that they accompany you to church and to seminars or retreats where you may learn more about Jesus. What is the best way to recognize whether Jesus is protecting me? Jesus is always there to protect you! This is an opportunity for you to put your faith to the test
  • all you have to do now is trust that Jesus is keeping his promise to you by safeguarding you.

More information can be found in the following answers: Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome.


  • Testimonies of those who have experienced the presence of Jesus in their life are available to read.
  • To become a new believer, you must first acknowledge that you are a sinner, then repent of your sins, and ultimately forsake your sins in order to discover Jesus. Following the completion of these stages, you become a member of God’s family.
  • Do you wish to know whether or not God exists? If you are truly serious about finding God, there is one surefire way to do it. And that is to begin crying out to Him on your knees or with your face before Him in adoration and worship. Make a sincere request for His forgiveness, and place your faith in His son Jesus, who was sent to bleed His blood for your sins so that your past will be closed, the door to your past will be closed, and you may begin afresh on a new, fresh path in life. You may do this by following the guidance of Jesus and having the rules of God engraved on your heart by God so that you can follow them!
  • You won’t only find Jesus in a church or in the Bible
  • Jesus is alive and well, and He is ready to talk to anybody who seeks to hear from Him on the inside. The Bible states, ″Seek and you will find, because all who seek will find, and all who knock will be answered″
  • ″Knock and the door will be opened,″ he adds.

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How Can I Meet God? – The New Birth

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How to meet with Jesus – Harvest of the Nations

How to Meet with Jesus.

Welcome everyone visiting this page.I just want to encourage everyone of you that you are loved by God in a personal and special way.I’ll like to tell you my life story to let you know how I met with Jesus and in so doing introduce you to him as well.

My background and story of heartache My name is Ella Onakoya. A year after I was born in England,my parents moved back to Nigeria with myself and my siblings.As a child,I grew up in a religious home where we went to church faithfully on Sundays but I had no personal relationship with Jesus in my heart.I felt something was missing but did not really know how to meet Jesus.God proved to be faithful and would use even the very circumstances of my life to meet with him.My personal circumstances then was one of intense pain where I was bullied regularly in my primary school and later on in my secondary school.The bullying consisted of being beaten up and mentally abused constanstly by other kids.I became very depressed and suffered from a deep mental anguish which caused me to even start self harming myself.I also became suicidal and planned once to take my life by taking pills.
My sister explains to me how to meet with Jesus However, a turning point came in my life at age 15 when my older sister shared with me how she met with Jesus.She explained to me that Jesus wants a personal relationship with every one and the only thing that separates us from this relationship is the sin within us.As you all know, no one is perfect  and at some point we have sinned in word, thought or deed but Jesus came to die for us so that we can be saved from our sin and if we believe in him and repent of our sins,he will forgive us and if we ask him and welcome him into our hearts,he will come in and save us and give us a new life in him without guilt or condemnation.This was good news for me.I was a bit fearful to believe it but I decided to give it a go.I went into my room,knelt by my bed and began to pray,inviting Jesus in my heart and asking him to forgive my sins and be my lord and saviour.As soon as I did this,his love flooded my heart and I felt his glorious prescence in my room.I felt completely loved,saved and forgiven and in my heart,I felt such love that I even forgave my abusers. How you can meet with Jesus and praying the salvation prayer. If you are reading this now and you feel a tug in your heart to give your heart to Jesus.Like me,you might have grown up in a religious home but never had a personal relationship with Jesus.You might have suffered abuse or even have been the one who abused others and have done a lot of harm.If you are willing to turn from your sins and believe in Jesus as your only lord and saviour,here’s what you need to do:
Pray this prayer from the heart: God,I accept that I am a sinner needing forgiveness and salvation.I ask you to please forgive me all my sins in the name of Jesus who died  for me.I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and my life.I need you as my personal saviour so I ask that you become my saviour  and  my lord.I also forgive all who have hurt me.Thank you Jesus for being the lord of my life.
If you have truly said this prayer from your heart,then Jesus is truly living inside you and has given you a new nature of love and righteousness and has written your name in the book of life in heaven.So what next!

To help you with your new journey as a follower of Jesus Christ,it’s wonderful to get to know him by getting a bible to read and study.The bible gives so much direction for our daily life. Talk to God often in prayer praying to his son Jesus Christ.If you’re in London,there’s a couple of churches I’ll like to recommend to you that could help you in your christian walk.Please visit the link below to contact them:
Wherever you are located,you could also contact this webchurch These are all great places or resources that could help you greatly in your walk with God as a christian and that can allow you fellowship with other believers too.

