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  1. Seventy-three percent of reviews are five stars, while just nine percent of reviews are four stars. Reviews are rated 3 stars by 6 percent of respondents, while 2 percent are rated 2 stars. One-star ratings account for one percent of all reviews.

The best reviews have come from the United States. Mark DeJesus is an American actor and director. On December 10, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Stunningly Effortless Purchase has been verified Those of you who have lived through the years of Christian music’s trajectory and have found great encouragement and connection for your personal spiritual walk will find this documentary to be a wonderful resource. Throughout the whole show, I was transported back to important events in my own life as each musician was interviewed and the most crucial moments in Christian music history were discussed.

I really like the point of view presented in this documentary on how God utilizes damaged individuals who are on a path of finding His magnificence to communicate messages that have the potential to alter people’s lives.

Today, I am grateful for God’s mercy and view the world in a whole different light.

  • Thank you so much for putting everything together.
  • Why should the Devil get exclusive access to all of the best music?
  • This documentary made me laugh and weep at the same time, and then laugh and cry at the same time again.
  • It is honest in its assessment of the faults of today’s Christian churches.
  • You will not be disappointed if you watch it all the way through.
  • 3.0 stars out of 5 for this product It had the potential to be so much more.
  • Despite this, the album is titled ‘Jesus Music.’ If the song had been about Jesus and how He is the source of inspiration for the music, it would have been better.

This was beneficial to 2 people.

Mom On December 15, 2021, a 5.0 out of 5 star rating was given in the United States.

Purchase has been verified Overall, this was a fantastic overview of the history of CCM’s development.

If anything, it demonstrates how evil can infiltrate everything if we allow it to do so by taking our gaze away from Christ, even for a brief moment.

Susie’s Observations On January 15, 2022, a review will be conducted in the United States.

Purchase has been verified The description of the hippies and how they needed Jesus, how they turned to Jesus, and finally came to Christ, as well as the eventual creation of what became current Christian music, was a wonderful journey back in time.

It’s quite beneficial.

On December 19, 2021, a 5.0 out of 5 star rating was given in the United States.

Purchase has been verified The Jesus People (Freaks) of the 1970s are some of my favorite people.

I like to say that I’m a secret hippie.

The kind of love only the Jesus People could find.

What I got was so much more.

Anyone who thinks they are righteous is in danger of a fall.

Lets us not trip over one another on nonessential things for the lost is supposed to know we are Christians by our love.

Purchase has been verified Unfortunately,there was not enough about the early music.

I felt the movie was choppy and I didn’t feel the awe of those wonderfuldays.

The story they tell in this film is extremely accurate and does a fantastic job of showing the joys and the struggles of the ever transforming Christian music industry. See all reviews

Is The Jesus Music on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, or Prime?

‘The Jesus Music,’ directed by the Erwin Brothers, is a documentary film that delves into the history of the namesake music genre and its influences. The film takes place in the 1960s and depicts America’s counterculture movement, which finally resulted in the formation of the Jesus Music movement. It includes interviews with some of the most well-known people in the industry, including TobyMac, Kirk Franklin, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Lauren Daigle, among many others. During the interview parts, they discuss the development of the genre from their point of view.

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What is The Jesus Music About?

It was in the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, that a new type of music formed in the 1960s that would go on to become a worldwide success. The counterculture movement in the United States during the 1960s can be credited with helping to bring about the creation of Jesus Music. A time when the country was experiencing significant socio-political change and uncertainty, it was this music that provided people the reason to be hopeful. After decades of evolution, the music genre has now grown into a multibillion-dollar industry, and the documentary analyzes how its message of compassion, atonement, and sacrifice has impacted people’s lives.

Is The Jesus Music on Netflix?

Documentary films on themes as diverse as music and socio-political concerns that have come to characterize the modern world may be found on Netflix in abundance. Unfortunately, ‘The Jesus Music’ does not fall within this category. Miss Americana may be viewed by those who have subscribed to the streaming service.

Is The Jesus Music on Hulu?

‘The Jesus Music’ is not yet available on Hulu’s streaming service. Nevertheless, you could discover other films that appeal to you as well, such as ‘The Summer of Soul.’

Is The Jesus Music on Amazon Prime?

For the time being, ‘The Jesus Music’ is not available through Amazon Prime’s repertoire of movies and television series. Consequently, subscribers may be interested in such films such as’Gimme Danger’or’Gonzo.’

Is The Jesus Music on HBO Max?

