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how to get hold of Chat to Jesus (NPC), and then talk to him some more. The discourse that Jesus will have with you will be the same as when you are moving from TA2 to TA3. After selecting “I would much appreciate it!” you will be presented with Jesus Spec. In the event when you have TA3 while speaking with him, he will continue saying: “A puzzle is made up of a variety of components. Not only have you obtained one piece, but you have also obtained two pieces. You may, however, only select one of the options.

(TA2-TA3)I aspire to be endowed with your amazing abilities.

(There is nothing more to say; the discourse comes to an end.) If the option “I wish to develop my position” was selected: You get a strong sense that your SOUL has been enhanced.

If the option “I don’t want anything” is selected: What a slap in the face.

A passive B-assistance system allows you to go 30 percent quicker than an Agility by utilizing some of Heaven’s speed.

NP is a parriable.

It has a rather long endlag after the startlag.

G- Heavenly Slash (Greek for “heavenly slash”) (Cooldown: 18 seconds) Blockable: N, Parriable: N, Slash: N, Slash: N Projectile: Blockable: Y, Parriable: N, Blockable: Y, Parriable: N An attack is sent forward and deals 25,6 damage to the user before a white projectile representing the attack is launched ahead and deals 10,5 damage.

  • If the attack is not successful, the missile will still be launched.
  • It has a modest amount of end-lag.
  • During this phase, self-buffs like as Combat Precision and GER’s Awakening can still be employed to your advantage.
  • The user is in this situation because Jesus is watching them from behind their back.
  • This effect lasts for 90 seconds.
  • Awakened C(Awakened)- Assisting with Knockdown (Cooldown: 17 seconds) Punching ability of the player: Blockable: Y, Parriable: Y (cancels the attack) Jesus’ Punch has a blockability of N and a parryability of N.
  • It has a reasonable end-lag.

The user performs a 15-damage combination before knocking the opponent back, and then Jesus fires a lava ball with a large hitbox that causes 15 damage if it comes into touch with the opponent and deals 10 burn damage if it does.

Even if the melee strike is missed, the ball will still be triggered.

It has a significant amount of end-lag.

Power that cannot be obtained: 5 points 1 point for excellent assistance Excellent Assistance II: 2 points Excellent Assistance III: 3 points 1 point for an ActiveAlmighty knockdown.

Almighty who has been mastered Knockdown: 2 points: Increases the range of the assault as well as the duration of the stun.

3 points for Almighty Power.

The Final Score: 2 points 4 points for reaching the end (being awakened).

Playstyle It all depends on your point of view.

In the event that your Stand is not an aggressive one, you have the opportunity to go about and spam G if you so choose.

Always keep B in mind because it is a strong self-buff and healer, and your movements are sort of becoming buffed(this is all up to you). Also, don’t be too upset if the spec is overpowered; meeting Jesus might be difficult.

How to get Tusk Act 1, 2, 3, 4 in A Universal Time (AUT)

If you’re trying to obtain the Tusk Stand in Roblox A Universal Time, you’ll need to be aware of the steps that must be taken in order to accomplish this goal. This Stand is divided into several acts, each of which is more forceful than the last. Upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, and we’ll explain how to do so in this article! More information about the game may be found on our website! Our guide on obtaining Stands is available, as is a list of a number of private AUT servers that you may join to reduce latency and aid in the acquisition of things.

AUT Tusk Guide

The first step towards obtaining Tusk in A Universal Time is to obtain the Left Arm of The Saint’s Corpse, which may be done by killing the Saint. Located in the Devil’s Palm, which is the desert region of the map, this item may be obtained. You’ll need to look for Sand Debris that spawn in the desert and dig around in them to complete this task. When choosing from one of these heaps, you have an 8% chance of obtaining the desired item. As soon as you discover the Left Arm of The Saint’s Corpse, make sure you don’t have a Stand equipped before using the item.

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Tusk Act 2

It is necessary to return to the Devil’s Palm desert and seek Johnny Joestar in order to obtain Tusk Act 2. Every 90 minutes, there is a 45 percent chance that this NPC may respawn. All you have to do now is pray that you’re still alive when he spawns in. Pay attention to your conversation since someone could say that they are in the desert at some point. Once you’ve located Johnny, make sure you have Tusk Act 1 equipped before speaking with him. When you engage with him, the following is what he will say: I notice that you’ve picked up a comparable ability to mine from the Corpse Part, which is interesting.