How I met Jesus

  • Introduce children to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of sinners. Using the Bible reading plan Meeting with Jesus: A Bible Reading Plan for Youngsters, this is a series of audio podcasts for kids who wish to meet with Jesus (RHB) You may listen to past episodes by clicking here. Allow me to tell you about my encounter with Jesus in the Bible. My parents raised me in a Christian home. My parents took me to church and also educated me about the Bible in the comfort of their own home. I, on the other hand, did not want to meet Jesus when I was young because I wanted to live my own life without his interfering with me. Despite the fact that I attended church, I did not pay attention to the sermons or to the professors in my Sunday school class. Also, I’m sorry to confess that I didn’t spend much time reading my Bible. It comes as no surprise, then, that I did not have the opportunity to meet Jesus. I truly didn’t want to do it. That is something I am not proud of. Indeed, I feel embarrassed by it and frequently wish I could go back in time and relive my childhood and adolescent years. Jesus, on the other hand, did not give up on me. Despite the fact that I did not want to see him, he was still interested in meeting me and did not give up on me. My life was not going well when I was in my early twenties. I was attempting to live my life without the presence of Jesus, and I was quite miserable. After experiencing some difficult occurrences in my life, I returned home to my parents, who told me that I needed to see Jesus in person. My mother gave me a Bible study guide to aid me in my Bible studies, and I began reading it seriously for the first time. ″Lord, please show me Jesus,″ I prayed as I opened my Bible for the first time. Jesus Is Alive and Well in the Bible I was taken aback by the way Jesus began to emerge from the pages of the Bible very immediately after reading it. The book that I had dismissed as uninteresting had come to life and was now full of life and excitement. I wasn’t just reading a dead book
  • I was conversing with a real individual. Every day brought me closer and closer to this wonderful person known as Jesus Christ. With each step I took, Jesus grew more and more real, vivid, and present in my mind and heart. Soon, he had become as real to me as my mother and father! As I read my Bible every day and encountered Jesus in its pages, I had the distinct impression that I could hear his voice speaking directly to me via the words I was reading. It therefore felt regular and natural for me to begin responding to him in prayer and sharing my experiences with him about my life. Jesus Is Alive and Well in Sermons It was with renewed vigor that I began to listen to my pastor’s teachings. In the discourses, Jesus came to life once more. I wasn’t just listening to my pastor
  • I was also listening to my Jesus, and I was growing more and more in love with him—to the point that I couldn’t wait for the following Sunday and began listening to recorded sermons from other preachers in my vehicle on weekdays instead of driving. I had the impression that Jesus was sitting in the passenger seat next me, conversing with me during the sermons. Christians are the dwelling place of Jesus. I couldn’t keep all of this to myself, so I began visiting houses where I knew other Christians who were passionate about Jesus would gather and talk about him with one another. It took my breath away as they talked about Jesus as a real person in their own lives as well as in their own communities. These Christian friends patiently answered my many questions week after week, and I am grateful to them for their service. They did so in such a way that it felt as if Jesus was present in the room with us, as one of our friends. During our time together, we learned Scripture verses about Jesus and pushed one another to repeat them aloud. Those were such wonderful, wonderful moments. Jesus is still alive and well today. Like a result of my experience, Jesus is more real and dear to me now than he was before. It is for this reason that I am so happy for you to encounter him early in life rather than squandering years as I did. Because of this, I’ve created this Bible reading plan to help you encounter Jesus in your Bible reading, in your listening to sermons on the Bible, and in your conversations with people about the Bible. As you progress through this, pray, ″Show me Jesus!″ as you go along. If you do, he will meet with you and come to life in your life in a way that you will never forget. This edition of the Living the Bible podcast is worth your time to listen to. You may subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify, among other places. Previous
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Are You Prepared to Meet Jesus?

I understand your sadness completely; like the majority of people, I have experienced the untimely death of close ones, which is always a shock.One of the most moving events in the Bible is Jesus’ reaction to the death of His dear friend Lazarus, which is captured in the Bible’s shortest verse: ″Jesus cried.″ This is one of the most moving episodes in the Bible (John 11:35).The death of your buddy is a tragedy, but it appears that God is use it to draw your attention to your own spiritual need.Death is an unavoidable fact of life, whether it occurs abruptly and unexpectedly (as was the case with your buddy) or gradually and without warning (as in the case of a fatal illness or old age).Why shouldn’t we be prepared in case anything like this happens?