As a result, HBO Max members should go elsewhere for the documentary film, as it is presently inaccessible on the streaming service. ‘ Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck’ may be of interest to viewers looking for a comparable film experience.

Where to Watch The Jesus Music Online?

On October 1, 2021, the film ‘The Jesus Music’ will be released in theaters across the United States. Consequently, if you want to see movies on a large screen, you may reserve your tickets on Fandango. Despite the fact that the documentary is not instantly accessible on Video-on-Demand platforms, we urge that our readers check the Microsoft Store, Vudu, Redbox, Google Play, and iTunes on a regular basis.

How to Stream The Jesus Music for Free?

‘The Jesus Music’ is now exclusively available in cinemas, according to the studio. In order to see it, you’ll have to wait for it to be released on a streaming site that offers a free trial period. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this will be the case anytime in the foreseeable future.

Consequently, we recommend viewers to only watch their favorite movies after paying for them and to refrain from using any unlawful methods to do so. More information may be found at:Best Documentaries on Netflix.

Where to watch ‘The Jesus Music’? Streaming details, cast, and all about the faith-based documentary

Lionsgate has published a new documentary titled The Jesus Music, which you can see here. The documentary, directed by Erwin Brothers, examines the development of the Jesus-centered music genre from its inception in the 1960s to its current status as a multibillion-dollar industry throughout the years. Many notable singers and artists, like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, TobyMac, Kirk Franklin, and others, have been interviewed for The Jesus Music. Various Christian performers perform on stage during the documentary’s extensive archive of video from various eras.

The Jesus Music: All about the latest Lionsgate documentary

The faith-based documentary was released on October 1, 2021, according to Lionsgate movies/YouTube. (Image courtesy of YouTube). The documentary on the faith-based music genre will be released in the United States on October 1, 2021, according to the official release date. Because the documentary was only available in cinemas when it was released, it is the only method to see it at the time of writing.

When will The Jesus Music release digitally?

A digital version of The Jesus Movie is not yet accessible on any digital platform (Image courtesy of Lionsgate movies/YouTube). There was no statement about whether or not the documentary will be made available on VOD platforms because it was released exclusively for the big screen. However, there is a chance that it will become accessible for rent or buy through internet retailers in the future. Viewers will need to keep an eye on video-on-demand services such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and others.

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The Jesus Music: Runtime, cast, and characters

The duration of the film, the cast, and the characters (Image courtesy of Lionsgate films/YouTube) Approximately 1 hour and 49 minutes in length, the documentary explores the history of the Christian music genre and its influence on popular culture (109 minutes). The Jesus Music includes performances by the following real-life musicians:

  • KINGCOUNTRY (Christian pop duo featuring Joel and Luke Smallbone)
  • Hillsong UNITED (Worship band)
  • Kirk Franklin
  • TobyMac
  • CeCe Winans
  • MercyMe (contemporary Christian music band)
  • Chris Tomlin, Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Newsboys (Christian rock band)
  • Skillet (Christian rock band)
  • Stryper (Christian metal band)
  • Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Lauren Daigle, Lecrae
  • For KINGCO

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The Jesus Music

Jesus music, which began as a counterculture movement in the 1960s in America, has grown into a global sensation because to its inspiring lyrics of faith, love, and hope. Christian Contemporary Music: The Unsung Narrative tells the inspiring and untold story of the music, from its humble origins at the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, through its metamorphosis into the multibillion-dollar business we know and love today. A love letter to Christian music fans directed by the Erwin Brothers (“I Can Only Imagine,” “I Still Believe,” “American Underdog”), THE JESUS MUSIC is an intimate look into the lives of some of the genre’s biggest stars, including Amy Grant, Michael W.

While sharing their personal experiences, the universal force of their music is evident in their themes of passion, sacrifice, and redemption, which have inspired millions of loyal fans across the world since their inception.

  • (Some drug material and thematic elements are included in the PG-13 rating.) Genres: documentary, music
  • Original language:english
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer:
  • Availability in theaters is restricted
  • Availability on streaming services is scheduled for December 7, 2021. Gross domestic box office receipts in the United States was $991,700
  • Runtime was 1 hour 49 minutes
  • Distributor was Lionsgate Films.


Films based on the Bible Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin are the directors and actors in this film. Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith are two of the most well-known musicians in the world. Kirk Franklin is an American singer-songwriter and musician who is best known for his work on the hit song “Kiss Me Goodnight.” The film will be released on October 1, 2021.