You must’surf’ the terrain for 5 minutes in order to get command of your nails.

You must make use of your Nail Glide skill for a total of 600 seconds.

Because of the cooldown on the ability, it will take quite some time to finish.

Tusk Act 3

Simply using the Dark Determination ability repeatedly until a blue ghost-like NPC appears behind you and provides you the upgrade to Tusk Act 3 is all it takes to obtain this achievement. It looks to be random, so depending on how lucky you are, it might take a long time to complete. The Dark Determination ability may be used by hitting the H key on your keyboard when in combat.

Tusk Act 4

It will be necessary to return to the Devil’s Palm desert and search for further Sand Debris sites in order to get Tusk Act 4. You’re seeking for the object known as the Eye of the Saint’s Corpse. It has a 2% chance of falling out of the mounds of sand that you dig up when digging. In order to receive an upgrade to Tusk Act 4, you must speak with Gyro, who is stationed outside of the desert, once you have obtained the item.

If you’re having problems locating Sand Debris to dig up, you might want to consider switching to aPrivate Server, where there will be less players to compete with. Keeping an eye out for them is important since they spawn every 2 minutes.

How to switch Tusk Act forms?

In the event that you have more than one Tusk Act unlocked, you will be able to switch between them to employ the one that you desire most. You’ll utilize the ” ” keys on your keyboard to cycle between them one at a time. If you are moving ahead through the forms, press “],” and if you are returning, press [.” That’s all there is to know about obtaining all of the Tusk acts in Roblox A Universal Time at the present time. In the A Universal Time part of our website, you may find additional information about the game.

How To Get Tusk Act 1, 2, 3, and 4 In AUT

When it comes to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7, Tusk is a Stand that belongs to Johnny Joestar. It is one of the most powerful Stands in the series, and as such, it is also included in AUT. Tusk Stand is available in four different variations known as Tusk Acts 1, 2, 3, and 4. So let’s take a look at how to get Tusk Acts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in AUT and how to use them.

How to Get Tusk in AUT (A Universal Time)

Image courtesy of YouTube user Xorify. Tusk is a Stand that has four different forms, and you will need to complete specific tasks in order to obtain each of them. The following are the steps you must do in order to obtain them:

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How to Get Tusk Act 1 in AUT

To begin this quest, you must be in the state of Standless. After that, you’ll need to travel to the Devil’s Palm, which is a desert, and look for the Left Arm of the Saint’s Corpse, which is on the left side of the body. This object can be located in the sand and debris of the desert where it was found. You have an 8% chance of receiving this item if you play the game correctly. Use this item while standing still and you should be rewarded with Tusk Act 1 after you have obtained it.

Tusk Act 2

Tusk Act 2 necessitates the acquisition of a quest from Johnny Joestar. Approximately every 90 minutes, Johnny spawns in the Devil’s Palm, with a probability of spawning of 45 percent. As a result, the outcome is mostly dependent on chance. Remember to equip Tusk Act 1 before speaking with him, and then chat with him when you’ve done so. He will assign you a duty in which you will be required to “hone your nails.” You will need to surf for 5 minutes in order to finish this job. A task called Nail training will then be given to you by him after that.

When you want to use this feature, simply hit the V-Key on your keyboard.

Tusk Act 2 will be awarded to you once you have completed this mission.

Tusk Act 3

When comparing all four forms in this list, obtaining Act 3 is the most straightforward procedure. To do this, you just must employ an ability known as Dark Determination on a consistent basis. By hitting the H-Key on your keyboard, you will be able to accomplish this. Once you’ve completed this, an NPC will appear in front of you and award you the Tusk Act 3 upgrade.

This NPC will have the appearance of a blue ghost. The only problem is that this NPC arrives at random, so if you’re lucky, he’ll appear just after you’ve used the ability a few times. However, if you are unfortunate, you will have to persevere for quite some time.

How to Get Tusk Act 4

It’s time to pay another visit to Devil’s Palm. That’s correct, in order to obtain Tusk Act 4, you’ll need to obtain an artifact known as the Eye of the Saint’s Corpse. You only have a 2% chance of discovering it, so be ready to start digging through the Sand Debris right now. Once you’ve located it, proceed to speak with Gyro, who is standing outside the desert. Gyro will assist you in advancing Tusk to Act 4. All of Tusk Acts 1, 2, 3, and 4 may be summarized in that sentence. If you are dissatisfied with this Stand, why not experiment with another Stand?