  1. And we may be confident in God because He has revealed to us two really essential facts that we must take very seriously.
  2. First and foremost, He has assured us that death is not the end of the story.
  3. We have eternity ahead of us, in which we will either experience the bliss of Heaven or the anguish of what the Bible refers to as Hell.
  1. ″People are doomed to die once, and after that, they will stand before the judgment seat of Christ,″ the Bible says (Hebrews 9:27).
  2. God, on the other hand, has revealed another reality to us: He has created a means for us to be rescued.
  3. One who exemplifies this is Jesus Christ, who, by His death on the cross, bore upon Himself the punishment due us for all of our sins.
  4. Commit your life to Jesus Christ via your faith.
  5. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, is God’s promise to everyone of us (Acts 16:31).

Meet Jesus & Have Eternal Life, Click for details

Jesus Christ arose from the dead on the third day.The Bible is a book that is incredibly REAL and TRUE.Jesus is still alive and he desires to meet with you personally.God is interested in developing a connection with you.The following are some of the most essential truths from the Bible: God loves you – God created you and desires to have a personal connection with you right now on earth and for all eternity in heaven.

  1. God created you to have a personal relationship with him.
  2. (See also John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:4-5.) You have been estranged from God because of your sin – In the Bible, ″sin″ is described as the act of choosing our own desires over those of the Almighty.
  3. We have all transgressed against God’s commands.
  1. Everyone has been self-centered, committing sins against God and the people who have around them throughout their lives.
  2. We have all committed the ″sin″ error at some point in our lives (Romans 3:23).
  3. This is a mistake into which our entire race has been born.
  4. The consequences of our sin have divided us from a holy God, and as a result, He is unable to accept us into his perfect kingdom.
  5. Our destiny is not to be unified with God; rather, we are condemned to spend forever apart from God in hell.

Fortunately, God created provisions to ″rescue″ people from this ignominious fate.Some people believe that by doing well or being religious, we may earn God’s forgiveness and restore our damaged connection with him.This is not true.According to the Bible, the only way to atone for sin is via death.

Someone has to die in order for us to be reconciled to God for the sins that we have done against him.(See also Romans 6:23 and Ezekiel 18:20.) Jesus died on the cross to pay the debt owed to God by mankind’s sins — Because Jesus was sinless and owed no obligation to God, he was able to settle the debt owed by humanity’s sins.He took our place on the cross and died the death that we deserved, so that we may live.As a result of Jesus’ death and resurrection, God has made it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins and receive redemption.Among the texts are Romans 5:8; 2 Corinthians 5:21; and 1 Peter 2:24.

You must accept the gift that Jesus died to give you – Jesus died to save us from a horrible fate – in order to be saved from that fate.You must accept this gift of salvation via faith in order to be saved (believing, trusting).You must believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead.If you want to believe that Jesus truly was the promised Messiah and the Son of God that he claimed to be, you must believe what he said.In order to be saved by faith, you must completely rely on Jesus to reconcile you with God.

Because of Jesus’ death on the cross, you have already been forgiven of your sins.Make the decision to place God on the throne of your life as your Lord and Savior!Do you believe what I’m saying?You may believe, but you’re not sure how to go about making this decision in your heart and expressing your faith publicly.

You will not become a Christian by praying a single ″prayer,″ but the prayer below is intended to provide some guidance.It is your heart, however, that is important; allow your prayer to the Lord to come from your heart.Simply pray in your heart and declare to the Lord and to others that you are a believer!Please, God, help me.

Thank you for loving me and forgiving my sins.I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.Because of my belief in Jesus’ death on the cross, I believe that I am forgiven of my sins.

  • I know Jesus then rose again!
  • I admit that I am a sinner, and that I need you to save me.
  • I can NEVER do it alone!
  • I ask that you forgive my sins and I turn from them now.
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I invite Jesus into my life as my Lord and Savior.I turn my whole life over to Jesus.I am asking you, God, to help me live for Jesus as long as I live.Thank you for giving me eternal life and making me your child.In Jesus’ name, Amen.If you meant the above, then Jesus meant it too!