A political documentary that chronicles the experiences of over 25 artists that represent the controversies surrounding Christian Rock in the 1970s via their artwork. Jesus Music is a film made by Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin, and it is set to be released on October 1st, 2021.

All release dates

Cinema Release Date Friday October 1, 2021
DVD Release date Tuesday December 7, 2021
Netflix DVD release date Tuesday December 7, 2021
Netflix streaming Not available

Where can you watch The Jesus Music:DVD/Bluray on Amazon Prime Video?

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Production details

DocumentaryMusic film directed by Andrew Erwin and produced by Jon Erwin Lionsgate created the Jesus Music, which was published on October 1, 2021. Costs: $0Revenues from the box office: $0. The film is 109 minutes long and has a runtime of 109 minutes. The official Jesus Music web site.

‘The Jesus Music’ Review: Skimming 50 Years, a Christian Music Doc Chooses Its Controversies Carefully

“The Jesus Music,” a documentary about the Christian music scene that earned more than half a million dollars in its first weekend, is about as friendly and far removed from being an expose as a documentary can be, but that doesn’t mean the filmmakers want fans to believe they’re getting anything other than the unvarnished truth from the movie. Consequently, the film’s first few minutes show some of the film’s most important participants — including Kirk Franklin, the three former members of DC Talk, Amy Grant, and Michael W.

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However, this beginning scene goes a little too far in protesting the fact that “The Jesus Music” is an entirely celebratory video created by the business for its fans, and, as with a lot of modern Christian music, mixing in some “brokenness” alongside the holiness is part of the pitch.

This must be the case when Grant discusses how her divorce resulted in a near-career-ending rejection from much of her evangelical audience, when Franklin and next-generation gospel star Lecrae discuss how CCM’s primarily white audience is prejudiced against black artists, when ’80s star Russ Taff gets candid about alcoholism, or when the survivors of DC Talk open up about how they did not leave their egos at the door before their 2000 breakup.

  1. In any case, it is safe to assume that anything that is truly divisive will not be brought up in a film in which the Capitol Christian Music Group has collaborated on production.
  2. A “warts and all” depiction of the industry is painted, with a few deliberately picked flaws highlighted before returning to the business of selling us the joyous cacophony of the future.
  3. The Erwin Brothers (Andrew and Jon, if you must) are known for their work in the Christian documentary genre.
  4. In the very early 1970s, there was a Jesus movement in which preachers like Lonnie Frisbee and rockers like Larry Norman aspired to look like Christ while also extolling him, and when Costa Mesa’s Calvary Chapel became an unusual musical hotspot.
  5. Finally, it’s a quantum leap forward to the 2000s, when the genre’s practitioners have all but abandoned secular crossover in favor of pure worship music — a trend that, according to the film, was sparked by Michael W.
  6. 11, 2001, and is still continuing today.

Smith, on the other hand, disagrees.) Do you think the Christian music industry’s large-scale shift over the last two decades toward Hillsong-style worship music — that is, prayerful songs directed at God rather than conversational music from human to human — is a confirmation that Christian musicians have finally regained their footing after chasing after pop trends for too long?

In the case of “The Jesus Music,” it appears that the creators did not consider this matter, or if they did, they decided it was not politically advantageous to bring up a source of genuine doubt at the time of its creation.

Particularly soothing and patient, Grant appears to be the ideal of how to mature in an industry that does not usually reward patience and persistence.

Phil Keaggy, a world-class singer-guitarist, was interviewed, but he only turns up for a guitar lick and a grin at the end of the performance.

Thomas to more peripheral characters such as secondary members of Santana, America, and Wings, has gone unmentioned.

According to Lauren Daigle, “the fact is that God has some strange way of enabling his presence to be felt via rhythm, rhyme, harmony, and sound,” she says in the film’s opening minutes — which is pretty much the last time any of the aspects of actual music-making are mentioned.

Towards the conclusion, proponents of contemporary worship music boast that the transition toward modern hymnody was brought about by a wave of the Holy Spirit, rather than by publishers or record labels.

In addition, the film’s absence of genuine songs that last more than a few seconds would leave those unfamiliar with the genre wondering whether any of this music was ever ever decent.

Certainly some of it was, but “The Jesus Music” is so intent on minimizing the number of syncs that it’s almost as if the filmmakers were attempting to bury the genre’s musical light beneath a bushel rather than just supporting fair-use economics.

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