How to get Tusk Act 1–4 in AUT

Fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will be familiar with Tusk, which is the Stand that Johnny Joestar creates with the aid of Gyro utilizing the Corpse’s Left Hand. In addition, the stand is one of the greatest stands in Roblox’s A Universal Time game mode (AUT). You will learn how to obtain Tusk Acts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in AUT by following this tutorial, which includes a walkthrough for each stage.

Obtaining Tusk Act 1–4 in A Universal Time (AUT)

In AUT, there are four distinct Tusk Acts that may be obtained. Each Tusk Act has a unique collection of sets that must be performed in a certain order. In order to find the Left Arm of the Saint and the Eye of the Saint, you’ll have to sift through the Debris Piles. Continue reading to find out how to get each of the Tusk Acts.

How to get Tusk Act 1 in AUT

  1. Visit Devil’s Palm
  2. Search among Sand Debris for Saint Left Arm
  3. Use Saint Left Arm
  4. Return to the starting point.
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To obtain Tusk Act 1, you must travel to Devil’s Palm, a sand biome located in the southern part of the map. Look for heaps of sand, also known as Sand Debris, in order to find an item known as Saint’s Left Arm. According to our AUT item spawn rates guide, there is an 8% probability of spawning in a Sand Debris Pile. When you locate Saint’s Left Arm, equip it and use the item to gain Tusk Act 1 in AUT by using the item.

How to get Tusk Act 2 in AUT

  1. Return to Devil’s Palm
  2. Locate and chat with Johnny Joestar
  3. And complete the quest. Recognize and finish the Nail Training challenge

In order to complete the Devil’s Palm section, you’ll need to return back where you obtained Tusk Act 1. Look for Johnny Joestar, an NPC that can be found towards the beginning of the zone. It takes eight minutes for him to reappear, so be patient and keep an eye out for him. You should be able to see him if you stand at the edge of the wooded region. Speaking with Johnny Joestar will result in the following response: “I see that you’ve obtained a comparable capacity to harvest from the Corpse Part.” In order to increase your ‘Abilities,’ you must file your nails down to a smooth finish.

This quest will need you to utilize the Nail Glide move for a total of 600 seconds in the Devil’s Palm location if you want to finish it successfully.

Taking into consideration the move cooldown, it will take you around thirty minutes to finish this mission.

How to get Tusk Act 3 in AUT

  1. Reduce your health to less than 150 HP and then use the Dark Determination move.

In order to get Tusk Act 3 in AUT, you must first bring your health down to zero. Take a stroll over to the assault dummy located in the park and let it to hit you five or six times. When your health is less than 150 HP, you can utilize the Dark Determination move by pressing the H key. It is a maneuver that is only available in Tusk Act 2, so make sure you have that Stand activated. The likelihood of obtaining Tusk Act 3 increases somewhat with each time you do this action while having low health.

After utilizing Dark Determination, an NPC will spawn in front of you, and you may speak with him to immediately receive Tusk Act 3 without having to do anything else.

How to get Tusk Act 4 in AUT

  1. Visit Devil’s Palm
  2. Sift through the sand debris to find the Eye of the Saint
  3. And so on.

For Tusk Act 4 in AUT, you will need to return to Devil’s Palm and hunt through additional Sand Debris, which will take some time. There is a 2% possibility of finding an Eye of the Saint when exploring. You may also trade for this item with another player if you know someone who already has it and is willing to sell it to you. When you have obtained the Eye of the Saint, equip it and then speak with Gyro, who can be found on the edge of the forest, right before Devil’s Palm, to complete the quest.

You must also be in Tusk Act 3 at the time of this writing.

However, there is one more approach that you are missing.

How to switch between Tusk Acts in AUT

It is necessary to hit the ” ” keys on your keyboard in order to move between Tusk Acts in AUT. By hitting those keys, you may freely switch between Tusk acts, in a similar way to how you can morph Goku by pressing the number keys. Check out the A Universal Timesection of this site for additional information on AUTs and other time-related topics. The game’s Stands and Specs may be obtained by a variety of methods, which we cover extensively in our articles.

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