  • Ask God to teach you through the Holy Spirit!
  • Read the Bible and start assembling together with other Bible-believing Christians any chance you get.
  • Trust God and his Word alone and he will guide you into amazing truths and a wonderful new life!
  • If you have any questions about how to meet Jesus or want someone to pray with you, just let John or Natalie know.

How to Meet Jesus

  • THE PURPOSE OF GOD IS PEACE AND LIFE. God loves you and desires for you to get to know Him so that He may fill you with serenity and provide you with genuine life – for all time. According to the Bible, we live in peace with God because of our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1)
  • God loved the people of this world so much that He gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life and never die (John 3:16)
  • God loved the people of this world so much that He gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life and never die (John 3:16)
  • God loved the people of this world so much that He gave His only son, so that everyone
  • ″I came so that everyone would have life, and that life would be lived to the maximum extent possible,″ Jesus remarked (John 10:10). Why are so many people suffering or furious on the inside if God intended for us to be at peace and living our lives as they should right now? SEPARATION FROM GOD IS THE PROBLEM WE FACE. God made us in His own image in order for us to be able to know Him personally and live a happy existence. He did not create us as robots who would automatically love and follow Him, but He did endow us with free will and the ability to make our own decisions. Throughout history, we have decided to ignore God and go our own way rather than following his instructions. This is a decision we still have to make today. In the end, this results in a separation from God and a state of misery. According to the Bible, we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s standard of perfection (Romans 3:23).
  • Unforgiven sin has as its outcome the death of the sinner. However, God’s gift is everlasting life, which is given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23).
  • It is said in the Bible that disobeying God will result in one’s separation from God. Our efforts will never be successful in bringing us closer to God. Throughout history, humans have attempted a variety of methods to bridge this chasm and contact God – all without success. According to the Bible, Adam sinned, and as a result of his sin, death entered the earth. Everyone has now sinned, and as a result, everyone must die (Romans 5:12).
  • You may believe you are on the correct path, yet you may still end up dead (Proverbs 14:12).
  • There is only one method to go to God’s presence. THE CROSS WAS GOD’S REMEDY. The only solution to this situation is found in Jesus Christ. He is the only one who has the ability to return us to God. In his death on the Cross and resurrection from the dead, Jesus atoned for our sins and bridged the breach that separated God and humanity. According to the Bible, there is only one God, and Christ Jesus is the only one who can bring us closer to God (1 Timothy 2:5).
  • Christ died on the cross once and for all for our sins. An innocent person gave their life in order to save those who are guilty. Christ accomplished this in order to reconcile you to God (1 Peter 3:18)
  • yet, God demonstrated His love for us by sending Christ to die for us, despite the fact that we were sinners (Romans 5:8)

God has offered the only route forward; now it is up to us to choose.OUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO COMMIT OURSELVES TO JESUS.We must put our faith in Jesus Christ to forgive us of our sins and make a commitment to follow Him for the remainder of our lives.In this way, we can come to know God and regain our serenity.According to the Bible, you will be saved if you honestly confess that Jesus is Lord and if you believe with all your heart that God resurrected Him from the dead (Romans 10:9).

  1. If you sincerely believe this, God will accept you and save you from your sins (Romans 10:9-10).

Is there any valid reason why you are unable to surrender your life to Jesus Christ at this moment?How to surrender your life to Jesus is as follows: 1.Acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of redemption.2.Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and resurrected from the tomb.

  1. Through prayer, acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and make a commitment to devote your life in His service the rest of your life.

How to Approach Time with Jesus

The Gospels, in particular, are a good place for young people to meet Jesus since they are where the most significant revelations about Jesus are found.But the question they could have is, ″How exactly do I go about doing this.″ So, first and foremost, I would recommend that you pray and ask for God’s assistance and blessing.Pray, Jesus, and show me what you’ve got.Please assist me in meeting with Jesus.Second, devise a strategy.

  1. As a result, if you’re reading the Gospel of Luke, set a goal of reading five, six, or seven verses every day for yourself.
  2. Make a plan to read in the same spot and at the same time on a consistent daily basis.
  3. After then, it just becomes a part of your daily routine.

Meeting with Jesus

David Murray

Children ages 6–12 are introduced to Jesus Christ through a year-long reading schedule that takes them through the four Gospel narratives and what they have to say about the Savior of the world.The final piece of advice I’d provide is to be patient.You will not meet with Jesus every time you read the Bible; nevertheless, if you are patient, continue, and concentrate while you read, he will make himself known to you as you read the Scriptures.Finally, keep a cheerful attitude as you approach the Bible.There is no other book that makes the guarantee that you will meet anybody, much less Jesus, while you are reading it.

  1. Prepare yourself for your reading with the prospect of meeting this beautiful person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and with hope and optimism that you will meet him.
  2. So go into your reading with the anticipation of meeting this beautiful person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and with hope and optimism that you will meet this lovely person.
  3. Pray, make a plan, be patient, and be optimistic, and you will have an encounter with Jesus.
  1. Meeting with Jesus: A Daily Bible Reading Plan for Kids, written by David Murray, is available for purchase.
  2. In addition to serving as head pastor of First Byron Christian Reformed Church, David Murray holds a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  3. He also works as a psychotherapist, is a frequent conference speaker, and is the author of the books Reset and Exploring the Bible.
  4. David has served as a professor of Old Testament, counseling, and pastoral theology at a number of different schools.

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How do I find Jesus?

What is the best way to locate Jesus?Alternatively, where can I locate Jesus?You could be asking yourself or someone else these questions and you’d like a ready-made response to give them to you.Everyone has a genuine need to find Jesus RIGHT NOW!This message is intended to point people in the direction of Jesus.

  1. As you can see, I’m standing at the door, knocking.
  2. Revelations 3:20 says that if anybody hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he will dine with Me (NKJV).
  3. Those who announce with their mouths, ″Jesus is Lord,″ and who believe in their hearts that God resurrected him from the dead will be saved are known as Christians.
  1. Romans 10:9-10 says that it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your tongue that you confess your faith and are saved (NIV).
  2. However, you should research what this phrase means: ‘I wish mercy rather than sacrifice.’ ″I did not come to summon the virtuous, but sinners, to repentance,″ Jesus said.
  3. – Matthew 9:13 (NASB) (NKJV).
  4. John 6:37 says that everything that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and no one who comes to Me will be turned out by Me (NKJV).
  5. Each and every person must come to know Jesus because He is the ONLY means to reach God and all that He has to offer.

Furthermore, people must seek Him immediately since the world is coming to an end at a breakneck pace, and there will be no compassion once the door to heaven is closed.As a result, attempting to discover how to locate Jesus is probably the ideal selection you can do.The good news is that finding Jesus will not be difficult, nor will He be difficult to locate if you know where to look.He has already arrived at the door of your heart, knocking and pleading with you to let Him in.

In fact, the fact that you are reading this essay indicates that He is giving you the chance to open out to Him.Do you need to make any additional preparations in order to respond to His call?No, not all of them.You are welcome to dress whichever you choose.It is His mission to summon sinners to repentance, and he will not turn away anybody who comes to Him in repentance.

Although your faults are numerous and painful, Isaiah 1:18 says that even though they are scarlet in color, they will be white as snow, or red in color, they will be as wool.And if you believe yourself flawless before God, you truly require Jesus to demonstrate to you how God views you apart from Christ; sorry to tell, but your righteousness is like filthy rags in God’s eyes-Isaiah 64:6.But God, out of His great love for mankind, sent Jesus to earth, to you and me included, in so that we would not perish – John 3:16, 17 What is the best way to locate Jesus?Another stage is to announce with your lips, ″Jesus is Lord,″ and believe in your heart that God resurrected him from the dead; only then will you be able to find Jesus in his true form.Due to the fact that you believe and are justified with your heart, and you confess your faith and are saved with your tongue, Is that all there is to know about how to discover Jesus?

Simple as that, right?Right?The message of our Lord Jesus Christ is not difficult to understand.From this point forward, continue to build on this foundation via prayer and Bible study.

When you spend more time in the Word and in prayer, you will discover more about Jesus and will grow in your relationship with Him.Additionally, choose a believing church where you can settle down and grow.Finally, if you are ready to receive Jesus or if you are wondering how to ask Jesus to enter into your heart – it is simple – please see the following.Make the following statement: I’m coming to you today, Lord Jesus.

I am a sinner, and I am unable to stop myself.I’ll be washed in your blood.I think you died for me and rose from the dead on the third day in order to provide me with justification.

  • Thanks for saving me, I embrace you as my personal Lord and Saviour Father, and I thank you for it.
  • In the name of Jesus, I am born again, saved, delivered, and healed.
  • Congratulations!
  • Please, if you prayed that prayer, consider joining a believing church to continue your spiritual journey with God.

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